#H50 100 Down Yet the Mystery Continues…..

My father was a voracious reader so when I was growing up and asked him to tell me stories he didn’t fall back on stories of the “Three Little Bears” variety. No, he told me stories out of great literature. Two of my absolute favorites were stories from Tarzan and, particularly, Sherlock Holmes. I just adored a good mystery story, trying to figure out who done it and why? The more questions the better, it made it fun, made the challenge of trying to figure it out so much more rewarding and damn if it wasn’t a thrill when I actually figured out something!

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In the last decade, before Five-0, my favorite TV show was LOST. For anyone who never watched LOST, it was not a show for anyone who wanted quick answers, story lines that were easy to follow or neatly tied loose ends. Watching LOST was a study in patience and required a good ability to simply accept that everything wouldn’t always be wrapped into a tidy little bundle. I LOVED it!

I bring this up because we seem to still be faced with a rather perplexing mystery with the conclusion of Five-0’s 100th episode. Like LOST before it, Five-0 has the tendency to answer one question while simultaneously spawning more. In this case the continuing mystery surrounding one…. Doris McGarrett.

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It is true we have been given the answer to a question many of us have either grappled with or were convinced we already knew the answer to. What was the relationship between Doris and WoFat?  So now we know….she was his (not quite official) adopted mother. But that nugget of information, while quite satisfying, left us with even more questions. Here is my take on what we learned and what we still need to find out. Of course, I have no clue what will happen or if we’ll ever get all the answers but speculation is a hell of a lot of fun. Ok so here we go. I hope this actually makes even a small amount of sense!

• Doris is WoFat’s “adopted” mother:

Well, we knew that the mission to kill Papa Fat took out Mama Fat instead. But what if it wasn’t “instead” but “too”? Maybe when the hit took place they weren’t both supposed to be together and whatever it was (probably some kind of explosion…seems to be the preferred method on this show) got them both. Mama Fat was killed and Papa Fat gravely injured, captured and, perhaps, sequestered away all these years.

WoFat said she had just “become a new mother” so he was barely more than a newborn when his mother died. Therefore, he wouldn’t have known that the woman raising him wasn’t his biological mother unless someone told him. What if no one ever did? What if, when he was a small child, Doris did tell him that his daddy had died (because she probably believed he did) but just allowed him to believe she was his real mother. Then, all of a sudden one day, Doris was taken away from him too.

According to the H50 writer’s timeline WoFat is 7 years older than Steve. So he couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6 years old when Doris was forced to leave him. So young that it’s conceivable he wasn’t told the whole horrible story about his parents nor that his “mother” wasn’t really his mother. Hopefully Doris’s superiors at least gave her the opportunity to properly say goodbye to such a small child before she was just gone from his life.

Personally, I don’t think WoFat knew Doris wasn’t his biological mother until he found that grave in Cambodia, opened it and discovered his real mother’s body. I think that look of shock in the safe house when he saw Doris was one of REAL shock……the same look Steve had when he opened that door in Japan and saw MOM. Not only because, in that moment, WoFat realized that Doris was Shelburn but also because, at that point, WoFat STILL believed Doris was his real mother.

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I also keep thinking about that first meeting between Steve and WoFat at the noodle house back in Season 1. WoFat told Steve he wouldn’t like what he would find if he dug too deep into his family’s past. What would Steve have found? That his mother had been a spy before she married John? Surprising, yes, but hardly earth shattering information. Steve, after all, had been a spy on occasion too. That Doris wasn’t dead? At that point they both thought she was.

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No…I think WoFat truly believed at that point in Season 1 that he and Steve were brothers……real blood brothers and that’s what he warned Steve he wouldn’t like if he found out. That’s why when Steve took blood from WoFat to have Max run the DNA WoFat yelled after him “you don’t want to know the truth”. That was before Doris visited him in prison in Colorado so I believe at that point WoFat still believed she was his real mother.

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I honestly believe Doris did tell WoFat the whole truth in Colorado. That his real mother was killed and she thought his father had been too but, in fact, his father was taken away and she never heard where he was or what happened to him. Perhaps the CIA had taken him somewhere. Could be why WoFat thought with his connections, Steve would know where “they are keeping him”.

• Why did WoFat have John McGarrett killed?

Of course, we have no idea about WoFat’s upbringing after Doris left him but if, in fact, she was allowed to say goodbye to him, he knew she was alive somewhere out there. He probably knew her name, no reason for her not to tell a small child she intended to raise forever her real name. It would be understandable that even as an adult, the small child within him resented, even hated, the new family she had, the family who got all the love that should have always been his.

WoFat ended up serving his country. Jenna said back in Season 1 that WoFat started out as one of the good guys. More than likely, in the course of his work, he came across information that showed his father had not died when he was a baby but was murdered in an OP by “Shelburn”. Having lost the only mother he ever knew and growing up without his parents for most of his life, he began his trek to the dark side in search of the man who killed his father probably rationalizing that that murder is what ultimately caused all the grief his life.

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I believe the meeting in Jameson’s office was when WoFat began to put two and two together. John was investigating the Yakuza at the time. Maybe Jamison was orchestrating the meeting to introduce WoFat as a respectable businessman with ties to Japan and China to throw John off track. You know…that old “keep your enemies closer” thing. WoFat is introduced to John McGarrett and something may have clicked. But it was just a friendly meeting ending with smiling and handshakes as they stood to leave.

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Then John mentioned Shelburne and that’s when I believe the other shoe dropped and WoFat did indeed put two and two together. THIS man knew about Shelburn….knew about the man who killed his father. AND his name was McGarrett which means he’s also the man who took his mother. I think WoFat truly became unhinged at that moment and decided to take his revenge on Doris’s family. He used the Hesse brothers ongoing battle with Steve and Victor as his hired killer to wreak retribution on the family who had the love he should have had all his life from his mother.

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• Who was after Doris in 1992?

Why did Doris feel she had to take such drastic measures to protect her family in 1992? According to the WoFat timeline, in 1992 he would have been around 22 years old. Seems rather young to wield that much power. And if we go on the theory that WoFat made the McGarrett family connection in Jameson’s office sometime around 2010 it had to be someone else who was after Doris in 1992. Could it have been Papa Fat?

If Papa Fat IS alive and free out there somewhere he’s never shown any interest in his son. But what if, all this time, while WoFat thought his father was dead, his father thought the same about him? That he died with his mother in the explosion and that’s why he never tried to find him. And that’s why Doris thought he was coming after her…. because she killed his wife AND his son!

Could be WoFat and his father have different names then they did way back when.  WoFat is very well-known in his circles and if his father was also in similar circles there is no way he wouldn’t have heard of his son and vice versa. His father hasn’t laid eyes on him since he was a newborn so he’d hardly recognize him. But what if WoFat is not his real name but a name he fashioned for himself or one the agency he worked for years ago gave him? We keep calling his father Papa Fat but it’s very possible he has an entirely different name than his son.

So….even though we have the new information about Doris’s relationship to WoFat that doesn’t mean this story is over. It seems inevitable that at some point Steve and WoFat’s father will meet. If it’s true that Doris faked her death because of this man, it’s a safe bet that the meeting between him and Steve will not be a pleasant one. How will he feel about the man who killed the son he never got to meet and know?

And how will Doris react when she finds out that her biological son killed her adopted son. How will she feel when she finds out that her adopted son once again kidnapped and tortured her biological son over information only she possibly has?  WoFat had help escaping from that Super Max in Colorado.  Was it Doris who helped him?  Will she ever come back so she and Steve can hash this all out face to face?

So there it is.  I’m sure there are plenty of holes in my theories and speculations but even so it seems there are plenty of questions still out there with regard to the McGarrett family saga. I, for one, look forward to finding out all there is to know about it.  So here’s to a great story and 100 great episodes.  I think there is enough story possibilities out there for 100 more.  One can only hope!


18 thoughts on “#H50 100 Down Yet the Mystery Continues…..

  1. Kim millar says:

    Nicely done Linda! When I start to think of all the different aspects, my head starts to spin. What you laid out makes great sense. What will Doris think when she finds out who shot who. Thanks for thinking for my tired old brain!

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  2. You’ve thought this out very well, Linda, and it seems very plausible to me. The only thing I see wrong with it is that I believe that WoFat was imprisoned at the SuperMax in Colorado all of Season 4 (Steve sent him off after getting a DNA sample in Episode 1 and he didn’t escape until the Season Finale). So he couldn’t have been the one to dig up the grave in Cambodia. But he has always had henchmen and minions who could have found the grave and reported back to him. After all, he should have had no reason to know where Ian Wright was keeping Grover’s daughter Samantha, but someone told him and lo and behold WoFat was her savior.

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    • Hmmmmmm yes you are very right there Ed. WoFat WAS in Colorado all of Season 4. Good catch. So if it wasn’t WoFat or one of his henchmen who found that grave it had to be the CIA or some other official agency because it was after Joe and then Steve confronted that CIA Agent Sam Connors that someone moved in and emptied that grave. By the time Steve went back to question Sam after he and Danny got back from Cambodia Sam’s office was empty except for a ringing phone where a voice told Steve “you need to walk away…agent Conners doesn’t exist…that casket in Cambodia doesn’t exist”.

      So if the CIA emptied that grave…who did it and why? Was it Doris? Was it Joe? Curiouser and curiouser…..


  3. I’m so glad you did this, Linda! Sure, we all pretty much accepted that Doris and WoFat were connected in some way, and we now have the answer to that out in the open, but I didn’t expect to get all the answers to the McGarrett Family Saga with the 100th episode!

    The big mystery I would love to have answered is who in the world did Doris fear enough to fake her own death in order to protect her family from destruction! Also, how much of this whole story does Joe White know? He’ll be back before this season is over. I hope he has some answers for Steve.

    I also would love to see Danny wring some answers out of Doris for his partner. If Steve is going to experience some PTSD, Danny is going to do his best to help his friend out. Currently, Doris is very low on my “favorite character radar.”

    A lot of time and brain power was utilized to write this edition of the KoolAid blog! Thanks for taking all the possible ideas that swam around in my head this past week and making sense of them. You’re the best, Linda!

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    • Thanks Lynnette…my brain is kinda fizzled out now though! LOL

      I’m still leaning toward WoFat’s father being the one out to get Doris or more specifically Doris’s family. If and that’s a big IF he did survive the attack that killed his wife and IF he did believe his son died along with her it’s conceivable that he wanted “an eye for an eye”…to cripple Doris by taking away her spouse and children in retribution. If Doris was dead, killing her family wouldn’t hurt her anymore so, in her mind, if she died her family would be safe. I hate what she did but in a moment of panic and feeling backed into a corner I can sorta understand her thinking.

      I also LOVE the idea of Danny backing Doris into a room and brow beating her until she spills everything. If anyone can get to the bottom of things with sheer persistence it’s Danny and he already has a very healthy disdain for Doris which only makes me love him even more then I already do!

      Ahhhhhh yes…Joe White. I kinda deliberately left him out of my initial ramblings because he is such an enigma I have no idea where he fits into any of this. His fingerprints are all over EVERYTHING in this saga but he manages to slink away like a fog as if he was never there. He is involved in all of this up to his non-existent hair line and if I want answers from Doris I want them from Joe even MORE.

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  4. Carole says:

    Nice job of putting together all the bits and pieces to make a timeline that makes sense. It helps some, but I’m still confused over who knew what when…….particularly Joe. If Joe knew where Doris was all the time, how could he not know the connection with Wo Fat. And who did he know first – John McGarrett or Doris?
    I feel like I need to revisit all the Joe scenes to see what he said. Seems like we’ll be seeing him soon…….he appears to be in hospital garb…?
    Friday with no new epi sucked – then I came over and read your blog from August on – my H50 fix for the week!
    Looking forward to aunt Deb…..

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    • Yes…as I said above…Joe is in this entire saga DEEP. I really hope that when we do see him again Steve can get some answers. It’s about time Joe came clean about all of this.

      I hated there was no Five-0 this week. I have a bit of a concern over next weeks ratings. There were many people online who misunderstood the montage at the end of #100 and coupled with the death of WoFat, they thought #100 was the end of the series. Then there was no “stay tuned for scenes from our next episode” and of course no episode on Friday. I hope those folks realize it was NOT the series finale and tune in this week.

      Hopefully CBS will do a lot of promoting during Sunday Football and during the week for the next episode. Carol Burnett is not only a huge TV icon she’s a huge CBS TV icon! CBS should milk her appearance for all it’s worth.


  5. Doris told Steve right after he found her in Japan that she faked her death because she feared WoFat. So when she knew baby Wo just after he was born, he must have had a different name. On another subject, maybe Joe White introduced Doris Callahan to John McGarrett?

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  6. Wendy says:

    Love all your thoughts on Steve and Doris, but I think Joe White has a lot more information he can tell Steve about all this. He’s in an episode later this season, so I hope we learn something new from him then.

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  7. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! You put all the pieces together quite nicely! Steve still has a lot of questions and when Joe returns,Steve will demand answers and I don’t think he will let Joe get away without them this time! One question I have:Do you think Steve will tell his team about his drug-induced alternate reality? Not that it would matter,but Danny might want to know why Steve thought his father was alive.

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    • I think that depends Rhonda on whether we eventually get to the PTSD story. If Steve is having nightmares and they revolve around what he hallucinated while drugged by WoFat and Danny should witness the nightmares or at least the after affects he may demand that Steve talk to him about what’s going on. Then I think Steve might open up about what happened with WoFat and what his hallucinations were. But, unfortunately, this show doesn’t really do well with continuity when it comes to things like this. I’m afraid if we don’t get a full blown PTSD story and with WoFat now dead we may never hear about this incident again.


  8. Ed! Posting a new reply since WordPress didn’t give me the option to reply to your last comment…

    The one thing I like about the idea of WoFat adopting his fathers name as his own is that IF his father is going to be the new bad guy for the show it would mean that Peter’s statement that “WoFat will be a boil on McGarrett’s butt for the duration” would still be true!

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