#H50 Review: 8.05 Kama’ Oma ‘O, Ka ‘Aina Huli Hana (At Kama’oma’o, The Land of Activities) – Halloween Episode

Well, I’m in a bit of a quandary this week.  You know after a two week wait for a new H50, I was more than excited.  You also know, since this is H50, it’s pretty much guaranteed how I’m going to feel about the episode.  Hence my quandary.  This episode didn’t really impress me.  There were things I liked, of course, but overall, I have to admit, this episode left me kind of disappointed.  It’s very rare when I say that.  As a matter of fact, off the top of my head, I can only think of one other time when an episode didn’t do it for me, and that was when Lou went to Chicago to terrorize Clay Maxwell into confessing to the murder of his wife.  So, let’s start with that.

The Maxwell Murder:  I am not a fan of split episodes.  Where one member of the team is completely separated from everyone else in a story line that has absolutely nothing to do with the main story.  And here we go again, with Lou being not only separated from the team, but over 4,000 miles away, this time in Florida.  And again, for the fourth time, we’re revisiting the Clay Maxwell story.  Don’t get me wrong. I love when Chi gets the opportunity to really shine in a story.  And while I didn’t like the over the top violence in the first Chicago episode, I was blown away with the way Chi portrayed the material.

But, why was this story necessary?  I really wish the writers would let this story go.  I understand it’s still a thorn in Lou’s foot that Clay isn’t paying for his wife’s murder, but the man is in prison.  It’s not like he’s walking around free or something.  They got Al Capone on tax evasion! I also understand that Lou’s been ostracized by everyone he once called “friend” in Chicago PD but he doesn’t live there anymore, doesn’t have to see those people anymore.  Why does it matter?

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We’re taken to Florida with Lou, where he meets death row inmate Sebastian Wake, only hours away from his execution.  He tells Lou he has the evidence to prove Clay killed Diane but will only give it to Lou if he stops the execution.

Of course, Lou can’t do that, and Wake is executed by electrocution.  This was something I really didn’t need to see.  I would have far preferred to “hear” it happening while the camera stayed focused on Chi’s extremely expressive face.  Watching Wake electrocuted and seeing the smoke rise from his body was bad enough.  But did they really have to make him survive the voltage, so they had to do it again?

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Wake ends up giving Lou the evidence in the end anyway.  Leaving an envelope for Lou with a map that leads him to a box full of cassette tapes, presumably of conversations Wake had with Clay in prison.  All the evidence Lou needs to finally prove Clay killed Diane.

But what does that mean for us?  Are we now going to get a fifth Clay Maxwell episode, so Lou can finally confront not only Clay but the men he once called “friend” in Chicago PD?  Does it mean Lou can allow Samantha to go to North Western now without fear of what she might encounter when all of Chicago thinks he’s a traitor to the force?  To be truthful, I hope not.  I really hope this is finally the end of the Clay Maxwell story.  I don’t really understand why it was even part of this episode.  The best part of it was, as usual, the acting of Chi McBride and James Frain, who played Wake.

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Happy Halloween:  I always love it when H50 delves into Hawaiian legends and folklore.  It reminds me that our show isn’t just plopped down in Hawaii, like so many shows are in LA or New York or wherever. And while we always say that Hawaii is as much a main character as any other, it also reminds me that Hawaii isn’t just beautiful beaches and sunshine.  There is a deep, rich cultural background that is monumental in making Hawaii the wonderful place it is.

I’m not even going to try to delve into the Hawaiian stories which made up a big part of this week’s crime of the week.  There is no way in hell I could ever do them justice.   As always, I refrain from reading reviews of other bloggers before I write my own, so I haven’t read this week’s Five0 Redux from my friend Wendie Burbridge yet.  But, if I know Wendie, I’m more than willing to bet she’s written all about the myths and legends touched on in this episode.  Even if she didn’t go into full detail, her Redux is always worth a read.  You really should check it out.


I’m not going to try to discuss the Hawaiian legends in this episode, but I will say I wish there was more to them in the story.  I would have loved if this episode was 100% Halloween and based on the killer of the week making her victims look like they were killed by Pele rather than have the story broken up in “threes” between the COTW, Lou in Florida and the return of……

Alicia Brown:  Here we have another character which causes fans to fall dramatically on one side or the other.  People either love her or hate her.  There doesn’t seem to be that many who fall somewhere in between.  Well, I’m one of those who falls in between.

I like Alicia.  I understood that she pretty much lost her mind when she thought her daughter had been killed and she thought it was her fault.  I can’t imagine what I would do in that situation.  I didn’t like that she put herself and Steve in danger because of her recklessness but, again, what would I do if I thought I could catch the person responsible, even indirectly, for the death of my only child?

When Alicia pulled the trigger on Dr. Gray, it didn’t bother me that the screen went to black.  It was pretty obvious what happened.  I actually thought it was an interesting artistic touch, ending the episode that way.  Very “Sopranos”.  Those of us who watch MacGyver found out Dr. Gray was dead on the crossover episode but even without that, it wasn’t hard to guess what happened.

Again, I don’t blame Alicia for pulling the trigger.  In that moment, she felt it was the only way she’d ever get Dr. Gray to leave her alone, the only way she could protect her daughter.  She just got her back. She wasn’t about to let Dr. Gray threaten her again.  Was it the right thing to do? Absolutely not.  Should she have just held her at gunpoint until HPD got there to take her away.  Damn straight she should have.

But Gray painted the picture quite well.  She told Alicia straight out that putting her behind bars wasn’t going to stop her.  She’d always find a way to get to her. We’ve seen it plenty of times in this show.  Criminals who, even while in prison, manage to somehow continue to orchestrate their crimes.  Dr. Gray’s threats were a clear and present danger to Alicia and to her child.  The same way Danny knew Marco Reyes would never stop when he threatened Grace.  I didn’t fault Danny for pulling that trigger. I don’t fault Alicia either.

I also give her credit for wanting to tell the truth at her trial.  Of course, she should have just told the truth from the beginning.  I’m sure, with the backing of Five-0, it would have been considered self-defense right from the start.  Now a jury, finding out she’d been lying all these months, would certainly have “reasonable doubt” as to her claim of self-defense.

I’m also not surprised by Steve’s reaction.  We’ve all been watching this show long enough to know that “what happens within Five-0… stays within Five-0”.  Steve and Danny, by pulling Alicia into the Gray investigation, effectively made her Five-0 for that time.  How many times have Steve and the team looked the other way when one of their own has done something less then kosher?  I can’t in good conscience fault Alicia for killing Gray any more than I could fault Danny killing Reyes or Chin killing Delano.  They are all good people who rid the world of heartless predators.  Steve turned a blind eye on both Danny and Chin.  He’s doing the same here with Alicia.  I honestly see no difference.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself “I thought she said she was in between on Alicia”?  I am.  Yes, I like her.  I think she and Steve have a really nice relationship.  A friendship built on shared experiences and similar histories.  But for those who think they would make a great “couple”… that I do not see at all.  I see great chemistry between them as friends.  But that chemistry doesn’t translate into anything more than that.  I just don’t see it.

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I was also shaking my head at her miraculous plea bargain deal.  Even though it wasn’t true, Alicia’s statement to HPD said Dr. Gray came at her with a knife.  So even though a serial killer allegedly broke into her house and came at her with a knife, the DA still saw fit to try Alicia for murder.  Then, seemingly out of the blue, the DA decides it’s acceptable to settle the case to 18 months’ probation.  Just like that?  Why?

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Just because she helped Five-0 with their latest case?  I don’t see that she did all that much to help the case at all.  She didn’t give them any insight they couldn’t have come up with all on their own.  And part of the 18-month deal is she must make herself available to help Five-0 with cases when needed?

Unless there is a case with another killer the caliber of Dr. Gray, I don’t see why she’d be needed.  Of course, Marissa Walker, our serial murderer in this episode managed to get away and is still at large.  It was just all way too convenient, just to make Alicia available for more episodes.

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I really don’t mind if Alicia turns up once in a blue moon to help with a case here and there.  I just don’t see that it needs to be all that often.  We now have a cast that is more than huge enough.  Having her there only dilutes the screen time and dialog of other, more important characters, like……

Danny:  I was so excited when the sneak peeks for this episode came out because every single one was centered around Danny.  But, it turned out those scenes in the peeks was the majority of screen time we got of Danny.  Mostly because the places where Danny should have been, beside Steve at the Magic Table (instead of all the way on the other side). in the passenger seat of Steve’s truck and beside Steve tracking through the woods, were taken up by Alicia.

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But what we did get of Danny was wonderful.  I’m really liking the dynamic shaping up between Danny and Tani.  With Steve spending pretty much this whole episode with Alicia, Danny teamed up with Tani and I just love them together.  I liked that it was Tani who filled Danny in on the legend of Pele and, of course, Danny being Danny, he had to be skeptical.  I was a little disappointed, when he heard about the old lady and her dog in the legend he didn’t recall Mrs. Kekoa and her little dog from the apartment he almost rented in Season 2 (before he found out it was haunted by…. Mrs. Kekoa and her little dog!).

I also really enjoyed the first meeting between Danny and Junior.  I was wondering how Danny would react to Steve taking Junior into his home, but it turns out Danny already knew. Of course, Steve would have filled Danny in on the new living arrangements while he was away.  I love Junior’s habit of calling everyone “sir” and how the guys keep telling him it’s not necessary.  It’s very endearing.

I’m also a little disappointed the writers couldn’t have come up with a better reason for Danny’s injured arm.  Junior heard about Danny’s “fall”, from a ladder at the restaurant.  Of all the ways Danny could have gotten hurt, this one is pretty lame.  He just got back from Jersey last week.  There are all kinds of possibilities for things that could have happened, off camera.  But, they took the easy way out and, of course, he fell from the ladder because Steve bought a cheap one.  Recurring theme… his fall was Steve’s fault because Steve is cheap.  I really wish they’d come up with something a bit more interesting.

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I am wondering if the amount of time Danny was in this episode didn’t have something to do with Scott’s real arm injury.  Maybe his injury caused some filming limitations.  There were times you could see Scott holding his arm or adjusting the brace and sling, as if he was in discomfort.  This was the first episode he filmed after the surgery on his arm so it’s safe to assume it was still pretty tender.  Maybe that’s why there wasn’t much more of Danny besides what we saw in the peeks.

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Fun Stuff (of course there is always fun stuff):

Junior and Tani are adorable.  I love the idea of a friendship forming between these two especially if Junior is going to join Five-0 eventually.  It will be nice for them both to have someone who understands what it feels like to be a newbie on an established team.  Will it turn into something more? Who knows?  For now, I really like the idea of them hanging out and getting to know each other.

But, it looks like Steve is going to be getting a grilling from Junior soon.  The look on his face when he found out that Tani didn’t graduate from the Academy but was still hired for Five-0 was not a pleasant one.  You could practically read his mind.  “What the hell?  Graduating from the academy is “the way it should work” for me but not for her?”.  Yes, I can see Junior and Steve have a lot to discuss.

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Jerry:  I loved that Jerry promised Max he would continue the Halloween tradition of Keanu costumes because Steve and Danny liked them so much.  Such a sweet promise made between two of the sweetest friends on this show.  And even if Danny scoffed at the notion that he and Steve loved the costumes so much, notice it was Danny who remembered that Max wore that same costume three years ago.

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Eddie:  I am more than thrilled they are including Eddie in the episodes as much as they are.  I sure hope that continues.  That dog is friggin’ adorable.  I loved the look on his face as Junior was cleaning up his “accident”, how he looked away, ashamed, when Junior said, “don’t look at me that way”.  It was also perfect that it was Eddie who found the little girl tied up in the woods.  I loved how he ran up to her, licked her face and stood over her until the others arrived on scene.  God, I love that dog!!!

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So, there you have it. This episode won’t go down as a particular favorite of mine.  I think it would have been so much better if the Halloween theme, with all the Hawaiian legends, had been expanded and if we hadn’t had the Lou/Maxwell side story.  And while I didn’t mind Alicia being part of the episode, she really didn’t need to be part of the case.

But having said that, there was still plenty of stuff to enjoy.  Just because there were things I didn’t think were up to snuff doesn’t mean I still can’t see what was really good.  The Hawaiian legends were really fun, I loved every moment of Danny in this episode, Tani and Junior were wonderful and, of course, Eddie.

Have a great week my friends!  See ya next week!  Aloha.  Malama Pono

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34 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 8.05 Kama’ Oma ‘O, Ka ‘Aina Huli Hana (At Kama’oma’o, The Land of Activities) – Halloween Episode

  1. Kacee says:

    Spot on as always! This episode felt a little light on McGarrett & Danny to me. Agree with your thoughts on Alicia. Claire is a fantastic actress and it seems the regular actors enjoy her on set but I’d rather focus on getting to know the new team members & exploring their dynamics with the veteran team members before adding other characters. I love Tani & Junior but I still feel like I don’t know them or exactly how they fit. I guess I like it Best when they keep it simple…one storyline, the team working together, and not a lot of extras “helping” with the case.

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    • I love Claire and you’re right, everyone seems to really like having her on set. I do like Alicia and have no problem with her dropping in from time to time to help with a case when her profiling skills are truly needed. I just don’t think she needs to be around a whole lot and I definitely don’t think she and Steve would work as a couple.

      I’m still holding out hope the logistics can be worked out with Sarah and Lynn can remain in the picture in Steve’s life for long haul. I know Peter said in an interview a long while ago that he didn’t see Lynn in Steve’s future but Peter says a lot of things in interviews. Some that work out as he envisions them at the time of the interview and some that don’t.

      I’m hoping this is one time where what he believed at the time of the interview has changed and Steve and Lynn are together for a very long time. I really love them together. She’s uncomplicated, she brings no baggage to the relationship, she understands him, she’s open with him and she makes him laugh. That’s a keeper in my book! Alicia, like Ellie (I miss Ellie) can always be a really good friend.

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  2. Hi Linda! I agree with all points — it was a ho-hum episode. I fall in the middle with the Alicia character, too. I see her as an “Ellie” sort of friend to Steve. I do NOT want a romance between them.
    I am loving Danny this season. He has smiled (genuinely smiled) more this year than the last couple of seasons combined. His criticisms of Steve, while still snarky, are not nasty and hateful. Thank you writers for lightening him up!
    I’m also loving Tani. She is a female version of Lou with her funny comments. When she looked straight at Danny and wondered how is it McGarrett hasn’t shot him — that was gold.
    I’m wondering, too, what Junior will do with the new info about Tani not graduating the academy. I hope it isn’t a sore spot, because I think Junior has a case of hero-worship when it comes to Steve, and I like that. At least for awhile. Because Steve IS awesome; his SEAL missions are legendary and now so is the work of 5-0. His reputation is what brought Junior to Steve’s doorstep. I want the mentorship to continue.
    Like you, I’m done with the Clay Maxwell story. I hope they move on now!
    Have a great week!

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    • I agree with you… Junior does have a hero worship thing going with Steve but I’m sure, while Junior’s nose is probably out of joint at the moment, they will quickly smooth it over.

      Steve will explain the difference between Tani’s situation and Junior’s easily. Tani may not have graduated but she went through the entire program at the academy. Only getting kicked out at the end. She even sat the final exam, although she cheated which was the last straw and got her kicked out.

      But she DID complete the program which means there are all kinds of records and personal accounts of the kid of recruit she was, the work she did, her abilities and her accomplishments. Steve and Danny both said in the premiere that before she was kicked out, she was one of the best recruits the academy had seen in years. So, no, she didn’t graduate but there was more than enough evidence of the type of police officer she would be.

      Junior is an unknown entity. It does seem that both Steve and Duke spoke to Junior’s superior officer David Lang about him because Duke told Junior that Lang spoke very highly of him. It can only be assumed that Lang also told Steve why Junior processed out of the Navy so young. There is a “long story” there, as Junior himself admitted. Steve also knows that being a SEAL, the combat training and the types of things a man sees in the types of war zones SEALS are always sent to, may not necessarily translate to a cop on civilian streets. He needs Junior to go through the academy so he can find out if he can go from military soldier to street cop.

      I’m sure when Steve tells Junior these things, Junior will open up and tell Steve exactly what happened before he left the Navy. It might also explain that “streak” the HPD training officer said he saw in Junior. Once these things are out in the open, Steve will know for sure that Junior is Five-0 material and all will be fine.


  3. Rita says:

    Sorry been away and catching up. So far have enjoyed season 8. I did enjoy this episode except for Lou’s story. I thought it was over and done with. Taking nothing away it was acted well but did not like watching the execution.

    Regarding Alicia and Steve that relationship is as friends. I cannot see anything further. She was made a part of Five 0 when Steve asked her to help out and he has treated her like he did as you say with Danny and Reyes and Chin turning a blind eye.

    Loving the addition of Tani and Junior. The best line I heard was when Tani said something to Danny about Steve trying to kill him.

    I too think Junior may have words with Steve about Tani not finishing the academy

    Loved Eddie. He’s becoming a real star. Just love the looks he gives. Making me feel a real softy.

    Glad to see Jerry dressing up. Wouldn’t be halloween.

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    • I LOVED Jerry dressing up. It’s very sweet that he and Max discussed Halloween and the continuation of the Keanu Reeves inspired costumes because Max felt Steve and Danny enjoyed them so much and that Jerry agreed to do it for the same reason.


  4. Brooklyngirl says:

    The only interesting aspect of this episode was learning more about Hawaiian folklore. And then it went south. I’m not an Alicia fan and was disappointed that the writers were willing for Steve to potentially ruin his good name and reputation to lie for her. It was even sadder that, while he didn’t stoop to that level, he managed to get a killer set free by using H50’s immunity and means to get her probation. It’s so not Steve to lie (even for a friend) and it ruined the episode for me. So OCC. I’m sad and disappointed that the EP and writers went that route.

    I’m also a little surprised that after 20 years no one was able to track down and capture this moss lady. I guess Honolulu is a good place to become a serial killer because your chances of getting caught are slim to none. And yes, I understand it’s tv and poetic license and all that, but really?? Will it be another never-ending storyline happening to bring back a character? I hope not. Because her deer-in-headlights, always on the verge of tears, melodrama is trite and soap opera ridiculous.

    I did love the interaction of Danny and Tani, they are funny and sweet together, and Tani and Junior. I can see them becoming good friends. Jerry in costume! Of course, Eddie stole the show. Even Eric wasn’t bad. I’m happy that Lou got the closure he deserved regarding Clay. But like you, this storyline needs to be done.

    There are a small handful of awful H50 episodes and another was just added. Hoping the real Steve will be back very, very soon.

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    • We’ve had many long and wonderful discussions over the Alicia character and I respect that you don’t like her. I understand where you’re coming from and although I disagree in some aspects, I agree with you in others.

      As far as Steve is concerned, I’m confused with people saying Steve acted out of character by what he said to Alicia. When Chin killed Delano, Steve and the entire team knew about it and no one every said a word to anyone. Steve was right in the room when Danny killed Reyes. Didn’t try to stop him, just stood there and watched it happen. He didn’t tell anyone about that either. Both Delano and Reyes were cold blooded predators the world is better off without.

      Telling Alicia that Gray was a serial killer who deserved to die is no different than Delano and Reyes. Telling her to not change her statement, to not testify and therefore not be forced to change her statement is, in my view, no different that Steve standing by and saying nothing to the authorities about Danny and Chin’s crimes. And, yes, they were crimes, no question about that.

      I think it would have been more hypocritical for Steve to get upset with Alicia, rant at her to tell the truth and take the consequences of her actions (which she SHOULD do, as Danny and Chin should have done) when he did the exact opposite for the others. That, to me, would have been out of character.

      I know you’re going to disagree with me on this point, and that’s ok. The debate is always a tone of fun! ♥

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        • But Sienna did die! Alicia thought she was dead for years and she thought it was her fault. By some miracle she got her back and wasn’t going to let Gray put her in jeopardy again. So, I don’t really see the difference.

          As for her not being Ohana… there I have to agree with you. But Steve has forged a bond with her. Shared experiences and a similar history. He considers her a friend. Perhaps not Ohana level, but still a friend and we’ve seen Steve will do pretty much anything to protect a friend.

          So, my friend, we’ll just continue to agree to disagree! ♥♥

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  5. jlopie1 says:

    Well, Linda, we’re going to agree to disagree here, I’m afraid! I’m falling on the side of not liking Alicia one bit. When the character was first introduced in S7, I liked her just fine, thinking she’d run her course in a couple episodes for an interesting storyline and then she’d be done. That was the 1st episode. By her second appearance where she get’s Steve stabbed in the back and has to have him save her in the blowhole, I was done with her. I understood why she shot Gray dead in her kitchen in her last ep in S7, and I was satisfied the SL was finished, even if we had to learn about it on the MacGyver crossover!

    But now she’s back, and we find out she lied about Gray coming at her with a kitchen knife, claiming self defense, when in fact she could have held her at bay until the cops arrived. That’s it. I’m completely done with her. She was a trained officer of the law at one point in her career, she certainly had the option of doing the right thing and handing Dr. Gray over to the legal system. I won’t accept the premise that she had no choice and that her situation was just as impossible as Danny’s over Reyes. There was no way Danny would ever get justice for Matty’s death or assurance that Grace would be safe if that man was left alive and free in Columbia. Considering what transpired later with the crooked CIA Agent, it’s obvious Danny made the only acceptable decision. Alicia, on the other hand, killed Gray, in cold blood, on US soil where the AMerican justice system should have been trusted. Sure, he might have to live with a set of eyes in the back of her head, but she would have been a more sympathetic character, in the end. (Chin killing Delaney is a little more ambiguous, he probably shouldn’t have done it, but…well. It was Chin!)

    I won’t go into Steve’s response to Alicia’s whole predicament. To me, I have to agree with Brooklyngirl. It certainly didn’t sound like our Steve. He was trying too hard to fix her situation, and not acting the way we, as viewers, are used to. The only way I can figure out that plea bargain is that somehow Steve had time to call the Governor to get the DA to accept probation. Let’s face it, she WAS guilty of committing a murder and she WAS guilty of lying about it! The prosecution had a solid case against her! I don’t think the judge alone would have the authority to dismiss the trial without some sort of pressure from the executive branch. I don’t like Steve pulling those kind of strings.

    I know all this happened so we can get more of Alicia down the road. Not happy about that, either.

    I did like everything else about the episode, especially everything Danny, and the Hawaiian folklore. Danny IS more open to the Hawaiian legends than he was in the early Halloween episodes, he just still has a healthy skepticism!

    I think we need to be spending more time getting to know our newbies. This slow intro to both Tani and Junior makes for dissatisfaction by a lot of viewers, at least from some of the responses I see on SM. We haven’t had much reason to embrace these characters yet and see them as a part of the Ohana, thus many viewers are still vocally missing Chin and Kono. It’s time, Show, to step it up and give Tani and Junior some depth of character!

    I was even happy for Lou – Chi did his usual remarkable acting. I personally think the Clay Maxwell story is complete. There’s no reason for us to see Grover go back to Chicago. My only thing I really didn’t need was the actual execution on my screen. I don’t see what purpose it provided for us to watch Sebastian fry the first time, let alone have to redo it because he didn’t die! Not cool. Not even on Halloween.

    Not my favorite episode. More likely down in my bottom 10 for the entire series. So we disagree this time, Linda. It’s not the first time (Rachel?) But, guess what? I still luv ya! I’m sure we’ll be back in sync by next week!

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    • Hehehehe….. well, it’s known to happen. Not only was there a H50 episode I didn’t absolutely love, you and I are going to disagree about it! ROFL Will wonders never cease??? ♥

      I’m not going to go into my reasoning again over Alicia’s actions or Steve’s response to them. I think I pretty much laid it all out in my review and in my response to Brooklyngirl above. You guys are in agreement and I’m on the other side. No harm… no foul. Isn’t it amazing when people can disagree and yet still have a reasonable discussion about it without it deteriorating into nastiness or name calling. You’ll never hear me call anyone on this blog a moron or anything just because they have a different viewpoint! LOL

      It’s funny, I didn’t get the impression that Steve worked out anything with regard to Alicia’s plea deal. He looked genuinely surprised when she told him about it. It’s seems more likely the DA decided he really didn’t have a case for murder, that it really was self-defense from the beginning and decided to just go with the plea bargain. Remember, Alicia hadn’t taken the stand so the DA didn’t know that her original statement about the knife wasn’t true. I also think he felt that because she was just part of the team that helped save a little girl, the jury would be more sympathetic towards her and he might actually lose the case. Plea it down to 18 months probation, at least she’d be subjected to SOME sort of punishment. Now, having said that, I still think it was totally to easy and entirely too convenient just to make sure the character could still be available.

      I DO agree with you 100% that it’s time to delve more into the Tani and Junior characters, get them involved in Ohana gatherings and flesh out their stories more. I an honestly say I haven’t missed Chin and Kono at all but I can see why others may. Perhaps this pancake “date” will be the start of learning more about them both. It’s also a reason why I don’t think we need to see a ton of Alicia. There is only so much time in an episode and we have TEAM members we need to explore!

      And I AM happy Lou got closure and I adored Chi’s acting in the story. I just really hope it IS closure. I’m tired of that story and the fact that it pulls Lou away from the team and usually away from Hawaii too. I love it when the whole team is together, working a case, all of them involved and contributing and ending the day at the shrimp truck!


  6. Carole says:

    Good points Linda. This was a mish/mash episode – a bit of this, a bit of that……some bits I loved, others not so much. Loved everything Danny & Eddie! We saw the first meeting with Junior who got that genuine welcome – smile included. Nice touch having Jerry pick up Halloween tradition from Max and Tani has made herself right at home, comfortable enough with Danny to give him a hard time.Some threads were tied up and new ones started. Lou was proved right about Clay and Junior is wondering why he has to graduate when Tani didn’t. I did not like the Clay story dragged out like that. Lou could have received that envelope from the prison without the trip to Florida, watching the guy eat his last meal and then get fried himself- it felt like filler. I would much rather we had more main story or maybe Danny seeing his kids or actual Steve/Danny time. She’s a bit unstable, but I don’t mind Alicia. I was a bit annoyed at her putting Steve in a bad position, but like you I get it why he reacted that way. When i think about how many baddies have been imprisoned only to escape…..it was similar to Danny’s situation, she was protecting her child. I’m OK with her being around now and then. I wish there had been just more folklore & Halloween.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree that I would have enjoyed this episode so much more if they’d have stuck with the folklore and Halloween and the whole team was working that one case. I also agree it would have truly tied into Halloween if we could have seen Danny with Grace or, if Grace is too old to hang out with her old man now, at least Charlie. There was also definitely too little, practically non-existent Steve/Danny time in this. That’s never a good thing in my book.

      I loved that Tani is getting comfortable enough around Danny to give him a hard time. Danny seems to have taken to Tani easily, the veteran/rookie dynamic is working very well and her teasing him about being “truly surprised McGarrett hasn’t shot you yet” was golden! And Danny was truly happy to meet Junior. I have to agree with a comment above that Danny has been happy and smiling more this season than he has in a long time and that’s always wonderful to see.


  7. Angèle says:

    Excellent review Linda, as usual

    As you I am disappointed with the lack of the superficial treatment of the folklore of the Hawaiian culture in this ep …

    I love Lou, but this part of his story with Clay could have been finalized off screen

    As far as Alicia is concerned, I honestly don’t like what Lenkov did with this character I understand her psychological problems related to the loss of his daughter, her retirement from the FBI …
    But for me Alicia should have been more than that… I saw the real Alicia in the last scene of 7.17 … I saw a strong woman who makes the terrible decision to kill another person ( a serial killer) to save her daughter and save at the same time, probably other people …
    This decision made in perfect knowledge of the consequences to be faced in the future, showed what a strong and interesting woman can be Alicia …
    Unfortunately, Lenkov has chosen another path, indeed his usual path … to write this woman like a fragile person who needs the protection of the hero … and even worse to make this woman a character overacted, for the simple purpose of creating a forced relationship, a special connection with Steve when she’s perfect to be only a colleague and friend …(apparently, fate exclusively for women who are supposed to have a romantic relationship with McG)
    The other women are generally more interesting Kono, Abby, Elie, Tani, Renee, Noelani, etc.
    I have the impression to see, “in a way”, the same strategy (very intensive in this case) used for Cath’s character, overacted, too (in the S3/4 where her presence in pratically every eps was totally useless) again forcing a story that’s never really born and that has run out with time and the various mistakes of character’s evolution…

    That being said
    my only pleasure in this ep was to see Danny (of course) but also Tani, Junior, Jerry and “the icing on the cake” EDDIE
    I really hope these new characters will have more space and stories in the next eps

    Liked by 2 people

    • Like I said earlier, the Alicia character brings out a lot of different reactions from a lot of people. Those who really like her, those who really hate her and those who like her but really don’t need to see a lot of her. It is fascinating how one character (and we’ve seen it in the past, of course) can bring out so many different reactions.

      I just really hope they don’t try to make them a couple. The scenario is already forced. This plea bargain deal way too convenient a way to keep the character available. It already feels forced. Just let them be friends, let her come in every once in a while to help with a case and leave it at that. Pushing them together would be, in my opinion, a disaster.


  8. Wendy says:

    Great review Linda, as always. Not one of the best episodes but it was interesting. Simply loved all the Danny scenes, but he did look like he was in pain. Not a big fan of Alicia but don’t hate her either. Really like Tani and love her and Danny together. Junior is growing on me, especially after the beginning scene with Danny. Not getting into the Lou stuff, enough has been said, hope that stories finally done though.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. rhondagemini says:

    Have to agree with you,Linda,that this was not a favorite episode for me,either. Too much going on at one time-I mean, we had Lou in Florida finally getting the evidence on Maxwell that he had been seeking for three years,.Alicia going on trial for Dr. Grey’s murder and the murders linked to Hawaiian folklore. The first two we could have done without,but I am glad those stories have been tied up and are done. The third should have been the focus of the whole episode,but since Marissa managed to escape,we will probably see her again at some point. I do think that Steve will have some explaining to do to Junior concerning the Police Academy, but I think Junior will understand. I do like the friendship between him & Tani and look forward to seeing more of it. Gotta say I love Eddie,too-he knew once he found the little girl,it was his duty to stay with her until the others came. Although she didn’t show it, I think the little girl felt that she was safe with him and that he wouldn’t let anyone else hurt her! Gotta say I didn’t like watching that execution-to me, that was totally unnecessary! Just hearing it and seeing Lou’s reaction would have been sufficient for me. I do hope that story line is finished as well as one with Alicia & Dr. Grey. I wouldn’t mind seeing Alicia once in a while, as I do think she & Steve are good as friends,but nothing else. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I thought I would not had love this season after Chin and Kono left. But really I am loving it more than season 7.
    And really think that Junior and Tani have some kind of romance going on that the producers will think about.
    Danny is awesome and really wish he and Steve had some scenes together. But really can’t wait for the restaurant thing more scenes.
    Love him and Junior together.
    Think that Jerry is awesome and despite missing Max, he did not forget him at all. As really Jerry is such a teddy bear
    Alicia and really think that she is really great for Steve and vice versa. But really want to see Catherine back with him. But Alicia is really something special with Steve. Both know each other’s heads and hearts.
    Eddie will be such a very valuable asset to the team and Steve in General.
    Lou I am glad got some closure. And really hope this ends it. Hate the way Lou had some much hatred toward his “buddies” in Chicago. Glad Hawaii has changed him and soften him up a bit. Maybe they will think twice about that.
    But the case of the week really was kind of weak. And did not get the villain there. But still it was a bit over the top.
    Give it 7/10 as character development saved this show.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like Alicia as a great friend for Steve and as I stated before, I really hope things can be worked out with Sarah so that Lynn and continue to be in Steve’s life. I really love them together. As for past loves…. water under the bridge and hopefully over and done with for good!


  11. The main case of the week was very interesting to me. It kept me at the edge of my seat. But, I agree. I am very sick of the Clay Maxwell thing. Hopefully, now, it can end for good. And Lou can send his daughter off to Chicago and not worry about it. Well, as a parent you always worry but not more than the usual worry. I don’t mind Alicia. But I don’t want to see her all the time. The cast is big enough. I am glad she got off with probation. Danny and Tani are great together. And I loved how Jerry dressed up for Halloween. Danny giving him a hard time was hilarious. I loved his snark over the fanny pack. Your right though. The episode was a little light on Steve and Danny together. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen too often.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Susan Schoppe says:

    I always love your reviews bc your always spot on. I agree with all your points. This wasn’t the best one but I still liked it, well bc it’s my favorite show. I loved the folklore as well that stuff always interests me. And Eddie, I’m in love with that Dog! The only thing that I’m probably gonna get some heat on is Steve & Alicia, yes they have a good friend based relationship But isn’t that what good couples start from? They have similar backgrounds, they both have been through similar life situations, they don’t judge one another and Alisha seems to put Steve before herself (unlike Cathrine) I think they would make a great couple and I truly hope PL gives it a shot. Just my little old opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I’m not so sure she puts Steve ahead of herself. I mean, it was her recklessness and not thinking about consequences that put Steve in danger. I don’t see how she was thinking about anything besides finding the person she thought killed her daughter. Hopefully now that Sienna is home, Dr. Gray is dead and she doesn’t have the possibility of prison hanging over her, she’ll get her head a bit more together so she has the ability to be of help to Five-0 and a friend to them all.


    • Brooklyngirl says:

      Seriously?! She didn’t put him in front of herself, she almost had him killed twice. She’s very reckless and that’s not what I’d call good relationship material, she’s reminiscent of someone else. He’s better off sticking with Eddie.


      • Susan Schoppe says:

        I only recall one time, but you could be right about the relationship with her, Cathrine almost gets him killed ever time she shows up so maybe him being with Lynn would be best.


  13. This is silly but I was wondering how Alicia could afford a house on the ocean with those beautiful mountains behind it. FBI profilers do not make a huge amount of money. Maybe a rich aunt died and left her a fortune, LOL. But what a breathtaking spot that was.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL It didn’t even occur to me to think about that but it’s an excellent question. Just one of those things where we’re just supposed to enjoy the view without asking too many questions, I guess! LOL

      Actually now that I think about it, it’s probably a rental. It’s the same house Danny and Melissa (when she was still Amber) stayed in for a romantic getaway before her crazy ex crashed in and stabbed Danny!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Another great review, Linda. Everyone has really shared some good perspectives about the Alicia character and story line. While I like the actress and I didn’t have an issue with her before, I found her inclusion in this ep to be utterly unnecessary. They have two new main characters on the show and the attention needs to be on bringing them into the fold and getting the team up to speed. Not to mention not her story line wasn’t that interesting and seemed certainly far-fetched as far as resolution. Not to mention that we just don’t need an extraneous character added to the H50 tapestry. If they want to pull her in for a consult somewhere down the road, whatever. But, as you pointed out, just how many times is there a serious need for her kind of services in Hawaii? Jeez, I hope all the serial killers out there don’t suddenly feel like moving to the islands!
    Then poor Lou…while I didn’t think the Clay story was worth revisiting either, it also felt like he (and we) got short-changed on it. We’ve agreed on the split story line before–not a fan either so having basically three story lines going on in one ep made me a little nuts. Two is bad enough but three? I felt like they didn’t do justice with any of them and I can’t figure out why PL think this is a good way to go about crafting an ep. I would’ve been completely happy if this had remained an authentic Halloween episode with the focus remaining on the fascinating Hawaiian legends with the murders being the H50 investigated crimes. That would’ve given us a solid story all the way around. I enjoyed all of the scenes related to that story.
    I did love that we had Danny back and when we did have him, it was awesome stuff. But, again, not enough…and I was so frustrated and aggravated with the way Steve and Danny barely saw each other. Their incredibly limited interaction just made the whole episode feel “off” for me. Granted, I’m sure Scott was probably restricted in terms of what he could do in terms of getting around and such. Totally understand that. But if we could have that great little intro between him and Junior, I think they could have given us something with S & D, especially with Danny being back “home,” as Steve so sweetly reiterated two weeks ago. The fact that they devoted precious time to the Alicia story and the Lou-related execution, etc…well, I just think that was wasted time in my book.
    Keep hoping that the H50 writers and powers that be read the fans’ opinions and keep that in mind.
    Good thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

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