#H50 Review – 7.07 Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane (The Mother and Son) – 150th Episode


I’m sure those of us who live in the U.S. are wholeheartedly sick and tired of the current Presidential Campaign.  Night after night, political ads, never ending news reports on the inadequacies, scandals, idiocy, etc. of one candidate or the other. It doesn’t matter which candidate you’re rooting for, the constant back and forth in the news and the polls is enough to drive you crazy.  She’s up…. she’s down… he’s ahead… he’s behind… oh wait… she’s up again. Every time it looks good for your candidate, something else comes along to make you despair the other one’s gonna win and vice versa.  Dear God, I just can’t wait for it to be over.

I’m sad to say that in the weeks leading up to this episode, I was feeling the exact same way.  For a long stretch of time, I basically had zero enthusiasm for it.  When H50 was nearing its 100th episode I couldn’t contain my excitement over what was coming.  What were they going to do?  What big event would mark the milestone occasion?  I just couldn’t wait for that Friday to come.

We all knew, of course, that #150 would be in Season 7, if we got renewed, and when we did, the speculation and excitement began again.  #100 had been so incredibly good, hopefully #150 would be even better.  Then we started to get wind of what #150 would be about and at first I was excited.  I can’t stand Doris McGarrett and I hate that her life choices wreaked havoc on her family and ruined the young lives of her children and ultimately caused the murder of their father.

But still, Doris is a fascinating character and Christine Lahti and Alex simply sizzle when they are on screen together.  Having #150 revolve around Doris and what she’s been up to these last years and finally, after six plus years, the possibility of Steve getting the answers he’s always desperately needed, getting resolution to the story that started the whole damn thing…. yes, that excited me.

Then the ax fell.  Doris was coming back to resolve her story line but Catherine was coming back as well.  Needless to say, I was not pleased to hear that at all.  I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m thoroughly over and done with the Steve and Catherine story so finding out she was going to be part of this milestone episode did not make me one bit happy.

The few days before the episode aired was a whirlwind of sneak peeks, interviews, contradictory tweets and quotes from Alex and Peter Lenkov and, I’ve got to tell you, just like the damn election, by the time Friday arrived all I wanted was for the episode to be over and done with.  And that bothered me.  A lot!  Because for six plus years, 149 episodes, there was never one that I wasn’t excited to see.

It’s now Saturday and as I sit here and type this I realize that I didn’t dislike this episode as much as I thought I would.  And I didn’t dislike having Catherine be a part of it as much as I thought I would either.  Of course, that’s probably because I knew she wasn’t sticking around but still.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

OK… let’s break this down like we usually do so I can try, and probably fail, to organize all the swirling emotions this episode caused in me.

Lou and Will Grover:  These light-hearted scenes between Lou and Will were like fresh air in this episode.  Chosen Jacobs, who plays Will, is a fine young actor and he plays Will with the exact right amount of teenage angst and loving fear of his larger than life father.  Chi and Chosen play off each other so well it almost feels as if Chi’s real son was cast.  These two are just perfect together.

I got a kick out of the fact that Danny, ever the over protective father, would ask Lou to question Will on whether Grace has a boyfriend.  It’s also pretty funny that Lou would actually do it rather than deal with an overly stressed out Daddy Danno.  But I admire Will for keeping his mouth shut because he’s right, it isn’t his place to grill Grace on her personal life nor is it his place to blab her business if he does know about it.  Given the fact that, going by the preview for next week’s episode, Will himself is the boyfriend adds to the kid’s reluctance to tell.  It’s comical that the kids of two detectives on Hawaii’s elite task force can so easily pull one over on their fathers.

I know there are those who think Danny’s over protectiveness of Grace is too over the top and I have to agree on this one point.  Asking a friend to use his kid to spy for him is a bit much but I know people (in my case mothers) who have done the same thing. “If you hear anything about what’s going on, please let me know” type of thing.  It is right? No. But when you’re worried about your kid, when you think they may be in trouble or getting mixed up in something that could do them harm, you do what you feel you have to do to protect them.

But this isn’t about Grace getting involved with a bad crowd or getting into drugs or some other equally harmful thing.  This is a 14-year-old girl and her first boyfriend.  Hardly something that’s going to ruin her life.  In this case, Danny should ease up and stop worrying.  Or better yet, stop dreading and try to postpone the inevitable day when another man will be the most important man in Grace’s life.

But Danny has always been 100% about Grace. She changed his life when she was born and he changed his life to follow her to Hawaii.  It’s his job to keep Hawaii safe because it’s her home.  He’s a single dad who takes the time to be there for his daughter, shows interest in her interests and supports her in every way he can.  So, yeah, if he freaks out a bit too much over things, I’ll cut him some slack.

Chin and Sara:  For a guy who wasn’t sure he was ready to be a parent; Chin has done a fantastic job in the few months he’s had Sara.  She’s obviously happy, healthy and her love for her Uncle Chin is only surpassed by his love for her.  Considering Sara lost both her parents and Chin was a total stranger to her, it’s truly heartwarming to see the bond that has formed between these two.

The fact that Chin lost his appeal to stop Sara from having to go to Mexico is not a surprise.  As far as anyone knows at this point in time, she is going to a stable household, with two parents who are her blood relatives.  Chin, a single man, with a dangerous job and uncertain working hours, who is her Uncle by marriage, not by blood, would obviously be the second choice in court.  But knowing what the outcome would probably be doesn’t soften the blow one bit.

Watching Chin returning home to his empty house was incredibly heartbreaking.  It reminded me so much of the tragic day he returned home after Malia died.  Perhaps this day wasn’t as heart wrenching as that one but you could still feel his overwhelming sadness and sense of loss leap off the screen.  Daniel played this scene so incredibly well.

Of course, there is that suspicious phone number on the Mexican uncle’s phone Chin was investigating.  The judge might have ruled it not credible enough to stop Sara from leaving but we can be sure it’s something we’re going to hear about again.  This is not the last time we’ll see Sara, I’m sure of it.

The Ohana:  As always, the Ohana is the heart and soul of this team.  Beginning with the scenes in the Grover household.  Not Danny asking Lou to spy but that Gracie was staying with the Grover’s while her dad was in Jersey.  It’s great to see that not only are the members of the team friends but their families as well.  Of course, we already know that, but it’s still nice to actually see it.  I was also glad they gave a reasonable explanation for Danny’s absence this time.  Eddie Williams was having surgery and Danny went back to support the family.  Now that is a legitimate reason for him to be away from Hawaii.  (Even if I’m still really sad he missed this milestone episode).

It continued when, even though Danny was in Jersey, Steve still contacted him to let him know something had happened and he needed to leave town.  Steve, remembering how much Danny hates it when he just takes off, made sure Danny knew he was leaving.  It’s no surprise that Danny, being the worrier he is, wastes no time and immediately picks up the phone to make sure the team knows that Steve may be in trouble and need help.  So, of course, they would all be right there, by Steve’s side.  I loved how Grover made sure Steve understood that even if Steve wanted Danny to keep his mouth shut, he’s his partner, he worries about him and so do the rest of the team.  Chin’s words that Steve and by extension Doris are Ohana, was all the explanation that was needed.  Now, as always, Ohana first!

Flashbacks:  Whether it’s Steve remembering old missions or times spent with his dad or Chin remembering how he first met Malia or Kono remembering her childhood with her mother, nobody does flashbacks as well as H50 does.  This episode was no exception.  We literally got to see Steve grow up from a young boy learning how to ride his first bike to the day, at age 15, when he last laid eyes on his mother.  Each young actor chosen to play Steve did a really good job.

But the award goes to Emma Schlamme, Christine Lahti’s real-life daughter as the young Doris McGarrett.  It’s so easy to always think of Doris and a she-devil, the reason behind every bad thing that ever happened to John, Steve and Mary.  But through these flash backs, we see Doris as a young mother, enjoying her son, loving her family and yet, torn by the guilt of a life she lived years before.  It in no way excuses the things she did, but it does humanize her more and gives us a glimpse of the good mother she tried so hard to be before it all crashed down around her… and them.

Steve and his women:  Ok, I know that sounds so peculiar but I couldn’t think of any other way to head this section.  Let’s take them one by one.

Lynn:  I think Steve and Lynn are simply adorable together.  It seems like such as easy, care free type of relationship.  One that just flows along very sweetly and comfortably. Living such a complicated life, Steve needs a safe harbor to relax, enjoy, and be loved without unnecessary hidden baggage.  Lynn gives that to him.  She was understanding in a situation where she had every right to be put out and did nothing but offer him her support, love and concern that he come home safe.

Watching him dance around the kitchen as he prepared dinner was so much fun.  God, I love a man who can cook.  Add to it that it is this man and the whole package is simply delicious.  I thought it was so cute they each dressed to the nines for their intimate romantic candle light dinner at home.  Steve looked, well…. what else… drop dead gorgeous and Lynn was stunning in that white dress.  They make a beautiful couple.  Who knows if Lynn is the woman Steve will spend the rest of his life with or if, for now, they are both just enjoying each other’s company and having a good time.  Either way, I hope we get to see more of Lynn in the future but, please, not too much.  As I’ve said before, I love that our team have personal lives and love interests but I don’t need to see them in my face every two minutes.  Once in a while is quite sufficient.

Doris:  What is there to say about Doris that hasn’t already been said.  Well, according to this episode, really not much.  I mean, what did we learn that we didn’t already know?  What “answers” did Steve get that would make him, and the rest of us, understand why Doris did the things she did?  The answer?  Pretty much nothing.

  • Doris felt years of guilt over the death of WoFat’s mother. We already knew that.
  • Doris felt she needed to rescue Yao Fat. Why? She was sent to assassinate him and missed.  Did she miss on purpose? If so, why? The look that passed between them when they first saw each other again was more than just “huh… funny seeing you here”.  She said she never stopped looking for him.  That’s not something you say to someone who doesn’t mean something to you.  Were they in love? Is that way she didn’t kill him?  Damned if I know.
  • Doris raised WoFat from infancy and obviously still had maternal feelings toward him. She didn’t shoot him (nor he, her) when the chance presented itself.  She visited him in prison when she couldn’t find it in herself to visit Steve.  She helped him escape prison.  WoFat had family videos he used to torture Steve in the big 100th  episode.  Did Doris give them to him?  Damned if I know.
  • WoFat captured and tortured Steve twice in an effort to find his father. Did Doris know this? Damned if I know.
  • Did John know about her previous life? Did Joe White help her fake her death? Damned if I know.

All Doris really said in this episode was how sorry she was for what she did and for the pain it caused Steve and Mary.  “I’m sorry” is pretty much all she’s been saying to Steve since the first time he laid eyes on her again in the Season 3 premiere.  For all the answers we thought Steve would get, for all the answers we were hoping to hear, all we really learned was that Doris and John were excited to find out they were pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong… I enjoyed the scenes between Steve and Doris.  The fight when she brought him down and his “Hi mom” were awesome.  Christine and Alex are simply electric when they are on screen together.  They seem to bring out the best talent in each other.  Watching Steve’s reactions every time Doris is around is pure gold.  It’s just that after all this time and the buildup to what was supposed to tie up the loose ends of Doris’s story, I thought there would be more and I’m disappointed there wasn’t.

But now that Doris and Yao Fat are flying off to who knows where, there is still more to this story.  Peter said there was going to be a new story arc that was going to kick off from this episode.  Maybe Doris is part of that story, even if she’s not on our screens, and we may yet find out what the hell she’s really all about.  At least Steve has Doris’s diaries now. Hopefully all the answers are in there and Steve will finally get to understand it all. Of course, since we’ll probably never see or hear of that diary again, we’ll still be frustratingly in the dark.

 Catherine:  Like I said above and like I’ve said a dozen times before, I am 100% done with Catherine Rollins.  I’ve said, although there are those who refuse to hear my words, that I have never hated Catherine.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt that her “mission” was a classified Op she couldn’t reveal to anyone, including Steve.  My contention has always been that it was the way she hurt him, more than anything, that I couldn’t forgive.  I always believed she knew about that Op before she ever turned up in Hawaii for Kono’s wedding.  I always believed she only came back to use Steve to establish her cover and she had no intention, no matter what she said, to ever stay.  I always believed she was, essentially, Doris 2.0 and no matter what, Steve would always come in second with her.  That is what turned me against her and this episode did nothing to change my mind about that.  I will admit that I didn’t hate her being there as much as I thought I would but I will also admit that knowing she’d be gone immediately at the end made it easier to get through it.

But, excuse me, what is it with her and just turning up without notice whenever she feels like it?  Oh well, at least this time she was nice enough to actually call a full 10 seconds before she turned Steve’s world upside down yet again.  And, here’s another question we don’t have an answer to.  How did Catherine know Doris was in trouble?  I doubt she found out through official CIA channels since it was a secret break-in at a secret black op site, where they are holding a man, who essentially does not exist.  Was Catherine working with Doris on trying to free Yao Fat or did she just happen to find out by accident?  But she said she had no idea where Doris even was plus it had only happened the night before.  But, to be honest, I find no reason why we need to know any of this.  Peter said in an interview that Catherine was simply in this episode as a plot devise to advance the Doris story and close out her own.  The hows and whys of it are unimportant.

Of course, I figured I was going to hate every single second she was on my screen but I found that wasn’t the case.  I admired the way Catherine and Lynn handled the extremely awkward situation between them with grace.  I felt bad for them both when Lynn innocently revealed that Steve had intended to propose.  Lynn was truly sorry since she had no idea Catherine didn’t know.  Catherine? The look on her face, to me anyway, was of course shock, but also very contemplative.  The shock of “oh shit… he was going to propose?” and yet the contemplative “he was going to propose… what would I have said?”.  Yeah, awkward doesn’t even begin to describe it.

I did find her annoying when she was telling Steve about Doris though.  When she was saying “I know she’s hurt you but no matter what she’s done, she’s still your mother” I couldn’t help but hear…. “I know I’ve hurt you but no matter what I’ve done…” Whatever.  It just really rubbed me the wrong way the way she was almost scolding him with the “are you really going to let her live the rest of her life in a box” and then throwing the guilt trip on him “I know you. If you don’t help her now, you’ll regret it”.


Steve had just realized that Doris had used him, yet again, to find out where Yao Fat was being held and was questioning whether he really wanted to help.  The only thing that saved this scene for me was the fact that Catherine was actually right. Steve isn’t the type of man to turn his back on anyone, let alone his own flesh and blood no matter what she’s done.  I’m also sure that if anyone else had delivered those lines other than Catherine, it wouldn’t have annoyed me at all.


I was glad that Steve and Catherine finally had the talk they should have had a year ago and he could see, at last, the type of person she really is.  Steve being the last person she ever wanted to lie to doesn’t change the fact that she did lie to him.  Oh, not about the Op.  That was classified and she couldn’t tell him and he, of course, understands that. But I see no reason why she couldn’t have just told him she was recruited by the CIA in Afghanistan and was going on an Op she couldn’t tell him about.  He probably would have been happy to hear she’d finally found her calling, a place where she could feel useful again.  There was no reason to set him up, to deliberately hurt him.  Oh, she can say she never intended to hurt him but that’s exactly what she did. There is no getting around that or the fact that it was totally unnecessary.  I am thrilled she found out what he did for her when her cover was blown.  Let her feel that guilt, that pain of knowing what that good, wonderful man did for her even after she kicked him in the teeth.

The OP to rescue Doris and Catherine’s part in it was fun.  I liked the set up, the taking of the information center, the role everyone including Catherine played in getting Doris and Yao Fat out of there.  This part of the episode I really enjoyed.  It reminded me of the days, back in Season 3, when Catherine and the team worked together so well, when I really enjoyed the way she helped the team when needed and her part in Steve’s life.  It was nice to remember when I actually liked having her there.


At first, I had conflicting feelings about the last scene on the tarmac.  Part of me was really angry that Catherine let Steve know that she found out about the proposal.  Once again, why hurt him like that? Why make him remember that extremely painful experience?  But then I realized she didn’t do it to hurt him and that, really, it was necessary.  The same way Steve needed to hear that Catherine is happy in her new life, he also needed to hear that she would have said yes.

Not to make him sad or regret what happened but to realize that even if she had said yes and they got married what would that have really meant?  There obviously is a wandering spirit in Catherine, one that’s happy and satisfied in the life she has chosen.  Would she have been happy settled down in one place forever? It didn’t work for Doris as Steve knows only too well.  It was very sweet of Catherine to let Steve know that Lynn spilled the beans purely by accident and that she wishes Steve and Lynn her best.  Once again, a glimpse of the Catherine I once loved.

Will Catherine ultimately return someday?  Maybe. I sincerely hope she doesn’t (I was hoping beyond hope they would just kill her off in this episode so there was no way she could ever come back) but Peter said this week that she’s still part of the story so who knows?

But Alex also said this week that he thinks Steve would be an absolute idiot to even consider ever taking her back so if she does show up again someday, it more than likely won’t be to reunite with Steve.  Being part of the story doesn’t mean she has to come back either.  John McGarrett has been part of the story since the very beginning and he’s dead.  She could be part of the story in a flashback.  Or she could be seen on the BigScreen giving intel on a case from some foreign local. There are many ways she can be “part of the story” without actually having to come back.  For now, I’m just going to enjoy the fact that she’s gone for the foreseeable future and if she ever shows up again, I’ll jump off that bridge when I come to it.

All in all, it was a very satisfying 150th episode.  It may not have had the pulse pounding excitement and raw guts of the 100th but it did serve as not only a threshold to the future but also a closure on the past.  Who knows if we’ll ever see either of these women again but whether we do or not, Steve can now move forward without having to always be looking over his shoulder waiting for them to drop the next shoe.  I don’t know about Steve, but I like that feeling.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the entire cast and crew, the writers and producers, the incredible stunt crew, the guest actors and extras, the musical directors and musicians, the location scouts, hell, even craft services….. everyone …. for all the hard work and dedication you give week in and week out to bring us this wonderful show.  Thank you for 150 wonderful Friday (and Monday) nights.  Please know you are all appreciated more than we mere fans could ever express.  Here’s to all of you and here’s to 150 more!  Mahalo nui loa.

That’s it my friends. Have a wonderful week.  See ya next time!  Aloha. Malama Pono

Note:  All screen caps are mine.


27 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 7.07 Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane (The Mother and Son) – 150th Episode

  1. Carole says:

    Wow- well that one’s over. I didn’t see much in the way of promos considering it was #150, but now I’ve seen it – good thing because it did not come close to #100. Rather than epic it was more of a transitional episode – tidying up old stories and setting the stage for new. Like you I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would. Bits I liked: that Danny was involved even though he wasn’t there – trust Danny to call the team and have Steve’s back. All the cute kids big & small……love how this show ignores the warnings about working with kids or pets. That Lynn played it cool in what was a awkward, awkward situation. Steve cooking/ getting ready for the date (cute & gorgeous) Doris/ Steve working together – the banter. His team standing with him (his true family). The rest didn’t do much for me. Though I know it’s not his way I would have liked Steve to rip into Cath a bit………I think he’d already worked it all out and excepted it, but darn it he let her off easy. I suppose there wasn’t much left to say except “sorry” which we heard from both Doris & Cath. In the end Steve got a journal and some closure. Doris is Doris and Cath, well she isn’t the one.
    With all these interviews from Alex indicating he’s done after season 8 I just want to enjoy what we have left. I think it’s interesting how much he’s saying – like he’s setting the stage for them to go out on their own terms……guess we’ll see. Next week looks………Danny centric yipeee!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you about Danny. It’s gotten so easy for the writers to just throw away a line about Danny not being there then forgetting about him. But reaching 150 episodes is a milestone they ALL contributed to and he deserved to be a part of it. Having Steve remember how much Danny hates it when he just takes off was brilliant as was the fact that Steve sent Danny a message and not his team. He knew if he told his team they would either try to stop him OR demand to go with him, which he didn’t want. There was nothing Danny could do from so far away. Yeah, right! Trust Danny to make that point mute by alerting the team anyway. God I love that man!


  2. Brooklyngirl says:

    Hi Linda! Wonderful review.

    I wasn’t impressed by this episode at all. I think all the hate, animosity, Peter’s actions and controversy that swirled around it just threw such a dark shadow over it that, for me, it was just another, everyday episode. Was it horrible? No. Was it awesome? Far from it. It was mediocre at best.

    The whole thing wasn’t a bust, Chin’s scenes with and without Sarah were marvelous, Lou grilling Will were fantastic and, of course, seeing Steve cook and cleanup ever so nicely, and relax and be flirtatious with Lynn was perfect.

    And then there was Doris and Catherine. I wasn’t expecting gut wrenching, crying, wringing of the hands apologies so I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t get one, let alone two. Catherine preaching to Steve that “I know you and you’ll regret not helping” was probably the worst written line. Ever. Steve’s sarcasm and anger at Doris was understandable and the only part that rang true. At least this time he didn’t kicked in the gut by either of them for a change. I can go on and on about what should’ve happened, but suffice it to say that if I never hear either of their names again, it will be too soon.

    Onwards and upwards. Looking forward to this weeks episode! And we get Gracie and Uncle Steve hugs!!

    Have a great week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate your point of view and totally understand your feeling with regard to the “hate, animosity, Peter’s actions and controversy” But, for me, it was much better then mediocre but nowhere near the wonderfulness that was #100.

      Like you I am glad Steve got closure from both Doris and Catherine without getting his teeth kicked in yet again. I’m sure, for whatever reasons only TPTB know, we will see at least one, if not both of these women again but at least next time Steve’s head and heart will be in the right place to be able to deal with whatever crap they throw at him.


  3. Wendy says:

    This was not a favourite episode for me even though we got some closure for both Doris and Catherine. The best parts for me were the Ohana moments. Chin and Sara, Lou and Will, Danny and Steve, even though Danny wasn’t there, it felt like he was. The Ohana coming together to help, orchestrated by Danny, perfect.

    Your review hits all the points perfectly, as always. Thanks.

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    • This show has always been about Ohana. It has always been the driving force. The loss of family, the search for family, the “broken toys” brought together to form a new family. It’s the central theme that drives everything else. Always has been.. always will be.

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  4. I watched for the Doris/Steve connection. Loved the Hi Mom, his facial expressions on the thank me later comment. Their connection and the love finally that showed. I love Lynn and the look when he saw her dressed so sexy. Knock out. Catherine finding out about the proposal was her kick in the ass for choosing the job. You made your bed now lie in it. Time for Steve to move on and enjoy life, and yes not too much Lynn, occasional date is good. But I would like to see Mama Doris meet Lynn. There was a pic last week showing the cast eating shaved ice and one was of Terry O’Quinn so Joe is back around Xmas episode. Loved Grover and Will, Ohana…and Chin’s emotional scene -tears in his eyes. Enjoyed the show, but not the bickering on the social sites I too got fed up with it all. After all it is only a show

    Liked by 1 person

    • “There was a pic last week showing the cast eating shaved ice and one was of Terry O’Quinn so Joe is back around Xmas episode”

      There was?? I didn’t see that. Huh….that’s interesting. I’d love to hear from Joe again. Hope Terry wasn’t just there visiting..

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  5. jlopie1 says:

    What a great episode! I really enjoyed it, considering how much I was dreading it! I” satisfied with how it all played out, and even though, like you say, Linda, the episode didn’t knock it out of the ballpark when compared to the 100th, but it was fun and insightful.

    There really was a lot going on in this episode and you’ve covered them all quite well, Linda. I won’t hijack your blog again, but I do have a few comments.

    First it looks to me as if one of the story arcs Peter said would go forward from the 150th is Chin and Sarah. Chin lost his appeal to stop the adoption by Sarah’s Mexican relatives, but we haven’t seen the last of the little girl. Chin was devastated to lose her, but he had a rather determined look on his face at the end – he’s going to keep track of her and if something’s not right in Mexico, he’ll be all over it!

    Danny and Grover and the kids. I wasn’t creeped out or disgusted by Danny calling on his teammate to get his son to find out who his daughter is dating. Seems pretty much in character for our beloved Jersey cop. Grover didn’t seem to have any problem doing it, either! We know, thanks to the 7.8 promo that Will is actually the one Grace is seeing, and it comes as quite the surprise to the dads. Have I said how much I’m looking forward to that episode? We’ll have to wait and see if this relationship between Grace and Will goes beyond next week.i kind of hope it does! I’m kind of hoping for a McDanno heart to heart at Danny’s thinking spot somewhere down the road. Steve will need to tell Danny to back off, give Grace some space to grow up into the beautiful, warm young lady she is on track to become. Steve is the only person who can lay it out straight for him and who can get Danny to understand.

    I really enjoyed the opening scene of the romantic date at Steve’s house. Fun and like you say, Linda, comfortable. It certainly got awkward when Catherine arrived, but I actually enjoyed the whole scene! Sometimes promo pictures and sneak peeks do a lot more harm than good. They can often turn the viewer down the wrong road, expecting one thing and have the whole scene play out totally different. That’s what I kind of felt happened here. One of these days I’m going to go completely cold turkey from social media and see if my enjoyment or surprise with an episode is any different!

    You really said it all quite well concerning Steve and his women. I can’t add anything new. Enjoyed Catherine more than I expected to. Michelle pulled it off nicely. Catherine was almost a sympathetic character. Almost. I’m rather happy she served her purpose and flew off to…wherever.

    Now, the main story – mother and son – well I enjoyed this to no end! It was so great to see Alex and Christine together again on screen, arguing, apologizing, arguing, being stubborn, arguing…and then hugging and forgiving. Emotions were all over the place, including mine.

    You’re right, Linda, we don’t really know any more about Doris’ secrets than we did before, but I don’t think that that was what we were supposed to learn in this episode. The storyline that was tied up in this episode was NOT Doris’ history and why she did what she did, but it was Steve’s coming to terms with who his mother is. She told him she made the choices she did at the time because she thought they were the right ones to make. Steve finally saw the light. Saw that Doris lived the life that she fashioned for herself, being the covert operative that she spent the majority of her life doing. I loved when Steve told his mother that there was another thing besides being an operative that she was good at. That was probably the sweetest thing a son could say to his mother, and it’s something she will always have. The storyline that ended with Doris was Steve’s guilt and hurt and tortured anger towards his mother because now he understands what motivates her. He’s accepted who she is.

    Likewise, Steve has come to terms and accepted who Catherine is! He knows she’s Doris 2.0, and like Doris, she will always choose duty above love. The love story has ended. Steve knows it, and I think Catherine does, too. In my opinion, Catherine will never marry. Women like her are strong, intelligent duty bound, and independent with a wanderlust in their soul that precludes a husband, 1.6 children, a house with a white picket fence, etc. Doris would have been better off if she had never gotten married herself…but of course, we wouldn’t have this story, then, would we?

    Maybe in S8 (if there is one) we willl finally find out what motivated Doris to search all those years for Yao Fat. Sure, there’s more to that storyline, and maybe getting the answers will be Steve’s endgame. If, as Peter Lenkov claims, the 150th was not anyone’s final appearance, Doris, as well as Catherine, will appear again. But I think emotionally, Steve has reached closure on his feelings for both of these women. He’ll always have a place in his heart for both of them, how can he not? But he is now able to move forward with no regrets or what if’s.

    Thanks for another enjoyable review, Linda! Can’t wait for next week’s episode and your review!

    Liked by 4 people

    • I understand what you’re saying about this not being about Steve getting all the “answers” but more about him coming to terms with these two women and their place in his life. It’s just that after all this time, I was hoping we’d get a least a few of more answers than we did. But I can content myself with the knowledge that now that Steve has Doris’s diaries, at least he will get the chance to learn the person she was, the person she tried to be and her motivation to go back to the one things she THOUGHT was the only thing she was good at.

      You’re right, of course, that this was more about the answer to the only real question now. Where does Steve go from here? Finally able to understand the kind of women both Doris and Catherine are, and finally realizing that he really had nothing to do with any of the decisions they made is a huge answer.

      In the midst of the lies she told him the day she left Hawaii last time, she DID tell him one huge truth. She told him “I need more than what a relationship can give me right now”. It was the only thing she said that was true. Now Steve knows what we’ve all known for over a year. Catherine IS Doris 2.0 and, for now, there is no indication she can be anything else.

      Now Steve can move on. With Lynn or with someone else or even if he’s alone. He can move on with the knowledge that he wasn’t the reason either of these women chose to leave. He can move on without the fear that he’ll drive someone else away because he wasn’t the cause in the first place.

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  6. HI Linda. I wont’ say much, since I already left a comment in Ohana, and you were so complete in your review. I really enjoyed the show overall, and I have read some of the interviews with Steve and Peter about the episode, so I am not sure my thoughts about the interplay between Lynn, Catherine, and Steve was right or wrong. I stated I was not so sure Lynn was that accidental in her blurting out the engagement, but actually when you think about it makes no difference the way the show was written. It leaves the outcome open in the relationships. I always thought Lynn would be better if marriage was in the cards for our supercop because Catherine is in a way an adrenaline junkie herself. Give her a far-off, secret mission, and off she goes. I don’t have a horse in the race about whether she is good or bad in general, and I know there are strong feelings, but Steve is such a damaged character in a way, for all his strength, sensitivity (yes he has that), because of his mother’s betrayal, that the last thing he needs is another woman in his life, who basically has the same sickness. I don’t remember if she was a secret agent with the CIA before Jack Mcgarret and she were married but it was clear, that she was willing to leave her family to pursue a far off secret agenda, and ended up raising the sociopathic son of the man they rescued last night, who caused so much death and destruction and heartache to her actual son. By the way the parallel between Doris and Catherine is so clear: Doris did not assassinate the General because somehow his wife was killed leaving him with a son, so instead of terminating the mission she violated CIA protocol, and forsook her family to raise Wo Fat, and Catherine, in her mission in Afghanistan, instead of terminating the mission went off alone to be a rescuer of someone she felt beholden to rather than come back to Hawaii or another assignment. Rather deep actually. Family first, or mission first? Steve does not need a mission first woman. Okay, as usual I say more than I meant to (lol). Of course Peter said, in one his interviews, that Lynn probably won’t be around later in the show so what do I know? I also loved the Chi and his son story, and Chin Ho’s story with the sweet little girl. I think you put both stories very well, and i am looking forward to how these cops deal with on the one hand having their kids have a romantic relationship right under their cop noses, and Chin Ho, we know how determined and stubborn he can be. Plus he is the most morally rigorous of H50, other than perhaps Kono. So the stories continue..

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  7. Rita says:

    Another good review Linda. Enjoyed the episode. As you, Catherine did not really annoy me except when she spoke to Steve he would regret not helping his mother. I’m hoping it is over and done with and Steve moves on. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be with Lynn. There was just some of the dialogue I picked up. When Steve opened the door to let her in, Lynn, when she said she was promised romance and dinner she was more interested in the dinner and when they were saying goodbye I expected a kiss. I just felt it was a bit cold. It felt more like friends but it may be me I’m really not a romantic. With all the interviews this last week I thought I read where PL said Lynn would not be the one.
    Loved the mother and son interaction. Alex and Christine really work well together and I enjoyed her RL daughter playing the younger Doris. She really cared for her son and Steve recognised that at the end when they parted.
    I’m loving Chin and Sara’s story. DDK has such a gentle side.
    The ohana side really came out in this episode. Even though Danny was not there he played his part. The quote from the ‘Three Musketeers’ keeps ringing in my ears ‘All for one and one for all….’

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be perfectly honest, all the “love interest” talk to really starting to bore me. I am thrilled Catherine is gone and even if she ever does show up again it won’t be to reconcile with Steve. Lynn? I like her fine. I think she and Steve are adorable together but if they ended I won’t shed a tear over it. Someone else? Whatever? I get no feeling of anything between Steve and Alicia.

      Personally, I have always hoped that Steve would run into an old girlfriend from his school days and that she be a Hawaiian girl. I refuse to believe in the 15 years before he left Hawaii, the star quarterback didn’t have one girlfriend or that she couldn’t have been Hawaiian. Now that is a love story I’d love to see.

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  8. angèlealias says:

    your blog is fantastic as usual
    This episode had a really good time.
    Regarding the history of Doris, I am perplexed that such a sense of guilt, has somehow “forced” Doris abandoned his family.
    then the sense of guilt for having abandoned her children, her husband. She is, in a way, responsible for the death of John.
    apparently this guilt is less important than his feelings for Fat Daddy.
    for Cath, I appreciate the fact that this woman realized professionally, she loves & happy in her job.
    but everything else sounds to me like pure and simple hypocrisy.
    She could perfectly tell Steve she was working for the CIA.
    She understands Doris since it is exactly the same (they do not want to hurt Steve, but they do constantly)
    the summit of hypocrisy is the final :She would have said yes. In S6 Steve apparently have forgiven his absence and was ready to again with it, then what?
    Her words :“I need more than what a relationship could give me” (She has needs to feel useful)
    Since in any case, one phone call fors she decides to go on a mission. it’s really is the life she wanted to offer him.
    she had a difficult choice to make, renonce Steve or give up job. She can’t have both. She chose the job so…
    if she really loved him, she would have said no, knowing that Steve doesn’t want to live that way, doesn’t want to live to Doris 2.0, doesn’t to live the pain of his father

    just my humble opinion 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  9. this episode had a really good time.
    regarding the history of Doris, I am perplexed that such a sense of guilt, has somehow “forced” Doris abandoned his family.
    and then the sense of guilt for having abandoned her children, her husband. She is, in a way, responsible for the death of John.
    apparently this guilt is less important than his feelings for Fat Daddy.
    for Cath, I appreciate the fact that this woman realized professionally, she loves & she’s happy in her job.
    but everything else sounds to me like pure and simple hypocrisy.
    She could perfectly tell Steve she was working for the CIA.
    She understands Doris since it is exactly the same (they do not want to hurt Steve, but they do constantly)
    the summit of hypocrisy is the final :She would have said yes. Steve apparently would have forgiven his absence and was ready to again with it, then what?
    Her words :“I need more than what a relationship could give me” (She has needs to feel useful)
    Since in any case, one phone call fors he decides to go on a mission. it’s really is the life she wanted to offer him.
    she had a difficult choice to make renonce Steve or give up job. She can’t have both.
    if she really loved him, she would have said no,( To give him an happiness, that obviously she is unable to give him, since he will never be a priority for he) because knowing that Steve doesn’t want to live that way, doesn’t want to live to Doris 2.0, doesn’t to live the pain of his father.


  10. KC15 says:

    I rewatched the 150th yesterday without interruption & I really, really enjoyed it. I took a pretty strong dislike to Catherine in season 4 & this episode made her unforgivable in my eyes. The conversation in the plane was heartbreaking. When you think back to the way Steve tried to defend her (when he thought she was teaching in Afghanistan) & his hopefulness for a future with her in Season 6 only to realize she was with the CIA all that time & was lying to his face was just…wow. I hope Steve gets his happy ending & it simply can’t be with her. It takes a lot for me to get emotional about a tv show but I have to admit I shed more than a few tears in this one- Alex plays Steve so beautifully & seeing him so emotionally vulnerable realizing he was used by both his mom & Catherine, was really moving. Loved seeing Steve & Doris together. They read each other so well & it was satisfying to finally get a feel for how much Doris loves her son despite all of her life choices that have kept her from him. Agree there’s way more to the Papa Fat storyline. Love you thoughts on the episode, thanks for sharing them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The thing that pissed me off the most is the fact that, if he’d gotten the chance to ask, she would have said yes. Really?!?! Seriously!?!? She would have said yes and what? She told him she needed more than she could get from a relationship. As I said in a comment above, I think that’s the only truth she actually voiced.

      So what? She would have said yes… knowing that she needed more and would have just tried to squash that desire to wander and do something else? How totally unfair to Steve to go into an engagement and marriage KNOWING it would never be enough…knowing it could never make her happy. When I think about it, I just want to smack the bitch.

      Thank God he never got the chance to ask!

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  11. rhondagemini says:

    Another great review! I thought this episode was great and loved the family theme-I mean,Danny wasn’t there(he was with his sick father),Lou was conversing with Will about who Gracie was dating and Will felt awkward because he is the one,and of course Steve was reunited with Doris,thanks to Catherine. I have to say that I don’t think Steve got closure with Doris,at least not the closure he wanted. Don’t think he got closure with Catherine,either. He may have to tell Lynn that he needs time alone to figure out where he should go from here. When Catherine was telling Steve that,despite what Doris had done,he needed to help her, I couldn’t help but think that she had some nerve saying that because she had hurt him just as bad. The Chin/Sara story isn’t over yet-that determined look on his face proves it. He will keep looking into that connection with Sara’s family and that phone number found in their address book-if there is something amiss,you can be sure Chin will find it. My fave scenes were the flashbacks-Having Christine Lahti’s real daughter play the young Doris was a stroke of genius,I mean she was perfect! The actors playing the Young Steve at 10 and 15 respectively,were good, although the 15 year old didn’t look that old. Great show for the 150th episode-looking forward to next week!.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Helma says:

    Dear Linda liked your review a lot. So much happening this time. Many ohana moments,
    hoping the Cath. story is over now (except for maybe some flashbacks … you never can tell). Liked the mother – son moments. And also that Danny was involved !!!
    Am curious about the other developements, Chin/Sara, Wil/Grace, Steve/Lynn, etc.
    So just waiting for the next episodes.
    Won’t give more comments, so much already said. Thanks and until next time 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Not much I can say about the episode that hasn’t already been said. Wasn’t my favorite episode. I am excited for next week. From the previews I saw, Grover’s son has some pretty good scenes with Danny. The interactions between the two looked pretty awesome. Poor Gracie. Lol

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