#H50 – We’re getting there… What’s on your mind for the new Season 10?

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Happy September everyone! We’re finally on this side of Labor Day which means the season premiere of Hawaii Five-0 is not too far off.  Still not soon enough, I know, but we’re getting there.  More and more really cool stuff has been coming out about what may or may not be coming in Season 10.  Now it’s our turn.  What are your hopes and wishes or your “OMG…. please God no” for the new season.  I’ll go first.

I’m looking forward to Alex’s Episode:  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this episode.  Written and directed by Alex O’Loughin.  We now know that Alex’s episode, “Ka ‘i’o” will be shown as Episode 10.07 and will be the 225th over all episode of the series.

We know the Navy SEALs who run Trident Adventures and who appeared in Episode 8.24 (when Steve and Junior saved Joe White) will be in this episode so it’s a good bet that the episode will have a military/governmental story line.  We also know that Doris is back for this episode.  Alex has said many times that he thinks story line between Steve and Doris needs to be completed.  I’m thrilled he’s decided to use his own pen to make that happen.  I can’t wait to see how he’s written the next chapter in their story.

Photo Credits:  tridentadventureshawaii on Instagram and @ChristineALahti on Twitter

I’m not really looking forward to the conclusion of that Season 9 cliffhanger:  I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Steve isn’t the one who got shot and it’s pretty common knowledge that it was Jerry.  We also know, courtesy of various online articles and spoilers that we’re going to be losing one of our beloved team.  We also know that it won’t be a death (thank God) so it’s easy to extrapolate that it’s Jerry who will be leaving.  I’m not looking forward to Jerry not being there anymore.  I have loved Jorge Garcia since LOST and I’ve loved Jerry from the first moment we met him.  I’m going to miss his sense of humor and his stable presence behind the magic table.  I’m really going to miss him.

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Welcome to #HawaiiFriday:  I’m looking forward to more cross references between H50 and Magnum PI now that both shows are back-to-back on Friday nights. I’ve enjoyed the appearances of Noelani, Kamekona, and Duke on Magnum and I’m sure there will be more with them.  I’m really hoping for a full fledged cross over between the two shows.  It may be the only way we ever get a full two-hour episode (not two separate one hour episodes back-to-back), even if we have to share it with Magnum.

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I’m loving everything I’ve seen so far about Katrina Law’s new character of Quinn Liu:   First of all, I like that she’s a new, full time character and not a recurring character.  Being full time, main cast, affords the writers as much time as they need to develop her character, lay out her back story, work her into the fabric of the team and establish interpersonal relationships without having to worry about when or if she’ll be available for a story they want to tell.

Will she become a love interest for Steve?  Who the hell knows? I’ve been in this fandom for 10 years now and if I had a dollar for every time the “love interest” term has been floated I’d have enough money to attend Sunset on the Beach every year.  Everyone knows my feelings with regard to Steve’s past love life so there’s no need to go into that again now.

But, I do like the idea that if… if… if…. something  may or may not grow, it will be over some stretch of time. If it’s something that works well between Alex and Katrina, it will grow organically and won’t need to be over-done or pushed too quickly. The fact that she’s not a recurring character adds a new spin the others who’ve carried the burden of the “love interest” label didn’t have.  Of course, I have no clue whether they will end up being a couple eventually but the fact that she’s already main cast makes it more credible. The writers can bring them along at their own pace without having to deal with the shifting availability of a recurring actor. It will add a level of consistency to the story they haven’t had since Steve was in a stable relationship back in Season 3.

Then there’s:  

Tani and Junior – They are totally adorable and I hope we get to see their relationship move forward.  I also really hope we get to see Junior and his dad start to make it back to the warm relationship they were just beginning to find again.

Adam and Tamiko – Not sure about this one.  I’d love to see Adam find happiness but I’m very nervous about him getting so close to anything even remotely touched by the Yakuza.

Danny and Rachel –  No….. just…… no.  Two people who have been able to put their animosity behind them and become friends and loving co-parents to their kids….. wonderful. Anything more… just…. no.

McDanno… always McDanno:  Every year…. every single year… my biggest wish is for there to be as much Steve and Danny time as there possibly can be.  I know that my McDanno ship will never happen and that’s 100% ok.  I just want to see my two favorite characters together, fighting crime, hanging out together and with the kids, drinking beers on the beach, busting each other’s balls, and just being there for each other as only they can be.  It was this partnership, this brotherhood, which hooked me onto this show that very first night and it will always be the cornerstone of what holds it all together.

Ok everyone… let’s here it.  What do you want to see, what do you want to not see, in what promises to be another fantastic season of Hawaii Five-0?

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#H50 – Happy September…. almost!

Hello friends!  Long time no see!  How have you all enjoyed your summer? I hope you’ve all had a wonderful few months but now it’s time to face reality.  Labor Day weekend is upon us.  Local pools will close, and local schools will open and it’s time to go about the business of preparing for fall and winter.

However….. we all know that’s not what we’re thinking about here, is it?  Nooooo… We are seeing the light at the end of the very long hiatus hell tunnel.  To the day we all look forward to all summer.  The season premiere of Hawaii Five-0.  I can’t believe we’re starting Season 10 of our wonderful show and September 27th can’t get here soon enough.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman3Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter

There haven’t been a ton of official spoilers but it still looks like there’s some great stuff heading our way from what we’ve seen courtesy of the great people in Hawaii who send us video clips and pictures from the filming going on around the island.

Before I go any further I want to send a special thank you to @hawaii_isla808 on both Twitter and Instagram.  Victor is an absolute jewel.  Being on the East Coast, every morning I wake up and can’t wait to get on Twitter to see what new gem he’s posted. I’m amazed at how much wonderful stuff he’s able to capture and thrilled he’s so gracious to share it all with us! From those of us lucky to have access to your wonderful work, mahalo Victor! ❤❤




So, what’s in store for us in the new season?  As of this writing there really hasn’t been a whole lot of true spoilers.  But we have had some indications of a couple of directions, even if we’re very short on solid facts.

Steve has a new truck:  I don’t know why this makes me so happy but I’m thrilled that Steve has a new truck.  Yeah, it’s another Chevy Silverado, but this one is a totally awesome red color.  I never warmed up to the silver truck since I loved the blue one so much.  Blue is Alex’s color, after all.  But this red truck is hot! Is it too much to hope that Danny gets a new Camaro this year too???

Photo Credit:  @hawaii_isla808 on Twitter

To be continued:  One is the aftermath of the Season 9 finale when Omar Hassan’s wife, Azra, smuggled a ceramic gun into HQ and took a shot at Steve with Jerry in close proximity.  So, who got shot in the finale?  Well, from the behind the scenes photos we’ve gotten from our friend Victor of Alex filming all around Oahu, Steve looks hale and hearty, if not somewhat scruffy.  It seems pretty obvious that Jerry probably took that bullet.

I’m curious to see how this event will play out for Jerry.  I wonder how it will manifest with his character.  Will there be a long medical leave and recovery period where we won’t get to see him much? Will he, in fact, fully recover and go back to work as the valued member of Five-0 that he is?  Will he recover and choose to leave the team?  Jorge is recently married, and his wife is based in Los Angeles.  Will he be like Scott and want to spend more time in LA with his family?  Will that mean less Jerry or no Jerry from now on?

I’m also curious to see how this event will manifest itself with Steve.  Is the reason he’s looking so scruffy and out of sorts in the BTS photos we’ve seen because he’s struggling with the guilt of Jerry’s shooting.  It was Steve, after all, who allowed Azra access to HQ.  It was Steve she was gunning for.  And we know from experience that Steve takes the safety of his team very personally.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

EAsmc_MVUAEkzXMPhoto Credit: @hawaii_isla808 on Twitter

Another to be continued:  Just the other day, there was this tweet from casting.


I’m thinking this could very well be Junior’s mom. We know she’s still around because Junior has mentioned her numerous times, but we’ve yet to meet her.  At the end of last season, there was that parole hearing where Junior showed forgiveness to the man responsible for the death of his sister.  That caused a major rift between Junior and his dad. It would make total sense for his mom to try to bridge the divide between them.  I love when we get to meet the families of our team, to expand the Ohana beyond just those we see week to week.  I don’t know for sure this is casting for Junior’s mom but it would be really nice if it is.

Other New Faces:  We do have some official news with regard to casting.  CBS has confirmed that Katrina Law will be joining the cast as a series regular.  She’ll be playing a character by the name of Quinn Liu.  Quinn is a Staff Sargent in Army CID.

CapturePhoto Credit:  https://twitter.com/TVLine/status/1161706624047865856

According to Peter Lenkov, she’s the team’s “newest recruit” so it sounds like, eventually, she’ll be joining the team.  TVLine describes her as “sharp-tongued in several languages” and with a “deep knowledge of military culture”.  Considering that it also says she’s been “recently demoted for insubordination” it sounds like she’s going to be a great foil for both Steve and Danny.

Just like Jenna and Lori before her, Quinn enters the Five-0 orbit in a less than congenial way.  Jenna barreled her way into Five-0 headquarters pretending to be a CIA Agent looking into John McGarrett’s investigation.  Lori was sent in by Governor Denning as a spy/babysitter to keep Five-0 and specifically Steve in line.  While both started off as antagonists they both (before Jenna betrayed Steve to WoFat) became friends and trusted members of the team.  Both, especially Lori, coming to realize that the Five-0 way of doing things, while not conventional, is usually the best way to get things done.

It looks like Quinn may be another cut out of that same mold.  The press release says she “comes into the show after an explosive collision with Five-0 on a case involving veterans.  She will soon become a local ally….”.

EAsmc_NU0AEtrjaPhoto Credit: @hawaii_isla808 on Twitter

I’m very curious to see how this situation is going to play out.  I mean, at this point Five-0 has seven full time team members.  Is Quinn going to be number eight?  That’s a pretty large team and with only 42/43 minutes per episode, I’m interested to see how the time will be distributed.  I’m not really overly concerned about it though.  I’m sure with the individual filming schedules the actors have, along with Alex, Scott and Chi doing less of the physical running and jumping (not that Chi did a huge amount anyway, bless his heart), there will be plenty for everyone to do.

ECYN6WbVUAAfzSoPhoto Credit: @hawaii_isla808 on Twitter

Another to surface on social media in connection with H50 is actress Katie Wee.  In an Instagram post, which has subsequently been deleted, Katie posted a picture of she and Alex in what looked like a date scene between her character and Steve.  Of course, I have no idea why she felt the need to pull the post down, other than, perhaps, it gave away a part of a plot TPTB didn’t want out there just yet.


I, personally, don’t think this date is any indication that her character is a new love interest for Steve, as I’ve seen people on Twitter speculate (and/or pray for).  As much as I would adore for that to happen for Steve, I honestly don’t think that’s what this is.  I think it’s just a way of showing that Steve is, finally, ready to step out a bit since his breakup with Lynn.  It’s a good, healthy step in the right direction for him.  He’s been alone too long.  He needs someone to love, confide in, and trust (above all trust).  Of course, he has all those things in Danny ….. 😉 😉

It looks like actor Rob Morrow (@officialrobmorrow on Instagram and @RobMorrow_ on Twitter) will be making an appearance (or more) on the show as well.  He’s been having a blast all over Oahu.  He went diving with the SEALs at Trident Adventures and he’s been posting IG videos and selfies from all over the island and the H50 set.  I don’t know what character he’s going to be playing but he sure is having a lot of fun while he’s there filming.  Check out his Instagram and Twitter feeds for some really fun stuff.


ECdZ_yNUIAAHZMEPhoto Credit:  @RobMorrow_ on Twitter

More than just the star:  As I’m sure you all know by now, Alex is going to be directing again this season but what’s really exciting is that, instead of an episode being written around a story idea of his, the episode he’s directing is one he personally wrote.  This episode, already filmed as Production #10.01, has already finished primary filming although we still don’t know which Episode number it will be shown as.

What we do know is that the Navy SEALs who run Trident Adventures and who appeared in Episode 8.24 (when Steve and Junior saved Joe White) were at the Blessing Ceremony for the first day of shooting in July when this episode was being filmed so it’s a good bet that the episode will have a military/governmental story line.

EBFM6LyWwAAT9ScCapturePhoto Credit: tridentadventureshawaii on Instagram

And Doris is back!  Isn’t it fascinating that given the opportunity to write his very own episode that Alex would choose to write one that revolves around Doris? He’s said in the past that he thinks that is a story line that deserves to be completed and it seems he’s taken it into his own hands to write the next chapter in the story, whatever that may be.

D_9kAM2UEAA3bR7Photo Credit:  @ChristineALahti on Twitter

Sunset on the Beach:   The annual funfest that is SOTB has been scheduled for September 19th.  Like last year, this year’s event will be a two-fer with the Magnum PI cast and as usual, the season premieres of both shows will be shown on Queen’s Beach.  This year’s gala will also include a special performance by the band Train. As always, it’s going to be a great party on the beach for those lucky enough to be able to attend.  For the rest of us, we’ll just have to live vicariously through those who are gracious enough to share their experiences with us on social media.  


Welcome to #HawaiiFriday:  Don’t forget that CBS has decided to give us a one-two Hawaiian Punch this coming season.  H50 will no longer be on at 9pm EST but will be shown an hour earlier at 8pm with Magnum PI following at 9pm.  I know many are not very happy with this change.  Many are worried that ratings will fall with H50 leading off the night and they very well may.  But, H50 is a much stronger show than Magnum and it seems, CBS feels they have a much better chance of a successful night with H50 leading the way.  Only time will tell but with the two Hawaiian shows, which exist in the same universe, back to back, maybe we’ll be treated so more references in each show about the other, as well as, a full blown crossover which fully utilizes both casts.  I could go for that!

CapturePhoto Credit:  @stephenhillacts on Instagram

For those of you who are Blue Bloods fans, they will still be on at 10pm.  For those who normally would tune in at 8pm to see MacGyver, that show will be returning in the beginning of 2020.

So… what are you guys looking forward to in Season 10?  I’d love to hear all your ideas, your wants and your not-wants.  It promises to be another great season but then this is our favorite show.  So of course, it’s going to be a great season.

Aloha.  Malama Pono


#H50 Season 10 Blessing – July 18, 2019


Well, hello there my friends!  Long time no see…. How are you surviving H50 Hiatus Hell??? Yeah, me too.  But today is the day we all look forward to every year.  The day when we can see the bright Hawaiian sun shining at the end of the dark hiatus tunnel.  The day the cast and crew of our favorite show gather together for the first official day of filming for the new season.  And as always, as has been the tradition since the very first season on the show, they all gathered for the traditional Hawaiian Blessing.  And what a sweet and lovely Blessing it was.


As usual, not everyone in the cast was able to attend the ceremony.  Those who are probably not needed for filming just yet and may still be off island, were obviously not there but all those who are on island, whether filming or not, were there.  Alex, Beulah, Kimee, Shawn, Dennis (and his lovely lady Laura), Al Harrington and, of course, Eddie were all there.


One of my favorite moments was right before the ceremony started, you can hear someone asking “Where’s Eddie?” So adorable how they wouldn’t start until Eddie took his place with the cast and was properly lei-ed!  The “awwwwww” from everyone was absolutely adorable!



Mahalo to Hawaii News Now who live streamed the blessing on their FaceBook page. I’m posting the link to the FB Live video here although I’m not sure how long it will be up on their page.  Enjoy it while you can!


For those who are unable to watch, I tried to grab as many screen shots as I could.  Please excuse those shots that are out of focus.  Whoever was holding the cellphone was moving it around kind of fast so sometimes the screen didn’t focus before the camera was moved again.


Of course, there are those who are much more adept at screen grabbing than I am so a huge mahalo to the following friends on Twitter for all their fantastic shots:

@ernsand2          @alohaspaceman         @AlexOGermanFC        @hideshawaii        @SurfBelle2

If I missed anyone and you recognize your picture, please do not hesitate to tell me in the comments so I can correct the omission.

So, we’re off and running on Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0.  I know, without a doubt, this is going to be another fantastic season full of all the things we’ve loved about this show for the last decade!  Wow….. a decade!  I sure love the sound of that!


9.25 – Hana Mao ‘ole ka ua o Waianae (Endlessly Pours the Rain of Waianae) – Season Finale

D6okmAYU8AAukVgPhoto Credit:  CBS

Hi gang!  Well, here it is.  My final review of Season 9 of Hawaii Five-0. I hope this is somewhat coherent, and if not, I apologize in advance.  I’m kind of writing it in pieces in between hours spent on the beach and enjoying my vacation.  But, I couldn’t let the season end and not finish out my commitment to review it all.

Of course, nothing I’ll say here will be anything new.  It’s been several days since the finale aired and I know, from perusing Twitter and some of the other reviews, that conversations about everything that happened, or appeared to happen, everything that people liked and didn’t like, have been going on round the clock.  Hopefully you’re not all too bored with it all by now and will put up with one more, mostly unnecessary review. 🤣🤣

There is no need, of course, for me to summarize the many things that happened in the finale.  We all saw it, so no need to list what we’ve all already seen.  So, here are just a few personal observations.

Steve and Frank:  This scene was absolutely fantastic.  I loved the banter between the two of them and hearing about Frank’s latest business venture.  He’s such a great character and it’s always wonderful when he stops by for a visit.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman2Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

I was a bit surprised Joe didn’t want to be buried under his favorite tree on the ranch but I can certainly understand the wish to be taken back to the most beautiful place he’d ever been as well.  And who better to take him there than his old friend Frank Bama.  It was wonderful to see he and Steve reminiscing and raising a glass (ok.. a can) to their mutual friend.  It was very touching and a very fitting farewell to Joe.

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Adam and Tamiko:  I’m happy Adam is moving on.  It’s about time for him to try to go on with his life after Kono left him.  Adam has always been a good guy and what happened between him and Kono was no fault of his.  It’s nice to see him begin to try to find some happiness.

Is he going to try to find that happiness with Tamiko?  It does make sense.  They are not strangers who only just met.  They already have history and would probably already be married if their fathers had had their way years ago.  They are obviously comfortable with each other and already have a foundation of friendship established.

Another thing they have going for them, is that Tamiko is just as disenchanted with the Yakuza life as Adam was when he was still involved with it. She wants to escape it as much as he did. If (and that’s a huge if) they are left alone, they could make a good life together without Yakuza connections. If the Yakuza will allow that to happen. I mean, her father was willing to let her go for her FBI fiance but he may see a relationship with Adam as a way to both keep Tamiko in his life and bring Adam back to the “family” business. We’ll have to see where that goes but I’d really hate to see Adam even remotely contemplating such a thing.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman8Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

Danny and Rachel:    


Now on to other business…….

I know there is that certain segment who are going to be losing their minds over that scene between Steve and Danny.  But let me lay it out this way.

Many years ago, I had a best friend who was really more like my sister.  When I needed advice on something, I always knew that she’d tell me the truth, even when it was a hard truth I wasn’t ready to hear.  She knew I’d do the same for her.  There were times when one of us, grappling with a decision, would put off telling the other about it because we knew what the reaction would probably be and weren’t prepared to have to listen to it, even when we knew, deep down, it was right.

So, here’s Danny, who I’m sure already knows that pursuing this relationship, for a possibly tragic third time, is probably not the brightest idea.  Kind of like me on vacation this week.  Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be blowing my diet with all this junk food but I’m gonna do it anyway.  I’m not about to turn to my husband and say, “Do you think I should eat this second bowl of ice cream?”, because I don’t want to hear him say no.

So Danny doesn’t tell Steve about his week away with Rachel.  Tells him he went back to Jersey to visit the family.  Because he’s not ready for the possibility of Steve asking some very hard questions that Danny is not ready to answer.  Is probably not even capable of answering because, quite frankly, Danny himself doesn’t know what the hell he is doing.

Steve knows Danny better than anyone.  When Danny wouldn’t tell Steve who was on the phone earlier in the episode, Steve already knew it was Rachel.  Steve has seen the migration of those two toward each other for months.  It was more than painfully obvious after Gracie’s injury.  And again when Rachel and Charlie took refuge at Danny’s during the hurricane.  It’s hardly a bold face lie when you don’t tell someone something they basically already know.

So the “Oh my God… Danny lied to Steve… bring out the gallows” crowd can bellow all they want.  It is not the same thing.  I feel bad for people who are too narrow minded, too obsessed with their untenable ship, to be able to comprehend the difference between a “white lie” and hurtful lying.

When you tell the man you’ve been in a relationship with for over ten years, who you’ve been practically living with for two years, that you love him, then turn around and inform him that you’ve found a life you enjoy better without him…. that’s deliberately hurtful.

When, after having zero contact for two years, you show up unexpectedly and pretend to try to pick up where you left off, moving back into his house and telling him you intend to stay for as long as he wants you to stay only to turn around and leave again, with a cockamamie lie about earthquake victims….. that’s deliberately hurtful.

When you repeatedly try, by any means possible, to take a man’s little girl away from him… that’s deliberately hurtful.

When you tell a man that the child you are carrying is not his only to be forced to tell the truth years later, depriving him of those first precious years…. that’s deliberately hurtful.

When a wife asks her husband, “do these pants make me look fat” and he says, “of course not”, it’s not hurtful.  Idiotic… but not hurtful.

Danny not being able to face the possibility of Steve’s negative reaction to he and Rachel’s week together, is also not hurtful.  He was absolutely beside himself wanting to tell Steve about it.  He was trying to tell him at the very beginning of the episode while struggling to keep up with Steve’s “angry walking”.  He literally leaped out of his chair to follow Steve around to his office so he could tell him.  Unlike the other two who have to literally be forced by circumstances to finally reveal the truth, Danny just couldn’t keep up the secret.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman1Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

So Danny told a “white lie”.  So what?  Did it hurt anyone?  Did it make Steve question all the years of friendship or make him come to a realization that it never should have happened?  Of course not.  Steve’s smirk said it all. They are best friends.  They are brothers.  They know each other better than anyone else.  They are rock solid.

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Junior and Natano:  How can your heart not go out to Junior?  Already agonizing over his decision not to fight the parole of the man who killed his sister, he goes into an almost panic when his mom calls him and says she can’t find Natano and that he took his gun.  Junior’s anxiety over what Natano might do to himself was palpable.  Beulah’s performance was fantastic.

I’m sure we all pretty much knew where Natano was headed.  It’s only natural that he’d find out where the guy lived and he intended to make him pay for what he’d done to Maya.  Thank God he didn’t have the nerve to go through with it.

But it was a sure bet that his newly rebuilt relationship with Junior was going to take a hit and what a hit it was.  I guess, considering Natano’s mental state ever since we first met him that his reaction would go to the extreme but to completely disown Junior?  That was devastating.

It’s also not surprising that Junior would seek out Tani after such a horrendous blow.  I’m glad she was there for him.  Their friendship has really become a wonderful anchor for them both.  Yeah… it’s moving in a more serious direction but right now, I think she’s just a very sturdy shoulder for him to lean on and damn… does he need it!

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman5Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

Aaron Wright:  I’m not going to go into everything he pulled in this episode but I will say, that I’m glad he wasn’t killed at the end of it.  Ok… he’s no WoFat (no one is ever going to be that awesome again!) and he’s not even a Gabriel Weincroft but…. damn… he is one nasty piece of work, isn’t he?  And I’m kind of tired of losing bad guys who have the potential to bring grief to our team for longer than one or two episodes.  So, I was glad they hauled his ass away instead of killing him off.

D6zXZFJX4AIRrJ1Photo Credit:  CBS

The Cliffhanger:  From spoilers and interviews we knew there was going to be a cliffhanger.  We also knew the cliffhanger was going to involve something happening to a beloved team member and leave us with a question as to whether that team member would be returning for Season 10.

The major speculation among many fans was that it would involve Danny.  Those worried that, because of Scott’s work schedule, he might want to leave the show.  Those hoping that, because of Scott’s work schedule, he might want to leave the show.  I’m so thankful that both camps were wrong and the cliffhanger had nothing to do with Danny.

It’s so sad that both attempts at redemption went so terribly wrong in this episode.  Junior did the right thing with regard to Maya’s killer.  He followed his heart and did what he thought Maya would want and opted for forgiveness over vengeance, costing him the relationship with his father he tried so desperately to rebuild.

And Steve thought he was doing the right thing by allowing Omar Hassan’s wife, Azra and her young son to come into HQ to apologize for her husband’s involvement in the deaths of Steve’s SEAL team and Joe White.  Steve is such a good guy.  He’s shown it so many times, in so many ways, over the years.  Not killing Omar when he had the chance, trying to stop the cycle of violence before it stained another generation through Omar’s son, showed what a wonderful heart Steve has.

But just like with Junior earlier, doing the right thing had horrible consequences.  No matter what the outcome of the cliffhanger, it’s something Steve is going to carry with himself for a long time.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman7Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

Who got shot?:  Ahhhhhh, now that’s the question, isn’t it?  Azra pushed her son out of the way, as she grabbed the 3D generated plastic gun from his backpack.  It seems highly unlikely he could have gotten in the way and been shot.  We know it wasn’t Danny because not only was he standing behind Azra when she fired the shot, we can hear his “Oh my God” as the screen goes black.

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Lou and Jerry ushered Azra into the bullpen when she arrived but Lou was off camera when the shot was fired.  It’s possible he could have been hit but not probable.  There is a promo picture of Lou with gun in hand which appears to be his reaction after the shot was fired.  It’s more than likely not Lou.

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So that leaves the two people who were in the direct line of fire.  Steve and Jerry.  Could it be Steve?  Steve, who’s been through so much, has been hurt so many times, who’s been the center of finales before, isn’t it about time they gave the guy a break?  There have been eight finales.  Steve’s been injured, hurt or in trouble in five of them.

Season 1: Arrested for the murder of Governor Jamison.

Season 2:  Confronted with his “dead” mother.

Season 3:  Set up (by WoFat) to face assassins sent to kill WoFat

Season 6:  Plane crash and new liver.

Season 7:  Radiation poisoning.

So, yeah… maybe Steve should get a pass on this one.

A week or so before the finale aired, I was having a conversation with a couple of twitter friends and I proposed the idea that the cliff hanger could possible revolve around Jerry only because TPTB have been utilizing him so much more in recent episodes. In promo shots leading up to the end of the season (in a scene we never actually got in an episode) they have him at a shooting range with Tani, so it looks like they’re moving toward actually giving him a gun. He landed that wicked right cross on Wright in 9.24.  He’s been front and center and pretty awesome on a lot of cases and has gone out with the team on raids more often.  It just seems like they’ve been focusing on him a lot lately, whenever he’s in an episode. It was just a feeling, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were kind of building him up so that if something happened to him, it would be more of a shock.

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Honestly, I really want to be wrong about that.  I don’t want anything to happen to Jerry. I don’t want him hurt and I definitely don’t want him dead (God forbid!).  So let’s hope that Azra is a horrible marksman and that shot hit absolutely nothing.  Anticlimactic?  Sure.  But I’d rather have that then to lose a beloved team member.

Well, that’s it gang.  Another fantastic season of our fantastic show.  It’s been such fun and I thank you all for sticking with me throughout all these long months.  Now onto Season 10.  I have no doubt it will be another fantastic year.

So, until we meet again…. Aloha.  Malama Pono

Not a lot of time for screen caps this week.  Only a couple are mine.  A huge thank you, once again, to Lisa (@alohaspaceman) on Twitter and IG.  I don’t know what I’d ever do without her talent to steal from! Lisa is the best.  Nothing left to do now but…..

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman3Mahalo Lisa!  😘😘😘






#H50 – Season 10 news – Welcome to #AlohaFriday #MagnumPI


As I’m sure many of you have already heard, today, May 15, 2019, CBS had it’s day at the Upfronts.  For those of you who aren’t aware, the Upfronts are a yearly “gathering at the start of important advertising sales periods, held by television network executives and attended by major advertisers and the media”.  This is when the networks lay out their broadcast lineups for the new TV season.  In other words, for shows whose status hasn’t already been announced, it’s do-or-die time.

Happily, we already knew over a week ago that Hawaii Five-0 was renewed for its 10th season.  To be perfectly honest, as I sat my desk in my office working, I didn’t even think about following what was going on at the Upfronts today.  Why bother?  I already knew H50 was coming back and I felt pretty secure that the Friday night lineup which as been CBS’s most dominate night for years, would remain intact.

Just goes to show, you should never assume a damn thing.  It’s not bad news, however.  H50 is indeed still remaining on Friday nights  however, our time slot is changing.  H50 will now be seen at 8pm EST, one hour earlier than in previous years.  H50’s old 9pm time slot will be taken over by Peter Lenkov’s newest reboot, Magnum PI.  Blue Bloods remains in their original 10pm home.

The odd man out here is Peter’s other reboot, MacGyver.  While we’d already gotten word that MacGyver has been renewed for it’s 4th season, it will not have it’s season premiere until mid-season.  I’m not sure what that means for MacGyver but I hope it’s just a delayed season and not a shortened one.  I really like that show.  As a matter of fact, I like it more than Magnum.

Regardless, it looks like Friday nights will be our own little 2 hour mini-vacation to Hawaii each week.  The new hashtag of #AlohaFriday has already sprung up on Twitter.  And while I know they are not a favorite among some, I personally like crossovers so having all our Hawaii based crime fighters back to back on Friday could mean, if  not actually crossovers, maybe at least more cross-mentions between the shows.  That has to be a lot of fun.

With only one episode left for this season coming Friday night, the long summer hiatus will be upon us.  Well, not horribly long since early July, when the new season blessing will take place and when we should start to get behind-the-scenes-pictures again, is only a couple of months away.  Friday nights should be fun this fall.  Be there!  Aloha!


#H50 Review:  9.24 Hewa ka lima (The Hand is at Fault)

HawaiiFive0_S9_TheHandAtFault_SG0024b_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

Happy H50 weekend!  As usual, I enjoyed this episode but, after talking to some friends and re-watching it, I have to admit to myself that, upon that second viewing,  it could have been done a bit better.  And while I think it did a good job of setting up the season finale next week, for the penultimate episode of the season it felt a little…. I don’t know….. blah.

I suppose it felt that way to me because there were things that just didn’t make a lot of sense.  Now, you know me… I am ridiculously easy to please when it comes to this show and things not making a lot of sense is something I wash down with a lot of KoolAid frequently.  It doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the show.  I just giggle at the silliness and accept it for what it is.  Like watching James Bond movies.  And I did like this episode a lot.  It had some great moments, some genuinely amusing ones, some incredible stunt driving and gun battle and some wonderful acting.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman1Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

Alex’s body language and facial expressions at moments when he had very little dialog was fantastic.  As always, there were pages of unwritten dialog portrayed in those moments.  Alex has always been so incredibly good at that.

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But, still, there was an unevenness to this episode that can’t be ignored.  Like, let’s talk about Lou and Percy.  I really enjoyed their little story.  I love the fact that we could get an actual cargument out of them.  I love the way Chi and Clifton Powell, as Percy, play off each other.  Just like the wonderful chemistry between Chi and Michelle Hurd makes it easy to see them as husband and wife, Chi and Clifton are totally believable as bickering brothers.

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This story was cute and finding out it was Flippa who was selling Percy’s baked goods as some sort of product research into opening his own business with Percy was a nice little twist.  This story was fun.

HawaiiFive0_S9_TheHandAtFault_SG0005b_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

But did it belong in this episode?  It seemed totally out of context with what was going on in the rest of the episode and Percy’s line that there’s more than enough Five-0 personnel to spare Lou to help his brother was funny in the moment, but it turned out the team really did need Lou at HQ.  With Danny gone and Lou off with Percy, that left no one at HQ managing the magic table and tracking the team when Jerry was out in the field.  That didn’t make sense.

Then there is Aaron Wright.  I don’t find it unbelievable that a Government alphabet agency would make a deal with someone with a very specialized set of skills to use those skills to the Government’s advantage rather than having them either A) rotting away in some prison cell somewhere or B) being used against them.  So, Aaron working for NSA didn’t seem that far-fetched at first.

HawaiiFive0_S9_TheHandAtFault_SG0003b_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

But this is Aaron Wright we’re talking about here.  This guy has been a master manipulator from the very first moment we met him.  Hell, considering the gene pool he and his brother Ian sprang from, he’s probably been a master manipulator since he was born.  It’s really hard to understand why everyone believed Aaron so easily.  The story woven around him, was really hard to follow, even on a second viewing, but they all went for it.  You’d think they’d have all been more cynical considering their past dealings with this guy.

HawaiiFive0_S9_TheHandAtFault_SG0009b_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

This is where Grover and Danny were sorely missed.  Here is where one, or both of them, would have had something disbelieving and sarcastic to add to the discussion which would have at least voiced some skepticism at the manure Wright was shoveling.

HawaiiFive0_S9_TheHandAtFault_SG0017b_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

Then there’s Jerry.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I was thrilled that Jerry totally laid Wright out with that right hook to the face.  It’s about friggin’ time someone got some retribution for Toast.  And I love that Jerry is taking more of an active role in everything Five-0 is doing these days.


HawaiiFive0_S9_TheHandAtFault_SG0021b_FULLPhoto Credits:  CBS

But, I wish it had been Danny who threw that punch.  Actually, I had to ask a friend of mine when Jerry and Toast had ever actually met because I couldn’t for the life of me remember.  She reminded me that Jerry was in the “Poopy Penguin” episode the last time we saw Toast, and he tagged along on the breakfast trip to the mainland.  I guess he and Toast continued a friendship.

HawaiiFive0_S9_TheHandAtFault_SG0013b_FULLPhoto Credit: CBS

But that’s not a friendship we’ve ever actually seen. Jerry sang a song of tribute to Toast at the end of the episode when Toast died but even then, it felt misplaced to me because we never heard Jerry even mention he and Toast had maintained any kind of connection.  What we have seen, over and over, are the clips from past episodes with Toast and those clips always include Steve and Danny’s history with him.  The fact that he was Danny’s CI long before Steve ever set foot back on Oahu.  That it was Danny who initially brought Toast into the fold.  That it was Steve and Danny who recruited him for help with cases.  That it was Steve who was forced to listen on the phone as Toast was brutally attacked and killed.

It’s why Alex’s ability to speak those pages of dialog with only his eyes is so incredible.  Jerry got to throw that punch, but as my friend so eloquently put it to me, he was able to “convey both his rage and disdain for Wright through his expressions and tone”.

HawaiiFive0_S9_TheHandAtFault_SG0011b_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

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I do really hope that in next weeks finale, when Danny inevitably comes face to face with Wright, the writers remember that the longest relationship Toast had on this show was with Danny and they let him give Wright more of what he has coming.

For all it’s unevenness, this episode did have one of the best chase scenes we’ve had for a very long time.  Junior might be our JuniorSEAL but Tani is a chip off the ol’ Steve block as well.  She’s as fierce a driver as he is when she’s on someone’s tail.  I half expected Junior to exclaim his “rational concern” at any moment.  And who else’s heart literally stopped when the SUV sent airborne and flipped over?  An RPG?  Seriously?  Good thing Junior has a good eye and Tani has great reflexes.

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The gunfight that followed started off as pure Bonnie and Clyde.  I still can’t believe they got out from under that hail of gunfire.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like that aimed at our team before.  Well, there was that time when Chin was fired on like that.  The Season 4 premiere when Danny’s Silver Bullet went kablooie!

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It was an amazing scene with Steve showing up just in the nick of time, of course, just as “planned”.  But this was another head scratcher.  I just can’t believe the writers actually had Steve send Junior and Tani out as bait to draw out the killers.  Well, not the bait part, but the doing it without any backup part.  Danny has always bitched at Steve for going into things without backup but that’s usually Steve taking the foolish risk.  Risking himself is second nature to Steve but he never risks his team.

Courtesy of @alohaspacemanPhoto Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

Tani and Junior are riding around in an SUV as bait, Jerry is with Steve and Adam in the van, Lou is with Percy, God knows where Danny is, and there is no one back at HQ monitoring any of this?  Junior and Tani didn’t even have HPD backup.  Nope… not right.

The best part of this episode for me was Junior’s story.  I thought it was really well done.  It was integrated into the episode, as a whole, by having Junior’s thoughts wander to the court proceedings all during their day.  It didn’t take anything away from his ability to do his job well, he’s a professional after all, but it was on his mind as it’s only natural it would be.


One thing I was very happy about was, after the events at the wedding last week, we didn’t open the episode with Junior and Tani in bed or something.  TV writers always seem to think that’s the next natural progression every time a couple make eyes at each other on the dance floor, especially at a wedding.  It’s so cliché and we know for a fact that just because a couple wakes up in bed together the next day, that doesn’t mean a damn thing with regard to their relationship if the foundation isn’t already there, or hasn’t already been damaged by previous events.  I like how the writers are bringing Tani and Junior along slowly.  It feels so much more realistic then if they’d fallen into bed too quickly.

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Tani going with Junior to the probation hearing was perfect.  They are solidifying themselves as great and loyal friends above all else.  They are there for each other and support each other through thick and thin.  Any romance or commitment they may or may not eventually make, that foundation of solid friendship and loyalty will serve them well.


It would have been so easy for Junior to be cynical with regard to the speech from the man responsible for Maya’s death.  After all, he just spent the entire day listening to a man talk about his regret over previous crimes and his insistence that he’d turned over a new leaf.  It was all lies.

It would have been so easy for Junior to say to himself, “Why should I believe you?  What’s the odds that you’re blowing smoke up my ass and won’t just turn around and do the same thing again to someone else?”

But, as always, we see that Junior has a heart of gold.  He believed in the man’s sincerity and did a very noble thing.  I only hope his rebuilt relationship with his father can survive it.  After all, he and his mother thought it best to not even tell him the man was up for parole.  How is he going to tell his father that he not only got paroled but Junior was a big reason why?  Something tells me dad isn’t going to appreciate Junior’s generosity of heart.


So, all in all, a good episode but one that could have been a lot better.  I really liked it, but I would have preferred to love it.  What it did do was set things up very nicely for what should be an action packed and very intriguing season finale.

Season finale!  Now that we have the officially official word from CBS that we’re coming back for a Season 10, at least we know that no matter what happens in next week’s finale, we’ll be back in September to see how it all works out.  That’s a load off.  Now we can enjoy bitching about how slow the summer hiatus is again for another year.

I don’t know when I’ll be posting my finale review next week.  I’m leaving on a vacation at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday, so I won’t be writing anything for at least a couple of days.  If I manage to drag out my laptop in the few moments when my butt isn’t plopped on the beach, I’ll get it out sometime during the following week.  I’m sure by the time I manage to post something, all the topics will have been all talked out on Twitter or other blogs but that’s ok.  I just can’t let the season end without carrying the blog over its own finish line!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there celebrating with the people they love.  I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!  Aloha.  Malama Pono


#H50 – Season 10 is officially OFFICIAL!!

Courtesy of Cinematographer Kurt JonesPhoto credit:  Courtesy of Cinematographer Kurt Jones

Not that I was worried for a single second.  Not even when inappropriately mistimed “confirmations” were all over the place did I doubt the truth that it would happen.  But finally…. finally…. on Peter Lenkov’s birthday, no less, we got the official announcement from the only source that counts…. CBS.  Hawaii Five-0 is a go for Season 10.

There are also multiple reports that the entire cast is returning for the new season.  Personally, while I am thrilled with these reports, I’m going to go into it a bit cautiously.  First, like with the official announcement of renewal, I feel this needs to come, well… officially, from CBS.  On the other hand, the press release regarding the Season 10 pickup did list the entire cast in the announcement.  So, technically, they did say they would all be back.

But, there is that pesky cliffhanger in the season finale.  “A cliffhanger that is going to affect one of the main characters…..in a way that the audience will question whether they’re going to come back or not”.  There is also that queasy feeling from being burned once before by assumptions of a full cast return and then getting kicked in the teeth a week before filming was to start.

But you guys know me.  I’m an eternal optimist.  So while I might be taking the teeniest grain of salt, I’m still going to go with the official CBS press release which listed the entire cast and say I’m not only thrilled we’re getting a Season 10, but getting one with all my favorite characters returning.  After all, what’s Hawaii Five-0 without our full Ohana? Right?

Of course, the most important part of that is the return of Alex and Scott.  I can’t imagine this show without the wonderful, on-going bromance between Steve and Danny.  Yeah, it’s not as prominent as it once was, and that does make me a bit sad, but it is still there.  We still get a lot of wonderful glimpses of it.  They have always been and still remain the heart and soul of this show.  I hope in this new season the writers see fit to bring us more of the wonderful McDanno moments that have made this show such a success over all these years.

Still can't believe they've been bickering for almost 10 years.- Courtesy of @alohaspaceman“Still can’t believe they’ve been bickering for almost 10 years” – Photo credit @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

So congratulations to Peter Lenkov (MacGyver and Magnum are also coming back for new seasons), and the entire cast and crew.  They’ve all given us nine years of wonderful fun and entertainment, given us worldwide friends we’d never have met without them and continue to give us a great way to spend our Friday nights.  Here’s to another great year.  Can’t wait to see what Season 10 will bring our way!

Aloha.  Malama Pono

Courtesy of Cinematographer Kurt Jones