#H50 … A Summer Shot of Kool-Aid..Reliving Season One Memories

Hey gang!  Sure hope you’re all enjoying your summer so far.  In less than two weeks summer hiatus will be over for our beloved cast and crew of Five-0 as they will be back in production for another great season.  I’m absolutely positive Season 6 will be another fantastic one for all of us to enjoy.  I’ve been taking a bit of an hiatus myself from blogging this summer.  Well, to be honest, I’ve actually started a couple of blogs over the past few weeks but, each time, before I had the chance to really get into them, other bloggers wrote very similar posts and got them online before I could.  Not wanting to look like I was copying from anyone, I just ditched mine.  Honestly, they pretty much said all the exact same things anyway.  No harm… no foul… ya snooze… ya lose… and I’ve been doing a lot of snoozing this summer. Feels good, ya know?

Anyway, I was going through my computer the other day, cleaning up old files and creating new folders in preparation for the start of Season 6 when I ran across this.  Back in November 2014, in the days leading up to the 100th episode, I had a bit of fun on Twitter one night with a picspam of some of my favorite moments from Season 1.  I had totally forgotten I saved it as a blog draft but never posted it.  I thought it would be fun to look back again at what made our show such a winner from the very beginning as a bit of a summer treat.

This is the exact order of the picspam as posted back in November…not especially in any episode order, just my mind rambling as it usually does. Also, back in Season 1, I did very few of my own screen captures.  I’ve kept the watermarks intact on all photos that are not mine.  You’ll notice that a vast majority of them are from the now shuttered “AOLR” website.  I still miss those girls and their fantastic site!  Oh well…here it is…I hope you enjoy!

#H50 Season 1 Memories:

Before the Pilot

Before the Pilot

February 19, 2010. MY 5-0th Birthday! Best present EVER!

The day they met:  February 19, 2010. MY 5-0th Birthday! Best birthday present EVER!

Free the Gecko



“I…Steven J. McGarrett….”


And the great stunts started right from the beginning!

FIRST Book'em Danno

The very FIRST Book’em Danno!!!

You just took a stupid risk...

“You just took a stupid risk……”


“What kind of cops are you?”


“The new kind…”



Shirt...tie..“Shirt…tie…doughnut crumbs…..”


He talks a lot about you too“He talks a lot about you too”

It's not FIFTY...it's FIVE-0“No…it’s not FIFTY…it’s FIVE-0”

I will literally pay you cash to stop talking“I will literally pay you cash to stop talking”

1.04 Nalowale5“How do like your steaks?”

Triple banana bitch“Triple banana bitch!”

Nice to meet you Max“Nice to meet you Max”

Good morning Lieutenant....“Good morning Lieutenant….Good morning Commander….”


You know what....make it medium...“You know what….make it medium…”

Island Time“Island Time”

You're serious..and now you're shirtless“You’re serious..and now you’re shirtless”

You talking to your wife“You talking to your wife? No…I’m talking to my partner”

Just because...No quote…just because!

I know you!“I know you didn’t know him….I know you!”

I picked you, didn't I“I picked you, didn’t I?”

Well, it worked before...“Well, it worked before…”

You keep it.....“You keep it…..”

Damn but she is beautiful....Damn but she is beautiful….

Cash with Lojack“Cash with Lojack?”

Looks like the rookie is going for a swim...“Looks like the rookie is going for a swim…”

I made this for you....“I made this for you….”

Who's your friend with the luggage“What are you doing on my doorstep and who’s your friend with all the luggage?”

I like tea...“I like tea…”

I meant get a key you Neanderthal animal....“I meant get a key you Neanderthal animal….”

What...bore them into submission“What?  Bore them into submission???”

Please don't make me wear flowers!!“Please don’t make me wear flowers!!”

I learned to sew in the boy scouts!

“I learned to sew in the boy scouts!”… “Why am I not surprised??”


Mele KalikimakaMele Kalikimaka

I never knew a Navy man who couldn't find a lady a beer“I’ve never known a Navy man who couldn’t find a lady a beer”

Yes Stephen....“Yes.. Stephen….”

I've never liked you more than in this moment“I’ve never liked you more than in this moment”

You...what's your name“You?…What’s your name?”


Maybe practice a little bit more“Maybe practice a little bit more….”

CoCo PuffsCoCo Puffs

We're in this together....We’re in this together….

Why do I look like a waiter and you look like James Bond“Why do I look like a waiter and you look like James Bond?”

Daddy I can still hear you....“Daddy….. I can still hear you….”


Undercover loversUndercover lovers


You want a lift..“You want a lift?? I take that as a no…..”

I'm embarrassed for you....“I’m embarrassed for you….”

Kono KA LA KA UA“Some people have trouble with my name so let me help you.  It’s Kono Kalakaua….KA LA KA UA”

I'm behind you 100%“I’m behind you 100%”

Should I check for a pulse“Should I check for a pulse???”

Say hello to my little friend....“Say hello to my little friend….”

You my friend have a tone...“You say I have a face?  You, my friend, have a tone…”

We're gonna get along fine“We’re gonna get along fine….”

Before the dark side...Before the dark side…

Don't dig too deep....you may not like what you find“Don’t dig too deep into your family’s past……you may not like what you find”

Everything's changed.....but not this“Everything else has changed…..but not this”

Be careful...she bites“Be careful…she bites”

It's a masterpiece

“It’s a masterpiece”

I heart youI heart you2   I heart you3

I heart you4I ♥ you

If you want my badge number you can get it off your head“If you want my badge number you can get it off your head”


I have no way of beating this if the Governor is involved“I have no way of beating this if the Governor is involved”

Who gave the order Was it WoFat...or was it you“What I want to know is…who gave the order? Was it WoFat…or was it you???”

I'm not a cop anymore!“I’m not a cop anymore!”

What's up dog“What’s up dog?”

1st Ohana sightine

1st Ohana sighting2First H50hana sighting

There is no Five-0 anymore“There is no Five-0 anymore”

It was WoFat Danny...It was WoFat“It was WoFat Danny…It was WoFat”




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