#H50 Review – 6.08 Piko Pau ‘iole – (The Artful Dodger)

I begin my review this week with a very heavy heart. Usually, I spend Friday evenings leading up to a great new H50 episode having fun on Twitter, being silly with friends and doing a countdown to the start of the episode. But last night was different. Sitting with my laptop monitoring Twitter and watching CNN as the events taking place in Paris unfolded throughout the evening, was all such a horrible reminder of the crazy world we all live in that the idea of a frivolous, funny countdown just seemed so inappropriate. The writers of H50 decided much the same as they tweeted they wouldn’t be doing a live Tweet of the new episode like they’ve been doing every Friday this season.

Again, it all seemed inappropriate… having fun, being silly. But, perhaps, after spending hours watching the news, feeling shocked and helpless and horribly sad, having something frivolous to take the mind away for only an hour is something we really needed. It wouldn’t change a thing, of course. It wouldn’t make the ugliness of the world go away. And it wouldn’t heal those who had been so tragically touched by the events. It was only a little escape, for only a short few minutes, to see beautiful people, doing (what is for them) normal things, in a beautiful place. On such a sad & horrific day, a much needed diversion from cruel reality.

But even so, it was hard watching this week. All the usual excitement and expectations tempered by the overwhelming sadness. It’s hard, even, to write this review, to get into the fun and excitement of the episode, because it was a fun and exciting episode, full of twists and turns, unforeseen events and unexpected revelations. It was just what we needed.

Adam: As seems to be a trend this season, the episode started by jumping right into action. I have to admit, when I saw Adam being taken, wrists bound, on what was most definitely a death march through the jungle by Tom Bishop and another goon, I fully expected Adam to suddenly jolt awake from the terrible nightmare, sitting, shaking and sweaty in bed with Kono snoozing by his side. I got really scared when I realized this was no dream and these men really were out there to kill him. I cheered out loud when Adam managed to get the drop on them and started to get away only to have to, in a fit of self-preservation, turn to attack. I really couldn’t believe it…. Oh God…Adam actually killed them!

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I’m a bit torn about whether I like this turn the writers are taking with Adam. I’m glad he’s not just Kono’s rich, love sick puppy anymore but I’m really afraid where this is going to lead. I really like Adam and I’d hate to see him hurt, or God-forbid, killed in this storyline.

I’ve said numerous times in the past, it always annoys me when people (even those within the show, like Kono) say things like “Adam has changed” because I have never seen Adam as a bad guy who needed to change. Even after Hiro died and Adam really tried to be, he made a really lousy bad guy. Even now, involved in three murders (one as an accomplice), he’s not reacting like a bad guy would. No, he’s racked with guilt and self-loathing.

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He’s off the hook with Shioma for the money and, for the time being, no one knows about the guys he killed in the jungle. And yet, Adam still feels the need to turn himself in, to do what’s right, because, Adam is not a bad guy! How refreshing to see Adam come clean about this, to face the consequences of his actions, not just go on as if it never happened, pretending all is well. So wonderful there’s no need for Kono to find out later and have Adam blather on about how he didn’t tell her because he was “trying to protect” her. Honestly, if one more person says that to someone on this show I might put my foot through the TV! This way, Kono can stand by him, support him, and help him in any way she can. Adam is not a cold blooded killer. He only acted in self-defense.

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When we met Ian Anthony Dale on the red carpet at SOTB he asked all of us what we were hoping to see in the upcoming season. We all threw out our hopes and wishes. I told him, for instance, I loved that bathtub scene between him and Grace and wouldn’t mind seeing another one. His answer had the entire crowd laughing… “Hell, I wouldn’t mind doing another one!!” Oh…how he was holding out on us. LOL They were starting to film this episode just 2 days later so he knew at that moment what was coming. While this storyline has me nervous over Adam’s fate I’m thrilled Ian is getting such meaty material to work with and doing a fantastic job with it as well.

COTW: I have to say, I actually enjoyed Hank Weber, the con man. Watching while he and Katie pretty much cleaned out everyone in HLN baggage claim was highly entertaining. Damn, they were efficient. Makes me think twice about walking around in happy, vacation distracted crowds with anything that’s even remotely mobile ever again.

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I really enjoyed Hank and his interactions with the team. He was funny, repeatedly lifting Lou’s wallet and Lou’s reactions to him. I got a kick out of Hank in the rendition room too, because I’ve always loved the fact the room has a drain in the floor. A subtle, sadistic little clue that if you’re sitting in that chair you better start talking… now! Hank had some great one liners in this episode too. Calling Steve and Danny “Starsky & Hutch” was my favorite line in the whole episode. And saying to Steve…. “”I think that happy-go-lucky got beaten into submission by ornery and forceful while you were still in the womb.” Hysterical!

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I know there are people who are tired of Danny bitching about Steve always driving his car but I love the continuity of that running gag. So I especially enjoyed the different way it was addressed this time with Hank supporting Danny’s argument with his dissertation on how, technically, Steve is guilty of stealing Danny’s car. The icing on the cake? Danny’s face was simply priceless.

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In a lot of ways, Hank reminded me of Johnnie D from Season 1, another thief who was funny, charming and extremely entertaining. But, unlike Johnnie, Hank had a much darker agenda than lifting jewelry and snow globes.

San Francisco Detective Abby Dunn… welcome to Five-0: I have to admit I was a bit distracted with Adam and Hank and didn’t pay a lot of attention to Abby. I like the idea that she’s obviously strong and intelligent and obviously extremely good at her job that the SFPD would consider her as the “McGarrett” of a similar task force in San Francisco. She and Chin, obviously, since it’s rumored she’s to be his new “love interest”, seemed to hit it off, but I didn’t feel the sort of chemistry I felt last week between Steve and Lynn. Of course, it’s a bit early in both relationships to be talking about chemistry just yet.

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But Chin and Abby worked the Chinese gun investigation like an established well-oiled machine and it’s pretty clear Abby “likes what she sees” in both the way Five-0 conducts business and in Chin himself. I’m looking forward to seeing where this leads. I also hope, if Abby is going to be in several episodes, we get to see her team up with Kono a couple of times. About time the ladies of Five-0 kicked some butt!

Gabriel: When WoFat died, I assumed, unless an entirely new character was brought in, Gabriel was going to be the new Big Bad. He was leading a drug cartel so he had the credentials to be a pretty good bad guy, but, I was a little worried about whether he could ever truly fill WoFat’s highly polished, expensive shoes. Well, fear not. Gabriel may not be WoFat but he’s proving to be a force to be reckoned with nonetheless.

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I know there are those who really don’t like when the team is split into different stories and while I agree with that to a certain extent, I do like when they tie the stories together. This time, they managed to tie together not only two but three seemingly separate stories and all at the hands of Gabriel Waincraft. He had his hand in absolutely everything.

I’d seen the BTS pix of Adam with Shioma and Gabriel and wondered what the hell that could be all about. I never expected it was because Gabriel had paid off Adam’s debt to Goro, essentially freeing him from that albatross around his neck. Adam’s death march and ultimate need to kill those men should never have happened but, you see, Gabriel was a bit too busy stealing and reselling those Chinese weapons and didn’t have time to call Goro’s men off. And Gabriel has that power only because he used the money from the gun sale to sweeten the pot with Goro and get Yakuza backing for all his future dealings. Oh, and lest we forget, that little hidden agenda of good old Hank Weber. The entire “long con” was merely a set up to trick Five-0 into installing spyware on their mainframe so Gabriel can have total access to what they are doing.

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I do like the scheme of Steve’s to allow Gabriel to believe he’s succeeded, that Five-0 doesn’t know about the virus, so they can play their own “long con” on him. I’d like to get the chance to see Hank again, because I did enjoy him, but also because he has four murders to answer for.  But most of all, I want to see our team turn the tables on Gabriel and see how he manages to get out of it again. Because, I have no doubt he will and be a boil on the butt for a very long time.

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Is Gabriel a worthy successor to WoFat? WoFat’s agenda was squarely aimed at Steve and the McGarrett family. Of course, the rest of Five-0 was affected but only because of their love and loyalty to Steve. Gabriel? Yes, he has his personal vendetta with Chin, but Gabriel is not limiting himself. He’s after Chin, blaming him for Malia’s death. He’s kidnapped and tortured Kono on her honeymoon. He’s shot and almost killed Adam and has made him a murderer. The fact that Gabriel basically saved Adam from Shioma can’t bode well for whatever he has in mind for him in the future. As if hurting their Ohana wasn’t enough, by infecting the Five-0 computer system, he’s set Steve, Danny and Lou on his trial even more. Now he has the Yakuza backing him too. Oh yes, Gabriel may not be WoFat but he’s showing he has what it takes to be just as formidable as WoFat ever was. To the writers…. nicely done.

Extras: Steve and Danny checking to make sure they still have their wallets after Hank leaves. Funny how Steve had to check, since he never seems to have his wallet. But, of course, he’d have to have it this time since Steve……

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…..was getting ready to leave to take Lynn for the coffee and malasadas he’d promised her last week. I’m so glad the writers remembered this episode is “next week” and it’s time for their second date. This is what I’m hoping for. If Lynn is to be Steve’s new lady that we have mentions of her, even if we don’t see her so we know she’s still in the picture. Hopefully this will continue in between when she is in episodes.

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It was great to have Danny back this week. His reactions to Hank throughout the episode were very funny. As a matter of fact, he was smiling and smirking a lot in this episode like he was really enjoying himself. I especially liked his teasing Steve about his date with Lynn and offering to “talk to her and set her straight”. You know, no matter what Steve says, Danny and Lynn will actually have to meet eventually. I just can’t wait to see that!

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You know I just love the guy, but I could have down with just a little less of Jerry this week. I understand him being a bit jealous about Abby being sworn in and getting a badge the moment she walked into the office but I think it could have stopped right there.  Jerry is not an idiot and shouldn’t be written as one. He’s smart enough to know he is not a cop, nor has he any credentials to ever be anything more to Five-0 than a consultant.

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As always, I loved that we got to see Duke in this episode. As a matter of fact we got to see a lot of Duke this time. Not only did he help Chin and Abby with their case, he also was there to assist Steve and Danny with Hank. Anytime we get to see Duke is a joy and the more we see him the better.

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I really loved the references to not one, not two but three all-time favorite TV shows. I’ve already mentioned Starsky & Hutch which, in my teenage years, was my most favorite show. There was also Jerry’s mention of Alcatraz which, of course, he starred in. And lastly, a subtle little mention of another show of my teen years. When Abby was explaining about her new task force, she mentions that “Inspectors Stone and Keller are two of my best”. Stone and Keller were the lead characters in the show “The Streets of San Francisco”. Again…nicely done.

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Have TPTB at Five-0 made a deal with the Humane Society of Hawaii to gainfully employ as many of Honolulu’s cats as possible? This is the third time in recent memory a cat, or in this case, multiple cats have played a role in an episode. I’m just really sorry Steve didn’t at least pet one of the furry little ninja’s this time around.

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So, there we have it. Another really good episode. Next week, we get to look forward to Danny undercover as a college professor. Between Danny in glasses, Eric being his crazy self and young co-eds coming on to the professor, it promises to be a really fun episode. Can’t wait!

Have a great week my friends! Aloha. Malama pono.

NOTE: Once again this week, not all photos are mine. Where I have used photos from other sources, I have given credit where appropriate. If there is no credit given, that screen cap is mine.



19 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 6.08 Piko Pau ‘iole – (The Artful Dodger)

  1. Carole says:

    Like everyone I was a bit distracted – I will need to watch again. Bits that stood out: Gabriel (continuing to be impressive as a worthy successor to Wo Fat) Danny was back (lots of smiles), Hank the charming con man -(suspected he killed GF) but did not see the twists – the virus or Gabriel’s involvement. We were introduced to Abby who seemed smart and savvy but did have a big role this week – looking forward to see more. And Adam – playing the bad guy rips him up, hope he can make them understand it was self defense. Finally a little mention of Lynn – like you I really want to see Danny meet her. It would be hilarious to see them join forces………next week Danny goes back to school????

    Liked by 1 person

    • I finally re-watched last night, without all the distractions, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed in Abby. Not that I didn’t like her, just that she seems a little too subdued to me. Of course, it was her first day on the “job” and she was feeling her way so it’s probably understandable. Lynn made such a great impression on me last week, I guess I was expecting Abby to do the same. But the circumstances were so entirely different it’s probably not fair of me to compare the two. I’m looking forward to seeing her character fleshed out.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Carole says:

        Yep – definitely distracted. I meant to say Abby did “not” have a big role this week. I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other yet, but subdued is a good word to describe her so far. I do think she’s smart – maybe in the role of observer until she gets to know everyone – makes sense.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I guess I am in the minority here. I thought that Chin and Abby had great chemistry. I loved the way she looked at him and the way he smiled at her. I’m already seeing sparks flying. (lol) The artful dodger turned out to be much more evil than we thought. But I love what he added to Steve and Danny’s bromance. And I loved Lou’s expressions. I kind of agree with you about Jerry, Linda. I’m not even sure he needed to be in this episode. I think he’s great when he’s being his conspiracy expert. But just to have him whining about getting a badge was not needed,. He is not a police officer and does not have the training to be one. I never thought Danny was totally on board with working with the con man. He questioned Steve about it in the beginning and then was a little more quiet after that. Did Danny seem to be more quiet than usual in this episode. I think Danny, being a real trained police officer was kind of suspicious all along but after all, Steve is still the boss. He does argue with some of his decisions, and he should since it always involves him, but have you also noticed that he always does what Steve tells him to do, even if he does disagree. Last years finale when Steve shot that guy who stole the bombs, Danny was standing by looking kind of pained, but he never said one word. He knows when Steve means business. And he was just smiling as the guy was giving Steve a hard time about taking Danny’s’ car but he would not do the fistbumb with him. That’s my take on the episode. I love you and Wendy’s reviews and usually we are on the same page, but this time I kind of disagree about Abby and Chin. But I know that it’s okay to do that here because you don’t mind us expressing our opinions even if it’s different from yours. This is what makes it so fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I noticed Danny was more quiet in this episode but I took that as the writers letting Hank provide the “static” for Steve this week and with Hank doing it, it would have been overkill to have Danny do it too. It was only when Hank left with Lou, and Danny told Steve he never thought he’d meet someone as annoying as him, did Danny revert back to himself.

      In last years finale, when Steve was holding the gun to the guys head who had stolen the nuke, Danny looked pained because (even if we didn’t see it and it was never mentioned) in his mind, he was flashing back to that basement in Colombia and him holding a gun to the head of Marco Reyes. That moment was extremely hard for Danny because he’d done the exact same thing and didn’t want this situation to turn out like the one in Colombia did.

      But it’s always been written…right from the Pilot… that Danny may not agree with the tactics Steve uses, and will argue strenuously and usually loudly against what Steve wants to do when he disagrees but he will ALWAYS have Steve’s back, no matter what. He’ll bitch and moan the entire time, constantly tell Steve how wrong he is but there he is…. strapping on a vest and going head first into whatever it is by Steve’s side.

      People like to bitch about Danny but come what may he is ALWAYS loyal to Steve and has proved time and time again that he will always be there for him no matter what.

      Oh…BTW…. NEVER feel like you can’t say whatever you want here. I have no problem with being disagreed with. As a matter of fact, I welcome it. If anyone feels their point of view is the right one and it differs from mine, I welcome the debate. It’s entirely possible I am wrong and by listening to other points of view I will learn something new. I love learning new things.

      I just can’t abide people who refuse to even acknowledge another side exists. People who see anyone who disagrees with them as an enemy. People who are so closed minded and rigid they hide behind walls and only associate with people who feel exactly the same way they do. If you think I am wrong, you have the right to try to convince me of that fact. But then, I have that same right. I just can’t stand people who, while hiding behind righteous indignation, slander good people behind closed doors where those people can’t defend themselves. If you’re so sure about your point of view, say it out in public, not behind closed doors. If you have something to say about a person, say it to their face, if you have the guts. It’s so easy to say terrible things when you’re hidden away. It’s the lowest form of cowardliness.

      I’m glad that everyone here is reasonable and open to friendly discussions and debates. It’s refreshing and extremely enjoyable! ♥♥


  3. rhondagemini says:

    Great episode,with many twists and turns! When Hank revealed that he was working for Gabriel,I don’t think Steve & Danny saw that coming! I do agree that turning himself in was the right thing for Adam to do-he’s not a bad guy and this way,Kono will support him every step of the way! At least Gabriel paid off Adam’s debt-I just wonder what he will want from Adam in return-whatever it is,it can’t be good! I thought Abby & Chin had good chemistry,too-can’t wait to see where they go from here! Hate to say it,but Jerry really wasn’t necessary in this episode. Always love Steve & Danny’s bantering in the car and Hank’s remarks only added to it!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Linda , I love these discussions. It’s the Steve and Danny partnership that drew me to this show and which will keep me hanging on forever. Love the other characters too but these two are my favorites. What I was trying to say is that Danny is a real detective and he has had the training. Steve is a navy seal and he portrays it so well. My husband was in the Coast Guard for 4 years and in the Navy Reserves for 22 years. He was a cook assigned to a field hospital but the few times he came into contact with Navy Seals it sounds like they were a lot like Steve. Steve is a man of action where Danny is more analytical. It goes back to that second episode in Season 1 when Steve was hanging the guy off of a roof and afterward Danny was explaining how talking to the guy was breaking him down. Then Steve explained that the guy was a terrorist and nothing was going to work. That’s why they are such a great team. They compliment each other so well. I get tired of the bitching about Danny. The H50 facebook page is no fun anymore. There is always someone complaining about someone on there. I enjoy this so much more. But I think sometimes, just my opinion, Danny goes along with things just because Steve is the boss and he does it out of respect for Steve’s status. He sometimes gives him these looks like he would do things differently as a trained detective.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carole says:

      Love how you always stand up for Danny. In the original it was all Steve. I was agog over Jack Lord. I was a bit concerned what a reboot would be like and I wasn’t at all sure about the “new” Danny – the relationship was so different – him just right in Steve’s face from the start, but the doubt didn’t last long and now I can’t imagine anyone but Scott as Danny. Any time Alex and Scott are on screen together is good times…….

      Liked by 1 person

      • See now…I wasn’t a big fan of the original. I don’t really care for “teams” where there is one boss and everyone else just toes a line. I enjoy the give and take of a true team where the leader isn’t afraid to hear other opinions and the members of the team are treated more as equals. A “benevolent dictatorship” as Steve called it, rather than an actual one.

        And I agree 100%,. I can’t picture anyone else playing Danny either!


    • “Steve is a man of action where Danny is more analytical”

      So very true! Also, as a cop, Danny has had to work within rules and regulations because, if you don’t have immunity, like 100% of police forces in this country do not… you screw up and the bad guy walks on a technicality.

      Steve, on the other hand, has pretty much been working with immunity for years before he ever came back to Hawaii. Being sent in to neutralize a target…get it done…doesn’t matter how…. failure is not an option… and so on.

      I think you’re right that in the beginning, even with all the bitching, Danny followed Steve because he was the boss. But it didn’t take long for Danny to follow Steve not ONLY because he’s the boss but because Danny feels if Steve is going to go off and be a lunatic, he needs Danny to watch his back because Danny loves Steve and won’t let anything happen to him…not on his watch!


  5. I agree totally. And I agree that it is good that he gets some episodes off to be with his family. By the looks of him these days, fatherhood surely does agree with him. As long as he comes back, it’s all good. I love how both Alex and Scott did not hook up with hollywood starlets but some very lovely girls that are both in the clothing business but I think are also very devoted mothers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see but Scott looks more relaxed and happy on screen than he has since Season 1. Even when he has no dialog, he seems more engaged in what’s going on around him. Like I said, maybe I’m just reading more into what I’m seeing.

      And I agree with you 100%. I’m very glad Scott and Alex are with real women, not Hollywood types. They are both so down to earth, it’s great they both found partners who share that quality.


  6. Brooklyngirl says:

    I’m very late to the party. It was a hectic weekend.

    I liked the multi-plots and enjoy having the team working together and apart. Hank was an interesting character and I’m hoping he’ll be back to help get Gabriel. WoFat was cold and calculating and had an agenda and it revolved around Steve and Steve only. Gabriel is one sick mother. His agenda is all over and it seems that he won’t be happy until he gets the entire team but first and foremost Chin and Kono.

    For me, the jury is still out on Abby. She’s beautiful but very reserved and measured. I didn’t feel anything between them other than colleagues working together. I never saw her in any show she was in but caught her in a Hallmark Christmas movie last week and she was the same way. I needed No-Doze. I thought it was the movie, but seeing her on 5-0 I’m not so sure anymore. While Chin is a little quieter than his counterparts, he has a big personality and I’m hoping that she’ll loose some of her stiffness and lighten up! Like Steve, he’s been dealt some nasty blows and needs to be happy.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Danny teach this week! Now that should be interesting!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m reserving judgement on Abby for now. She just wasn’t in that much of the episode for me to tell anything yet, and what she was in was 100% case related. She didn’t get a chance to really relate to anyone on a personal level, even with Chin, it was very little. So, for now, it’s a wait and see.

      Liked by 1 person

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