#H50 Review – 5.13 – Lā Pōʻino – Doomsday

No fussing around today. No cutesy intro to start this review. Just like this episode, we’re going to dive right in and get to the nitty-gritty. Let’s start with the ongoing (and seemingly never ending) McGarrett family saga.

I have always been very ambivalent about Joe White. I love Terry O’Quinn, have since the first time I saw him on that beach in LOST, and I love what he brings to the character of Joe White. It’s Terry’s skill which makes it so hard for me to pin down my absolute feelings about Joe. I want to like Joe. I want to like the man who took a young Steve under his wing and, in a sense, became his surrogate father and loves Steve as the son he never had. The man who helped forge Steve into the military man he is, helped make him a strong, courageous SEAL, a bonafide hero. All those are very good things. This is the Joe White I like.

Yet, there is the Joe White who has been lying to Steve for years…hell, decades. The man who knew…who STILL knows, so much about not only what happened in the years after Doris “died” but in the years before she even met John McGarrett. For all we know, he could have been the one to introduce them. Then after Doris “died”, he let John, his best friend, spend the remainder of his life searching for a killer who didn’t exist and has, repeatedly, misdirected, hedged, evaded and downright refused to give Steve any information when he’s asked for it. This Joe I do not like at all. Joe may have forged the military man Steve became but he didn’t do a damn thing to forge the true man he is. His heart, soul, compassion, tenderness, understanding, the true sense of what is right and what is wrong?  Obviously he got none of these things from Joe.

So as Joe is sitting on that C17, watching the beautiful view of Waikiki and Diamond Head materialize beneath him, he had more on his mind than just the critically ill patient they are transporting. He knew the questions that were coming, the demands that were about to be made. He knew Steve wasn’t going to be derailed again. But I wonder why Joe told Steve about Doris’s relationship with WoFat so easily. Joe seemed surprised that Steve found out about it from WoFat himself and he also looked a bit taken back that Steve had killed him. Why tell him about Doris now? I don’t buy that “because you deserve to know the truth” crap. Steve deserved to know the truth 20 years ago. But this is Joe White we’re talking about here.  Whatever his reasons you can be sure they are to benefit only one person…. and that person is not Steve.

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And Steve is full of justifiable indignation. At Doris for, well, that list is rather long to list here but add to it, the death of WoFat’s mother, an innocent victim in Steve’s eyes. Regardless of the fact that Doris did a very kind thing by taking the infant under her wing, the fact that WoFat’s mother was seen simply as collateral damage and Doris covered the whole thing up is something Steve can’t accept. Then there is WoFat. Of course, Steve will always view him as an enemy and considering the things WoFat has done to him, that’s completely understandable. But the fact is …it was WoFat who finally told him what Doris should have told him…what Joe should have told him.  Steve is totally conflicted because Joe is right.  Finding out from WoFat pissed him off but at the same time he is also grateful to at least have gotten some answers.

Then, of course, there is Joe. His resentment towards Joe runs very deep but it collides with his love and admiration for the man. He’ll visit him every day while he’s in quarantine. He says Joe has never let him down. He wants to trust Joe, he wants to believe him. You used to be able to physically see the degree to which he trusted him. But not anymore. Steve has come to the realization that the affection they hold for each other is a totally separate thing from the fact that Steve wants answers and Joe is still not cooperating even if he’s trying for the allusion that he is.

Funny how Joe says he’s done with keeping secrets, that he wants to tell Steve what’s going on but falls right back into the lies and misdirection. But now, FINALLY, Steve isn’t buying it any longer. Joe has heard word on Doris…but they don’t know where she is or if she’s even alive. Maybe she’s off the grid. Hasn’t she already been off the grid for two years? Someone tipped her off. Steve assumes it was Joe. He’s probably right. “After all these years…you don’t trust me?” DUH! “I thought you said you trusted him?” “I lied”. YES! Thank you God! About time! Funny how the moment Steve left him Joe jumped on his phone. Seems when it comes to Joe and giving Steve the run around nothing has changed.  So glad to see Steve bring Danny in on this too.  When it comes right down to brass tacks the only people Steve has been able to rely on, to trust unconditionally are Danny and the rest of the team.

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This week’s crime of the week was an adrenalin fueled ride from start to finish. Never have the stakes been higher. Terrorists invading Oahu we’ve had before but radicals attempting to cause a worldwide pandemic with the potential to wipe out billions of lives is not your everyday crime.

From the moment that wrecking ball hit the SUV carrying Steve and Joe it was obvious that this episode was going to be a thrill ride. And can we talk about that wrecking ball scene for just a second? WOW. I don’t know how Jeff Cadiente comes up with this stuff or how they are able to execute it so realistically and do it in a way where no one actually gets hurt. That SUV flipped about 3 or 4 times! And watching Steve manage to get himself untangled enough in that crumbled heap, to take out one of the bad guys all while hanging upside down. WOW seems to be the only word I can come up with.

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I also really loved Steve getting to live out his childhood CHiPs fantasy even if it wasn’t for a fun reason. He looked so hot on that bike! (sorry…fangirling for a moment there!)

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The entire idea of a weaponized virus was scary enough but the use of bees really set my skin crawling. All the benefits bees provide aside, I know I am not alone in hating the critters on a normal day but the idea of them carrying a deadly disease made it even worse. Using that poor guy as a test to see if the delivery system worked was horrendous to watch. He looked so happy that he nailed his interview! I wondered if that’s what Max eventually entered on his death certificate. “Death by interview”

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Other favorite bits:

Loved the long shot of Danny purposefully walking into the hospital ER looking for Steve. The look on his face was pure Danny. Worried sick and ready to go into full rant mode at Steve for getting hurt, yet again. “Hey you know what? Why don’t you get an apartment next door, cause you’re here so often” “I’m fine…thanks for asking!” LOL

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Also really liked this little bit of continuity. “Hey Doc…make sure you punch his card” refers back to the S5 premier episode when Grover told Steve he should see if the hospital had some kind of loyalty program. “Like they give you a card and every 5th bullet extraction is free”.

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Lou: What the hell is he doing?
Steve: Exactly what I’d do.
Lou: Well I guess that settles it.
Steve: What?
Lou: You weren’t really born a crazy son of a bitch. This is the guy that taught you”

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Once again, I’m going to repeat, I love when Danny and Kono are teamed together and while their scene was mostly just exposition between them and the Oahu State scientist and conversation they had in the car afterward was perfect. Of course, Kono knows with there being a very real threat to the island Danny’s first thoughts would be on Grace. For once Danny didn’t let his emotions get the better of him and realized that calling Grace, even to just tell her Danno loves her again, made no sense and would probably only frighten her for no reason.

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As Steve was watching Joe drive that truck off the pier, he was truly fearing for his life.  I’m sure he thought he was watching someone else he deeply cares about die.  His relief and indignation when Joe popped up in the water safe and sound was priceless.  It gave Steve a true taste of what Danny feels every time Steve does something crazy and reckless. Joe’s justified smirk at his success was just like Steve’s when he does those kinds of things.

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Steve: You could have killed yourself, you know that?
Joe: Nothing you wouldn’t have done yourself.
Danny: Yeah, he’s right. You would have done something equally as stupid.
Joe: I guess that depends on how you define stupid. ROFLMAO

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“The only easy day was yesterday”

Have a wonderful week my friends!

NOTE: (added 2-1-15) ALL the above screen caps are my own.  Thanks! ♥


30 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 5.13 – Lā Pōʻino – Doomsday

  1. That opening scene seemed to go on and on. Poor guy and poor bees, they died,too. It was funny that Steve got a taste of his own medicine and all I could was scream at the tv, “NONONONOOOOO!”, that Steve was abut to lose someone he loved and who had answered his questions yet. Did Steve get a new truck in a day or was that loaner? LOL!! Big Blue took a hit and came shiny and new.

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    • Always knew Joe wouldn’t die because we already know he’s going to be in episode 5.18 but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try to stretch it out. You know, make us THINK Joe was dead only to have him turn up again later. That’s so overdone I’m glad they did it this way.

      As to the truck…it was an SUV, not Steve’s Silverado that got wrecking balled…and yes…a loaner! Thanks for reading sistah!


  2. jlopie1 says:

    Oh, good Lord, Linda! Stop getting inside my head and writing down everything I think! It’s got to be more than a coincidence that I think it, and then I come here and read what I thought, and almost word for word, too! ROFL!

    I agree with you completely about Joe White, but I’m probably even a little stronger in my dislike for the man. He keeps trying to impress upon Steve that Steve “is the closest I’ve ever come to having a son” – pulling on the heart strings there to create this enduring bond between the two of them. Is he trying to imprint upon Steve how “close” they should be, so Steve will ultimately believe whatever Joe WANTS him to believe? Duplicitous, at best.

    Here’s something we just learned about Joe and Doris’ backstory. Joe knew about Doris killing WoFat’s mother and raising WoFat until the CIA took him away from her. I’m curious when Joe found that out? How long has Joe known Doris? Longer than he knew John McGarrett? How, and why, did Joe and Doris get so buddy/buddy?

    We have so many darn questions that need answering–soon! Because I’m ready for this to be over with soon. God Bless Steve for at least learning not to trust Joe anymore. There’s hope for the boy, yet!

    And of course, it’s Danny by Steve’s side through all this. It always has been. From their first meet up in John’s garage through the present instance and on into the future episodes, Danny will be right by Steve’s side in all things WoFat or Doris. No matter what others may think about the character that is Danny Williams – this Doris/WoFat story would just not be complete with Danny by Steve’s side. That’s probably a very biased and one-sided opinion, but it’s mine, and I’m sticking to it! 😄

    The rest of the episode was great! The wrecking ball scene was crazy! Kudos once again, stunt crew! So was Joe’s daring does with the bees (Ick!) in the van (never for a minute thought Joe would drown, he’s got more to do yet LIKE TELL THE DARN TRUTH FOR ONCE!)

    Also wanted to thank you for bringing up the fact that Steve got a small taste of his own medicine watching Joe do something crazy and drive the van into the ocean, albeit to save the world! This is exactly what Danny has had to go through at least once in almost every episode – for the last 106 episodes! I actually chuckled happily when I read your take on it! Again, thank you!

    Great review for another great episode! We are now into the second half of the season – big things always happen to our team in the spring! Can’t wait!

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    • I totally agree. Joe plays that “father/son” thing to the hilt and does it well. He has dangled it in front of Steve’s face for 4 years now. It’s about damn time Steve called him on his bullshit. I’ve had more patience than most with regard to the McGarrett family but even I am ready for answers and a conclusion to this saga. Of course, if dragging it out means more years for Five-0 it can stay unresolved forever. LOL

      As soon as Joe popped up in the water I was expecting Steve to yell “What the hell is the matter with you”. I was waiting for it…wanted it soooooo bad just to see Danny’s reaction. I love how this scene was done but I think that was a missed opportunity.

      And I swear….I do not have your house or your brain bugged babe! ♥

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  3. I agree with you as usual Linda. Joe knows more than he’s telling but Steve is wise to that drivel. I think the shock on Joe’s face wasn’t the fact that Steve killed Wo-Fat (which of course he knew), it was the fact that Steve already knew the connection with Doris or as I like to call her Mother From Hell. Joe in as much lied about Doris to everyone. I have to think that Joe White is and has always been CIA, he has the contacts and knows about everything that has gone on with Doris from the beginning. Having said that I think I shouted out loud when he went in the water because I certainly did not want to see him die.
    Now for me the sarcastic snark comment that is per usual for Danny, it should have been softened by how are you or are you okay then he could have followed it up with his comment. Sadly the way the character acts towards Steve has turned me from being a fan of Danny to “not so much” anymore. I did like the way he was with Kono.
    I think the crime of the week last night was thrilling, chilling and kept me on the edge of my seat. My tweet to Peter last night was Alfred Hitchcock gave us “The Birds” and Peter Lenkov gave us the bees and I truly meant it, and I don’t think I could have paid him a higher compliment IMO. The premise was brilliant and gave me goose bumps starting with the music and the plane at the beginning, it took me back to the pilot when Steve was returning to the island, even the music sounded similar and gave me an eerie sense of deja vu, and I loved it.
    I was so happy Grover said what he did and not in a sarcastic way but in a way that he was beginning to understand Steve a little more. I was also happy and thought it was a perfect come back to Danny when again he was being sarcastic to Steve, that Joe said depends on how you define stupid. Steve is the type of man who will always put the mission and others before himself, he was a seal and that is what makes him the man he is, he will never hang back out of fear for himself when others need him. The fact that Kono was so concerned about Steve when she saw the car and Chin’s comment about that it would take more than a wrecking ball to take him out (not sure of the exact wording), went a long way to show their deep feelings for the man who has become so very important to them.
    I’ve had several “favorite episodes” and I have to say this one makes it into my top 3, The Pilot, The 100th and what I will always refer to it as the third Beest. Bravo H50, you made this proud fan happy last night.
    Thank you Linda for your great review and giving me a chance to in a small way express my feelings.

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    • I have to agree that Joe is CIA or at least is very connected to the agency. He knows…has always known…about Doris, past and present. He deliberately keeps Steve out of the loop. I’m not sure if does it on CIA orders, on Doris’s orders, or on some misguided and unnecessary need to protect Steve. It’s very old now and I am thrilled Steve is calling him on his bullshit..finally. And I’m also beginning to think that Joe’s reaction to Steve telling him he killed WoFat maybe wasn’t surprise but dread because he’ll have to tell Doris that her son killed her…son.

      I tweeted, as soon as I saw Danny enter the ER doors, “oh oh….worried Danny looking for Steve. I sense a rant coming!” I fully expected him to do exactly what he did. Like I wrote in a previous blog..I understand Danny completely. I am very much like that with the people I love. When my daughter did something incredible stupid as a teenager and had me fearing for her safety I ripped her a new one for half an hour before I crumbled, took her in my arms and sobbed with relief that she was safe. We over react because we care so much. I totally understand Danny.

      I didn’t realize it until you mentioned it but that opening scene with the plane and the music really does remind me of the Pilot. Great pick up.


      • I was the exact opposite when my kids were hurt I hugged and kissed them, asked how they were and when I found out they were okay I lite into them. Growing up my Dad would always ask first “What did you do now” and my Mom would be the one to ask “Are you okay”, that stuck with me and I took my Mom’s approach I guess that’s why it grates on my nerves with the way Danny acts, over reacts or whatever, that combined with the fact he is just sarcastic and snarky most of the time when around Steve. Kidding is one thing and everyone does it but after awhile it gets old. It comes across as disrespectful at times. I liked the Danny and how he interacted with Kono so much more than how he interacted with Steve. I liked Danny from S1 who mixed it up more, yes, he was sarcastic, and snarky but he was also kinder, at times vulnerable and even funny at times, his joking around with Steve was funny not mean as it sounds at times now even if he is only kidding. I miss the laughing easy going Danny. I guess everything is open to interpretation and that’s why we love some characters, like some characters and tolerate some characters, but it’s all good because at the end of the day this is a quality show that we love right.

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    • jlopie1 says:

      Hey, Wanda! Are you Ohmmmmmed out? 😂

      Loved your comment, but if I can beg to differ with you…just a tad? Of, course, it’s going to be about the Danny character, no surprise, there, right?

      Danny showed us his concern and fear for Steve’s safety long before he got in his face in the exam room. He had worry written all over his face and in the tension in his stride down the hall. When he actually found Steve (and Joe) in the room and they appeared okay, Danny’s face registered relief first and then chagrin. You’re not going to get loving words out of his mouth unless the situation calls for it – like when he had to tell Steve his father had died 4 years before. There wasn’t a speck of snark there then!

      Here’s the other thing I see about the relationship between Steve and Danny. WE see Steve as our SuperSEAL, our hero, willing to risk his life to make the world right. That’s also the way Joe sees the world. But Danny has always seen Steve as a man, (or maybe an animal?) first. He sees the risks and chances Steve takes as crazy because in his world, they are! So for Danny to agree that Steve would do something just as stupid as drive the van into the ocean, is not being snarky, he’s just seeing it as something a normal person would never even think to do because he’s not a trained SEAL. It doesn’t mean Danny doesn’t respect Steve the man or the SEAL. It means Danny sees Steve as his brother, and who doesn’t tell their brother off when they do something stupid!

      Sure, Grover, Chin and Kono worry about Steve, too. But Danny is Steve’s brother in all things but DNA. He’s not just a partner or an employee. That’s the way I’ve always looked at their relationship, but I think it’s becoming more obvious as the seasons go by.

      Going back to Ohmmmmmmming now. Thanks for listening!

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      • Hey there Lynnette, of course it’s okay if you disagree and I value your opinion. Its all about interpretation, the world would be a dull place if we all agree all the time. LoL, I love to give my opinion but I also love to here other opinions too, sometimes it sheds a new light on an issue. It can also be a learning experience and I am always open to that. as far as Ohmmmming, let’s just say I started Ohmmming last night and haven’t stopped. The show was that good.

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      • Couldn’t have said it better Lynnette! I understand why some people see Danny’s attitude as a negative thing but I’d be more concerned that he didn’t care about Steve if he stayed quite and controlled. Like I said….we rant because we love!


      • Thanks for the new take on the Steve/Danny relationship. I never thought of it that way. I love the bromance but that is exactly why we call it bromance. The brotherly love is there. Also, my husband retired from the Navy reserves. He never did anything as glamorous as being a Navy Seal. He was a cook attached to a field hospital. But he got to observe Navy Seals training at times. And let me tell you,
        Steve gives a perfect portrayal of a Navy Seal. He needs a brother to reign him in, in his civilian life.

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  4. All I’ve got to say what a great review. You have said all I was thinking.
    I love and hate Joe. Love him because he cares for Steve and hate him because he said he would give Steve answers then he backtracks.
    The scene where the van went into the sea my thought was Steve wasn’t going to get the answers as Joe is not going to survive this and yet he does. Joe is up to something. Loved it when Steve said to Danny he lied to Joe about trusting him. Now I cannot wait to see what happens.
    The rest of the story was action filled which I loved this week and especially the stunts. Did not see that wrecking ball coming. Then Steve switch into seal mode. The rest of the cast rounded out the story. Excellent job and I’m one happy fan

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  5. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! Have to agree that it’s about time Steve called Joe out on his lies and manipulations! I’m thinking the phone call he made was to Doris,but who knows! The COTW with the bees was very scary,as I hate them anyway,but they would have been the perfect “vehicle” to spread the virus! Loved Danny & Kono together-should happen more often!

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    • Yeah…my first thought was that Joe jumped on the phone to call Doris but if he’s telling the truth and doesn’t know where she is, he could have been talking to her handlers. Telling them to warn Doris that Steve is closing in and not taking their bullshit any longer. I have no doubt Doris will pay a part in this story again eventually. Whether she is alive when she does is the question.


  6. Diane says:

    Great review. I don’t know how I would feel if I could not trust someone I loved like a father. Steve still has a great deal of caring for this man, but Joe is a little too frustrating. I hope we get some closure on the Doris story this season. Writers did a great job with the episode. very exciting.

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    • Hi Diane…welcome! I have no doubt the Doris issue will be dealt with again this season. I don’t know if we will actually ever see her again but somehow, some why, this will be resolved. Personally, as much a I don’t like Doris, I hope they don’t kill her. Steve has lost too many people in his life. Whatever she is, whatever she’s done, she is still his mother and he still has memories of her from when he was a child. It would kill him to lose her again, even if he never really had her.


  7. Wendy says:

    Love your review, everything I thought is in there. The COTW was excellent, and scary. I loved Danny’s comments (snark), it was all so typically Danny. His acting was brilliant when he was looking for Steve at Tripler you could tell exactly what he was feeling/thinking just from his face. The relief when he saw Steve was so evident, and I knew a rant was imminent. After all that’s how Danny deals with worrying about Steve. The scene on the dock was perfect, all we needed was for Danny to say something like, “Now do you understand what I go through?”

    One thing I noticed was that there was a bandage on Steve’s arm when he took his shirt off to help Joe, after he got him out of the SUV. It was flesh coloured so maybe we weren’t supposed to notice it.

    As for Joe, I’m glad Steve doesn’t trust him any more, it’s long over due. I agree, time to end this Doris storyline too.

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    • Wow…Wendy…you’re right. I just went back and double checked that scene and there it is…a bandage on his arm, flesh colored and with the “wound” on the top of it so we wouldn’t notice. Great eye! I guess Alex got hurt for real and they needed to cover it for another take. I wonder if that blood on his arm was his own. OUCH! Poor Alex!


  8. debras57 says:

    Great review Linda. I think this episode showed more bromance between them all and not just Steve and Danny. Chi and Terry got in their digs with their characters. I too thought at first it was the pickup that got it with the wrecking ball. That event was so fast, I think we were intent on the scene and not thinking about what vehicle he was really driving. Joe does know more. My thought on this, Joe is Steve’s real dad. Also my question on the hospital scene, was it an army hospital with all those guys in uniform? Why go to that one instead of a regular hospital?

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    • Hi Deb. The idea that Joe may be Steve’s read dad has been floated around ever since Joe first showed up in Season 2. I guess on this show anything is possible but I really hope they never go there. It’s just so soap-opera and I really don’t want to think we’ll have a “Luke…I am your father” type of reveal. I think our writers are more creative than that.

      As to the hospital….yes…in the last scene Joe is in quarantine at Tripler Medical Center which IS a military hospital. Joe is retired Navy and therefore would go to a military hospital for treatment. Doesn’t mean he can’t go to a civilian facility but if a military facility with the required treatment available he would go there.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  9. kdownton78 says:

    I loved this episode. Perfect balance of suspense,drama,and funny moments.

    I like Joe White. Even though yes it seems he’s still keeping secrets from Steve.

    The scene where Steve nearly jumped into the water to save Joe omg i thought we were going to get a McG shirtless scene.

    But yes I loved this episode. Leaves me wanting more

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  10. Mary Tomshack says:

    Absolutely, great reviews to both you and Wendy. Danny shows his emotions in his expressions and you could tell he was angry and worried. I too am kind of sick of Joe and his leading Steve on with his lies. But, that is what makes the show. There are all kinds of people in the world. This show deals with people being real people. And you have your deceivers ( like Joe) and your worriers like Danny. If every character was a perfect human being, I think the show would be boring.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Mary…glad you found the comment box! LOL I agree. If everyone was perfect there wouldn’t be a show. Hell, there wouldn’t be a world. It is our differences, our conflicts and how we choose to resolve them that makes life interesting.

      I just feel so bad for Steve. He’s lost so much and he’s learned that almost all the things he held in his memories were wrong or lies. I don’t know how the man is able to a functioning adult. Thank God for Danny and the rest of the team. They ground him….show him that there are people out there who not only claim to love him…DO love him and will always be there for him. People he can trust without doubt.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and search for the reply box! LOL Aloha


  11. I liked this classic H50 storyline. Lots of action with the undertone of the McGarrett family saga. I feel the background stuff is moving at a good pace because I don’t want it to end. I enjoy the mystery of Doris and Joe and now that Wo Fat is gone, I feel I need that glue for the show. No surprise that while I enjoy all of the characters, Steve’s life is the most important to me. I’m confident the writers will come up with a new twist to keep an ongoing theme for the show. I’ll be watching to find out! Great review Linda and thanks for the pics as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have to agree with you there Brenda. As much as I’m ready for this residual Shelburn story to be done I’m not ready for everything to be answered quite yet. I want our show on for at least another season (of course I WANT more LOL) so I want a few loose ends to remain very loose for awhile.

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