#H50 Review – 6.09 Hana Keaka – (Charade)

Welcome my friends to another Saturday when we can sit back and re-watch and read about another great episode of Hawaii Five-0. And that is exactly what it was… another great episode. Every season, there are a couple of episodes that don’t quite match up to the high level of others. Usually after a particularly great episode, the next one might feel like a bit of filler, not quite up to par. And this season, every week, I keep thinking this is the one that might let me down a bit. This is the one that won’t quite make it. And every week I have been very happy to be 100% wrong. This season’s offerings have been nothing short of consistently great week after week. So far, there hasn’t been a dud in the bunch. So on with the review. As usual, these thoughts in no particular order… just me rambling as usual.

One of the best things about this episode is that everyone….. everyone … played a part in it. Everyone got some screen time. Our full team, plus Abby, Max, Jerry, Eric, Kamekona and Nahele. And at no time did it feel as if the inclusion of one person was taking anything away from anyone else. The only person who wasn’t in this one was Duke (and I’ll always miss when he’s not there) but he did get two mentions throughout the show so even if we didn’t see him, he was involved in the investigations. Even (Scott Caan’s dog) Dot made a cameo appearance, playing Frisbee on the quad. It was so fun to see her running across my screen, and considering the amount of time she spends on set, it’s great she finally made it past the DVD gag reel. I wonder how many takes it took before she didn’t try to run to her Daddy every time he got near her. LOL

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I loved Danny and Eric undercover. It is extremely rare when anyone from Five-0 goes undercover. I think I can count on one hand the number of times it’s happened. It makes sense that it doesn’t happen all that often since, especially after all these years, they are all too well known on the island. So when I first heard that Danny was going undercover and I saw his entire “cover” was nothing but a tie and a pair of glasses (hello… Clark Kent) I thought “here we go… time for a huge pitcher of KoolAid to suspend the belief for this one”.


But this undercover operation actually made a ton of sense to me because of where it was taking place. On a collage campus. I know, from living with my daughter and her friends, most kids that age don’t regularly watch the news and pretty much no one that age reads an actual newspaper anymore. So even with Five-0’s occasional appearance in the news, the likelihood that those students would recognize one of them was slim. Yes, of course, in the real world that likelihood would be much higher but then, that is what pitchers of KoolAid are for.

And Danny was an absolute natural. The moment he walked into that classroom he was totally in his element. Honestly, if he wasn’t such a fantastic cop I think he could have very easily fit into the profession of higher education. Not for one moment did he seem like he wasn’t completely comfortable. Except, of course, when the pretty co-ed visited him in his office in an attempt to “get a better grade”. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a flustered Danny before but she managed to do it. Makes me wonder how many times she’s pulled that move because she was just so sure of herself and her ability to get what she wanted and genuinely shocked when he actually escorted her out the door.

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In the classroom, Danny knew exactly what he was talking about. I thought we’d maybe see Danny struggle a bit with the material but he was totally on point. The students liked him, calling out to him about his “great lecture” and other faculty members seemed to like him too. Like I said, a natural.

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And Eric was fantastic too. Of course, being an over-enthusiastic, overly hyper, girl-crazy, man-child is right up his alley so pretending to be a college kid fit him like a glove. Or as Danny said, he’s a natural at the whole “college idiot persona” even if Kono wants nothing more than to smack him for it. I have always liked Eric. He reminds me so much of boys I have known all my life growing up in South Philadelphia and spending summers at the Jersey shore. He doesn’t annoy me at all. As a matter of fact, he feels extremely familiar to me.

It was really nice to see him in a situation where he was actually in his element for once instead of being reprimanded and being told to “tone it down”. He was extremely helpful to the investigation, getting close to the kids and getting valuable information Danny would have never been able to get on his own. I will admit doing Jello shots while on undercover assignment wasn’t the smartest move but at least he only had a couple and managed to catch himself before he totally blew his cover.

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Lately, it seems the writers always want to tell more than one story in every episode, usually with half the team working one case while the rest work an entirely different case. I’m not a big fan of that. I really prefer when the entire team is involved in one main case and everyone contributes to its resolution. There can be a small side story for one character, but not an entirely different case.

This episode was the perfect example of that and, to me, felt almost like a Season 1 episode. Everyone worked the main case and the smaller side story wasn’t a case at all but a touching and sweet story about the relationship between Steve and his young friend, Nahele.

There were so many wonderful moments in this little side story, starting with Kamekona. Noticing a strange man having a rather heated discussion with Nahele, he not only steps right in and looks out for the boy, he makes sure to inform Steve about the encounter knowing Nahele probably wouldn’t. I love it how the big guy was “right there” by Nahele’s side when he needed him.

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Both scenes between Nahele and Steve were incredibly sweet. No one has deeper opinions when it comes to fathers and sons than Steve does and whenever there’s a chance for a father and son to reconnect, Steve feels it’s worth a good try. Nahele is beside himself with anxiety over his father’s return and attempt to reconnect through court order. Steve tries to comfort Nahele by telling him nothing has been decided yet and wonders if there’s any chance the man has changed during his years away. But seeing how upset Nahele is about the prospect of living with his father, so much so, he’d rather go back to living on the street rather than with him, Steve feels he must go see him and try to judge if his intentions are good.

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Kaili says all the right things. He’s made mistakes. He understands why Nahele feels the way he does. Nahele is the only family he has left. He wants to make things right. Everything he’s supposed to say to try to prove to Steve his intensions are good toward Nahele. But Steve is right. It would be better if Kaili took some time to reacquaint himself with his son before going through with trying to regain full custody. Steve’s Spidey senses are tingling. He may only be “over protective” but his gut is telling him something isn’t right.

When the court does decide to reunite Nahele and his father, the boy is not happy one bit and takes off from the courtroom. I love that he ran straight to Steve’s and was found sitting in the Marquis, the very car he stole a year ago, marking the start of this remarkable relationship. Sitting in his dad’s car, with the Champ box within clear sight, Steve’s paternal instinct is on high alert. He had the feeling Nahele wasn’t telling him something before, now he’s sure of it.

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I am so happy Nahele trusted Steve enough to tell him the truth about witnessing (hearing) his father kill a man when he was 8 years old. My heart just goes out to him. What a huge secret for an 8 year kid to have to live with and for so long without telling anyone. I suppose he felt if his father was already in jail there was no reason to tell anyone about the body in the jungle. But just how cold blooded can a person be to do such a thing with your kid right there then take him for shave ice as if nothing happened.

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I can’t help but wonder what Kaili wants from Nahele. Of course, it would be easy to assume his father is planning to physically hurt him but I’m more inclined to think he just wants to keep him close by so he can intimidate him into keeping his silence. I’m also pretty certain he has not changed his ways and once he gets back to his criminal ways, he’d try to pull Nahele into them too.

Of course, now that Steve has found, with Nahele’s help, the body of the man his father murdered, Kaili will be headed back to prison. At least I hope so. I hope he hasn’t taken off and somehow taken Nahele with him. There is something else I’ve been wondering about. Nahele said he’d rather live on the street again than live with his father. So, just where is Nahele living now? Is he is a shelter or something? Makes me wonder if Steve will see this incident as a wake-up call and whether his “over-protective” side will kick in and he’ll do something to help Nahele even more. Perhaps his new friend Lynn can help out in this. She is a child welfare officer, after all, who works to try to help high risk kids. I can’t think of a kid more at high risk than a boy who’s murderer father is trying to get him back. How cool would it be if Steve could become Nahele’s legal guardian?

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I managed to get a little better feel on Abby this week. Now that she’s been with the team for a little bit, she’s more relaxed, adding to the discussion, interacting quite nicely with everyone. I also like how they are bringing the budding relationship with Chin along slowly. The little scene between she and Chin where he held the car door open for her was really sweet. I find it amazing that in her whole life, no man has ever held a door open for her. I suppose some over-hyper feminists might view that as a good thing. “Women are perfectly capable of opening doors all by themselves, thank you very much”. But, personally, I find it rather sad. There is nothing as heartwarming as a true gentleman and Chin is just that. On top of that, Julie Benz and Daniel Dae Kim really are cute together.

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Question: Did we really need a one minute-21 second “Previously on Hawaii Five-0”? I mean, I totally understand the necessity of it at the beginning of the Season Premiere or when we’re coming back to a new episode after a few weeks of reruns or even when reintroducing a character we haven’t seen in several seasons. But this season, we’ve been blessed with 9 consecutive weeks of brand new episodes right off the bat. I really don’t think we need reminders of what we’ve seen in just the last couple of weeks. And why spend almost half of the “previously” showing us what happened with Adam (only last week) then not address it in the episode anyway, except for a couple of throw away lines between Kono, Steve and Danny. With only 42 minutes remaining in the episode, it felt like the “previously” was 81 seconds of wasted time that could have been put to better use in the body of the episode.

And speaking of Adam, I think Kono hit it right on the head. The Prosecutor’s Office is probably only looking at Adam’s case as a way to lock up the son of a Yakuza boss regardless if his actions were completely in self-defense. I don’t know why Adam would even consider a 24 month sentence. Unless he thinks if he’s away from Kono, the danger will be away from her too. Or perhaps he truly is so remorseful about what he did he feels like he deserves it. Of course, it could be the fact that filming for Ian Anthony Dale’s other series, “Murder in the First” will be starting again very soon. Adam in jail would keep Ian off the Five-0 canvas while he’s unavailable then once MITF filming is complete, Adam can get an early release for good behavior.

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Well, so much for seeing Hank Weber again. I guess it’s no great surprise that Gabriel wasn’t going to let that loose end dangle for long once he learned how much time Hank had spent in the hands of Five-0. It’s a shame, really. I liked him in that “Johnnie D” sort of way and now Five-0 won’t be able to use the virus planted in their mainframe to run a long con on Gabriel. Oh well, back to the drawing board there.

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I got a big kick out of the fact that Steve knew that Danny had Minored in Business at Seton Hall even though it wasn’t anywhere in Danny’s official file. Then I remembered how Steve had checked out Grover’s record from Chicago when he first came to Oahu as HPD/SWAT Captain. And thinking back, he pulled Lori’s file the first night she was in town in Season 2 and he had the CIA pull Jenna Kaye’s file all the way back in Season 1. I guess it just never occurred to me that he’d have done the exact same thing with Danny, probably before he ever showed up at Danny’s little shit-hole apartment in the Pilot.  Kono is absolutely right.  He probably does have something on every one of them! LOL  It’s wonderful how, even after all these years, these little gems can still surprise us.

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Poor Jerry. This week, Steve found a job for him to do that I’m sure those who don’t like Jerry found rather appropriate. Jerry was put on guard duty at the pig sty waiting for them to “poop the slug” so he can “search for the magic bullet”. Optimist that he is, he sees the assignment as “real cop work”, reading Charlotte’s Web while giving the pigs “privacy” so they can “go ahead and defecate”. All lines I don’t think anyone could have guessed we’d ever hear on this show. “Take that, Warren Commission!”

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There were actually a couple of familiar faces in this episode. Sharp eyed long time viewers might have recognized actors Jason Quinn and Joy Minaai, both making second appearances in H50. Jason Quinn, playing the basketball coach in this episode played Billy Omana in S1E4 – Lanakila. He was the prison guard to helped Walton Dawkins escape Halawa. Joy Minaai also returned, but she was reprising her previous role as Judge Karen Hidoko. She appeared in S3E14 – Hana I Wa ‘Ia as the judge who presided over Danny’s custody hearing for Grace.

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So there we have it. Yet another fantastic episode of our favorite show. It’s going to be hard to wait two weeks for the next new episode but I can’t complain after we’ve had 9 fantastic weeks in a row. This episode was like a really juicy cherry on top of the ice cream. Could of done without the pigs though 😉

Have a great week my friends and for those in the United States, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Aloha. Malama Pono

All photos are my own. Screencaps taken from iTunes unless otherwise noted!


22 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 6.09 Hana Keaka – (Charade)

  1. Carole says:

    Thanks for another great review. Couldn’t agree more about how good this season has been so far- the stories are well written and I love how they’re digging through old stories and using little gems to tye things together. While it may be lost to the casual viewer, it helps make sense of the time lines and just makes the whole show better. This week was another good example of everyone having something to … Eric’s quirky character was put to good use, Chin & Abby worked well together, Kono & Adam’S story at least was mentioned ( little worried how that will play out – kinda hard with him on another show) Danny, well he was so darn cute and adorable …………….and Dot too! And Steve, he’d be a terrific dad. Seeing him so concerned about Nahele and telling him he’ll always protect him – I was reminded that Alex has a son about that age – great stuff. Two weeks ………already looking forward to what comes next.

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    • Totally agree that Steve will make a fantastic father someday. I’m really hoping that the entire reason Lynn was made a social worker who deals with at risk kids was for the Steve/Nahele story. That the writers…brainstorming on story… sat around a table and said.. “so what’s the new girl gonna do? Do we make her a cop? A lawyer? Someone not in law enforcement?” “I KNOW….. let’s make her a social worker who deal with at risk kids! Then we can tie her into the Steve/Nahele story!” LOL I think it would be so awesome if Steve became Nahele’s legal guardian.


  2. Chessie says:

    Linda, I am new to your blog. So glad I found it! It’s great to be in the company of other H5O fans and I think your reviews are terrific!
    I, too, loved that all of the team participated in the investigation. It’s good to see them working in concert to solve a crime.
    I have been hoping for a good story with Steve and Nahele! Loved both scenes…..wanted more! My take on where Nahele has been living is this — he prob bunked with Steve until Steve could find a suitable home for him — maybe with a family Steve knows and trusts?
    I’m thinking Kaili eludes the cops now, wants his son to be his partner in crime, but Nahele rejects him for Steve. This will make Kaili jealous and resentful of Steve. Would make a good story to see Kaili go after Steve and Nahele thwarts it.

    So, a question for you and others here — do you think the writers will ever bring Doris back? There is so much to resolve there. Steve killed her “adopted” son —- he has to be wondering how she is feeling about that. She basically chose Wo Fat over her biological son……..or did she? We need closure there.

    Thanks again for these awesome reviews and the forum to talk about the show. You rock!

    Liked by 1 person

    • WELCOME Chessie!!! So glad you found us and I’m really happy this is a blog you enjoy. This is a place where we concentrate on the positives. That doesn’t mean we don’t acknowledge the things we don’t like or the things we think could be better but we simply choose to look at everything as the glass half full. I’m glad you’ve decided to join us.

      As far an where Nahele has been living, I’ve been assuming that he’s somewhere in the foster care system. He’s 16 so the law says he must be placed somewhere. I don’t know if Steve personally knows the family but you can bet your bottom dollar he TOTALLY checked them out before Nahele stepped a foot in their door! LOL

      Doris? Who the hell knows? I agree it’s a story that needs resolution and I do hope we get it someday but I can honestly say I really don’t want another long drawn out arc like “Shelburne” was. I’d like to find out the truth of it all, see it resolved, but I’d really like it if they could do it quickly, an episode or two at most. It’s a “been there…done that” for me but I WOULD like to see Steve get some closure on it all.


  3. Wendy says:

    Great review Linda, as always. I really enjoyed the show, especially Danny’s undercover assignment. He made a great professor and his students loved him, maybe too much in one case. Eric was great in this episode, it suited him so much. I like Abby and think she’s great for Chin. Adam needs to get his head on straight and fight. Shame they killed the con man, he was fun. Loved Steve and Nahele together, I hope we see more of that. I’m glad it’s only two weeks until the next episode, looking forward to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’ve laid a couple of really great building blocks to carry us into the new year. There is only one episode in December, so it’s easy to assume it will be the Christmas episode. I haven’t seen any synopsis on 6.10 yet (doesn’t mean it’s not out there…I just could have missed it) so I don’t have any idea what kind of episode it will be. Will it be case related with the Ohana meeting up for Christmas at the end or will it be a full on Christmas story? Can’t wait to find out!


      • Hey, guys, I read on TVLine yesterday, that there has been no synopsis or list of guest stars released yet for this episode. Makes me wonder, just a bit, why? I mean, I haven’t read anything about this one, and that’s odd. Would they do a mid season cliffhanger? I have a feeling, with little to no Intel on 6.10, the writers are planning something “special” for us! 😳

        Liked by 1 person

      • I’m positive Gabriel will be in 6.10. I have BTS pix on my computer taken while they were filming but unfortunately, I can’t tell from the pix what they are doing in the episode because the shots with Christopher in them are all fan shots. But there is also the group shot that Peter posted of the (almost) whole gang hanging out at Steve’s. So who knows what the hell is going to happen LOL


  4. I agree with everything you said, Linda. I’m glad that you are now seeing the chemistry between Chin and Abby. It is very enjoyable the way the are moving it slowly and you are seeing their feelings growing for each other. Chin is smiling a lot in these episodes. I thought Jerry was very good in this episode. He had a real purpose even if it was a crappy job. (lol) But remember, he probably played he most important part in solving the case. He found the bullet. The fact that he was reading Charlotte’s Web to the pigs was totally adorable and typical Jerry. As I said in Wendy’s review, I was in Danno heaven. How can this man look so adorable in geeky glasses and you are right, Linda. He was a natural at it. And it was adorable how flustered he got when the student came on to him. They are doing a great job with adding new characters to the show this season. Lynn and Abby are both great characters. And everytime Eric is on screen my day gets better. He is so funny I find myself still laughing hours later. I always love him but he really got the chance to shine in this episode. I was thinking about something after the episode. Both Steve and Danny are in the position now to be father figure/role model/ mentor to young men. Of course, six years into the series our heroes have gotten a little older and what a great way to show that they have matured a little. It was very heartwarming to see Steve so concerned and when he told Nahele that he would always protect him you could see in his eyes that he meant it. The scenes between them were very special. And I totally melted when “Uncle D” told Eric that he was proud of him. Eric may be a goof but he is good at his job and now he proved he is a good detective too. The only thing I was sad about was Hank. I guess we won’t see him again and he was a lot more evil than we thought but I loved his interactions with Steve and Danny and the looks Grover gave him. You know, Linda, I kind of follow the H50 facebook page. I don’t really like it because there are a lot of people just whining about characters on that page and saying get rid of this person.. Real nice to want to see a person get fired but actually it is more positive this weekend and a lot of it is because of Eric. But my point I am trying to make is I see a lot of people saying they just discovered this show and love it. Some people have discovered it on Netflix. I think that’s why they do that “previously on H50”. It bugs me too but it might be for the people tuning in. This season is great. See you in a few weeks. I really enjoy the reviews.

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    • Thanks Mary! I agree. Danny is “mentoring” Eric, while Steve is doing the same for Nahele. But it’s the evolution of Steve that strikes me more so than Danny. Danny has always been an exceptional father and 2 years ago he was the man his sister chose to send her wayward son to in an attempt to straighten him out. So the fact that he’s so good at leading Eric along is no surprise.

      But Steve. Now there’s a man who has really evolved over the years. When we first met Steve he was extremely uncomfortable around kids. Probably because up to that point in his life he’d never been around them much. I totally place the praise for his evolution on the shoulders of Danny and, even more so, Gracie. Years of watching Danny be an amazing father and his obvious love for Gracie have mellowed Steve into a man who, now, is not only wonderful with children, but actively volunteering to be a mentor to Nahele.

      But, in addition to Danny and Gracie, I feel it is the effect and influence of the entire Ohana. Little by little, as the years have gone by, Steve has dropped the ever present stoic facade he used to use to protect himself. The love and support of his Ohana has, over the years, proved to him that there is no danger in loving and being loved. A man who knows his heart is more capable of sharing that heart.

      I hope he really does take the next step in that journey and decided to try to be Nahele’s guardian.


  5. I really like the episode. Danny’s being a professor and his nephew getting in on the act. Did anyone else notice they kept mention the mob contention with different things. I wonder if there is Jersey Mob contention and if Danny’s sister married into it. I too, wondered what the father was going to do about what his son remembered and G knows about it and might frame Steve some how if anything happens to that father. Just killed a man and tells his son to put his seat beat on. I guess even killers can care about their kids.

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  6. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! I agree with everything you said! I’ve been wondering where Nahele lived-I don’t think he meant it literally when he said he’d rather live on the streets than with his father. I think he meant that he’d rather live anywhere but with him. Hopefully,his father will be back in prison where he belongs,however,I can see Gabriel perhaps recruiting him for some dirty work against H50,but I hope not. Loved Danny & Eric undercover at the college-both fit in perfectly! That student did her best to make Danny uncomfortable,but even Danny has morals! Wish we had had more of Adam’s story-can’t believe he is considering the DA’s offer,but as you say,it’s probably because of Ian’s schedule with his other show. Jerry’s babysitting the pigs was hilarious! Can’t wait for the next episode!

    Liked by 1 person

      • rhondagemini says:

        No,he doesn’t need to be involved in everything,but if it has to do with any member of the 50 team,he will try to stick his nose in it somehow!


      • I can actually see Gabriel squirming his way into this storyline. If Kaili doesn’t manage to avert capture by the police for the purported murder, he certainly will have to go into hiding and stay away from Nahele. He’ll be mad the Steve got in the way of his “reunion” with his son. Gabriel, who hears all and knows all somehow, might approach Kaili with a way to get even with Steve. Things could certainly heat up in part two of the season – oh! Ep. 10 cliffhanger? 😉


      • I don’t know….we’ll see. I think he’s going to have his hands full with trying to destroy Adam and Kono and all his other dirty deeds to care about a 16 year old kid but who knows? He does seem to want to stick his fingers in everything.


  7. Hi Linda: There is so much to comment on this week, and my time is limited this weekend, so it would be easiest to just say you said it all and I agree, but that would not be a responsible way for a faithful H50 fan to respond to your review you work so hard on. So let me comment on a couple of points I found most interesting, and most serial in the sense that I think they will continue to be developing this season to a climatic couple of episodes. First the developing story of Nahele, now his father, and of course Steve’s interest in him and his story. I mean we know this is serious for Steve, the boy tried to steal his dad’s treasured Mercury (someone tell me the exact model, but it was either the highest or next to highest trim model for that year). And I think that when Nahele had to deal with the custody decision, which by the way the judge was following the law in, it was interesting that his place of repose was the Mercury and Steve’s garage. Steve is a father figure, much more than Nahele’s bio father was. Something will come up though in a future episode where his biological father will have to make a life sustaining decision to decide on his son, or the father’s past and present criminal interests (this being H50, whatever happened in the past that caused him to kill that dude, still exists in the present time) and I think that he will sacrifice himself for his son in the end (the only real “fatherhood” he can give his son, this is dramatic exposition after all). But that does not mean that the far better option for a father would not be McGarrett. And of course the writers have introduced us to the obvious choice to help, advise, and perhaps to romantically be involved with a lonely supercop (yes Steve is lonely and I know so many females, and maybe a few gay males would love to help him in his loneliness) in Lynn–beautiful, smart, tough, works with troubled teenagers, and by the way would probably not be a “team” member. Which in this meandering response brings up Catherine. I think that the writers cannot resist in creating a romantic tension with Steve, Catherine, and Lynn. But keep in mind that Catherine is an operative, always with another agenda. This was the problem with Steve’s mom. I mean she takes in a little Chinese boy who grows up a sociopath who hates her biological son. Why repeat history possibly? She has been a “team” member and I think that is really the kiss of death for a true long-term relationship with Steve. His team is his main love, his main life, but his romantic life should be bifurcated from his team life. That is my take anyway, and all the elements are there for a robust, interesting, blowing away storyline here. I can’t wait to see how it develops.

    I guess I tend to go into motives and character psychology a lot huh? That is part of something you love to watch.

    The other storyline I want to comment on is Kono and Adam. As a former criminal defense attorney and public defender I screamed (internally, although I almost screamed at the tv) when Kono started rapping down the 24 month jail time. 24 months??!! On his or her worst day a good defense attorney or public defender could cop out a case like this for no more that 24 months probation tops, maybe 36 depending on the jurisdiction. No jail time. I would not agree to it. I mean the only witness is Adam, and I would tell him to shut his damn mouth because all they have is forensic evidence that supports his self-defense claim. Take that to a jury and I very much doubt a first-degree murder finding. And damn Kono and Adam, and more writers!! You have a chance to take down a local crime boss in utero, Gabriel, and a Yakuza boss. I realize that would mean Adam, and Kono, ms superninja, would have to hide, as they did before from Yakuza, and I got the impression that a number of Yakuza were taken down to protect Kono and Adam before, so that is not unprecedented. What a piece of bargaining tool would I have. Damn the prosecutor could run for Governor, think about the White House if this went down. I do think though that something like this scenario will occur, with bombs, and kidnappings, and some kick-ass (please Kono get all totally Ninja pissed on somebody, please!!-:) and all those great H50 dramatic expositions. I will be waiting and watching with baited breath on all of it.

    All in all this was a GREAT transitional episode. It was good of COTW (I love anything with colleges or high schools in Oahu) and Eric among all those coeds was fantastic. I will still eat bacon, but Jerry handled that scene fantastically. I would have wanted to quit. Chin Ho and the Abby are clearly attracted, and being a cop herself might be best for Chin Ho who is a cop’s cop, and Danny boy, who knew. Being a teacher of Business myself at a community college I have had versions of all of that over the years, but I liked best the way he was drawing the economic cycles on the board. YEESSSSSSS. Oh and the apple. I agree with you Linda that Millinnials do not read the news, especially anything in print. FOr all the information available today our future leaders are woefully uniformed. They need to change, and I have my serious reservations that they will.

    I hate to end this on that downer note. I really loved this episode, and of course I am biased, but this is H50 at its finest.

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    • Dear Dave! I hope next episode you’re time won’t be as “limited” and you’ll be able to post a longer, more in depth comment! LOL 😉

      First, Nahele. My gut is telling me (and of course I am probably 100% wrong) that his father has not changed one iota. Steve has found the body of the man he killed and once Max works his magic and identifies who he was we will be involved in that story. Because I think whatever Kaili and his victim were involved in, it’s still in play somehow.

      He told Steve he was sent away for a series of robberies. I’m gonna guess the take from those robberies is still out there somewhere and he killed his partner rather than have to shave the booty. I think he’s going to try to pull Nahele into his dirty deeds somehow, maybe with a threat against Steve or something.

      What I’d really love to see is Steve go after Kaili and somehow something happens and it’s Nahele who somehow rescues Steve. I think those would be some awesome scenes.

      Adam and Kono…. I have no idea where they are going with this so I’m just going to have to sit back and enjoy the ride.


  8. Hi! Sorry I’m late to the party! (I know, I know…again! Never even left a comment last week, and I offer a groveling apology for that!)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s episode! All the different little storylines and character developments were so much fun to see!

    Professor Danny was indeed my favorite part, but of course, I’m blatantly prejudiced there.😆 Scott appeared to have a lot of fun playing the professor -taking Detective Williams out of his comfort zone and creating a whole new, lovable persona in Professor Jeffries. It was obvious the students and his fellow faculty members liked him. Favorite line in the show was Danny telling Steve he felt he was making a difference in young people’s lives, and Steve rebutting with “Oh, don’t worry, by tomorrow you will have made their lives just as miserable as you’ve made mine.” I was Still chuckling over that barb the next day! Oh, and E-Train was completely enjoyable this week, as he was totally in his element! He was believable, provided humor, and actually made his uncle proud of him!

    Jerry and the hogs. Again, I got a good chuckle. Loved him reading Charlotte’s Web to the pigs while waiting patiently for them to poop! I don’t know how he could stand the smell – – having raised 4-H hogs for years, it’s something one never completely gets out of your nose…and believe me, after raising those hogs, one is more than happy to eat all the bacon one can stomach (I.e., they are not loving pets!)

    I don’t really forsee Adam doing jail time in the near future, but I do see Gabriel still rearing his ugly head in Adam and Kono’s storyline. I could almost see Ellie,nthe asst. DA from last season, returning to the show for this storyline. Time will tell. I LOVE IAD, but really would like to see this particular part to his and Kono’s story end — on a positive note, too!

    Chin and Abby seem to be building steam slowly, but surely. We learned a little more about Abby (not much) and Chin is obviously taken with her. I don’t see a happily ever after for these two, but I suppose I could be wrong.

    Steve and Nahele — now this is developing into a juicy storyline! I agree, Linda, that Steve has grown and developed over the 6 seasons as a man who certainly understands feelings more and has compassion for people placed in situations where they have little control over their destiny. I’m intrigued with Kaili coming into the picture, and hope Steve will be able to continue to be a father figure for Nahele, but I see Kaili causing trouble for both Steve and Nahele.

    This was a great episode that introduced some new story threads to take us forward into the new year. Can’t wait to see what this mysterious Ep.10 has in store for us, either!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have no doubt at all that Gabriel will still be up to his eyeballs in trying to cause trouble for Adam and Kono. Remember, Adam was there when Sato’s man murdered Porter, Gabriel’s man. I’m sure Gabriel will find a way to blame that on Adam just as he found a way to blame Chin for Malia’s death.

      Actually, I don’t get this vendetta against Adam and Kono. I mean, I get his hatred for Chin, as misplaced as it is, because of Malia but what did Kono ever do to him, other than notice that he got a new tattoo years ago. What could he possible want with Adam? He has no business, no money, no power. I’m really curious to figure out what the hell he is even thinking.

      And I agree….Scott looked like he was really enjoying himself playing someone different in this episode. He has said in the past that the crime stuff just kinda blends and he enjoys the character stuff so much more and here he got to play an entirely different character. I’m sure it was a breath of fresh air for him.

      What can I say about Steve and Nahele that hasn’t already been said. I’m adoring the two of them and I really REALLY hope Steve can keep Nahele in his life on a more permanent basis very soon.


  9. Linda—You are a legend and a genius.
    With all due respect and admiration for all the “Mahvelous” comments I don’t think I can add anything to your superb analysis of this Episode which I thoroughly enjoyed !!! I cannot mess with perfection .You said it all..I
    Hoping that you and all on this page have a safe and happy Thanksgiving


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