#H50 Review – 5.14 – Powehiwehi – Blackout

It is no secret that I adore Hawaii Five-0. I mean, we’re here, talking about it, right? But there are things about the show that do bother me, although many think the Kool-Aid I regularly drink makes me blind.

When it comes to shipping couples, I am not religiously connected to any of them. I enjoy them while they last but I don’t grieve when they end because to me the love interests of all the characters are peripheral and secondary to what I really watch this show for. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it when our characters are happy and in love, for however long it lasts.

And I really do like Kono and Adam together. But the evolution of their story has always had me scratching my head a bit in annoyed confusion. Once they decided to put Adam and Kono together they re-wrote Adam’s life. Not uncommon on this show, I’ll admit, to re-write history to suit a new storyline, but this one particularly always rubbed me the wrong way a little.

It’s always bothered me whenever Kono would say something like “Adam has changed” or “Once they find out you’ve changed….”. Personally, I don’t think Adam has ever changed because I never saw Adam as being a bad guy…ever.

When we first met Adam, the day Joe abducted Hero, we were told, by Hero himself, that he’d always kept Adam away from his business. I always took that to mean that Adam was never involved in Hero’s corrupt dealings. Later, when we met Michael, Adam said it was Michael who was destined to take over Hero’s business, that Michael was basically being trained for it while Adam was in law school.

When Hero was taken, Adam picked up the power, Michael was still in prison after all, and used that power to try to find his father. He tried…TRIED…to be a bad guy but really sucked at it. Oh yes….he had Joe taken and beaten but it only took Steve and one hand gun to convince Adam to let Joe go even though Steve was outgunned something like 5 to one. Later when the CIA agent handling WoFat was murdered, it was Adam’s attorney, a holdover from Hero’s reign, who orchestrated the whole thing without Adam’s knowledge. As a matter of fact, he found Adam to be a weak and pathetic leader for the organization. And when Adam tried to take WoFat from Steve at the heliport, even with tons of firepower at his disposal, it only took begging from Kono to reduce Adam to teary eyed surrender instead of bloody attempted take down.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do not see Adam as a weak man. I find him to be very strong and capable. He has worked extremely hard to legitimize this father’s enterprises and with all the bad blood something like that would cause and with the Yakuza still not too distant, that takes a hell of a lot of guts. So, no, I don’t find Adam to be a weak man, just a lousy bad guy. Even when he tried his damnedest to be one, Adam really sucked at it because he really is a good guy.

Kono, obviously, has known ALL of this from the very beginning. Reading the synopses and the spoilers this week, I was finding it a bit hypocritical of her to all of a sudden be reluctant to be with Adam because of his business. She spent months on the run with him, refusing to leave his side even when things got extremely dangerous. She spent even more months trying to find him when he went missing. And Adam?  He’s been there for Kono time and time again.  He saved her when Delano tried to drown her.  He killed his own brother protecting her.  And NOW she has doubts?? I was hoping that whatever it was that was causing Kono to hesitate it would be something new, some current event which would make her stop and take pause.

So I was a bit disappointed when the first thing Kono brought up was Adam’s continued involvement in the business and her sudden distaste for Adam’s money. They have been basically married for almost 3 years now. She’s been enjoying the villa on the hill overlooking the sea, luxuriating in bubble baths in large marble bathtubs for two, and romantic rendezvous in upscale hotels for years. It only occurred to her now that the money came from Hero’s businesses over the decades? She’s spent the last 3 years loyally defending him to Chin and even to Adam himself that it takes time to clean up so many years of corruption and make everything legit. If it bothered her so much that she’d be willing to risk losing the man she loves over it now, why didn’t she just ask him to get out and sell everything 3 years ago? Why does all of this all of a suddenly, out of the blue, bother her now? I wish the writers hadn’t made that part of her reluctance because it makes Kono look a flighty female which she certainly is not.

The part I will accept as being an issue for Kono was finding out that WoFat, using the name “Anthony Shew”, was an investor in one of Adam’s companies. Adam, of course, didn’t know who “Anthony” was or that WoFat was an investor. And even though Adam was instrumental in helping Five-0 track down that laundry facility and get to Steve, I think that was the catalyst that got Kono thinking about Adam’s businesses. If Adam didn’t know about WoFat/Anthony, how many other things are buried within the organization that still tie to the Yakuza or any number of other corrupt dealings that Adam isn’t aware of. The WoFat/Anthony incident could have gotten Kono thinking…. “no matter what he does, no matter how hard he works, there is always going to be something, somewhere, that he doesn’t know or can’t know about that will drag him down again.” She could be thinking that this will be a never ending battle that can ultimately never be truly won. Maybe it would be better to just get completely out instead of trying to hold back the ocean with a broom. Now THAT is a legitimate reason for her to hesitate, for her to ask Adam to sell and get out. That makes her look intelligent, forward thinking and strong. That’s the Kono I know.

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This week’s crime of the week was awesome! I loved the return of JC Dekker. I’m beginning to look on him like I do Sang Min even if Dekker isn’t as humorous or have the wonderful quirks that Sang Min has. Kono said that the last time they dealt with him (in “Blood Brothers”) that he seemed to be a changed man.  If he wasn’t on that path before, he sure as hell is now.  The opening with a beat and shot up Dekker trying to break INTO Halawa had me scratching my head from the very beginning. Wasn’t Dekker IN Halawa the last time we saw him? What the hell is he doing outside and beat to hell on top of it? Oh….this is gonna be good…… And it was, from start to finish.

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Favorite Bits (no particular order):

• Let’s start with JD Dekker. I loved every scene he was in starting with being so critically injured, he can’t remember a thing. He doesn’t even remember ICE agent Jeff Morrison (wonderfully played, again, by Gregg Grunberg) the man who got him out of Halawa early to help with his case. Watching him try to remember what happened to him as Roman gets closer and closer was really interesting and Xzibit played it perfectly.

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• This crime, like most on Five-0 was wonderfully convoluted. With so many middle men and false leads my head was spinning…again. The fact that the mysterious and lethal Bulgarian criminal by the name of Roman that no one has ever seen was actually Danielle was something I never saw coming. I had a feeling something was off about her when Steve found her shot in that house but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I never suspected she was Roman. The look on Dekker’s face when he finally remembered and recognized Roman in the hospital….damn, he was terrified.  Again, played really well by Xzibit.

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• I hear Odell Martin (Michael Imperioli) will be coming back again in future episodes. I like that a lot. I adore Kamekona but it always seemed odd to me that he was the only CI the team seemed to constantly rely on. I like the idea of there being someone else, someone who knows the lay of the mainland the way Kamekona knows the island. I hope he continues to be seen as a barber. That was hysterical! “Hey..don’t touch my sideburns…all right? I’m serious!” He even managed to crowbar money ..plus tip..out of Steve. Anyone who can do that deserves to stay.

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• I didn’t know that Adam knew Jerry. I can’t remember if we ever saw them in a scene at the same time. But it seems they know each other now. Their scene was really cute. I love Jerry but sometimes it seems a bit abrupt when he’s tossed into scenes without a real necessity. I mean, Adam could have just gotten the malasadas himself without us having to know they were only made once a year. Oh well, I did like this little bit of fun in an otherwise tense and action packed episode. The look on Adam’s face when Jerry said he wanted to take his “hot little number for a spin someday” was priceless.

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• I was very happy the writers let us know where Danny was this week. I really don’t like it when Danny is not in an episode and I don’t HAVE to know where he is every second, but I have to admit it is nice when there is a mention of where he is. Danny has been a cop for a very long time, most of that time in Jersey. It’s perfectly logical that an old case might come up for an appeal and he’d be required to return to testify. But I’m really hoping that these episodes completely without Danny are coming to an end soon.

• The final take down between Kono and Danielle was everything I knew it would be. Kono is so incredible there is no way this fight wasn’t going to be one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. It was so well choreographed by Jeff Cadiente and so well executed by Grace and Ana Alexander (and whatever stunt crew were involved) I had a really hard time grabbing screen captures of it. It went by so fast everything I tried to grab was a blur. I have to admit, when Kono banged into the defibrillator and it started to charge I was jumping out of my seat screaming…..ZAP HER….ZAP HER…. YES!!! The last line we heard from JC Dekker said it best: Decker: “Sister is bad ass!” Steve: “You don’t have to tell us that!” Same here Steve!

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• OK….was I the only one who thought it was funny that Roman checked every laundry cart except the one Dekker was in? And, did anyone else hold their breath for just a second thinking she was just going to shoot into cart where JC was hiding?

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• Jerry and Dekker giving Kono relationship advice was priceless. Funny, for as much as Kono did not want to discuss this with them (and I don’t blame her), these two guys were surprisingly on the ball with regard to their observations and their advice. Jerry was absolutely right about the fact that Adam felt terrible and was really beating himself up over their disagreement. And Dekker…he hit the nail right on the head guessing that Kono is the one dragging her feet. He’s right….if two people are in a relationship for a long period of time and one or the other can’t commit, it really isn’t fair to string the other person along.

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Finally with the rest of the team taking care of Dekker and clearing the scene Kono is left alone and in her own head. After the brutal fight that could easily have turned out very differently, Kono finally comes to the realization she’s always known and makes the decision she always knew, deep down, is the one she wanted to make. It doesn’t matter what Adam does with his businesses. It doesn’t matter what her reservations are about how those businesses were funded in the past. If something or someone else comes along that’s not on the up and up they will deal with it and make it right. None of it matters. She loves Adam. She wants to be with him. She wants to be his wife.

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Huh?Ain’t that a kick in the head?  Please please please let them be happy!

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13 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 5.14 – Powehiwehi – Blackout

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! This was a great episode,with action and a little bit of love! I hope Dekker returns-I really like him and he would make a great “snitch”if they needed one,as would Odell. Now that Kono & Adam are planning a future together,I just hope that no big obstacles are put in their way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I noticed she checked everyone of those things but the one he was in. I like Dekker and hope he shows up again. COTW did have a lot of twists and turns. They didn’t ask about Lauren. Even though we knew Danny was away, it just didn’t feel right, with him being gone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Robin. I never like it when Danny isn’t there but at least they didn’t send him away to yet another cheer-leading camp with Gracie. Going back to Jersey to testify on an old case of his made a lot of sense. I’m sure detectives who relocate to other cities do that all the time.


  3. jlopie1 says:

    Let me be your echo, Linda! Please, please, please let them be happy! This show needs a steadfast, reliable, loving and long term relationship! Actually Adam and Kono’s relationship has already been the longest running romance on the show – three years and still going! I hope we get a wedding, soon! Can you imagine how gorgeous it will be with those two?

    Great review, Linda! I’m not as upset with the show for how they have supposedly changed Adam’s character to make him loveable by Kono, but my biggest question remains how did these two meet? Did they meet when Adam came back to the islands to help his father get out of jail? Or did they meet before, when Hiro was considered the biggest and wealthiest businessman on the island, but his ties to the Yakuza were unknown? I WANT TO KNOW! We’ve never been told, and I think the knowledge of their meeting will help us understand this relationship fully. Maybe we will eventually be enlightened.

    Fascinating COTW – and please bring Decker back! He’s awesome (love his relationship advice!). The show fooled me – didn’t see Danielle/Roman coming, H50 is very good with it’s false leads, but since it gave us that gloriously badass all-woman combat that we haven’t seen to that extent since S1, I will have to thank H50 profusely for leading me down a false path.

    Yep, thanks Steve for telling us Danny was in Newark testifying on a former police case. I’m never completely happy with an episode without Danny in it, but I still watch it and I still enjoy it because I force myself to take in the whole picture without having the temptation to just drool over my screencaps of Danny! Giving Danny a perfectly legitimate reason to be elsewhere opens me up to not mourn his non-presence on my screen and enjoy the other sights before my eyes (hey, just because Danny comes first for me, doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy Steve, Chin, Adam, Kono — not so much Lou, and definitely not Jerry, but…well. You know what I’m saying, I’m sure! :))

    Thanks again, Linda! Love your blog. Let me send you KoolAid packets — what’s your favorite flavor?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re right, we’ve never been told when and how Kono and Adam met. That would be a fascinating story. We do have a Kono centric episode coming toward the end of the season where we’re supposed to learn about Kono’s relationship with her mom and how she got into surfing. Maybe we’ll also learn about how she and Adam met. I’m thinking that may be the wedding episode too. I can’t wait to see how gorgeous they will both look. AND all our guys dressed to the nines again. OR maybe a big beach wedding..board shorts and slippers! Heaven!

      And I agree about Danny. I am more an Alex/Steve girl but I adore Danny and hate it when he’s not there. I’m glad they gave us a reasonable explanation even if I didn’t need one. I love Grover and I think he fits into the team as the #5 better than anyone ever has but it’s just not the same without Danny. So glad he’s coming back next week!

      Strawberry Lemonade! LOL


  4. Diane says:

    Thanks for the review Linda. I agree that Kono and Adam may not be what should be because of his connection with his father’s business and Kono being in law enforcement. Adam being born Hero’s son was not up to him, and he definitely did not turn out like his brother Michael. The sins of father, not being the fault of the son and all. Even Hero, did not want Adam involved, he wanted him clean. So Kono saw that in Adam, and although she had doubts, she knew what was happening, and what he was trying to do to make the business legitimate. Adam has a good point, Kono’s life isn’t exactly tame, and does not mean that her life won’t bring trouble to the family they make together, as evidenced by other episodes and Chin’s wife. I want someone on this team to live happily ever after, I’m hoping its Kono and Adam. The two actors are believable together, lets hope they keep it that way.

    I also agree, that they put Jerry into places that probably don’t flow as well, but I think the meeting with Adam and his one liner broke up the tension, as well as the Ferrari ride at the end. I love Grover, but I honestly can’t fight the feeling that they work with other fans, only because they are men and not women. I hope thats not the case.

    I was surprised by who Roman was, I did not see that coming, and I am always overjoyed when they fool me. Great episode.

    Thanks for the blog Linda, great job.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Diane. You are right of course. Adam said he worries about her every day as well he should. Kono’s job is extremely dangerous and that job has brought trouble to everyone on the team. Everyone has had someone affected, hurt or killed because of their job. Adam has never told Kono he wanted her to give it up but he has just as much cause to worry about them being together as she does.


  5. Like Lynnette said, we don’t know how Kono met Adam. More than likely it was sometime behind the scenes in Season 2. But we do know that she knew he’s a good man from the first episode we saw them together. She defended him to Chin which caused Chin to pause. And then in one of the two confrontation scenes in that episode (I think it was in the house that was covered in plastic on the inside) she told him to his face: “you are NOT your father.” And other than the scene in that episode where he left her bound in duct tape, he has always done the right thing by her. Even if it meant stepping out of her life forever, because it made her life safer. So it was good to see her say “yes” to him, even if it took some prodding from Jerry and Dekker to see it.
    On another note, Jerry was homeless after his mother sold her house. Does this mean that he is living at the Westin Moana Surfrider? Kamekona must pay well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve always wondered if they met somewhere and really hit it off before she knew he was Hero’s son. I mean, you’d think that if she knew who he was right off the bat she’d have run the other way before she ever had the chance to find out he was a good guy. Did that make sense?


  6. Wendy says:

    I loved this episode even though Danny wasn’t in it. Kono and Adam make such a great couple I hope TPTB allow them to be happy. As for the crime of the week it was great, but I knew Danielle was more than just a party girl as soon as she appeared. I said right away she’d turn out to be Roman. When she didn’t check that one laundry cart it was so obvious that was where Decker had hidden. Thanks for another great review.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Exactly … they introduced themselves to each other or were introduced by someone else but with first name only. When Five-0 was first discussing Hiro Noshimuri Kono repeated the last name to Steve, so it would have left an impression on her mind.

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  8. Tina Starnes says:

    I think Kono finally came clean to Adam because she was tired of always defending him. It’s exhausting to a person to always have to do that, especially to the ones closest to you. You get tired of all the questions and doubts. Adams meeting at the end, to start the process of selling the company, speaks volumes of his feelings towards Kono. I do hope the writers allow this relationship to last. Someone on the show needs to be happy.
    Yes I was happy that they explained Danny’s absence this time. An epi of H5O without Danny is kind of like watching an epi of Batman and Robin without Robin…just weird. I don’t like it when they both aren’t there. It’s their pairing/chemistry that makes this show work!
    I agree that the guest actors did a GREAT job this week, kudos to them. I do hope they use O’Dell again as a CI, they do need more than one.
    As for the ending, I think the death of Roman was a little to soon. When they shot him I realized there was still too much time left in the show and tweeted “That was too easy, is it the girl?”
    I did like the fight scene at the end! Jeff and the stunt crew never disappoint in that area!! All in all it was another good and entertaining epi. Nice re-cap Linda. I look forward to next weeks:)

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