#H50 Welcome July! Been waiting for ya!

So here it is….July 1st and in just seven days our favorite show goes back into production.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the behind the scenes pictures, reading the spoilers, hopefully getting a peek at the Blessing and all of the other things that make the start of a new season of Five-0 feel like Christmas morning.

When Season 5 ended many people chose to write blogs and tweets about wish lists for Season 6.  Well, I couldn’t let everyone else have all the fun so after taking a few weeks off (hey…I needed an hiatus too! LOL) I decided it was time I made my list too.

Now, please understand, this is a wish list…not an “if I don’t see this I’m going to go ballistic and rant and rave and send nasty tweets to the EP and swear off the show forever” list.  It’s a wish, like “I wish I could live in Hawaii” wish or “I wish I could win the lottery” wish.  Fun to think about, fun to dream about or hope for but if it doesn’t happen… I’ll survive.  After all, if I can survive all the disappointments of my actual real life I think I have the ability to survive if my favorite TV show decided to do something I don’t care for or not do something I was hoping for.  Interesting how being a grown up works, isn’t it??

  • Let’s start with Kono and Adam.  We’ve already heard the spoiler that we won’t get to see Kono and Adam exchange vows.  I was a little disappointed in that when I first heard it but then when I thought about it more it really didn’t bother me as much.  I mean, we’ve watched these two fight to be together and declare their commitment to each other plenty of times over the course of three years but especially when they were on the run together.  The reunion in Vancouver when Kono finally found Adam in that diner in Season 4 and this season, Adam’s willingness to give up basically his entire life for Kono?  Well, I can’t see anything topping that in showing how much they mean to each other.  As nice as it would be to see them exchange vows I’m ok with the episode picking up with a short scene at the reception and using that time somewhere else in the episode.  Season premiere’s are usually overflowing so those extra minutes may come in handy.  There is also the spoiler that their honeymoon is going to be the worst one ever.  I hope whatever it is they both come through it in one piece.  Chin lost Malia very soon after their wedding.  I don’t want that to happen with Kono and Adam but, of course, you never know.  Angst makes for good drama after all.
  • With the end of WoFat coming in the 100th episode it was a foregone conclusion that we’d need a new Big Bad for our team to contend with.  Now we know that’s going to be Gabriel.  I like this idea for a couple of reasons.  First off because I really like Christopher Sean.  He really pulls off the multiple layers of Gabriel’s personality extremely well.  He manages to appear sincere in one moment while turning sinister and deadly the next.  I also really like the fact that it continues the theme we started off with at the very beginning of the series.  Steve came back to Hawaii because of the murder of his father, a murder which ultimately was placed at the feet of WoFat.  Gabriel murdered Chin’s father so the two story lines have that connection.  I’m also really curious to see just how bad they make Gabriel.  WoFat was an international arms dealer who started off in Chinese Intelligence, had the entire Yakuza answering to him at one point and even worked with the CIA.  Gabriel is a drug lord.  So far, Gabriel isn’t on the same level of criminality as WoFat but I have faith that he will be a wonderful bad guy for our team to contend with.
  • Although I’m not happy with the way the reveal was handled because I’ve always really liked Rachel, I am loving the fact that Charlie is Danny’s son.  It opens up so many possibilities for great character moments from everyone who’s part of the story line and for those who will revolve around it.  I can’t wait to see Daddy Danno with Charlie and Grace.  Grace is entering a time of her life full of great changes as she matures.  All of us who have been 13 year old girls and raised girls know this can be a turbulent time under the best of circumstances.

But Grace won’t just be going through what all 13 year old girls go through.  She may not be all too thrilled with her mother right about now over the Charlie situation and there is also her relationship with Danny.  Danny has told Grace more times than I can count that she is the most important thing in his life.  That, of course, will still be true but now there is a second most important thing in his life…Charlie.  Grace is used to sharing parents with Charlie… Rachel and Stan.  But Danny? He’s been her Danno and her’s alone.  Now she’s not only going to have to share Danno with Charlie, but Charlie is sick which means Danny will probably be spending even more time on Charlie.

It will be interesting to see how Grace handles this situation and how Danny juggles the demands of a possibly troublesome teenager and a preschooler at the same time.  I really hope Danny will reach out and rely on his friends to help him through these turbulent times.  Steve may not be a father but may remember what Mary went through as a young teenager when her world was sent spinning.  I’m really hoping for several beach-side discussions over beers for our favorite guys.  And, please tell me I’m not the only one…..Charlie’s first “Danno” melted my heart.  I can’t wait for his first “Uncle Steve”!

  • Speaking of Steve.  I really want a resolution between him and Doris.  It would be wonderful if TPTB could get Christine Lahti back even for just one episode so they can have a face to face.  Not a reunion, but a confrontation where Steve can finally get some damn answers from her, definitive answers, not him demanding and she just turning on the water works and saying lots of stuff while she basically says nothing.  I wouldn’t mind one bit if Joe White was part of that meeting because he’s been part and parcel of the entire deception from the very beginning.  Now that Steve knows the relationship between Doris and WoFat it’s time he understands it.  Why Doris did what she did.  Why she lied.  Why she really faked her death.  It’s about time Steve gets to the bottom of it all once and for all and be done with it.
  • Except for maybe Kono and Adam (and only because without Adam, Kono doesn’t really have an actual storyline) I have always seen the personal relationships between the team and their loves as secondary stories only.  Honestly, I don’t really care one way or the other what happens with them.  I can honestly say I have enjoyed every relationship on the show but I have never been emotionally attached to any of them.  I just sit back and enjoy whatever comes and if it lasts, so be it, and if it ends, I’m ok with that too.  Because, for me, this show always has been and always will be about the team, the action, the crimes, the Ohana of the team and, first and foremost, the brotherhood between Steve and Danny.

So where does the return of Catherine fit in?  As far as we know so far, Catherine will be in “some” episodes at the beginning of the season.  What will she do?  Will she be part of Five-0 again?  I highly doubt that.  There is barely enough for five of them to do let alone six.  Will she take a civilian job with the Navy at Pearl?  Possibly.  Somehow, even though she’s been on an unauthorized mission in Afghanistan for over a year she still has contacts there.  She obviously needs to support herself in some way if she’s going to be on the island for… well… for however long she’s going to be there.

And what of her relationship with Steve?  I’m one of those people who did not see the grand romantic reunion on the beach that others saw.  I am not saying that’s not what it was…I am saying I did not see it.  What I saw was a man who was happy to see a person he cares deeply about return safely from a dangerous foreign place.  I saw a man who remembered when it was good between them and was truly happy she was back.  But I also saw a man conflicted.  He did not run to her and sweep her off her feet like I would expect a man “deeply and passionately” in love with a woman to do.  Now, I do not mean he should have picked her up and hauled her off into the house for hot reunion sex.  I mean, just some genuine excitement would have been nice.  I did not see that.  Honestly, there was more emotion in the hug between Steve and Danny when Danny told him that he’d won the custody hearing and Grace couldn’t leave the island.  And Cath herself was apprehensive in approaching him.  “I know I should have called”….well, why didn’t she?  If she wanted to surprise him, you’d think she’d be more excited that she did just that.  I think she didn’t tell him because she was worried about the reaction she’d get, that he might not be as happy she’d come back as she hoped.  She was wrong, of course, he was happy to see her but the worry was there.

She knew that her leaving him the way she did might not sit well.  I think she’s was right.  Yes, he is happy to see her.  Yes, he is relieved and happy that she’s back home and safe.  Yes, he missed her.  All those things are very very true.  But there is a lot of water under their bridge.  She did leave him, like so many others have before her.  She not only left him in Afghanistan, she left him for over a year because she had “found her place” somewhere else, without him.  Intellectually, he understood and was proud of her for doing what she was doing to help the people of that village.  But emotionally, it had to sting, yet someone else he loved who left him to do something they felt was more important, more important than him.  Personally, I think these things need to be addressed if they are ever to get back to the easy, relaxed, natural relationship they had back in Season 3 when they were adorable together.

I’d also really like to see the team, especially Danny, have a bit of a problem with Catherine all of a sudden being back as if nothing happened.  Even if there is no confrontation between them, I’d really like to see more of Danny especially, voicing displeasure with it all like he did in the Season 5 finale.  “I’m not too happy with the way she left things and now she’s back” … “I help people every day….I just don’t walk all over my family to do it”.  I think Danny is 100% right about that.  I really hope Steve sits down with Catherine and tells her how he feels about how she left him both in Afghanistan and after and how he feels about her just waltzing back into his life as if she was just away for a summer holiday.

I have no problem whatsoever with Steve and Catherine working all this out and getting back to where they were back in Season 3 when they were, like I said before, adorable together.  I just want them to deal with it, discuss it, not just pretend it didn’t all happen.  Steve has had so many people abandon him over his life.  He should not just shrug and accept her back without dealing with those issues. If they deal with it, discuss it and work it out between them, that’s fine.  But it can’t just be treated like it never happened.  If they can’t work it out, if Steve can’t bring himself to totally trust in her again or if she chooses to go back to Afghanistan or accept some other assignment elsewhere and they end…I’m fine with that too.

  • Other Season 6 wishes:
    • I’d really love to finally see more of Steve’s PTSD.  Having Catherine back, them hopefully discussing what happened in Afghanistan could be the perfect excuse for the writers to bring affects of PTSD back into the storyline.
    • We’ve only ever seen Steve go away for a weekend of Naval Reserve training.  I’d love to see him actually re-activated for a SEAL mission.  It wouldn’t have to last long, maybe a two-part episode.  I think that would be really cool to see.
    • I really hope we see Mary & Joanie again, along with Odell and I’d adore to see Aunt Deb again too.

Finally, my most sincere wish for Season 6 is the same one I made for Season 5 and Season 4 and probably for Season 3.  I truly wish that everyone who has come to the conclusion that Five-0 is not the show they fell in love with, is not giving them what they want or what they feel they deserve (whatever the hell that means) and have sworn off the show to the point of saying they are never watching it again and are leaving the fandom forever to please, by all means, do so and leave the rest of us who still love the show and still find pleasure in the show and in each other, in peace.

So…onto Season 6 and what I am sure will be another fantastic season of action, adventure, gunfights, car chases, explosions, carguments, bromance and wonderful Ohana moments.  I…CAN…NOT…WAIT.  Be there….ALOHA!

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6 thoughts on “#H50 Welcome July! Been waiting for ya!

  1. Wow! You are preaching to the church, Linda! I agree with every.last.word. Is it too much to ask for peace and harmony for Season 6? Probably, but by now, let’s hope the very vocal, disgruntled viewers have found replacement shows to move on to and attempt to mold to their own fantasies. I’m perfectly comfortable with whatever the new Season will bring us, and look forward to getting back to discussing the actual stories rather than enduring the griping about certain actors’ lack of dedication to their job, or a particular EP’s desire to please only certain viewers, or how deplorable the writers are! Enough! Bring me a drama free fandom next season – that we can be united in bringing down a mutual enemy – the dreaded Cancellation Bear!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ROFL You will find that the most disgruntled fans, the ones who refuse to leave but also refuse to stop watching, seem to be very friendly with the Cancellation Bear! LOL Personally I think they deserve each other.


  2. According to Microsoft’s calculator on my computer there are 85 days left until Sep. 25 and I’m not in a hurry to see them go by quickly. Nevertheless there are some things I’d hope for for Season 6. Like you Linda I’d like to see Kono and Adam together as a married couple for a long time to come. Adversity makes for a good story but I still think the worst thing they’ve done on this show was to kill off Malia mere months after Chin married her. There are things they can throw in K&A’s path to make it interesting, but death should not be an option.
    As to Steve and Cath, yeah, I do hope that they get back as a couple. I’ve always liked them together and like you I hope they do talk things out and stay together. I’m sure you have read the script for the Pilot and know that Catherine was planned to be introduced in that. I know its not a totally popular idea, but I think they were meant for each other … just as Aunt Deb thought in both the episodes where Carol appeared. I think Carol will be back because she seems to like the role. But unfortunately, I don’t know about Mary. I think Taryn has a lot on her plate and may not be able to get back.
    Danny’s story will have many layers as you said. Now in addition to a teenage daughter, we will see him with a young son. Of course Charlie will be saved. I’d like to see him reconcile with Rachel but I imagine he will continue with Melissa / Amber. Time will tell.
    There’s more to Doris’ story too. I’m pretty sure John believed she was dead, but …what went on at that meeting with Gov. Jameson, Wo Fat and John? I hope we find out.
    Good blog and Kool-Aid tastes good this time of year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with everything you just said Ed except for one small correction. I didn’t say I hope Steve and Cath stay together. I said I really want them to discuss what happened and IF they work it out and stay together I’d be ok with that. But I am equally ok if Cath rides off into the sunset never to be seen again.


  3. Wendy says:

    Good blog Linda.I’m looking forward to the new season, but I don’t want to wish the summer away. I’ll enjoy anything the EP decide to show us because they’ve done such a good job so far.


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