BEWARE! Extra-long year ending #H50 – Review 5.24 – Luapo’i – Prey & 5.25 – A Makekaua – Until We Die

What a night! I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the things that happened in the final two episodes of Season 5. As I was sitting and watching things unfold one thought just kept going through my mind. How in the hell am I supposed to write these two episodes up for my review? I have a hard enough time getting one review done in a timely manner on an average week. This is going to be nearly impossible.

So I settled down and gave myself permission to take my time and do it right even if I didn’t get it all done in a day. And all day…and the next day…it took simply because so much happened in these episodes I honestly didn’t know where to start or how to organize all the thoughts leapfrogging in my mind.

So, please forgive me in advance. Those who know me know I am extremely long winded. This blog post covers two episodes as well as being the last one for Season 5. It is both a recap of the episodes as well as a review and it’s not in order meaning, other than the two individual cases, elements of both episodes may appear in the same section. And ….I T   I S   L O N G …. I make no apologies! LOL

So let’s get started shall we?

• Our first case of the evening, from 5.24, was typical Five-0. Full of twists and turns and false leads. Just the way I like it. Sometimes, bad guys get caught over the stupidest things. You would think that if you were planning a crime and the use of a get-away car you’d make sure little things like the tail lights not working won’t be what gets you caught.  So when a car gets pulled over for a routine traffic stop over a busted tail light I figured, here we go, the cop is a dead man. Of course, I never expected the cop to be dead, not by the driver’s hand, but by the guy locked in the trunk. Thankfully the cop wasn’t killed but right off the bat, oh yes….this is my Five-0!

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Yes, my Five-0…one turn after another. The bad guy turns out to be Andrew Pelham, a New York cop turned serial killer with a couple of serious bounty hunters on his tail. The first meets his untimely end along with the critically injured cop when the officer opens the trunk of the car and unknowingly allows Pelham to escape. Steve and Danny meet the second bounty hunter, Richie Malloy, as they attempt to locate Pelham.

The first scene when they meet Malloy was fantastic. He has them both at gun point and demands they drop their weapons ….slowly. In a diversionary tactic Danny points out that you really can’t drop things slowly. When Malloy is momentarily distracted as the guys “gently place their weapons on the floor” Steve shows why he’s still a BAMF and easily disarms him. And, answer me something. Doesn’t Danny ever carry his own zip ties or does he just enjoy always taking them off Steve when he needs them? LOL

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Malloy fills Steve and Danny in on all that Pelham has done and they inform him that the first bounty hunter is dead. After he tries his best to still get a piece of the action for himself by offering to kick back a portion of the bounty to the Police Widows and Orphans fund if the guys let him bring Pelham in, he promises to keep out of Five-0’s way as they hunt him down. Of course, he doesn’t do that, but captures Pelham himself before Steve has the chance to chase him down.

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But there have to be even more twists, right? After a curb side consultation with Dog the resident Bounty Hunter of Oahu and learning how Malloy will be able to get Pelham off the island, they track him down at the airport. But Malloy isn’t out for the money to bring Pelham to justice. He’s taken a huge payoff from the father of one of Pelham’s victims, Malcolm Leddy, and has turned Pelham over to him instead.

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Using Malloy’s phone to get in touch with Leddy, Steve tries his best to talk him out of what he’s planning to do. Of course Chin tracks the call the entire time and gets the location in Waimānalo. Now a real twist as Steve, Danny and Lou head out to try to actually to save a serial killer.

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What happens next has got to be some of the most chilling scenes we’ve had in a long time. Leddy, out for revenge over the death of his daughter, is determined to make Pelham suffer exactly the same way she did. He starts with breaking his fingers but (thankfully because I DID NOT want to see it) he loses his nerve when he’s about to scalp him. Ummmm…dude… the guy has a hand free, albeit with a bunch of busted fingers, and you haven’t secured his feet. Why…WHY…are you standing there with your back to him?!? And this Pelham guy is one cold hard bastard. He actually stands there goading Leddy, almost calling him a coward for not being able to go through with it.

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The team arrives at the house and Steve heads down the basement where he finds Leddy bleeding on the floor and Pelham hanging from his one shackled arm looking quite dead. But he’s not dead and he’s not shackled because this psychopath literally cut off his own thumb to get loose. I mean…. seriously?? How does a person actually DO something like that? He manages to catch Steve off guard and takes him down to the floor, butcher knife at the ready. But this is our BAMF Steve McGarrett… and Pelham is quickly subdued. As they are wheeling both men to awaiting ambulances, Steve promises Leddy that Pelham will go away for the rest of his life for what he has done.

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• Our second case, this time from 5.25, started off with an incredible WOW moment. A group of baddies rob a military transport by literally and I do mean, literally, cutting the transport vehicle in half with a cable. I have never seen anything like that before in my life. If I hadn’t already been on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the finale that sure as hell got my undivided attention! The baddies then hijack a plane and fly off to Hawaii.

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So, obviously, when the hijacked plane makes an unauthorized landing in Hawaii and the pilot is found dead in the cockpit Five-0 is called in only to discover that the plane has been used to smuggle in stolen nukes! The guy in charge of this grand larceny is one Josh Bennett, a seemingly mild-mannered family man from Ohio (why do they all seem to come from Ohio??) with no criminal record. The only thing they can find on the guy was that he was denied enlistment in the service after 9/11 because he has a “personality disorder”.

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Five-0 goes on the theory that Bennett was looking to make some cash by selling the nuke to the highest bidder. Their investigation, with the help of Catherine who has unexpected returned to Oahu for Kono’s wedding, leads them to one Sameer Hadad, a terrorist known by name to Steve. Who knows, maybe in his past life Steve attempted to actually hunt down this guy…who knows? They track Bennett to the docks and after a couple of pretty impressive shoot outs and a great shot by Steve to take him out (and look at that, for once he didn’t kill the guy he really needed to talk to) they have Bennett. Unfortunately, the deal’s already gone down. Hadad and the nuke are gone.

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But just like the previous case, and in full Five-0 tradition, there is a twist. Kono’s wedding day dawns, everyone dresses to the nines for the wedding, yet Steve is troubled. How did Hadad get away. They had the island completely locked down. When Hadad turns up dead on a beach and Max determines the time of death Danny realized the timing is all wrong. Hadad was dead before Bennett was captured. The nukes didn’t leave the island. They are still there.

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Seems that Bennett wasn’t out to make money. He’s some kind of half-assed patriot who wants to bring down terrorists by, essentially, being a terrorist himself. By using Hadad , Bennett has given the U.S. a convenient scapegoat to pin the blame on, setting off a war on terror he feels will finally eradicate terrorists for good by totally decimating the whole of the Middle East.

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It’s her wedding day yet Kono is at HQ helping to track down the nuke. “Save it….there’s no wedding if you guys aren’t there!” She finds that Bennett had done an internet research on the downtown Shopping Trolley which goes down Kalakaua Avenue into the heart of Waikiki. Putting the nuke on that trolley would guarantee maximum casualties.

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They take off and manage to catch up with the trolley. They get all the people off and locate the nuke only to discover Bennett did something to it making it impossible to defuse. There is less than 30 minutes left before it detonates whipping out hundreds of millions of people.

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Meanwhile, everyone is gathering for the wedding, but obviously it’s going to be delayed a while, “the rest of the Scooby Gang” as Jerry calls them deal with the “dead terrorist and the missing nuclear weapon”. The look on Jerry’s face is priceless when he asks Max “you’re kidding…right?” Adam informs everyone that Kono has called, there’s an emergency but they should all just stay until they hear from her again.

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With little time to spare there is no time to get the nuke to Pearl where military personal could deal with it. So Steve takes the wheel of the trolley and heads to the only person he knows can help save the day…Kamekona! Yes, our beloved entrepreneur has his chopper at the ready and Steve and Danny take to the air to dispose of the bomb in the ocean. They manage to get the requisite 50 miles from shore, drop the bomb with less than 2 minutes to go and get out of the blast range in a scene that will make any fan of Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith and Independence Day smile. The only thing that could have made it better would be if Danny had turned to Steve and said… “must go faster… must go faster”!

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Ok…that takes care of the recap of the two cases. Now let’s get down to the things from both episodes which people will really want to talk about and the things that we will discuss and speculate about during the long hot summer as we wait for the start of Season 6. Yes….I fully expect there WILL be a Season 6 because there is no way in hell we can be left hanging here!

• Danny, Rachel and Charlie:

You know….I’ve lost count how many lives have been affected and/or irrevocably tarnished on this show by people who profess to only do the terribly things they do in some misguided effort to “protect” someone they love. And here we go again. Charlie is Danny’s son and Rachel knew from the very beginning and didn’t tell him or Stan the truth. I am not happy with this turn of events.

Oh..don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with Danny being Charlie’s father. If you think about it, it’s something that’s happened quite regularly on network television over the decades. A TV show has a cute moppet the audience loves, but as the years go by, said moppet grows up and out of their adorableness. At some point, TPTB introduce a new adorable moppet in an effort to recapture lightening in the bottle. When Cosby’s littlest Rudy grew up, Denise showed up with an adorable little step-daughter in tow. When Full House’s baby Michelle grew up, Uncle Jesse got married and his wife had twins. It happens all the time. Gracie Williams is on the doorstep of full blown adolescence and all the trials and tribulations that go with that. While Danny will always see her as such, she’s not his little baby monkey anymore. Little Charlie will certainly fill the adorableness quotient perfectly. When he called Danny “Danno”, my heart literally melted in place.

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But…this could have been handled so differently and so much better in my opinion. Why did they have to go and make Rachel the bad guy here? I mean, why couldn’t everyone, including Rachel, just think that Charlie was Stan’s all along only to find out it wasn’t so after Charlie got sick? The results would have been the same. Danny could still be the only donor but Rachel wouldn’t look like such a bitch. I really don’t see any reason for it to be done this way.

But this is the way the writers have chosen to go so let’s look at it objectively. Rachel said she kept the truth from him because she was scared that if Danny was killed in the line of duty both her children would be fatherless. So, essentially, she gave Charlie a different father to protect him (and there’s that word again!). It does make a bit of sense because it was Danny’s job that broke them up in the first place even though Rachel knew from the very beginning Danny was a cop and what that would mean.

But knowing what to expect and actually having to live with it isn’t always the same thing. I have a feeling what happened on 911 may have been what put the fear into her heart, and rightly so. Probably from that moment forward every time Danny told her he’d be home by 10pm and 10:30 rolled around she was in a panic of what-if’s. Millions of police, fire and military spouses somehow are able to cope….obviously Rachel wasn’t one of them.

Then there is Grace. Think about it. Grace has been traumatized numerous times because of Danny’s job. Somehow, so far, she has still turned out to be an amazing kid. Rachel was trying to protect Charlie from ever having anything like that happen to him. As Stan’s son he could never be used against Danny as Grace has been.

Right now, Danny is angry, and rightfully so. As we well know he has one hell of a temper but he also has a huge heart of gold. He is angry now, and we know from experience that when Danny is angry he says things in the heat of the moment he doesn’t always mean. Yes he missed 3 years of Charlie’s life, which is reprehensible on Rachel’s part, but she DID do it in an effort to protect Charlie.

I am NOT condoning what she did…but I can understand a mother’s fear for and instinct to protect her child. Danny, with his heart of gold, may eventually come to that same conclusion. It will take time but it is totally possible even if it’s not really probable.

The scene at the playground between Danny and Rachel was gut-wrenching. It starts with two people who have come to a good place between them but turns into a scene of lies and betrayal and deceit. Danny is all compassion and understanding as Rachel tells him Charlie is sick and may die. But when he asks her why she is telling him about parents being donors, it only takes him a moment to put it all together. In that moment, every emotion possible crossed his face. Anger at not being told, sorrow for the time he’d missed, fear that Charlie is sick and may die and finally acceptance that this is real and he, indeed, has a son. Both Scott and Clair played it perfectly and the scene itself was beautiful in its subtle emotional complexity.

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I’m a little confused as to why Danny thought it was necessary to lie to Amber…er…Melissa about Rachel texting him. I mean, it’s not like she doesn’t know Rachel exists, unlike when her ex came to Oahu and, I don’t know, almost KILLED Danny. Why lie? He didn’t know why Rachel was texting. It could have been anything, like something concerning Grace. The explanation he gave Steve made no sense at all. He didn’t want Melissa to get “spooked” over a crazy ex-wife and take off. A few texts would make Rachel a “crazy ex-wife”? No…it seems more likely that lie was just dropped into the script to plant a convenient seed of doubt in Melissa’s mind, that Danny isn’t being truthful with her, so if the writers decide somewhere down the line to add a bit of trouble in their relationship they have an opening. I see absolutely no other reason for Danny’s lie.

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But I do have to say that I am excited to see Danny be a daddy to little Charlie. I can’t even figure out how Stan ever believed Charlie was his son because the kid looks so much like Danny it’s scary.  I hope we don’t have to go through a long agonizing illness before we get some really great Charlie and Danno moments. Because, I have to tell you….these too are simply adorable together.

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• Steve and Catherine:

As I have mentioned before on this blog, I do not ship couples. I have enjoyed every paring this show has had, each in their own right. For me, Five-0 is about the crime, the action, the gun fights, explosions and the Ohana of the entire team. Outside relationships are fine, enjoyable, but they are not what make this show for me. They are icing on an already delicious cake.

When I heard Catherine was coming back I will admit I had mixed feelings. I was not happy with the way she left nor was I happy with the way their relationship was written during the last half of Season 4. If it was going to be more of the same, thanks…but no thanks.

You see, I really loved their relationship in Season 3. In S1 & 2 it really seemed more like a “friends with benefits” type of arrangement because they were always apart. But in Season 3 when she was still in the Navy and stationed at Pearl they were able to see each other more often. Even though she had her own house, she was at his place all the time. She was still in the Navy but she helped Five-0 out with the Roller Derby incident and got them intel on the bombers in Danny’s 911 episode. She was useful to the team, she made Steve happy, the Ohana welcomed her into the fold and all was good.

It was really sad the way it turned out in Season 4 because, really, Catherine is perfect for Steve. They have known each other for years and years. They are obviously compatible. They managed to keep a relationship (whatever name they chose to call it) going over long distances with long stretches of being apart. They have similar interests and talents. They are both Naval officers with a strong sense of loyalty and duty. They understand each other. If we could go back and have her be like she was in Season 3, there but not always there, not part of the team but helpful when needed, a presence in Steve’s life who makes him happy….I’d be overjoyed if we could go back to that.

And I have to say, I enjoyed her in this episode. She reminded me of the Catherine I loved back in Season 3. She was intelligent, strong, resourceful and extremely helpful to the team. Just the way I always liked her. But that reunion between she and Steve on the beach, in my mind, left a lot to be desired. He didn’t even kiss her. They sounded like two old high school friends catching up. I mean, he hasn’t seen her in over a year and his first thought is “let’s go out for breakfast”? I guess you can put it down to his absolute shock to see her there at all but, honestly, I would have expected a bit more passion in that moment from two people who supposedly are the loves of each other’s lives.

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She came back because of Kono’s wedding. I suppose she and Steve were still texting or something, keeping in some kind of touch, and he told her about the wedding? I can’t believe Kono would invite Catherine and not tell Steve about it. I mean, Catherine did kind of break his heart and I think Kono would have told Steve there was a possibility Cath might show up. She came for the wedding. Does that mean if Kono wasn’t getting married she’d not have ever come back at all? To me, that doesn’t make Steve her priority here. There was awkwardness between them until Steve stepped off that chopper. At that point he FINALLY kissed her, they hugged like they actually meant it and expressed how much they had missed each other. I don’t know how long Catherine is staying or if she’s back for good but what is obvious is these two have some serious issues to work through if they ever expect to get back to where they were in Season 3.

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I do wonder how she managed to get back to Hawaii though. I suppose since Steve never gave up who he was in Afghanistan with, the brass never found out she was there. She is a civilian now after all so it’s not like the Navy is keeping track of her. I don’t know enough about regulations governing civilian flights in and out of that part of the world to venture a guess as to how it’s done. Also, as a civilian, how is she able to just walk into Naval Intelligence Headquarters and get information on a high level terrorist? Obviously she still has friends there willing to do her a favor like she always helped Steve. Part of me really hopes she does stick around for a while just to find out how all of this is possible.

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• Adam and Kono:

I’m sure I have written this before in this blog but there is something about Adam that has always bothered me. It’s the notion that Adam “changed” or was working toward “changing” to prove to everyone he was a good guy. This has bugged me from the very first moment Kono ever said the words “people will see that you’ve changed”. Adam has never changed…never needed to change because Adam has NEVER been a bad guy.

The first time we ever met Adam, his father Hiro said he’d always kept Adam out of the business. Adam told Kono that while he was in law school, it was his brother Michael who was being groomed to be Hiro’s successor. When Hiro died and Adam attempted to run the organization, honestly, he sucked at it. He had Joe taken but was convinced by Steve to let him go even though he had Steve outgunned five to one. He tried to take WoFat to avenge Hiro’s death and failed at that. He didn’t realize that his attorney murdered WoFat’s CIA contact and was almost taken down himself before Kono shot the guy dead. The worst thing he’s ever done (and I know it’s a bone of contention for many people) was duct tape Kono so she couldn’t follow him when he went after WoFat. Seriously, if he was a true Oyabun of the family he’d have just killed her and been done with it, his feeling for her be damned.

But he has shown the kind of man he truly is several times. He saved Kono from drowning. He saved Kono from Michael, murdering his own brother to do it. He faked his death and went into hiding to protect (and there is that word AGAIN!) Kono when the Yakuza was after them. He helped Five-0 track down WoFat when he took Steve. He was in the process of divesting his entire corporation because Kono wouldn’t agree to marry him if he didn’t.

When Gabriel left those pictures for Chin to find, many people jumped to the conclusion…. “See, I knew Adam has always been dirty”. Well, actually, no he hasn’t. It is no surprise to me what-so-ever that he’s willing to give everything up for Kono. We know she is absolutely worth it. It’s wonderful to see Adam knows that too.

I also loved the way Chin went to Steve when he found out the old man in the photos with Adam was Goro Shioma, an Oyabun of a Yakuza family. But I particularly loved the way our gung-ho SEAL was the voice of reason in this instance, telling Chin that he if confronted Adam and accused him of being in bed with the Yakuza and he’s wrong, he’d drive a wedge between them that would catch Kono in the middle. Steve is always looking out for those he loves and he doesn’t want to see Kono hurt without knowing all the facts first.

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But you just have to love Chin. He heeded Steve’s advice for all of three days then just couldn’t stand it a moment longer, waiting to confront Adam with the pictures the minute he walked into the house. I loved how Chin was sitting there, all Zen calm while you just knew he was boiling beneath it all. He even had an airline ticket to Japan ready if he needed to force Adam to leave. Thank God Adam was able to explain it all to Chin’s satisfaction. What I saw at the end of their exchange were two men who have come to a mutual admiration and respect for each other. Chin for Adam, willing to give up all he has for the woman he loves and Adam for Chin, a man who will do anything and everything in his power to protect the cousin he also loves with all his heart.

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As for Kono….is that girl something or what? It’s the day before and the day of her wedding and instead of fussing over her hair or her dress or whether it’s going to rain on her outdoor wedding, she’s at work helping save the island from the nuke. “If you’re working, then I’m working”. Well, I suppose having a nuke explode would put a damper on the proceedings no matter how stunning your dress is. I sure hope we get to see the I-do’s in 6.01 because Kono was simply stunning in her dress and by the looks of everyone there they would wholeheartedly agree.  It would be a real shame for us to miss out on the party.

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• Steve and Danny:

These two episodes made me feel like I was back watching Season 1 & 2 episodes again. Steve and Danny worked both cases together, exclusively. Every interrogation, every car ride, every discussion was between them and them alone. The rest of the team was there for total support but it was the partnership of Steve and Danny which dominated both these episodes. Hello Bromance…I have missed you so!

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It is Steve Danny goes to when the shit hits the fan with Rachel. It is Danny who wonders who Steve is taking to the wedding and Danny who worries about Steve’s well-being when Catherine shows up. It is Steve who tells Danny he needs to put his anger aside for the sake of his kids, especially Charlie who needs him so desperately now. These two just get each other no matter what. First and foremost, it is THE relationship that hooked me on this show five years ago and it is the only relationship I feel this show cannot survive without.

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And the writers seem understand that too. Especially our writers for this episode. I sometimes think Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt have done what many of us have done. Binge watch this show from the beginning. Of all the writers, save Peter Lenkov himself, I think these guys understand the relationship between Steve and Danny the best. Whenever I see their names on the “written by” line of an episode I just know I’m going to absolutely enjoy every Steve and Danny moment in the episode. Thank you so much gentlemen!

The carguments were priceless. Loved Danny’s line that if Steve sat at the singles table with Kamekona, Jerry and Flippa he’s spend the wedding being hungry and how he attempted to fix Steve up with one of Melissa’s friends so he wouldn’t be alone. And Steve’s attempt to get Danny to change the subject even if he can’t get him to totally be quite by throwing up an invisible wall of silence between them was hysterical.

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Later I was touched by the way Danny was worried about Steve’s feelings concerning Catherine’s return. I remember a deleted scene from Season 1 when Steve and Danny were talking about Rachel and Steve turned to Danny and said “I just don’t want you to get hurt”. Danny is doing the same thing here. Of course, being Danny his concern has a certain edge to it but in this case both Steve and Danny are absolutely right. Catherine did stay in Afghanistan for a noble cause, to help people, as Steve says. But as Danny points out, he helps people every day without having to walk over his family to do it. And in typical form for these two, Steve immediately turns the table on Danny by pointing out the fact that he lied to Melissa about Rachel, so he has no room to talk. I just love a classic cargument!

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Another scene that was really well done was between them on the beach behind Casa McG on Kono’s wedding day. Steve asking Danny if things are ok with Rachel, even offering to pick up Grace so Danny wouldn’t have to deal with seeing Rachel. Steve called Danny on his crap when he said things weren’t weird between him and Rachel. Danny is making Rachel tell Charlie that he’s his father and he’s also a donor match for the needed procedure. Steve is so proud that Danny is stepping up for the son he never even knew he had.

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The two of them in the chopper was equally classic. First off, Danny is clearly terrified yet there was no way Steve was doing this alone. All through both of these episodes Steve and Danny seemed to be attached at the hip. It was just like old times and really wonderful to see.

For blog157      “Well, I guess the good news is that dying would be better than looking at your bald head the rest of my life”

For blog155                                    “What are you rambling about?

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“I got a nuke at my foot, ok, what am I rambling about? If we don’t die, which is a gigantic if, I’m gonna be microwaving eggs with my finger, ok?”

For blog230                                     “Nobody’s gonna die, Danny.”

For blog160“Oh really? Look. It’s Dr. Strangelove, he’s back! Aren’t you the one who said residual radiation is not so bad but its direct contact that is?”……. “No…I didn’t say that exactly.”……“But you implied it…you basically said that…I’m standing on the thing”

For blog161“Ok, listen to me, just listen to me for a minute, alright? Listen to me, alright? One kid is one thing, Danny, but two kids is something else, alright? Guess what? You got two kids now. You got two kids now and one of them needs you to go home and do something really important for him, alright? So, you don’t get to die today even though it would make my life a lot quieter.

God I love these guys so much.

I also have to say I absolutely LOVED the return of BAMF Steve in his full glory in both these episodes. I especially loved the entire scene where Steve and Danny had Bennett in the rendition room. Steve wasn’t taking any shit from Bennett about where that nuke was. But did you notice Danny during this scene. He had very few lines but he spoke pages and pages of dialog with his facial expressions and body language. When Bennett asked “do you remember where you were when 9/11 happened?” you could see it written all over Danny’s face that he remembers exactly where he was that horrible day. And when Steve was holding his gun to Bennett’s head, Danny looked almost nauseous with memories of Colombia. It was another perfectly executed scene among many in these episodes.

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• Gabriel:

Ah….Gabriel. I do so love a great villain and Gabriel looks like he’s going to be our new big baddie. I’m looking forward to this more than I can say because what’s Five-0 without a really great on-going baddie?

Gabriel, who wanted Chin to help him get off the island just a few weeks ago, seems to be settling in now quite nicely with the murder a drug trafficker known to HPD. And he doesn’t seem to be too bothered with worry about anyone knowing what he’s up too, either. You can’t tell me a lifelong criminal of his caliber doesn’t know exactly where surveillance cameras are.

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It bugs the hell out of me that after all these years people still bring up that “dirty cop” tag with regards to Chin and are always offering him bribes like he’s just waiting for the right offer to come along before he accepts. And Gabriel trying to get into Chin’s head, trying to make him feel like even his own team believes it’s only a matter of time before Chin shows his alleged true colors. Cleaver Gabriel but it’s not going to fly. Chin knows who his friends are, knows how his Ohana feels about him. It’s not going to work.

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I am looking forward to Gabriel being the new big baddie. It comes full circle. Chin out to get the man who killed his father. But this time it’s not just one man’s fight. Gabriel’s actions affect the entire team. Gabriel killed Chin’s father, attempted to interfere with Kono’s wedding with those pictures of Adam, it was Gabriel’s money which Danny took to Colombia to try to save Matt. Whatever Gabriel is up to, the entire team will be affected one way or another.

I was really scared when Gabriel told Chin to turn around and pointed the gun at his back. I really thought the last thing we’d see in the finale was everyone on the beach turning at the sound of a gunshot. Thank God that didn’t happen. When Chin turned around and Gabriel was just gone I still shouted at my TV… “WHAT?!? THERE?!?! YOU’RE STOPPING THERE?!?!?”

For blog224     For blog225

For blog227     For blog228

Yes…they stopped there and now we wait. We wait for the official word from CBS that our show has been renewed for a sixth season. I’m not worried about a renewal, I feel very confident we will be back. I’m curious to see if we get renewed for a full season or if CBS will do for Five-0 what they did for The Mentalist. I don’t want that, of course, but it that’s how it ends up being I can deal with that over an out and out cancellation. At least Peter and the gang will be able to tie up all the loose ends and end the show on their own terms.

BUT….I am keeping the faith, the glass is still half full, I am still riding the wave on the positive side. I don’t know if I’ll be writing much over the summer, I may, I may not. If not…..have a wonderful summer my friends. See you in September. Aloha, Malama Pono.


22 thoughts on “BEWARE! Extra-long year ending #H50 – Review 5.24 – Luapo’i – Prey & 5.25 – A Makekaua – Until We Die

    • How Cath knew about the wedding may be one of those things we just never find out about. It may fall into that category of “just because you didn’t see it happen doesn’t mean it didn’t” and Steve told her in a text off screen. Who khows? LOL


  1. Diane says:

    Hi Linda,
    I loved your review. A little lengthy, but but truly enjoyable. I agreed with about 90% of it. I’ve always thought Rachel was at fault for most of the relationship problems with Danny. I would love to hear how they actually broke up. Was Stan already in the picture? I never wanted them back together, and Melissa is OK, but I prefer someone more stable for Danny, after all he now has 2 children in his life. Same Mom, but Rachel doesn’t exactly make sensible decisions. I thought the excuse was pathetic, but I feel it was in line with what Rachel does. She knew Danny was a cop when she met him, yet she takes Grace to Hawaii, then when Danny gets settled, Stan needs to go to Las Vegas, why can’t he commute and telecommute like millions of other business men. Why does Grace have to move once again on a Rachel whim. I love that the boy is Danny’s and there should be some good Danny moments when he worries about Charlie and his health. I hope this is the nail in the coffin of their relationship. They have to be civil for the kids, but nothing more.

    As for Catherine, I have always loved her with Steve, they are the perfect couple. Even Peter said it was always his intention to break them up, to find their way back together, as they had done before. There are quite a few years and moments between them. Catherine was gone for a year, and yes she did break Steve’s heart, but Steve was never one to actually tell her how he felt, until he knew he might not see her again. So its not just one persons fault. I thought her excuse was lame for staying in Afghanistan. She was gone for a year, and he said himself he was not ready to jump into another relationship, that hug on the beach showed it was because he is not over her. I don’t think we should presume that someone is going to plant a big kiss on someone they have not seen in over a year. Especially when he has no idea how she felt. The hug said more than enough, Steve really showed the vulnerable side of himself. He needs someone to show that more, Danny does a good job of getting him to say stuff by busting his chops, but Catherine is the love of his life, and he just showed it.

    I enjoyed the year, there are many new questions. A little disappointed the Doris thing has come close to an end. Maybe its a actor’s scheduling problem. Who knows, but I expected it to be put to bed.

    OK so my response was a little lengthy. Now were even.

    Have a great summer.

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    • Thanks Diane. Actually I’m one of those people who hopes that Doris’s story is not over. I feel Steve deserves a final face to to face with her after all she’d done. I also really like the idea some folks are floating that the reason Cath was able to find Najib was because Doris helped her and Cath is now CIA the same way Doris is. I think that would open up a TON of story for all the characters involved!


  2. Great Review. I agree with everything you said. The Steve/Danno bromance is the core of this show and I loved how Steve and Danny were working together the entire time for both episodes!!! I also love Catherine as Steve’s girlfriend and someone they can get help from, but not as a member of the team.

    I truly hope there is a Season 6 and wish that CBS hadn’t dragged out their renewals until May. Frustrating. I feel like the “cliffhanger” was left a little tame in case the show is cancelled. It was more of a set up for stories in season 6 than a cliffhanger.

    Thanks for all your work. Have a great summer.

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    • Well, as you know…yesterday, after all this was written CBS did renew us for another season so we’ll have lots of opportunity to see how all this plays out. I can’t wait! Is it September yet?!?!? LOL


  3. Linda, once again, I agree with you on everything. I especially agree with you on the Catherine thing. I also enjoyed her much more in Season 3 than in Season 4. To me, it went downhill when she joined the team. Before that, there were some sparks between her and Steve. But when she joined the team, it changed the whole dynamic between her and Steve. They became kind of boring. I enjoy seeing her work with the team. But, Steve should be her boyfriend, not her boss. Let her help out the team in whatever capacity, but she should not join the team. Okay, I loved this episode. I loved the bromance. Steve and Danny are the best partnership. I am hoping that we get a lot more of Steve and Danny together next season. And I also agree, I hope we get a full season but even if it is a shortened season, it’s better than nothing. I would rather see them get a final season, than get cancelled. They deserve better than that. This was a fantastic episode. It set so many great things in motion for next season. Danno has got some rough times ahead. But that is when Scott Caan is at his best. I have always said, he acts with his eyes. He is one fantastic actor. You could see every emotion in his expressions when he realized that Charlie was his son. It’s going to be a long wait. But we’ve got a lot to think about over the summer break. See you in September and I look forward to your reviews.

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    • Yeah…we have no way of knowing whether we’re getting a full season or not just yet. As of yesterday only Person of Interest was listed as a partial season so I’m going with a whole season for us next year. Right now, I am just glowing with the fun of these last episodes, the relief that the wait for renewal is over and the anticipation of a great new season!


  4. Wendy says:

    This is a really great review, Linda. I agree with everything you wrote. Both episodes were truly enjoyable. The COTW in the first was very entertaining, and the nuke story line was fantastic. These were how 5-0 used to be in Seasons 1 & 2. The bromance was back and I loved it. However, I hated the way Rachel was portrayed, I agree with you, they should have found out when Charlie became ill. I hope Catherine is not back to stay, maybe she can re-enlist and go back to an occasional appearance like before. I’d love to see the wedding at the beginning of Season 6, I feel like we missed out there. Gabriel is such a good bad guy, but he does seem to have a soft spot for Chin suddenly. Have a good summer.

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    • I don’t know about that soft spot for Chin. Gabriel is a master manipulator even when he was a kid and Chin got him out of that auto theft charge. He’s trying to play with Chin’s head by throwing that “we’re family” at him. Chin isn’t falling for that, not that I ever expected him to.

      So not happy with the Rachel story even though I love that Danny is Charlie’s father and as for Catherine, that’s a BIG wait and see. Even though they were naturally happy to see each other again, I just don’t see the “love of my life has returned to me” scenario but that’s just me. Steve has abandonment issues since Doris “died” and he was shipped away. I’m not sure he’s going to welcome her back with open arms and bed, at least not right away. They looked uncomfortable with each other to me all the way until they got to the wedding. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see where it goes next season.

      Ahhhhhhh I like the sound of that! LOL


  5. Carole says:

    First- thank you for all the hard work and time you’ve put in this season. I hope you continue Kool-Aid next season.
    I think a 2hour finale gave more time to tell the stories and it certainly gave me lots of my favorite about ths show. – Steve and Danny together. YOU’RE RIGHT linda- they are what holds it all together It was like the cloud that’s been hanging over them is gone and suddenly they are back in sinc it was beautiful to see. There was a lot going on, but going in I was most concerned about Danny. I already guessed the big secret would be about Charlie, but I was thinking more along the line of Rach leaving Stan and wanting back with Danny – didn’t see the sick kid bit. I think it’s a shame they went there. but then I’m always hoping for good stuff for Danny- at least this will give Scott lots of good material to work with (I hope)
    A word about Chin – looks like he will be a key figure going forward – great to see that – love the strength he brings to his scenes.Kono was beautiful – let’s hope the wedding happens – I was expecting it to end with a gun shot too – thank goodness I was wrong. It will be a long enough summer as is.
    And then there was Cath – I’m glad her return wasn’t central to the story and honestly her part was pretty small – Steve could have gotten that intel himself surely? My impression was they are testing the water for reaction. I don’t hate the character, but like you I preferred it when she was in the Navy and only around part of the time. I had a hard time with her not going to Steve about his mother and I’ m with Danny when it comes to how she dumped Steve – I’m glad to see Steve not jumping to take her back. Finally – what can I say – he looked mighty fine in that tux- loved the James Bond comment (not to say Danny didn’t look great cos I love him too)It’s been a fantastic season and I’m looking forward to September.
    Biggest wish for S-6 – CBS to do a better job of promoting the show. Until September – Aloha

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    • Thanks Carole. You know, I thought from the very beginning they would make Charlie sick, it’s a tried and true story line in TV dramas for decades, which is why, even though I figured that’s what it would be, I really hoped it wouldn’t. It’s too easy and…been there! And even though I knew that’s how they’d probably go I REALLY wanted EVERYONE to find out Danny was his dad at the same time, not for Rachel to be the bad guy. But, of course, a happy Danny is a boring Danny so let’s heap as much crap on his as we can! It will give Scott tons of meat to work with script wise next season.

      As for CBS promoting the show better in Season 6. Don’t hold your breath..we’ve been hoping for that since Season 1


  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed all your reviews for the entire season and look forward to what you have to say for season 6, because we will get a season 6. You always seem to say exactly what I am thinking!! How do you do that??? Must be great minds thinking alike. I look forward to these new developments taking fruition next year and can’t wait to see what the writers have in store for us next year. Whatever it is I’m it will be lone wild ride!!

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  7. rhondagemini says:

    You nailed it,sistah! Great review! I agree with everything you said,especially the part about there being a sixth season! Can’t wait to see what happens with Chin & Gabriel and how that affects the team. Hope we see Kono & Adam marry in the season opener!


  8. Well, Bella, we made it through another season together, and your KoolAid has taken off beautifully! Each episode’s review has been better than the previous one, and you did not let us down for the double episode finale! Great review and super screen grabs! You do a fantastic job getting grabs that illustrate your point of view.

    The Bromance is back! Long live the Bromance! Everything else about these two episodes were great, but the re-emergence of the McDanno Bromance brought the series full circle for me! Remember way back in the beginning of the season, we talked about our confusion as to what was going on with the Stave/Danny dynamic? It seemed so different, as if they two partners were at odds with their relationship? I think we had it right when we speculated that the two were being torn apart due to their personal lives going in such stressful and tragic directions. Perhaps, thanks to the”partner therapy” (which we all thought was just an attempt at light-hearted banter) the partners were able, through the storylines in these last two episodes, to return to the footing on which the series was originally framed. Whatever the cause was for the return, I don’t think there is a single Diehard H50 fan who wasn’t happy to see it on screen.

    As an aside, none of us know the extent to which Scott will be on the show next season. I am already seeing fears spreading that the Danny and Charlie storyline is the means with which Danny will be written off the show (you know, Danny will leave law enforcement to live a safer life for his children, or Danny and Rachel will reconcile and they’ll all move back to New Jersey, etc., etc.). I don’t expect Danny to be written out — at least not this season.

    But, if Scott has the same contract for season 6 as he had for season 5, we know for a fact he will be missing from a number of episodes. So, here’s my take on what would make this new season less painful.

    For the episodes Scott is in, make them true McDanno bromance stories — have Steve and Danny work together and interact together in the same way and to the same degree that they were partnered in these last two episodes of S5. That was perfection. If the viewers are offered that fare on a regular basis, they will be less disagreeable about Danny’s absence at other times, and more accepting of Grover filling in when Danny is gone, or when there are more side stories with Jerry. That’s what I would like to see, at least!

    As far as Steve and Catherine go, I’m not seeing the “you’re the love of my life, I realize I can’t live without you” scenario yet. It certainly wasn’t there in this last episode. Of course, everyone sees the exact same thing with different colored glasses. What I experience is not going to be the same thing as someone who truly loves the Steve/Cath relationship experiences. Some people saw exactly that rekindling love affair! We’ll have to wait until S6 to see where the writers will take it. (Don’t you just being able to say S6 and know now it’s a reality? I wonder if the Bear enjoyed his crow dinner?)

    I could go on and on, and end up with a comment as long as the review, but I’m tired of typing. There will be plenty of time to discuss all the unfinished business (Doris) and all the new story arcs proposed, over the course of the summer.

    Hey, Linda! If you’re not going to write a KoolAid blog, what ARE you going to working on this summer? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree 100% If Scott can’t be in every episode they need to have him be OUR Danny and have them be OUR Steve&Danny when he IS there. Bad enough when he’s not in an episode but to have him there but not be with Steve or even with the team…no. It’s cute and ok for a one off but no more Danny stuck in elevators with 2ndary characters, please! I too don’t think Danny (or Scott) is leaving. Danny fought tooth and nail to keep Grace in Hawaii because “it is their home now”. I don’t see him decided to up and leave now. Yes, he has two kids now but Rachel IS still there (even if we don’t get to see her) so he has backup in the parenting game.

      As for Scott, why leave when he’s getting everything he wants now? I honestly feel he is trying to do for Josie what his father did for him. When Scott was a small child James turned down all kinds of work to be there for his son. Scott is contractually obligated to Five-0 so he’s doing the best he can. It’s nice TPTB are flexible in giving him the time he wants. Why leave?

      I agree about Steve and Cath. I didn’t see a “this is the love of my life” reunion but others did. I guess we just wait and see what the writers come up with for these two and if any of the rumored on set drama affects her future participation in the show.

      Hmmmmmm over the summer writing? I’ll have to give that some thought! LOL 😉


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