#H50 Review:  10.14 – I ho ‘olulu, ho ‘ohulei ‘ia e ka makani (There was a lull and then the wind began to blow about)



Back in 2010, when asked why he wanted to re-boot Hawaii Five-O, Peter Lenkov recalled how much his father had loved the original and how much he enjoyed sitting with his dad week after week to watch the show. He also commented on how, in the original, they never really touched on the personal lives of the Five-0 team all that much.  Those guys just went to work every day and, for the most part, the episodes ended at the office too.  He wanted his new Hawaii Five-0 to be more than just a procedural.  He wanted it to show life outside of work too.  He wanted it to have heart and emotion and deal with the personal lives of his characters as well.

It is, in my opinion, what has made this show so successful for the last ten years.  It has something for everyone.  It’s a good old-fashioned procedural, with gun fights and explosions, and car chases galore.  But it also has very compelling characters with real life triumphs and tragedies and an Ohana that ties it all together with compassion, togetherness and, yes, love.  It’s all those elements that keeps me tuning in week after week.

Needless to say, I was both looking forward to this episode and apprehensive about it at the same time.  The press release promised an episode full of anxiety, angst and worry.  The sneak peeks showed us a harrowing car accident involving Danny and an almost fatal encounter with cars involving Steve and Eddie.  This was going to be either a “keep a tissue box close by” episode or an “I’m gonna need a full bottle of wine for this one” episode.  Naturally, it wasn’t a perfect episode, but it was a damn good one none the less.

Once again, we have a two-story episode where the stories are completely separate from each other but this time, I’m not really sure which story was supposed to be the A side, and which was supposed to be the B side.  I didn’t put a stopwatch to it or anything, but I think the time was split pretty evenly between them.  And, damn, if they didn’t both pull on the heart strings.  It was a very different type of H50 episode without a crime of the week, gun fights or car chases.  It was actually pretty depressing come to think about it.  What made this episode so good was the acting of the principle players in each story.  Kate Siegel, Scott and Alex and, of course, Eddie.

 Danny and Leslie: Something else Peter said many years ago, was “a happy Danny is a boring Danny” but ohhhhhh how I do love to see a happy Danny.  Like back when he used to go out with Gaby.  I can remember Kono saying she liked Gaby because she made Danny happy and she liked to see him happy.  I could not agree more.

Leslie was wonderful.  I immediately loved her and her flirting with Danny in the bar.  The way Danny looked at her and the way his smile reached all the way to his eyes and lit up his entire face was beautiful to see.



HawaiiFive0_S10_TheWind_SG16bPhoto Credits:  CBS

Their “bathroom encounter” was unexpected but totally hot.

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Their attraction was instantaneous, and their banter was easy going and totally natural. The chemistry between them was off the charts.  In just those few short hours, it was obvious these two had all the makings of a great couple.  Tragically, they weren’t destined to have anywhere near the kind of time to find out.

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I do want to address a couple of things I saw people discussing on Twitter. The first thing is a complete error which a close viewing of the scene will show.  Some people were bemoaning the fact that Danny pulled out the piece of metal which was impaling Leslie in her back.  Please, go back and watch the scene closely.  He did no such thing.  She leaned forward in her seat and when she did, Danny saw the piece of metal, protruding through the back of the passenger’s seat.  Leslie “removed” the metal herself when she leaned forward.  Danny seeing this, pulled the metal out of the seat so she could comfortably (or as comfortably as possible) sit back without impaling herself again. He did not pull the metal from her body.

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The second thing is how Danny couldn’t call for help because there was no cell service in the area and that the kid who drove them off the road was texting while driving.  That second part is open to individual interpretation.  It could definitely be seen as a continuity error.  How come the kid had service, but Danny didn’t?  Or, it could just as easily be that the kid didn’t have service either.  The way he was holding the phone, away from him and holding it up, is the way a person holds a phone when they are searching for a signal, not how one holds a phone to text.  I think that’s what he was doing.  Holding his phone up and moving it around trying to find a signal.  Since there was no service in the area, as seen on both Danny’s and Leslie’s phones, I choose to go with option #2.

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As for those who keep saying you don’t need service to send a 911 call, that is also not correct.  If there is no service in an area, there is no service in the area period. It’s like if you have a land line telephone in your house but there are no phone wires physically attached to your house, the phone won’t work because there’s no dial tone.  In other words, you have no service.  The phone is nothing more than a paperweight.

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You don’t need to have an account with a cell provider to send a 911 call.  That’s why shelters for battered women give out cell phones for emergencies.  They don’t need to have Verizon or AT&T or Sprint, etc., the phones will dial 911 without it.  But there still needs to be service in the area.  I do agree, though, with those who say that after ten years and all the situations pretty much everyone on this team has found themselves in, Five-0 really do need to think about carrying SAT phones everywhere they go.

 The acting of Scott and Kate in the crash scenes was fantastic.  Kate’s ability to act out such a traumatic injury, with pure emotion and facial expressions and little to no physical movement was amazing.  Most of the dialog went to Danny but I loved Leslie’s spirit and her ability to keep a sliver of her sense of humor in a horrible situation.

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When Leslie’s heart stopped beating, when all the life and light left her eyes, all the breath was knocked out of me.  Kate was awesome.  I’m so very sorry we won’t get to enjoy her marvelous acting in the future.

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It was almost as hard to watch Danny’s struggle as it was to watch Leslie’s physical pain.  He was so powerless to save her, but he tried so hard to stay strong and give her hope in such a hopeless situation. He kept trying to make her smile and, more importantly, to stay awake until help could get there.  Watching him desperately yelling for help and blaring the car horn in an attempt to keep Leslie awake was so hard to watch and seeing him break down when she lost her battle truly broke my heart.  I didn’t cry enough to warrant the box of tissues at my side, but I did shed a tear for what could have been.

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Watching Danny as he walked away down that long desolate road was heart breaking, walking without a thought to what he’s doing or where he’s going.  The man was simply dazed and numb.  Scott totally rocked these scenes.

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Leslie told Danny she saw three digits of the license plate on the car that ran them off the road. I hope the inclusion of that one line means we will see some follow through on this.  That kid deserves to pay for the life he took.  I don’t expect to see a long drawn out story, but I do expect to hear at least a line stating the kid was found and arrested.

But, honestly, what was the purpose of Danny finding the “woman of his dreams” if they were just going to immediately kill her off any way?  I personally see only one reason for this story to even be told. After several subtle references to Danny’s relationship with Rachel this season showing that things were not moving in a good direction, this episode was, in my opinion, designed solely to show that Danny has finally gotten to a point in his life where he’s emotionally ready to move on from Rachel.  It’s tragic Leslie died but the fact that she existed in his universe at all shows he’s ready to move on, he’s ready to have a great connection and build a future with someone other than Rachel.

Dear Lord, it’s about friggin’ time!  I’m thrilled they’re still friends.  The chemistry between Scott and Claire is marvelous and I hope we get to see Rachel again from time to time. I like that they’re lovingly co-parenting their children with no bitterness or animosity.  But as a couple, I’m equally thrilled Danny has finally come to his senses.  There is way too much deceitful water under that bridge.

Steve and Eddie:  It’s something I’ve always found fascinating.  You can sit down and watch a TV show or movie with a bunch of people; a movie with all kinds of violence, injuries and death, and most of those people will take it in stride and just sit and watch and enjoy the film.  But put an animal in the mix, especially if that animal is a dog, and have that dog be injured or, God forbid, killed and most of those people will totally dissolve into an inconsolable puddle.  Naturally, I’m one of those people.

When my husband and I first moved into our new home a couple of years ago, someone left the gate open and our dog got out.  In a neighborhood he was not familiar with he, naturally ran right for the street.  I was screaming his name and crying and running.  I was terrified.  Luckily he turned and ran back into the yard and wasn’t hurt but I think it took an hour for my heart to stop pounding.  And that was a residential street with very little traffic.  Not a street with four lanes of horrendously busy traffic.  Having a disoriented and terrified Eddie running loose in that traffic with an equally terrified Steve dodging cars trying to get him out of there was an incredibly nerve-wracking way to begin an episode.




EPpsr4oWAAMD0lKPhoto Credits:  CBS

Luckily, it seemed to be an off day for everyone on the team.  Danny was having a couple of personal days, Lou was away with Renee moving Will off campus at college and Tani and Quinn were, well, I don’t know, just together, I guess.  And Steve was totally consumed with Eddie and trying to figure out what was causing this sudden change in his personality.

I adored how everyone was truly concerned about Eddie.  Danny’s “tell Eddie I love him” touched my heart as did Lou making arrangements from afar for Eddie to see a canine PTSD specialist because “I love that dog!”.  Tani and Quinn left no stone unturned in trying to help Eddie too.  I know we always say it, how the Ohana on this show is truly amazing and while we already knew Eddie was special to them all, it was still wonderful to see them rally around him the way they did.

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Watching Eddie laying on the floor and/or in Steve’s lap looking so despondent was bad enough but every time he sadly whimpered, he tore my heart out.  Seeing his back story in Afghanistan, how the handler he loved so much was killed was also incredibly sad. When you think about it, Eddie has lived through that trauma twice.  His handler in Afghanistan and his DEA handler in Hawaii both died in his presence.  Is it any wonder Eddie snuck out of the house to lay on the grave of his friend the last time?




EPsWKvCWkAYQJqNPhoto Credits:  CBS

Tani and Quinn tracked down a member of the military unit in which Eddie served in Afghanistan. Listening to him tell the story of Eddie’s time there was so sad, and it showed the loyalty Eddie had for his handler and his unit and the love and respect they gave him in return.

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It was a pretty quick leap from listening to that story with only a fleeting mention of flowers to the discovery of those very same flowers being grown in Steve’s neighbor’s yard but the fact that it was the flowers that triggered Eddie was a fascinating twist.  I really loved Steve’s neighbor too.  She was so bubbly and enthusiastic about her love of plants and yet so instantaneously willing to remove the plants which triggered Eddie from her garden.  She mentioned she has a son.  I wonder if she has a husband too?  Anyway, I never considered that military dogs could suffer the same way as humans because of the traumas suffered on the battlefield. I’m glad the show tackled a story like this.

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But there was more to it.  Just like Leslie was a conduit for us to see Danny finally ready to move on with his life, Eddie’s bout with PTSD was a conduit for us to see Steve finally be comfortable with voicing his own feelings about what’s been going on in his life in the last year.  It might not be full blown PTSD for Steve, but he’s been through a horrendous stretch and he’s finally able to admit the effects it’s had on him.  I like the continuity of Dr. Emma coming over to take care of Eddie and Steve explaining to her why he didn’t call her again after their first date. Although I personally don’t remember one single time when Steve has ever let his personal life suffer because of his job, he did go out with Emma before Doris died so I can see how that would put someone off pretty much anything, especially casual dating for a while.

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Steve has never been one to open up about his inner feelings much so the times when he has done it are always pretty memorable.  Telling Lou about Freddie.  Telling Danny about his stage fright and the way “McGarrett” men are built, is another.  So it was a really beautiful moment when Steve admits that Eddie has pretty much been his emotional support for the last year and how without Eddie and his entire Ohana, he couldn’t have gotten through it all.  Considering the losses both Steve and Eddie have endured, is it any wonder they are such kindred spirits?

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Video courtesy of @alohaspaceman on Twitter and Instagram

It’s also ties in with the short scene where Tani admits to Quinn how worried she is for Junior on his SEAL mission.  Quinn and Tani have really become good friends and I loved how she tried to reassure Tani that Junior will be ok. It’s totally understandable for Tani, seeing the way service has affected Eddie and Steve to be worried about Junior.  I’m sure she’s not only worried about the physical danger he may be in but also if what he experiences will affect him emotionally as well.  Like Tani, I can’t wait for him to get home and be safe.

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And then there’s Adam. Did you see the way they all looked at him when he showed up on the other side of Steve’s front door? Not one of them gave any sign of relief or happiness that he’d come back. Both Tani and Quinn looked like they were just waiting for Steve to give them any indication as to how they should react.

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These are the kind of small moments where Alex simply shines. His face was a hard mask when he first saw Adam, then as they moved close for a “welcome home” hug, Steve’s expression was more open.  But that hug? That was not a typical “envelop your friend closely and fully with both arms, hand behind the head” McGarrett bear hug. It was stiff and it was distant, and Steve’s expression was angry and distrustful.  All in the span of about 30 seconds.  Alex is a truly remarkable actor, but then, we already knew that.

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I really don’t like this Adam storyline but that hug and that expression on Steve’s face gives me hope for some great acting between these two coming down the line.  That and the fact that Ian has said he really likes the material he’s been given is the only thing getting me through this story.

I really liked this episode. The acting from everyone was top notch and the emotional impact was strong.  I’m not saying I want a slew of episodes like this one, but it was a good change of pace.  I’m very curious to see what comes next.  The writers have been doing a really good job this season with continuity between episodes.  I have confidence there will be references to what happened to Leslie in next week’s episode and that Steve will be there for Danny, just like Danny was there for Steve after Doris died.  I’m looking forward to seeing them deal with this together.  There are those promo pictures of Steve and Danny having what looks like a rather intense exchange in Steve’s kitchen in the next episode.  I can’t wait to see what’s going on between them there.

So, until next week my friends!  Aloha.  Malama Pono

All screencaps are mine unless otherwise noted.


15 thoughts on “#H50 Review:  10.14 – I ho ‘olulu, ho ‘ohulei ‘ia e ka makani (There was a lull and then the wind began to blow about)

  1. Deb S. says:

    I for one wasn’t impressed with the car accident writing. I get that she was gravely injured, but as my hubby said if he was only a mile from another road as he said when he was on the CB radio then why didn’t he go for help. And he should have been up on the road more often watching for help. Thought for sure he would get flattened by standing in front of the semi. Taking her energy talking to her also isn’t done, you try to keep people calm not talk to them about their life. I know it was to build our feelings. The Eddy trauma I did like. Animals do suffer and getting Steve to finally admit to the Vet his social life suffered because of his work was what we wanted to hear. No excuses. Perfect line in the whole show….Grover saying he was late to an argument. The look on Steve’s face hugging Adam, he doesn’t trust Adam yet. I haven’t missed a show, but felt that last night’s show was a take it or leave it type in my eyes. My 2 cents, I know others will have loved everything about the show.


    • Yeah, he said he was a mile from another road but it’s very possible it was the exact same type of road. Considering where they were, it was extremely remote, it’s possible that other road was just as desolate and sparsely traveled. He wouldn’t have had any better luck on another similar road and he would have to leave her behind to suffer and possible die alone. There’s no way he’d do that.

      Also, it wouldn’t have made any difference if he had stayed up on the road. Only 2 vehicles passed by the entire time, the truck who stopped for him and that one other car. And he was up there in plenty of time for that car to stop but that driver just blew right past him without a second look.

      I agree that this episode was a “take it or leave it” type of episode. My husband watched it with me and while I was re-watching to do my screen caps, he said to me, “how can you watch that again? It was so depressing”. He didn’t care for it and I loved it. So yeah, it’s the type of episode where everyone will take from it something different. But that’s the fun of all the discussion…. different viewpoints and different opinions. It makes the debate so much more fun! Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂


      • Deb S. says:

        I agree with your hubby, I couldn’t watch it again. First thing my hubby said was don’t they have cell service everywhere there. I laughed. We all have our ideas about the show that’s for sure. I think Eddy needs a girlfriend though. Some puppies would be nice…then they could be Steve’s grand pups.


  2. Mary Tomshack says:

    I loved this episode. And I am hoping that there will be more mention of what happened to Danny after this episode. What he went through was very traumatic. I loved his acting during this episode. I always love it but he was so dramatic in this one. He really knows how to pull it off. The girl was very good too, Poor Danny. He can’t catch a break. And Steve was so concerned for Eddie. You could see it in his eyes. I’m glad they figured it out, Hopefully, Eddie will be on the road to recovery. But my hope is now that Steve and the team will be there for Danny. He is going to need it. Well, thank you for a great review. I will see you next week.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    Loved it. Why was he driving a rental? Did Steve need the car? I think Danny went to the trunk hoping he put in something from his car to help. I thought I saw Alex’s name as producer. I will love to know her name. Both of Steve’s housemates are in a bad way. Danny going down the road by himself, could mean he has to walk alone to deal with his pain. But you know Steve isn’t going let that happen. Duke and HPD will find out more about her. I hope she was a good person. Also wonder when the FEDS came to Steve’s house, did they do something to Eddie?

    Liked by 1 person

    • He never mentioned why he was driving a rental. It was probably for no other reason than the writers didn’t want to trash the Camaro! LOL

      Alex has been listed as a producer on every episode this season.


  4. Yeah as it could had been her car or that of a rental. BTW they were not feds but thugs hired by the villain of the week there in the Magnum crossover. And it would not be surprising if they did that. More like a kidnapping then being civil.
    Bet Steve would had hauled off and hit those thugs for doing that to Danny. Mess with him it is one thing. Mess with his Ohana it is another. Don’t touch!
    Hate that Danny can’t catch a break. And really it seems like for now they buried Rachel and he under the rug.
    But still poor Danny. 9/10!


  5. rhondagemini says:

    Another great review, Linda! I loved seeing the smile on Danny’s face when he first met Leslie-she seemed like she would be the perfect woman for him,but alas, fate said no. I have to admit that the sight of all that blood made me a little squeamish,but what else would one expect? One thing did puzzle me about the accident, though-once Danny made the call to HPD, why didn’t someone contact H50? That should have happened right away. Of course, if they had been contacted, there was nothing they could have done,but at least one of them would have been there for Danny. I loved seeing the concern everyone had for Eddie-it proved,without a doubt, that he is definitely a part of H50! I could see that Steve was scared, but I also think he recognized the symptoms of PTSD,but didn’t want to believe that Eddie could be affected by it,considering the mild personality he’d always had,except when he saw Higgins in the crossover episode. At least with Tani & Quinn’s help, he was able to find the trigger, which was the flowers in his neighbor’s yard. I have to say that I was shocked, but not surprised,to see Adam outside Steve’s door. I do hope he is returning for the right reasons and will not be spying on H50, I desperately want him to come clean with Steve about Tamiko and the Yukuza-he owes Steve that much. Hopefully, we will see that and the team being there for Danny in the episodes ahead. I could certainly understand Tani’s concern for Junior-it’s obvious that she does love him,the crossover episode proved that for sure. Will be glad to see him back home safe as well. This episode is one of those that will take a while to get over. Looking forward to next week’s show!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Carole says:

    Don’t know how to feel about this one – fantastic acting all around, but so gut retching. Danny was flung from one extreme to the other- so happy and carefree one minute and then such tragedy. I so wanted her to survive, but I think Danny knew, as soon as she leaned forward and he saw her back, he knew. That’s why he didn’t leave her. The ending was so sad. I wanted so much for Steve to roll in and go after him…..fade out as he caught up to him. I guess kinda sappy, but I wanted Steve there for him. The other story was well done too – everyone helped to track down why Eddie was upset. Steve was unusually open ……yes it’s been a rough year. Adam showing up was meh……particularly in the middle of everything else going on. I’m really annoyed with him and what seems to be happening. Steve didn’t look thrilled either. He’s definitely still angry and rightly so! I hope they follow up and we see Danny dealing with what happened and tracking down the other driver.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Susan Schoppe says:

    I absolutely Loved this episode. It was a welcomed break from the norm to see them in their personal lives not at work. We need to see that at least once every season. Than you for pointing out the fact that Danny didn’t pull out the medal from her back. My son is an emergency RM nurse & Paramedic and pointed out that in a populate area you don’t move a victim ever BC help is minutes away, but when it’s obvious there will no help for a while it’s important to access all injuries & attend to them.
    Steve & Eddie were fantastic & now that Steve has opened up to his feelings I believe good things will follow now, not with Brook thought she just doesn’t seem to fit with him in any way at all, and hopefully we’ll never see him with Cathrine as a couple either. It’s time for Danny & Steve both to put the two toxic ex’s behind them permanently. Scott was off the charts amazing with everything and The actresses playing Leslie was just great. I liked her immediately. Adam will have the choice of being a good guy here or a bad guy, hope he comes clean and stays the good guy we love. Clearly Steve does not trust him as far as he can throw him. As always your review was right on target, loved it. Have a great week girl🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Brooklyngirl says:

    Great review! I enjoyed the episode. As you said, was it perfect, nope, but the solutions were completely plausible for the allotted amount of time. The acting of the 4 of them was fantastic. It’s amazing how Eddie was able to express his sadness and confusion.

    One of the most moving scenes for me was hearing Steve tell Emma that his personal life always gets the short end of the stick. I was almost certain he was going to tell her about his mother. But I quickly realized that whoever he shared that with would have to be very special. I’m hoping that it’ll happen very soon for him.

    There are no words for Danny and Leslie. They knocked it out of the park. Watching Danny limp away broke my heart. Like Steve, I hope he finds that special someone soon. I kinda like boring Danny.

    I was sort of hoping that Steve was in the know about Adam’s fall from grace but judging from the icy hug and the steely look on Steve’s face, no he is completely in the dark. I can’t see Adam throwing away everything he fought so long and hard for. Another story to look forward to resolving.

    Happy new week – hope everyone has a great one! Till next time ….

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. The full story of Doris would only be given to someone very special and like you, I sure hope Steve finds that someone special soon. God knows he AND Danny deserve happiness after all the crap their exes have put them through.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Zia Diane says:

    I agree with you on the Adam story line.F I don’t like it as well. The two repeat episodes that they had showed what type of person Adam is and how grateful he was to have his Ohana at Five O. So to change that much for a woman he just started up with does not make any sense to me. I love Ian Anthony and I understand that they want to give him something with a lot meat to do his great job of acting at, but to betray Five O, not buying it. With expression on Steve’s face during the hug, at least the writers are not going to make a sap out of him and the others.B i know we have to see where this goes, but I not liking it so far.

    As for Danny, I feel so bad for him. I am glad that they put the reunion with Rachael behind them, and I hope it won’t come up again. Danny will always be connected to her as they have children together, but that should be as far as it goes. I miss Gabby as well, I thought that was a good match for Danny. i hope they find someone soon for him and not kill her off. I would like to see Rachel occasionally, maybe they can give her a love interest other than Danny. That scene at the end with Danny walking alone down the street as the emergency vehicle were arriving reminded me of the scene when his partner Grace was killed and he walked out the warehouse trying to get some help and the emergency vehicles were passing by him because of 9-11. This time they were coming to him. But both scenes were so heartbreaking as they were too late.

    As for Eddie. I love animals, but this dog is my favorite of all time. I love that they showed the connection between Steve and Eddie and how important they both are to each other. Eddie’s expressions are priceless. If they could give an Emmy to an animal, Eddie sure deserves one. So does Alex. I hope this clears Steve to go forward and find someone. I still think it should be a woman who can deal with his job, but be someone he can always count on and who won’t lie or deceive him as the women in his life, other than Aunt Deb, have done so many times. A nice normal woman, who does not take any crap, but is not some kind of female Rambo. We have Tani and Quinn for that. Who I also love as partners, when Junior is not around.

    Liked by 1 person

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