#H50 Review: 8.06 Mohala I Ka Wai Ka Maka O Ka Pua (Unfolded By the Water Are the Faces of the Flowers)

On the surface, this episode appeared to be what we like to call a filler with an interesting crime of the week and a lot of Ohana and bromantic silliness to once again highlight the love and concern the entire Ohana have for each other.  But it was a damn good filler with a deeper seriousness if you looked hard enough to find it.  The burying of a part of someone’s personality deep in their psyche, whether it’s due to an illness or due to years of compartmentalizing the traumas in one’s life.

And, so we have the two stories of Oliver Mathus and Steve McGarrett.

Let’s start with Oliver:  It’s kind of hard to feel anything but sympathy for Oliver.  Not something we run across very often with our villains.  Oliver is afflicted with dissociative identity disorder (DID – A disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states. Thank you, Google!) a condition he’s managed to barely control through therapy, medication and, presumably, loving care from his mother.  When Oliver finds the poor woman dead of natural causes in her bed, he loses his anchor, stops taking his meds and, unfortunately, falls back into DID.

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Oliver’s DID manifests into not two but seven distinct personalities, including 5-year-old Ollie, who tries so hard to be a good boy and Patrick, the manifestation of all his feelings for his dead father, HPD officer Patrick Mathus, who it turns out, was a pretty bad guy himself.  Michael Weston played the part of Oliver perfectly.  Watching him transform before our eyes from personality to personality was chilling even if the resolution of the case was a bit underwhelming.

Underwhelming in the sense there were no gun battles or explosions but in this case, I think the end was just as it should have been.  Like I said before, it’s hard not to feel sympathy for Oliver and Steve and the team really had to ask themselves if they were willing to kill little Ollie and the other five innocent personalities, because of what Patrick had done.  I’m glad it worked out the way it did.

Alicia:  I know there are a lot of people who don’t care for her, but I liked the way Alicia was used in this episode.  This was a case that benefited from her profiling experience and it was she who figured out the best way to talk Patrick down and bring little Ollie to the fore, so the standoff could end peacefully.  It was a gutsy move for her to go in there alone and it showed that she can be strong and determined and an asset to the team when needed.  It gave us a glimpse of what she was probably like before we met her the first time.

If this is what the writers have in mind for a way to integrate Alicia into future episodes, I have no problem with it.  Of course, I don’t think we need her every week, or even very often but occasionally, would be fine with me.  She was a great asset to the team in this case and especially because having her there didn’t take away a second of time between Steve and Danny.  I know that bothers a lot of people (me included) so it was great to see her utilized so perfectly while not interfering with the natural dynamic of the team.  That’s my biggest concern if Alicia is around for a significant amount of time.  If they can’t figure out a way to do it without it cutting into the time Steve and Danny are together, even though I like her, I’d really rather they not.

Now let’s talk about Steve:  Like Oliver, there is personality within Steve that doesn’t show.  Unlike Oliver, who has no control over his personalities, Steve is in full control of his.  It’s not a drastic a problem like Oliver’s, of course.  Steve doesn’t have a “split personality”.  But what he does have is the well-practiced and ingrained ability to shut down a part of his emotions, things he simply does not permit to show.

Steve is a SEAL.  It’s not something that we don’t already know.  He has lived through every trauma we’ve witnessed over the years and hundreds more we can only imagine from his years in the military.  He is trained to follow certain mantras.  “The only easy day was yesterday.”  “The only way out is through.”  He has been trained to compartmentalize his feelings, to keep them tightly under control so they don’t interfere with the mission at hand, the job to be done.

We’ve watched Steve mellow over the years. He’s no longer the stoic soldier we met seven-plus years ago.  He is no longer as emotionally shuttered as he was when we first met him.  But there is a part of Steve that hasn’t changed.  His ability to refuse to admit that, physically, he’s not 100%.  That he can’t do, or more specifically, shouldn’t do some things anymore.

We’ve seen it zillions of times, long before the liver transplant.  I can’t even count how many times Steve’s been hurt, sometimes seriously, only to bounce right back and assure everyone he’s “fine”. The transplant only brought it into clearer focus.  Post-op instructions from doctors are more guidelines than rules.  He’s fine… he can still leap tall buildings in a single bound.. no problem.

And then there’s Danny.  Sometimes I think Danny is the fictional personification of many of Alex’s fans.  Overprotective mother hens who worry if Alex looks too tired, or if they think a certain picture makes him look too thin.  If he’s wearing his wedding band or not.  I admit, I find myself falling into this myself from time to time.  It comes from caring about someone so much.  And we’re just fans of an actor most of us will never, ever even meet.

Now, think about Danny, Steve’s BFF (I love that so much LOL).  Another overprotective mother hen.  Steve tells him he has a “touch of radiation poisoning” but, as is Steve’s usual MO, he brushes it off and says it’s nothing.  The pills will take care of it.  And if anything comes of it, it’s years in the future, if it even happens. No need to worry about it now.  Steve McGarrett…have you met Danny Williams???

I have to admit the intervention was uncomfortable.  But then again, aren’t they always?  Maybe the fact that this felt so awkward on screen is because they are awkward in real life.  I can see Danny, at his wits end, trying to get Steve to take his condition seriously, turning to the others for back-up.

I really got a kick out of this entire scene starting with the scene on the beach.  First off, Steve and Eddie taking their morning swim together is beyond adorable as was Eddie soaking Danny with his post swim shake out.  But, of course, miles of swimming aren’t enough for Steve, he needs to tack on a run right afterwards.  Physical fitness is not something Steve needs help with, that’s for damn sure.  Because, yup… he’s fine, remember?

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I can just see Danny spending hours doing all kinds of research on radiation poisoning to find out the best way for Steve to stay cancer free in the future and the fact that stress can be a big contributor.  I loved the line about Danny going down the “WebMD rabbit hole”.   Who hasn’t ever overdosed on WebMD after a particularly bad headache only to come away convinced they had a brain tumor?

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Everyone played their part in the intervention perfectly.  Jerry thinks Steve is a less indestructible Captain America.  Tani is awkward as hell because she’s a newbie and doesn’t really know Steve that well.  Kamekona manages to turn the entire thing into a monetary decision.  And Junior uses the occasion to once again demonstrate the strong case of hero worship he has for Steve.

As for Dog?  Maybe even more so than Tani, why was he there?  All I can think of is they needed to have at least one person say they were totally against the entire idea of an intervention.  Someone to say that ambushing a guy in his own home was “not so cool”.  Who better, ironically, then the one guy who literally does that for a living every single day?  It’s the only reason I can fathom as to why he was there.

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But my favorite was Lou, who at first thought Danny was nuts with this “sensitive new-age quack science mumbo jumbo” but he cared enough about Steve to do his own research and find that what Danny is saying isn’t so far-fetched after all and Steve should try to listen “to your boy” because “you know he loves you”.  My heart…

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I really enjoyed the scenes with Chloe.  They were fun.  I don’t think they were particularly needed, but they were fun none-the-less.  I could have done without the conversation about Steve’s sex life (although I’m thrilled Lynn is still in the picture) but the cargument that ensued was the perfect set up to Chloe telling Danny she thought he was a big part of Steve’s stress. Then Danny mentions the restaurant and all of Chloe’s bells go off.

She tells Danny he needs to try to be more pleasant to Steve, try to keep things more civil and positive.  I loved how Danny took that to heart and really tried to do as Chloe said.  Of course, it took Steve all of five seconds to figure out that Chloe told Danny he was the cause of Steve’s stress.

But it turned out that hiring Chloe and the intervention really had less to do with Steve’s stress than it did about Danny’s.  That last scene between them was really very sweet.  Danny’s laying awake at night worried sick about Steve’s health.  Danny may not say it out loud, but he can’t bear the thought of losing Steve and he’s desperate to do whatever he can to prevent it.  When he sees Steve acting as if nothing has happened, when Steve insists on doing everything the same way he’s always done it without regard to his changed health status, it’s Danny’s stress level that soars.

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When Danny admits this to Steve, it causes Steve to finally open up one of those compartments where he stores his deepest fears.  Yeah, Steve is scared too. He wants to live a long life, wants to get married some day and have his own kids.  He loves Gracie and Charlie. He wants to watch them, and little Joanie grow up.

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But Steve is still Steve. He’s still not going to obsess over something that may not ever happen and he won’t let Danny continue to obsess over it either.  And if Steve isn’t going to change how he’s dealing with all of it, he doesn’t want Danny to change either.  He doesn’t want him to obsess to the point that he can’t sleep, but as for everything else, he loves Danny just the way he is.

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I thought the line “I need it to stay that way” was very telling. There is a chance that a lot will change in Steve’s life if the radiation poisoning does develop into something more serious.  Steve needs to count on one thing never changing no matter what and that’s Danny.  The love/hate nature of their relationship just works. It’s a constant in Steve’s life.  Like his mother was to Oliver, Danny is Steve’s anchor and in his darkest hours, knowing he’s always there, a comfort.  It’s really very touching!

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So, there you have it.  Another really great episode this week.  Of course, the abundance of Steve and Danny in this one was sure to make me love it.  Since next weeks episode is one where Danny won’t appear, I was glad to get a full dose of him and Steve in this one.  It’s as it should be.  After all, they are best friends forever!

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Aloha!  Malama Pono

All screen caps are mine.


27 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 8.06 Mohala I Ka Wai Ka Maka O Ka Pua (Unfolded By the Water Are the Faces of the Flowers)

  1. I give this 7/10. As it shows over on it that Danny does care. And does need to be positive. A lot of people think he is negative. But really Danny just wants Steve to stop and smell the roses
    May have had a love-hate relationship with Steve considering being the star. As his control issues is one thing that they have toned down on. As really even though he is stoic but mellowing out. And really glad he said he does appreciate it.
    Yes Danny can be the cause of Steve’s stress. But also vice versa.
    C.O.T.W. was pretty weak and kind of took a backseat. As really multiple personalities are real sad but true.
    Love Alicia and do not mind her. Wonder if she and Steve may get together. Lynn and he are together still. But hope Catherine will come on back and tie up lose ends.
    Junior and his hero worship of Steve. Love him but it is getting old over on his hero worship. As well as his mannerisms really are cool.
    Lou is sincere and wished there were more Steve and Lou time.
    Chloe the counselor was a riot. But may not had been able to need to come to crime scene. Still very sweet lady though.
    Can’t wait for next week!

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  2. Kacee says:

    I really loved this episode mainly for everything you touched on between Steve & Danny. It’s 100% clear that Danny held the intervention & hired the stress counselor (with the other team members) out of love for his “BFF”. I adored all of the scenes between them, even the intervention scene. I also agree with you on Alicia- she was great in this episode…an asset to the team. I like the comparison you made betw fans being protective of Alex & Danny being protective of Steve. I do believe that most fans just want a healthy/happy Alex. The new characters continue to endear themselves to me & I feel like Junior’s hero worship of Steve is building up to something…your thoughts? It was fun to hear Steve call Lynn his “girlfriend” after so many years of not being able to say that about Catherine.

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    • I totally agree… Alex’s fans really DO want a healthy and happy Alex. And we’re just fans of an actor, someone we don’t really know, have no intimate knowledge of his real life and someone we’ll probably never meet in person.

      Danny and Steve as characters are brothers. Danny knows Steve better than anyone. If we as totally strangers can feel so strongly about Alex, it’s completely understandable that Danny would feel extremely overprotective of Steve. As always, I absolutely love the relationship between these.


  3. rhondagemini says:

    Great review as usual! Love the banter between Steve & Danny,especially when Steve admitted that he was scared of what might happen to him. The intervention was good,although I’m not sure it was totally necessary. I failed to see why Chloe was really there-I know she was doing an assessment of Steve and all that,but I really don’t think it helped him & Danny at all-but that’s just my opinion! The COTW was interesting to say the least. I was glad to see Alicia helping in this case and she did figure out that to bring the situation to a peaceful end, Ollie needed to be brought back to the forefront. Sure, it was a bit risky and I could understand Steve not wanting her to do it, but it did work out. Looking forward to next week’s episode-Adam is back!

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    • Chloe was really only a means to an end. The last scene between Steve and Danny was long overdue. Those two needed to talk, needed to clear the air about what’s worrying them both. Chloe wasn’t really necessary because she really didn’t come up with anything worthwhile that would help Steve and his stress. Desks, plants and monthly planners? Seriously?

      But what she was, what having her in the episode at all, was really only to be the catalyst to get Steve and Danny to the point where they needed to be. The point where they felt comfortable to open up to each other and finally say what they both needed to say. So, in that respect, Chloe was absolutely necessary, as well as being a hell of a lot of fun! LOL

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      • rhondagemini says:

        I agree with you that Chloe was needed as a catalyst to get Steve & Danny to the point that they could say what they really felt. Other than that,she really wasn’t needed,but she was a fun person!

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  4. Carole says:

    Such a busy night! I was trying to watch the show while checking twitter every few minutes to see what was happening at SOTB. Of couse I loved all the Steve & Danny bits. Poor Danny getting turned on by the counselor……..yes we all know he’s the worrier, but he loves his big goof so whatever it takes. In the end Steve did open up a bit. He does listen to Danny and this season’s tone has mellowed thank goodness. They still argue, but minus the edge that none of us liked. Alicia showed a more professional side and used her skills well. I really should rewatch ‘cos Eddie was too cute on the red carpet and Scott clad in white was way too distracting…….

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    • ROFL I know right! Talk about multi-tasking! Trying to watch the show, keep up with the SOTB activities and live tweet was crazy!

      I love the way they are writing the boys this season. You’re right, they still argue but that horrible bitter animosity is totally gone… thank God. These are the brothers I’ve loved from the beginning. I’m so happy they have them acting like BFFs (I STILL love that so much) rather than antagonists! THIS is the bromance I have loved forever!


      • Carole says:

        I have to say everyone looked mighty fine at SOTB….especially thrilled to see relaxed and happy Scott. Its not his thing, but life must be treating him good – smiles all around.

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        • I could not agree more! Scott looked like he was having a really good time. I loved the white on white ensemble he wore. As you said, such a relaxed look. He walked up and down the carpet a couple of times, signed every autograph that was requested and posed for hundreds of pictures.

          I heard through the grapevine there’s the usual hate being thrown his way, going so far as to say he looked like an unmade bed, that he refused to take pictures with fans and that he left the event early.

          I know for a fact, from the mouths of friends who were right there on the carpet not 5000 miles away that Scott told several people he didn’t want to do selfies because they take a lot of time, some people are able to get them while others aren’t . Then those who didn’t get one go away disappointed. He rather spend as much time as possible signing as many autographs as he could & posing for pictures for everyone who wanted one. I can vouch for his point of view. When I was at SOTB6 by the time Alex made it down to our part of the carpet there was no time for him even to come over for an autograph. A few less selfies and maybe he could have.

          As for his attire, everyone has their own sense of style but he hardly looked like he just rolled out of bed. It looked crisp and cool, perfect for a warm muggy night. The white on white thing is the going trend in Hollywood lately. I think he looked awesome. I especially like how along with shaking their hands, he doffed his hat to every lady he met along the carpet. Alex always shows up in a suit. That’s his style. Scott always comes in a more relaxed look. Again, to each his own. They both looked incredible!

          As for leaving early, I heard, again from people who were right there with an eye witness view, that yes, Scott left before the episode aired. But then, so did Alex. It’s well known that neither man enjoys watching themselves on screen.

          But of course, to the Danny haters, that’s beside the point. Alex leaving early probably only meant he wanted to get home to his wife and kids after a long hard day and night at work. But to the haters, Scott leaving early is a slap in the face. The double standard is simply staggering as is the transparency of their Scott bashing. It really is getting so incredible old.

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  5. First I want to say that Alex’s abs are as fine as I ever seen them! That man must pump some iron every day. And we appreciate that!
    I was afraid that the intervention scene was going to be awkward and stupid, but I actually liked it. Steve’s reactions to what was being said were priceless. He wanted to roll his eyes, he wanted to kick everyone out, but he stayed cool so he wouldn’t hurt their good intentions. I loved when he called out Chloe for hiding in his kitchen and “mocked” her job. Too funny.
    I agree with you that this is how Alicia should be utilized.
    The last scene at the shrimp truck was priceless. The bond between Steve and Danny is so evident, yet as they walk away the familiar banter begins to play. I loved it!
    Thanks to all those who were at SOTB and live-streamed. I lived vicariously through you and appreciate it more than you will ever know!

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    • I was never worried about the intervention. I didn’t hold with those who were venting on twitter that this was going to be an attack on Steve. I honesty had a hard time understanding how people could possible think these people would ever “attack” Steve, those who were angry because they felt that this was almost a betrayal by all the people Steve has helped and saved over the years. I never even considered that a remote possibility.

      I thought from the very beginning this was going to be a bunch of people who all love Steve, who all want what is best for him and they were not there to attack but to simply make him aware that they’re worried about him and all they want is for him to consider his actions before he leaps head first into situations. Hardly an attack.

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      • I’m not big on Twitter so I didn’t know those things were being said. I was never worried that they would attack him. I just felt like it was unnecessary as he seems to take good care of himself. I actually assumed that no one except Danny knew about Steve’s radiation poisoning. I figured they would keep the whole event secret so that the public wouldn’t realize a nuclear bomb almost destroyed Oahu. So I was very surprised to know the word was out. You’d think Steve would have received Presidential accolades and medals for saving Hawaii!!

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        • Well, as it turned out, you were right… it really wasn’t necessary since it didn’t accomplish anything because Steve isn’t going to change anyway. LOL

          I honestly don’t think Steve’s radiation poisoning or the fact there was almost a nuclear event is “out there”. I don’t think it’s gone any further than the people in that room and Chin and Kono, of course.

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  6. Brooklyngirl says:

    For me it was a meh episode. The COTW could have been a lot more interesting if it wasn’t thrown in with the intervention and the intervention could have been more fun if it wasn’t thrown together with the COTW. I’m hoping that the sudden rash of serial killers on the show isn’t tptb way of forcing Alicia into the fold.

    I’m still scratching my head trying to figure what input Dog actually had regarding Steve’s stress level. There were a few light moments but overall it fell flat. The counselor was as annoying as a mosquito and really not needed to the extent she was used. I understand the overall love/fear factor that was the basis of the intervention. I guess I’m like Steve, I don’t dwell on things I have no control over. But I really think the time has come for Steve to change the locks on his house and not give anyone the key.

    I don’t like Alicia but she was actually normal and helpful last night. No deer in the headlights, on the verge of a nervous breakdown annoying. But I’m disappointed that she “saved the day”. Will we ever know what happened to Sybil’s male counterpart? I hope not, this way neither he nor she will have a reason to return.

    The last 3 minutes was the absolute best. Watching the boys actually being honest and open with each other was heartwarming especially after the intervention debacle. I love the fact that Steve wants a family of his own and that Lynn was mentioned. And there was lots of Steve/Danny time. We need much more of that and lots less of what took place before it.

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  7. jlopie1 says:

    I’m going to have to rewatch this episode as I was mostly feeling sorry for myself for not being at SOTB. It looks like it was a wonderful evening and, yes…Scott all decked out in white? O.M.G! Needless to say, I was distracted!

    But I think you and I are back in sync this week, Linda! I honestly loved the intervention and I think it was well done. Here’s the thing about Danny putting this together – Junior’s assessment that Steve is completely capable of handling his stress because he’s a combat-hardened SEAL who has dealt with the deaths of more than one team member while on active duty, was another SEAL’s opinion, but not what a normal, non-military person sees. Jr has his own issues to deal with – we know that even if we don’t know what they are yet. But Danny, of all the civilians in Steve’s life, knows all the intimate parts of Steve’s life and sees, more than anyone else, just how much of his life is closed off. Danny comes from a huge, loving family that obviously argues but ultimately loves and cares for each other. Steve has never had that in his life. He’s only known how to internalize his feelings and never, ever, show his worries or fears to others.

    I think this is really what Danny is trying to help Steve do – accept that it’s okay to let his emotional guard down and allow his friends in to help him manage his health with him. To accept he’s not in any of this alone, and that they want him to be around for a very long time!

    The stress manager was a hoot! I love this actress – she played a very different part in Falling Skies, but even then, I thought she was a very good actress. I didn’t see any problem with her, except I don’t think in reality a stress manager would ask the intimate questions in front of someone else, but for the purpose of the plot, it brought out the cargument and the whole “you are a major stress contributor.” Hey, this is 5-0, having her follow Steve and Danny into the suspect’s house is pretty normal.

    Michael Weston is the perfect actor to play a psycho. He’s done it on Criminal Minds and really freaked me out. He played Houdini in the short-lived series, and brought a certain pathos to the character that was very intriguing to me. AND he played opposite Scott on stage in one of Scott’s plays! I think he was an awesome Oliver. One thing about playing multiple personalities is that the actor has to own more than one character at a time – that seems really hard to me, and Michael did a commendable job!

    Last week we disagreed about Alicia, but this week we are in total agreement. As long as the show continues to use Alicia sparingly in this regard as a profiler, I’m okay with her. I think the show did a good job showing what a profiler actually does – I was intrigued by Alicia using what she learned about Olly’s relationship with his mommy to bring Olly back out and end the stand off.

    Everything…absolutely everything aside…the final heart to heart between Danny and Steve was perfect. I didn’t need anything else but this to be over the moon! If we had to go through the whole intervention and stress counselor to get here (which didn’t bother me, at all, but I know it did quite a few viewers) it was worth it.

    And I think you’ve nailed it with your insight that Steve needs the relationship he has with Danny to remain the same, to be perhaps the only constant in his life that he can completely count on -that he can trust to remain the same, no matter what else happens to him down the road. It was really emotional for me to see this SEAL admit he needed this in his life. I loved it.

    Looks to be a very intense episode next week! Looking forward to Adam’s return, and an update on Kono’s whereabouts.

    Thanks for another great review, Linda.

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    • See… I knew it wouldn’t take long for us to be in sync again babe! LOL

      I didn’t even think about the fact that Junior, other than showing his hero worship for Steve was also speaking as a fellow SEAL, another person living by those same mantras that Steve does. But you’re right. You’re also right that Junior is obviously dealing with he’s own “demons”, whatever they may be.

      You’re also right about how Danny would see things. Danny’s obviously still extremely close with his family, even though he now lives so far away. Every time he’s left Hawaii in recent years it’s to go back to Jersey for family matters, both good and bad. Stella sent Eric to Danny for guidance. Danny felt obligated to help Bridgett and even though it pissed her off at first, she knew it came from love. Clara ran to Danny when she was thinking about leaving Eddie. Danny facilitated his parents reunion.

      Steve doesn’t have a family to be there for him like that and he wasn’t brought up like that. He told Danny himself when they were on that stake-out that he’s not comfortable with revealing too much of himself because “the McGarrett men weren’t brought up that way”.

      Danny was also 100% right that if he went to Steve immediately with his concerns, Steve would have just busted his chops over it, because Danny knows Steve better than anyone. Intervention…. stress manager … supervised ride-alongs… all silly and unnecessary but also totally necessary to get these guys to the place they needed to be. The last 5 minutes were pure gold and totally worth going through all the rest.


  8. I enjoyed this episode and your review a lot. Even though the intervention was a little awkward, it was funny to watch (oh, so many expressions on Alex’s face as well as Scott’s!) and also touching because everyone cares about Steve. Okay, yeah, Dog being there—weird. But I do think the intervention shows just how far Danny is willing to go to get Steve to take care of himself. He might never have thought of doing something quite like this before but desperate times call for desperate measures so…

    While I don’t think many people would take Chloe too seriously, I’m with you in that she really served a different purpose. It was the “getting there” that counted. Again, simply watching and listening to Alex and Scott do their thing is always a good episode for me. We knew that, after all that observation, Chloe would look at Danny as part of the problem (even though we know better). She doesn’t know them or how well their relationship truly works; she only sees what’s on the surface during a very short period of time. But look at what Danny was willing to do! He was ready to change who he was if it meant less stress (i.e. better health) for Steve. Talk about a BFF! And I love the fact Steve caught on to that almost instantly! Danny was NOT being Danny and that was just wrong. And I think most people would agree that, when you’re dealing with a traumatic time in your life (grief, illness, abrupt and unexpected changes, etc.), you really crave the normalcy that is (or was) your life. And the people who are a constant in your life help you keep it together. So, wow, that last scene with Steve and Danny—just perfect and I loved it.

    Alicia well-used in this ep. Like you, I just don’t want her on speed-dial every week. The crime was interesting and also well acted by M. Weston.

    Thank you for sharing the SOTB info. I truly don’t understand why there are people who have it in for Scott. Jeez, what did he ever do to them? He seems like a very nice and considerate person. And these people are so petty that the best they can do is demean his choice of attire? Omygosh—that’s just pathetic. I thought he looked great. And I bet I’m not alone in saying, even if he had looked like he’d just rolled out of bed…don’t think anyone would be complaining about that either. ☺

    I like what you and Jlopie1 observed about Junior and his Seal-based perspective related to Steve. And I think there’s something else to consider with the fact that Junior is still young and, even though he has a military past, it’s still based on less [years of] experience than what Steve possesses. Junior is right about the basics but Danny knows and cares about Steve like no one else.

    I think there’s a nice analogy going on here. The show can go through these changes and it’s okay because Steve and Danny are the constant that we need and want.

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    • Great comments Sue!

      “We knew that, after all that observation, Chloe would look at Danny as part of the problem (even though we know better). She doesn’t know them or how well their relationship truly works; she only sees what’s on the surface during a very short period of time.”

      You’re so right about this. Just look at how she asked Danny how often he and Steve have “heated arguments” like the one that morning. That question alone highlights just how she misinterpreted things because that was about as UN-heated an argument as we’ve ever seen. Neither man raised their voice in anger and other than understandable annoyance, it was pretty tame. Less a cargument and more a car-discussion. For her to view that as a heated argument says a lot.

      “And I love the fact Steve caught on to that almost instantly! Danny was NOT being Danny and that was just wrong.”

      Again, Chloe would have absolutely no way of knowing that a quite Danny is…. not good! LOL It’s like watching a countdown on a bomb. You just know eventually he’s going to explode! Danny needs his rants as a release and Steve needs them because they are normal… they are Danny and, as we saw so brilliantly in that last scene.. Steve NEEDS his normal Danny! ♥

      “I truly don’t understand why there are people who have it in for Scott.”

      There is a certain segment of the fandom who simply despise Danny. Actually, that’s ok. I vehemently disagree, but to each his own. What bothers me is 1) the incredible double standard between Scott and Alex. Everything Alex does is pure gold while what Scott does is always bashed….even when they do the exact same thing. And 2) These same people, who are quick to rant and rave at anyone who says anything even slightly negative about the character they love, or worse the actress portraying her, turn right around and do the exact same thing to Scott.

      And while I will agree that it’s wrong for anyone to throw derogatory remarks at an actor, to play all high and mighty when it’s done to your favorite while at the same time, doing the exact same thing (and may times much worse) to another actor is the height of hypocrisy. The reason why THEY throw that word around so much is because they are so incredibly familiar with it by constantly practicing it themselves.

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  9. Well, this is the first chance I’ve had to write as I have been working all weekend. I loved everything about this episode, especially the ending. Steve and Danny were great together. I loved them opening up to each other the way they did. And the stress management lady was hilarious. Her reactions were great. When she was at the crime scene and when she was in the car with Steve and Danny, she was very funny with her reactions. And I loved how Alicia handled Ollie in this episode. She was acting so motherly. I have always liked Alicia. I think 50 could really use her expertise from time to time. I love how this season is shaping up. I hope it continues on like this. The new cast members are really fitting in well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree the new cast members are fitting in quite well. We’ve now seen 6 episodes (this one was supposed to be #8) and I think now we really need to get more into the back stories of both Tani and Junior. Yes… they are fitting in, well Tani anyway at the moment, with the team, but in order for them to truly become Ohana, we need to see their personal stories. That’s what’s always made everyone a family since the beginning. We need to learn the personal stories of Tani and Junior and now that we’re a third into the season, I hope that starts soon.


  10. Finally gone this hysterical and unstable woman
    In this ep, Alicia is a professional focused on her work, the scene with this man was really particularly disturbing but Alicia finally showed her control as profiling & psychologist.
    The Stress Consultant’s plot wasn’t the best … but the initial scene with Eddie and the final scene between Steve and Danny helped me not focus on this thing
    This ep is certainly not one of the best but it’s the evidence that McDanno’s love remains the heart of this show …
    I’m just sad that many feel the pleasure of dumping their venom and their frustration especially on Danny, only because he is there… and consequently on Steve

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