#H50 Review: 9.12 Ka Hauli O Ka Mea Hewa ‘Ole, He Nalowale Koke (A Bruise Inflicted on an Innocent Person Vanishes Quickly)

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Where, oh where, does the time go?  You’re curled up on the sofa watching a movie with the family and you glance over at your darling baby girl.  But your baby girl isn’t sitting there.  Instead, there is this young woman, tall and beautiful, a glass of wine in her hand, watching the movie with rapt attention.  She turns her head to glance back at you and you’re floored to realize, well damn, that is your baby girl.  When the hell did that happen?

Wasn’t it just last year when you held her in your arms the first time?  Wasn’t it just last month when you were cheering her on as she took a first step across this very room?  Wasn’t it just last week when you held her little hand as you crossed a street?  Wasn’t it just yesterday when you were patching her first skinned knee? Where on earth did this grown up person come from?

Watching the start of this episode, a special “previously on Hawaii Five-0”, we could ask ourselves very similar questions as we were treated to clips of “little Gracie Williams” through the years.  My how our little monkey has grown before our very eyes.

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It was easy to get misty eyed as we watched Gracie grow up before our eyes once again but that warm feeling didn’t last very long as we are immediately thrown into every parent’s worst nightmare.

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This was a really great episode.  No, it wasn’t perfect.  Very few episodes are.  But writer Zoe Robyn crafted a truly wonderful script.  Yes, it was a two storyline episode, never a favorite of mine, but Zoe was able to write two very captivating stories.  While both stories could have easily been expanded to encompass an entire episode, neither one diminished the other by having to share the allotted time.  It’s not easy to write a script that does that.  Zoe did a fantastic job.

Her script was emotionally brilliant.  It had all the feels that have made people love this show from the beginning.  There was the fantastic (and frightening) stunt of Gracie’s car going over that embankment.  There was laughter, anger, angst, determination, disbelief, fear and, the most important thing of all….. the overwhelming feeling of Ohana throughout both stories.

My personal highlight:

The incredible acting from Mr. Scott Caan.  Of course, this is no surprise to any of us.  We already know this man is an extraordinary actor and, given the right material, simply knocks it out of the park.  This episode proved, once again, just how talented he is.  Whether he’s demonstratively showing his anger and frustration at Katie’s understandably distraught father, or saying very little, his facial expressions and mannerisms speak volumes.

Danny’s hurt and angry that Rachel saw fit to keep yet another fact about his children from him.  That Stan bought Grace a car.  But I loved how, even though he allowed his resentment a moments free reign and called Rachel out on the fact that this isn’t the first thing she’s ever kept from him, he pulled it back.  This wasn’t the time.  Gracie’s life was in the balance.  That’s all that mattered now.  Scott played it beautifully.

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It was heartbreaking to watch his face crumble when the surgeon came to tell him and Rachel there was a complication during Gracie’s surgery.  It was equally heartbreaking to watch him crumble once more as he watched the video Rachel had put together for Gracie’s graduation.  And the quaver in his voice throughout all the hospital scenes was literally painful to hear.  His terror at the possibility of losing Grace was palpable.

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It’s something that has always affected me ever since I was a kid watching soap operas with my mom.  I can hold it together through the saddest of scenes but have a strong man begin to crumble and I just lose it.  Scott had me losing it.

And, of course, there is Claire van der Boom.  I have always loved her and I defy anyone to say that she and Scott are not wonderful on screen together.  From the first moment we met Rachel back in Season 1, I have loved these two together.  Scott and Claire, like Chi McBride and Michelle Hurd (as Lou and Renee) are so believable as a couple on screen someone not familiar with the show could easily believe they are a couple in real life.  Even if they should never be a couple in the show again.  More on that later!


“Yeah, I’m a cop but worse for you, I’m an uncle”

Scott and Claire were incredible in this episode, but so, of course, was Alex.  Of course, there was never any doubt Steve would be there for Danny.  He loves Gracie as if she were his own child and the thought of losing her himself, as well as what it would do to Danny would be devastating for Steve to even think about.  He was an incredible combination of supportive, protective and driven to find the truth about how this happened to her.

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I loved how the moment Katie’s dad started to move toward becoming combative with Danny, Steve placed himself right there between them.  Not only protecting Danny but also protecting Katie’s dad from what he fears Danny could do in his state of mind.

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He went into full investigative mode the moment Duke told him HPD was starting an investigation of the accident because of the rate of speed Gracie was traveling.  Of course, it was Duke who breaks this news.  Who else would it be?  Duke is Ohana and there isn’t any way he’d allow anyone else to handle this duty.  A regular cop would have followed protocol and went to Danny and Rachel as Gracie’s parents.  Duke wouldn’t have allowed that to happen because that would have been heartless.  He even apologized to Steve, there was no way he was going to burden Danny.  It’s also no surprise that Steve doesn’t believe Gracie was recklessly driving for one moment.  “You know this girl.  It’s not her.  Something’s wrong here.”  Time for Uncle Steve to get to the bottom of this.

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I love the scene between Steve, Lou and the mean girl, Cameron.  I enjoyed watching Steve standing back and letting Lou fill in Cameron’s dad on exactly what went on at the party she and Gracie were attending.  It was very satisfying to see the mean girl called on her bull.  I hate people like her. People who get pleasure out of hurting other people.  I loved the unwavering look on Steve’s face as he stared the little bitch down.  But, at least, she managed to give the guys a timeline of exactly when Gracie and Katie left the party.

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Gracie’s uncles were so proud of her.  The way she stood up for Katie at the party.  How she got Katie out of there when she was feeling alone and humiliated.  How she took her out for something to eat, to make her feel better.  How she stood up to a creepy dude in Zippy’s who wouldn’t leave the girls alone.

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Having already determined at the accident site that there was another car involved which forced Gracie off the road, it’s an easy task to track down the license plate number off the creep’s car from the CCTV footage.  The next scene was pure gold.

My husband was watching the episode with me and when Steve asked Keith the Creep to go for a test drive, he turned to me and said, “Ohhhhh this should be good…” 🤣🤣 And it sure as hell was.  Watching Steve scare the crap out of the creep was a hell of a lot of fun.  I think Keith may need to do some heavy duty cleaning of the passenger seat upholstery if he intends to sell that car after he gets out of jail.

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With Keith the Creep taken off to HPD, Steve heads back to the hospital to check in on Danny.  The scene in the hallway as they wait for word was fantastic.  Danny tells Steve about the graduation video Rachel made for Grace and he jokes that Steve is in it more than he is, even though from the photos we saw that’s not really true.  Makes me hope there is a fuller video somewhere that might show up as a DVD extra someday.  But Danny says there is more Steve and it’s funny how Danny is perfectly OK with this as well as the influence Steve has on Grace.

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I saw this tweet the night of the episode but I forgot to note who said it.  If you recognize it, please let me know so I can give the proper credit.  But for the purpose of this review, it’s too perfect not to include.

“Steve’s excitement about having Grace’s graduation party at his house, getting a big screen & inviting the neighborhood was such an excited father move, it was beyond adorable. And the fact that Danny didn’t really protest – again co-parenting at its finest. #H50

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The absolute best moment of the entire scene is the three person embrace between Danny, Rachel and Steve.  After bringing them the wonderful news that Grace is out of surgery and all went well, she and Danny fall into an embrace of overwhelming relief.  Steve, overcome with relief himself, braces himself against the wall, staying back and letting Grace’s parents have their moment.

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But Danny isn’t having that.  Danny needs to show Steve that he’s part of this, that he is just as much Grace’s family as they are.  He reaches out and draws Steve into their embrace.  One of the best gestures between them ever!

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The Graduation Video

I don’t know who chose the photos to use for that video but whoever it was deserves a huge raise.  Besides being wonderful to see even more pictures of Gracie over the years it was the emotional reactions from Danny and Rachel that made it so heartbreaking.  And the pictures themselves tell an even more personal tale.

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Most of the pictures used in that video are not pictures of Gracie and Danny or Steve.  No, they are pictures of Teilor Grubbs (and, more then likely, her little sister as a toddler) with Scott and Alex.  Tell me this.  What does it say about the closeness and affection between your cast members when you can use behind-the-scenes photos of the actors as a montage for the love between fictional characters?? We’ve all watched Teilor grow up on screen but those guys, have been her on set loving uncles from the start.

Gracie’s car doesn’t have a license plate:

I saw a lot of people wringing their hands over this on Twitter the other night.  Gracie’s car didn’t have a plate, so why was she allowed to drive it?  A brand new car won’t have plates immediately since there was no previous registration (like from an already owned car) to transfer over.  The dealer will register the new car with the state and give a temporary paper registration.  You are permitted to drive the car with these until your permanent plates come in the mail, usually within a month.

The secondary story:

I really enjoyed this story a lot.  Unlike last weeks secondary offering, this one didn’t feel like it was just giving the actors something to do.  It was a good story and it highlighted the relationship between Tani and Koa, which is one of my most favorite dynamics in the show these days.  I just love the relationship between these two.

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I really enjoyed watching them work together, along with Adam, in trying to prove a woman Koa had in drug counseling didn’t die from an overdose but was murdered.  I love it when Tani goes all hard ass on suspects even if this time it really was a bit over the top.  But like Steve and Danny, when it involves someone they love, restraint isn’t their strong suit.

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It was fun watching Tani and Adam working this case on their own.  I like how the writers are working Adam into cases as if he’s always been there.  His presence hasn’t been as jarring as I feared it would be at the beginning.  And he and Tani work extremely well together especially with the special bond they share ever since Adam saved Koa’s life.

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I enjoyed watching Koa play detective in his determination to find the truth.  I know it wasn’t realistic.  Tani would have known to look in the toilet tank for a stash.  Koa was touching everything without wearing gloves. Major no-no.  But, I didn’t care really.  It was still fun watching him work the scene.  Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll hear that Koa has decided to join the Academy.  It would be a nice throw back to the beginning of the series.  Kono followed Chin to HPD.  Maybe, someday, Koa will follow Tani.

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The elephant in the room:

Last week, I wrote in my review, that I felt the episode had been hijacked from what should have been a full episode revolving around nothing but the avenging of Joe White, into the Steve and Catherine road to redemption.  Unfortunately, I get a similar feel about this episode as well.

Just like I had no problem with Catherine being part of the operation last week, I obviously have no problem with Rachel being there this week.  Just like there was a very valid reason for Catherine to be there last week, (she is highly trained, very good at her job and had a long standing relationship with both Joe and Steve), Rachel is Gracie’s mother and, obviously, there was no place she should have been except by Danny’s side in that hospital.

But both episodes used the last few minutes of the episodes to point everyone toward the most ridiculous of roads.  Just as there should never be a reconciliation between Steve and Catherine, so should there never be one between Danny and Rachel.  I will never understand why TPTB on this show seem to want to force our heroes back into the arms of two women who have lied to them in the most hurtful of ways.

Unlike Steve and Catherine, at least there’s a legitimate reason for Danny and Rachel to be in each other’s lives.  They are the parents of children.  They will always be in each other’s life.  Being able to get past their past differences, Danny being able to forgive Rachel for the hurtful things she’s done to him, is necessary for them to have a civil and friendly relationship for the sake of the kids.

Forgiving is admirable and to be commended. But forgetting is a totally different matter. There is no doubt there is still love there between them. Danny will always have a soft spot for Rachel, just as Steve will for Catherine.  But on both counts, the trust has been severely damaged.  That can’t just be swept under the rug, in either case.  

We find out in this episode that Rachel knew before they ever left New Jersey that she wasn’t happy with Stan.  And yet she still moved Grace all the way to Hawaii away from her father.  She tried to sue Danny for full custody of Grace after the shooting at the football game.  She tried to sue again so she could move with Stan (the man it seems she was never happy with) to Las Vegas.  And, the Mount Everest of lies, she lied, with full knowledge, about the fact that Charlie was Danny’s son.  So in essence, she tried to steal both of Danny’s children away from him.  If that poor child hadn’t gotten sick, she’d have never told Danny about Charlie.  Or Stan for that matter.  She’s betrayed both her husbands.

It really is a god-damn shame.  Just like I always liked Catherine until TPTB turned her into a selfish, hurtful liar, I always liked Rachel.  But again, TPTB chose to totally destroy her character.  Even with the move to Hawaii and the custody battles, I could have been on board with a reconciliation until she confessed about Charlie.  That was so unnecessary.  It would have been just as devastating to Danny to learn about Charlie and the years he’d missed if Rachel had not known Charlie’s true paternity.  It could have been written that she always believed Charlie was Stan’s son and it was only after he got sick and they needed DNA testing for donors that they found out the truth.

But they chose to make Rachel fully aware from the very beginning that Charlie was Danny’s.  That means she not only deprived him of those early years, she allowed him to assist in the delivery of his own son without knowing it was his son.  That is unforgivable, plain and simple.

Yes, it’s a god-damn shame because Scott and Claire absolutely sizzle on screen together.  You can feel the friendship that exists between them.  It tangibly radiates from the screen.  Their chemistry is off the charts.  But, in my view at least, that should not translate into a reconciliation between Danny and Rachel.  Just like Steve and Catherine, they should remain good and loving friends, but that’s all it should ever be.  Both Steve and Danny deserve someone who will unconditionally love them and be unconditionally loyal and trustworthy.  Neither Catherine nor Rachel fit that description any longer.

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Welcome home Gracie:

A week after the accident, Gracie comes home to a full blown Ohana celebration.  I don’t know anything about head trauma or brain surgery but one week doesn’t seem like a very long time to make such a recovery.  Her cuts and bruises are far on the road to healing and except for a hat which is probably hiding the turban of bandages on the top of her head, you’d never know she’d been hurt.  But, details…. details….

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It was so awesome to see the entire Ohana there to welcome her home.  Lou even mention how Will wishes he could be there for her, but will be home tomorrow to see her.  Nice to know the kids are still together.  And it was wonderful to hear Steve say, as if Grace didn’t already know it, that no matter where she goes in her life, they’ll always all be there for her.

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Lots of love, laughter and food.  Oh yeah, the food.  Seems we finally have an official name for the restaurant.  Kamekona’s Ohana Style Italian Restaurant.  I suppose an “ohana style” Italian Restaurant means traditional Italian dishes with a Hawaiian flair?  All I know is, if Danny walks in there and finds pineapple on pizza he’ll blow a blood vessel! 🤣🤣  And yeah, I still prefer “Steve’s” too!

As always it is the feeling of Ohana which permeates this entire series.  I can only be grateful that we’ve been able to share in it all these years.  In the show, and in the fandom, where I’ve met so many wonderful people who share my love of this show.  Thank you H50.  As Koa so perfectly put it…. “I appreciate being part of this big weird family you brought into my life”.

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That’s it for this week my friends.  As always, all screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.  But before I go, a little something in honor of this fantastic episode…… a throwback to a little video I made waaaaay back when!  Aloha.  Malama Pono.


22 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 9.12 Ka Hauli O Ka Mea Hewa ‘Ole, He Nalowale Koke (A Bruise Inflicted on an Innocent Person Vanishes Quickly)

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Great review as usual! If there was an award for outstanding single episode performance by a series regular, Scott would get it hands down-he was awesome! He nailed every emotion that a father would go through when his child’s life hangs in the balance. Have to give kudos to Alex,too, for showing Steve as both a caring uncle,worried about the girl he loves as if she were his own,and as a determined H50 leader on the case to find out the truth. I agree with you,Linda, that Danny & Rachel should never be a couple again-his trust in her has been more than compromised! I get that they still have love for each other,but they should keep their relationship as friends-it would work better that way for both of them. Loved Lou’s method of getting the bully girl to admit she sent the text message, but at least she told them about where Grace & her friend went after the party and that put them on the trail of the jerk who ran Grace’s car off the road. Speaking of that jerk, I absolutely loved that high speed ride Steve gave him-got him to admit everything pretty quickly! As for the second story, I think the reason Koa went searching for a stash of drugs was because of his own experience-I mean, he knew what the girl would-and would not-do. Thought Adam & Tani worked very well together. One question, though: Where is Jerry? He’s been missing for three episodes in a row!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brooklyngirl says:

    Bravo!! Excellent review! Where to start, how to stop!

    I’ll begin with the secondary story. The story was interesting enough and just enough. It didn’t take away anything from the main storylline. Koa is growing on me. I’m liking him better and better. Tani, well, while I really do like her, I wish I could say I loved her. She’s sassy, funny and sarcastic as hell (all great traits in my book). And, as you pointed out, when it comes to family she’s a fierce lioness. But the over-the-top badassery gets pushed way to much with her. We know she’s good, Steve would never have hired her otherwise. Guess it’s a good thing Steve has immunity and means. Maybe I’m being a bit old-fashioned but brute strength in a man vs. a woman, and I’ll take the man anyday.

    I also like how Adam is being used and think a budding crush is happening with Tani and him – nothing truly romantic – just a young woman liking and appreciating on a good-looking guy who can also hold his own and has tons of smarts to share.

    I really wish they’d reconsider and name the restaurant Steve’s! Kamekona’s Ohana Style Italian Restaurant is certainly quite a mouthful!! I’m with Danny, no pineapples on pizza. Ever!!

    Onto the main story! Scott and Claire knocked it out of the park. Two consummate actors with such a true liking for each other that it showed. No icy walls anywhere. Throw Alex (another consummate professional) into that mix and it was magic. So much said with so few words. You felt their fear, anger, upset, relief. The story was excellent, well written and, most definitely, well acted. The hugs, the tears, the gut-wrenching scenes, the love, the Ohana moments. Seeing Steve in full, vengeful Uncle mode was a sight to behold!!

    The elephant in the room? Tptb pushing to reunite the guys w/the exes. How can anyone seriously look past and condone the lies and there were so many of them (on both of the gals) and I won’t even mention the cheating on Rachel’s part. I saw a post on Facebook that read “taking your ex back is like trying to put poop back into your butt.” A bit vulgar but boy it sure sums up our boys situation perfectly. Both Steve and Danny really deserve, want, need and should have much better than their exes. Danny and Rachel need to be civil and friendly with each other for the sake of Gracie and Charlie but that’s as far as it should go. So here’s hoping because we all know that you can’t change the spots on a leopard.

    Like Lou said, “hey, you better hold onto something,” this episode certainly had me holding on for dear life. This is a definite re-watch many times episode!

    Thanks for another great review Linda and love those screen caps!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ROFL… that’s a new one on me Karen but it’s just perfect. The one I’ve always heard was it’s “like trying to get toothpaste back in the tube”. Not as…… ummmm…. colorful as yours but they both pretty much say the same thing. LOL

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  3. Mary Tomshack says:

    Well, first of all, I can’t believe two guys as gorgeous as Steve and Danno would put up with this kind of treatment from women. They have been lied to, left out in the cold, and made fools of. I do like Claire Vanderblom as an actress. And I don’t mind seeing her once in awhile but I don’t think they should get back together. It’s almost as bad as Steve and Catherine. But I think it is coming, just like Steve and Catherine. How can these guys do it? I really like them with Melissa and Lynne. I thought that Melissa really loved Danno. And I liked Lynne too. But, as you say, it is what it is. We can’t change it. Enough about that and now about the episode. I couldn’t wait to see an emotional Danno. He is so fantastic in those scenes. He acts with his eyes and his expressions. What a fantastic actor. And Steve was great too. I love him in protective mode. The look he was giving the mean girl. She should have been scared. i know I would have been. And I love how he handled the creepy guy. What a great episode. And the secondary story wasn’t bad either. I love how Koa is developing. Thanks for the great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I fear it is coming…for both couples. It really is a shame TPTB have blinders on with regard to these pairings. I can understand there may have been a grand plan from very early on and if they had wanted to move in that direction say, back in Season 3, I wouldn’t have had a problem with it. But the way TPTB have pretty much assassinated the character of both of these women it’s just not feasible anymore. Oh, they can write it that Steve and Danny conveniently forgive and forget but there’s no way fan with half an ounce of common sense ever will.

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  4. Absolutely loved your review and the cute video daddy’s little girl,Really great episode, really great acting. I have to say I had a mild concussion once and had a killer headache for over a week seeing halos dizzy etc. that must have been an excellent surgeon to work on Grace, I agree with everyone here I know the guys love those girls but hopefully not enough to marry them again. I really think the fact that they both have been betrayed over and over is what brings our boys closer together, and closer to the whole team, I am forever grateful for this great show , I really can’t wait for it all to pan out. I hope we see more of Grace. I never want this love affair to end, Aloha everyone ,

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Zia Diane says:

    Hi Linda,
    Great review. Don’t have a lot to add. I agree that Danny should not go back to Rachel, as Catherine and Steve should not at this point. I don’t see how you trust someone who keeps really important things from them. It’s not like she went on a shopping spree and hide the bags. This is their children she lied about.

    I guess the writers like to keep us guessing and talking, but it does look like that is where they are headed for reconciliations.

    I have a question about the pictures. The one with Danny on the steps holding a baby. Obviously that was not actually Teilor, she was not a baby when the show started. I wonder if it was Scott’s daughter?

    I loved the video you did. Brought me back to all the good Ohana moments.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right. Teilor was already 8 years old when the show started so that toddler is not her. I’m pretty sure it is one of Teilor’s younger sisters. Her family visited the set often when during the early years of the show so Teilor’s little sister would have been around the cast. Looks like Scott couldn’t resist her!

      It is definitely not Josie! Josie has had a head full of rambunctious curls practically since she was born! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Carole says:

    Great review as always. Scott was amazing and I love the chemistry between him and Claire. That said i don’t want them together other than friends. The best part was the three way hug – truely a wonderful Ohana moment.. Uncle Steve is just so sweet and Danny just accepts it when Steve wants to have Grace’s grad party at his place – just adorable and I’m so glad he’s back from the dark place he was in last week. Koa and Tani are very believable as siblings though Tani maybe does need to tone it down a bit.. I don’t like where they’re heading with the boys and the women who have caused them so much pain……they both deserve better and the TPTB need to let it go. If that was the big plan maybe they didn’t count on fans reacting so strongly…..especially where Cath is concerned. Anyway what’s done is done……time to move on.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can understand having a big plan. We ALL do that. We have a vision for where we’d like our lives to go and we work to keep on a path that leads us to those goals. But when things happen, when events cause the paths to deviate too far to make the original goals feasible, you need to re-evaluate and make new plans. Those who stubbornly refuse to accept that things change and evolve are destined to continue to make the same mistakes over and over again and/or to try to force things in an attempt to still get to the original goal. It seldom works out well.


  7. Linda, hey, you covered this beautifully. Again with the two-stories…agh. Lots of times I’m just not that crazy about the secondary one but I agree that this one could have been developed into more…it had something going for it. The main story about Grace truly deserved to be its own episode. My gosh, talk about important and weighty enough. But, at least, what we got was awesome for all the reasons you shared. I would also add that I’m another one who loves to watch Scott and Claire together on screen…but that doesn’t mean I want Danny and Rachel together. When you mentioned that they could have had Rachel honestly believe that Charlie was Stan’s and then discover the truth when he got sick…I feel like PL (or whomever decided on that path) could read that and go, “Oooooh, I didn’t think of that! Oops!” lol What they went with instead was far too damaging (long-term) and made tragically worse by the fact that, if not for the illness, Danny might NEVER know that Charlie was his son. I mean, who knowingly does something that hurtful? It’s sad because you know they love each other and will always be in each other’s hearts. But can you honestly see Danny doing anything remotely like that to Rachel? for any reason? Ever? That’s the true test there–there’s no way he would even have such a thought come into his mind. And then, of course, you add on all the other stuff. It’s just too much to go back and try to rebuild that trust. I can, however, deeply appreciate the two of them finding peace with their relationship and being wonderful parents to their children, free of the anger and bitterness that always lingered on some level. I really don’t want to think about either of these couples getting back together after everything that’s happened between them. It’s like you said, it’s not about forgive and forget. It’s about finding peace and moving on to better things. I’m just going to hope for more stories that showcase Scott’s incredible acting (and as you said, we do get to see that from Alex already) and scenes that keep Steve and Danny interacting with that undeniable chemistry that kicked the show in high gear from the beginning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s my view too. They ARE in a good place now. Danny has voiced his anger at the way she has kept things (and pretty major things at that) from him over the years and she has admitted her fault in those things and voiced her sincere apologies for what she has done. Now they can more forward and continue to be good parents to their children and great friends. Forgiving is wonderful. Forgetting is harder but doable. But the shattering of trust, that one is so much harder. I just don’t see how that can be rebuilt. Oh, I suppose a person can choose to accept the other person is trustworthy but there has to be a niggling feeling in the back of the mind every time something comes up of …. “what if she’s not telling me something”… forever. I don’t think I could live like that.


  8. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    I loved the episode. An episode doesn’t need explosions, gun fights to be a great episode. I don’t know if that thing at the end is Danny and Rachel getting back together. Steve matching making or Steve getting a little bit of the green eyed monster. I would love if Grace would go school in Hawaii and Danny and Steve moving her into the dorm. Can you image the arguments that could happen?

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  9. Dave Daniels says:

    Little affected by this episode eh Linda? So was I, although one minor point, was that if they could have squeezed in an apology type thing between two terribly aggrieved dads that would have been nice. I think, that Rachel and Catherine should be considered as being able to be forgiven, and to me, an obvious relationship(s) can happen, and should,. I am more forgiving about this and I know there are strong feelings on this storyline in both cases, but the obvious attraction between the characters is clear, so what is wrong with some dramatic work between them to get over the past, not forgetting it, and move forward to the future. Catherine has a LOT of work to do, but her lie was not just based on evil like, for example the new character villain (sorry can’t think of her name, and don’t have time to Google); that character is so one-dimensional, just bad, although H50 does do a good back story. Man they covered a lot in Friday’s show, I like Tani and her brother’s developing story as well. As I have said Meghan is really growing on me, the difference between her and Kono/Grace is really generational. She finally won me over last week when Chi and Steve were teasing her about current social media, and she rolled her eyes at them. So real. Anyway, I am really busy, our community college system has put a whole new learning platform, making us adjust immediately, not gradually. It’s hurts like pulling a large band-aid of somebody with a lot of hair, just rip that sucker off!! That hurts but one adjusts to it. Right now it makes me very much in the screaming in pain phase, but we move ahead. Thanks for the wonderful and complete review this week. Lets see how the writers resolve the relationship issues here. Raises all kinds of questions.


    • I agree Dave.. it would have been nice to see Katie’s father back again at the end of the episode. Not only to find out how Katie was going injury wise but also a bit of apology for the way he reacted, although, it was quite understandable for him to be so upset.

      As to Catherine and Rachel, you are a much more forgiving person than a majority of the people I know when it comes to those two. I will agree with you 100% that Greer was pure evil and I know neither Rachel nor Catherine would ever do anything even remotely close to her evil.

      I guess my question would be one I’ve seen many ask over the years. If you had a son, would you want him to get back with someone who did to him what these women did to Steve and Danny? Would you encourage him to once again risk his heart on someone who’s broken his trust in the most horrible of ways?

      I only know what I would do if it were my son. If you’d be comfortable with letting your son go back with someone who, in Rachel’s case, tried to take both of this children away from him, then, yes, you are a better person than I am, my friend.

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  10. Thanks for the review. As always as really have seven nephews and nieces, two nieces and nephew in law, and a great nephew and soon to be another great nephew in March. So in a sense, know the feeling.
    Really miss McGrover and really love it when Steve stood in the background and let Lou’s daddy role took over the mean girl. And that when Grace and her friend got hurt, the whole Ohana hurt too.
    And that not just Steve says he was a cop to the creep Grace and her friend stood up to. But he tried to kill them both in retaliation. But Steve was the uncle to Grace. Then the boy got really scared. Yeah now no wonder Steve has to drive in a sense, to scare a creep like that boy.
    Teilor has grown up in our eyes since 2010. Glad she is the woman she is becoming from a young girl that we first saw her.
    Tani and her brother as she is so proud of him for trying to help others in return for Adam and she trying to help her brother. And her brother really trying to learn from his past mistakes. Mess with the family, you mess with Five 0.
    Tani has done more than Kono did in the last seven years and really Kono became later a yes lady or no lady if you know what I mean. Tani has done more in the nearly two years she has been there and her character developed quickly.
    Junior was all bout absent in the show. At least he showed up.
    Scott’s Danny nailed the emotions he felt about his girl and nearly losing her.
    Give it a 7/10!


  11. Lori Silvano says:

    Thanks for a wonderful review of a wonderful episode.. definitely in my top 10 of all time. Scotts acting was so emotional that it was seamless.. ..was raw and real.. …if I didnt know it was acting….I would have thought he was really going thru that..it was that good..he should get an Emmy just for this ep alone…

    Now..my favorite scene, other than the 3 way hug at end, was when Grover leaned into the car and said “hey, you better hang on to something”..so blaise with a sheepish grin. WELL..I laughed out loud and spit out the drink I just sipped..it just struck me so Grover..so snarky..and the stupid ass kid had NO idea what was coming..it was SO great……the whole scene was highly entertaining…except maybe….the issue with the gear shifting…yeah I know it was for effect to show Steve’s anger..but a car only has 4 or 5 gears and on highway..he would just keep going up and he shifted like how many times lol? Small infraction..totally forgivable 😉

    As for Danny and Rachel getting back..I honestly dont know how I feel about this… I mean I get it…both sides..I get it…and I agree that if they would have had Rachel find out when he got sick instead of knowing the whole time Charlie was Da nnys..then I think no one would have a problem w them getting back together because they clearly have always loved each other…but..she should not have left him to begin with. We were led to believe in the beginning she didnt want to be married to a cop anymore…and she apparently wanted someone money..so she married Stan…and now she confesses she pretty much made a mistake with Stan from the get go….well shes been screwing up since then….and I think the writers wanted to portray her as making sacrifices and decisions based on her children coming first…the whole, she didnt want 2 kids to be without a father is the excuse she gave Danny about Charlie, while I get it..I dont agree with it…so basically the writers have portrayed this woman as.. someone who leaves the love of her life because she is scared he is going to die being a cop… ..sooo.. .she distances herself..marries another man w/money… all the while still loving him..how stupid is this??? I think D&R and S&C were always endgame and..the writers had to keep them all apart for a long time.. …and needed conflict.. but they created unforgivable conflict instead of… plausible understandable conflict and I’m sure they didnt think we fans would be so invested in this.. …and be so upset with how our boys were treated…so now they’ve written the characters into a corner… …and it is what it is…just need to accept it and move on I guess.

    The only other comment I have is that yes, I agree we should have gotten word on Katie and had her dad speak w Danny to clear the air, although I dont blame him for how he acted, I would have done same thing, it’s his daughter.

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Thank you, Linda! This review was great. This show runs hot and cold in the episode department when it comes to emotional content. Episode 9.10 was extremely touching, 9.11 not as touching as I thought it would be coming off 9.10, and last but definitely not the least 9.12. I was extremely pleased with this episode. I enjoyed seeing a show that focused on daddy Danny. It was so great to see Grace as a young lady. She has grown so much since her first episode. I don’t know where to begin. I take that back. I have just one snide remark. “Here on H50 we like to make our men’s former significant others unlikable to at least half of the fandom. It generates social media attention!!! Because we believe all publicity is good publicity!

    There is no doubt that Danny and Rachel love their children, but sometimes you have to focus on parenting and not being a friend, Rachel. I noticed this before. It appears that Danny and Stan generally take the lead in most situations when adult decisions have to be made. Stan of course is more a parent that makes sure his family wants for nothing but throws money at the situation. Danny and Rachel truly love each other, but are incompatible in a few major ways, which I’m wondering if that’s the reason Rachel’s mom wasn’t too keen on Danny. He did say that even with counseling they were having other problems and it probably wouldn’t have worked.

    As far as what Rachel did, I actually know of 3 situations like this. Thankfully this is tv and Rachel lucked out with Danny, because in all of the situations the bio-dad had no bond with the child and had no interest in fostering one. In two of the situations the guy that thought they were the bio-dad decided to maintain the relationship with the child, but due to being hurt by the lie the foundation of the bond was fractured and they drifted out of the child’s life. In the end, the children suffered because of a selfish thoughtless lie.

    I will amend my thoughts from last week based on a couple of posts from last week and this week. They have caused me to be more empathetic. I can actually see both Danny and Rachel/Steve and Catherine being together. However, I see it much later in life. In all honesty nobody wants to grow old and die alone. I have a friend in her mid 60’s that’s been divorced for over 30 years. She and her ex husband just remarried. They haven’t told their adult children yet, but eventually will. I told her that was a good choice based on how my sister and I would have reacted if it were our parents, although we would have eventually accepted it. At this point all the little things aren’t such big things. However, at this point I don’t see either tv couple wanting to make compromises or sacrifices to be together although, I believe the love each other. True commitment takes a lot of work, effort, and willingness of both parties. Anyhow that was way too deep for a tv show. Remember when there was no social media and every show wasn’t made into some sort of ship. I miss Dick Wolf’s original Law and Order. Even his shows have ships now.

    I actually liked the secondary story. Yes, Tani can be way over the top, but we knew that when they recruited her. I remember she punched her training officer if I recall correctly. I really like her sass. Of course, I’ve said before that I like having the younger team members. It adds a freshness to the show. I’m surprised that I do miss Jerry a little. I know his role is not huge on this show, but I guess I just like seeing Jorge Garcia. After this episode and 9.10 I’m looking forward to 9.13, which won’t be quite as emotional. I like when we get the emotional episodes, but I also enjoy just having a little of the fun regular case of the week.

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  13. AlexOloughlinlover says:

    as always another great review Alex and Scott both hit it out the ballpark with this episode and I loved protective uncle Steve and the hug at the end with steve, danny, and rachel omg i almost cried during that scene forever Ohana with H50 the best tv show ever

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