#H50 Review: 9.11 Hala i ke ala o’i’ole mai (Gone on the Road from Which There Is No Returning)


Happy New Year my friends!  Welcome back for another new year of H50.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season doing all the things you love with all the people you love in your life.

I had a fantastic holiday.  My daughter came home from Australia for over two weeks.  It was so incredibly wonderful to have her home.  She’s getting married in the fall so we spent most of our time between holiday dinners and parties doing all kinds of wedding planning.  We visited the historic Inn where the ceremony will take place, we visited the spa/salon that will do our hair and make-up and we bought her wedding gown.  We went shopping and out to lunches and spent hours sitting on our beds just talking face to face instead of over a computer screen.  It was all simply perfect.

I was, understandably, very sad to put her on the plane back home, knowing I won’t see her again until a week before the wedding.  That’s ten months that will feel like years.  Having a new H50 to take my mind off the sadness was a blessing.  As has been the case over the last nine years, H50 is there to bring in a much-needed diversion from real life.

As you all probably already know, I was not overly excited about this episode because of the yearly dead horse we seem destined to always be beating but as I sat down to watch, I took a deep breath and was determined to try my best (try being the operative word) to be open minded.

After all, I was sure Alex would be incredible in his portrayal of Steve’s grief and determination after Joe’s death.  Danny would be there for Steve the way he’s been there for every trauma Steve’s experienced.  Junior would be there as a tangible connection to the SEALs.  There would be Wade and Harry, both personal favorites of mine.  All of that promised to make this a wonderful episode regardless of a secondary story line and any other presence I’d prefer not be there.  But I came away from it very conflicted because while I was somewhat understanding, I was also, at the same time, totally annoyed.  I was going to re-watch it, in an attempt to wrap my head around my conflicted feelings but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again.

Of course, I am talking about the presence of Catherine Rollins.  I was sure I was going to despise this episode simply because she was there, but I have to admit, she didn’t bother me as much as I thought she would.  I am not a fan of this character by any stretch of the imagination and I’d prefer she drop off the face of the earth rather than ever see her again, but in this case, I do understand the reasons why she was there.

I’ve said all along that just because I don’t like her as a partner for Steve doesn’t mean I don’t think she’s a very capable operative.  She has to be in order to survive in the profession and the life she has chosen to follow.  Her connections and skill brought Gregers Thompson, the lawyer Hassan hired, to Steve and that, in turn, got Steve the information he needed to go after Hassan and ultimately, Greer.  I also understand the connection she and Steve have, their mutual affection for Joe White and their long personal history.  They are good friends.  For all those reasons, it didn’t bother me that she was there because there were valid reasons for her to be there.


The episode itself, started off looking pretty great.  Danny showing up after Steve’s been in Montana mourning for a month.  Danny being there for Steve, the way Steve was there for Danny after Matty died (and wasn’t that a great confirmation of what we always suspected but never, unfortunately, got to see?)  Danny being there for Steve just like he’s always been there, whether Steve feels he should be or not.  That first scene gave me such a warm feeling about where this episode was headed.


But, unfortunately, that’s not where the episode headed.  I’m sorry but this episode was such a wasted opportunity and a huge disappointment.  9.10 was such a wonderful, heart breaking set up for what should have been a 2.10 type of episode.  The entire team should have been involved in some capacity, even if half the team was still in Hawaii.  The secondary story line was nothing more than giving Lou, Tani and Adam something to do. The best thing about the secondary story line was the banter between Tani and Adam and the fact that it chewed up screen time that cut the other story short.  I usually hate when that happens but, in this case, it was a blessing.

I’m sorry, and I hope to God I am wrong about this, but this episode gave me the impression that Joe White died for one reason only.  To facilitate the reunion of Steve and Catherine.  What a totally pitiful reason for killing off an exasperating yet wonderful character.

I can’t help but think TPTB are doing with these two the same thing they did with the restaurant story.  Write the episodes one way but have a multitude of people around giving subtle and not so subtle warnings/advise in the opposite direction.  For almost two years Danny and Steve worked toward making their restaurant a reality while at the same time, how many different people told them it was a horrible idea, until finally, they came to realize it themselves?

Here we have Steve and Catherine who have mutually decided they should not have been together and agree to just be good friends, while multiple people keep telling Steve it’s time for him to settle down and find someone.  Foreshadowing just like with the restaurant.  We all know who that someone will ultimately be, whether we want to believe it or not, whether we like it or not.

Alex, as always, was phenomenal in portraying every one of Steve’s emotions exquisitely.  The look of devastation on his face when we first see him at the ranch was heartbreaking.  His interaction and interrogation of Thompson was, quite frankly, terrifying.  He was literally making my skin crawl with fear at the murderous look in his eyes.  My heart broke again as he sat in the plane and remembered his affair with Greer.  He looked so happy in that flashback.  Why, oh why, do people continue to betray this wonderful man?


But, they totally screwed up with Catherine being there.  Not for the op.  Like I said, it was completely valid for her to be there for this operation, but the writers pushed it too hard.  They were so desperate to make her as relevant as possible, she got a lot more screen time than she deserved.  I repeat…. not for the op.  I had no problem with her being there.  I had no problem with her going undercover with Steve at the casino, although there was absolutely zero reason they needed to be “married” to pull it off.  That was nothing but extremely transparent fan service to McRoll shippers.  But, ok, let them have their crumb.  It didn’t bother me that she was the one who went with Steve to go after Greer and although I would have preferred for Steve to take Greer out, the fact that Catherine killed her is neither here nor there for me.

However, when not directly connected with the operation, there was just too much of her.  Every scene that should have been a Steve/Danny scene was sacrificed to her.  She sat next to him on the plane, and she comforted Steve over his guilt with regard to Joe’s death.  It should have been Danny. It should have been Danny telling Steve it wasn’t his fault Joe died, just the same way Steve helped Danny realize there wasn’t anything he could have done to save Matt. It should have been Danny because it has always been Danny.

It was Danny who Steve chose to help him form Five-0 and, in doing so, helped him recover from his father’s death.  It was Danny who pulled Steve off the back of that truck in North Korea.  It was Danny who was at Steve’s bedside after his ordeal at the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.  It was Danny who was the first one Steve laid eyes on in that miserable torture chamber after WoFat.    It was Danny who landed a crippled plane on the beach with Steve bleeding out in the pilot’s seat and it was Danny who gave a piece of himself to literally save his life.  It was Danny who’s been by his side as he dealt with radiation poisoning.

It’s always been Danny for all the years Catherine has been gone, and for many years before.  This notion that “when Steve is hurting, Catherine knows and is there” is nothing but pure fiction within fiction and utter nonsense.  She’s never been there when he’s needed someone to have his back (other than when she went with him to recover Freddie. I won’t pretend that wasn’t important, because it was). Danny has always been there.

Unfortunately, in order to make her more important than she really is, Danny had to be shunted aside to make room for her in this episode.  Danny showed up in Montana not because Steve called him there but because he wanted to be there for Steve.  But Catherine was already there.  How?


Did she hear about Joe and through her contacts, get her hands on Thompson and simply show up in Montana?  Or did Steve call her?  Logistically, it would be logical that she would hear about Joe’s death but not that she would know the details of how it happened or who was involved or responsible.  Steve said right from the start it all had to be off the books and it was Tani, Junior and Lou who established the connection to Thompson.  So, yeah, it’s more than likely that Steve called her in. But he didn’t call and tell Danny.

When Steve filled Danny in on what they were planning, he told him they wouldn’t be alone.  Then Wade showed up.  And Junior showed up.  Steve called them in.  But he didn’t call and tell Danny.  Later when they meet up with Harry, he’s full of intel and plans so, obviously, Steve called him in.  But he didn’t call and tell Danny.  So what conclusion are we supposed to take from that?  If Danny hadn’t showed up in Montana when he did, Steve, Catherine, Wade and Junior would have just taken off to meet up with Harry on this mission and Danny would have been home in Hawaii in the dark?  Tani and Lou seemed to know what was going on.  Did Danny call them and fill them in after he got to Montana?  Did Junior fill them in before he left?  This was all over the place and I’m more than a little bit peeved at the way the writing was very dismissive of Danny.  Not only of his abilities but his right to be included from the start.


I now understand why the CBS synopsis for this episode was written the way it was.  This was Steve and Catherine’s op and the others were simply tagging along.  I mean, what did any of them actually do, except for Harry who was full of intel and “backup”? Wade rode his bike and neutralized goons at front doors.  Junior had a cute moment struggling to fit into the waiter’s pants to add a nice bit of levity.  For once the guy stealing another guys clothes isn’t conveniently the exact same size.  And other then at the end when everyone geared up to take down Hassan at the hotel, all Danny seemed to do was stand behind Harry while he maneuvered Steve and Catherine through the casino.

The end of this episode would have been the perfect spot for a Steve and Danny moment where the fallout from 9.10 could have been fully explored.  Here’s the spot where Steve could have voiced his guilt over Joe’s death and Danny could have talked him down and been a real brother to him, just like always.

But no, we had to revert back to the Steve and Catherine show with a flashback to the flashback of Joe basically ordering Steve to ask Catherine out and then a new flashback of him doing just that.  I can understand Steve’s reasons for telling Catherine it was Joe who facilitated their first date.  After all, people tend to reminisce about things that happened with loved ones who have died.  And it was a sweet moment between the two of them, both being thankful to Joe for bringing them together. They may not be lovers anymore, but they are still good friends and they can be thankful to Joe for that as well as for all the good times they did have over the years.

But what did any of it accomplish?  Did we learn anything new about them?  Does the fact that we actually see Steve call her for the date make it any different from just hearing about it last season?  As a friend of mine said to me, “they continue to avoid addressing her actions and the lack of trust that would result from those actions, so we’re back to the same old status.  They are friends who were in a failed romantic relationship but now she can show up to help when her skill set is required”.

Nothing we saw last night wipes out what has happened between them.  Off she goes again, back to the life she has chosen, leaving him again, with a broken heart and a life to put back together.  And, regardless of the huge open door the writers left there for her to come back, yet again, it will be Danny who will be there, once again, to help Steve pick up the pieces.  It’s really a god-damned shame we’ll probably never get to actually see it on screen.

I will say this about Danny though. Well, about Scott, actually.  He may not have been given much to do in this episode but what he was given he played extremely well.  He played Danny’s discomfort with the events taking place very well.  He was subtle and quiet, for the most part, giving Steve space to do what he needed to do even when Danny was extremely uncomfortable with it.  I just really wish we could have had some quite moments between Steve and Danny, just so they could talk things out a bit.  I’m very disappointed we were denied that.

Well, that’s it for this week friends.  No screen caps from me this week.  All photos are courtesy of CBS because I just couldn’t bring myself to re-watch the episode to grab any of my own.

Now on to next week and a very Danny centric episode which looks to give Scott some powerful material to work with.  Now that will be something awesome to see.  Have a great week everyone!

Aloha.  Malama pono.


63 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 9.11 Hala i ke ala o’i’ole mai (Gone on the Road from Which There Is No Returning)

  1. Deb says:

    Well, all I lived for was Steve calling her “kid” at the end. No one in real love would ever call his significant other “kid” unless that was a long time name, and in this case we know it’s not, and if the writers decide to make it a “thing” it’s again pandering to the minority. Ugh. Well, thankfully it’s over for another year. Hopefully forever, but that would be too hopeful. But Steve’s his own man, and despite Joe’s and Wade’s advice, I think he knows – hell we all know – that ship sailed big time! Or, in the worst case scenario, the writers totally disrespect their star and force something that should never be character-wise. Great article Linda!

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    • Thanks Deb. I agree. That relationship was over when she road off into the Afghani sunset and the final nails were hammered into it when she left again after Kono’s wedding. I have absolutely no problem with them staying friends and her showing up or being called in when her skills are required. Like I said..she is good at her job. And it’s the life she has chosen for herself.

      I will never understand those who claim to love her and respect her and her choices who want her to ditch those things just to go back and be a baby mama for Steve. Talk about disrespecting her choice to be her own woman and serve her country.


  2. Carole says:

    Well you just about summed it up and said everthing I was thinking. Judging by the poll over on TVLINE most fans are feeling the same way. This could have been a great episode with Steve’s Ohana coming together to support him and his special ops friends (yes including Cath) helping avenge Joe’s death. Unfortunately it was a lopsided mess focusing way too much on Cath and flashbacks and pushing everything else to the side. The one positive – Cath not Steve taking out Greer, though I question the timing…..what was she about to say? Probably nothing i want to hear.! I enjoyed seeing Harry again. I would happily watch him several times each season. We did get a Danny hug though he was uncharacteristically quiet – of course he knows how deadly Steve can be, but i think you’re right about him being uncomfortable seeing him this way. It’s so far from the Steve he’s become since he became head of 50. Next week looks intense, but also full of love and Ohana and hopefully joy and hugging Danny’s kids and returning to lighter side – definitely away from the dark world of CIA, covert ops and failed relationship

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    • I have to tell you, for a split second there, when Greer said there was more then just the money, I half expected a small child to emerge from another room. Oh oh…. 😉

      And I totally agree about Harry. I could see him dozens of times and never get tired of him.

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      • Carole says:

        Went thru my mind too…….much as I think Steve would be great dad, what a burden to live with – knowing the circumstances of the mother’s death.


  3. Great questions, Linda. I am in total agreement that Danny’s role was wasted. Missed opportunity times ten. I did watch the ep again and liked it better the second time, even though the plot was full of holes. Give it a second shot, girl.

    All I will say about Catherine is that PL will do what he wants to do, and whether she becomes part of Steve’s life again or not, I will accept it because I love this show. It isn’t worth all the animosity that’s going around, although I understand it.

    Some things I wanted to hear/see: that Steve had buried Joe under the tree. That he had arranged to get Cole’s ashes so he could scatter them over Narragansett Bay. That Steve had contacted Zahra. More of Lucia Bama!

    The dark side of Steve was, as you said, terrifying. But it had to be done. And despite all of the torture and deaths, I really loved that Steve admitted he understood why Hassan went for revenge. Steve himself avenged those who killed his father. But what Steve told Hassan later – after choosing not to kill the scum – asking if he really wanted to continue that cycle for his own son, well, that was aweing and powerful to me. Steve’s heart shines through.

    Here’s what really confused me — at the end, when Steve and Cath confront Greer, she tells Steve that she turned traitorous for reasons other than money. Was she trying to say that her motives were because he didn’t come back to her? After all, the “advice” she gave to Catherine was obviously spoken out of pure jealousy, but to turn on Steve and the SEALs and her country just for being dumped?? That felt very lame to me. Am I misinterpreting that scene? Any other opinions on that?

    Next week looks incredible! Can’t wait!

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    • Like I said above, for a spit second I thought a small child was going to emerge from another room. LOL But if Greer did all this just because Steve never went back to her after that one night than she had some serious derangement issues going on there. Going after Steve is one thing but taking out an entire SEAL team and betraying her country because her booty call didn’t pan out is seriously screwed up.

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  4. Glad Greer is gone. And really wished however it was at the end
    Need to have Wade and Harry back more often
    Danny does things for Steve than the other way around. It is Danny who has Steve’s back no matter what. And really Danny is the one who really been there for Steve no matter what.
    Catherine when she went to Afghanistan in a sense nearly had Steve brought up on charges that could had thrown him in the brig. And ended their relationship.
    Catherine is a great soldier but really as a person they are turning her into somewhat unlikable. She only goes to Steve for favors. Steve needs to put his foot down at times. But she is like Steve never taken no for an answer. And at times I myself have a problem with people who think they can come to us for answers and miracles.
    Steve has abandonment, trust, and parent issues if you know what I mean. He does not like getting hurt and/or does not like hurting others.
    But really will miss Joe. Hope he can appear in flashbacks.
    Seems like they buried the Grover thing for that of “garbage time” they say in the NFL. Meaning filling in second story gaps. Love him but really story was not needed.
    But give it 9/10. Really Catherine used to love her but now, they just go to her to ask Steve for favors.


  5. Brooklyngirl says:

    Oh my goodness I couldn’t have said it better myself! There was waaayyy too much time wasted on the yearly paycheck. Did she belong there? No. And her role could have easily been handled by Tani (and without the smugness). Steve doesn’t need a 2nd Doris in his life and this “Doris” far surpasses the original. But, as we know, it is what it is, and hopefully she won’t fake her death as well to get out of the ending that we assume will happen. I used to think Steve wasn’t the marrying kind, but it’s definitely her who’s not, and I wish they’d realize that.

    Steve looked truly happy in those flashbacks with Greer. I think she was truly the one who got away. Catherine is the one who was never meant to be.

    The overall premise of this episode has me scratching my head but this one thing has been annoying me. I can’t believe that after their years of being together the fact that Joe suggested (insisted on, forced, pick your poison) this relationship never came up in a conversation. Huh? Seriously?? Did they think it was fate, karma, kismet? What did they tak about?? And then Wade telling him the same thing about finding a good woman? Really? But at least Wade was smart enough to know he wouldn’t listen. Seems to me that tptb want a cheap Lifetime movie ending. Gag….

    Alex was definitely in Steve’s head in this episode which made it the only watchable thing happening. You could see his conflict and the uncomfort running across his face with every move he made. And Alex wasn’t even given the ability to use his full acting potential. Sad.

    Harry, Wade, Junior and Danny – especially Danny – were just handsome additions to this debacle of an episode that had soooo much potential to be excellent, outstanding, but was just so subpar. Nothing was done to resolve anything; they only left the door unlocked and wide open for yet another one-trick pony, yearly paycheck appearance. Sigh…

    The 2 bright notes of this episode were Tani teasing Adam about his dimples (in the totally unnecessary 2nd storyline. But like you said, it mercifully cut the time of the other (worse) storyline) and Junior wriggling to fit into the too-small uniform he had to wear.

    I can go on and on but the yearly episode is done. The rest of the season can only go up from here and next week’s looks fantastic!

    Happy New Year all!

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    • ROFLMAO Ohhhh Karen! You really must learn not to hold in your emotions like that. You could do yourself serious blood pressure damage. You really should learn to express yourself and not hold back so much! 🤣😉🤣😉🤣


  6. Zia Diane says:

    Hi All,
    Hope everyone had a great Holiday. Congrats Linda on the upcoming marriage of your daughter. It’s an exciting time. Remember the Kleenex you’ll need it. I did.

    I think I had a slightly different take on this episode. I have never minded the Catherine character. I don’t understand the total like or dislike of her. I’ve heard all the pros and cons of this character so no need to list them. But I would like to give an example. When Steve called Catherine for help with his cases and barely treated her as such a romantic partner, and would not even refer to her as his girlfriend. Then he wants to propose to her, and she is the one who moves on. I recall thinking that she told him she would stick around at this point, but I believe her leaving showed that they are in different places and there will never be a good time. When she comes back I think both sides need to take it as a grain of salt and let it go. Both Joe and Wade told Steve to find a woman so that he does not end up like them, ” a good woman, a boring hobby, and retire as soon as you get a chance”. We don’t have control over the writers, but I think the message is to find someone not in the business, who is grounded and will stick by Steve as he sticks by his Five-o ohana. That’s my hope anyway. Once or twice a year I think we can survive this character.

    As for Greer, we got insight into her thoughts, she obviously was in love with Steve and expected more, otherwise she would not have mentioned it to Catherine. The premise of betraying your country is a little far fetched because she is a scorned woman. This could have been done better. Catherine shooting Blair was better than Steve, because he already puts a lot of guilt on himself, and Steve has had enough betrayal and pain in his life.

    I was hoping for more Danny, especially after none last week. I know we are left to assume how each of them knew, but Danny would have known, because Steve would of told him, even though he was in New Jersey. They all tell each other.

    Next week is a Danny centered episode, the emotions that Scott does so well, will have lots of tears from me I’m sure, as when Alex did his scenes at the end of the previous episode. Alex and Scott really know how to bring on the emotions.

    No matter what each of us thinks of how things should go, you can’t please everyone, so the writers will write and we will keep watching.

    Have a great week.

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    • Thank you so much for the great comment and you make several really good points. I can’t disagree with any one of them but I do want to give my opinion on a couple of things.

      Yes, you are right about the relationship between Steve and Cath when she was in the Navy and he was calling her for favors. You’re right that he barely treated her as a romantic partner and she was not his girlfriend. They had “a thing”. But what needs to be remembered is she had no problem with that arrangement. She was not being taken advantage of because she was quite aware that the arrangement worked for them.

      As for Steve proposing, I’ve seen many say it’s his fault because he never gave her any indication he was going to propose. Well, first of all, she’s the one who told him she was going to stay as long as he wanted her there. He decided he wanted her there forever and began to plan the proposal. How many men do you know who plans a proposal and TELLS his intended “oh.. my the way… I’m preparing to propose, just so you know, so don’t go and bolt before I do”?

      Thanks again for your great input!

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  7. Julia says:

    I really love the show but this episode was disappointing. I was open minded about Catherine even if I don’t like her showing up every year. It’s just weird. But this time I thought her presence could fit the op – but it actually wasn’t about Joe or Steve’s grief. No, it was all about the same annoying old story. Just this time they brought up another CIA ex and to be honest Steve had more chemistry with Greer the few minutes they were in “love” than the past episodes with Catherine. I’m a bit sad that Greer couldn’t tell more. The whole story ended too fast.
    And I hope they won’t bring Catherine ever back. They are friends, nothing more. If he would have some feelings for her or love her he wouldn’t call her “KID”, right?! So I hope they will stay friends and won’t become a couple again. It would be so forced.
    “Be with someone who makes you a priority not an option” If Catherine would come back that would definitely be the slogan of the relationship


  8. Well, you nailed it, Linda. This episode was exactly what you have said…a wasted opportunity. I’m so disappointed that they chose to handle this story about Steve in this manner. It was full of Steve and Danny potential, along with the team. I can also understand that Catherine (as your friend so aptly put it) has a skill-set that comes in handy in times like these so if they had simply written it to take advantage of that aspect, it would’ve worked fine. But those extra, unnecessary scenes just ruined it…made no sense whatsoever. The hug with Junior felt so forced and uncomfortable. Everything you said…all those scenes that SHOULD have happened and did not…omygod, it just frustrated and irritated me so much. And to have such a wonderful start with Steve and Danny, only to ruin it as it went along…when Catherine shut the door in Danny’s face, it felt more like a hard slap in the face to those viewers who appreciate and love the Steve and Danny friendship/relationship. After everything they’ve been through…wow, really?

    I honestly don’t remember much of the B-story line. It’s all fuzzy in my head except for something about a storage locker. I just can’t understand why the writers just have to create some generic little side story when the episode is especially intense, emotional, and serious. It’s such a distraction. The actors were there to act anyway so why not use them within one main story line when it make more sense? I understand that some eps can be 2-stories going on at the same time but they need to really rethink which ones do better (and deserve) the entire ep. I gripe about this all the time but I keep hoping they’ll listen.

    I don’t want to think about that possible end game. I truly hope that these once a year appearances are more of an obligatory move to pacify some fans (or whatever)…but it’s at the expense of the true core of the show, the thing that makes the show unique…and that’s Steve and Danny (Alex and Scott). Bringing Catherine back (even briefly) after everything that has happened is such a kick in the teeth to Steve’s character and it results in damaging the great vibes and wonderful relationships that have kept the show popular (without her being there). I also just don’t get what people see in them as a couple anymore. It had some interesting aspects in the beginning but that was a long time ago. I don’t feel or see any chemistry but maybe that’s just me. But as far as them reuniting at the end of the road…jeez, it’d be fine if her character hadn’t hurt him and left him over and over. And that’s supposed to turn into a fairy tale at the end? And, of course, the statement that she’s always there for him when that’s just not true and we know who has been there for him. I prefer to think that, when Steve called her “kid” at the end, he was redefining their relationship once again (with emphasis). He didn’t call her babe, he didn’t call her honey or darlin’. He called her “kid.” I think that was very telling. I just want this painful relationship to fade into the background so we can have focus on what really DOES work. If Steve gets a romantic interest in the future, please let it be a healthy one that makes him happy and doesn’t trigger his feelings of abandonment or being unworthy of love all over again.

    So…yeah…really disappointed except for the brief Danny and Harry bits and Steve in all his angst. You did such a good job covering everything as usual. I applaud your dedication in re-watching in order to get it all down–you are brave girl. 🙂 Now I’m just trying not to dwell on last night’s ep and, instead, look forward to the upcoming episode that will, hopefully, get things back on track in the H50 world.

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    • Thanks for the great comments! But I wasn’t so dedicated this week. I still haven’t re-watched it but I’ve had several people say it didn’t irritate them as much on a 2nd viewing. So, I guess I’ll give it another try. Maybe knowing I’ll be disappointed before it starts will lesson the blow the 2nd time around


  9. Zia Diane says:

    I did not mean to imply that Steve was at fault for trying to propose. Of course no one is going to telegraph a proposal. And I thought that after she said she would stay, that she should not have gone off. I have not heard anyone say that he was at fault, but I stay away for the most part of comments because they tend take out the joy of this show. I just was pointing out the the hatred for this character is a little over blown. In 98% of relationship probelms its hardly one person’s fault 100% of the time, and this is Hollywood’s version, so they don’t care if we like or don’t like, if they get people to talk they are doing their job. I simply think that if this relationship was meant to be, then she would have kept her promise and stayed, or stuck around sooner once she got out of the Navy, then he would not have taken so long to propose. After 16 years if you’re not married well before then, then it’s probably not right at all, I certainly would not wait that long. Regardless I love the show even if I don’t agree with the writers all the time. Thanks for your blog.

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  10. jlopie1 says:

    Okay…here we go…

    I hated it. I have just come to grips with that sentiment, after seething last night and stewing this morning and finally rewatching so I could be really sure about my feelings and you know what? I still hate it.

    I went into the episode with low expectations that were raised in the first minute only to be shattered in the next. I don’t like Catherine, that’s no surprise and I might add, that’s no sin, either! She has certainly been irrevocably exsanguinated by the writers until she’s merely a bloodless character on screen with no redeeming grace except she can do “favors” for Steve. This week’s favor? She brought Hassan’s attorney to Steve so he could “interrogate” him. Yeah, yeah…she was “helpful.” But what did we see her do that …let’s say…Tani, maybe? … couldn’t have done just as well? I feel sorry for Tani that she got left behind on this one.

    I could go on for hours about Catherine and this episode, but you know what? It’s not worth the effort.

    Everything that has been said here already, is golden. Aside from Alex’s emotional scenes and Scott’s subtle portrayal of a friend perhaps out of his league still there to unconditionally support, this episode left me completely devoid of empathy, and that’s never happened with H50 before. There have been other episodes I haven’t like, but none that had little to no redeeming points. Until now. I did my obligatory rewatch, and now I just want to go take some aspirin, put a cold compress on my head, and erase it from my memory.

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    • Wow.. thank you for being so brutally honest. This may be a first but I can’t agree with you 100% this time., because I can’t say I hated it because there was stuff in there that I did like.

      Alex was phenomenal, no surprise there, Scott’s subtle portrayal of Danny was awesome, the Tani and Adam banter, Tani and Lou teaming up in interrogation, Junior and the Ocean’s 11 vibe in the casino. Harry!

      But I do totally agree with you that this is not one I will go back and rewatch again like I do with pretty much every other episode. I haven’t even watched it a 2nd time yet so you’re already better than me!

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      • jlopie1 says:

        Hey, don’t kid yourself – there have been other times we haven’t 100% agreed on our opinions! Just…few and far between!

        There were so few of those good moments you just mentioned covered over by way too many uncomfortable ones for me to say I enjoyed any part of this.

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    • Brooklyngirl says:

      I’m with you Lynnette. Tho I can’t say that I hated it because that would be an emotion. This episode left me devoid of emotions, which is worse than hate. It’s done, it’s over, onwards and upwards.

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  11. Mcdanno says:

    Linda. I am sorry to say, but you have lost my viewership. I only got to the third paragraph before I had to stop. I loved this episode from start to finish, and it left me with a smile. When I read your review, it immediately turned my smile upside down. I know you do not like Catherine, but you laid it on so thick about how much you were going to hate this episode because of her, and that was the first straw. I also do not like how more recently you’ve become nore open about how much you want to see Steve and Danny together. I do NOT agree, and think of them as broken brothers who are always there for each other and love each other like family, and in the brother sort!!! By the way, Joe White did not die for them to have a reunion, Terri O Quinn is busy on another show, and is nearing retirement. Sure, they could’ve just never mentioned him again, but that’s not their style, and you know that. They ley him go quite amicably, and I found it sweet. Sure, the episode wasn’t perfect, but not one truly is. I thought the other case was good too, with some cute lines about inappropriate emojis and I liked the banter between Tani and Adam, since he needs little pick me ups after Kono. Sorry, but I will no longer read your reviews that are not what they used to be, and have gone down a path that I do not want to follow. Bye.

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    • I’m sorry you feel that way and you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I find it funny that a person who calls herself McDanno would object so someone who loves McDanno, but so be it. Yes, I ship McDanno but I have never shipped them on the show because I know it will never happen. I have Fan Fiction to enjoy for my McDanno fix.

      And yes, I do not like the character of Catherine and I am not ashamed to say so, especially here, in my own blog. If you like her, that’s just fine. Again, you are entitled to your opinion. And yes, I said I was sure I was going to hate the episode, but if you would have kept reading you would have seen that I said she didn’t bother me as much as i thought she would and that I thought she was an asset to the operation.

      But, this is all futile since you’ve said you’re not going to be reading here any longer. Again, that is your prerogative. If you ever do decide to come back, please know you’re always welcome. Spirited debate and a healthy exchange of differing ideas is fun and welcome.

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      • Brooklyngirl says:

        Bye bye McDanno. To quote my dad, “here’s your hat, there’s the door and don’t let it hit you in the ass in the way out.”


        • AlexO'loughlinlover says:

          I agree there why do people have to be so damn rude for I just don’t get it sometimes just wow and I totally ship McDanno


  12. Bonnie Pierce says:

    You hit the nail on the head 100%. I hope the writers of H5O read your blog. It’s the only hope we have for the future is if they follow your advice.


  13. Susan Schoppe says:

    My God Linda, just when I think you can’t be more accurate on any review, you nailed this one with the precision of a sharp shooter! Catherine’s presence was more than annoying for me. All that air time being used for total crap flashbacks that I couldn’t care any less about. It’s over, just let it die already. In my opinion the only reason Catherine is there at all is to keep the Catherine worshippers watching. But then they have them deciding to be just friends in a previous episode to keep the ones like myself & you that can’t stand that horrible little witch watching. PL trying to keep everyone hoping for the ending they want. How about we go with what Alex thinks sence he’s the one who has to portray Steve and knows Steve best, Alex said “Steve would be in need of serious therapy if he took her back” referring to Steve & Catherine’s getting back together. And is it just my intense dislike of Catherine (also Michelle Borth) or is her acting getting pretty bad as well. It’s like she so busy loving herself she can’t be bothered to put any effort in the scenes. To some it up, I wish some director would give her a job on the other side of the world just keep her from being able to show up on 5-O sence the writers here can’t do it! Sorry, I guess this episode pushed me over the edge, I was expecting so much more.


    • Well, they do say that any publicity, even bad publicity is better than none at all and the one thing that we can all count on whenever Catherine shows up it’s publicity. Those who love her, those who hate her. I suppose if it keeps both sides watching, it’s not a bad thing for the show. I mean, even hate watching is still watching, right?

      I have no animosity towards Michelle although I do understand those who do. I was never involved in all that nonsense with her all those years ago. My dislike for the character of Catherine is based on how the character is written in the show, and not anything personally against Michelle. I have stated that more times than I could ever count in a lifetime but it seems I need to repeat it every so often.

      I know you know my feelings on the subject but there is a certain faction of the fandom who insist I hate Michelle and that’s why I don’t like Catherine. So, I repeat myself ad nauseum. LOL


  14. I understand that actors and actresses on this show have contracts to do so many episodes for cbs. So that is why they come and go, I also understand that Scott and Alex want to be in only so many shows and it must be really hard to write around all that, But to have an episode about the loss of Joe White and avenging him was wasted , No mention of Cole , No mention of what Alex did for a whole month , I for one hated Steve interrogating that guy . Do we even know what happened to him is he still alive.? Who was the girl pilot? Steve’s new love interest? The whole casino follow the guy back to the man responsible for Joe’s death could have been written better. I would have loved to see Steve’s seal team, and all of 5 o and Harry there for Joe’s ‘funeral and then all in on finding Greer and Hassan. Maybe there isn’t a little Steve and Greer but a Hassan and Greer hidden somewhere , We really don’t know where the rest of the season is going, We are not the writers and don’t get our story or our way all the time ,All this I don’t like Catherine I don’t like Danny gives me a huge head ache . No one has to like any of the characters but they are all part of the show for some reason. I just hope the rest of the season has more love and action in it. and less questions, maybe we will see Steve revisit his feelings of Joe’s death later. Maybe there will be more scenes of the team coming together to rally around Steve later. We just need a little more Aloha written into the episodes,

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    • Yes, I totally agree this episode was wasted. Ok fine, they could have had the line about Joe being the one who got them together. Like I said in the body of the review, people often reminisce about things that happened with each over someone who’s just died and the scene on the tarmac was sweet. But we did not need to see Joe order Steve to ask her out again, nor did we need to see Steve actually do it. We also didn’t need the flashback between Catherine and Greer because the idea that she has betrayed her country and God knows how many others beside Steve’s SEAL team just because her booty call with Steve didn’t lead to more is a ridiculous reason. Why did the writers go with that lame excuse? Because they NEEDED it to be about Steve and his non-relationship with Greer so they could make it all about Catherine. *gag*

      All that time could have been used to honor Joe. We could have had a flashback of Joe jumping into the sea after that terrorist while Wade was telling the story. We could have had a scene of Joe being buried with everyone by Steve’s side while he honored his friend and mentor. Steve could have been standing there with an urn holding the ashes of Cole, the implication being they would all head to New England to spread his asses. We could have had wonderful Steve and Danny moments, even one as subtle as Danny walking up to Steve and placing a comforting hand on his shoulder as Catherine drove away. Again!

      But no, we could’t do that because we HAD to have those McRoll flashbacks because this was not an episode to avenge Joe, it was not an episode to honor Joe and it was not an episode for Steve to begin to heal over the loss of Joe. It was a McRoll foreshadowing OR it was more teasing of an endgame that may or may not happen (God only knows which way that gate will swing).

      TPTB took the fantastic set up from 9.10 and the heartbreaking death of Joe White and hijacked it into a Catherine centric gag fest.

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  15. Debra 57 says:

    I was not really into this show. All of a sudden we have Harry and he has the local police on his side, Catherine showing up and being there was a what the bleep is she doing there thing. I did not like all the flashbacks either on how he should be with her according to Joe, or her saying what took you so long.. That could have been left out, we all have seen the past shows. And Joe was the last one to take love advice from after being married 4 times. I agree the wedding ring thing was far fetched. Was it a jab at the Catherine character for walking out on Steve? Too many holes in the script. The boots Steve wore I loved. When the show falters I look at other things. lol Boots and the sheepskin coat, the long beard. What was the show about again? Glad to see Greer out of it, but her last words are an omen there is more to come. Just how did Lucia get a Coast Guard plane to use? and fly all that distance. The air scene with Steve daydreaming and Catherine being with him was overkill. The guy is mourning. Find it weird that with them all there, where was Mama McG who was in deep with Joe in the intel biz and a good friend of his. No where on the horizon to help get his killer. The writers on this one need to restudy the past years shows. Not a fan of the Catherine character either. The token yearly is done. The story line on Steve’s liver needs to be redone. No one with a liver transplant can kick back booze either… Too many things that didn’t add up. Great review Linda. Would love to see Steve find a great woman and have a kid in midlife or find someone with a kid that steals his heart. Lets get the real Alex in the Steve character, one that loves kids.


  16. AlexO'loughlinlover says:

    can I just say how damn hot Alex looked omg and there was something so different about him I really liked it alot and that love scene my my my hot hot hot a bare chested Alex yes please other than that it was an ok episode for me I wanted more Steve and Danny Together but oh well 9×12 will make up for it


  17. Debra Mathis says:

    I am echoing your very accurately fact filled review of this very difficult episode. I pray that TPTB wake up and read this article and stop f**king around with their loyal fans pandering to a very small minority that doesn’t even watch the show unless the one character is going to make that year appearance. We loyal fans watch despite the , at times ,crazy story arcs and irrational illogical plot . We love Steve and Danny as family and coworkers as well as ALL the #h50 Ohana.

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  18. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda! I enjoyed the episode because of the intensity of it. I will admit that I wasn’t too crazy about the flashbacks-they really weren’t necessary in my opinion. I do wish Steve & Danny had been together more,but it seemed that the writers wanted Steve & Catherine to be together. In an article promoting the episode,someone said that Steve & Catherine’s story was”far from over”.well,as far as I’m concerned,it should be over now,although I don’t mind them being friends-for me, that is as far as it should go. I think my favorite scene was when Steve asked Hussan if he wanted to repeat the killing cycle for his son-the look on Steve’s face was really intense! As for the second story, I liked it but really saw no need for it-the whole team should have been working with Steve to avenge Joe’s death. For Junior,there was no where else he would have wanted to be but beside Steve,his SEAL brother. A good episode overall,but it could have been so much better. I know the next episode will more than make up for this one!

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  19. Lori SILVANO says:

    Linda you nailed it as always..agree 100%…but I have a different take on Catherine…I think the TPTB are slowly setting up Catherine and Steve end game here. I dont know if S10 is a planned last season… but if it is..this ep would make sense….as for him calling her “kid” I wouldn’t read too much into that..see my theory is..both Steve and Catherine are pretending to be just friends for each other..but the love is still there…hence setting up the end game….Catherine will become tired of CIA life and come home to Steve..and Steve will forgive all and finally propose….because if u see the subtle hints in each episode shes in they are there…when she found out about the proposal 2 yrs ago..did u see here face?? Then last year quizzing him about it in the jungle pit…see to me she is as woman with many regrets…remember she told Steve she would have said YES….now she screwed herself right?? If she knew he was going to propose she wouldnt have left that’s my theory..and she screwed herself….she made a mistake..well several actually…..and the writers write her character like this..they turned her into Doris unfortunately..because I liked her character in the beginning..I liked them together..until they wrote her leaving navy..put her on 5-0… …and ..just kept going downhill from there…and it seems to me they didnt know how to fix the mistake/character…so now they are trying to redeem her in the fans and the other characters eyes…remember how Groover reacted to her visit last time??? So my belief is that TPTB from day one had them end game…and then went ahead and screwed themselves up w how they wrote her..not realizing how strongly fans would take her betrayals..and yes..that’s plural….so now the 1 ep a year is slowly trying to redeem the character so the fans will accept how They end up: end game…of course this is just my opinion..but I pick up on these subtle hints.

    Now as for Danny in this ep…I choose to believe Catherine contacted Steve..I’m sure in the CIA she heard what happened. And didnt he delete her phone #?? And even though stupid on his part..I believe he truly wanted to keep Danny out for protection….him having 2 kids and all..and just wanted it to be SEALS and covert operatives..but he should have known better..Danny will always be by his side and vice versa….I too was waiting for that Danny/Steve heart to heart that never came…which honestly was a huge faux pas on the writers part..completely OOC…..

    Greer..hmmm..so we are to believe that shes been in love w Steve for what?? 17 yrs from one night together..well uh…mentally unstable much??? So far fetched …they should have stuck w the greed explanation…much more feasible…it was just another way to feature Catherine.

    I loved Lucia in the min she was there…now that would be interesting love interest for Steve…being Frank’s daughter…that sets up some comidic moments right there w Bama…and I thought she was really pretty too!

    Now my favorite part of the ep..HARRY…I love harry….I want Harry as a perm. Cast member. The chemistry between him and our boys is always off the charts…..LOVE LOVE LOVE HARRY!! Hope we get him another ep this yr..like last yr he was in 2. If they wanted to continue H50..after Alex and Scott done..I might actually still watch if the got Harry to take Steve’s place…lol. maybe 😂😉

    So overall I was so looking forward to this episode after 9×10…but I was totally disappointed….and not because Catherine was there..I dont hate her Character and honestly don’t mind her 1 a yr ep…but just because it was missing something….it was hollow…and that’s because I agree….no heart to heart Danny Steve moments..they are the heart of the show and in an episode of this nature when it’s not there..it is very much missed….opportunity missed and it hurt this ep..



  20. Lori Silvano says:

    I would like to say..just in case qasnt clear above that I do not really want Steve to end up with Catherine, but I do think that’s where we are headed..so if so…so be it..I will accept it….I’m actually kind of torn to be honest….. because I wanted him to end up with the Catherine of S1/2…not the Catherine she turned into after….I guess I’m sad because I loved them together in beginning and the writers pretty much screwed her character up..and ruined it..and it really soured the character for me…..so honestly it’s a hard call…but I agree if someone betrayed and lied to a person you loved in real life..not once but twice, you would be totally against that person…and not be for a reconciliation of any kind….in fact you’d be crazy to take them back…so therein lies problem for me….if they didnt mess w the character the way they did..I’d be all for them together…but they did! the writers dug a grave for me..so now I dont lol..and I as well..have nothing against Michelle…its not her fault……she only plays it like written…I blame TPTB for all of it lol..but hey maybe that’s the point right? Controversy gets people talking…and watching..maybe they’re not so dumb after all..and hey if that’s what keeps the ratings up..and gets us more seasons..then..sure I’m all for it!!😉👍


    • I totally agree Lori. I have said it a zillion times. I loved them together all the way through Season 4. If they had kept on with things the way they were I would have had no problem at all with them carrying on to the natural conclusion of their relationship..the alter.

      I agree. I would have been very happy for Steve and that Catherine to be endgame. But, unfortunately, that Catherine does not exist anymore.

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  21. Mary Tomshack says:

    Thank you for the great review. I agree with you. I didn’t like that we got so little of Danny as he is the main reason I watch the show. But next week will make up for it because we’ll get some really emotional Danny. Scott is awesome when he is emotional and Steve will be right there for him. I did watch it a second time but I sped through some of the parts. The Catherine character did not bother me as much as she usually does. But I did not like that the other characters took a backseat to her. As Lori said, we didn’t even see Jerry. But I do believe also like Lori said, Steve tried to keep him out of it to protect him. Well, we will enjoy next week’s episode.

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  22. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    W’at you said. I think Greer was about to say something that Catherine didn’t want Steve to know. They could have tied the story to the other shows, NCIS, Team Seal, but they didn’t. I think Danny being there, after not being called for a month, pull Steve back a little, because he didn’t kill the guy. Steve is John’s son and he did what John would have wanted. They keep trying to turn Steve into WoFat, a cold blooded killer, whenever Catherine or Mom McG are around. I even started paying bills during the show. If they want to go for 12 or 13 seasons, they better get back to core the show. Hawaii 50.


  23. I’m surprised that people are surprised that CBS doesn’t want their lead crime drama actors to have spouses. Seems to be the norm to me. The actresses come and go until they are killed off… And Scott’s role is what he has negotiated to participate when he wants. That limits what they can do with the character until he is written off as well. Fun chats to see but we have to take the ride as presented until it ends. Hmmmm all about ends for me – Happy New Year LOL.


  24. Courtney says:

    The thing that gets to me is for her yearly episode the show has to stop so everyone can act like she is so amazing. Aren’t guest stars support to support the main characters and enhance the story? Not appear so she can be bowed down to? And what was with Alex’s double being the one walking with Cath in and out of the casino. If rumors are true they don’t get along I think it is cruel forcing Alex to work with her after all he has done for the show. Either recast or maybe in her next yearly appearance let Alex have a break from her and have her interact with others? Also notice they never have alone scenes anymore.

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  25. Tina Starnes says:

    Great review as always Linda! And I do have to say that with PL not letting us know why Greer did it, leaves a possible arc for later. I too thought about a possible love child, but would that put them around Grace’s age. I thought the amount of flashbacks made the this epi seem to chopped up. I know Danny isn’t a special ops guy and his presence seemed forced, but he’s Steve’s best friend. It missed an opportunity to be a great epi by not having a McDanno heart to heart scene post mission. But I guess we’ll just have to get that through all the codas that will be forthcoming. (hint, hint @stellarmeadow) Now I’m excited for next week, because we get what looks like a wonderful opportunity for Scotty to display his excellent acting abilities!! Also, Danny’s a smart guy, I feel like he’s being underutilized on the show. Let him be the center of solving a case or two:)

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  26. After watching the episode a third time, I just realized the little joke that happened during the gambling scene — Steve orders a drink, vodka martini…..but then changes his mind and gets a beer. I could almost hear the rest of the order — shaken, not stirred. 🙂 007!

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  27. denee says:

    I can’t chastise you for your vitriol. I know that you don’t care for Catherine and just the fact that you’re willing to sit through this episode and not skip it really does say you’re a fan of the show. Emphasis on the show! There are many things we watch on tv with characters we don’t like and there are times we skip them because of episodes focused on the character, but you didn’t.

    I will brace myself to be burned at the stake for what I’m about to write. I’m going to try and play the devil’s advocate. I’ll surprisingly be slanting my opinion and bias in a different direction. Hopefully nothing is too harsh for this board.

    This was horrible and not because Catherine was in, but by what her being in it exposed. At the end of every episode she’s in I’m able to go back into my Steve is a really great guy fog. I’m not so sure that’s going to happen after this episode. This was the one that finally exposed my displaced annoyance and aggravation at Catherine. It’s not that she’s hurt Steve and he deserves better. It’s watching Steve stand there like an idiot staring as she leaves. If he wants to be with her then by all means tell her and if he doesn’t tell her. There is nothing wrong with him telling her he knows that she’s the one, but he needs more time. Perhaps maybe 17 more years. If he has decided, he cannot trust her and they will never be able to have a future then by all means say that. His standing there staring and not saying anything emasculates him. At this point I doubt the viewers that have watched this since the first episode in 2010 will drop the show. We’ve invested too much time. If they do who cares.

    Unfortunately, this show does not have Outlander time travel to work in its favor and make it seem romantic. Please for the love of all that is good and holy, STOP, showing Joe make Steve promise to ask Catherine out in 2002. This only angers me more, because I start adding up the wasted years in addition to the 9 I’ve wasted. This does not work positively in Steve’s favor regardless of his trust, abandonment, and control issues. Eventually he just comes off looking like a jerk and unlikeable.

    I realized that it’s not Catherine upsetting me for “toying” with Steve’s emotions. It’s the fact that with her around it exposes a very unattractive quality in my main character that causes me to lack empathy for him. If I have no empathy for a character, I lose interest and I don’t like this.

    I will say this. Since she first started recurring, this is probably the best episode they have ever utilized Catherine in and I can’t complain. I’ve always loved the professional side of Catherine.

    There were way too many people in this episode although I loved seeing all of the guests. Danny was not utilized well, but I’m not mad. If they’re going to pay Scott to be underutilized, more power to him. Work smart not hard Scott!! I’m not sure why there was a second story. The biggest let down was coming off episode 10 and having them hype this from earlier this season as an Expendables type episode. That was just wrong. We all knew Steve would only be allowed to show a full 1 minute of raw emotion and grief this entire episode, so it was okay for Danny to sit on the sidelines.

    I did find one issue with the way Danny was written. Was that Danny we were watching? Is this the same Danny or has he been replaced by an imposter? I’ll give him a little leeway in perhaps being taken aback by Steve’s unusual brutality and lack of a level head. I remember in a much earlier season, the Danny that handed Steve his gun and badge while he beat the snot out of a child abducting murderer. I also remember a Danny that finished off the man that was responsible for his partner Grace’s death, although the man was slumped up against a wall pretty much dead with a huge red spot circling his thoracic region. I’ll end it with the Danny that told Marco Reyes that if he found out his brother Matty was dead he was going to kill him and proceeded to do just that.

    I know that actors are just working with what’s given to them, but I know there are archives. It might be a good idea to research and remember what the characters were initially like.

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    • Wow… what a fantastic comment! No need to brace yourself since there isn’t a stake in site. And, no, nothing you said is too harsh for this blog. All comments, when presented intelligently and respectfully, no matter if I agree with those opinions or not, are welcome here.

      But in this case, I do agree with what you’ve said. I was particular taken with your view on the “emasculation” of Steve whenever she shows up. I’ve heard various versions of this opinion after she’s showed up before, but no one has stated it as well as you have.

      I also agree that, of the handful of episodes she’s been in since he rode off in the Afghan sunset, this might have been the best use of her character. As I said in my review above, I had no problem with her being there for the OP because I’ve always felt she is a very capable operative and her skills were put to good use here. It’s the drifting away from that into a stupid soap opera that I object to.

      I also agree that a discussion is in order between these two. Of course, I do not want her to ever come back as a love interest for Steve but if that’s where we are headed, you’re right.. they need to just say so and do it so we can all come to grips with it and either accept it or move on. If they are not going to be a couple again, this “will they/won’t they” got tiresome a very long time ago.. As my mother used to say ‘it’s time to shit or get off the pot”.

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      • Brooklyngirl says:

        Steve did tell her that, while the sex was great, they were better off as friends and she agreed. He does look emasculated but it’s the EP (and writers by default) who won’t finally let her go. Since the EP conceived of this character he can’t, won’t let her go so he’s going to make sure that, good or bad, she remains on the radar causing havoc till the bitter end. Because, any press, good or bad, is a good thing.

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        • Yes… Steve did tell her they were better off friends but he’s never told her exactly how the things she has done affected him. He needs to tell her exactly how he felt when she told him that she’d “found her place” without him after she found Najib.

          How he felt when she told him not to wait for her (and he did anyway…the damn fool).

          How he felt when she told him she would stay as long as he wanted her there while planning to bolt the entire time.

          How it felt to find out, not from her, but through official channels that everything she said to him for almost three full years was a lie.

          How he felt when she told him she would have said yes, regardless of the fact that she felt he wasn’t enough for her and she needed to get away and find more.

          How he felt when he realized she was just like his mother and a home and family would never be enough for her.

          Yeah, he told her they were better off friends but he’s never told her any of that. Of course, being a man, on a show written predominately by men, THAT’S never going to happen. Our SEAL will never be allowed to show he’s human!

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          • denee says:

            This is my last complaint. It is in regards to the EP and majority of writer’s being men. Men can be thoughtless. You of course know I’m no McRoll fan, but my gripe is with the editing of one of the acts. I love seeing a shirtless Steve anytime, but couldn’t they have edited the Greer/Steve love scene during another time in the episode. I found it distastefully edited to be shown while he was sitting next to someone else he’s slept with and supposed to have such a deep connection to. If they were going to go with that I would have preferred them showing Greer and Steve talking downstairs in some café or bar and adjourning to the hotel room. They could have cut the scene at the beginning when they were making out and removing their shirts.


      • denee says:

        LOL! I almost posted your mother’s saying, but I wasn’t sure I would offend anyone. Basically, the issue that I have is there is no need to be ambiguous at this stage of the show. Yes, I could scream every time she makes an appearance. Sadly, this is because of the ambiguity. People that are not into game playing and fairytales get frustrated real quick this. For goodness sake, it’s a procedural show.

        I also think that some of the writing of Catherine had to do with the fact that they didn’t expect to get renewed after season 5. Then with her as a recurring character, they really didn’t know how to write the story. It could have been so much better.


  28. Lee says:

    Got the feeling that Cath killed Greer to shut her up. Something not right. Could wounded got all kinds of intel. Especially the other reasons for doing what she was. The way Greer looked when gave order to start op. She seemed to know how it was going to go down. Team was set up. Cath shows up. Steve deleted her number. Then the till next time she said. It’s like Cath & Doris want to break him. This is a first. But something is up. Will she show up when Steve’s radition poisoning acts up. Some review mentioned that.


  29. Carole says:

    Checked back in and wow – so many great comments! This must be an all time high for your blog Linda. Congrats – I appreciate all the time and effort you put in every.week I guess this one really struck a nerve. Halfway thru the week and I’m still ticked off. This is definately my least liked episode ever, which is such a shame because AOL & SC & core fans deserve better…….nice to know I’m not alone.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. I don’t get into the Catherine debate anymore because it’s pointless, but I do love your “shit or get off the pot” attitude, Linda. Seriously, we’ve been teased by this for too long.

    I would like to address the opinion that Steve is emasculated by his longing looks, his lack of communication, etc. I think the opposite is true. I think it humanizes him. When you love someone deeply, but that love is not returned, you don’t just fall out of love. Those feelings are embedded in your heart. Every time you hear their name, or see them, that hurt surges up. But so does the love. Take it from someone who has been there. You learn to contain those feelings but they never go away. You can’t change what your heart feels, even though the brain disagrees. So when Steve gazes with that expression of angst (which Alex does so well), he’s not secretly wishing her to come back, or wimpering about how she hurt him.

    He’s thinking of what might have been.

    I don’t think it’s demeaning or emasculating. It’s real, it shows his vulnerability, it shows his heart’s capacity to love. It proves he’s human (even though Danny calls him an animal, LOL.)

    Don’t mean to step on toes. Just my opinion. Carry on!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmmmmmm that’s really interesting. Not having ever been in that position, I have no personal experience. I’m sorry you do!

      But I never thought of it that way. I keep looking at it as the writers making Steve sort of a … I don’t know what the proper word would be… I guess… idiot would be the best I can do at the moment. Because it looks like the writers are making him think “ohhhhh maybe she’ll come back… Ohhhhhhh maybe we still have a chance… Ohhhhhh if I’m a good boy, everything will work out”. I hate that it makes me think those things when he gazes at her like that every time she walks away from him.

      But, listening to you explain it, and from someone who’s had the experience (sorry again!) I can see it from your point of view. I especially like the part that says “he’s not secretly wishing her to come back”. Makes me dislike those scenes a little less!

      Liked by 2 people

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