#H50 Review: 9.10 Pio ke kukui, po’ele ka hale (When the Light Goes Out, the House is Dark)



Oh my God!

Once again, I spent the entire day on Saturday and pretty much most of Sunday on family obligations.  But every time I let my mind wonder back to Friday night’s H50, those were the only words that kept coming to mind.

Oh my God!

Of course, we could talk about any number of things in this episode.  It was pretty much perfection from beginning to end. We could talk about the action sequences.  The knife fight between Steve and the assassin in his kitchen was not only one of the most brutal and bloody fights we’ve seen in a long time, it was masterfully choreographed and executed.  That knife flip of Steve’s before he runs his attacker through was a thing of beauty.

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The battle between Steve, Joe and Cole and the assassins sent to take them all out was also superb.  Watching the three of them arming for the attack was incredible.  The booby-traps and the arsenal of weapons they had at their disposal was impressive to say the least.  After over 16 years they all still worked together as a well-coordinated and well-oiled machine.  Their easy banter and comradery a nice juxtaposition to the deadliness of battle they knew was coming.  And, ohhhh, what a battle it was!

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We could talk about Lou Grover and his voicing what everyone already knew.  There was no need for Steve to ask for help.  His team was there for him no matter what he needed.  His certain knowledge that Steve wasn’t just going to go to ground and stay safe but to confront this head on. Lou’s single-minded determination to crack the assassin sent to kill Steve was, as Lou always is in these intense situations, just a bit frightening. He can seem so calm and composed when he’s skillfully manipulating the suspect by hitting all his vulnerable spots.  Using his son as leverage and a promise of time served in Germany was cold, calculating and, most importantly, effective!

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We could talk about the rest of the team being totally relentless in tracking down who was responsible for the contract put out on Steve and the rest of the SEALs.  It’s not anything they haven’t all done in the course of investigations before but this one is more than just a little bit personal.  They worked at a fevered pitch in their determination to give Steve all the information he might need to find out who is responsible.

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We could talk about Junior. Junior berating himself for not being there when Steve was attacked.  His determination to be part of the operation to take down those responsible because it’s SEALs who have been assassinated and Junior wants in on the retribution to avenge his brothers.  How he wanted in on that OP more than anything, but he’ll follow Steve’s orders, SEAL Commander to SEAL.  But you could see he was not happy about it one bit from the thunderously murderous look in his eyes.

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We could talk about the fact that Steve was alone in the house when the assassin came to call.  We could wonder where Eddie was, why wasn’t he out in the ocean with Steve for his morning swim.  Or we can thank the Hawaiian gods that Eddie wasn’t there.  I mean, do you think that assassin would have wasted an instant in putting Eddie down to get to Steve.  Personally, I don’t think I could live through seeing Eddie shot again!

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We could talk about Greer and her betrayal of Steve and the SEALS.  We can talk about whether she is intended to be the new “big bad” or if she’s just going to be seen as a bridge to who may or may not be the new “big bad” on the radar, Omar Hassan.  A small boy who watched as Steve’s SEAL team killed his father in that long-ago raid.  Now a 26-year-old businessman with an impeccable record and a hell of a lot of money.  But, he’s no terrorist.  He’s a son out to avenge his father, not a completely foreign concept for this show.

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We could talk about the similarity in the names of Omar Hassan and Umar Hassan, the Taliban terrorist who, back in 4.21 kidnapped young Najib and other Afghan children, who captured and tortured Steve and was killed in the Navy SEAL raid that rescued Steve.  We can put to rest any notion that the writers are trying to manufacture a “planned coincidence” between 4.21 and 9.11 because Umar Hassan was a) a terrorist, which Omar is not; b) Umar was Afghani while Omar is Moroccan; c) Umar was at least 10 to 15 years older than Omar; and, most importantly, d) Umar Hassan died in that miserable hole in Afghanistan at the hands of the SEALS.

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CaptureUmar Hassan – 4.21

Yes, we could talk about all of that but, of course, there really is only one thing to really talk about in this episode.

Oh my God!

There was nothing here we didn’t already know, of course.  We are all fully aware of the powerful relationship between Steve and Joe.  But it was fascinating to watch as every aspect of that relationship was played out on the screen.

We even got a bit of conformation of a theory many have harbored for years.  Joe did indeed know Doris was alive from the very beginning and Doris also knew from the very beginning that John had sent Steve and Mary away from Hawaii.

Doris had people watching 16-year-old Steve and knew he’d stolen a car in a futile attempt to get back to Hawaii any way he could.  She called Joe and he managed to get Steve out of trouble with no mark on his permanent record.  Because of that, Steve was able to later go to Annapolis, serve in the Navy, be a SEAL and Five-0 and become the extraordinary person he is today.

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It was more than obvious from the beginning that Joe thought this could very well be his last mission.  Sitting in the car with Steve, waxing poetic about ponderosa pines with a wistful look on his face, you could see he was resigning himself to the belief this could be the end.  Steve could see it too even if he didn’t realize it at that moment.  That’s why he told Joe to “go into the wind” like Cole and let Steve handle the situation alone.  Joe, being Joe, naturally wouldn’t allow that to happen.  Wouldn’t let Steve have “all the fun”.

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When Steve finds a picture of Joe with a young woman Joe, once again, gets reflective, telling Steve not to make the same mistakes he’s made, not to wait too long to find someone to share his life with.  This is the moment Steve realizes what’s going through Joe’s head.  You could see it on Steve’s face, how concerned he looked that Joe felt the need to pass this advise along at that moment.

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Personally, I wish Joe would have knocked it off with the relationship advice.  His four wives should prove to anyone he’s hardly in a position to tell anyone the best way to sort out their love life.  But I will give him this much.  He did manage to find love with his new lady.  He’s not pining over a lost love or trying to rekindle something long over.  In this regard I agree with Joe.  Steve needs to find someone new, just like Joe did. Someone totally devoted to him, who makes him her top priority, just as he makes her, his.  In all his 41 years, Steve has never met a woman like that.

The final scenes of this episode will go down as some of the best written and best acted scenes ever on this show.  Both Alex and Terry hit major homeruns with material that went above and beyond.  Emotional, gut-wrenching, dramatic.  All terms that don’t even come close to what these last scenes were like.  I was totally gutted by the time the end credits rolled and I know I’m not the only one.

All their best laid plans turn out to be not enough.  They lose Cole in the gun battle.  I was forcibly reminded of watching Steve as he looked on as Freddie was gunned down all those years ago.  Unfortunately, Joe is hit as well.  I think we’ve all been watching this show long enough to know those abdominal wounds, those where the bullet has not exited, are never a good thing.  Joe, tries to downplay it, telling Steve he’s seen worse, but he knows that’s not the case and he knows where he wants to be when the end comes.

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That lone ponderosa pine is calling him one last time.  As they both ride off to what Steve believes is medical help, Joe admits to Steve that he cancelled the medevac that was headed their way.  Steve is furious.  “If you’re not going to fight, I’ll fight for you”.  Of course, we saw the way Steve fought to save Joe not too long ago.  Steve is not ready to give up on him now.  But Joe is ready.  He wants to get to his favorite spot on the ranch, to that magnificent tree one last time.

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Steve cradles Joe as they sit at the base of the tree and Joe begins to lose his hold on life.  Steve thanks him for that long ago save after he stole that car.  Thanks him for giving him the opportunity to have the life he’s lead.  Joe looks at him like he’s lost his mind.  Doesn’t Steve realize that he thanks Joe every single day just by being the man he’s become?  Doesn’t he realize Joe couldn’t be more proud of the way Steve looks out for the people he loves in his life the same way Joe always looked out for him?

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It’s been two days and I’m still gutted.  Gutted by the story, by the loss of Joe and by the stellar acting by both Alex and Terry.  We’ve always said that Alex can portray a dozen pages of dialog with just his eyes and it was gut wrenching in that moment when Steve realized what was going to happen.

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“Have you ever in your life seen a sunset like that?”  No Joe, we haven’t.  Your death is a sunset we never, along with Steve, thought we’d see.  “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away”.  And as you faded away into that sunset, with Steve hugging you close, we cried along with him.

Cried for the man who, while infuriating at times, was a good man.  A man who helped teach, guide and shape Steve into the man he is today.  And cried for Steve as well.  Just like the day he had to listen to John die while there was nothing he could do to stop it, Steve sits, cradling the man who became, from the age of 16 on, the only father he really had and we all wept for him and this incredible loss.

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Well, I don’t know what else to say.  This is the last episode of 2018 and as far removed from a Christmas episode as you can possibly get.  We have a little under a month of Christmas hiatus to pull ourselves together before the ramifications of this episode play out in 9.11.  It will be interesting to see how Steve comes through this huge loss.  A loss so much more devastating than any he’s suffered since John was murdered 9 years ago.  I look forward to seeing Alex hit another homerun to start off the new year.

That’s it for 2018 my friends!  Whatever holiday you celebrate, here’s hoping it’s a joyful one filled with everything you love and all the people you love.  See you all in the new year!

Aloha.  Malama Pono

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.


41 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 9.10 Pio ke kukui, po’ele ka hale (When the Light Goes Out, the House is Dark)

  1. I gotta admit I walked around like a zombie all of Saturday. I knew the rumor was that Joe would die, but I had no clue it would hit me as hard as it did. And that was because of Alex and Terry — they crushed it. I was already in tears when they first got on the horses and Joe turned around to take one last look at his ranch. And then when they stopped, and Steve realized the truth — his pleading with Joe to get back on the horse — OMG, the desperation in his eyes and voice just tore me up. So well-written and acted.

    So I guess we have a little insight into why Steve took Nahele under his wing. Little did we know back in season 5 that Steve had also stolen a car.

    My view on Eddie is that he was out with Junior, maybe on a run, when the attacker struck. I was a little confused about Steve being in different clothes when the team arrived — it would have been more powerful to let us and the team see him in his bloody tee. And why didn’t they have Noelani come over to stitch him up? Those were some deep slashes, not bandaid wounds. But there she was later, suturing the bad guy (who should have been dead since Steve’s knife went to the hilt in him.) Just seemed odd.

    That’s my only “huh?” with this episode. Otherwise, like you said, it was perfection. I cried as much for Steve’s anguish as I did for losing Joe. I hope, as others have said, we get to see Steve’s grief and adjustment to life without his mentor and father figure. I suspect it will be a slow recovery. And yes, a new lady in his life would be great.

    Happy holidays to everyone! Mahalo for your review, Linda!

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    • I didn’t mention it above, but you’re so right. That look of Joe’s, as he turned to take one last look at his home was not only very revealing but so heartbreaking. It was so well done.

      You’re also right about Steve’s wounds and the assassins. But, I was so involved in what was going on it didn’t even register that it was a bit of a “huh?”. I’ll pay closer attention when I can watch the episode without tears in my eyes the entire time.

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  2. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda! I said it on the Ohana page and I will say it here:Greer makes Catherine look like a saint! I know that may not be a fair comparison, but at least Catherine didn’t conspire to kill Steve and anyone close to him! Have to say I loved the look on Junior’s face-he wanted to be part of that operation so badly,if for no other reason than to make up for not being there when Steve really needed him. I do thank the Hawaiian gods that Eddie wasn’t there,although I know he would have given his life to save Steve, if that’s what it took. I could tell by the looks on the faces of the other team members that this case was extremely personal, and for once, I was also glad Danny wasn’t there-knowing how he feels about Steve, he would have went nuts! It was good that Adam was able to use that favor of his father’s to get info on Greer’s channel man, although by the time he got it, they were both gone! The arsenal that Steve, Cole & Joe put together would have ordinarily been enough for the mission,but the hired thugs were equipped with high powered weapons, too! I must admit that, at first,I was upset that Joe cancelled the medavac,but then I realized that he knew he wasn’t going to make it and wanted to be at the special spot on his ranch to see the magnificent Montana sunset one more time! I was close to tears as I watched Steve sobbing as he held the man who had been more of a father to him than his own father had been. This was one loss I know Steve never expected to see and I don’t know if he will ever be the same after this, but I do know that he will honor Joe the only way he can-by being the man Joe knew him to be and use all that Joe taught him as the leader of H50! The upcoming hiatus will give us enough time to get past this and look foward to the first episode of the new year!

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    • As much as I don’t like Catherine, I have to agree with you. Greer is pure evil and that’s something Catherine is not. She may be self-satisfying and oblivious to how her actions hurt those she claims to love, but she would never do anything like what Greer has done.

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  3. Dan Gibson says:

    Friday night was a gut-wrenching experience. I was pulling so hard for Joe, then I saw the Tree. My heart sunk in the final ten minutes. To the 5-0 crew, Steve is the Rock. Now our Hero has lost his Rock, the giant of a man who believed in him from the very start. The emotions these two shared in that final 30 seconds were something I will never forget. I’m almost relieved that there is a break until the next episode. Sure — of course — it’s a program on television. But I need some time.

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  4. Mcdanno says:

    Loved the episode!!! Everything you said is so true, from the AWESOME fight in the beginning to the sad/sweet sentimental ending. Alex, Terry, and even everybody else did an amazing job acting. I was bummed that Steve didn’t do the fight scene shirtless sinve he just got out of the ocean, but then again that meant we would’ve seen the knife go into him which is not fun. The ending had me in tears for about an hour after the show and quite sad yesterday too. I am glad they let him go so nobly and that Steve and him got to have a true heart to heart. I am hoping Steve takes Joe’s advice and acts on it when Catherine comes back in January 😊. Loved and saddened! Plus, I was so glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed Omar Hassan looking and sounding like Umar Hassan from season 4 episode 21. Can’t believe they’re making us wait so long, but thankfully we have re-runs!

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    • I’m still very sad TPTB felt the need to have Joe die, but, like you, I’m glad this is the way it happened. It would have been so much worse if Joe had been killed and Steve hadn’t had the chance to speak to him, to thank him and to hear how proud Joe is of him.

      As for Joe’s advice…. I hope to God he does not act on it when Catherine comes back next episode. Like I said above, Joe found a NEW love.. he didn’t try to rekindle something long over. Steve and Catherine have moved into a part of their lives where they understand they’re not meant to be together as anything more than very good friends. Friends who are there for each other when needed but just friends. Steve’s experiences now have shown him that CIA operatives, good or bad, do not make good long term relationships.


      • I feel like we’re being set-up for their rekindling. Maybe they’re taking the easy way out — bring back an old love instead of introducing someone new. I hope not. I always loved their relationship, until she hurt him so badly. Now I’m content with their being good friends. But I think TPTB want Steve to find a “happily ever after” lady soon, so they may be forcing this.

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        • Ugh! I know.. and you may be right. I hope to hell not. I’m sick to death of that old horse being beaten but I have no power over what TPTB do or don’t do. What I do have power over is my reaction to it. I love this show too much to allow one horrible story or character to poison that love. If they go that route I’ll be extremely disappointed that they couldn’t find a creative way to make Steve happy without falling back on that old tired and long over story.

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  5. One of the best episodes there. Not just this season. But all and having people walked out of Steve’s life whether walking out or on that of dying. Really will miss Joe and really hate that he had to die.
    But his Five 0 aka Ohana will be there for him. No matter what and have his back.
    Junior you could tell of the disappointment on his not going but obeyed Steve.
    Lou there are just so fewer and fewer episodes with him and Steve. As really love McGrover a lot than I do McDanno. But that is just me. Both from season 4 went from disliking each other to being best buds and brothers about.
    Does make up indeed for that ridiculous comic episode there.

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  6. Carole says:

    OMG …..about sums it up. Dramatic, heart breaking and intense with great performances, but did they really have to kill Joe? Steve has lost so many people – yes he got to say goodbye this time, but it seems cruel to keep piling it on like this. Can’t they give him a break please. As soon as Joe started talking about the tree i knew that’s where they’d end up. The sunsets in Montana really are spectacular. The flashbacks of young Steve getting in trouble explains his reaction to Nahele though I expected more scenes because I thought i saw photos of Terry & the young actor….. maybe they will be on the DVD. I see Junior’s relationship with Steve as very similar to Steve/Joe. I hope they show us more. And for once I was OK with Steve not wanting anyone to call Danny though there had better be some serious comforting next episode. January will be here before we know it……like you I need the break. Everyone have a safe holiday.

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    • I agree. I’m heartbroken for Steve that he’s lost Joe and in such a heart breaking way too. I don’t know how he’s not a sobbing pile of goo in a corner somewhere with everything he’s had to endure over the years. This blow is especially hard to take.

      I was ok with Steve not wanting anyone to call Danny too. Steve knows Danny better than anyhone and he knows he might be able to order the rest of his team to stay behind but Danny would fight him tooth and nail to be there with Steve and have his back. Even if Steve would be able to somehow get Danny to stand down, it would take valuable time away from what he and Joe needed to do and there’s no guarantee Danny woudn’t hop the next plane to Montana anyway. Just look at Cole. Joe sent him “into the wind” and he showed up in Montana anyway because he didn’t want Joe and Steve face what was coming alone. Danny would have done the same thing. The last thing Steve wanted was Danny in the line of fire and he knows he’s own defenses would be compromised by his worry for Danny. It was better Danny stay safely on the mainland with Gracie.

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      • Deneé (@adtfrom73) says:

        I agree. This was a mission that Joe and Steve went on year’s ago that has now resulted in their team getting killed. I can understand them wanting to handle this on their own. Danny would not be one to stand down and would fight them on this leaving them less time to prepare. They also wouldn’t want any of the team to be in danger for something they’ve done in the past.

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  7. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    Oh God, Joe!!! I knew something was going to happen to Joe. Poor Steve. Someone needs to explain to Jr that McG house is use to intruders and it is business as usual. Mom McG better come and take out Greer or maybe that is Catherine will do. I want Mom McG, I think she is tougher. I hope Danny gets told about what happen. If Greer was inn LA, should LA:NCIS be on alert?

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  8. Susan Schoppe says:

    Linda after a show and a review like that there’s almost nothing to say. You’ve out done yourself with this one girl. The only thing I want to touch on is I totally agree with you, Joes insistence on Steve’s love life. I too wish he would knock it off & for the same reasons you sited, 4 marriages! I know Cathrine will be in the January 4th episode but gone after that so I don’t believe for one moment they will get back together. Especially since MB can only do guest appearances. I’m sick of that horse being beaten to death as well. Way to much water under that bridge. And they did make a point of them just being friends now on Catherine’s last appearance, as Steve said they never should have slept together! In any case she just isn’t the one for him. After leaving him three times saying their relationship just wasn’t enough for her for Gods sake lets get someone new for him! As always you rock and have a very Merry Christmas.

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    • Thanks Susan and I totally agree with you. I’m fine with them being friends. I know several couples (married in this case) who broke up but remained friends, either because they are co-parenting children or because they just really like each other, even if they couldn’t stay married to each other. They’re much happier as friends. Steve and Catherine were together for a very long time and whether they should have slept together or not, they still have a long history. Friendship seems a perfect solution for them.


  9. AlexOloughlinlover says:

    what an amazing review as always you are the greatest you wrote everything that I’m currently feeling my poor Steve losing Joe not only his mentor but he was like a second father to him too Alex and Terry knocked it out of the park again and for Catherine please I don’t want to see this same song and dance again she has hurt Steve over and over and over again it’s useless to me.

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  10. Kristen Errera says:

    I have no idea if Sophia Myles is still acting but they had such amazing chemistry on Moonlight I would love to see her brought on the show as a love interest. Maybe a old high school friend that moved back to the island? It would be great to have a love interest that isn’t military related:)

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    • I adored Sophia and Alex together in Moonlight but my most fervent hope has always been, yes, an old high school friend for sure, but a local girl. In the 9 years since Steve returned home, he’s never run into an old high school friend. I mean, Junior was only home less than a year and had already met up with two high school friends. As the star quarterback on the high school team, there’s no doubt Steve had girls after him all the time. It would be awesome if he met one of them now but what would be even better is if she’s local. Why does every girlfriend need to be white and/or blond??


      • Deneé (@adtfrom73) says:

        I think you’re right about a nice local girl. I’d like to add to one thing. It would be nice for him to meet a nice local girl that doesn’t or did not at one time work for “The Agency” and is NOT a teacher, which on this show is a possible indication that they are affiliated with the CIA.


  11. Mary Tomshack says:

    Thank you for a great review. I was blown away by that powerful last scene. Joe and Steve were totally awesome in it. You’ve said everything I could say about this episode. This will be a long wait for the next episode in January. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.

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  12. jlopie1 says:

    We’ll, darn it, Linda, you’ve got me crying all over again. Your screen grabs are wonderful, but they rekindled the pain from my wounded heart! I was devastated by this episode. I don’t know of anyone who wasn’t! Everyone associated with the production of 9.10 brought their A+ game and aside from a few minor imperfections, this was without a doubt the best effort since McGarrett killed WoFat. I don’t think too many of us cried buckets when WoFat died, although we all miss Mark Dacascos on our screen, but experiencing Steve’s loss as Joe died in his arms is almost more than the faithful followers of Steve and Joe’s saga through the seasons can bear!

    Besides Alex and Terry’s flawless acting, major kudos have to go to the stunt and photography teams. Wow! How they pulled off all the action scenes – the knife fight in Steve’s kitchen. The incredible fire fight at Joe’s cabin. Wow! The photography was gorgeous – in-your-face and gritty, as well as lush and softly sublime. It just added so much depth and resonance to the whole story.

    The writers couldn’t have done a better job bringing the whole story of Joe and Steve to it’s poignant conclusion. I admit, I’ve had a real love/hate relationship with Joe White since he was introduced in S2 and it became obvious he had been lying to Steve for a while — actually a very long while, as we found out in this episode! Sometimes you just wanted to punch him in the nose, but then he’d take the team to N.Korea to save Steve, and he’d help Steve get Danny out of Colombia, and it was hard to stay mad at him for long.

    The story has come full cycle. We learned that Joe had gotten Steve’s juvenile car theft taken off his record so he could get into the Naval Academy, become a SEAL and ultimately lead Five-0. He was there to mentor and guide Steve in most of the major events in his life to date that molded the youngster who felt abandoned “like a parcel” into a compassionate, selfless honorable man. And Steve unknowingly thanked Joe every day by being that righteous man who generously cares for the people he loves. He’s paying Joe back, by paying it forward – taking in Nahele – the youngster he could have so easily turned into without Joe’s help, and Junior – the young SEAL who came into Steve’s life in need of a mentor and brother. He’s taken every member of his team, past and present, with all their troubles, under his wing; giving them understanding, jobs, and a chance to become what he intuitively sees inside. They all would willingly give their lives for him now, and he knows they would which is ultimately why he kept them in the dark as much as he could about this mission.

    To have Joe die in Steve’s arms – no matter how crushing it was to Steve and all of us – was the most incredibly beautiful scene I’ve ever seen on this show or almost any other television show! I’ve watched it twice and I cried both time, and I’m not kidding, Linda – I cried again looking at your screencaps. I’m such a sap.

    There’s so much one could talk about in this ep, and maybe over the course of the winter hiatus, when emotions are not so raw, we can reexamine the episode and brainstorm on what the second half of the season will bring us. One thing is for sure, there is still vibrant life in this 8 1/2 season long series! I don’t see any signs of it getting tired and old!

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  13. When I think of all the ways they could have chose for Joe to die, this by far was the right decision. If he’d died like Cole or Freddie or even Steve’s dad, there would have been so much left unsaid. Steve needed to tell Joe how important he is to him and Steve needed to hear how proud Joe is of the man he’s become. It was heartbreaking and I’m crying again too, reading your comment, but this was the perfect way for these two strong men to say goodbye. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find some more tissues.

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  14. Such a great episode . Steve and Terry’s acting was the best. I really got a chill when i heard Alex use his Moonlight voice all dark and gravely when he was hurt. I thought the way that they had Joe and Steve saw goodbye was incredibly great acting, Steve will need to rely on his team now more than ever. And the women he ends up with she has to be so strong and independent and nurturing and so willing to put her man first , that is going to be a tall order, Yes i would love to see Sophie Myles and Alex together again. Maybe a sweet Hawaiian surfer girl who wants nothing to do with him when she meets him will slowly heal his heart. My only wish is the writers get it right and please I never want this story to end, Great job once again with your review . Happy Holidays and Aloha everyone

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  15. Reading everyone’s comments and still grieving! I thought a little levity might help. A couple of lines made the show more bearable.

    Cole, showing Joe and Steve the guns he brought: Who’s your daddy?

    Lou, to the German hit man: The only thing I have to do is stay black and die.

    And the Steve/Joe exchange:
    S: What’s with the car? You didn’t put this place on airbnb, did you?
    J: I don’t know what that is, so, no.

    Just saw a 9.11 promo pic — Steve has a full beard and what looks like tattoos all over his forearms. I wonder what’s up with that?

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    • I loved the little bits of levity scattered throughout the episode. That’s part of the easy camaraderie I spoke of between Steve, Joe and Cole in Joe’s house. I totally missed that “Air B&B” line the first time through and didn’t catch it until later. It was perfect! LOL

      As for the 9.11 promo pic… I think that’s a ton of dirt on Steve’s arms, not tats and as far as the beard is concerned.. .it also looks like he’s still on Joe’s ranch in that picture. So I’m assuming he didn’t go back to Hawaii right away and stayed behind on the ranch to, I don’t know, tidy up things, so to speak. And probably to clear his head and come to terms with his huge loss. Shaving would be very low on the priority list!

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  16. Brooklyngirl says:

    OMG! Excellent review for an excellent episode! I don’t have much more to add that hasn’t already been said. Alex and Terry were incredible.

    In Wendie’s review she said “As Joe’s light went out, it seemed as if McGarrett’s darkness crept back in. Perhaps it will pass back into the light for him, but after he has suffered so much loss, we can only hope.” Dark McG was always an intriguing and oh so vulnerable character and Alex will play the hell out of him. I’m really hoping the same writers will run this and we’ll get an Alex like we’ve never seen before! But I do want to know just how much more can Steve take before he explodes?

    I have no interest in seeing Michelle again and really wish they’d end this for good. She’s like a square peg being forced into a round hole, she doesn’t belong there anymore. My Christmas wish is she finally finds gainful employment in another country. There I said it.

    Steve needs to find a new love, just like Joe did. Start fresh.

    I don’t know who said it but I looked at the picture and it looks to me like Steve has dirty arms, not a full sleeve of tats. Maybe cleaning out Joe’s ranch or what was left of it.

    Wishing you and all here Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2019!

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    • I’m thinking that beard Steve is sporting in the new 9.11 promo pic might be a small indication of Steve’s “dark place”. The fact it looks like he stayed behind at Joe’s rather than heading back to Hawaii could indicate that his head is just not in a good place to just go home and go back to work. He also now has this vendetta he needs to pursue to avenge Joe and the other SEALs. But this is FIve-0. I doubt Steve’s dark place will last any longer than the time it takes to bring Hassan down or bring him in, whichever way they go. I’m sure Steve will be his old self by 9.12.

      I am sick and tired of Catherine, as you well know. It’s so lazy to just keep dredging up this character who became unnecessary at the end of Season 4. What has she added in any of her 5 appearances in the last 5 years?? Absolutely nothing.

      It was totally unnecessary to bring her back for 3 episodes in Season 6, of which she spent a total of what? 15 minutes on screen? Just enough time to lie to everyone in sight and break Steve’s heart…again!

      Season 7? Anyone from any number of alphabet agencies could have informed Steve that Doris was in trouble. It did not have to be her. The only thing that accomplished was to drive a final nail into any possibility of them reuniting (thank God) until, of course they had to drag her back again in Season 8 for a ridiculous story of trying to find King Kamehameha!

      Enough! If it weren’t for the fact that I want to see Steve deal with Joe’s death, want to see Wade, Harry and especially Danny be there for him in this cause, I wouldn’t even watch this episode and that’s saying a lot from me. I haven’t missed one live broadcast of this show in 9 years. But enough is enough.

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      • Brooklyngirl says:

        Sadly I agree with you that by 7.12 or 7.13, at the latest, Steve will be back to being Steve. Stoic, in-charge, unbreakable, do-no-harm-but-take-no-shit, Steve.

        As for her, you expressed it perfectly. It’s such a shame.

        Danny, Wade and Henry would have been the perfect antidote for him.

        I love Alex, the show. I won’t let her ruin my squeee. But enough is enough.

        Liked by 1 person

        • AlexOloughlinlover says:

          I agree with you I’m sick and tired of Catherine same oh same for her leave that in the past even Alex said that mcgarrett would be dumb for taking her back so he agrees with the fans and he is the only reason that I watch the show without him I will quit the show I love you Alex James O’loughlin the greatest thing ever to be on tv


      • I was hoping Ethan and Mike, the two SEALs on the Nigeria mission during which Joe was rescued, would help them take out Hassan. I really liked them. I know in real life they are busy with their dive business, so I guess it wasn’t feasible. It’ll be good to see Wade and Harry back.

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  17. Deneé (@adtfrom73) says:

    This was a hard post. I’ve waited since yesterday and debated on if I even wanted to acknowledge this episode. This is the time of the season that H50 fandom can get extremely contentious and I’ve been trying to stay off social media for the next few weeks. This was the saddest episode to date. Last year when I posted that I didn’t have to see Joe again, I meant along the lines of Joe being off somewhere finally enjoying retirement. This was just awful. Alex and Terry did an excellent job.

    This was difficult to watch from the moment Joe mentioned the tree. It didn’t help that social media gave a little head’s up. I hoped throughout the entire episode that they would be wrong or that the loss would be someone less significant to the audience. I will add that I felt it was a little out of character for Joe to give up so easily, but I’ll accept it. My heart breaks for Steve.

    I don’t really want to dwell on the upcoming episode. I’ve stated many times how I feel about Steve’s longest relationship. It started from an obligatory promise. It was never one that Steve put any kind of effort into. This is a man that fights for everything and everyone. He goes after everything he wants and faces it head on. I find it out of character that he would prolong some type of commitment with someone he decided was “the one”. I would like Steve to take some of Joe’s advice in one aspect. Joe finally found a pediatrician with a stable life after going through several wives. He found a sense of peace and happiness leading a normal life. It would be nice if Steve would do this as well.


  18. Dawn Russell says:

    We haven’t seen this in Australia yet but reading all the comments left me crying thru them all as I could picture Steve very upset about Joe dying Boo Hoo!!!!

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