#H50 Review: 10.15 – He waha kou o ka he‘e (Yours is the mouth of an octopus)

Ian InstagramPhoto Credit:  Ian Anthony Dale on Instagram

Hi everyone!  I hope you’ve all had a great week.  Here we are again, enjoying yet another really good H50.  I was a bit worried about this episode, for no other reason, except that it was coming after last week’s extremely highly emotional one.  Sometimes, that leads to the next episode being a bit of a letdown but, thankfully, that wasn’t the case here.  While this episode, co-written by Chi McBride and directed by Ian Anthony Dale, didn’t have the highly touching impact that last week’s episode had, it was still pretty emotionally charged in its own right.  And it was a single-story episode with not only the entire team working together but with lots of Steve and Danny togetherness as well.  My absolutely favorite type of episode.

Chi’s scripts always seem to revolve around the Grover family and this one was no different.  We met Lou’s niece Siobhan only seven episodes ago when she told Lou she wanted to follow in his footsteps and be a cop. And here she was, already a stand-out recruit at the HPD Academy. That didn’t take long.

HawaiiFive0_S10_Octopus_SG18b_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

The opening scene between Danny and (we now know her real name) Joanna’s sister was extremely touching.  Annika Marks managed to tear my heart out again.  She was so incredibly believable in Marie’s grief.  And Scott played Danny’s reactions to her perfectly. You could see there were so many things he wanted to say, so many ways he wanted to comfort her, but he was so choked up all he could manage to say was “I’m so sorry” over and over again.  Of course, Marie understood. She read the police report. She knows what Danny did to try to save Joanna.

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I do wish we could have had at least one line to say that the jerk who killed Joanna had been taken into custody but, honestly, the way the scene ended with the two of them clinging to each other in their grief was so poignant and heartbreaking I really didn’t need to hear it. I’m just going to assume that he is.

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I, of course, liked this episode a lot but I have to be honest, it kind of gave me a similar feeling to Danny’s story in last week’s episode.  I really enjoyed that story as well, particularly the fantastic acting of both Scott and Kate Siegel, but it felt to me that the only reason why that story was being told was to concretely show that Danny was 100% ready to move past Rachel.  That’s the same feeling I got watching Bonnie’s story.

It was a good story, but it really felt like the only reason for it to be told was to further the “what the hell is Adam doing..” story.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Nia Holloway as Bonnie and no one can turn on the emotional waterworks as well as Chi. He’s so good at being able to go from frantic worry, to murderous rage, to desperation in the span of only moments.  It’s always a gut punch whenever a big strong guy dissolves into tears and no one does that better than Chi.

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Of all the guys Bonnie could have gotten involved with, she had to pick a Yakuza plant within the Academy. Of course, she didn’t know he was Yakuza, but he had to know her uncle was Five-0.  No, Bonnie isn’t a blood relative of Lou’s and, obviously, doesn’t share his last name but I can’t believe in the “getting to know you” part of their relationship, Bonnie didn’t mention why she wanted to be cop and the person who inspired her to do so.

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This is where the story gave me the same feeling as last weeks did.  Bonnie’s bad-boyfriend could have been anyone. But Chi and Matt Wheeler chose to make him Yakuza.  Joanna came into Danny’s life to propel his character away from Rachel and Endo and Bonnie’s story was only told to further advance whatever the hell Adam’s story is supposed to be.

I’m going to say this again…. I do not like this story one bit even if I love what Ian is doing with the material.  Especially in this episode, I was very impressed with the amount of time Adam was on screen considering that Ian was also directing. The old adage “a good actor can elevate the material” really applies with this story.

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For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the hell is going on here.  I pray to God this is a long con of some sort, like when Kono was undercover for Fryer back in Season 2, because this behavior of Adam’s makes no sense.  And this story is turning the team into something I never thought I’d see them be.  Distrustful and secretive.  Steve and Danny are searching Adam’s apartment behind his back while Lou, all buddy-buddy with Adam, is keeping him busy and distracted while they do it.




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I fully understand Steve’s desire to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but the fact that Adam has now found himself in the latter category is very disconcerting. Steve has had his doubts about Adam for a while but now it’s downright outrage coming from Lou.  If looks could kill, when Adam walked out of that jungle, he would have perished on the spot.

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I did notice something after Adam got Bonnie back to Lou.  He walked out of the jungle and he and Steve made eye contact.  There was a very subtle nod between them.  It was definitely there but I can’t decide what it could mean.  It seems pretty obvious that if Adam is undercover, he’s doing it for someone much higher up the food chain and that Steve doesn’t know anything about it.

There’s no way Steve would have put on a charade of searching Adam’s apartment in front of Danny because Steve wouldn’t deliberately keep Danny in the dark over something so important.  He would trust Danny with the truth. Steve was definitely in the dark when they were there.

But that nod between he and Adam? Could Steve have found out something after the search of the apartment?  Was that nod an understanding of some sort between them?  Or was it simply “I’m happy you were able to get her back safely but don’t think we’re not going to be talking about this.”

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UPDATE:  A huge thank you to @ernsand2 on Twitter for capturing the exact moment for me! ❤️❤️❤️

Whatever it is, Adam sure has a hell of a lot of explaining to do.  No, I do not like this story one bit.  However, the acting of everyone involved in it is making it easier to bear.  But I really can’t wait until it’s over and hope to God that when it is, we have our old Adam back again.  Maybe there is some hope…..


Yup, this is the kind of episode I love. One story, everyone working together to solve the problem and lots and lots of Steve and Danny time.  The Steve/Danny feels were all over this one.  Right from the start, when Danny was called into the ME’s office to meet whoever arrived from Joanna’s family, there’s no way Steve was going to let Danny go alone.  And Steve knows Danny so well that when the usually overly talkative Danny didn’t want to talk about his meeting with Marie, Steve didn’t push.  When Danny’s ready to talk, Steve will be there.

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The last scene between them at the house was golden.  The scene was one of blissful domesticity.  First off, it was wonderful to see that Eddie is his old, cheerful self again while the guys banter over scrambled eggs and “bacon days”.  I honestly don’t know if most of that scene was adlibbed or not, but it sure felt like it was.  If it wasn’t, Matt and/or Chi wrote it perfectly.

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There were several throw backs in this scene as well.  Steve and Danny have been going at it over eggs and breakfast since way back in Season 1. There was also the line “you get what you get and don’t get upset” which is exactly the same thing Danny once told Charlie at the dinner table.

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Then there was that look, that fleeting look, on Steve face when Danny told him the repairs on his house were almost complete, so he’d be able to go home soon.

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Steve had that exact same look when Junior told him well over a year ago that he was looking for an apartment.  Just like he was happy that Junior was beginning to feel settled in Hawaii, Steve’s happy that Danny’s life is getting back on track.  But those good feelings are immediately tempered with the dread of the house being empty again.

Steve really likes having a full house, having a “family” living under its roof again.  With Junior deployed, Danny has filled the void.  If Danny leaves, and Junior is still away, I don’t think Steve can bear the thought of rattling around an empty house again.  It’s a pretty safe bet that Danny will eventually go home.  I just hope it’s not for a very long time because I just adore all the time they are spending together.  I really don’t want to see it end.

Lastly, I want to send a truly heartfelt Congratulations to Ian Anthony Dale, his beautiful wife Nicole and their adorable son Roman on the birth of their second child, a baby girl.  Ian shared the wonderful news via his Instagram account this past Monday with an adorable picture of himself, Nic and the little lady.  I’m sure you all will join me in sending them all the warmest of best wishes.  Ian is embarking on an adventure he can’t fathom yet.  There is nothing in this world that can reduce a big, strong man into a gooey puddle like a little girl.  I know he’s totally ready to be a phenomenal #girldad!

Well, that’s it for this week my friends.  I know this review isn’t quite as long and rambling as usual (maybe that’s not a bad thing, eh? 😉🤣) but I’m in the process of preparing for a little winter vacation.  I’m up to my neck in prep so not a ton time for screen caps.  Just a few this week.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to see next weeks episode but I’ll try to throw together something if I can.  Until then, Have a great week.  Aloha.  Malama Pono


11 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 10.15 – He waha kou o ka he‘e (Yours is the mouth of an octopus)

  1. Carole says:

    IAN did a great job directing. It was an all around good episode even if like you I’m
    not liking Adam’s storyline at all. The scene with Danny and Joann’s sister was nicely done – can’t help wondering if they’ll cycle back to her again at some point. Guess I want something good to come out of the tragedy. Lou was Lou as to be expected in a story written by him, but I think the combination of Ian & Chi made for a more enjoyable story than one focusing entirely on Lou’s family. We got the emotions Chi is so good at sans the long monologues that drive me a bit crazy. Then of course we got some wonderful MaDanno banter. I hope Danny stays at Steve’s for a long time! Wish I could watch next week, but for me 2020 means retirement…a new chapter begins/travel means missing episodes……not sure how many Linda, but I’m relying on you to keep me in the loop.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhhhh congratulations on retirement! I am soooooooo jealous! I’m at least a couple years away before I can even think about it. Well, that’s not true… I think about it all the time! LOL Have a wonderful trip. I know you’re going to have a fantastic time!


      • Carole says:

        Thanks – I turned 62 last year and decided after 25+ years with the same employer it was time. Hubs isn’t quite ready. He still travels for work sometimes and I’ve tried to tag along when I could. Now I can do it all the time + go to see the kids and my mum.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve also been with the same employer for over 20 years. I like who I work for and who I work with but after 21 years in this job and 10 previously doing the exact same type of work, I can honestly say I’m bored out of my mind. Just need to put in a couple more years and that will be it for me too. I can understand exactly where you’re coming from!


  2. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda, as usual! I have to agree with you that Chi & Matt wrote a great script and Ian did a fantastic job directing it-he got the best out of everybody, especially Chi! Like you said, no one can turn on the waterworks like Chi, but the anger once he found out about Bonnie’s boyfriend, that was something else. I never thought I’d say this about Adam, but I am starting to dislike him a lot-like you said, his behavior makes no sense at all and he definitely gives everyone reason to distrust him right now. I’m glad he got Bonnie back safely,I will give him that,but the rest of it just doesn’t add up to me. I hope it is an undercover assignment of some kind, but,either way, he does have some explaining to do to Steve for sure. Loved the interaction between Danny & Marie-so sweet and so heartwrenching. I could see that Danny wanted to say more to her than he did. She knew that the accident wasn’t his fault and that he had done everything he could to save Joanna. I just loved it when they hugged. While Steve & Danny’s kitchen argument was funny,it was Eddie who really made me laugh-as he looked at them,it was like he was saying”Hey, guys, chill out-breakfast is nothing to argue about!” BTW,it was good to see Eddie back to his old sweet self. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree with you about Eddie. He’s the canine version of Alex. He “says” pages of dialog with only a look. He excels at it, just like Alex does. There really should be an animal Emmy. Eddie would be a shoe in!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on retirement Carole. My dad has been retired since 2012. And says it was a blessing in disguise despite being reluctant at first.
    BTW Adam needs to be either good or bad. Steve has already caught up to him. And that he is a smart fellow. You never fool McGarrett as really it is only time when Adam will be in a pair of handcuffs
    Danny you have to feel for. And really think that the producers buried in the rug he and Rachel getting together. He has his family both in Jersey and Hawaii
    At least Steve opened his home to Danny that is so nice.
    Tani being an instructor cool there. But really hate the kidnapping stories. Enough with those!


  4. Brooklyngirl says:

    I enjoyed the episode. In all honesty I’m not a big Chi McBride as a writer fan. He’s very sentimental and turns on the waterworks way to easily for me. But this story had the right amount of everything.

    Congratulations to Ian and his beautiful family on the arrival of their latest addition! And to his very successful directorial debut. All good things!

    I feel like you do, I am hoping that Adam hasn’t reverted back to his old Yakuza days and will soon be back on the Ohana fold. When I saw the nod between Steve and Adam it felt like a (baby) step back in the right direction. A nod of approval, an “I told you I’d get her back unharmed and I delivered” to back to being a trusted member of the fold. It’s going to be a very slow return to grace.

    The scene with Danny and Joanna’s sister was heartbreaking but it was needed for closure.

    I loved the end. The boys are back and I agree, Steve misses Junior and needs Danny to hang around to keep him company. I’m not a McDanno fan in the romantic sense but rather more along the lines of Grumpy Old Men and they had a ball with that scene! I’m happy to see Eddie seems like his old self again! It’s not a bacon 🥓 day?! Steven, when is it not a bacon 🥓 day??

    Till next time, have a great week!


  5. Mary Tomshack says:

    I also wonder where Mr. Pickles is. Maybe Ricky is out of the halfway house and came to get him. So Eddie is an only child again. I’m glad he seems fine. It does seem that Steve wants to keep Danny around for awhile. I think it may be partly that Steve wants to keep an eye on him. He wants to be there when Danny has his breakdown from the accident. I also loved all of the Steve and Danny scenes. The ending was great. Classic McDanno argument, about eggs and bacon of all things. They were adorable. The rest of the episode was pretty good too. I like when Quinn and Tani work together. They bounce off of each other pretty well. I also have to admit, I’m not crazy about the Adam storyline. I can’t fathom how this will end well. But I am sure it will. Well, thank you for the great review. See you next week. It looks like more Steve and Danny.


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