#H50 Review:  10.20 He puhe’e miki – (A Gripping Cuttlefish)


Well, we’re entering the home stretch.  Only two episodes left after this one.  In a normal season, this episode would have been a typical “filler” episode with just enough teasers to set us up for the season finale and a great cliffhanger for us to suffer through until September.  Of course, this isn’t a normal season anymore.  It’s painful to realize that pretty much everything we see now will be a “last time”.  But, I choose not to dwell on that, right now. It’s hard, I fully admit, but with so little time left, I’m trying my best to just enjoy my favorite show while I still have it to enjoy.  So, let’s get to it.

Tani and Junior:  Oh Tani, I’m glad you explained yourself at the end but dear Lord. The look on Junior’s face was worse than the saddest kicked puppy.  Would it have been so hard to just grab a handful of strawberries or something?  Maybe even, I don’t know, a thank you?  And the “we’re moving too fast” was ridiculous.  Too fast?  It’s been three years! Of course, every new couple must go through their first fight.  But, this wasn’t really a full-on fight. I mean, no one was yelling or anything, but Junior’s feelings were definitely badly hurt and Tani, knowing she totally screwed up, felt awful about it.

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I did get a kick out of them both getting relationship advise from Hirsch and Lou.  Not too surprising coming from Lou considering all his years of marriage to Renee. When you think about it, he’s really the only one out of any of them who can give successful relationship advice. Lou and Junior “walking on sunshine” were absolutely adorable.

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Hirsch on the other hand was a total surprise but, I guess, he really shouldn’t have been.  This character has really evolved from the Hirsch we met years ago. Sure, he can still be rather annoying at times, but he’s shown over the years that he really has a very warm heart. His advice to Tani, while not based on years of experience like Lou’s to Junior, was full of down to earth common sense.  Sometimes that’s all a person really needs to hear.


And who didn’t love Hirsch’s #ReiRey reference??  Oh, Tani darlin’…. hate to break it to you but #ReiRey has already been a thing forever!  I’m so happy Tani confided her fears to Junior and he, naturally because he’s an absolute sweetheart, was full of understanding and comfort.  He’s not going anywhere.  Unfortunately, we are so we’ll never get to see just how awesome this couple will be long term.





Hirsch:  Speaking of that warm heart of his, having his Uncle Oscar move in with him was a very loving thing to do.  I loved how he described his love for his uncle, being so very important to him in his young life when his own dad couldn’t be.  Did anyone else get a Joe White vibe from that little scene?

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His devastation at the thought that Uncle Oscar could be a murderer was palpable.  Of course, we all knew from the very beginning it would turn out to be someone else (just gotta love those H50 misdirections) and as soon as we were introduced to Stanley, well, duh!

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But it was still a fun story and I loved him working with Tani. Hirsch has always played well against the Five-0 ladies. His scenes with Kono were always fantastic and his here with Tani were too.  Even Eddie knew he was a good guy from their first moment.





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One of the best scenes was when Hirsch and Lou were sampling the wine at Casa McG.  If you hadn’t followed Chi on Instagram, he used to do IG stories called “Chi Talks Wine” because if there is one thing Chi knows and loves it’s every conceivable type of wine.  His IG stories were awesome. I really miss them now that he doesn’t do them anymore.  Watching Lou making faces and hating the wine reminded me of way back in Season 1 when Kono was giving Danny surfing lessons.  Chi hates wine like Scott can’t surf!  🤣🤣


Crime of the Week:  Everyone else was busy working the weekly crime.  Danny was away with the kids for Spring break and I have no idea where Quinn was, but Adam was back with the team.  Lou (I guess he decided not to hold that grudge after all) and Junior were happy to see Adam back and my first thought was, “I guess Steve and Adam had that talk they needed to have for Adam to be welcomed back”.  But then Steve gave Adam “that look” and you could literally feel the temperature in the room drop.  That look was a hell of a lot more “you’re lucky I let your ass back in here” then “good to see you, brother!”

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The carjacking turned murder was another classic bait-n-switch story.  I loved how Lou knew immediately that the wife’s story just didn’t add up and, of course, it tuned out that our innocent victim wasn’t so innocent after all.  I know I’ve said this a zillion times, but I really love these red herring stories. Even in what’s obviously a filler episode, they make it fun when things veer off into different directions.  And, help me out here.  How many times is it now that the bad guys MO was diamond theft and/or smuggling?  Including this episode, I can, without much effort, count five! I’m pretty positive there were at least two or three more! 🤣🤣

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I was getting a real kick out of all the different team-ups in this episode.  There was quite a bit of musical chairs going on.  Steve was with Lou.  Lou was with Junior.  Junior was with Adam.  Steve was with Adam.  Adam was with Junior and Lou.  Steve was with Junior.  It was kind of making my head spin.  But the one thing that was inescapable was just how little time Steve was involved.  Other than the two scenes that were exclusively his at the beginning and end of the episode, it was pretty much everyone else who did all the heavy lifting in this episode.



For instance, Steve was with Adam at the airport talking to the shuttle bus driver but when it came time to take the house where the bad guys were, he was nowhere to be seen.  Adam, Lou and Junior took the house.  I’m used to Danny just dropping out at times like this, but it was rather jarring for it to happen with Steve.  Most of the time we saw him it was just in HQ.  Even when he got the usual “first call” of the episode, instead of saying “On my way” or “I’ll be right there” like usual, he says “I’ll get some people down there as soon as possible.”  It just felt really weird.


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Just like Hirsch’s line about his Uncle Oscar reminded me of Steve’s relationship with Joe White, so did Steve’s words to Cynthia when the team finally tracked her and her accomplices down.  Steve talking her into laying down her gun was heartbreaking.  No one knows more than he does “the weight of that pain” of losing the most important person in your life.  Steve has lost so many people and watching those responsible for those deaths pay the ultimate price has never taken that pain away.

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Steve:  The opening and closing scenes with Steve were the best parts of the entire episode.  I know it’s really abrupt and probably should have happened a long time ago, but it seems that all of the trauma that’s befallen Steve over the years is finally taking its toll.  We found out last week that he’s not sleeping well because he “has a lot on my mind”.  Not even a strenuous run along the beach seems to be able to settle those disturbing thoughts.  It was totally heartbreaking to watch him reliving the deaths of John, Doris and Joe White in his mind. Hearing all the last words they ever spoke to him playing again in his brain.  No wonder the poor man isn’t sleeping.

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And it seems he just can’t let it go.  Tani, Junior, Lou, Adam and Hirsch are gathered at his house for a usual after case drink, but Steve is nowhere in sight.  He’s in the garage, going through the Champ box, listening again to the recording John made all those years ago.  The recording we all heard for the first time all the way back in the 2nd episode of Season 1.  “I want to be a cop, Dad, like you…. I told him to… be anything but that.” Hearing John say “more than anything… I have regrets” really sounds very ominous now with the way it seems Steve’s mind is working.




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Peter Lenkov told us all some time ago that we’d be getting all the answers from the Champ box.  Well, it’s only been 10 years, I guess it’s about time.  The phone call from the barrister (lawyer) telling Steve he has a package from Doris was even more ominous.  The woman has been dead for four months and yet, she’s still reaching out from the grave to screw with Steve’s life.



When you really think about it, everything that has happened in Steve’s life is Doris’s fault.  Because she couldn’t (or wouldn’t) walk away from her CIA life she destroyed her entire family.  She emotionally destroyed her husband.  She robbed both her children of their childhood and their home.  It took Mary more than half her life to recover.

She robbed Aunt Deb of her chosen career because she took care of Mary.  Steve never returned home until John died.  John died because of WoFat.  WoFat who wouldn’t have been in their lives at all if it hadn’t been for what Doris did.  WoFat who caused Steve to be arrested for murdering the Governor, who killed Jenna, who captured and tortured Steve not once, but twice for information Steve did not have.

WoFat who, before Steve was forced to kill him, made him feel that Doris cared more for him than she did for her own children.  And now, after all these years, Daiyu Mei… Mrs. WoFat… come along to probably start it all again.

Do I even need to go on?  Now, she’s given explicit directions to a lawyer to make sure that months after her death, she could continue to make Steve’s life hell.  Honestly, I hope she is burning there.

It really is heartbreaking that we only have two episodes left until our beloved series comes to an end, because this story looks to be awesome.  Or could have been awesome long term if we actually had a long term to see it unfold.  Hopefully we’ll get to see Steve exorcise those demons before we all have to say goodbye.

That’s it for this week friends.  No new episode next week but please remember there has been a programming change due March Madness being cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.  April 3rd is no longer a 2-episode series finale night.  Originally episodes 10.21 and 10.22 were going to be shown concurrently on April 3rd.  Now, episode 10.21 has been moved to Friday, March 27th and episode 10.22 will be the series finale shown on April 3rd.  Please make sure to make a note of this so you don’t miss the penultimate episode on the March 27th.

Aloha.  Malama Pono


16 thoughts on “#H50 Review:  10.20 He puhe’e miki – (A Gripping Cuttlefish)

  1. ZiaDiane says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for letting us know that the episodes will now be on two different nights as this is the first I have heard of it. I kind of prefer that, it seems it will give me a little more time to say goodbye in my own mind.

    I know that with the abrupt ending I probably won’t be satisfied how this will end. We don’t know all the reasons why it is being done this way, as they will never tell us. I don’t think it is just one reason. I understand and won’t hold a grudge, but will still feel some how cheated. I am jealous of other shows that I don’t even watch having a last season. I wish we could have a TV movie to end it next fall. But life will go on and I wish all those involved in this show the best.

    I am glad that they will address the champ box, although it seems rushed at this point. I hope Steve gets some answers. I also agree with you that Doris, although she may have thought in her mind she was doing the right thing, everything that has happened including John being killed her daughter messing up her life for a long time, Aunt Deb not getting her life, and all that Steve has been through is her fault. I would be surprised that Steve did not feel that at some point, even though she was his mother and that is a bond that is hard to be denied, Doris was the problem all along.

    Well all, with all that is going on, I hope you and your families are safe and take precautions seriously without panic. Be well.

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  2. You’re right… we’ll never know everything that went into the decision to end the show. Personally, I don’t think we’re really entitled to one. I mean, sure, I’d love to know all the intimate details, all the thought processes and everyone’s individual reasons for what was decided. But that is not the real world. I’m old enough to remember favorite shows ending and not even knowing about it until the fall schedule came out and my favorite show wasn’t on there. Like you said… life went on.

    I do agree with you about feeling cheated when other long running popular shows get a real “final” season and a real series finale but there’s nothing I can do about it and being bitter and resentful about it will only make me not enjoy the episodes that are left. And I want to enjoy them the best I can because this how has been an 10 year love affair and I can’t bear the thought of having it end with bitterness.

    I agree with you 100%. I probably won’t be satisfied with the ending. I don’t want it to end.. how could I be satisfied no matter how the ending was presented?


  3. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    Ditto. Steve is definitely burn out. He just tired of people dying. Danny might be feeling some that too. We’ll see in the last two episodes. Peter said years ago, he had the end H50 written and locked away. I wonder what happen to it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Brooklyngirl says:

    Watching Steve run as if his life depended on it was painful. He’s born so much over the years. And having so little of him in the episode while Danny was also missing was equally painful. As much as I hate to admit it I’m (almost) thankful that the show is ending because not having either of them as front and center team members just wouldn’t work.

    I love Hirsch (I loved him as Mazy on Suits) and am glad he had a final appearance on the show. I saw a tweet from him and he said he’d make an appearance on Magnum. That’s good!

    The overall episode was, as you said, a filler. I’m glad it was because with each passing week, the finality is becoming hard, and a lighter episode doesn’t require a lot of brainpower.

    I am curious to see what Doris did now to Steve. She even holds an icy grip on him from the grave. I’m dreading it but, at the same time, am hoping the series ends on an up note with both our guys finding those elusive butterflies, peace and happiness. But I have a feeling it won’t. Sigh 😔

    Sorry there’s no walking on sunshine over here. On that note, stay safe, wash your hands and have a good week.

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    • I agree that the limited amount of Steve in this episode along with no Danny was chilling evidence of what the show would have been like without them. You’re right, I hate to admit it as well, but the idea of a new season without Steve and Danny is not something that would have worked. I’m still heartbroken our show isn’t returning but watching it die a slow and agonizing death without the backbone of Steve and Danny isn’t the way I would have wanted it to go either.

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  5. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda! Tani & Junior’s little”spat” at the beginning was kinda cute. I felt bad for Junior, since what he did was so sweet. Glad she apologized later-I think she knew Junior wouldn’t be going anywhere without him having to say it,but she seemed relieved when he did. Adam was not away from the team as long as I thought he would be,but it seems he & Lou have patched up their differences and Junior was glad to see him. However, he & Steve still have a ways to go before things are cool between them again. Tani & Hirsch worked really well together and I was glad that they proved his uncle innocent of the murder. Michael Nouri, who played his uncle, is a fine actor and he played the part very well. As for the COTW, it was interesting seeing Steve talk Cynthia out of killing the man who killed her husband. If anyone knew what she was feeling, it was Steve-Lord knows, he’s been through it enough, and I think she saw something in his eyes that told her he understood her pain. Now the big question is what is in the package that is “coming” from Doris? One thing is for sure, it can’t be anything good! We’ll know in two weeks!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Susan Schoppe says:

    I couldn’t have put it better, perfect review & you absolutely nailed Doris’s fallout in Steve’s life. She set in motion all his & Mary’s emotional health & pain with her lack of any feelings what so ever for her children. The only thing I will add to that is if it’s written that Cathrine is back in his life I see the same continued misery and mind games happening for Steve as she as well will never give up the spy game wether she has kids or not. Just a repeat of Doris. Time to keep the cycle broken! Still can’t believe it’s only 2 more till no more, so bummed. You’re the best Linda thank you for your wonderful reviews ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • I reconciled myself to the probability of Catherine being part of the series finale a long time ago. Of course, I thought that would be a very long time from now. Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case. It will not surprise me one bit if she doesn’t show up in the finale. But like I said last week, my hope is that if she does show up it will only be in the last minute of the episode so when it’s over and I want to go back and re-watch it, I’ll know exactly at what point to turn it off.


  7. Carole says:

    Too true! They just started a rerun of S6 here and it’s heartbreaking (knowing all the crap that was to come)to see again how excited Danny was about Steve’s proposal plans……everyone was really happy for him. So sad they screwed it all up with lies and the freaking CIA.


    • Totally agree. TPTB totally destroyed her character. If they’d left her the way she was, left them the way they were, I would have been overjoyed for them to still be together, married and with those McG babies some wish they had. But they did destroy her character. Oh, they can bring her back. Of course they can. It’s their show, they can do whatever they want. Doesn’t mean that it makes sense or does any kind of justice to what they have written up to that point. Like I said above, hopefully if she shows up it will be at the very end of the episode so I’ll know exactly when to turn the TV off.


  8. Mary Tomshack says:

    It was not a bad episode but it would have been better with Danny. I hope he is in the next two. There was a definite coldness between Steve and Adam. I can’t say I blame Steve. He really put himself out there for Adam. And Adam did not show much trust in Steve, going behind his back the way he did. And I’m glad that Tani worked it out with Junior before the end of the show. Oh, yes, Tani and Hirsch were great together. They were kind of hilarious. And what a sweet ending for his uncle. I really enjoyed their story. Well, thanks for the great review. I’m sad this is all coming to an end.

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  9. Patsa says:

    I never did understand the comparison between Catherine and Doris. The CIA is the only common they have. Steve and Catherine were never married, she didnt leave a family behind. He put his career first and so did she. Steve has obviously forgiven Catherine and had even called on her for help when Joe was killed. He admitted he was happy she was brought into his life and it is obvious he still has feelings for her. Why is it so hard for you to forgive her? If Steve does run off with her and declares this is what he wants, isn’t that enough, knowing he is happy?.I thought you all wanted him to find peace and happiness. I know your preference is he being with Danny, but he is with Danny and is still miserable. It is obvious that isn’t enough for him. True fans would want him to be happy however that plays out. I would hate to spend 10 years watching a show and the development of the characters only to stop the dvr before the end. It would be like reading a book and ripping out the last page. It doesn’t feel right and honestly it is disrespectful to the writers and producers for not seeing the story through. Enjoying the ride means staying on until the final turn. That’s my opinion. We are speculating and he may very well end up with Danny but either way this is Lenkov’s vision and I am willing to accept whatever he has in store for us.


    • I’ve never expected Steve to end up with Danny, romantically. I am a strong McDanno shipper but I never deluded myself into thinking it would ever happen on the show. That’s what I have FanFiction for. I also never said I wouldn’t watch the last episode right up to the very last second before the screen goes black for the last time. I said, I’ll know when to turn it off when I watch it again.

      And we all DO want him to find peace and happiness but we just feel she is not the one to give him that. But that’s just our opinion, TPTB can do whatever they want, it’s their show after all. I have no problem with Steve and Catherine being friends and I have no problem with Steve using her expertise when needed. I may not like her but I totally admit she is very good at what she does.

      I have never had a problem with the things she’s done, my problem was always in the way she did it. I’ve written about it a zillion times over the years, I’m not going to go through it all again here now. I just feel with the way their story has been written, the amount of time that has passed when they have zero contact and what looks to be a very traumatic and incredibly sad ending, I just don’t think the two of them falling into each other’s arms is what’s going to happen. More than likely, he’s called her to use her expertise again and that’s it. Nothing more.

      Of course, once the screen goes to black a final time, people will extrapolate a future depending on their own views of them. Those who love her and want them together, will picture a far different future for them then those of us who don’t like them together. That’s how it should be. Everyone views things through their own lens. To each their own.


  10. Dan Gibson says:

    I enjoyed the episode … it was great to see Michael Nouri & Lawrence Pressman again. The beginning and ending scenes with Steve stood out — making it clear that he is thinking about the tragedies in his life, with an eye on the future.. I’m going to really miss my favorite show, but most of all our hero McGarrett. After over 60 years of TV watching, I have to say that Alex is hands down my favorite lead in a series. I’m coming to grips with the end in early April, but I’m still hurting …

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Will miss the show. As really it will not be the closure we want. As wished Catherine would come back into Steve’s life and this time stay there for good but won’t get that. Plus really the CIA really ruined this season.
    But not complaining as really Junior and Tani both expressed their love for each other and need to just take it one step at a time
    While Hirsch needed to learn empathy for others over scamming seeing it on the other side of the line there. And hope he will go legit. Oh well.
    Can’t believe ten seasons are wrapping up like the show was beginning yesterday.
    Stay safe and healthy over this virus my friends.


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