H50 Review: 10.16 – He kauwā ke kanaka na ke aloha (Man is a slave of love) – Happy Valentine’s Day

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Hi everyone!  As you can see, this review is super late. I wasn’t sure I was even going to write one for this week’s episode.  I just got home after spending a week in Nassau in the Bahamas.  My wonderful husband, along with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law took me away for my 60th birthday.  Nothing better than escaping February in the Northeast by heading to warm sunshine, beaches, good food and lots of alcohol!  The resort was amazing!  We has a blast!



I did manage to watch the episode in my hotel room on Friday night but, as is the case with many hotel TVs, it was a very small screen, not in HD and the sound was horrendous.  I finally got to re-watch the episode properly on Tuesday night.  Needless to say, I loved it. I’m really short on time this week with getting resettled after vacation and heading back to work but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts.  I haven’t had the chance to read any other reviews so forgive me if everyone is talked out about the episode all ready.

Noelani and Tani:  I really like the friendships which have formed on this show between all the women.  We’ve seen the great connection Quinn and Tani have formed and here we see it again, between Tani and Noelani.  Noelani’s surf lesson scene was a hoot. I’m not sure who was more excited about her success on that board, her or Tani.

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And I loved Tani’s good natured ribbing over the way Noelani was flirting with the surf instructor.  But most of all, I love seeing them outside of work just having friend time.  And, commiserating over their disappointment over it being Valentine’s Day and both their boyfriends being away.

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The holdup at the convenience store was a sad commentary on a very real problem in this country these days.  There are millions of people who either have no medical coverage at all or they have coverage but with such high deductibles and/or out-of-pocket expenses, it’s virtually impossible to get medical care when needed.  Of course, it was taken to the extreme here for the purpose of a TV plot but, to be honest, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if something like this doesn’t happen in real life when people are simply desperate to find money for care.  It’s even something we’ve seen on this show before.  Remember all the way back to Season 1 and the asset forfeiture locker?  Chin’s uncle stole that money in order to pay for his wife’s kidney transplant.

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Kimee Balmilero was awesome in these scenes.  It was so great to see her highlighted here since lately it seems we see her more on Magnum PI then we do on H50.  She’s so great at bringing all of Noelani’s personality to the screen.  In this episode alone, she was adorably rambunctious during her surf lesson, a giggly girl-friend with Tani, scared when “Bonnie and Clyde” pulled weapons on everyone then, extremely resourceful and brave when trying to help “Clyde” during his seizure.  I just love her!

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Adam:   I will continue to say, week after week, that I do not like Adam’s story.  What I did like in his episode was Lou calling him on his crap!  It’s about time someone… anyone… said something to Adam about what’s going on with him.  I was so sure when Lou started speaking that he was just going to give Adam another free pass.  While he wasn’t as forceful as I thought he’d be (considering the murderous look he gave Adam in that jungle last week) I was relieved to hear him call Adam out.  Adam’s actions put Bonnie in danger and, even though Lou is grateful to Adam for getting Bonnie back, he’s not going to be forgiving or buddy-buddy with the guy for quite some time.  Good for you Lou!

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I’m still, in my heart, going with the belief that Adam is in some sort of long con.  The way he reacted to Lou’s anger, the way he looked at Steve in last week’s episode, the pained, remorseful look he gets every time he does something he knows is wrong, makes me believe that he is not doing any of this because he’s “gone to the dark side”.  I’ve said it a million times.  Adam was never a bad guy and he sucked at it when he tried.  I don’t believe he’s a bad guy now.

Then there is that scene in the car when Adam handed over HPD intel to one of the Yakuza.  But was he Yakuza?  The way the scene was written can be taken two ways.  As presented; bad guy Adam handing over stolen HPD intel to one of Kenji’s men OR …. the press release for the episode lists the actor, Jess A. Cruz. as playing a character listed only as “Fed”.  So, an agent of Asian descent, posing as one of Kenji’s men?  His concern over Adam’s welfare, his warning about how unpredictable Kenji can be, telling Adam to watch his back.  None of that sounds like something a Yakuza thug would be saying to an HPD/Five-0 spy to me.

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Detective Danny:  This week’s crime of the week was a really great one, full of the kinds of twists and turns we’ve come to expect from this show.  She killed her husband.  But, she didn’t kill him.  She was protecting her boyfriend who killed him.  But the boyfriend didn’t kill him so she was protecting him for nothing.  The killer ends up being someone not even anywhere near their radar but related to another killing years ago in Thailand.  Yup, typical bait and switch, red herring story telling.  A story that keeps me on my toes and engaged the entire episode.  I love these kinds of stories.

But the best part of the COTW is that we finally got to see something that’s been in very low supply in recent years.  The return of Detective Danny Williams.  The man who had “87 homicide cases” under his belt before he ever set foot in Hawaii and who, for years, was not only Steve’s partner but Steve’s equal partner.  This is what I’ve meant when I’ve said that, while I totally understand Scott’s reduced episode schedule, I don’t understand why they can’t utilize his talents and write great Danny material when he is available.  This episode shows it is very possible to do just that.

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Danny knew instantaneously that Lorena was lying about killing her husband, no matter how adamant her confession and Steve was also instantaneously ready to go with Danny’s instincts even while those back at HQ were more than just a bit skeptical.

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It was a nice bit of continuity with regard to Danny’s personal experience with battered women and how, when they do take matters into their own hands, it’s almost always a matter of self defense and not premeditated.  Not only was Steve totally on board with Danny’s instincts, Duke was too.  He was right there to help Steve and Danny get Lorena to safety rather than allow her to be taken into custody by the State Department.  They all risked a lot and all on their trust in Danny and his instincts.  Bravo to the writers on this story.

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Ohana Valentine:  I loved the McDanno scene we got at the beginning of the episode.  Steve’s face was so adorable when he admitted to Danny that he’s been seeing Brooke so often that he’s lost count.  It makes sense.  He went on that first date with Brooke.  Then he had a casual date with Emma the vet. Right after that, it all went down with Doris and we know Steve wasn’t himself for quite some time, dealing with Doris’s death.  Dating was obviously not on his mind at all.  Eventually, he began to feel like himself again and wanting to get back out there, remembered his date(s) with Brooke, realized how much fun he had with her and how much he liked her and called her again.  It just went from there.

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Is it weird that Danny, living in Steve’s house, had no idea about his dating habits?  No, not really.  Danny has been pretty preoccupied these days himself.  Even though it’s been happening off screen, Danny has been trying all season to work things out with Rachel.  Trying to work things out takes time.  I’m assuming, since Steve was trying to keep things on the down low, he was out with Brooke while Danny was with Rachel.

I am so enjoying all the time Danny has been staying at Steve’s place.  I know Junior is due to return from duty in the next episode and with Danny’s house ready for habitation again, he’ll probably be going home soon.  I wish there was a way for both Junior and Danny to stay at Steve’s.  I love the idea of the three of them (four if you include Eddie) in their own personal frat house and we already know Steve loves having a full house too.

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The tragedy of Joanna’s death rocked Danny.  Although I’m disappointed we haven’t heard anything about the kid who caused Joanna’s death being caught, it was nice to see the continuity of how Danny is dealing with what happened.  It was interesting to hear Danny tell Lorena that his life wasn’t making a lot of sense these days and he saw her predicament as a puzzle he could solve.  Even though it wasn’t specifically verbalized in the dialog, it was as if Danny felt he needed to help Lorena just as much for himself as for her.  He couldn’t save Joanna but he could save Lorena.

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I absolutely adored the Ohana scene at the end of the show.  It was so sweet of Steve and Brooke to cancel their date to be there for Danny.  The addition of the others was very sweet.  Steve had told Danny earlier that Quinn and Tani were having a movie night together (more girl-friend time… I love it!) so he just called them over to Casa McG, along with Noelani, Kamekona and Flippa to watch the movie there.  I’m assuming Lou was with Renee, since we know he better not forget it’s Valentines day!  As for Adam, well, I assume he wasn’t invited, all considered.

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It’s not one bit surprising that Steve would want to be there for Danny.  Danny has always been there for Steve in his darkest moments.  Holidays tend to emphasize the dark times.  Valentine’s Day is a silly “Hallmark” holiday but for those who are alone, it can be a hard pill to swallow.  Danny’s attempt to reconcile with Rachel has failed again and Joanna is dead.  Sure he didn’t know her well but there was a real connection between them, a more than small hint of what could have been.  Danny is hurting even if he doesn’t want to admit it.  Of course, he doesn’t have to admit it.  Steve just knows!

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Will we see Brooke again?  Who knows? Considering the track record of this show, I think we probably won’t but I hope I’m wrong.  We really haven’t seen them together for more than a few minutes so it’s hard to feel any particular bond between them yet but they’re cute together and they’re obviously comfortable with each other.  Steve is comfortable enough to include her in an Ohana evening with the team.  That says a lot.  I hope we do get to see, or at least hear about Brooke again.

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There is also the fact that she’s a mom of a child at Charlie’s school.  So there’s a kid, presumably close in age to Charlie.  How awesome would it be to see Steve interact with another small child?  How awesome would it be if, down the line, he finally got the family he’s always wanted?  Ok… ok…. I’m wildly jumping the gun, I know.  But the idea of Steve being a daddy just gives me soooooo many happy feels.

So, our episode ends with everyone settling down to watch “Love Actually” and enjoying each other’s company.  It could be any day of the year, it just happens to be Valentine’s Day.  I’m grateful for two things.  One:  They’re not watching “The Notebook” (I could never figure out what all the buzz was about) and Two:  That couch cuddle.  Oh yes, I full admit to adoring my McDanno moments wherever and whenever I get them.  The more the better.

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Well, that’s it for this episode.  I thought this one was very well done, in the crimes, the Ohana and, of course, McDanno.  Now all they have to do is end the annoying Adam story and I’ll be a very happy camper.

Until next time, friends!  Aloha. Malama Pono



21 thoughts on “H50 Review: 10.16 – He kauwā ke kanaka na ke aloha (Man is a slave of love) – Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Great review as usual! I thought Lou did Adam a favor by not giving him a pass and telling him that it would take him a long time to get over what he did. Danny didn’t buy the confession for a second and I loved how Steve went along with him even though the others thought Lorena committed the crime. One thing I couldn’t understand was how the authorities found Kamekona’s hideaway(where Danny had taken Lorena to keep her from being taken by state police). Who told them? The hostage situation with Tani & Noelani was tense,to say the least, but Noelani being a doctor was to me their saving grace,along with Adam remembering that Tani was supposed to be on her way to H50 htdqtrs to help with Danny’s case, It was great seeing Tani reassure the woman that her husband would get the medical help he needed in prison, while she could help outside prison,although she might get some time for kidnapping, depending on what Tani had to say to the judge. I really loved the movie scene at the end-it was great seeing Steve put his arm around Danny and Brooke at the same time-so cute! Looking forward to next week and seeing Tani & Junior’s reunion!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with you. I’m really looking forward to seeing Tani and Junior’s reunion too. I really like the two of them as a couple. But, like I said above, I wish there was a way both Junior and Danny could stay at Steve’s.


  2. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    I really liked the episode. I did think it was odd that the “bad guy” called Adam “Mr. Y”, not going to try to spell his name, he sounded very respectful and not like someone who is just doing what he is told to do. Could someone find out where Mr Pickles is at?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m weary of Adam’s story. I like IAD, but the current arc doesn’t make a lot of sense. Since the writers have gone down this road, I’m thinking they ought to go all the way now and let Adam go back to the dark side. How cool would it be if he became the new baddie, in collusion with Wo Fat’s widow? It would harken back to the old days, when Hiro Noshimuri was aligned with Wo Fat (well, until Wo Fat killed him, LOL.)  What a fantastic dynamic it would be to watch Steve play cat and mouse with Adam, all the while wrestling with his memories of Wo Fat. I like this idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nancy 13 says:

    Happy Birthday! and many more! glad you could enjoy some nice warm weather to celebrate. I don’t think anyone likes the Adam story line. I read other blogs & they all dislike it. I think Adam should go to the dark side too & align with Wo Fat’s widow.
    Maybe she stole Mr. Pickles!


  5. Happy Birthday Linda. Hope it is a blast. BTW glad Steve has been there for Danny and both of them make up the show. Danny could not save his date but he did save Lorena. Steve following his lead was great and at least he drove his truck with Danny in it for once.
    Feds and State Department needed to do their homework as Five 0 will not stand down nor cave in as to me on TV at least, they are like the preppy rich kids who think they can run over anybody and everybody.
    Noleni and Tani both teaming up. Tani is the brawn while Noleni was the brains. Both of them should team up more often IMHO.
    Adam please either be good or bad. Because one way or the other you will have to chose down the line. Really Lou is keeping an open mind but also he is still upset over what Adam did
    Glad Steve cancelled his date with Brooke and inviting everybody over as they needed to be with Danny in his time of need.
    Again happy birthday with lots of presents and cake!


  6. Brooklyngirl says:

    I enjoyed the episode. Loved seeing Detective Danny, along with Duke & Steve save Lorena! It’s good to have friends in high places. Glad Steve keeps up with favors!!

    The hostage situation really wasn’t resolved was it. We were left hanging without knowing what happened. Even though we knew that the gals would be fine and the “bad couple” arrested. Did anyone else find it strange that Adam just showed up at the scene and took over?

    I agree with your thoughts that maybe Adam is undercover trying to put Kenji away and not take over as the head. It would be much like Kono in s2 with Fryer and Steve was kept in the dark. Ohhh maybe we’ll get Steve punching someone else out telling them “not to mess with my team”!! This line of thinking makes more sense because Adam fought way to hard to get away from that life.

    The ending was sweet with another Ohana moment. Brooke fits in quite well with the team and her feeding Steve popcorn was priceless. With such a short season (I’m sure the cast doesn’t feel that way though!) I doubt we’ll get to see her again but hopefully we’ll have more mentions of her and maybe her kid!!

    I’m also looking forward to Junior coming home.

    Happy Birthday Linda – may your year be filled with special blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s funny… I didn’t think Adam showing up was so strange. I mean, he was worried about not being able to reach Tani and he stayed behind in HQ to track her phone to find out where she was. Once he did, he wasn’t going to pull anyone else away from Lorena’s case so he headed over to the convenience store on his own. And, as we’ve seen a million times in the past, once Five-0 shows up on a scene, no matter which member of Five-0 it is, HPD usually stands aside and lets Five-0 take the lead. So, I didn’t really find it strange at all.

      As for the hostage situation being resolved, you’re right, we didn’t see it but once “Bonnie” laid down her guns, I just assumed she freed Tani, who freed the rest, and they all just walked out the door and EMT’s would rush in to work on “Clyde”.


  7. ZiaDiane says:

    Happy Birthday Linda! Thanks for taking the time to write the review. 😊😊

    I agree with everything else. I just wanted to add that no matter who they pair Steve up with, there will always be the nay sayers, that would prefer this character be alone and will not like her. I like Brooke, I hope that she sticks around and I would also like to see Steve interact with her child as well.

    Steve would be an awesome Dad. I am also glad she is not some bad ass ninja type. Steve needs someone to ground him and give him the family he has missed since Doris disappeared when he was 15 years old and messed it all up. He has enough excitement from Five-O and needs a normal life at home. I hope she stays.
    Now we just need someone permanent for Danny.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. I’d love nothing better than to see Steve with someone who can make him happy. I like Brooke, not so much because of who she is, but for who she’s not. She’s not in or ex-military. She’s not in or ex-any alphabet agency. She’s not in or ex-law enforcement. She’s just an normal, lovely lady, who (as far as we know) has no baggage or agenda. She’s just someone he can be himself with and, for want of a better word, be normal with. I know we only saw them together on screen for a very few minutes, but in those minutes, Steve looked happy and relaxed and content. Will it last? Will we ever see or hear about her again? Who knows? But for now, I’m glad he’s found someone he can decompress with at the end of a stressful day. Someone who doesn’t add to his stress because he always has to wonder what she’s up to or what she’s hiding. God knows, he has enough of that in his life.

      As for Danny…. well….. as a hardcore McDanno shipper, I’d love nothing more than for he and Steve to finally figure out that the only person for them in the long run is each other. But, of course, that will never happen on the show (as I’ve said a million times, that’s what I have FanFiction for). Joanna was so perfect for Danny. I have no idea where the writers will go from there.


  8. Susan Schoppe says:

    OMG, Linda, you said everything perfectly. I agree on every aspect of your take on this. Excellent catch & theory of the Adam storyline. I totally hope this is the case BC I really want Adam to remain a good guy. You have the best review in My opinion. Others just don’t do the show Justice in there reviews, to narrow minded I think. Anyway have a good rest of your week. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Carole says:

    Jumping in here….Happy birthday Linda ! I agree with Susan. I gave up on other reviewers ages ago – they have their agendas and can be very biased. I am only getting season 9 here, but better than nothing. Do you know air dates for season finale?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Carole. I’ve been a bit out of touch the last couple of weeks getting ready for my trip and getting back into the swing after we got home. I’m pretty sure I saw that the season finale evening will be a two-episode evening, meaning both episode 10.21 and 10.22 will be shown back to back, as has been done in some previous seasons and will be on April 3rd here in the U.S.


  10. Rhaynn says:

    Thanks for these reviews. Better than any magazine or other web page. You fill in the parts I miss. So guess what happens. Yes I watch the episode with your review in hand. Really look forward to this. Great job, thanks so much for doing this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow…really??? Thank you so much for your support of the blog. I’ve had a couple of other people tell me they read the review before they watch the episode and that just floors me. I can’t tell you how much that means to me! ♥♥


  11. Mary Tomshack says:

    Thank you for the great review and belated happy birthday. Sounds like a great one. I also loved the episode and was thrilled with the return of Detective Danny Williams. He knows his stuff and Steve knows it. Danny was so proud at the end when he saw the couple together. And Tani and Noelani were great together too. I loved their friendship. They saved the day in that convenience store. I loved Noelani’s compassion for the couple, even after terrorizing them. And Tani’s promise to help them. It was a perfect end to a bad situation. Of course,my favorite part was the cuddle at the end of the show. There is nothing better than a McDanno cuddle. Well, see you next week.

    Liked by 1 person

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