#H50 Review: 8.24 Ka Lala Kaukonakona Haki ‘Ole I Ka Pa A Ka Madani Kona (The Tough Branch That Does Not Break in the Kona Gale)

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Expectations are a tricky thing.  Sometimes, you have very low expectations, and something surprises you by being better than you expected.  Other times, your low expectations are justified, and something turns out to be just as awful as you expected it would be.  Then there are times, when you go into something with very high expectations, and low and behold, it not only lives up what you were expecting, but goes over and above as well.

Welcome to H50 8.24.  I never had any doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that this episode was going to be fantastic.  First off, it’s a story idea pitched by Alex O’Loughlin and there is no one who knows this show and Steve McGarrett better than Alex.  And, in the more than capable hands of writer Zoe Robyn and director Krishna Rao, Alex’s story was elevated into a wonderful multi-generational story that was filled with memories, intense loyalty, action, angst, whump and a hell of a lot of love.  It was incredible.

It’s a fascinating look into how Alex may feel about what makes Steve McGarrett tick.  He could have come up with a story about anything in the world, but he chose a SEAL story, a story of comradeship, of loyalty and service.  He chose to take a closer look into the relationship between Steve and Joe White, to delve into more details of a past that forged the bond between them and helped shape the men they became.  He chose to take a close look at the choices made by both of them at a crucial point in their lives and how those choices, both good and bad, affected their lives.

Yeah, there was some implausibility and it was a two-story episode but it was still an excellent story and it had me on the edge of my seat for the better part of the entire episode, even if it’s the type of two-story episode I don’t care for.  The type where the team is in two completely separate stories with absolutely no connection between them.  I’ll tell you exactly what this type of episode feels like to me.

This is baseball season, so my husband and I watch our Phillies play basically every day.  Except on Friday night, when I commandeer the TV for MacGyver and, especially H50.  But, sometimes, the game is really good, and I want to see what’s happening.  But I’m not turning off H50 to do it.  So, every time there’s a commercial, I’ll flip back to check out the score and watch a couple minutes of the game, before I flip back to H50.  That’s what these types of episodes feel like.  Like flipping channels between two totally unrelated shows.

The only connection here was one small scene in Lou’s SUV where Tani is worried about Junior and Steve on this mission and Lou trying to reassure her because, it’s not like these two SEALS haven’t done stuff like this before. It was a nice little scene to show that even if the team was split, at least they were thinking and worried about them.

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That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the COTW, because I truly did.  I’ve always gotten a kick out of Gerard Hirsch and, you know I adore Kamekona, so this story was fun.  I loved the reactions of Lou and Tani to the two of them trying to “advise” them on their murder case and the possibly stolen art.  The little “reverse job” scene with Tani and Lou cleaning crime scenes while Kame and Hirsch are taking out baddies in a gunfight as well as the one with Hirsch stuck hiding under the perp’s bed during the “box spring bongo party”, were hysterical.

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I also really loved how, once the case was solved and the stolen art recovered, Hirsch was heading to Germany, on his own dime, to return the art to its rightful owners.  They could have played it for laughs.  Could have had Lou insinuating that Hirsch would just take off with the art, considering his past.  I’m glad they didn’t play it that way.  Hirsch leaving to do the right thing and Lou’s admission that he was proud of what he was doing, was a very nice touch.

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It wasn’t the best COTW, of course.  It was just a cute little caper to give Lou and Tani something to do while Steve and Junior (and I guess Danny) were out of town.  The story was pretty funny, with Hirsch and Kamekona “putting the pieces together” to help solve the case.  The reactions of Tani and especially Lou to them both were priceless throughout.  It did also help to balance out the heavy drama of the SEAL story.

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But, as much fun as it was, I really didn’t need the SEAL story to be balanced out.  I know, there wasn’t enough of this story for an episode of its own, but it could have been a cute second (or God-forbid…third) story in another episode instead of being the subplot of this one. What would have made this excellent episode ever better would have been if there would have been no second story at all and the entire episode devoted to Steve and Junior’s SEAL mission.

Remember when Steve was captured by WoFat in North Korea in Season 2?  The COTW ended up being a significant part of the plot to get Steve to accompany Jenna to North Korea.  The entire episode was devoted to the story of Steve in the hands of WoFat and the team getting themselves there to rescue him.  One episode with one fantastic story.  Ohhhhh how I wish we could have even just a few of those in Season 9.

Before we get into the SEALs, let’s take a moment to talk about the living arrangements at Steve’s house.  When Junior first came back to Hawaii, Steve invited him to crash at Casa McG until he could get himself back on his feet after leaving the Navy.  Now, seven months later, Junior, maybe a bit worried that he’s overstaying his welcome, is looking at apartments.

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But you see, Steve has become extremely comfortable with having Junior under his roof.  Steaks and beers on the beach, Eddie at their feet has become routine.  The look on Steve’s face when Junior showed him possible rental apartments was very telling.  Steve is visibly taken back and more than a bit sad that Junior was thinking about leaving.  He tried to be subtle, to not make it look like he was trying to discourage him.  But not subtle enough that Junior didn’t know exactly what Steve was feeling, of course.

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Steve was beside himself when Junior just up and disappeared, calling in Tani (because she and Junior have become very close friends) and Noelani (who had seen him at the house right before he disappeared) to try to figure out what happened.

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Of course, being a SEAL himself and knowing a SEAL in the Reserves can be called for an OP without a second of notice, Steve maybe should have been able to deduce what happened, but I suppose, it’s not the first thing that leaps to mind.  Junior couldn’t, of course, tell Steve what was happening when he first left because that is simply not the nature of the game.  As SEALs they both know that.  What happened next was incredibly telling about how Junior has come to feel about Steve.  It wasn’t until Junior got to base and found out the full nature of the OP that he made his next decision.

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I have to tell you, I was very impressed with the decision Junior ultimately made.  After knowing Steve for only seven months, he was willing to break protocol by picking up the phone to inform Steve that 1) he was being deployed, 2) what the OP consisted of and 3) that Joe White might be involved and in deep trouble.

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I thought it was wonderful of Junior to put his newly-found friendship and, obviously, very deep respect for Steve above any consideration of possible punishment he could incur by sharing classified information in this way, simply because he knows how much Joe means to Steve and because he looks to Steve as a friend and mentor.  Should he have done it?  Probably not but, as we see, he didn’t care.  Doing what he felt was the right thing to do, doing it for Steve, meant more to him.  Makes me sad that others who have known and supposedly loved him for far longer than seven months couldn’t have given him the same trust and consideration.

So now we come to the implausibility part of the episode.  We know that in real life, Steve, with his transplanted liver and radiation sickness would probably have been forced into Military Disability Retirement by now and therefore, be considered a civilian.  We also know there isn’t any way a civilian, no matter his qualifications or reasons, would be permitted to join in a SEAL deployment.

Ok, so now that that’s out of the way…….. wasn’t it totally awesome to see Steve is full military action again?  I loved every minute of this mission.  From the moment Steve stood up to the SEAL Commander and got himself onto that team, every moment was fantastic.  Did you notice the look on Junior’s face when Steve said to Commander Park, “But know this, I’m gonna be right behind you boys.  I’m gonna be on the next plane outta here.  I know the region.  I’ve run a hundred OPs like yours.  Just know, when you’re down range, that shadow right behind you… that’s gonna be me, so tell you’re boys not to shoot me.”?  He was like “Hell yeah… that’s a man who knows how to get things done… that’s the man I want to be!!!”

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SEAL stands for “Sea, Air and Land” and watching the team emerge from the sea in full tack gear was awe inspiring.

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The fact that the two other SEALs on the mission with Steve and Junior are, in actuality, real life, honest to goodness SEALs made everything feel so real.

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Tracking through the jungle…. Steve totally deking the bad guys by pretending to surrender so the other SEALs could take them out, and taking a bullet to the vest as a consequence.  Finding and rescuing Joe and having to hide in underground tunnels to survive a military air strike on the compound….. damn….

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Maybe it wasn’t so bad that we had our cute little COTW interspersed throughout the episode after all.  Because, without it, I don’t think I would have remembered to breathe!

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Let’s talk about that pretend surrender for a second.  When I saw Steve walking toward those gunmen, weapon held over his head, the only thought in my head was the voice of Danny Williams…. “What the hell is the matter with you?!?!?” Seeing that pistol hidden behind the automatic was a bit reassuring, knowing that Steve, of course, had a plan but, jeez… way to put yourself out there Steve.

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Alex was incredible in this scene.  Well, when is he not?? The facial expressions said it all.  His resolve to get the job done, his determination to make the bad guys believe him, his fear that it wouldn’t work, his knowledge that he was more than likely going to get shot, it was all there in his eyes.  Of course, the ploy worked, and of course Steve got shot.  Thank God it was only in his vest. That could have so easily gone the other way.  At least someone was there to tell Steve he’s crazy even if Danny couldn’t be! 😊

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Watching the dynamic play out between the three generations was fascinating.  As they are making their way through the jungle, Steve remembers back to a time in Afghanistan where Joe, against all odds and at great personal risk, saved Steve’s life.  “Leave no man behind” is not just a saying for any of these guys but between Joe and Steve it always meant so much more.  Joe watched Steve grow up.  He’s Steve’s godfather.  He was, as Steve poignantly stated, his father when his own father couldn’t be.  He wouldn’t be a SEAL or even alive if it wasn’t for him.

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And, Junior makes it clear, by his actions, that he has begun to think of Steve the same way Steve thinks of Joe.  How he not only broke protocol to inform Steve of this mission but also how he won’t let Steve head into what looks like a “suicide mission” alone.  Steve, of course, tries to protect Junior and tells him “absolutely not” when Junior tries to go with him.  Just like Joe would have done in the past with Steve.  And just as Steve would have insisted and gone with Joe, no matter what, Junior replies…. …

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It’s not only obvious how much Steve has come to mean to Junior but it’s equally obvious how much Steve cares for him.  He’s quick to reassure Junior, that, had their situation been reversed, he would have done the same thing and Junior has no reason to apologize for calling him in on the mission.  There’s that old saying that everything that goes around eventually comes around.  Steve has become for Junior what Joe has always been to him.  I absolutely adore how Steve is becoming Junior’s Joe White.  And Steve has come to feel for Junior, a big brother type of feeling, the same way Joe has always looked on Steve as a son.

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I found the exchange between Joe and Steve in Afghanistan interesting for a couple of reasons.  I thought Joe’s requests that Steve repay him by asking Catherine out and going home to visit his dad were sweet.  It was nice of them to include a mention of the 2002 version of the Steve and Catherine relationship, something fans of that ship have always wanted to hear.  Sadly, it seems Steve was right in his hesitation to attempt to turn a real friendship into a romance and perhaps he shouldn’t have listened to the multiple-divorced Joe simply out of a sense of honor.

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I am happy, though, that Steve did listen to Joe and go home to visit his dad.  It’s nice to think they were able to reconnect long before we all thought they did and that their relationship didn’t just cease to exist when Steve and Mary were sent away.  It’s nice to think that Steve went home and maybe even had that beer on the beach with his dad that he dreamed about in Episode 100.  It’s nice to think about.

But I do have a question.  Joe told Steve he promised to keep him safe.  When he said it, it was easy to assume he’d promised John.  But Steve, figured it out.  Joe had promised Doris.  If that’s the case, that means Joe knew, in 2002 or, more likely before, that Doris was alive and faked her death.  We always suspected that Joe knew but this is the first time we’ve gotten concrete proof.  That means that Joe not only kept that secret from Steve but from John as well.  A secret that, in the end, contributed to John’s death.

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It makes me happy that Steve, Junior and the SEALs were able to save Joe, because Joe is, for all his faults, so incredibly important to Steve.  But it also dramatically highlights the fact that there is still a lot of things these two need to discuss.  There are still secrets Steve has the right to know about. Hopefully this is not the last time we get to see Joe White.

And the multi-generational story comes full circle.  Steve, who at the beginning was very reluctant to see Junior move away from Casa McG, becomes more amenable to the idea, so much so that he’s willing to go out with Junior and look at apartments, just as long as they’re pet friendly, so Eddie can still hang out with Junior.  As in all father/son…big brother/little brother relationships, there comes a time when you have to let the youngins go out on their own.

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I don’t even know where to go with the little cliffhanger they tacked onto the end of the episode.  It’s cute that Tani is taking care of Adam and Kono’s plants while they are gone.  A nice little bit of “family taking care of family” kind of thing.  But, finding that gun and gloves in the kitchen drawer?

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Sure, it’s a convenient little “Oh Adam…. what have you done?” moment and having Tani remember Adam telling her that prison was too good for Noriko and she deserved much worse, conveniently incriminating.  But seriously?  Would Adam be so stupid as to leave a murder weapon and the gloves used in the murder with his DNA all over them openly in a kitchen drawer then give a key to the house to a Five-0 detective and ask her to water the plants???

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Last but not least…. My new 3rd favorite (because you know Steve and Danny will always come one-two) character…… Eddie!!!!  I want to thank TPTB gods of Five-0 for listening to Alex when he said Steve needed a dog and for choosing Eddie.  Week after week I say he is pure perfection and week after week he gets even better.

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Begging for steak at the grill….. trying to chomp it down when it’s still too hot…. Being Noelani’s wing man to snag the attention of a hot guy she’s got her eye on (and…damn… nice catch there Noelani… he is  hot!)… Eddie was flawless as always.  I do wonder what Danny would think if he ever heard that Steve calls Eddie “boo boo” just like him! 😃😃😃 I hope to God Eddie is not only still part of the cast in Season 9 but also gets his own picture in the opening credits.  He’s as much a star as the rest!

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Well, that’s it for this week friends.  Next week….. ohhhhhh to weep….. is the season finale.  It looks to be a fantastic one.  I’m looking forward to seeing what that Russian submarine off the beach on Waikiki is up to.  Then…. four long months of hiatus hell.  But, not to dwell on that just yet.  This episode was exceptional and I’m sure next week’s finale will be too.

Until then!  Have a great week.  Aloha. Malama Pono

All screencaps are mine unless otherwise noted.

Oh… by the way…. Hauʻoli lā makuahine!

Happy mothers day


18 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 8.24 Ka Lala Kaukonakona Haki ‘Ole I Ka Pa A Ka Madani Kona (The Tough Branch That Does Not Break in the Kona Gale)

  1. I give this 10/10 Non stop action
    Joe has risked his life and lost his job as he loves Steve like a son. Remember in the pilot Steve and his father John were estranged before he got murdered. Joe is like a surrogate father for Steve
    And really Junior telling Steve they are on equal terms hence the not cops today but SEALS.
    Glad at least Junior’s CO let Steve on despite some hesistation
    And the side case with Willie Garson’s Hirsch. He is a delight.
    And Tani and Lou bonding. Me thinks Lou is the #2 in command of the unit over Danny. As Danny may respect him to give up control and plus with Chin and Kono now gone.
    Really all in all a great episode the best in season 8.
    Hate to see the finale next week end of new shows sadly. But can’t wait for season 9.


  2. Diane says:

    Hi Linda,
    I always liked Catherine. I remember Steve being the one calling her for a favor all the time, risking her job. I think both have done each other wrong. I thought that they were good together. Now, I’m tired of is she or isn’t she coming back to stay.
    I want to see Steve, married, happy, and havd his own kids. Most police or military marry people outside of tge business. I think she needs to be strong but does not have to kick everyone’s ass, but is able to understand the life he leads. Divorce rate is the s as me no matter what profession, I know a lot of couples who learn to survive the dangerous jobs and have lasting marriages. Time to move on from Catherine. I dont know about Lynn, but maybe Danny knows someone

    I would like to know more about when John died, whdn did Doris know and why did she not go to her children then. I need more info on this and more answers for Steve. CIA or not, a Mother and wife would have some reaction to her husbands death. This needs to be explained more.

    I agree with Eddie. I love this dog and his expressions. This is a dog for Steve. Alex was spot on.

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    • Hi Diane! I always liked Catherine too. As anyone who has read this blog from the beginning can tell you, I never had a problem with her until her actions after…AFTER…Afghanistan. I too want to see Steve settled and happy but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean a wife and kids. But I totally understand those who wish that for him. I just don’t believe Catherine can be that person and it looks like Steve has finally come to realize the same.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I liked the episode. I loved that it went from serious to funny to serious to funny. But I did miss Danny’s snark. Maybe next season they can film small scenes for Scott when he is gone and put them in. I think they did that a couple times this season. Look out, the Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!! LOL! Will Danny speak more Russian? I think he knew more than what he says he knows.

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    • I ALWAYS miss Danny when he’s not there but if he has to miss episodes, this is the kind that make sense. After all, the COTW wasn’t complicated enough for a 3rd team member to be involved (they didn’t even need Jerry) and it wasn’t like Danny was going on a SEAL mission. Here’s hoping there is a LOT of Steve and Danny time in the finale!


  4. Well, you all of course know that Danny is my favorite. I love him. But I have to admit that Steve in military clothes is very hot. He makes a great navy seal. My husband is a retired navy man and he crossed path a few times with navy seals and Steve is a great portrayal of a navy seal. This was a good episode. The only thing missing was Danny, but he’ll be back next week so it’s all good, Have a happy Mother’s Day and I will see you all next week.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m always amazed at just how great Alex is in portraying a SEAL. I’m equally impressed with Junior’s portrayal in this episode as well. I know they have a lot of on set instruction and advise from military advisers and real SEALS but it says a lot about the actors themselves that they’re able to LOOK like SEALs and not just actors playing SEALs.


  5. rhondagemini says:

    Great review as usual,Linda! Junior was so noble in calling Steve about the mission-as Steve told him, he took a big risk doing that,but he did it because of his respect for Steve and Joe’s importance to Steve. I love Eddie-he is a really special dog and I hope we see a lot more of him in Season 9! Hirsch and Kame make a great team and did an awesome job on the COTW,even though Hirsch got himself in a bit of a jam after breaking into the murder scene house. The look on his face when he saw that his phone was on low battery was priceless,like,what do I do now? I agree that Steve still has questions that only Joe can answer and I was hoping that Joe would answer some of them after the mission was over, but no such luck. Hopefully, we haven’t seen the last of Joe White and eventually he will give Steve the answers he wants and needs. As for what Tani found at Adam’s, it could be possible that someone planted that gun and the gloves there-I really think Adam is smarter than that! Hopefully, we’ll find out more in the season finale next week. Can’t believe we’re coming to the end of another season, but it has been a great one and I am already looking forward to September and the start of season 9!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Linda, I went into this ep with high expectations, too. I was rewarded with more than I could hope for. This was a fabulous show. How long have we all wanted a great SEAL backstory for Steve? And to parallel it with the Steve/Junior story, well, I was on cloud nine. I’ve always loved Steve’s devotion to Joe, even though Joe hasn’t always told the whole truth. They have a bond and in this episode, I could feel the emotion and love between them. And to paraphrase what you said, Steve has become Junior’s Joe. I love the little talk they had where Junior says he understands how someone who is not blood can mean so much. Wow — if this was all Alex’s idea, then I hope he comes up with story ideas for all of the S9 shows!

    I could not get over Alex’s incredible acting, especially in the flashback scenes. I’ve always read that it is difficult to convey pain to the camera, but Alex is a master at it. I truly believed he had crashed through a tree from 50 feet up. The bullet wound was obvious, but I had to read the captions to know that his leg was broken. He mumbled it, just like a person in shock would do. Such a fantastic display of acting.

    I hate that the rock scene apparently got deleted. Would have loved to see Steve rise up and shoot the enemy, maybe even saving Joe? I hope it makes it to the DVDs.

    Next week will be bittersweet! Happy Mother’s Day to all.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I was looking forward to the “rock scene” as well. I guess they just didn’t have time for it. It’s too bad they didn’t just trip the COTW down a couple of minutes and make room for it.

      When Joe gave Steve the pistol, he said he was going to hide him, then try to get a signal on the ridge. We can only assume that Steve heard someone coming, drew the pistol to protect himself & either shot the bad guy himself or Joe did and took his rifle! Here’s to DVDs!!

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  7. Brooklyngirl says:

    I honestly don’t think there are enough words or feels to describe this episode!! Alex was his usual phenomenal, outstanding, freaking fantastic self!! I always thank my lucky stars for flipping channels that one night so long ago to see this drop-dead gorgeous guy gracing my screen and who grabbed my attention as a vampire detective. My addiction to Alex aka Mick/Andy/Steve has only grown stronger since!!

    But I digress. Alex (and Beulah) shone brightly. Alex did a wonderful job with penning his portion of the episode. We experienced Steve’s story through Alex’s eyes and it was pure perfection. I was very happy to learn that Steve enjoyed a relationship with his dad before he died. It was sweet and bittersweet. Joe will always be there for Steve and Steve will always be there for Junior. Watching Steve and Junior develop their relationship as friends and mentor/mentee will, I’m sure, bring many more wonderful hours of screen time for us! And I can’t wait to see it unfold.

    The COTW was a piece of pure fluff, needed more for a breather/break from the intensity of the SEAL portion than for anything else. I love Hirsch and he always brings a smile and a laugh. Hope he’ll be back in s9.

    The ending was interesting. A gun and gloves conveniently found in a drawer? If that doesn’t smell setup, nothing does, because Adam is far from dumb and stupid. Which leads up to who is the new baddie (since we know it wasn’t his 1/2 sister) who wants Adam done and gone??? Something to look forward too.

    I’m going to end with EDDIE!!!! I’ve got fingers and toes crossed that he’ll be back next season!! We need boo boo back!

    See you next week, for the season finale, sniff, sniff, sniff ….

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  8. Another on-point review, Linda. I enjoyed the episode a lot and hope that Alex keeps throwing his hat in the ring with the directing and writing endeavors. Gotta keep the acting stuff going on, too, though. lol I’m actually surprised that they haven’t had Scott come up with a story since that’s one of his many talents as well but it could be that he simply isn’t interested. This SEAL story was excellent and executed (and filmed) beautifully. The other side story…well, it was amusing, I must admit. That whole bad boys quick flash was a hoot as was all of Hirsch’s “investigative efforts.” But, again, because I know we always agree on this…I felt like it was oddly placed in this particular episode. I wish they’d saved it for a different one entirely because it was like flipping a coin back and forth (or in your case, the remote). In case anyone from the show ever reads our comments, I want to strongly encourage that we get more of the one-story episodes that were more common in the early seasons. I feel somewhat ripped off when I’m watching a story as good as this one, as serious and involving as this one…and it’s trimmed down to fit in as a half-episode story. Not demanding that it happen each and every week but certainly with the stories that need and deserve more time in order to give us a richer, more developed drama. I’ll keep saying it until they hear me, okay? lol
    Granted, it didn’t make sense for Danny to be in this one but, my gosh, I sure miss him whenever he’s not around. I know it’s tedious to always have to make a reference to him being “wherever.” But I’d like it once in a while, especially if they could connect it to an upcoming episode. i.e. testifying on a case, flying somewhere to pick up evidence, etc. I appreciate the mentor/little brother relationship that is growing between Steve and Junior. Sweet to watch Junior admire and respect Steve so much. So that’s a good thing. I just need to see more scenes with Steve and Danny, that’s all. Some good times, some laughs as well as some shared adventures and meaningful talks…that’s all I ask. While we’ve had lots of good stuff this season, I want to see the Steve and Danny dynamic back in full force. Maybe get a case that is uniquely of concern to the two of them and Lou and the kids end up pulling their butts out of the fire.
    Don’t know what to make of the suspicious items in the junk drawer. Weird. And yeah, can’t believe Adam would leave anything incriminating.
    So good to see Joe back on the H50 canvas again! I hope it’s not the last we see of him. Would like for him to stick around, recuperate, and then help with a case or something.
    Can’t believe we’re wrapping up the season! Wow. But at least we have another one to look forward to, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think you’re right about Scott. I think I even remember him saying in an interview way back that his writing style is very character driven and he didn’t feel he could do a script for this show justice because he’d be required to write in gun fights and car chases and that’s just not his style. Personally, and this in ONLY my opinion, I wish he’d give it a shot. So what if we have one episode that’s pure character with no action. With 25 episodes a year, we can do without the action for one!

      I totally agree with you about missing Danny and would love to see the Steve/Danny dynamic back in force as well. I don’t have to repeat myself here and say how much I adore the two of them together doing…well..just about anything! LOL


  9. First, I’d like to thank you for posting a pic of Monte. What a handsome guy. Noelani has excellent taste and it was a great idea using Eddie as wingman. I really hope to see Eddie in season 9. Another great idea by Alex.

    The COTW with Tani, Lou, Hirsch, and Kame was fun and was used quite well to contrast the seriousness and danger of the SEAL mission. Yes, I know that it was implausible that they would let Steve tag along, but I’ll accept tv creative licensing.
    Junior and Steve were great. I love the bond they have formed. Junior knew how important Joes was to Steve and took a big risk telling him about the classified mission. I thought it was sweet earlier in the episode when Junior told Steve he found an apartment but could sense that Steve was not quite ready for him to move out. He was very subtle in the way he chose to respond to Steve by telling him that he probably shouldn’t just settle for the first place that he found and that he would keep looking. I liked that. Those closest to Steve and truly understand how important trust is to him know that attachment and abandonment is one of his weak spots and they are careful in how they approach it knowing that Steve likes to put on a strong outward appearance when feelings are involved.

    I enjoyed the backstory with Joe. He was instrumental in getting him to see his father, which needed to be done. I will only briefly mention the Catherine promise. I think that Joe and Freddie saw a man that was a loner and he worked with a woman that he had a mutual attraction to. They didn’t want to see their friend alone and encouraged him to do something he was hesitant in doing. My mother always used to say follow your first mind (or follow your initial instincts and doubts). I think that’s what Steve should have done instead of listening to a man with multiple marriages and divorces.. 16 years is an awfully long time to be circling the runway in a relationship and I think she prefers the freedom it offers, but he’s changed, and he’s wanting to leave work and come to a home. I would love it if it were Lynn, only because she doesn’t fawn over him and she makes him put forth effort, but I’m not sure that’s where this will lead. I’ve always said he needs a woman like Grover’s wife. She gives Grover a home to come to after a long day and can be comforting, tough, and strong when the situation calls for it.

    Sorry this was so long I was only wanting to do a couple of short paragraphs. Finally, I think we finally found out what many suspected and that Joe had a hand in helping Doris pull off that disappearance. I can’t describe in words how I feel about this. I’m a little disappointed in Joe, partially because of all the ramifications. If John was eventually aware of Doris being alive I might be a little more accepting. Steve has a heart of gold despite everything he’s been through. He has this protective outer shell that come across as if nothing bothers him, but we all know he has his insecurities. I think Steve is still a work in progress and when he meets that one person that makes him feel safe and secure he’ll thrive and will not hesitate to quickly move towards a commitment (Although I’m not so sure we’ll ever see that but thank goodness for fan fiction). I think many of us go into maternal mode and want to protect him from those closest to him that have hurt and betrayed him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “I think that Joe and Freddie saw a man that was a loner and he worked with a woman that he had a mutual attraction to. They didn’t want to see their friend alone and encouraged him to do something he was hesitant in doing.”

      That was my point exactly! Yes… I agree! I totally feel that both Joe and Freddie wanted Steve to be happy. Joe, because he looks to Steve as a son and Freddie because, well, Freddie was deliriously happy having just gotten married and finding out he was gonna be a father. He wanted his best friend to be just as happy as he was. Both men encouraged Steve because they both felt that she could make him happy. It was more a statement on how THEY felt about Steve than it was on how Steve felt about her.

      You’re also 100% right that “16 years is an awfully long time to be circling the runway”. What a great description! If a couple hasn’t figured out they want to solidify their relationship and move it to a more permanent level in 16 years….. yeah…. it’s probably not gonna happen and is not meant to be. I actually like this turn of events. Other than the obvious reason. They have managed to get back to where they were before that promise. They are back to being the good friends they were before. Two mature adults who have decided to remain friends after a breakup. Not an unheard of event and very realistic.

      I also agree about Joe. We suspected all along Joe knew Doris was alive the entire time. That bothers me as well. Yes, Steve has a heart of gold… amazing considering the life he lead before returning to Hawaii and finding love and support with his team and extended Ohana. I’m glad he still feels loyalty and affection for Joe but I’m also glad that he’s also not just taking Joe at his word anymore.

      It was a long and painful road to the realization that love and trust, while they SHOULD go hand in hand, don’t necessarily do so. He loves his mother. He loves Joe. He loves Catherine. He’s finally realized that doesn’t mean he completely trusts them.


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