#H50 – The saddest of days….

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In the last 7 years there have been so many wonderful days and nights connected with this show. Today is not one of them as official word has come from CBS Studios that two of our beloved cast are not returning for Season 8.  On the heals of saying goodbye to Masi Oka’s Max Bergman earlier in Season 7, we now learn that both Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are also leaving the show.

I can’t begin to say how sad this makes me.  As someone, like many others, who has watched this show from the moment it began in 2010, Daniel and Grace feel like family. The thought of watching each Friday night and not seeing them anymore is heartbreaking.  Also, as a show that has always prided itself in being one of the most diverse shows on TV, to lose not one but three wonderful Asian actors is a severe blow.  To say the complexion of this show will be vastly different is not an understatement.  The “Hawaii” Five-0 task force will now consist of 3 haoles , one black guy and (hopefully) one Hawaiian rookie.

I’ve said it in the past that I have always been extremely grateful to Daniel for bringing me to H50.  As a huge fan of LOST, I followed Daniel to H50.  He was the only reason I tuned in on that Monday night in 2010.  I only knew Scott from the Ocean’s movies, had never watched Battlestar Galactica and had no idea who Alex was.  I was not a fan of the original Hawaii Five-O.  If it wasn’t for Daniel, I never would have tuned in.

I was thrilled, back in 2015, when on the red carpet at SOTB I was able to personally thank Daniel.  I gushed like a fangirl, told him how grateful I was, thankful because, there I was, on the red carpet at SOTB, with wonderful friends I had met only because of the show…. only because of him.  Now, I’m sure he’s spent years listening to gushing fans but he was nothing but sweet graciousness and kindness.  It’s a meeting I will always cherish.


Meeting Grace that same night was also a thrill.  She was beautiful, happy and vivacious.  She seemed to be having a wonderful time interacting with the fans.  She, like Daniel, was nothing but graciousness.  I may have only made it to one SOTB but meeting Daniel and Grace will always be a wonderful highlight of my years loving this show.


I won’t go into what the possible reasons for their departures may be. Whether it was personal decisions, network business decisions or a combination of both.  That’s between them and the network.  I only know how I feel at this moment and that is extremely sad, knowing that when H50 crosses the finish line, whenever that may be, the entire original Ohana won’t be together.  I can only hope that when the time comes, something can be worked out for them to return, at least for the series finale.

It’s extremely hard right now to think of anything positive with regard to this.  But I’m going to try.  I’m hoping that with two less people around the magic table and Tani being only a rookie, it will hopefully mean Danny will go back to being the wonderful detective he always was back in the early years.  I’m hoping it goes back to Danny always being Steve’s #2, that it’s always Steve and Danny going out as the A-team.  And I’m hoping that around the magic table, Danny will be the one to throw out the counter idea to Steve as his true #2 again, instead of just being one of six.

Well, I was sure my first blog post for the new season would be a fun one, about the Blessing next week and the happy return of our wonderful cast for the new season.  Having to write about this is not something I ever thought I’d have to do.  Yes… this is not a happy day in the world of Hawaii Five-0.

But, let me say this.  This show will always have my loyalty and I will watch it to the end.  I’m looking forward to meeting Tani and seeing the guys dealing with a rookie again.  I’m looking forward to a new character and new stories and a move into a new direction away from retreading old, tired and long overdue to be over stories.  Change is good.  Stagnation is never a good thing.  Neither is going backwards.  Even though I am extremely sorry to see Chin and Kono (and Abby, Sarah and Adam) leave, I’m also excited to see what new adventures the writers have in store for us.

Goodbye Daniel.  Goodbye Grace.  You will forever be Ohana.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the show and for bringing us so much enjoyment for the last seven years.  It will not be the same without you.  You will be lovingly and wholeheartedly missed!  Good luck in all your future endeavors.  We’ll always love you.

Aloha!  Malama Pono!

‘Hawaii Five-0’ shocker: Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim exit ahead of season 8

<I>Hawaii Five-0</i> Shake-Up: Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim Exit Ahead of Season 8



82 thoughts on “#H50 – The saddest of days….

  1. Beautiful Linda, and you know how I feel. SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I won’t say anything more here but you mentioned Tani, the rook. Is that the young lady we have been talking about? Did she get the part?

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  2. Ocean says:

    Very sad news, but I am hopeful that new characters can transition smoothly and become ohana. Look at the way Chi has fit in. I can’t imagine H50 without him now!

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    • I agree. I feel bad for the actress who’s coming in as Tani. She’s stepping into some pretty big shoes. I hope the fandom gives her a chance and not be.. well…not be how some of them are with the disparaging remarks and condescension.

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      • Brooklyngirl says:

        Male characters are usually better accepted than female ones because of the ever present elephant in the room and the inability of so many to embrace change. I do hope our new female character has a thick skin and a good sense of humor.

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  3. Brooklyngirl says:

    I’m so very sad at these turn of events.

    I, too, had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Dae Kim went I went to see him on Broadway in The King and I last June with a group of 5-0 friends. After singing/dancing for more than 2 hours he came out and greeted all his fans at the side stage door. He was funny and sweet and gracious and he took his time with everyone, answering questions, taking picture and signing autographs. It’s a moment I’ll never forget!

    I wish they had the same opportunity given to Masi when he left with a wonderful farewell episode. It would have brought much needed closure to the Ohana and ease the hurt.

    Whatever the reasons for their departure I wish them much Aloha. Goodbye Grace. Goodbye Daniel. E malama pono. I will miss you both a lot.

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    • Yeah…Grace leaving isn’t a huge shock…that writing was more than plain on that wall but Daniel IS a huge shock. My gut feeling is that they formed a bond of solidarity and when into negotiations with that mind set. We make it together or we leave together.

      I saw someone comment (can’t remember where….LOTS of people talking about this) that they could have let one of them go (presumably Grace) and given the other the money to stay. I firmly believe there is no way that would have ever happened.

      Both Grace and especially Daniel are very vocal on the plight of Asian actors in Hollywood. There is no way in hell either one would have allowed the other to be shafted so they could make more money. I firmly believe it was a “united we stand” situation, without a doubt in my mind.

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  4. rhondagemini says:

    I,too,am saddened by Grace & Daniel’s departures. H50 will definitely not be the same without them. It will be difficult to watch the show and not see them. I do wish them the best in whatever pursuits they have going forward,especially Daniel with the new show he’s producing for ABC. I’m sure that was a factor in his departure.

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    • I agree Rhonda. While I don’t think Daniel left H50 because of The Good Doctor but it’s only logical that having that in the wings could have made the decision to leave a bit easier to make. But, we have to remember, there is no guarantee any new show will make it so I’m sure the fact that The Good Doctor is debuting this fall wasn’t the reason Daniel felt he could leave.

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      • rhondagemini says:

        I’m sure the new show wasn’t the real reason Daniel decided to leave,but,as you say, it made the decision easier to make. I must say that TPTB should have tried to be more accommodating to what Grace & Daniel wanted. I just hope that at the end of the day, CBS doesn’t regret letting them leave, but I have a feeling they will.

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  5. Rita says:

    I’m not shocked at Grace leaving. There was every sign this would be the case. I am shocked however Daniel is leaving.A very sad day.
    I suppose in show business there is a time it needs to be refreshed. Hoping for as good a season as S7. I will not stop watching until the end or until Alex calls it a day.
    I wish Grace and DDK all the best. Hoping DDK’s show is a success

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  6. And this too shall pass. Even though we are saddened to have two very special people leaving the cast they will always be in our hearts. We have hung on each year hoping that H50 would be renewed, well this time is was and on a high note in ratings. I am trying to look at this as a glass half full, maybe new blood will energize the show and give us many more years, that being said how many of us will still feel their presence even though we won’t see their faces. We will wonder what would Kono or Chin do, how would they handle certain situations.

    My final thoughts are about the great respect I have for these very special people and I hope their futures will be bright and they only have happiness in their futures.

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    • I agree Wanda! I adore both Chin and Kono but when I really think about it, what story was left for them? Kono’s story has pretty much been “Adam” for years and now that Chin and Abby are together with Sara, what’s left for him? It seems to me if the writers could come up with new exciting stories for them, they would have done it by now.

      It’s really the same with Steve and Danny too. I know this radiation poisoning thing has a lot of people up in arms (even though we know Steve will not be dying any time soon if ever!) at least it’s something a bit different. What’s Steve’s story? We still on the Fat family vs the McG family thing? Waiting for Doris to return…..again? *eyeroll* Waiting for Catherine to return….. again? *EYEROLL* *GAG* And Danny? We’re still going on about Rachel??

      I absolutely HATE that Chin and Kono are gone but I’ll repeat what I said above. I’m looking forward to a new character and new stories and a move into a new direction away from retreading old, tired and long overdue-to-be-over stories. New blood can be good for a long running series.

      While I am very sad and it will be really awkward watching the first few episodes I’m hopeful the new character will catch on and they have some new exciting stories for us all to enjoy.


  7. Carole says:

    I’m not really surprised to hear about Grace not coming back- all the signs were there, but very surprised DDK to gone too. Then again this is pretty common around season 7 of anything – it’s when all the contracts start to expire and they tend to mix things up…..not that I think there needed to be much mixing after such a great season 7….but I refuse to bad mouth anyone and trust the writers to give us another great year. Also hope this means Scott is back full time. Let’s keep it together and stey positive.

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    • I agree Carole. It is useless to bad mouth anyone in this situation because there is no way of knowing what went on behind closed doors and with whom.

      I’ve seen people taking pot shots and Alex and Scott, saying they should have stood solid with DDK and Grace with a “if they go, we go” type of thing. That doesn’t seem at all realistic to me. If the network had stood their ground, as they did, what? The entire show gets cancelled a week before the new season was supposed to start filming? What about all hundreds of people who work for the production? Alex and Scott were supposed to jeopardize not only their own jobs but the jobs of all those people as well. Not hardly.

      And some people are incensed with Peter. How the hell do they know, one way or the other, if Peter had any say in this whatsoever. I don’t know if EPs are part of contract negotiations, how do those who are bashing Peter know if he was. Maybe it’s the network suits and the actor’s agents who work this stuff out and the EPs have very little input?

      I don’t know..and I’m sure those bashing him don’t know either. Considering that the finale was written open ended for both characters makes me think Peter had no idea how this was going to work out. If he was responsible for them not getting what they want, I would think the finale would have been more…well.. final for them both. Personally, I tend to think this is the last thing Peter would want and if it were up to him, he’d have figured out a way to work this out. H50 is humming along like a well oiled machine. Only an idiot would deliberately mess with that. Peter is no idiot.

      As I said, I have no idea what went down here and it’s a pretty sure bet we will never know unless Grace or DDK decide to give an interview and spill the details. The chances of that are less than zero. My gut feeling is this was 100% network driven. They wouldn’t meet the actors demands, thinking the show is strong enough to survive without them because history has shown that long running shows can survive the departure of key characters.

      My hope is that H50 continues that trend and still manages to go on for many more seasons, even if my heart is broken that it will be without these two wonderful actors.


  8. Julie B says:

    Totally devastated by the news. I love Danno and Steve, and the original four had a synergy that I will miss. I’ll stick with the show to the end, but I am really sad about this turn of events. DDK does have his new show to produce and the actor who plays Adam (can’t think of his name at the moment) has a summer show, Salvation, so I’m sure they’ll all be successful in their individual futures. However, I can honestly say my heart is breaking. That being said, I wish them all the best of luck.

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  9. William McNichol says:

    Like I said on past comments… Why is it that when we get tv shows out there that the fans fall in love with that when the show hits the 7 year Mark the producer’s always either call it quits for the show or they get rid of some of the main characters.. didn’t they ever hear the old saying that ….If it’s not broke then don’t fix it leave the damn show alone and keep all the main actors

    Thank you
    William McNichol

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    • Welcome William! Thank you for reading the blog and commenting. As I said above, my gut feeling (which, of course, could be 100% wrong) is that this was not the “producer’s” doing but the network. Several CBS shows have lost key members of their casts and managed to be great shows. I think CBS figured H50 was strong enough to withstand these losses and decided to stick to a hard line. I do not fault Grace and Daniel for their decision to leave. It’s hard to go to work everyday when you feel your time, talent and hard work are not appropriately appreciated.

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    • I agree Linda, network not show runners or producers are most likely the ‘villains’ in this. As TV series, network shows especially, get older, operating expenses increase, a large part of this is salaries for everyone, not just the actors but crew and producers. It could be that the producers were told ‘cut expenses’ no matter how you do it. If Grace & DDK’s contracts were up they were the more obvious ones to be tagged. Alex & Scott resigned last year for 2 more seasons, that takes them through the upcoming 8th season. I also wonder if that lawsuit came into play here; I’m sure CBS would like to settle out of court since Jeff requested a jury trial. H5-0is an expensive show to produce and from what I’ve read in the past being in Hawaii has added to the cost, they have to pay for travel, lodging, etc. for every guest actor, over 7 years, that adds up. We fans may forget that it’s a business first and foremost for the network. But I will miss them both, especially DDK, who is an extremely talented actor. One thing occurred to me too, with Masi, Grace & DDK gone, they’ve lost their Asian diversity, which is terrible for a series set in Hawaii. I don’t and won’t hold their decision to leave against them.

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  10. Helma says:

    Thank you for this review. I will miss them both, being part of the H5O family. Wishing Daniel & Grace all the best, saying a big thank you for their contribution to the show. Good luck whereever their journey will lead them 🤗
    Will keep on following the show, being an Alex fan, wondering what’s coming in future. Just have to wait & see. Mahalo.

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  11. Susan Schoppe says:

    Well, along with everyone else I’m so sad about all of this no matter how it came about. I absolutely love them both! But if there are plans to use Dorris & Cathrine as fillers I’m probably done, I hate those two characters they are exactly the same and are always bad news for Steve. Sorry just can’t help it!

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    • Well, we already know there is a great chance that we WILL be seeing one and/or both of these characters again. If it’s done like it was in Episode 7.07 that’s one thing but if they bring Catherine back in any more of a recurring or permanent presence.. I’m not ok with that at all.

      I also think that if they do bring her back like that it will do Michelle no favors. The general public, who are not in the fandom as we are, who don’t know about what goes on with social media or who don’t know the released facts about why Grace and Daniel left, will see it as “Grace was let go to bring Catherine back.” That is 100% NOT true. But the perception will be there.

      Back on social media, the hate that has always been thrown at Michelle will return in full force and with a vengeance. It is inevitable. Just like those who don’t like Peter are using this situation to throw more hate his way. Just like those who don’t like Scott are using this situation to once again ridicule his talent and his commitment to the show, saying he should make less than everyone else.

      Those who don’t like Michelle will be all over her if it is perceived that she is there to “replace” anyone. What happened between the network, DDK and Grace has nothing to do with Peter… has nothing to do with Scott or Alex and has absolutely nothing to do with Michelle. But just like Peter, Scott and Alex, hate will fall onto Michelle.

      Since she already has a history of inappropriate social media interaction, it will be even worse for her. Like I said. Bring back Catherine in any capacity more than a one episode story will do Michelle no favors. Whether you’re someone who likes Catherine or someone like me, who would prefer her story to be finally, mercifully over, Michelle does not deserve to be hated for this situation anymore than Peter, Alex or Scott do.


      • AnneSmiley says:

        I am just curious. Your argument that Michelle Borth shouldn’t come because you are supposedly concerned about her being seen as a replacement for Kono by the viewers and attacked, implies that no permanent/semi-permanent female character should appear on show since they can all be seen as Kono replacements (the reason Kono left) by the viewers and attacked on social media. By your logic, it would be unfair to expose the actress who plays Tani ( a character whom I am certain you know is a Kono 2.0) to viewer unpleasantness by having her permanently/semi-permanently on show. Your supposedly compassionate reasons for not wanting Michelle Borth to return for more than an episode (and seriously who are you kidding? You simply despise her/Cath) are insincere poorly veiled attempts to come up with a semi-rational reason to present yourself as a semi-rational person. If you are supposedly so concerned about her being attacked, I suggest you tell your friends to stop spreading rumours /implying nasty personal BS and calling her names. Most of the unpleasantness in the last few seasons towards Borth comes directly from you and ppl you associate. Maybe start there.


        • I have approved this comment to appear on the blog because it is important to see all points of view and I encourage that. It’s also important that there be civilized discussions about those different points of view. However, there is a difference between “different points of view” and “incorrect facts”. Let me try to point out exactly what I said above.

          First of all, I said the perception of fans not on social media or privy to the full story (which, as of now, none of us know) could see it as Kono being gone to make room for Catherine if (and I said IF) Catherine were to come back full time. I also said that perception would apply if it is perceived she was replacing “anyone” meaning if she were added to fill the slot left by Chin. I furthermore said that perception would be 100% wrong. This situation has nothing to do with Michelle. She should not carry blame for DDK and Grace leaving any more than Alex and Scott should.

          Secondly, I also said I feel bad for the actress who’s coming in to play Tani because, yes, she is coming in to replace Kono and has very big shoes to fill. My wish for her is that the fandom gives her a chance and not bombard her with condescension the moment she appears on screen. That does not mean that no one should “permanently/semi-permanently” replace Kono. Just that I hope whoever is chosen gets a fair chance to make the new role her own.

          Thirdly, I am going to say this, yet again, although I’m getting thoroughly sick of having to repeat myself …. I have nothing against Michelle Borth… period! I have been accused over and over again of hating her and not having the mental capacity to distinguish between character and actor. I respectfully propose that I am not the person with that problem. Yes I have been very vocal on this blog in my dislike for Catherine…….Catherine! Not Michelle!

          The fact that you think I “simply despise her/Cath” shows that you are the one who can’t distinguish between the two, not me. I do not despise Michelle… never have. You seem to be part of a sector of fans who think that anyone who doesn’t like Catherine automatically doesn’t like Michelle and label those people “haters”. I don’t hate Michelle but it seems more than obvious that because I don’t like Catherine, you hate me. That’s fine. You’re entitled to feel about me anyway you choose.

          Lastly, I was never involved in any of the hateful back and forth that went on between Michelle and parts of the fandom. I personally spoke with Michelle during that time and offered her my support. Did I agree with the way she handled the situation? No… but I didn’t engage in the war. Yes, there are some in the fandom who have not been able to let that terrible time go and continue to harbor extremely bad feelings toward her. Those feelings could very well come to the fore again if she were to return to the show. That would be incredibly unfortunate for the fandom, for the show and for Michelle. I don’t want to see that happen.

          But, if it happens…. it happens. It’s not the reason I don’t want Catherine ….. Catherine back. My reasons, as I have written more times than I can count, is story and character driven. It has nothing to do with Michelle personally.

          As to the people I “associate with”, I am not their mother. I have no control over what anyone says or believes. Case in point. After years and numerous blogs about how I feel about the character of Catherine, you and the people you “associate with” still believe I hate Michelle. Telling you different, no matter how many times, does no good. You believe what you believe. I have no more control over what others think and say about Michelle than I do over what you think and say about me. C’est la vie.

          All I can do is express my own personal opinion and move on. I suggest you do the same.

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          • Brooklyngirl says:

            Very well said Linda! I associate with you and like you, don’t dislike the actress but the character. When all of this took place Michelle coulda, woulda, shoulda done things differently but the damage was done. It’s water under the bridge now. The character has outlived her usefulness on the show, the main actor, has said as much. If she comes back, I won’t be happy since the character – not the actress – has caused the main character pain. Simple as that.

            I’ve asked this question before and never received an answer so maybe Annesmiley would like to answer. If this was your good friend or family member going through the same thing of dealing with a lying, deceitful significant other, who had a hidden agenda, would you encourage them to take that person back with open arms after 3x?? I doubt it. I know I’d tell them to find someone worthy of them and who’ll be there for them through thick and thin. That old saying is true. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

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            • I’ve asked that same question numerous times over the years. If you have a son, would you want him treated the way Steve’s been treated? I’ve never gotten an answer either. My conclusion is that, NO.. .they would not want their son treated as such, would tell him to find someone more worthy of his love and rip the girl to shreds for hurting their son. My other conclusion is the reason we’ve never gotten an answer is because it would prove just how hypocritical they all are. Of course, they’d probably just lie and say they’d be thrilled to have someone as wonderful as Catherine with their son. *blech*

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          • AnneSmiley says:

            First off, you have continuously engaged in insinuations regarding Michelle Borth’s weight/plastic surgery/relationship with her boss/whether she’s disliked by her cast mates, etc on Twitter. Saying things like ” it’s clear something happened behind the scenes though we’ll never know what” is nasty and cowardly. Saying things like ” for some reason PL seems to really like her” makes implications that are nasty to both. You don’t seem to mind when someone you associate with called her ” a dog”.
            Also, show has clearly and repeatedly established that Cath and McGarrett love each other. Would I rather someone I care abt be with the woman he loves or with the chick he doesn’t even seem to remember half the time ( as exemplified by flirting with Alyssa while supposedly in a relationship and forgetting he has a girlfriend while talking to the Jack Lord ghost thing)? Jeez it’s a tough decision. Cath has continuously gone above and beyond to help McGarrett-be it helping his team, going to North Korea with him, risking her job with the CIA to get him help his mother because she knows he’ll regret it if he doesn’t. I know these details kinda get lost through the koolaide-tinted glasses but still canon. Also, FYI McDanno ain’t gonna happen and per PL neither would McLynn. Deal with it.


            • Wow… I am truly touched that my words are so important to you that you seem to have them memorized from over the years. You also seem to know the words of those who I follow or who follow me better than I do. I’m impressed. But, considering how unimportant I am, perhaps you should consider getting out more.


  12. I have to agree with what Susan above said. I don’t care much at all for Catherine or Doris. I love seeing Steve as the hero and not a downtrodden mess of a man. That, to me, is what Catherine and Doris reduce him to. They could never replace Chin and Kono. Kono always showed so much concern for Steve. She spoke her mind and never backed down. And Chin has always been the voice of reason for the whole team. They will both surely be missed. But, I do agree, we should not be pointing any fingers without knowing the facts. I also hope 50 can rebound and continue on after this.

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    • I agree that Doris and Catherine make Steve look “downtrodden”. Like a little boy always trying to figure out what’s wrong with him that the women he loves don’t love him back as much. It’s not the way I want to see my strong SEAL. I want to see him with people who love him, unconditionally, who put him first over every thing else.

      Which also makes losing Chin and Kono so heartbreaking. They are more family, along with Danny and now Lou, than Steve’s real family has ever been. The dynamic of the show will be much different, that’s for sure.


  13. Joaquim C. says:

    I am devastated by this news. I am even more devastated by the apparent reason for the departure of two brilliant actors as discussed in this report: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/asian-stars-hawaii-five-0-144142868.html

    Whatever is the truth concerning the departure of GP and DDK, I am not sure that I can continue as a weekly fan as I have been since the reboot of September 2010. Not sure I can still approach the show with the same joy, interest, and passion. We will see what we shall see.

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    • Welcome Joaquim! It is very true that our show is not going to be the same, won’t ever look or feel the same. Not being sure how we’re going to like it is totally understandable. All any of us can do is tune in and see how it feels. Different is disconcerting but it’s not necessarily bad. No, it will never be the same but it could be just as good. It could also be awful. All we can do is watch, try to keep an open mind and see how it goes. It’s all anyone can really ask.


  14. Maria says:

    I think you have it wrong about fan perception regarding Miss Borth. A new character is being cast to replace Kono. Not a person will think Catherine is because she always been there anyway. It is the new girl will get hate. Miss Borth will only get hate from you and you’re friends. If New girl is now Steve partner she will get hate to.


  15. Susan Schoppe says:

    You are totally incorrect Maria. There are many people on many different sites who do not like or care for the character of Cathrine for very clear reasons. Look how she treated the character Steve. As for Michelle Borth she brought the hatred people have for her I on herself. Have you seen the things she herself has posted? Or read the things she has said and put it out there for all to see? She did that by choice!

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  16. Maria says:

    She did that because she be bullied by fans because they want Steve to kiss Danny not Catherine. She fight for herself and was punished. Daniel and Grace fight for themselves and get punished. She will come back to marry Steve and you are afraid that will happen. You wish Steve have sex with Danny. You wish Boss will listen to you. He will not. He loves Miss Borth. They be friends. He will not like you mean against her. Maybe he will bring her back as a regular character. You will hate show but watch because you can dream of sex with Danny and Steve.


    • jlopie1 says:

      Whoa! Lady, get a grip! Learning the English language well enough to understand it’s subtleties and nuances might be a good idea for you! You quite obviously ship McRoll. That’s your prerogative (big word for you, I hope you understand it). There are many more fans who do not. Not all of them ship a romantic McDanno, either. In fact, most of the commenters here do not! I certainly don’t, although I can read slash McDanno fanfic with the best of them. I do not want to see a sexual culmination of the McDanno relationship. But I definitely do not want a McRoll story. Fine if there’s no McLynn. Fine if H50 ends without a romantic love interest for Steve.

      There are many fans who have been frustrated with this back and forth with Catherine. Unfortunately, Mr. Lenkov finds it necessary to appease the McRollers who bombard his Instagram every time the man posts ANYTHING H50 related with pleas for Catherine’s return. I’m going to say this, just once, so Maria, pay attention: I fervently wish Peter would kill off the Catherine character once and for all so I never have to hear another one of you McRollers beg, whine, bully or badger the EP or his writers into bringing Michelle back full time as Catherine.

      You obviously could not comprehend what Linda was trying to say. SHE WAS NOT BLAMING MICHELLE for this sad departure of Chin and Kono. She Was Attempting to say that since Michelle was brought in full time to cover for Grace’s pregnancy and subsequent MIA during S4, if the network was to bring her back again now, the casual viewer would see it once again as a replacement for Kono. Catherine made very few friends in the fandom then, and would make even less now. If Michelle knows what’s good for her career, she should stay as far away from H50 as possible.

      And you, my friend, should find another group of people who are more like-minded to hang out with.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Tonya Hewett says:

        Well said! I wasn’t a part of the fans/Michelle wars but I sure don’t think she was innocent. Michelle should have to the high road like most other actors do.(I was part of the soap opera fans and every actor I personally met or interacted with on social media were very professional). Personally for me I know what I would want for Steve, Danny, Chin, Kono and Grover. I also know that I don’t write the show and something I won’t get as a fan. I am ok with that.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Tonya Hewett says:

    Linda, thank you for this blog. You are speaking for the majority of fans. Everyone has lost on this one, and imo there is no happy ending for the show or even our favorite characters. Number one there no way around it I do believe Cath/Michelle will be back for Steve/Alex”happy ending”(I hate this idea period). As for Chin/Kono (DDk/Grace)they won’t get the send off they deserve all because CBS is playing hard ball and put Peter in a losing position. For the other characters Danny, Grover and Jerry who knows what is in the plan but again everyone lost Friday with the news. I have been a faithful fan since season 1.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome Tonya! I agree with you. We’re all loses in this situation. Friday nights will never be the same. The cast and crew have lost two wonderful coworkers and good friends. We fans have lost two wonderful characters. The Ohana is forever diminished. Fandom is in an uproar. Fingers are being unfairly pointed. It’s all just a big mess.

      I also agree that it’s more than likely Catherine will be back and she and Steve will have their “happy” ending, no matter how many fans (and Alex himself) don’t want it. We have no control over what TPTB do and Alex will do his job and do it well because he is a consummate professional.

      I’m wondering if we’ll see a pictorial farewell. I’m thinking that Tani is going to take over Kono’s office while Lou, who’s never actually had an office we’ve ever seen, will take over Chin’s. Perhaps as the two of them are moving into their new offices, we’ll see Steve and Danny watching them, remembering Chin and Kono and all the times they all had together and we’ll see it all in a flashback farewell. Kinda of like what we saw when Catherine rode off into the Afghanistan sunset when we all thought her story was over and she was leaving for good.


      • Carole says:

        Let’s keep our fingers crossed the writers will do them justice. The last few days have be hearbreaking and exhausting. I can not believe how some “fans” have acted . Being upset is one thing, but lashing out at other cast members is totally uncalled for and shows the ugly side of social media……it’s way too easy to hide behind a keyboard to dish out insults. Sorry I don’t mean to sound like I’m on a soapbox, but this “my show” they’re trashing and I guess I’m taking it personally.
        On a positive note – Happy 4th!

        Liked by 2 people

        • Soap box away babe! I’ve been appalled at some of the things I’ve seen in comments sections on a number of blogs and “news” stories about this. I agree about feeling like it’s “my show”. I feel the same way as well. I hope to God the “press” leaves Alex and Scott alone when filming resumes and doesn’t bombard them with questions about this. Questions they will not be able to and not want to answer.

          Liked by 1 person

  18. Susan Schoppe says:

    Maria are you unable to comprehend the statements or replies above? Nothing was said about Steve & Danny as a couple. So you want Cathrine & Steve together, that is possible, but keep in mind that PL himself said in an interview that he thinks that Ship has sailed. Most people want better for Steve than someone like Cathrine including Alex. I believe he said Steve would be in need of serious therapy if he took her back!


    • It’s fine Susan, let it be 🙂 Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maria seems to be someone else who can’t distinguish between Michelle and Catherine. Who’s under the impression that if a person doesn’t like Catherine that means they automatically don’t like Michelle. If that’s the way she feels, that’s her right.

      There is also the mindset that an actor has every right to defend themselves when attacked on social media. I happen to agree with that, however, the way a person “defends” themselves is another matter. If you follow JK Rowling on Twitter you’ll see a person who gets attacked for her views and defends herself with grace, wit and biting satire. She cuts her “haters” to the quick with such intelligence they don’t even realize they’ve been wounded.

      I don’t think the “boss” will listen to me or anyone else when it comes to how he and his writers put together their story. If they want Catherine back, she will be back. If they want Steve to marry her, that’s what will happen. Doesn’t matter one iota what we or anyone else wants….period. If it happens, I won’t be happy but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve spent years watching a beloved show only to have TPTB ruin it at the end.


      • Andra Hotaling says:

        I just need to step in here – did you just insinuate that Michelle told someone to kill themselves? If you didn’t, then you need to be more careful with your words – because she did NOT do that – a fan told another fan to kill themselves (which is awful) and you are just perpetuating that and giving a lie some life. You seem to do that often when writing about the character – AND the actress. If you were truly worried about her then you wouldn’t do that.


        • Since I was not part of that war back when it happened, I made that statement based on what I was told by several people who were involved at that time. However, as you rightfully point out, I have no first hand knowledge that the incident actually happened and it was wrong of me to say it without that knowledge. I have edited the comment to removed that remark.


  19. Susan Schoppe says:

    I totally agree Linda, but I didn’t like that Maria or Annesmilli attacked you! You are VERY FAIR and are objective. I do try to be but sometimes fall short. In any case I love your reviews and always will! Plus you’re always right! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Thank you so much for the support Susan. I really appreciate it a lot. But I will be the first to say I am NOT always right. I only voice my personal opinion and speculate on things I think may or may not happen. I have no insight into anything official and I’ve been wrong plenty of times.

    I’ve been accused of many things in this fandom. One of them being that I think I’m always right and that everyone must agree with everything I say. That is so far from the truth it’s mind boggling.

    But, like I said above, I have no control over what people say and feel. If that’s what they think, whatever. I just do what I do and if people like it, that’s great and if they don’t, they’re free to come here and discuss and debate it in friendly terms or they’re free to just stay away. I’m fine with either one.

    As a matter of fact, I love debate. When two people engage in the intelligent, friendly exchange of ideas and views, it’s stimulating. If you think I’m wrong, sit down and explain to me why, express your honest opinion, educate me. You may just be able to change my mind. Intelligence, when presented with firm facts, allows for a change of mind. Perhaps my views may change your mind. That’s how grownups behave.

    Thanks again for the support! ❤


    • jlopie1 says:

      Alright, fine. You are a bigger person than I am, Linda. I know I am always telling you to be mindful of what you say and who you say it to. I also tell you not to react, to be better than those who berate and bully you. Perhaps I need to practice what I preach more. The last few days have driven the H50 fandom to the very edge of the precipice and I feel that if Catherine were to be reinserted into the cast of characters now, the edge will crumble and the fandom will implode completely and irrevocably. This is really no time to get on a blog that is basically mourning the loss of two integral and beloved characters and make deranged comments about a different character – inciting usually placid people to lose their cool! Sorry….😤😩

      Liked by 1 person

      • No need to be sorry. Catherine will always be a polarizing character no matter on which side of the fence people happen to be. These last few days have been horribly upsetting and everyone’s nerves are on edge. It’s only human to lose our cool every once in awhile. As I said further up in another comment. I, like everyone else, am not perfect. ❤


    • Carole says:

      A class act as always – hopeful this will put a stop to some of the nasty attacks. Eager to see the boys back at work and looking forward to see where the writers will take us in season 8

      Liked by 1 person

  21. jlopie1 says:

    I read this when you first wrote it Linda, but RL prevented me from commenting at the time. Now I’ve read everything in print about this admittedly sad event, and I’m dumbstruck, appalled, and bereft. It’s bad enough to lose two original characters and actors we’ve watched develop and have embraced as family walk off the set at the end of S7 and most likely never return.

    But add to it now all the talk of racism, i.e., all the Asian actors are gone leaving the show with 2 white dudes and a token black guy, as well as the disparaging comments about Scott not being worth his salary and tut-tutting that neither Alex nor Scott stood with Grace and DDK for parity – it’s just so darn sad and disheartening. I really hope DDK and Grace had no idea this sort of turmoil would occur over their decision to walk. I would hope they would have some loyalty to the show that kept DDK on the island he desperately wanted to remain on after Lost ended, and gave Grace continued visibility on a major network show for 7 more years! I know DDK was nothing but kind in his statement towards his cast mates and the crew, so I honestly feel he does not hold any of them responsible for this, but the fact that even the Washington Post has written an editorial chastising Alex and Scott for not standing in solidarity with their co-stars shows just how out of hand this whole thing has become.

    I hope CBS and Peter can straighten out this whole mess, but I’m not particularly optomistic about H50’s future seasons. (I will be watching to the bloody end myself, though!)


    • I agree 100%. All the racist talk is very disconcerting considering that H50 has been the most diverse show on TV for years. Losing DDK and Grace does not change the fact that there are Asian/POC in abundance on screen and behind the camera.

      I also agree. I’m not optimistic about future seasons either. Alex and Scott are under contract and neither would be unprofessional enough to break a contract nor would they jeopardize the livelihood of the hundreds of people who work behind the scenes by walking off the job. But, having said that, they resigned contracts through Season 8. There is no guarantee they would sign extensions to go further than that.

      Alex said in the Watch interview that he was open to go further than S8 now that he’s feeling so much better physically. But that was before these departures, and before all the ugliness being shoveled onto him and Scott because of it.

      Alex and Scott have lost two long time cast mates and good friends. They are being publicly flayed alive for circumstances they had no control over. They will probably both be bombarded with question with regard to this matter from every idiot who shoves a microphone in their faces. And they have to go to work and try to deliver a high quality product day after day after day after day…….

      Why in the name of all that is holy would they ever extend contracts to go further than S8? Believe me, I hope more than anything I am wrong.


      • Tonya Hewett says:

        My last comment for now, who knows what went on behind close doors. I personally think Alex and Scott did stand up for DDK/GP but did it in a private matter. Even Peter twitter indicated he tried too. So in the end I really blame CBS executives for this. CBS already was underwire over diversity on their network and now even more under fire for this.

        Liked by 1 person

  22. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/hawaii-5-0-daniel-dae-kim-grace-park-deals-1202488221/

    Latest article in this ongoing mess of a story. I think this one gives some of the best insight into what actually happened. Seems like CBS made a very substantial offer which both Grace and Daniel turned down. The offer was made based on their status as “supporting” players as opposed to “leads” and had absolutely nothing to do with race. People, of course, will believe what they want to believe and Daniel is doing nothing to alleviate that perception. I have to say, as much as I have loved Daniel through the years, I am very disappointed in the way he is handling this.

    Grace I can understand. Her story line has been stagnant for a couple of years now and it’s a major hassle for her to be so far from her husband and son. As a wife and mother I can understand where she’s coming from. Asking for a lot more money while simultaneously asking to cut back her work schedule was not a good move, but I guess she figured, “I’m ready to leave anyway so why not give it a try? If they agree, great. If they don’t, that’s fine too”. I love Kono but I’m not that broken up about her leaving.

    Daniel… well I was broken up until this last article came out. Now my disappointment in how he handled this is too high for me to think of him in friendly terms at this moment. Like Grace, he was probably in a “why not go for it?” frame of mind. I’m not sure if he wanted out from the start but he obviously didn’t want to stay enough to take what looks like a very substantial offer. No harm, no foul up to that point. I’ve made job decisions based on pay and lack of appreciation for my work throughout my working life too. That’s a personal decision on what a person is willing to settle for/put up with/accept and we just have to accept his personal decision even if it upsets us.

    But it’s his conduct after that has me feeling the way I do. Many factors are included in those feelings:

    Waiting almost a full week before coming out and saying anything while sitting back and watching the fandom implode was calculated in my view. He knew it was happening. He said in his FB post that he’d seen all the fan messages of support. Well, if he saw those, he saw that fandom was imploding at the same time.

    Then when he does say something, instead of just saying it was a contentious contract negotiation that couldn’t be resolved (which happens all the time with contracts), he implies that it was an “equality” issue and ramps up what he already knew was happening. Playing the race card. As a well known advocate for diversity in film and TV, he saw this an opportunity to highlight that fight. Again, no harm…no foul… IF this had been about race..which it clearly was not. Playing the race card to advance an agenda was a low move in my view. Even though I agree 100% that more diversity is needed in film and TV, making something a racial issue when it’s not is just wrong.

    In his FB post, he says how grateful he is for the support of the cast but he’s now sitting back and allowing Alex and Scott to be racked over the coals over something that has nothing to do with them. Now I hear they are actually getting death threats??? He needs to do something about that and NOW!

    It is my personal opinion that he’s basking in the glow of martyrdom over this and loving every minute of it, while men he has called “friend” for seven years are baring the brunt of fandom hostility and media scrutiny that it totally and completely unfair.

    It’s easy for him now to turn his back on the show that allowed him to remain in his beloved home for seven years after LOST ended. He has his new production company, his new show (which, I have noticed is extremely lacking in Asian actors in it’s main cast… how ironic is that?) and a bright future. All the while leaving the show he claims to love in a unfair mess of fan hostility and media scrutiny.

    I’m sorry I sound so jaded here. Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows it takes a lot for me to be this cynical. But, the more I read about this, the more the disappointment deepens. Thanks for letting me vent!


  23. Ocean says:

    I’m right there with you, Linda. Implying this is racial is ridiculous. First, as you pointed out, Daniel and Grace are supporting players — they should not make as much as the leads. And in Alex’s case, look at his screen time compared to everyone else — he is in almost every scene and many of those are fight/action scenes. He earns every dime.
    As for Daniel (and many disgruntled fans) siting racism, let’s look at the cast of characters (old and new) besides Alex and Scott: Duke, Kamekona, Nahele, Flippa, Max, Noelani, Charlie Fang, Adam, Wo Fat, Mamo, Sang Min, Gabriel, Malia, Gov Denning, Gov Mahoe — hmmmm. I think his diversity gripes fall flat.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Daniel I heard gave it his all regardless of Lost which did not interest me and still does not and now Five 0. Maybe he wants to move on. And go behind the scenes. As well as seven years as the same character can be tiring. Heard he was very gracious and giving it his all on the show. Will miss him.
    Chin was my favorite and more developed over time and became as a third lead. Picking up the slack where Scott left off.
    Grace I understand as she is from Canada and wants to spend time after seven years being apart. But CBS will never forgive and to a less extent. Peter L for doing this. Good luck Daniel and Grace!


    • Ocean says:

      It is my understanding that actors negotiate contracts directly with CBS. Peter Lenkov has nothing to do with it. In fact, he has to negotiate his salary, too. All this misplaced anger is sad.

      Liked by 1 person

  25. Tonya Hewett says:

    Ocean, I think no one knows where to place the anger because the only facts we have is that Grace and Daniel are leaving. IMO sources all have agendas. I think this is way more to this than money. For Grace, if you think about it she was the only one that wasn’t near her family. Heck Scott can take off 5 shows a year(good for him for wanting to be a dad!) but Grace wanted that but I personally don’t think CBS was honer that which is wrong. As a women(no kids but working with single parents on a daily basis) I take this to heart for Grace. Family is much more important than a job. Daniel it may be money but again with other projects and wanted the time off. My biggest deal is CBS did work around one person then they should have for others(any show). Who knows the real reason is and I just guess as everyone else. I wish all the best in the future including the show. As for my viewership, I don’t know if I will stick around. This was my favorite show and the first network show I loved since 90210. It was just to sad to see. Everyone has lost on this one.


  26. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any racism with Peter or on the Five-0 set in Hawaii. If Daniel encountered it, it is with people in a higher pay grade than Peter Lenkov.
    I wonder if Daniel’s tweet didn’t burn some bridges behind him. If only he’d left out the one sentence. I don’t imagine his production company will sell any shows to CBS.
    According to what I’ve read, Grace is to appear at another BSG reunion at the San Diego Comic Con (on July 20). I wonder what kind of questions she’ll get.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carole says:

      I think you’re right – I’m not sure if the fallout was anticipated, but I feel for everyone involved – especially Alex who’s put his heart and sole into the show and Scott who’s been unfairly targeted for years. Neither of them should have to deal with this mess.


    • What started out as a simple contract dispute has morphed into this racial debate that has taken on a life of it’s own far and removed from the H50 story. Everyone and his brother is jumping on the bandwagon. The debate, of course, is 100% valid. Equality is an issue in Hollywood, for all people of color and women as well. I’m not downplaying that in any way.

      However, this was not an issue here until one news outlet chose to add the words “Asian” and “white” into their headline and then all hell broke loose.

      I have NO issue with Grace and Daniel wanting more money. Personally, I think CBS should have just given them what they wanted and let the series end on a unified high note. But they chose not to and DDK and Grace chose to leave. Happens every single day in every walk of life. People want more… management says no… people leave!

      I also have no problem with them wanting to cut back their hours (especially Grace who wanted more than anything to just go home and be with her husband and son). Again.. they asked.. management said no… they moved on. Happens every day. No harm…. no foul. So I have no issue with them leaving over money.

      What’s bugging me beyond all isn’t even the racial debate per se because, again, it is a valid one. It’s the trashing of the show, the downplaying of the diversity that has always been there as being inadequate, even though it’s far and above what any other show does. And the worst part.. the trashing of Alex and especially Scott. Incredibly over the top and totally uncalled for.

      But the worst for me, is Danial just standing back and letting it happen. He didn’t bring race into anything. I feel his comment about “equality” not being an easy road was strictly with regard to PAY equality. But once the racial card was played in the media, he didn’t do anything to quell it. He saw an opportunity to use it to advance the “racial equality” agenda he’s so passionate about. Racial equality is a very important issue but making something racial when it’s not just to exploit the situation is wrong in my view. I feel it sabotages the advances needed when something really IS racial. Now, he’s basking in the glow of being a martyr for the cause and riding a wave of publicity in order to promote his own new show and production company.

      And those people trashing Alex and Scott need to remember something. CBS offered the role to Alex, without an audition. CBS wanted Scott to be Danny right off the bat, auditioned dozens of actors without finding anyone they liked better and jumped at the chance to sign him when he became available WITHOUT an audition.

      Daniel? When he heard, while still filming LOST, that a new H50 was going to be filmed in Hawaii (and he didn’t want to leave his new home) he WENT TO THEM and asked IF there was a role for him. He has said so himself. I believe it’s even on the “making of” the Pilot on the S1 DVD extras (I know I saw it in an interview.. need to double check if it was on the DVD). They didn’t go after him…he went to them. That says a lot in my book.

      If it wasn’t for H50, after LOST ended, he would have just been another Asian actor looking for work in Hollywood and been grateful for what he was able to get. Because of H50, he is now a household name, a success on Broadway, a director and an executive producer. Does he have the talent for all these things? Of course he… 100%… absolutely… does! Once again.. so I am not misunderstood. HE HAS THE TALENT TO DO ALL THESE THINGS!!!! But without H50, he might have never gotten the opportunities to use those talents. I’m sorry but the word ingrate leaps to mind.

      I was looking forward to watching The Good Doctor but now, I probably won’t even bother. Not only has Daniel left a bitter taste in my mouth in my utter disappointment in him for allowing the show he supposedly loves and the men he has called “friend” to bear the unfair brunt of this mess, I am incensed that he has allowed the race card to be played with regard to H50 and yet HIS new show is almost totally devoid of Asian actors. The only think I hate more than a bully is a hypocrite!


      • jlopie1 says:

        Wow! You do love to open yourself up for major bashing, but I gotta love a gal who knows her mind and isn’t afraid to let the world know what it is! 😘❤️

        Liked by 2 people

        • People need to get their facts straight. They keep going on about Friends and The Big Bang Theory and how those casts “stuck together” and how Alex and Scott are scum for not doing the same so they all could make the same salary.

          1) Friends. That was a true ensemble cast from the get go and from about Season 3 on, went into all contract negotiations as a single unit, instead of six individual contracts. And, the premise of the show, these six “friends”, were one solid unit and losing anyone of them would have been a detriment to the show. Obviously, the network doesn’t view H50 that way.

          2) TBBT. Yes it is true that five main characters of the show each gave up pay so that the two supporting cast members could make more BUT, when people say they did it so their cast mates could gain “equality” they are 100% wrong.

          The top five stars of the show were making 1 million per episode while the two supporting cast were making $200,000 each. Each of the five gave up $100,000 of their salary to be pooled (equaling $500,000) and divided between the two supporting cast members ($250,000 each). So after their “sacrifice”, each of the main cast was still making $900.000 per episode while the supporting cast was making $450,000. Still 1/2 of what the main cast was making. So, yes, the supporting cast got a more than double raise but they hardly achieved “equality”.

          To keep bringing up these two instances without knowing the facts for the sole purpose of bashing and hating on Alex and Scott is beyond ludicrous. I’d love to see how many of those blowhards would be willing to give up a 10% of their salary to help a coworker make more money. I venture to say, not one.

          As to Daniel.. I take no pleasure in my bitter feelings towards him at this moment. Perhaps the wound is still too fresh to think objectively. Maybe I’ll think differently about it as time goes by and I’m back in the glow of new episodes and seeing, what always cheers me up. Steve and Danny being… well… Steve and Danny. For right now though, yes.. it is too fresh. I will always be grateful to him for bringing me to H50 because he WAS the only reason I watched that Pilot episode and fell in love with the rest.

          Perhaps it’s my fault for projecting my own feelings towards the show and towards his cast mates onto him and thinking that because I loved him and I loved them, that he felt the same way. Thinking that because it’s something I’d never do, those I look up to wouldn’t do it either.

          Look… everyone has the right to do what they feel is best for themselves and their family. We all do it every single day. After all, in the scheme of things, no one is really going to look out for your best interests better than you. I get that. Like I said before… in that regard.. no harm.. no foul. It’s just I don’t feel you need to shit on your friends to do it.

          He did not start the racial debate…. but he did nothing to stop it. I can understand that. It’s helping shed light on an important cause, even if it’s somewhat refracted light as, race had nothing to do with this particular situation. No, he didn’t start the debate (it was the media that did it) but he hasn’t lifted a public finger to try to take the heat, if not off the network (which I can kinda understand) but off Alex and Scott who have absolutely nothing to do with this and don’t deserve the vitriol being hurled at them.


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