#H50 – Season 10 is officially OFFICIAL!!

Courtesy of Cinematographer Kurt JonesPhoto credit:  Courtesy of Cinematographer Kurt Jones

Not that I was worried for a single second.  Not even when inappropriately mistimed “confirmations” were all over the place did I doubt the truth that it would happen.  But finally…. finally…. on Peter Lenkov’s birthday, no less, we got the official announcement from the only source that counts…. CBS.  Hawaii Five-0 is a go for Season 10.

There are also multiple reports that the entire cast is returning for the new season.  Personally, while I am thrilled with these reports, I’m going to go into it a bit cautiously.  First, like with the official announcement of renewal, I feel this needs to come, well… officially, from CBS.  On the other hand, the press release regarding the Season 10 pickup did list the entire cast in the announcement.  So, technically, they did say they would all be back.

But, there is that pesky cliffhanger in the season finale.  “A cliffhanger that is going to affect one of the main characters…..in a way that the audience will question whether they’re going to come back or not”.  There is also that queasy feeling from being burned once before by assumptions of a full cast return and then getting kicked in the teeth a week before filming was to start.

But you guys know me.  I’m an eternal optimist.  So while I might be taking the teeniest grain of salt, I’m still going to go with the official CBS press release which listed the entire cast and say I’m not only thrilled we’re getting a Season 10, but getting one with all my favorite characters returning.  After all, what’s Hawaii Five-0 without our full Ohana? Right?

Of course, the most important part of that is the return of Alex and Scott.  I can’t imagine this show without the wonderful, on-going bromance between Steve and Danny.  Yeah, it’s not as prominent as it once was, and that does make me a bit sad, but it is still there.  We still get a lot of wonderful glimpses of it.  They have always been and still remain the heart and soul of this show.  I hope in this new season the writers see fit to bring us more of the wonderful McDanno moments that have made this show such a success over all these years.

Still can't believe they've been bickering for almost 10 years.- Courtesy of @alohaspaceman“Still can’t believe they’ve been bickering for almost 10 years” – Photo credit @alohaspaceman on Twitter and IG

So congratulations to Peter Lenkov (MacGyver and Magnum are also coming back for new seasons), and the entire cast and crew.  They’ve all given us nine years of wonderful fun and entertainment, given us worldwide friends we’d never have met without them and continue to give us a great way to spend our Friday nights.  Here’s to another great year.  Can’t wait to see what Season 10 will bring our way!

Aloha.  Malama Pono

Courtesy of Cinematographer Kurt Jones


6 thoughts on “#H50 – Season 10 is officially OFFICIAL!!

  1. Dan Gibson says:

    Great Article, LINDA … you deliver THE BEST OF NEWS. Can’t wait to see more of my favorite show. My biggest hopes for Season 10? That we get another “Book ‘Em Danno”… for it’s been wayyy too long; annnd, we soon find out just what that last dance scene (and that exchange of eyes) meant, between Tani & Junior. Hmmm. ….. 5-0 RULES !

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    • Thanks Dan! Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing where #ReiRay is heading. They are so adorable together. And I’m always up for a “Book ’em Danno”. You’re right. It’s been way too long.


  2. Liz says:

    I know there would be no renewal without Alex and I think Scott so even though I love the whole cast as long as they are back I am good. If the cliffhanger ends with someone not coming back I think it will be Jerry. He was the only cast member that did not comment on the renewal. So we will see

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    • I’ve been wondering myself if maybe the cliffhanger might revolve around Jerry. Only because they’ve been moving him more and more into the field. In the latest promo shots they have him at a shooting range with Tani, so they’re moving toward actually giving him a gun. He goes all bad ass on Wright in tonight’s sneak peek. It just seems like they’ve been focusing on him a lot lately, whenever he’s in an episode. Just a feeling. Probably wrong of course. LOL


  3. jlopie1 says:

    Best news ever! I didn’t really question H50’s return, either, but jitters were definitely setting in as we got closer to the season finale and the Upfronts. I couldn’t imagine why CBS would let this proven success slip away – since it’s the middle part of the Friday night juggernaut that’s been so good for CBS for 3 years now, at the very least!

    Congrats to Peter Lenkov for his success with his 3 shows, and to all the casts and crews. Their hard work and dedication has paid off with renewals and continued job security. And congratulations to all the fans around the world who get another season of fun in the sun with their favorite shows!

    I’m especially looking forward to more McDanno! The bromance has certainly evolved through the 9 seasons. It’s gone through a lot of different layers. The banter is still there, but it’s become more organic, a part of who these guys are and how they interact. They know each other so well now they don’t surprise each other as they did in the first seasons, so the banter is not harsh or mean spirited now. It’s just the way they flow. I love it, always have, always will.

    Tani and Junior! Yes, I want to see more of this relationship and I’m so glad we’ll have another season to see where it will go from here!

    Hats off to Season 10 for H50, S4 for MacGyver, and S2 for MagnumPI!

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    • I agree with you about the evolution of Steve and Danny. Organic is the perfect word to describe it. There’s no need for a full blown reaction to every situation anymore because they DO know each other so well now. Like you say… there’s no surprises. Everything just easily flows between them. I’d really love to see them just hanging out together again, beers on the beach, type of things. It’s been awhile since we’ve see that. And as Dan said above… I’m always up for a few “Book ’em Dannos” LOL


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