#H50 Review – 7.06 Ka Hale Ho’okauweli (House of Horrors) – Halloween Episode


Halloween on Hawaii Five-0 is always a fun adventure.  We’ve had a copycat killer recreating a horror movie and a guy trying to recreate his lost love ala Bride of Frankenstein.  There was that satanic serial killer and his equally creepy grandmother and that Halloween when a zombie crashed the Rocky Horror Picture Show party on Queens Beach.

Halloween episodes are not designed to add to a story arc, nor are they there for any kind of character development.  They’re not the kinds of episodes anyone will call “all-time favorites” because they’re really only filler episodes that take advantage of the holiday and give the cast a chance to have a bit of fun.

For me, as far as Halloween episodes go this will be a favorite.  Why?  Honestly because this is the first one that wasn’t full of guts and gore and spraying, spurting blood.  Not that all that isn’t wonderfully gory fun for Halloween but it was nice to have a good old fashioned haunted house story to scare the bejeebers out of everyone.

Well, let’s get to it then.  As usual, just my random ramblings in no specific order:

Max:  I know I’m not the only one who was absolutely thrilled to see Max again.  I was a bit taken back by his new look, beard and long hair, until… duh… of course… it’s Halloween and Max is once again dressed as a favorite Keanu Reeves character.  This time “John Wick”.  The biggest and most wonderful surprise, the wedding ring he’s wearing is not just part of his “John Wick” costume.  Max and Sabrina got married!

How wonderful is that?  Well, it would have been more wonderful if we could have actually seen it happen but still, I couldn’t be happier for the both of them.  Peter Lenkov did say we were going to have a surprise wedding this season.  My guesses were either Max and Sabrina or Mary McGarrett.  After all, Mary has already shown up an old man she was caring for and with a baby.  Why not show up with a husband?  Steve would lose his mind! 😀 But, I am very happy it turned out to be Max and Sabrina who I’ve always thought are adorable together.

Jerry and the kids:   Who better to baby sit the Williams kids on Halloween than the biggest kid of them all?  Add to that, Halloween also happens to be Jorge Garcia’s favorite holiday so I’m sure he had a blast with this episode too.  I was a bit surprised Danny wasn’t more put out about not being able to be with his kids, especially Charlie, on Halloween but he chose the perfect person to stand in.  But I’m sure Jerry didn’t realize the land mine he was walking into.


Charlie was easy, well, after he got over his initial fright at Jerry’s costume but Grace was another story.  As a mother, I fully remember what a 14-year-old girl is like.  There were days back then when I was sure I was eventually going to be on the 6 o’clock news.  Whether it was going to be a murder, suicide or both was debatable.  Grace’s attitude brought back those memories very clearly.

But, damn, Danny is one tough cookie.  Grace is grounded because of what she did last Halloween.  It reminded me of something my mother used to do.  She’d bide her time, make me think I got off easy for whatever I’d done, then, out of the blue, whammo, my punishment would land at the most inopportune time.  Sucks when you’re the kid.  But a great tool for a parent.  I learned my lesson every time it happened to me and I’m sure this is one punishment Grace isn’t going to soon forget either.

I’m thrilled the writers are finally writing Grace appropriately for her age.  She’s 14 and she’s acting like she’s 14.  Unlike in the past when Grace seemed to be perpetually stuck on 10 years old no matter the situation, this is refreshing and long overdue.  Grace has been through a lot in her young life.  Not only with the things that have happened to her but also watching the drama between all her parents as well as being the daughter of a cop.  Pile on some adolescent hormones and the fact that she is a Williams, snarky petulance isn’t a big surprise.


But no matter what, Danny, Rachel and Stan have been good parents.  Grace may be testing her limits and acting out a bit but she is still a kid with an honest and good heart.  A small nudge from Jerry, a gentle reminder that, yeah, she can spend her Halloween being angry and miserable or she could spend the time with Charlie.  There will always be Halloweens and parties but this is time she’ll never get back with Charlie once it’s gone.

Of course, Danny has a few more years of adolescent hormones and “bipolar” behavior to deal with before Grace passes through this turbulent period in her life. But for now, it was wonderful to see Grace show up, in her costume, to help Charlie find the houses with the best candy after all.


COTW:  As far as Halloween stories go, I really enjoyed this one a lot.  Like I said before, I liked that this one was not based on blood and gore, but a good old fashioned haunted house story.

I’m not up on Hawaiian lore.  I’m sure my friend Wendie of the Five-0 Redux knows whether the ghost story we saw in the flashback to 1940 was a documented HPD case or whether this is pure fiction for the show because I have no idea one way or the other.  (FYI… I don’t read any other reviews until after my review posts.  Any similarities between my review and others is a combination of coincidence and great minds thinking alike.)

Regardless, whether it’s real or fiction for the show, I loved how Steve was recounting the story to Danny as they approached the very same house.  It reminded me of the Halloween episode with the satanic serial killer and his creepy grandmother.  That episode also had a house Steve and Danny needed to investigate and Steve tried to scare Danny into believing it was haunted too.


The story of Marjorie Webb was a good one.  Having her literally scared to death was a nice touch. Nice not to have a “conventional” murder.  I kind of figured her assistant was somehow involved the moment she collaborated Marjorie’s belief that the house was haunted but, of course, I had no idea how she was involved or what her motive would be.


But, damn, what a motive it was.  What kind of a horrible human being lies to grieving families about the whereabouts of their missing children?  Lies to parents about the life or death of their child, giving them hope or forever crushing their lives for a bit of fame and money?


To me, that was the true horror of this episode. That someone could be so…. yes…. evil, to do such horrendous things.  Add to that the suicide of the assistant’s father after he was told his very much alive daughter was dead, only intensifies the horror of what Marjorie was doing.  Perhaps none of the other families she duped had someone resort to such drastic measures but I think it’s safe to say she destroyed more than a few lives and there will be very few out there who will be sorry to see what became of her.


Danny and Eric:  I know there will be those out there that will vehemently disagree with me but I just can never get enough of the Family Williams.  First, Grace and Charlie with Jerry and then Danny and Eric at the “haunted” house.

I loved the story Eric told about Danny scaring the pee out of him when he was ten years old.  I can totally see Danny doing something like that.  I was the youngest in my family and I had an older cousin who just loved to sit me down and tell me all kinds of scary stories that had me huddled in my bed at night too scared to let my hand dangle off the side.  To this day, 40 years later, he still loves to tell the tale of how he used to scare me.

It was also fun watching Eric cautiously move about the house afraid of what was around every corner.  I guess Eric doesn’t watch this show or he’d know nothing good ever comes from basements in Hawaii, especially on Halloween.  But he was able to figure out that the house has been rigged to “gaslight” Marjorie.  I know there are those who have no patience for Eric but here is a guy who was on the path to being pretty useless and turned it all around. Not only did he find a calling, he’s damn good at it.  He’s never failed our team yet.


I’m pretty sure, at the beginning, Danny didn’t believe the story Steve told him about the house, figuring it was just Steve trying to scare him again. I’m positive, once he found out from Eric that the “haunted” house had, in fact, been rigged, Danny was sure Steve was only trying to scare him.  My favorite scene of this episode was when Danny tried to turn the tables on Steve.  I’m not sure what was funnier.  The looks on Steve, Chin and Lou’s faces as the “paranormal activity” began to swirl around them, Lou’s “Oh hell no!” or the moment Steve recognized Danny’s dopey laugh.  All in all, those few moments were simply golden.

 Kono and Adam:  To be perfectly honest, I could have very easily done without this part of the episode.  Yeah, it added a bit of a Halloween scare but, all in all, it wasn’t necessary.  I would have been perfectly content to just have more of the ghost story or even more of Jerry and the kids.  Hell, they could have even taken a few minutes and let Max show the guys his wedding pictures on his phone or something.

First off, can we please let these two have a week go by without something horrible happening to them?  Please?  Why couldn’t they have just gone to Turtle Bay and happily disappeared in a pile of rumpled bedsheets and warm bubble baths?  If we can have an episode without Danny and only hear “he went to Jersey” as the reason, why couldn’t Kono just have gotten the week off with a “Kono picked a good time to go to Turtle Bay” line from one of the guys?  If it was absolutely crucial Kono and Adam be in the episode, I could have totally gotten into spying on one of those bubble baths again.   But I suppose the writers thought we needed at least a little bit of blood for this to be a true Halloween episode.

Ok, it was kind of cool to see Kono and Adam get themselves out of that sticky situation. I would have been totally freaking out if I was Kono.  The last time she saw one of those masks up close she lost a few teeth.

I did enjoy the look on the other woman’s face as she watched these two take down their attackers.  I got a kick out of the little nod they both gave to the fact that, yes, they can’t seem to go anywhere without trouble following them. But, all in all, while I really love Kono and Adam and love seeing them, yeah, I could have done without this part and not missed it in the least.

Promo for 7.07:  Well, we finally got to see the promo for H50’s big 150th episode. Up until Friday, this was the first time in six plus years that I was not enthusiastic about a new episode, especially one of such significance.  But after seeing the promo photos and especially after seeing this preview I’m more encouraged.  The teases of the promo are “It’s one “mother” of a mission” and “Christine Lahti Returns”.  We already knew #150 was going to center around Doris and Steve and hopefully Steve finally, after all these years, getting the answers he’s been desperate for before that story is concluded.

The best part of the 20 second promo is that Catherine only appears for about four seconds.  It’s crystal clear she is strictly only intended to be a plot devise but also she’s not to be any kind of draw for this episode.  That could not please me more!  Hopefully, the loose ends of both these women will be tied together and ended once and for all so Steve and the rest of us can finally move on.

So, have a wonderful week my friends.  Rest up and recharge.  I have a feeling next weekend is gonna be a doozy!

Aloha.  Malama Pono.

Note:  All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.


23 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 7.06 Ka Hale Ho’okauweli (House of Horrors) – Halloween Episode

  1. KC15 says:

    Wow- I couldn’t agree more! When people asked me what I thought of the ep I told them I loved 2/3rds of it and could have done without the other 1/3rd. Loved everything about Jerry with the kids, it was perfect. The case of the week was interesting with some really fun moments between the guys. The Kono/Adam storyline was spooky but predictable & I found myself trying to mentally fast forward it! Thx for the thoughtful review.

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    • I really love Kono and Adam and I love that they are finally together again after so much time. Part of me is glad they were part of the episode because it was kinda fun to watch them get themselves out of their mess. But it was just a bit too silly even for me. I’m not sorry it was there but I wouldn’t have missed it if it wasn’t.


  2. rhondagemini says:

    A great review! Agree with everything you said,however,I thought the flashback was in 1960. Anyway,I didn’t get how it connected to the crime until I saw that Steve was telling the story to Danny. Of course, Danny didn’t believe it,thinking Steve was only trying to scare him. Glad to see Max back,longish hair,beard and all and was so happy to hear that he & Sabrina were married-the news shocked everyone. I couldn’t figure out what Chin said to him when they hugged,must have been some kind of Hawaiian wedding blessing,I guess. I agree with you about Adam & Kono-they’ve been through enough already,let them be happy for once. I had a feeling the young woman knew more than she first told Steve about the death of the psychic woman and talk about motive,she certainly had one! Love the Halloween stuff with Jerry,Grace & Charlie and Gracie looked beautiful in her princess costume!

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  3. Dan Gibson says:

    Thanks for in-depth review of last nite’s episode. There were some moments I liked, but overall I just took it in stride as the annual Halloween episode — marginal at best for me. I stuck around for the .18 millisecond preview for next wk’s episode. It will be good to see Kath again (and find out if she can be honest with Steve for a change), but I can’t say I feel the same about the return of Steve’s mother. Christine Lahti I’m comfortable enough with, but her character is at the bottom of the scale … the writers created a role that is just confusing and confounding — WHY did they have her in seclusion / hiding to guard against discovery — then have her strolling about Oahu, happily shopping at the swankest stores?

    So my anticipation next Friday is “KATH, SI”, but “MOM, NYET” ,,, we shall see, ha, Ha, HAAAA !

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    • Oh Dan.. you are so right. There is a lot about Doris’s story that is all over the place. Not only the parts you mention but why she seems to be more concerned for the welfare of the Fat family than her own. I mean, first of all, PapaFat told Steve that even with her betrayal, he still loves her. Does that mean the feeling was mutual and the killing of MamaFat wasn’t an accident but done deliberately instead of killing PapaFat? Who knows?

      We do know why she didn’t shoot WoFat when she had the chance in Season 2 because she couldn’t kill her “son”. However she also helped WoFat escape max security prison after she knew he’d captured and tortured Steve, her REAL son, in Korea. Her helping him escape also set up his 2nd capture of Steve and even more torture.

      I’m looking forward to seeing her return only because Christine and Alex simply ignite the screen together. But I’m more than happy to see this story end.


  4. Carole says:

    As Halloween episodes go this was good, though like you I didn’t care much for the Kono/Adam bits. OK – they were pretty kick ass getting out of the mess, but really…… couldn’t they have done that when they got jumped first off and just rescue the driver instead of the whole being set up and kidnapped thing……..I kept wanting to get back to the other story or Jerry & the kids. I thought it quite endearing how Danny trusts Jerry to watch his kids……yeah, shame he had to work, but at least it was an interesting case and he had a little fun with the rest of the team. Maybe he needed a break from little Miss Moody?.. I agree Eric has gotten really good at his job…….likes figuring stuff out, just like uncle D. Good to see Max back……..hope we see Sabrina soon. Next week…..answers and closure please……

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    • I would have loved just watching Kono and Adam checking into the hotel, dancing in the sheets for a while then having a nice little chat about where they and their relationship is going from here. The whole thing could have taken less than 10 minutes. They would have been in the episode, the guys could drool over Kono, we girls could hyperventilate over Adam and it actually would have even advanced their story just a bit.


  5. jlopie1 says:

    Aww, come on, Linda! I liked the Adam and Kono storyline!

    Actually I liked the whole episode. To me, it was kind of a Scooby Doo cartoon mash up with the haunted house (okay, I read Wendie’s Redux and the haunted house story IS based on an actual HPD file from the 1940’s), the fake ghost trying to scare the home owner with props (who knew she’d actually die from fright?) even the B story of the happy young couple terrorized by the death cult in the creepy Oahu forest! I look at Adam and Kono’s story as a spoof of their relationship to date. No matter where these two go, trouble follows them. Even THEY recognize it! Then you have the ridiculous but awesome escape from their chains, only to be reunited with danger in the presence of the old man in the woods. Was there a touch of MacGyvering going on with the boiling water to the face? Anyway, I thought it was all well played.

    Moral of story: never walk down a scary staircase to a darkened basement on Halloween, and never, ever drive down an unlit country road through the Hawaiian forest on Halloween! Both of these scenes have been played out before on H50, but nobody ever seems to learn their lesson! LOL!

    And what can be said about Jerry except he was terrific! The best Halloween babysitter ever! Grace is every bit the teenager I imagined she would be, even to having a change of heart and deciding spending the night with her little brother could be fun!

    Have to say, I enjoyed seeing this side of Danny. We usually only see him as a sour puss, but in this episode we see him as the prankster – a far cry from the S2 Halloween episode where he invoked the wrath of the Hawaiian spirits with his disregard for their sacred land! Pee Pee Russo’s story about his Uncle Danny playing tricks on him was a gem!

    With regard to next week – let’s bring it on and get it over with. Why in the world is Doris trying to break Wo Fat’s dad out of confinement? How does Catherine find out about it? I demand answers from these two women! And then I want them both gone … 😈

    Thanks for another good read, Linda! Thank you for giving up your Saturdays to stay home and slave over your computer to give us all something fun to read and discuss!

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    • Ahhhh you see, you have an advantage over me. You get to read all the other wonderful reviews way before I do. Wendie’s is always the first review I head to after I post mine and lo and behold, you’re right. The haunted house story IS a real story from the news in Hawaii. I just love when our show incorporated real Hawaiian stories and/or folk lore into their stories.

      I totally agree with you about Danny. He was actually FUN in this episode. He commiserated with Jerry over his “bipolar” daughter but never lost his temper. He didn’t go into a long winded rant when he saw Charlie with that fake knife. Laughing over the memory if a 10 year old Eric and then having a ball playing a spooky trick on Steve and the guys. I could easily get used to a lot more of THIS Danny, that is for sure.

      I can see your point about the Kono and Adam story. I didn’t hate it, not by a long shot and I enjoyed it for what it was, but like I said, it wouldn’t have bothered me if it wasn’t there.

      SEE I don’t blindly LOVE absolutely EVERYTHING about this show! ROFLMAO

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  6. Susan Schoppe says:

    Your review as always is great & I agree on all points. This was one of my faves. as well. But I am most excited on your take for next weeks 150th. I too am thrilled that it appears Cathrine is more or less a prop. for the episode (Hopefully) and from the promo pictures, Steve clearly looks very annoyed that Cathrine is in his living room while he’s having a romantic date with Lynn! Was also happy to see Lynn stayed & held her ground when Catheine showed up. Noticed who he kissed before he went to save mom? Wasn’t Cathrine !

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    • Yes, I too am thrilled that it looks like Catherine is nothing more than a prop, as you say. It doesn’t even make any sense that she’s there at all. Doris is captured and about to be executed and yet Catherine seems to have all the time in the world to fly all the way to Hawaii to tell Steve in person? What, she forgot how to use a phone?

      These sudden, unannounced appearances are getting tiresome and more than a little ridiculous. Peter has already said she is not there to rekindle anything with Steve, that too much has happened between them for that to happen. I just want to get through this episode, like a case of bad indigestion, and look forward to what’s coming down the road without her dark cloud over it.

      Personally, I really wish it was some other random CIA operative or even an old SEAL friend of Steve’s who brings him the information about Doris. I would have loved if it had been Joe White. I see no reason why it needed to be Catherine. She should have just ridden off into that Afghanistan sunset in Season 4 and never returned.


  7. I loved this review, Linda. I agree on almost all points. But, I did also enjoy the Kono and Adam story. This is television and I’m not sure people can live happily ever after. LOL Well, I suppose they could have just had a nice getaway vacation for a few days. But, I have to admit that I’m not into love stories. I love the action and drama. Adam and Kono did it together and that was great to see. Who knew these two could be such a kickass couple. I was glad to see Max back. What’s Halloween without Max? Jerry was great too. I loved them all trying to scare one another. Hawaii 50 always adds to my Halloween experience.

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  8. I suppose I am so enamored of GP as Kono that contrary to you Linda I tended to look at the Kono/Adam segment as central, even though it was not, and the rest of the episode as the usual COTW, with segments covering different people in the H50 universe. Actually I liked the chance to see Kono, and even Adam, doing some kick-ass, although you are right, it was on a collateral story, not integral to the COTW, and again Kono and Adam being in danger again, without hardly any time for the “rumpled sheets, and bubble bath.” I could do with some of that to be truthful, two of the best rumpled sheet and bubble bath actors on TV these two are, and some more bedroom scenes would be nice with Kono doing something ohh so erotic (Shhhhhhhhhhhh, yes I said it). But no you are right it was collateral, but again I focused more on collateral stuff than the COTW on this episode.

    I really liked seeing the segment with Jerry, and Grace. I fully agree with you on how raising a 14 year old girl in particular can be. I am not violent and abhor any kind of corporal punishment on children, but there is that one time I had my hand around the neck of my daughter before I realized, WHOA!!! what are you doing? Children can teach us so much, including how to be cool, calm, patient, and loving at ALL times. I love how Taylor plays her part as a 14 year old, who is really a sweet, loving, considerate person, but makes it very hard to see that being a 14 year old hormonal ruled young teenage female. Jorge Garcia plays a very good, loving and funny adult really, very responsible, which he would have to be with Danny leaving him as a babysitter, and allowing him to be in that role on Halloween.

    On the COTW itself, there was so much else going on I really, honestly did not pay much attention to it, but I did love the first scene in 1940s Oahu. I loved that police cruiser, you see how long it was. Reminds me of the ones that gangsters used in Chicago in the late 20s early 30s. This is a fill-in-the blanks episode preparatory to the resolution of Steve and his mom–family background–story, and I think some of the other stories as well involving Chin and his situation and the little girl. We have the specter of the Mexican relatives of Gabriel being in the drug trade, and Chin while calm, will go totally kamikaze if something happens to his blood in the form of this beautiful 8 or 9 year old girl. A lot to look forward too.

    I still want to see Kono do more cop and case related involvement, which she appears to be doing, and less drama with her and Adam, which I don’t think will happen actually. I mean there is still the Yakuza daughter from hell to deal with out there. Ah H50 so much happening, so much that can happen! Don’t get me wrong I loved this episode, and I look forward to 150 and beyond, but this was not the most consequential of H50 episodes.

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  9. Wendy says:

    Finally managed to read your review and you said everything I’d have said. I’m puzzled by Eric’s age though. I’d imagined him in his earlier twenties, not thirties? I’m away and really need to watch the episode again without distractions.

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  10. Brooklyngirl says:

    Finally got a chance to read and comment! I will admit this wasn’t a favorite, but I did love seeing Max back and MARRIED!! YAY! Kono/Adam being kidnapped AGAIN is old and trite. Kidnapping, in general, on this show way overused. Their story was a particular yawner. The COTW was meh with a few creepy and cute moments. A cute moment was when Danny & Eric tried to scare Steve, Chin & Lou. For me, the best part was Jerry. In his own, goofball way, he was able to get through to Grace and it ended on a sweet note. I did get a chuckle from Danny’s use of of the line from Baretta, if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime (even though I found it strange that a year later she was still being punished for it – damn guess he doesn’t believe in forgive and forget). It was true filler episode that didn’t require much brain power.

    We’ve come to hell week – I can’t wait for 7.07 to be done and over with. It’s a shame that such a milestone episode has such a shadow hanging over it. The rude, mean, nasty comments against Sarah and the behavior of the fandom (read mcrollers) has completely ruined the excitement for this episode. I just hope that this episode (whatever the outcome) finally puts an end to it.

    Happy Halloween & Happy Week to all!

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    • ROFL Hell week! What a great description except I have the horrible feeling it’s going to be “Hell TWO weeks”. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants this horrible story finally done and gone. Like the endless kidnappings on this show, this “she’s here… she’s gone….she’s here….she’s gone….” it tiresome and boring. Hopefully Steve will finally get the answers he so desperately needs form both these women and they can both be on their way. Who the hell cares where they end up as long as it’s never to return.. ever!

      I’ve seen lots of people comment on Danny’s punishment of Grace a year after she “did the crime”. I’ve even someone say it makes him a bad father. These are the same people who think 19 year old Danny should have been arrested for playing a Halloween prank on his young nephew. Both utterly ridiculous.

      First off, Danny is a fantastic father. As I said in my review above, my mother was notorious for bidding her time when it came to punishment for a “crime” that was as egregious as what Grace did. Not only did Grace lie to her parents and was not where she said she’d be but she was on the total opposite side of the island. The odds are nothing bad would have happened but there is always the possibility that something could and her parents had no idea where she was. HUGE crime AND she was only 13!!

      Having to pay for the crime a full year later is an obvious plot device but my mom, several times in my young teen years, did things just like this. There would be something I wanted to do or some place I wanted to go and I’d hear “Ummmmm not so fast. The last time there was (let’s say a party) you did “whatever I did” so now.. sorry… not happening”. So I can totally relate to what Danny did AND to Grace’s anger over it. 40 years later I can still remember the “injustice” of it all. LOL

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  11. Brooklyngirl says:

    Yes, hell two weeks is a better description. Though it’s been hell ever since it was announced that MB would return even though it was made clear she wasn’t “endgame”. This is it. I don’t know if I want to scream, cry or both that they’re both coming back again to hurt Steve anew. He needs answers and they need to go. FOR GOOD. FOR EVER. Go anywhere but where Steve is would be ideal. Preferably another dimension.

    I grew up with instantaneous punishment – no dragging it out. So that’s what surprised me. He’s by no means a bad father, quite the opposite I’d say. As for him scaring his nephew, par for the course, especially since they seem close in age and it’s something Danny would’ve done to his brother (who obviously can’t tell us what Danny did to him) or other friends. Arrested? No way – those chicks need to get out more often!

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    • ROFL Well, we DO know that Danny handcuffed Matty to the monkey cages at the zoo when he was nine! LOL

      I find it fascinating that a certain group keep referring to Lynn as a “plot devise” when Peter said and I QUOTE:

      ““People are interpreting it like her coming back into the relationship and starting all over again, but I just don’t think that can happen after all that these two have gone through … Her relation to the story is more plot driven than reigniting that relationship.”

      “PLOT DRIVEN” as in “PLOT DEVISE” as in Catherine NOT Lynn! PERIOD!


  12. val601 says:

    Great review and I enjoyed reading all the comments down the page from everyone. Well, I enjoyed all the Halloween episodes but this by far was the best of all them in my opinion. They were all suitably spooky and scary but I was a bit disappointed that the haunted house wasn’t really haunted after all.

    I liked the moment when Danny scares the crap out of the team when they arrive at the house and things start happening but then it was a bit obvious when it was a trick…. Nice special effects though – I think if someone did that to me – I would be scared too 

    I loved the scene with Adam and Kono in this episode after all I have been waiting a really long time for this couple to be together and there has been so many instances where there was doubt as to Adam’s real intentions at first, then his business ties to the Yakuza family which he desperately wanted to clean up but struggled to do which forced both of them on the run and then she almost lost him…urgh the stress…lol… but now they are back together so yes, more screen time for them both at least a little more of it!! I liked seeing them do battle together not just the steamy moments.

    One thing I want to add that Grace Parks looks amazing and I now would want to see Chin grab a little break as well. I sure hope the kid ends up staying with him – he is so great with kids it just shows in all the scenes.

    As for Jerry, the baby sitter — lol!!! Bless his heart, he won the night when he got a very bored young teenager off the couch when he showed her the bloody finger and when she still refused to budge and join in the spirit of Halloween with her little brother – he gave her that pep talk followed by a very long disappointed look that promptly got her all dressed up and join the trio – the smile on his face said it all!! It was a very Happy Halloween after all.

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