#H50 Review:  10.19 – E ho’i na keiki oki uaua o na pali (Home go the very tough lads of the hills)


Hello friends.  Well, I was in a bit of a better frame of mind to watch this week’s H50 than I was last week.  Not tremendously better, but better.  The shock, the sadness, the dread of knowing just how close we are to the end, still made it very hard to watch without tears threatening every other moment, but this was such an entertaining episode, I was able to live in 42 minutes of denial and just enjoy it.  But, come Saturday morning, writing about it took more effort than I’d like to admit.  Once I get started, these reviews, for the most part, flow pretty easily for me but the approaching end to the show has been a pretty hard blow and it’s making writing really hard.  But, there’s so little time left.  I need to make sure I’m here to the very end.  Where else could I possibly be but right here, with my favorite show and with my friends, until the end.  Naturally, I never imagined the end would be coming so soon.

Quinn:  I loved this story for many reasons.  First off, I really enjoyed the way Quinn reached out to Adam to go surfing.  It was a very sweet gesture on her part.


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But what made me happier is the knowledge that Adam still hasn’t been accepted back into Five-0.  Now, you know I love Adam, and I do eventually want him back with the team but, I’m thrilled Steve didn’t pull one of his “I understand you only did what you had to do”, and let Adam just slide back in.  It’s right Steve is making Adam cool his heels before he lets him come back.  Of course, with only three episodes remaining, I wonder if there will be time for any resolution on this point.

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But this wasn’t Adam’s story, it was Quinn’s and it was a really good one. Quinn has always been so tough and put together.  I’ve seen criticism of her on social media that she’s too hard, too wooden, doesn’t show enough emotion, pretty much all the things they said about Steve ten years ago when we first met him.  But we’ve seen glimpses of Quinn’s personality over and over this season.  In her friendships with Tani, Noelani and now with Adam.  This episode really opened her heart wide for us all to see.

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I’ve really enjoyed watching Quinn and the way she’s fit so seamlessly with the team.  Unlike all the other women who’ve ever been added to the team over the years (not including Tani who was a replacement, not an addition) she isn’t just there for the sake of being there.  And, she didn’t come in with an agenda (like Jenna) nor was she forced onto the team (like Lori) nor was she added because the boss wanted to give her a purpose because she’s his girlfriend.  I’ve loved Quinn from the moment she showed up on my screen.

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I’m so happy we got to find out some of her backstory.  She fell hard for and married an older man who swept her off her feet.  Add in a young daughter who totally stole her heart.  Her remark about how Jake was the kind of father she never had with her own father gave us a clear picture as to why a man devoted to his daughter would have appealed to her so strongly.  It’s sad they couldn’t make it work, with Jake’s gambling being a serious issue she just couldn’t tolerate long term.  How wonderful that her love for Olivia never wavered and she was always there for her even after the divorce.

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Having Adam help Quinn as she searched for Jake was a wonderful way to not have anyone else pulled from the team and not have Quinn dealing with it on her own.  Adam was there for her in a big way.  It was so hard for Quinn when they finally tracked down Jake and she forced him into the realization that she was giving him his last chance to get help and keep his daughter.  Her tears in the car showed that, through it all, even though she’s furious with Jake for leaving Olivia alone, there is still love there.  Oh, not the kind of love that could ever be rekindled, but the kind where she still hurts for him. She could have thrown the book at him but for Olivia’s sake and probably for the sake of what they once had; she gave him one more chance.

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It was really hard watching her unravel like she did because she’s always been so tough. I’m glad Adam was there to help her through it.  I just love her so much and getting this glimpse into her true character was wonderful.  Oh Quinn, how I wish we would have had the time to learn even more about you!

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Frank Bama:  The opening scene between Frank and Junior was adorable.  I loved Frank’s homespun wisdom about waffle recipes and Junior waxing poetic about Tani.  It was such a cute scene.  But I have to ask myself why was he there at all?  I mean, we know that Frank and Steve are friends and he’s dropped by HQ a couple of times over the years even when his pilot skills weren’t needed, so two friends hanging out over a few beers isn’t at all unusual.  But, having Frank there in Steve’s kitchen while Steve slept in just seemed off.  When the hell has Steve ever slept in?


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I love it anytime Jimmy Buffet makes an appearance.  Frank is a fantastic character and the friendship he has with Steve is strong because of their mutual connection and love for Joe White.  So, he’s taken over the McG kitchen to make breakfast for his friend after they had a “long night”.  I didn’t think too much about it at first, not until after the screen went black at the end of the episode but, was there something more to that “long night”?  Has Steve confided in Frank the reasons why he’s not sleeping well these days?  Does Frank know something no one else does yet?

COTW:  This week’s crime of the week was a pretty cool one.  I love when we have crimes that span decades and the team has to put together clues from things that happened years and years before.  This crime was a real “Hatfield’s and McCoy’s” story too.  As usual for H50, a story that looks to be going one way but ends up being something totally different.  No show does this as well as H50 does.  I love stories like these, that keep me on my toes.  But it wasn’t really the crime that made this story fun for me.  It was Tani’s boots being the first “victim” at the crime scene.  It was Junior finding out that Tani was the line dancing champ at “The Cattle Prod” bar, it was Lou’s, as always, wonderful wisecracks.  It was everything that was fun.





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And it was Steve and Danny.  As always, it comes down to ……

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Steve and Danny:  There is never going to be a time when I can get enough of Steve and Danny. No matter if we got 42 minutes of no one else but them, it wouldn’t be enough for me.  Put them on horses and I’m in heaven.  Having them arguing on horses, and I’m lost.  These two crack me up.  Remember back in 7.18, when they were tracking the stolen nuclear material through the jungle? They were having a rather loud discussion about retirement and restaurants and we were all thinking… “guys… making a bit of noise there, aren’t you?”.  Same thing here.  They’re arguing as they’re tracking the outlaws.  “Stealth” just isn’t a thing for these guys!   Until Danny brings up the fact that he’s been hearing Steve up at night.  Knows he’s not sleeping.  It’s a shame Steve couldn’t have just told Danny what’s going on with him, whatever it is, right there.  I thought they’d come far enough after all these years that they were past the “I’m good” stage. I guess it was something just for Steve to admit he’s got a lot on his mind.

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There were so many throwbacks in this episode.  The one I just mentioned above from Season 7, the guys on horseback, just like when they were on Lanai with Lori back in Episode 2.02 and the “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” shootout, again a throwback to 2.02.  Steve has evolved from a “Neanderthal” to a “Nincompoop”.  And then there’s Danny coming to Steve’s rescue with the fatal shot just in the nick-of-time, just like in Episode 3.10. So many memories……

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It makes me think of all the things everyone’s been discussing on social media all week.  What is all this leading up to?  There were those who felt, from very early in the season, with the wrap up of the Doris story and Peter’s spoiler that we’d be getting all the answers from the Champ box by the end of the season, that everything looked to be leading up to a series end. I was not one of those people.  I never felt we were leading to the end.  I assumed we were heading toward a new direction (not that I had any clue what that direction would be) but I never thought we were coming to an end.  Every indication out there pointed to the show coming back for an 11th season.  I didn’t see any reason to disbelieve that.

But as I watched Steve in hand-to-hand combat with that huge goon, as I was enjoying seeing our SuperSEAL in action once again in a way we really haven’t seen much this season, I had one thought.

As I said last week, this is 100% conjecture on my part, but I do believe Alex made the decision that Season 10 was his last a very long time ago and that this entire season has been written to move us toward that eventuality. And, I also believe scenes like that fight scene could very well be one of the reasons why.

Sure, Alex has stuntmen to do the most vigorous aspects of fights like this, but Alex is still expending a great deal of physical energy to make the fight look as realistic as possible.  And it’s not like he does it once and it’s on film.  More than likely he’d have to do it over and over again until the director was satisfied that he had the shots he needs.  Maybe Alex’s physical issues are the reason. Maybe not.  Maybe he’s just tired of doing the same thing after ten years.  Who knows?  As a person who’s been doing the same job for the last 21 years, I can tell you from personal experience that no matter how much you like it, no matter how much you like the people you work with and for, no matter how good you are at it, you still get to the point where you just don’t want to do it anymore.

It really doesn’t matter in the long run what the reason is.  Some people can stick to their stubborn opinion that the show is ending because of ratings, which the numbers do not support because H50 is still consistently strong week after week.  But I’m sticking to my stubborn opinion that Alex’s decision was made based on his ability and on his conviction (or lack thereof) to continue with scenes like this one.

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So, what is going on with Steve?  Who knows?  He’s not sleeping well.  He won’t tell Danny what’s up.  He took a brutal hit to the head during that fight, a fight he really wasn’t doing well in to start with.  We’ve seen Steve in hundreds of fights and seen him take hits to the head more times than I can count.  Is there some significance in the camera becoming all unfocused to show his vision going blurry? Of course, it could just be the director’s way of showing a harder than usual hit to the head.  It didn’t seem to be affecting Steve that much as he made his way back down the hills later.

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And what’s with all the philosophical opining about beautiful vistas and taking sunsets for grated because he always figured he’d see a million more? Has life handed him something else on life’s terms?  My heart is breaking again at the thought of what all that could mean.  And I keep remembering a video of Alex at SOTB where he said he thought the best ending for Steve would be for him to die. I pray to God that’s not where this is heading. I don’t think I could survive that.

Courtesy of @stellagioiaPhoto Credit:  @stellagioia… @Hawaii50Italia on Twitter

Of course, Steve could just be contemplating life in general.  There have been many references over the season related to age.  They’ve mentioned their “ten years” numerous times, including in this episode when Steve teased Danny for not knowing Hawaii doesn’t have squirrels after living there for ten years.  There was even an off hand reference to Steve’s cholesterol level a ways back. Age has been an ongoing sub-theme all season.

Steve and Danny riding off into the sunset together was perfect. The two of them leaving together, metaphorically riding off into the sunset together would be a perfect way for this series to end.  But from the way this episode was written, from the way Steve was acting at the end of this episode and how he’s been all season (which is easier to see now that it’s all 20/20 hindsight) and from the few spoilers we’ve gotten I’m really afraid that’s not the ending we’re going to get.

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Only two Friday’s left.  I still can’t believe it every time I’m forced to think about it.  As we come down the home stretch of every season, as we see each episode leading up to the season finale, I’m always in a bit of fear at what they’re going to throw at us in the finale. But I always console myself that, come September, everything will work out and our team will be there like they always are.  This wind down is torture because that bit of fear is starting to build again but, this time, it’s such a heavier fear.  There is no next year to make it all better.

Ok, now that I’ve depressed you all as well as myself, I better stop right here before I make it worse.  I know this isn’t me in my usual upbeat self but, ever since we got the word last Friday, upbeat has been really hard to sustain.  So, I’ll rely on what I usually do. My love for this show and the two men who have made it so wonderful for so long.  No matter what, my heart will always belong to McDanno!


See you all next week.  Aloha. Malama Pono


23 thoughts on “#H50 Review:  10.19 – E ho’i na keiki oki uaua o na pali (Home go the very tough lads of the hills)

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Great review as usual, Linda! Loved getting to know a little about Quinn,but like you, I wish there was time for us to get to know more. I was glad to see she & Adam form a bond of sorts-I mean, they have both been through painful divorces, abeit, for different reasons,but they each understand the other’s pain at having to end something they thought would last forever. I thought the way Adam mentioned Kono was a little too casual, considering the way they ended things. Quinn did the right thing, giving her ex one more chance to keep his daughter,but at the same time, reminding him of what could happen if he blows it. I hope he doesn’t. As for the COTW,it was interesting to me. I think that was the first time Danny had called Steve a “nincompoop” and I actually thought it was funny. I could definitely understand why Lou asked the question about how Steve & Danny were able to subdue all those bad guys, I mean the odds were not in their favor at all-there were 6 or 7 bad guys and only 2 of them,but somehow they made it through. Loved the talk they had on the way back down the mountain, and I agree with you that it would have been the perfect way to end the series. Peter did say,on Twitter, something to the effect that we would be crying at the end, but it would be tears of joy-he promised. I just hope he isn’t throwing us a curve ball. Anyway,as the episodes dwindle down to a precious few(to paraphrase an old song)I will be enjoying them and remembering ten great years of a great television show!

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    • Yes, Peter did say we’d find the end satisfying (was that the word he used??) but also said he was sure there would be stuff for people to complain about too. But, this IS the H50 fandom. It’s truly impossible to have a split second go by without someone finding something to complain about. There really is no way for the end to be satisfying because we don’t want it to end at all.

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  2. It’s tough to even read the reviews now, so I can’t imagine how tough it is for you to write them! I’ve felt so depressed since we got the news, but I’m thinking Alex has projects lined up — he’s a man of many talents. So hopefully we’ll see him soon doing something new.

    The whole last third of this episode was pure gold — the horseback talks, the gunfight, the hand to hand fight, and Steve with a bloody face — all of the things we love about the boys and our SuperSEAL. This will be a favorite of mine.

    I think Frank Bama’s presence was significant. I’m sure they talked about Joe and all of the things Steve has been thru lately, so perhaps Steve needed a sounding board for his future plans. I don’t think Peter will kill him off — his posts have said we will have happy tears. But I am nervous about what will prompt Steve’s leaving. Is it the radiation poisoning? I hope not.

    I loved the humor in this ep, but did you notice that we didn’t get one smile from Steve? Alex is really playing him as a stressed, burdened man. Made me so sad.

    I especially loved when Danny helped Steve up and asked if he was okay. Steve had to pause for a second as he stood, to make sure he actually was all right. Classic Steve! And Linda your Butch and Sundance analogy during the shootout was perfect!

    The pics you chose for this review are also perfect! Thank you so much for your insight and care all these years.

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    • I honestly don’t think they’re going to kill Steve off either. From the BTS pictures we’ve gotten of the finale I think Daiyu Mei might go after Danny. I think, in the end, Danny will be ok but Daiyu Mei will be in the wind. Steve could choose to leave Hawaii and go after her because she targeted his family…. just like WoFat targeted his family all those years ago, and he won’t allow that to happen again.

      Remember, the finale was written to be a “season” finale, not a series finale. It’s possible it was written to leave the door open for Steve to return someday, since originally the network was going to renew for S11. So, I don’t think Steve will die either.

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  3. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    What you said. I think Scott was going to say something else, but instead Nincompoop came out. I hope Steve go chasing off after someone, it just wouldn’t be a good thing. Danny will follow. No matter the ending they will be in together in the end.

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  4. Brooklyngirl says:

    I just said to someone I can understand Alex wanting to “retire” so to speak. My own retirement is close – but not close enough – so that the routine, regimen, of doing the same thing for the next 3 years, 1 month and 20 days (but who’s counting) is at times daunting and scary. He’s carried a heavy load for 10 years and it’s time for him to explore other options. One of my bosses told me when I said I just can’t do this anymore he said, “it’s not that you can’t but you’ve reached your saturation point”. So has Alex. While I don’t want him to die in a blaze of glory, I wouldn’t be shocked if it happened (but I don’t think it will).

    I did have to rewatch it since, let’s face it, it’s extremely depressing and my heart just isn’t in it. Is anyone’s?? It was an interesting episode.

    I feel bad that we’ll never get to know the real Quinn. Katrina was excellent. I like her hooked up as a team with Adam – the 2 black sheep’s being there for each other. I’m also happy that Adam has to earn the trust and the right to be back on 50 but we’ll never see it will we?

    I loved Frank being there and imparting his culinary secrets to Junior (my mom saved and used the bacon grease to cook a lot of stuff, French fries, pancakes, eggs, 🤤). My feeling is, one military guy to another, it’s easier for Steve to talk to Frank. Not that he doesn’t love Danny but sometimes you need an impartial 3rd party.

    I can go on and on but you really said it all and said it so well. I am concerned about the ending, that blow to the head, the possibility of more liver damage, the radiation poisoning. Steve being so philosophical is sad. Someone said he didn’t smile and I noticed that as well during the episode.

    3 more to go. I don’t know if my heart can handle the sadness.

    Till the next time. Have a great week.

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    • “it’s not that you can’t but you’ve reached your saturation point”. What a perfect way to state it. Those of us who’ve been toiling at the same jobs for decades all know that feeling of just wanting it to come to an end so we can do something else, or do nothing, or just do what WE want. If that’s how Alex (and Scott for that matter) feel, more power to them. I understand 100%.

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  5. Wished that the season the final season got 25 episodes. It could had really tied up lose ends. But April 3rd is in a bit something we are going to dread
    But really will miss the show. Alex bless his heart, getting injured as he knew that his heart was not in the show due to the injuries. Health is more important
    But more importantly wished there was a spin off that could continue with Quinn, Tani, Junior, Adam, etc! Not to see McDanno every Friday to head into the weekend will be very hard.
    Loved the part when Danny and Steve were going out on horses. Will never see a scene like that Steve is right!


  6. It’s weird. I never read reviews before. I watched the show and that was it for me. I’ve only started reading this because it comforts me to see that there are other fans out there who are just as heartbroken about this as I am and who have put much more effort into this whole thing than I ever did. I’ve just been enjoying this for myself, while people like you have really contributed something to it for others to enjoy. Thank you for that!

    As for the heartbreak: I’m better. I try to concentrate less on the things that we are about to lose and more on the things that we won’t lose. This show has given us 10 amazing years, 240 episodes – which will still be there for us to enjoy, to write fanfiction about and to take a lttle mental vacation in every single day, if we want.

    The only thing I’m worried about now is the end. In contrast to many others, I fear that they will kill Steve off – especially after this week’s episode. We learned that he’s recently not sleeping and the talk about the sunsets that he won’t be able to see any more? This is more than just foreboding – sounds to me like he knows something Danny doesn’t. Add that to AOL walking around in a bloody shirt on his last days of shooting and the fact that they were thinking about continuing the show with a new leading character, I’m coming to the following guess:

    Steve’s terminally ill and already knows about it (radiation poisoning -> cancer?). And he will sacrifice himself for the greater good in the finale – probably to safe someone else. Maybe he’ll get to see his father afterwards.

    That way, he could choose his own way out – no enemy would get a jump on him, but it would be his own decision. That’s what I’m preparing for. I sure hope that I’m wrong, because I would prefer a non- death ending, where everyone will live “happily ever after” just without us as an audience.

    Sorry again for the long text. I guess that’s my therapy these days… 😉

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    • Please don’t apologize…. write as much as you want. Especially if it makes you feel better. No worries here.

      The bloody shirted Steve on the last days of shooting, as far as I know, was finishing up shots for the penultimate episode, the first half of the double header on April 3rd, so not for the finale. As usual, they reversed filming of the two episodes so what you saw was actually for 10.21 not 10.22.

      I don’t know if Steve is sick or not but I don’t think we’re going to see him die. The BTS pics posted on Instagram by crew members as well as “Eddie” show Steve saying his goodbyes. He wouldn’t be able to say goodbye, obviously, if he was dead! LOL Of all the goodbyes, other than the one I’m sure we’ll see with Danny, Steve’s goodbye to Eddie is what I know is going to do me in for good.


  7. Susan Schoppe says:

    As usual, and I never expect anything less, your review, even though it’s hard for you to write, was simply perfect in every way with the entire episode. Like everyone else I to am worried about the ending. Probably not for the same reasons though. I truly believe with all my heart that Steve will not die or be killed in the end. I don’t think any of the team members will be. I’m hoping that those so called Happy tears we’ve heard about the ending isn’t seeing Steve back with Cathrine, I assure you those won’t be happy tears for at least half the viewers. Although no mention of MB being on the island hasn’t been put out there (and it always is) I’m still thinking it may be a possibility. I think like you, Steve has probably confided in Frank Bama due to his friendship with Joe & he and Joe are/were of the same age group making it easier to confide in. Regarding Quinn, I am so sad we won’t get to see all the background of her past as I’m sure Peter had a lot of shocks with her for us that we won’t get to see now, but I mean surprising shocks not betrayal shocks. She was excellent in her character and I loved her for all the reason you gave. Ultimately there is nothing we can do about the ending so I’ve just tried to prepare myself for whatever we see happen, the fact that it’s ending at all was hard to prepare for period. I do understand Alex’s reasons and he’s given us 10 amazing years of his life, that all have. My perfect ending is Steve & Danny alive & well and together. See you here next week. Thanks for all you do ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • I reconciled in my mind a long time ago that Catherine would be part of the series finale. Of course, I thought it would be years from now, but I have no allusions that she won’t be there. As you say, there’s been no word that MB was on the island but I find her total silence on Instagram with regard to the series ending very telling. I hope the series doesn’t end with Steve and Catherine together in any way. But if the last scene is them together heading off on Steve’s quest so be it. I console myself knowing that at least we won’t be subjected to watching her with him long term. I’m hoping if it happens it’s the very last few minutes of the episode so I’ll know exactly where to stop the playback on any subsequent viewings.


      • Carole says:

        Oh Linda you took the words right out of my mouth! The advantage of not being able to see these last episodes in real time is I have a heads up and time to prepare. I fear that’s exactly the ending we’ll get and yep …..that remote will be my best friend. I can go to my happy place and think of Steve & Danny – two old men sitting on their beach or riding into the sunset.

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  8. Mary Tomshack says:

    I am hoping that no one dies in the final episode. I heard what Peter said about the last episode. I’m assuming that means they will all be okay at the end. I did enjoy this episode. I love Quinn, She is a great addition to the team. I loved her compassion for her ex’s daughter; and Adam as well. I also enjoyed the rest of the episode. Danny and Steve on horses was great. McDanno will live on forever for me. Well, I’ll see you next week. Thanks for the review.


  9. dustdee57 says:

    I thought the scene with them on the horses at the end was intereresting. Joe died in Steve’s arms saying look at the sunset. Now Steve says he thought he would live to see a million of them. I still feel he is ill and is giving hints that he is on the ‘way’ out. The ending could be of him, riding off to see the world while he can to see those sunsets and (though I don’t want them together) it will be Steve and Catherine or him by himself. After all he is loner. The unit will be disbanded by a new Governor. The team goes separate ways. Peter did mention that some of the characters would be seen in future episodes of Magnum. My thoughts. I too don’t think they would kill off Steve, too much of an uproar from fans – and no doubt some of the crazy fans would threaten Peter as some have already done. For a guy with a back injury, found it interesting that he was riding a horse. Think the actors just want to move on to other things. Alex is producing, directing and writing. I asked Egan about Alex being a new instructor for him…he said ‘yes’, the Alex showed in the testing video with a clipboard and was helping out. ??? Time will tell, I just know that I am going to miss the hell out of this show.


  10. ZiaDiane says:

    Thanks Linda. I also feel sad that we won’t see more of Quinn’s back story. I was looking forward to getting to know this character better.

    So many things that need to be tied up and won’t be. I wish they could have done a few more episodes to tie things up and let us better prepare for this. But it is what it is.

    I am thinking that the quick ending might not have allowed time for Michelle Borth to get in on the story. Although Catherine usually pops up once a year, so they may have planned it in advance before they knew the end. I hate to think that the last show will be cliff hanger and that they did not re-shoot some scenes to end the show better.

    Well, I will watch on Friday and shed more tears. I will miss this show so much.


    • Of course, I don’t know this for sure but it looks like Alex made his decision to leave the show some time ago. If that’s the case, this finale, whether it was intended to be a season finale or not, was probably written as Alex’s/Steve’s exit from the show. Also, if that’s the case, there would have been more than enough time for it to be written so Catherine could make her yearly, and final, appearance in the finale. I wish with all my heart that it would not be so, but I think it probably will be.

      But I refuse to allow her presence to throw a wet blanket on the finale for me. However few minutes she’s on my screen won’t ruin the ten years of wonderful entertainment this show’s given me for ten long years. And, like I said before, if she’s in at the very very end, I’ll know exactly where to turn the playback off every time I watch the end.


      • Carole says:

        If she was destined to be Steve’s endgame – why all the lies and antics that created so much anger towards her and have fans wanting no part of it. It didn’t start out that way….. They flat out manufactured storyline to make her a bigger part of S4 than she should ever have been. None of us would have a problem if she’d stayed in the navy and made occasional appearances. Sorry for the mini rant,. but I’ve obviously been churning on this all week. Linda I know you’re a big Adam fan, but they kinda did same with him…..a lot of wasted air time on stuff we didn’t like. Much as I give credit to PL for bringing us the show- I don’t always agree with the tactics.


        • It is true I have more patience than many others when it comes to things like this, but I haven’t liked everything either. Yeah, I love Adam but I hated this last story. I lost count of how many times I said how much I didn’t like it. I also agree, I would have loved it if they’d left Catherine in the Navy. It’s something else I’ve said too many times to count. They should have left her in the Navy, stationed at Pearl. They could have had the Navy make her something like “Naval Liaison to the State of Hawaii” so she could have continued to help Five-0 but on an official level instead of it always being “a favor”. Being stationed at Pearl, she and Steve could have continued their “thing”, which I loved back then, and she could have continued to appear in the show as needed. Their relationship could have continued to evolve, perhaps even to the point where they’d have wanted to make it official and marry them off. I would have been happy with that scenario. It wasn’t until they totally destroyed her character that I turned against her. And even now, I’m perfectly fine with them being friends and being there for each other when needed.

          If she shows up in the finale, which I think she probably will, my gut feeling is it will be in that capacity. Steve hasn’t seen her in over a year. He’s in the middle of whatever catastrophe is going on, probably frantic as he tries to save Danny. From what it looks like (and, of course, I could be wrong) decides he must leave Hawaii for whatever reason (probably to take down Daiyu Mei to keep his Ohana safe). He has heartfelt and tearful goodbyes with (hopefully) Danny, his team and Eddie *sob*. I hardly think any of that is conducive to seeing Catherine and having a sudden realization that she is the love of his life and they are meant to be.

          More than likely, he needs her help and CIA contacts and resources in his search for Daiyu Mei (she is an international arms dealer, after all) and has called in Catherine for her expertise. As much as I don’t like her for Steve, she IS extremely good at what she does and would be a huge help in his quest. That’s how I see her in this scenario. Just need to sit back and wait and see if that’s how it all plays out.


  11. Carole says:

    Amen to that…..let’s stick with that. The only other idea I can’t quite let go is Greer and if she’d kept a secret. What if Steve isn’t the end of the McG line? That could be tears of joy for Steve, the family he’s always craved.


  12. Patsa says:

    Carole are you saying you want Steve to have a child (who would be 17) with a woman he had a brief affair with and who killed his SEAL team, Joe White, and tried to kill him twice? You want him to live the rest of his life with that constant reminder? I don’t think that is what Steve’s happily ever after should look like. That seems more like a nightmare.


    • Carole says:

      You have a really good point……..since hearing of the show ending my mind has been all over the place. We won’t get McDanno, so guess I’m just trying to come up with something that doesn’t involve Cath.


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