#H50 Review: 5.07 – Ina Paha – If, Perhaps (100th Episode)

As I sit here I am still trying to wrap my head around this episode. Incredible. Mind boggling. Shocking. Heart stopping. Heart breaking. There doesn’t seem to be an appropriate adjective to describe this episode so I’m just going to use them all. And I apologize in advance for the length of this review. There was just too much wonderfulness…I couldn’t contain myself.

Let’s start with THE BEST thing about this episode. Alex O’Loughlin. You know…it took me 5 minutes on that September night in 2010 to know this was a show I was going to have to keep my eye on. Watching that opening sequence again last night (and in the 5 times I re-watched the Pilot in the past week) reminded me again of that long ago night. How awed I was when “South Korea” came on my screen and a movie quality war broke out. I remember rechecking my TV listing for a second thinking I might have tuned into the wrong channel. Then I saw Alex for the first time and I was lost.

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Ok…I admit it. I fell in love with his gorgeousness at first sight but then something else happened. It didn’t take very long to realize this beautiful man is a fantastic actor. He never ceases to amaze me. Give this man mediocre material and he always manages to elevate it. Give him excellent material and he hits it out of the ballpark. This time….Alex reached the stratosphere.

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Watching Steve’s mind go through a drug induced haze of memories was done in a way I didn’t expect. I knew, of course, we were going to see an alternate reality but I loved the unique way it was done. The direction of Larry Teng, always my favorite director, was flawless. I loved the way the lighting would flash and there would be a subtle jerk of the camera, almost like a hiccup, as if Steve’s mind was stuttering and skipping, not quite on track. A tangible visual effect of Steve’s mind trying and failing to right itself. It was brilliant!

I found it very interesting and incredibly entertaining how Steve’s drugged brain took him on a journey back to the day that changed his life forever. His hallucinations brought many into his thoughts. Chin advancing through the ranks of HPD and Kono as a professional surfer doing TV commercials. Kamekona, all weird mustache and scary tats, is still a go to guy for information even if he’s not a willing informant but a Halawa resident sick of spam and yearning for shrimp. Steve’s newest friends were also there. Lou, still with Chicago PD and on vacation having it out with Duke (just LOVE Duke!) over his stolen golf clubs. And Jerry…poor Jerry. Homeless and muttering to himself about unsolved mysteries and conspiracies. Even Jenna was there. I know she was only on the screen for a few seconds but I was very touched to realize that in Steve’s subconscious mind he remembers her fondly and doesn’t blame her for what happened. In a very nice touch, Jenna was even wearing the necklace she was wearing and Steve took off her body in North Korea.

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Watching Steve’s reunion with his father was wonderful. The smile that spread across his face the first moment he laid eyes on John in Chin’s office showed the love Steve has once again found for his father. In the true reality, when John died, Steve was still very torn over the events that caused their separation and the guilt he felt at not being able to reconnect with his dad before he died. THAT reality seeped in and can be felt in the alternate one in the complete joy on Steve’s face and the bone crushing hug between them…..like a man who’s certain he had lost someone very dear only to find them alive and well. Steve hugged John like he never intended to let go. The “beers on the beach” near the end of the episode was the kicker. Something Steve was never able to do with John, something that means a great deal to him. In Steve’s mind that was the best place to be.

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But it was Danny who just made my day. I defy anyone to say they didn’t enjoy watching a happily married Danny gushing about Rachel, driving Steve around Oahu in the old Silver Bullet and loving on Hawaii for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous sun and “ono eats”. And in an Aloha shirt no less. I so miss Danny’s ringtones. “Love is in the Air” for Rachel’s ringtone was priceless.

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I have always loved the bad ass, follow no rules cop doing whatever he wants to get things done and I just loved that in this reality it was Danny! Going guns to kneecaps with Hesse in that hospital room….and Steve being the sensible one, telling Danny to follow the rules…OMG that was classic. Danny is always telling Steve how certifiable he is but in Steve’s mind game Danny is even worse. There is no Five-0 so there’s no “immunity” here. Danny just doesn’t care! And when Steve asked Danny “What kind of cop are you?” I was dying for Danny to answer “The new kind”.

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Yes…I really enjoyed this alternate reality a great deal. The true reality was very hard to watch and incredible to watch at the same time. Ok…first off, this is the third time Steve has been taken and tortured. Can we give the poor guy a break now? Please? Dear God….hasn’t he been through enough? And the truths he learned this time, coupled with finally being able to kill WoFat, are going to plague Steve. If this doesn’t bring on his full blown PTSD, which we have been promised we’d see I don’t know what will and frankly, I don’t want to see anything more intense than this.

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And, that brings me back to Alex. It’s been over 12 hours and I’m still having a really hard time wrapping my head around this performance. It was so gritty, so heart breaking and difficult to watch and yet, I couldn’t drag my eyes away. His pain, both physical and emotional was so palpable I could feel it reaching out from my TV to grab at my stomach and my heart. I cringed, multiple times, jumped and gasped more times than that and Alex just kept giving more. It will probably never happen but I swear to God, that performance needs to be submitted to the Emmy committee NOW! It’s way past time Alex got the recognition he more than deserves.

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As the end approached, Steve and WoFat engaged in their final confrontation. Here is where I have to mention not only the excellent physical prowess of both Alex and Mark Dacascos in executing these fight scenes with such perfection but also to Jeff Cadiente for his excellent choreography. These fight scenes, as well as the one between Alex and WoFat’s henchwoman, were the most realistic I’ve ever seen. Excellent job by absolutely everyone involved in making them so real.

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Steve and Wofat end up each within reach of their guns, the mad scramble to reach them and a final confrontation face to face and gun to gun.  But WoFat made his final fatal mistake.  Thinking he could play on Steve’s good heart WoFat played his trump card.  “You’re not going to kill me, are you brother?”  “You’re not my brother”.

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What little energy I had left after being put through the wringer was completely drained by the last scene and I was left a blubbering fool thankful for the full box of tissues I had at the ready. I don’t know what was more heartbreaking. Danny’s terrified “Steve?” as he rushed the room thinking Steve was dead or Steve’s still addled brain thinking John was there and begging to see him. Or perhaps it was Danny having to break the news that John actually died 4 years ago. No…it had to be Steve, his mind trying to climb back to THIS reality and finally…..finally….. giving in to what he probably wanted to do 4 years ago standing over his father’s newly dug grave. After all he’s gone through, all the traumas he’s endured, all the people he’s lost and adding the physical torture and pain he’d just endured… again… Steve finally reached a breaking point and simply crumbled and I totally lost it. Add to that the wonderful “All For One” by Five for Fighting playing over a beautiful montage of wonderful memories, is it any wonder 3 hours later I was still trying to find a way to fall asleep?

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So now we know the relationship between WoFat and Doris. We finally understand why they couldn’t shoot when they came face to face in the safe house years ago. We understand why WoFat considers her his mother even though they share no blood. But, as always, with answers given, more questions arise.

• Where did WoFat get the home movies?
• Why did WoFat think “Shelburne” killed his father back at the beginning?
• How old was WoFat when Doris left him? Jenna said he started out as one of the good guys. What turned him to the dark side?
• What did WoFat have against John and by extension Steve? It’s seems pretty certain Doris didn’t even meet John until after she left WoFat behind in Asia. Is it because, as has been suggested to me by several good friends, that WoFat resented the fact John and Steve had Doris in their lives and he didn’t anymore? That he was unhinged by it?
• Where’s Doris now? Will we ever see her again? What will Steve do with this new information if Doris ever comes back? Will Steve tell Mary about any of this?
• What were John and WoFat meeting with Gov. Jamison about in that video?
• What was on that microfilm Doris had hidden under the floorboards?
• Why did Steve look at WoFat like he recognized something on that golf course 4 years ago?
• Who is going to be the new big bad guy now that WoFat is finally dead? Makes me wonder about Papa Fat. Steve just killed his son. Doris killed his wife. Makes me think Papa Fat could be a touch testy towards McGarretts…no?

Finally, can’t leave these out:

• Seeing Norman Reedus, William Sadler, James Marsters, and Larisa Oleynik again. All these characters are dead so it was so great to be able to see them again even if it wasn’t for very long. In the case of Bill Sadler, I think he must be the busiest dead guy there is because he’s come back in every season of the show since John died. Gives me hope that even though WoFat is dead we may get to see Mark Dacascos again someday.

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• There actually was a crime of the week even if it only lasted about 5 minutes which, of course, was for the best. There was no way to justify anything getting in the way of the rest of this fantastic episode. But it did give us a chance to see Johnny Moreau played by Gavin Rossdale of Bush and, of course, I’m for any reason to have Sang Min back on my screen. Thankfully Five-0, with the help of Sang Min brought down their man in super record time.

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• “Why did you try to kill my father? What did he ever do to you….what did he ever do to you?” Here, again are Steve’s present day feelings merging with the alternate reality. He almost cries out those last words.

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• “Commander…..look I know you know this is Hawaii but we usually don’t wear uniforms unless we’re going to a ceremony” “I’ll tell you what..I could get used to being chauffeured around all day, that’s for sure” “Danno…call me Danno…all my friends do” ROFL…. Priceless!

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Peter Lenkov promised as a 100th episode for the ages, one we would remember and talk about for a very long time. One that was worthy of the history of the show and the loyalty of long time fans. He certainly delivered on that promise. This episode was a fantastic testament to what makes this show my favorite and why I think it has endured, through good times and bad, to reach the milestone of 100 episodes. I don’t know if we’ll get 100 more, I can only hope for that. But no matter how much longer it’s on the air, it will continue to bring Aloha and Ohana to my TV.

I want to thank Peter Lenkov and everyone who works so hard to bring this show every week. To the production, the writers, the cast, the crew and the people of Oahu. Congratulations to 100 fantastic episodes. It’s been one hell of a ride and we’ll all be there for whatever there is to come. All of us…All for one!


Five For Fighting

Blood on the ground
Sun turning Red
Head over heals
Over our heads

Trouble will Rise
And tears will be shed
Wherever we go
Whatever comes next

We’ll always …we’ll always be…
One for all and all for one

Bridges we’ve crossed
Battles we’ve had
Love we have lost
And dreams we have shared

We’ll always …we’ll always be…
One for all and all for one

Yea…hey hey….
Yea yea…all for one

My brother…..myself
My savior……my friend
The fire we are
The fire will end

If I should fall
Or you don’t make it back
Together we’ll rise
Together we’ll stand

We’ll always …we’ll always be…
One for all and all for one

We’ll always …we’ll always be…
One for all and all for one
One for all and all for one


28 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 5.07 – Ina Paha – If, Perhaps (100th Episode)

  1. Kim millar says:

    Terrific review Linda. My husband was laughing at me laughing out loud at the alternate Ohana. Kudos to all involved who made us laugh and cry in the same episode! Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • They always seem to be able to provide a great mix of drama, action and humor on this show every week. To be able to accomplish it with this episode where so much of it was so dark was remarkable. Really really well done!


  2. I don’t usually comment on episodes just enjoy the ride but you have summed up what I felt. It was brilliant and it is about time Alex gets the recognition he truly deserves. Thank you Linda

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wonderful review Linda. I can’t imagine anyone feeling any differently about this episode. The story, the acting and the execution was just so good. The ending with the song and montage really got me too. It was just a perfect way to tug the heartstrings and celebrate all those who contributed to the success of H50.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. And I meant it when I said I was grateful for the tissues I had at hand. There in nothing that brings me to my knees more than seeing a strong man cry. And Alex is so good at doing just that. And the song was just perfect too.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. jlopie1 says:

    Oh, my word, Bella, you nailed this review! Perfect! Just like the episode.

    I have seen comments stating that the AU world was too crazy and hard to follow. Yes, of course it was…it was a drug-induced hallucination! I love your description, though, of Steve’s need to see his father alive and be able to hug him and share time with him. All the “what ifs” were fun, but especially Danny – happily married to Rachel (I know a few people who wish this was the true reality and not AU!), wearing aloha shirts, loving Hawaii and “Ono eats”! The whole hospital scene with the out of control cop had me giggling hysterically! That was so much fun.

    The torture scenes were definitely a necessary evil, as it was through this that we learned the big reveal, which wasn’t too surprising since we knew there was some sort of a connectio between Doris and WoFat. What we also saw through the torture, was how tortured a man WoFat was! Talk about having “Mommy issues!”

    I had to rewatch the episode and really pay attention to WoFat’s face and tone of voice as he was telling Steve the story of the child the CIA assassin took in and raised after having killed his mother. He didn’t hate Doris – he ached for the only woman he’d ever known as his mother!

    Which brings me to why I think he hated Steve, and by default, John. Simply because in WoFat’s mind, Doris left him and created a new family, with a husband, a son and a daughter. He was left alone, with no one left to love him.

    AU Steve’s begging dying WoFat to tell him why he tried to kill his father. What did he ever do to WoFat? I think the answer is John came into Doris’ life and gave her happiness – he never had happiness again after she left him behind. It’s actually a pretty sad story, when you think about it! But there was no way to rationally save a very disturbed WoFat, and Steve took the only possible recourse by killing him.

    The ending was so emotionally charged I don’t think I can talk about it anymore. It’s all been said. It was beautifully done and tore my heart out. But the final montage set to “All For One” lifted me back up by reminding me of all the wonderful moments I have experienced with this show.

    I have to add my own thank you’s to Peter Lenkov, Alex, Scott, Mark and every member of the writing staff, production crew and cast for the most memorable episode to date!

    Thanks again, Linda – your best review yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. It took me a long time to write and then I tried to edit and couldn’t. This episode was just so full of great things I could have gone on even further.

      I agree about WoFat. There was no way to redeem him, he had to go but oh…how sad thinking about that little boy, all alone, losing the only mother he’d ever known, virtually looking in the window of the happy family she made without him.

      And, I actually think Steve’s begging a dying WoFat was actually Steve’s conscious mind invading the hallucination not the other way around. The emotional level in the begging was too great to be just about an action that occurred a day or so before. That level of torment was years in the making. Just my take on it, of course.

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  5. As one of those fans who left during S4, I’m slowly returning to watch. This one was the third of S5 I’ve seen and I have to say, I liked it a lot. I knew Alex would ace his scenes as he always does, so I’m going to say my fave was the hospital scene. It was hilarious, and anyone who couldn’t see it for what it was, needs to find their sense of humour 🙂

    And for all those who whine about Danny’s whining, I’m not so sure we could handle the fun, upbeat ‘I love Hawaii’ Danny all the time. I think he would get kinda annoying! 😉

    Great episode, great review. Thanks Linda.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have to agree that a healthy sense of humor and the ability not to take oneself too seriously is essential to be a long time, consistent fan of this show. I’m glad you’re finding your way back. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment too!


  6. Beautiful review and the only one I have read today that does justice to the episode and frankly the only one that shows Alex the proper respect for doing such a great job. I am sure that given the emotions that Alex displayed it was very draining. Superb writing by Mr. Lenkov and great directing by Mr. Teng. All the cast did a great job but this episode much like the pilot was an Alex O’Loughlin showpiece. For me the biggest question was not the “what If’s” but the “why”. Even thought one chapter ended with Wo Fat’s death and what the tie to Doris was, it left me with more questions than answers. Like you Linda, I want to know where Papa Fat is, why didn’t he try to contact his son after all these years, who eventually raised him. In true Doris fashion he was the first child she abandoned then she left John and abandoned Steve and Mary. I’m sorry but Doris seems to be an unfeeling, cold and callus woman who seems to demand love and respect from others when clearly the only person she loves is “Doris”. I also loved that this time McGarrett saved himself, showed the strength, the courage and the adaptability that one would expect from a navy seal. Although the team didn’t rescue him this time the most important thing was they were there for him. Steve not only built a team 5 years ago, he created a family. Alone they are more than capable to handle whatever is thrown their way, together there is nothing they can’t handle. The highs, the lows, through good times and bad, happy times and gut wrenching sorrows they are “Ohana”, Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono came together when they were dealing with their own issues and their own demons to start H50. Max a nerd who has come out of his shell in such a big way, Grover who was starting over and needed more than just a job to Jerry who finally found a place he belonged and people he trusted. What road will we see them go down now, who knows, how long the show will be on, who knows, I will be there until the end and hopefully not anytime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now you see… I don’t see Doris that way. Don’t get me wrong…she is NOT a favorite of mine but I do think she does the things she does because she does love and does think that she is protecting those she loves. Her methods are all screwed up and she ends up hurting those she’s trying to protect but I think her motives are sincere. She just sucks at execution.

      And yes…for every question answered there are dozens more. I like it. Hopefully that means the show sticks around until every single one of them is answered. Should take years (she said hopefully!)


  7. Wendy says:

    You captured the episode perfectly in your review this week. Alex gave such a strong performance he should be nominated for an Emmy. I found the torture scenes a little hard to take, especially as we’ve seen similar scenes twice since the show began. The alternate reality was so funny, but I can see how it could confuse someone who didn’t follow the show. Danny was so good as a happy, fun, bad ass, detective. Scott played that final scene perfectly. The catch in his voice when he saw Steve, and thought he was dead, sounded so real.

    So now we know the connection between Wo Fat and Doris, we have to have an episode, at some point, where Steve gets to confront her, otherwise he’ll not have any closure.

    I loved the montage and the song fit so perfectly.

    Thanks for another great review, and I look forward to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I agree 100%. They absolutely MUST bring Doris back….even if it’s only for one episode. Steve deserves to come face to face with her and have this all out. I don’t care what happens to her after that. Part of me doesn’t want Steve to lose yet another person from his life but then, he’s never really had her, has he?


  8. Sandra Barnes says:

    Linda, Love your review of the 100th episode of my favorite TV show. Your review was so good I felt as if I was watching the episode for a 4th time. I cried as I read your review of this incredible episode just as I have cried every time I have watched the episode. Thank you again for your great reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. kdownton78 says:

    Wow this blog says everything about h50100th and the entire series so far that I think all loyal fans are feeling.

    I loved it. I was emotional too. But I think what broke me is when Danny found Steve and yes his voice was terrified when he said “Steve” omg I was half expecting Danny and Chin to start doing CPR on Steve. Omg yes if this doesn’t cause Steve full blown PTSD symptoms then what will. And omg he broke down and cried.

    The only other time I think he’s done that was when he had to say goodbye to Catherine and when he found Freddie’s body in episode 3.20

    I love how Grover put a supportive hand on Steve when they were coming our of the room

    I love this series and the people its bought into my life over the internet. A real sense of Ohana this episode had.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for bringing up Grover. I really liked how, as a member of the team, he was in on Steve’s rescue and how he was there to support him as he was being taken out of that room. But I especially liked the fact that the camera focused on Steve, Danny, Chin and Kono. That it was Danny and Chin who carried Steve out of that room…just like they did in North Korea and Kono led the way. These 4 are the rock this show is built on. I was glad almost all the focus of that final scene was on them.


      • kdownton78 says:

        Yes me too. I was also thinking back to the episode in north Korea when I saw Danno and Chin carrying Steve out of the room.

        I really hope the writers address the impact this had on Steve in this episode in future episodes


  10. Carole says:

    Not sure I can add much to what’s already been said. They packed so much into this episode………everyone did a great job. The AU stuff was funny – Steve’s addled brain picking up on Lou’s love of golf and Danny driving the silver camaro again…..nice touch………….
    Alex totally nailed it – way past time for Wo Fat to pay for his actions (kudos to Mark for a great bad guy) Danny having to tell Steve his dad died…..so sad.
    I have to say I’m with Scott when he said in an interview he hoped things would mellow and they stop trying to kill Alex…….I don’t want to see anymore of him bloody and beaten any time soon.
    Doris……….I’m torn between hoping she stays the hell away from Steve and wanting the big confrontation. Right now he needs time to heal………..thankfully looks like 5.08 will bring happier times.
    Bummer we have to wait two weeks. Thanks for another great review.


  11. The final scene where the team finally found Steve was beautifully done. Danny leads the way and sees two apparently lifeless bodies on the floor. Scott did it perfectly when he called his name, worried, not knowing whether Steve would respond. And they find that he is alive, but the first thing he asks for is his father. The look on Grace’s face was perfect, not knowing how to respond to it. (“Oh what did they do to his mind?”) Danny reminds him that his father died years ago and Steve breaks down in tears for him. And then Chin and Danny help Steve as Kono leads the way and Grover protects from the rear. And then that great song from Five for Fighting. Perfect.
    But the other thing I’d like to say, Linda, is about Wo Fat. A lot of people have been saying that Papa Fat is going to come back pissed. I’ve thought a lot about it and I think Papa Fat is either dead or doesn’t care about his son. Wo Fat spent all of Season 2 (and probably much time prior to that) looking for Shelburne, thinking that Shelburne killed his father. When he saw Doris in the safe house, he may not have believed Shelburne killed him anymore, but it didn’t bring his father back (obviously not before but he never showed up after either). My thought is that the CIA sent someone else to kill Papa Fat who succeeded, or Doris did the deed sometime herself, either as an extracurricular activity while raising Steve and Mary or after she “died” and went to Japan.


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