#H50 Fall Return Date Friday 9/29/17. What are your hopes/wishes for Season 8?

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Well, my friends, CBS has made the official announcement and our favorite show will be returning to our screens with the Season 8 premiere on Friday, September 29th at 9pm.  Happily, both MacGyver (Season 2 premiere) and Blue Bloods (Season 8 premiere) are also returning that same night, bringing back the stellar Friday night crime block which proved so successful this past season.

CBS Corp. chairman Les Moonves was recently quoted as saying “Friday night is the great unsung hero of our schedule…” and that he’s perfectly happy to “take ratings over Emmy statuettes any day.”  It’s obvious the combination of these three shows on Friday nights has worked as CBS “dominates” the other networks for total viewers on that night.


Ratings for Hawaii Five-0 were wonderful for Season 7.  H50 made the list of Entertainment Weekly’s top 50 shows of the 2016-17 season, coming in at #16, which means it was actually in the top 20 shows!


There were only two scripted shows whose live+same day ratings improved last season and let’s take a wild guess as to which show was one of the two.  Yup… Hawaii Five-0.


And, according to TV by the Numbers:  “Raise a glass to “The Simpsons,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Saturday Night College Football” and “The OT,” FOX’s NFL postgame show. Of the 95 returning series on ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX and NBC this season, they were the only four to improve their live plus same-day adults 18-49 ratings vs. 2015-16.”

If that’s not awesome enough on the surface, please notice that of those four shows, two of them are NFL and College Football broadcasts, not scripted series.  So only “The Simpsons” and H50 improved in this category among scripted shows.


It seems pretty obvious that our writers and producers are doing something very, very right with our show and the viewing masses are liking what they see and returning week after week for more.

Was it the fact that we saw more team centered episodes this season?  Was it because we were treated to more of the occasional Steve/Danny centered episodes?  Speaking of Steve and Danny, was it because they seemed to have returned to the wonderful “banter” of earlier seasons and left the more bitter “bickering” behind?  Was it because fans appreciated seeing Steve finally getting the closure he needed and Alex wanted?

Who knows for sure what makes people tune into a show week after week.  It’s great to see our show, the one we’ve loved from the beginning, not only keeping up, but gathering steam as they approach their 8th season.  Whatever they’re doing in the production and writing offices, it’s working and 8 – 12 million people every week tuning their TVs to CBS at 9pm on Friday nights is the proof.

So, in less than three months, we’ll be settling down on our sofas, wine and popcorn at the ready to begin another stellar season of Hawaii Five-0.  What would I like to see?  Actually, that’s pretty simple.  More of the same of what we got in Season 7.  Team centered stories where everyone on the team is working together to solve the case of the week.  I’d prefer not having a lot of “split” episodes where half of the team is working on something completely different.  If we must split episodes, at least have the two crimes linked in some way.

I’m hoping for much more Steve and Danny time both solving crimes and outside the office.  I absolutely adored the Steve/Danny/Charlie scenes we got this past season and the scene with Steve and Danny fixing up Charlie’s bedroom.  I’d love to see more scenes like that.  With Steve’s “illness” cliffhanger, I’m hoping we get to see a lot of worried, hovering, concerned Danny who’s there to not only always have Steve’s back at work but support outside work as well.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the team dynamic will be affected now that Kono has left (and I’m hoping this isn’t permanent because I just LOVE Kono).  I’m also curious to see what Chin decides to do about the San Francisco offer and where that will lead.  Change is never comfortable, no matter what form it comes in. I’m extremely interested to see how these things will be handled.

There’s more I could add but that’s enough from me.  What would you like to see?  This is your forum this week.  Feel free to discuss any and all aspects of the show, it’s stories and it’s characters.  No viewpoint or opinion is off limits.  Pretend you’ve been invited into the writer’s room and asked for suggestions for the upcoming season.  What would you say???  Have fun!

Aloha. Malama Pono

NOTE:  Mahalo to my friend @Surfbelle2 for finding the links I needed to make sure my facts were straight.  Luv ya Belle!

UPDATE:  On Saturday 6/3/17, CBS aired a re-run of 7.06 Ka Hale Ho’okauweli – House of Horrors – Halloween Episode.  One of our great readers, Ocean, pointed out something in one of the comments below: “When Steve and Danny are in the ME’s exam room with Max and they’re standing beside the body of the guy who was stabbed in the back of the neck — Max says he got a hit on some DNA, and as he turns to his computer to show them, look at Alex behind him. He’s got a huge grin going on as if they were laughing off camera and he obviously doesn’t realize the camera is including him in the frame for that few seconds of dialogue.”

I went back and watched that scene and Ocean is 100% right.  There Alex is, grinning like the goof we all love.  Since I have no clue how to, or even if I can, upload screencaps within a reply, I am posting them here.


57 thoughts on “#H50 Fall Return Date Friday 9/29/17. What are your hopes/wishes for Season 8?

  1. Yes, looking forward to it. Marked in my day planner. Wondering when the Sunset on the Beach is or if there will be one. Can’t see Grace leaving the show. I know I saw an unconfirmed rumour that she was seen in Vancouver with a baby bump. Someone posted it. Like the last time she didn’t say anything until people started seeing her on the street. They shot her from the waist up last time when she found Adam working in Vancouver. Her doctor told her not to travel, so they filmed here instead. Keep our fingers crossed for her to be in it, and for another great season.

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    • Actually Grace has NEVER said a thing about her first pregnancy. There was never an official announcement that she was pregnant nor that she’d ever had a baby. As far as Grace is concerned, which is obvious by her actions, it’s none of our business. If she is pregnant again, and that is a big IF, it will be the same. She is an extremely private person and has chosen to keep her private live 100% private.

      Whatever the reason for her departure, I hope, like last time, it is temporary and she’ll be back again in the near future. If Season 8 could be the last, I can’t bear the thought of our team not being all together at the finish line.

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  2. Ocean says:

    I’m of two minds about Steve’s illness. 1. I think we may see him flirt more with danger, take more risks, especially to save his team, because in his mind, he’s going to die sooner than expected anyway. Or….. 2. Steve might actually tone it down, maybe think about getting serious with his personal life, even think about wanting a family. (although I think radiation poisoning damages a man’s “swimmers”, if you know what I mean. But when has this show been factual in the medical department? LOL.)
    Either way, I think we need more stories that will validate Steve life, whether it be things he did in the Navy or accomplishments since starting 5-0. The guy needs some good karma payback!
    They should start with Nahele — this kid has blossomed since Steve took him under his wing. We need to see those stories!

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    • You make a valid point. That leap onto the moving truck out of the tunnel was the most dangerous thing we’ve ever seen Steve do and the “I’m going to die anyway I want to do it saving people” mindset may be a reason. But I also like the idea of a more introspective Steve (and wasn’t that supposed to be a theme after the transplant?) moving forward.

      I guess the damage to Steve’s “swimmers” and any other future issues will come down to the level of radiation in his system and, you’re right, we’ve never had iron clad medical reality on this show. Of course, you know me, not-so-closeted McDanno shipper that I am. There is a ready made family right at Steve’s fingertips if he’d just go for it! 😉 😉 😉


  3. Dan Gibson says:

    I TOO thought Season 7 raised the Bar. The stories were deeper, with more participation by all characters (and, OK — grudgingly, I will even admit that Jerry was tolerable). Looking forward, I DON’T want to lose Kono (wake up, Double D !!), and am hoping that she’ll be the headliner in an early episode shot in the U.S. about the young girls — then COME HOME, for Christ’s Sakes !

    Other items in my MANIFESTO include… more of Abby (as Julie Benz and her character’s obvious hunger to be with Chin knocked my socks off a couple of weeks ago !); i gotta get me some more Joe White & Frank Bama, even if just in a single episode. Terry O’Quinn knocks it out of the park every time he sets foot in the islands, and Jimmy Buffet is the best ever Guest Star (who among us does NOT remember that incredible fight a few seasons ago between Joe and the late, great and infamous Wo Fat ?? … and … isn’t it about time for our crew to return to Korea??) HA !!

    Hawaii 5-0 has earned it’s place at the top of the best police procedural / action-adventure series in all of Television.

    Final salvo: Ain’t it about time for a “Book ’em, Danno” (?) What’s it been, 4-5 seasons since the last one ? Mr. Lenkov, get with the Program ! MAHALO !!

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    • Hey Dan! So wonderful to see you. We did have a “Book ’em Danny” this season I believe but for the life of me, I can’t remember which episode it was off the top of my head. Hopefully someone else will jump in here and refresh our memories.

      I really like Julie Benz and Abby but, of course, her course will be determined by whatever Chin ultimately decides to do. If they go and remain in San Francisco, we’ll probably never see her again. If they go and eventually return, I suppose it depends on if Chin proposed and if she said yes. I hope she did and I hope they will both be in Hawaii for a very long time.

      I love the idea of Terry O’Quinn returning as Joe White. As a huge LOST fan I was thrilled in the summer between Season 1 and Season 2 when it was announced he was going to be on Five-0 and I’ve enjoyed (even if I’ve wanted to wring his neck more often than not) every time he’s been in an episode. I’m only torn because Joe always seems to be tied to Doris somehow and while I’d love for Steve to finally get ALL the answers he deserves from Doris, it wouldn’t bother me in the least if we never saw her again. That’s really a shame too because I DO love the on screen chemistry between Christine and Alex.

      Kono? I haven’t a clue. I hope she comes back because I really love her but who knows what’s going on with Grace and what her ultimate decision about the show will be.


      • According to my friend @Surfbelle2 who somehow always has the right info at the tip of her fingers…. we DID have a “Book ’em Danno” this season in episode 7.13! Thanks again Belle!


  4. Wendy says:

    I’d like more Steve and Danny moments, Chin has to stay, and Kono must come back. If this is to be the last season then Peter needs to make it a great one.

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    • I agree 100%. Who knows if S8 will be the last or not. Hopefully it won’t be but regardless… when this show crosses the finish line, I hope to God all the original team is there to cross that line together.


  5. Susan Schoppe says:

    Okay, well first of all absolutely and I mean NO Cathrine in any episode at all. This means no getting back with Steve! I would like to see Steve pursue a relationship with Alesha (she is not to old for him) and of course for Steve to be found radioactive free! Lol. For Danny to either be back with Rachel or find someone new. And of course lots more of the Steve & Danny closeness we saw this season. Chin & Abby to stay and get married. For Kono to return & be pregnant with more of Adam in more episodes. Lots more of funny things with Grover he is so good with comedy. And yes less split episodes. You said nothing was off limits so there’s my wish list! Thanks for letting me voice it. Love your site. ❤️

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    • Well, you know my feelings about Catherine. There’s no need to rehash that again here. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that we will see her again at some point and my most fervent wish is that is again, like 7.07, a hit and run.

      Danny and Rachel? I don’t know about that. Soooooo much water under that bridge. But who knows. Danny is nothing if not a man with a huge heart. Personally, I think it would be ridiculous for TPTB to put these two back together after what Rachel did, especially with regard to Charlie. That is unforgivable in my view.

      I like Melissa and I love Lynn and it would make me happy if those relationships lasted for the long haul. Those women make our guys happy and that’s what’s the most important. No baggage, nothing to forgive, just honest happiness.

      I’d love your vision of Chin and Abby married and Kono and Adam together with a baby on the way. One big happy Ohana. Hopefully, we’ll eventually get to see that happen. Thanks for the compliment! ❤


  6. Brooklyngirl says:

    I also think that s7 was one of the best seasons since s1. I loved that there was much less nastiness and bickering between Steve and Danny which, for me, just added to the “all for one and one for all” family feeling of the team.

    I love and adore Steve. I stated before that I’m devastated by this turn of events in his life; he really deserves so much more. The larger part of me feels that he’ll be even more “devil may care” with his risk-taking because, as Ocean pointed out, he’s going to die sooner then expected. The smaller part of me thinks he may tone it down just a bit (just to not hear Danny holler at him so much LOL). I certainly don’t want to see Steve with Alicia – goodness she’s the most unhinged, unstable character ever thrown at Steve, worse then his mother (is that possible?). Besides, the fact that she murdered someone should play a major role in her no return. He does need someone and my preference is Lynn, but lets see what happens since we know Sarah is pregnant. Danny will gladly take care of him as we well know.

    I want Chin happy w/Sara (and Abby) and Kono to come back. I’d also love to have Max back. As much as I dislike Doris, I think she should make a return visit to FINALLY close the door and give Steve the much needed answers he deserves after 20+ years and maybe have Joe White included in that since he owes Steve answers as well.

    I want it all but mostly I want a spectacular season 8, especially if this is the last season.

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    • I’m not a big fan of the Steve/Alicia thing either. She’s way to, well, maybe unstable is too harsh a word, but I can’t think of a better one right now. LOL We don’t know the circumstances around the death of Dr. Gray, meaning how the murder was filed with HPD. Was it filed as “self defense”? That would make a huge difference. Either way, I don’t see her with Steve either.

      I really like Steve with Lynn. She’s fun, she makes him laugh, she’s comfortable and easy with no hidden baggage or agenda. But, like you said, Sarah is pregnant and Peter DID say in an interview that he doesn’t think Steve and Lynn are long term. If that’s the case, I would absolutely adore it if Steve were to run into an old classmate from high school, hopefully a local Hawaiian girl, and they could strike up a friendship that could turn into something more.

      I find it incredible that in the 7+ years Steve’s been home the only person he’s run into from high school is Chin. What everyone he knew back then moved off island? ROFL It would be so cool if he were to run into a woman he knew as a girl back then and see where that could lead.

      I’m not happy with the Steve development either but I am excited to see how Alex plays it, IF the writers pursue it in a logical way. PTSD was brushed under the rug. His recovery from the liver transplant was more than miraculous. If they follow form, Steve will be running around as good as new in no time. LOL

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    • Belle says:

      Hey, just had to pop over here and say ditto to everything you said. Linda also in the reply above yours.

      Loved everything about the Danny and Steve interaction this season especially in the bomb episode, the Danny origin episode and the finale. Keep that up.

      As for the radiation, I think it will depend on the timeline between the finale & premiere. If they follow their usual practice of picking up immediately I can see us seeing some of the continued illness. If there is a time jump even to the current time of late September I expect we may see a mention or flashback and then mentions of the long term effects they foreshadowed.

      Of course I love Lynn and all the untapped storyling possibilities that exist there so I hope they are able to work that out. The chemistry is there as we saw in 6.07 and we know they have the fun part down. It would be great to see her involved in a serious storyline maybe with Nahele or one of the other kids.

      I wanted Alicia to be a strong character to occasionally be an asset to the team when they needed a hand since Abby was unavailable due to Julie Benz filming her other show last season. I was disappointed that instead she came across as a dangerous loose canon. I don’t need Steve to have anyone else in his life who, instead of trusting him runs off to do their own thing and ends up endangering him and others.

      I agree with Linda on Danny and Rachel. As much as I love seeing Claire and Scott act together, the secret the show wrote Rachel keeping from Danny doomed any possibility of a relationship in my eyes. I actually enjoy them sparring perhaps more than I enjoy them as a couple. I think I’d like to see Rachel telling Danny he needs to get his head out of the sand and decide how he really feels about Melissa. He is too strong a character for the show to continue to show him waffling back and forth.

      There were definitely some wonderful ohana moments this season from the prom episode, to everyone including Adam rushing to save Chin & Sara, to Max’s farewell and Steve and Danny redoing a room for Charlie plus many more. Those are the moments that always warm my heart and really make this more than just another show I enjoy.

      As for S8 specific wishes, I’ll sit back and watch but small things like bringing Max back for Halloween maybe with Mrs. Bergman and a baby Max in tow would be great.

      Seeing Kono and Adam finally able to just sit back and breathe would be nice even if Kono is coming and going while she attempts to stop the sex traffickers.

      I would love to see more Chin, Abby and Sara building a family while the former two tackle crime-fighting together but that out of the blue job offer still hangs over their heads. Let me be clear on one thing though. I will be irate if we are deprived out of a wedding if those two tie the knot!! None of this off-screen crap for that!

      You see know why I don’t usually post on these things. I can’t stop.

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      • Belle… I am so happy you decided to comment. I agree with everything you said especially the Max/Sabrina/baby Max Halloween. Was there a Keanu movie where he was married with a kid?? That would be so awesome.

        I also really would love to see Lynn in a serious episode where she could put her skills on display being a child advocate. That was a great idea when her character was introduces and it really is too bad they let that fall between the cracks and never explored. She is a woman of substance and intellect and that should have been utilized from the beginning. The chemistry between Alex and Sarah is wonderful. You can just feel how comfortable they are with each other. That warmth comes through easily with Steve and Lynn.

        I loved 7.18 with Steve and Danny and the dirty bomb from beginning to end. I loved every moment between these guys this year. Without the bickering of previous years I found myself constantly smiling at their interactions instead of wincing at times. I sure hope the writers give us many, many more of these great scenes. Alex and Scott look like they get a real kick out of playing those scenes. Like with Alex and Sarah, you can really feel the friendship between Alex and Scott leap from the screen.

        I completely understand your feeling about a Chin and Abby wedding and how, if it happens it not be off screen. I feel the same way about Kono leaving. Like I said before, if Grace really has left the show for good, I’m rather miffed she didn’t get the grand goodbye like Max did. As a founding member of the team and the show, that’s a goodbye we need to see on screen. Hopefully the lack of it means she’s coming back eventually.

        Thanks again for finally posting and thank you…thank you…thank you… for all your wonderful collages I’ve been stealing for years for this blog…. with total credit of course. They are always so wonderful and appropriate for what I want to write.


  7. I’m good with Steve dealing with this radiation thing for a little while so we can get some emotional dialogue going on with at least him and Danno. But I’d prefer him to have this really get him to thinking about how much he loves his life now and how maybe he doesn’t have to take so many darn risks with it. I want him to have hope for the future. And that plays into keeping Alex healthier, right…and longer, hopefully?

    Agree about Joe b/c he is so darn interesting but can do without Doris. More good team-oriented stories, pulling them all together, working with fine-tuned precision. I am not a big fan of main stories/coverage focusing on the extraneous characters…just feel like there’s a ton of characters already and they need to be careful about shifting the focus too much. I appreciate the surrounding personal layers they provide b/c they can enhance the H50 world and prevent the main characters from living in too much of a bubble. But I like it better when those little stories are told as complementary pieces.

    Now I really want to see more Danny stories. I replied to Matt Carter’s similar question about S8 that I think Rick Peterson coming back with a vengeance would be awesome. And after Steve gets better, it’d be nice if he wasn’t the only one being endangered all the time. If Peterson was mad about what he perceived Danny did to him before, can you imagine how enraged he’d be now, especially after sitting in prison even longer and probably with a bum leg caused by one certain Danny Williams? But I wouldn’t want it to be a repeat of kidnapping his kids–I think, by this time, all he’s been doing is stewing in prison and imagining ways to get Danny, plain and simple.

    I also love when there’s a thread hanging out there from the past that the writers can capitalize on…when it’s done well, it just helps make everything more real because we are connecting with their lives, past and present. Okay, hey, that’s all I want. Maybe. lol

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    • I hate that they made Steve sick but like you, I would love to see the drama from that decision played out in great scenes and dialog for both Alex and Scott to sink their teeth into. They both are such wonderful actors, it would be fantastic to see them really get some meaty material to play instead of just the whateverument of the week. Even though I LOVE that, it doesn’t have to always be just that. Episode 7.18 is a good example of that. It had a bit of everything that makes this relationship so fantastic.

      I love the idea of Rick Peterson coming back to wreck more vengeance on Danny and also totally agree if it were to happen it should NOT involve the kids. As you said, Rick would be seething with impotent rage after all this time in prison and taking his vengeance out on Danny himself would make total sense. Beside, it would give us a bit of Danny whump and “crazy-to-find-Danny” Steve and that can only be a hell of a lot of fun.

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  8. jlopie1 says:

    What do I want for Season 8?? Oh, Linda, you’re cutting me loose? Okay, well, no regrets, now!

    I fell in love with the Season 1 Rachel and I can’t let her go. If someone wants to call me a hypocrite, now’s your chance. I’m going to come right out and say it – I want Danny & Rachel back together forever, damnit! There are so many shared moments for these two, for better or worse! They met, fell in love, married, had a baby, broke up, rekindled their relationship, had another baby, suffered a betrayal and a sick child, and have been weathering teenage parenting issues together. They will never be able to get completely out of each other’s lives, and those inevitable feelings just can’t be erased. Unless Rachel dies, Danny will never completely get over her, which certainly puts a cramp in his style.

    Danny has had other girlfriends since Rachel, but his inability to commit is very telling. The poor guy is pretty darn conflicted – he WANTS to move on and be happy with someone new, but as long as he’s been with her, and as much as he’s gone through with Melissa, he can’t take the plunge. Something (someone) is holding him back.

    Yeah, Rachel was a scumbag to treat Danny that way over Charlie’s paternity. I hated that. I’ll never forgive Peter and the writers for making her so dastardly. Because of that, it seems ridiculous that Danny and Rachel will ever get things sorted out in a way that will satisfactorily get them back together. But everyone likes to say this is just fiction! THere’s another whole show out there that’s done very well rewriting fairy tales, who’s to say the H50 Writers can’t do it?

    The other thing I want? (You asked😈) I want some really good whump. Preferably Danny but I’ll take Steve whumpage, too. I mean, I want a bullet hole somewhere besides Danny’s left bicep! The guy shouldn’t be able to lift his arm above his elbow with the multiple GSWs AND arrow wound he’s had to that same poor arm! I need something a little more life-threatening,..you know, like a bullet near the heart or the neck with a little bleeding out going on, or a severe blow to the head putting Danny in a coma (although I’m afraid someone would say “great, can we keep him in a coma for the remainder of the series?” 😏) I know in the original H50 there was an episode where Danno was seriously injured and in a coma for pretty much the whole episode and McGarrett had some good angsty moments in between ransacking Oahu looking for Danno’s shooter. WRITERS, it can be done!

    Okay, so those are my two secret pleasures that I would love to see happen in S8 – I know I stand virtually no chance that I WILL see them. That’s okay. More realistically, I’d like a continuation of the direction S7 was going in. I think we’re starting to see some of that couple’s therapy pay off, as the guys are beginning to understand each other in new ways. No longer are they arguing just to come out on top, but they are looking out for each other physically and emotionally more. Steve is finally able to tell Danny what he’s feeling, and Danny is finally able to open up and show Steve his heart without getting the WTF look anymore. It’s really developing into a beautiful relationship, and I want more of this as we move into S8 and Steve’s radiation sickness.

    I would like another season-long serial storyline – something Champ box-ish. A mystery. A who-done-it that is forwarded a couple of minutes at a stretch in multiple episodes, culminating with a big, action-packed denouement. The Dr. Gray serial killer story was good, but I want something more like the Champ Box.

    I want Chin and Abby back on the island. I want to see the wedding, too (I love weddings 😭🤧). If this is the end, I want the Original Four celebrating Chin and Abby’s wedding, Kono and Adam’s new baby, and Steve’s cure from radiation sickness, all sipping Longboards and eating pizza (with pineapple, finally!) at Danny’s restaurant (Danny & Steve’s Place).

    Remember, Linda — you asked!! ROFLMAO,

    PS: maybe the series will last much longer than 8 seasons and when the series finale does eventually roll around, perhaps it will be Will and Grace’s wedding we’ll be seeing with TWO dads walking Grace down the aisle (that one’s for you, Linda!😜)

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    • ROFL Two dads! I love you bella! ❤ Just for that I might ease my dislike of a possible Danny/Rachel reunion! LOL

      I would LOVE to see some serious whump but not Steve. That poor guys been whumped plenty. Maybe we've never seen him comatose in a hospital but between Korea, Afghanistan, WoFat and more serious beat downs with perps than I can count, Steve's been hurt plenty. But I would be totally on board with some serious Danny whump. I've said this in the past but I'd love it if Danny was seriously injured and comatose in the hospital. I like your reference to the original Hawaii Five-O episode with a similar storyline. Steve would not only tear Oahu apart trying to find who hurt Danny but there would also be some great drama with not only Steve but the team worrying over Danny.

      It could also satisfy one of those episodes where Danny's not there. Well, Danny would be there but Scott could film all the comatose Danny scenes and the eventual "waking up" scene at the end of the previous episodes filming then take his usual week off in LA. Scott would get his "home" time but we'd STILL have Danny in the episode. It would be the best of both worlds.

      I hope we DO have a multi-episode storyline again. It's always fun to have a great big-bad to torment the team over the course of a season (and hopefully more).


        • The way he worried over Danny when they were trapped under the collapsed building, can you imagine how he’d be if Danny was hovering near death?? It would be so awesome as would the eventual moment with Danny wakes up. Pure McDanno goodness! ♥♥♥


          • Brooklyngirl says:

            Please!! No more Steve whumpage, over 7 seasons he’s had more then his fair share. I love the idea of both Steve & Danny’s Place and 2 dads for Grace & Charlie and Grace & Will’s wedding in about 10 years (hs, college, grad school first). And yes, a wedding too! I already have my dress! And the piece de resistance 2 new babies, Kono’s and Max’s!!

            p.s. jlopie1 I love Danny/Rachel don’t know if they could live together ever again but they can love each other from separate houses!

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  9. Maybe I shouldn’t be a worry-wart Linda, but I am worried about both the cousins. I know that Daniel is the only actor who has been in every Hawaii Five-0 including both crossover episodes, but I don’t think they would have thrown that out there if he at least isn’t thinking of doing something else.

    But despite what Grace said at her Season 7 wrap, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Kono. If Grace did tell them that she is done for good, I think we would have had a different end to the finale … she left both Adam and Five-0 hanging (including Chin). Not to say that she may be gone a few episodes in. Peter did say that he brought Max back just so they could give him an in-show send off, and I’m sure he would want to do the same for Grace.
    Then again there just might be something to the rumor that Grace is pregnant a second time.

    As to Danny and Rachel, I say that even though what she did was awful, nothing is unforgiveable. (Its my opinion that they aren’t together only because Claire wasn’t available in Season 2. I think they were planning to get them back together back then.)

    I do like Grace and Will together and having them still dating makes interesting conversations between Danny and Grover.

    I think the radiation sickness is just something put in there so Alex can slow down some, and I don’t think that McGarrett will slow down a whole lot.

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    • I have no idea what’s going on with Chin and Kono. I like to think they both will always be part of the show and even if they both leave for now, both will be back. Do I know that’s what’s going to happen? No… but I can always hope.

      Lynnette is going to love you Ed. Having you say nothing is unforgivable will be music to her ears. I don’t see how they can do it realistically but, then again, I’ve never expected my fictional TV shows to be all that realistic. LOL

      I hope you’re right about Steve’s illness and it’s there only to give Alex some down time. He could still be our crazy SuperSEAL but need to rest up a bit more after his stunts. I’d be totally ok with that.


  10. My wishes are simple, I hope we will see more more “love” between Steve and Danny. Steve’s disease is absolutely regrettable, even if this is a fiction, writers should avoid miraculous healing, if they want to keep a minimum of consistency (It’s a fiction indeed, but based on an inevitable realism.

    If the writers have plans for Steve’s story, I think it should be outside of Doris and Cath, these stories are boring and disappointing now. Steve deserves to move on, and especially I think that Steve is a character who offers a multitude of potentiality without being hooked continuously to the past and to these 2 horrible women.

    For Danny, sincerely I don’t want him to go back with Rachel, not after all their problems. Rachel is an fickle woman and her actions are very serious. There are things that even love can’t forgive. (I want to point out that Scott/Claire are incredible together, but Danny/Rachel don’t work as a married couple, I think they can be only good friends.)

    As for Kono, I hope that her departure is only temporary and see her back soon. I love her.
    Chin and Abby are a great couple, (I hope Chin will choose to stay in Oahu) so I’ll be delighted to see Abby in some episodes.

    But I mostly hope to see more investigation where the team work together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for comment Angèle. I agree, I hope they don’t sweep Steve’s illness completely under the rug because they chose to give him this serious illness so they should treat it seriously. But Steve did say the pills he’s taking should knock it out short term and any more serious effects would show up long term. So hopefully, we’ll see him dealing with the short term effects until the meds “knock them out”. That way they are dealing with the illness but not making Steve horrendously ill right away. They can keep that for the series finale, whenever that may be.

      Even though some people want Danny and Rachel together and some don’t, I think it’s safe to say everyone loves Scott and Claire on screen together. Perhaps the best solution is having them together as mature exes who still love each other but know they are not “in love” so a second attempt at a reconciliation would be futile. So they remain very good friends and very good co-parents to their children. If Claire is available for filming, we could see her every once in awhile in that capacity and/or Danny will talk to her on the phone or be “going over to Rachel’s to pick up Charlie” which is pretty much where their relationship stands right now.

      Getting back to Steve’s illness, in reality (and I KNOW, this is NOT reality) if Steve’s illness looks to be getting particularly serious, it would make sense that someone will feel his mother is entitled to know about it so she can see her son and settle things between them. My gut is that Doris would then tell Catherine for the same reasons.

      That may be the way the writers can bring them both back without having to fall back on some OP gone bad or one or the other needing to be rescued. My hope would be these women come back to see Steve, worried that he may be dying, spill their guts and finally tell him the entire truth about everything.

      If that’s the case, Steve will probably listen, understanding what they’ve each done, probably even understand the pathetic “why’s” they will undoubtedly throw at him because Steve is, well, Steve. My hope is that after that, Steve decides there are no hard feelings, that he will always love them but that he wants to spend the time he has left with the people who are his real family, the family that has always stood by him from the very first moment. Those he knows, without reservation or consideration, will always be there for him, no matter what, and send both of these women packing for good.

      Then of course, his heath crisis can be resolved and he can go on for many more years before the long term effects raise their heads again. 😉 😉


  11. Rita says:

    My wish is simple to have as good a season 8 as season 7. I’m hoping Steve recovers from his illness. More Steve and Danny, Uncle Steve and Navy Seal. More ohana moments. I’m hoping Kono comes back but no to you know who.
    Hoping Alex is given a lighter workload as I want him to stick around for much longer also the show.I’ve not told this to anyone but watching H50 and Alex has gotten me through a rough time in my life

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m hoping part of this “illness” is just so Alex CAN have a bit of a lighter workload. Give his healing body a break and not put him back in excruciating pain again. This way, they can use that he’s not feeling particularly well so let him ease up a bit on the crazy stunts Steve always pulls. I adore our SuperSEAL and love it when he’s fighting and jumping and being is BAMF self but not to the detriment of Alex’s health.


  12. Thank you for your appreciation Linda. I always appreciate your opinion and your vision of the show as you know 😉
    But I’m pretty skeptical about Doris and Cath who worries about Steve.During all his years Doris never showed any concern for Steve’s tortures inflicted by WoFat, not even after 5.07 when Steve failed to be killed…Steve underwent a liver transplant, neither Doris or Cath worried about his health. Not even in 7.07, these two selfish women asked him: how are you? They are too busy justifying their lies rather than worry about Steve’s health. So for me to insert them in the plot of Steve’s disease would be another hypocrisy for his two… IMHO of course. So if really her two women have to be back, I prefer it to be for another CIA-related plot.This would be more credible for the storyline…Always IMHO 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes… I see your point. That’s always been my reasoning as well. Everyone has the right, the obligation really, to do what’s right for themselves. We all make our choices in life in the hopes that they will make us feel happy and fulfilled. They chose the lives they wanted to live, as every person has the right to do. I’ve just never felt that a person needs to completely crap on the people who love them, on the people they supposedly love, to do it.

      You’re right. Neither one of them inquired as to Steve’s health. Of course, it’s very possible they don’t know about the plane crash and the liver transplant but regardless. Neither one asked even a general “how are you” like you said. I agree a CIA-related plot would probably fit more easily into the way these two have been written.


  13. Susan Schoppe says:

    I read all the comments and replys and loved all the points presented. (some even better than my own, lol) Linda just have to say, Your terrific!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Amy says:

    I just want four things Season 8 to carry the momentum of season 7. A unrealistic miracle cure for Steve we watched him with health issues last season can we have a healthy Steve for one season please. They even say he was misdiagnosed and he has a bad case of the flu remember Steve is the first person in history who does not have to take his anti rejection meds for life!’

    No more Cath the only thing I hated about Season 7 was all the drama caused by the EP in regards to her even going as far as saying the show does not need Steve but needs her. There has not been a mention or thought of her in 18 episodes it is now more realistic for Steve not to reunite with her than the other way around. How bad would Steve look if he dumped Lynn for a selfish liar who is just like his selfish lying mom!

    And Kono Kono Kono she needs to stay even if Grace gets schedule like Scott the core four can not break up! And lastly Alex feels great we get a season 9 so Hawaii Five-0 gets to 200 episodes !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL Ahhhhhh I don’t think Steve just has the flu as much as I’d love for his diagnosis to be incorrect. And yeah….let’s hope that Alex continues to feel good and his back continues to improve so if we’re lucky enough to get a Season 9, Alex will be on board to come back.


  15. Gryi says:

    If I’m being completely unrealistic, I’d say I want the show to actually “go there” and explore an actual relationship between Steve and Danny. But since this will likely never happen, I hope for more of the funny banter between them and more of the focus back on them that we saw in S1. Maybe we will get it with the reveal of Steve’s illness.

    Back in S1 there was an interview with Alex where he talked about the profound effect Danny has had on Steve. (The video of that portion of the interview seems to have disappeared). I would love to see a focus on that.

    I’m torn with regards to Rachel and Danny. I’d love to see Claire van der Boom back because I enjoy her and because she and Scott are so good together. However I’m not comfortable with how Rachel has been written; she is basically a selfish, manipulative, and unstable person who has hurt Danny over and over again. Yet this is normalized and glossed over.

    I for sure do not want to see Catherine again. That ship has sailed, burned, and sank to the bottom of the sea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As someone who has always said up front that I am a total McDanno shipper I love the idea of the show actually “going there” with Steve and Danny, but like you, I know they’d never go there, wouldn’t ever be brave enough to go there. So, I contend myself with slash fanfiction and adoring our guys as good friends, partners and brothers on the show.

      I also remember what it was like in Season 1, when, in another interview Alex said that he and Scott did most of the “heavy lifting”. I’d adore it if we got back to that dynamic where it’s always Steve and Danny partnered up and not Steve and someone else. The Steve/Danny partnership will always be the glue that holds this show together.


      • Gyri says:

        Yes! They are definitely the glue that holds the show together. I’m convinced the show would not have survived had it not been for the focus on Steve and Danny.

        I’d love to see Steve and Danny partnered up more too. Maybe if they really will be lightening Alex’s physical stunts, we will see more comedic scenes between the two. I loved the tenor of these in S1. I hope we get to see Steve and Danny go to New Jersey next season. It would be hilarious to see Danny become more animated in his native habitat as his Jersey mannerisms and accent come out more, and to see Steve’s amused reactions.

        As far as S7…..know what really felt jarring to me? The storyline with Kono and the trafficked girls. While I expected Kono to be outraged and ready to kick ass and take names, I DIDN’T expect her to display PTSD-like reactions to the girls’ plight. It was as if she were re-living a similar experience she had when younger, and relating to the victims as if she had been a victim herself, getting lost in her anguish and anger. That’s how it came across to me. It was very unlike her, I thought.

        Liked by 1 person

        • OMG… I’d LOVE it if the guys when to Jersey. That would be so much fun to, like you say, see Danny in his natural habitat and Steve trying to deal with it. It would be a hoot.

          As for Kono… yeah… I don’t know what to say about that. Her anger was definitely over the top, something we’ve never seen from her before. Whether something happened in her past is an interesting idea but who knows if it’s something we’ll ever really find out about.


          • Gyri says:

            Don’t get me wrong, I think GP did a fantastic job, and it would have been great to explore, but it would have made more sense if it had been revealed why this affected her character on such a personal level. But in the last 7 years there has been nothing to hint at that.

            It smacks of a retcon, which I hate.

            Liked by 1 person

  16. Carole says:

    Lots of great comments and ideas – after such a successful season i hope they keep the same writers. They did a fantastic job of plucking bits from previous seasons and continuity was better too. I’m still holding out hope for Scott’s dad to reprise his character and i’d like to see Lori Petty & Joe back. We need lots of Steve/Danny & family time. …..Steve needs to have that in his life and I agree with everyone saying they don’t want really sick Steve…..a bit sick with concerned Danny I can deal with. Danny whump could be a way to explain Scott’s breaks – maybe he could be on light duty and use his great detective skills working cold cases. I love warching him work though clues. I hope Grace comes back at some point and Chin/Abby continue to have a solid relationship…….and is it to much to ask that the fandom doesn’t implode everytime PL stirs the pot……..’cos I swear he does it just to get the buzz! Love him for giving us the reboot, but sometimes…………..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gyri says:

      LOL I couldn’t agree with you more, Carole!

      And I would love to see JC back again as Tony Archer. I wonder what happened with that. Am I alone in thinking that the eps with that other gumshoe character (can’t remember the actor or character’s name), were originally written for JC/Tony Archer? He even called Danny by some of the nicknames Tony had for him (I think he used “muscles,” and “hairdo.”).

      Agree on the continuity, too—that was better this season. And I would LOVE to see Lori Petty back!


      • Carole says:

        Watching this week’s episode reminded me how perfect the casting was on Danny’s sister- I would love to see Bridget again


  17. Gyri says:

    I also wish they would circle back and explore the PTSD issue with Steve. And to see Danny reacting to that, worrying about Steve. Both Scott and Alex would be amazing!

    I’d like to see a more realistic treatment of Danny and Rachel’s relationship. Yes, Danny has a huge heart, and he’d go to great lengths to ensure any strife between him and Rachel would not affect their children. But the things Rachel did were deplorable. Remember in S1, Danny even lost his Santa suit. How spiteful and mean-spirited (not to mention immature), would Rachel had to have been to do this? It’s not as if the suit would have fit Stan…….

    I’m sad as it seems we will be loosing Kono for awhile. My wish is to see her back and as badass and cheeky as ever. Bonus if Danny razes her about following in Steve’s footsteps.

    And Chin? I don’t know. He needs something new to grapple with.

    All in all I want to see the team working together more, again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There has always been a lot of talk about the dropped PTSD storyline but to do PTSD and those who suffer from it even a modicum of justice we’d have had to have Steve really battle the effects. Did we really want to see Steve cowering in a corner with flashbacks while the team was trying to take down baddies every week. Or would that happen once or twice then suddenly he’d be cured?

      Yes it would have given Alex some fantastic material to work with but remember the SEAL from Season 1, Graham Wilson, who took hostages on the Missouri? He suffered black outs and hallucinations, was going for months of therapy and medications. Eventually he needed to “go away for awhile to get better”. Is that really what we wanted to see with Steve for a whole season? I’m not sorry the PTSD story didn’t happen. It would have been better if they’d never even started it nor hinted there would be more to it in the first place.


      • Gyri says:

        I see your point, and I certainly am not any kind of authority on the syndrome. But I do believe it can affect people differently; not everyone is going to react the same way.

        I think, to see Steve struggling with it (if only to a small extent), it would have made him more three-dimensional and it would also have given Danny/Scott a chance to take a leadership role in scenes, which would have been a nice change.

        Liked by 1 person

  18. Ocean says:

    This is off topic but I saw something on tonight’s repeat of the Halloween episode that I missed the first time around. When Steve and Danny are in the ME’s exam room with Max and they’re standing beside the body of the guy who was stabbed in the back of the neck — Max says he got a hit on some DNA, and as he turns to his computer to show them, look at Alex behind him. He’s got a huge grin going on as if they were laughing off camera and he obviously doesn’t realize the camera is including him in the frame for that few seconds of dialogue. And they obviously didn’t catch it in the editing room either. So glad too, because it’s one of those random treasures (like getting a peek at his back tattoo) we all crave. Maybe some of you guys who can do screen shots can grab it for the rest of us?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Gyri says:

      I would love that, and I hope it ends up on the blooper reel!

      I love that Alex is the one who tends to break character and be a goof on set.


  19. Mymy says:

    Sorry for my English, so I could not develop like you but after reading your comments, I would add that I would like to see Mary and Joannie again.


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