#H50 Review:  10.11 Kā i ka ‘ino, no ka ‘ino (To Return Evil for Evil)


Happy (almost) week before the holidays everyone! Well, holiday preparations are well under way.  So much so that the entire weekend got entirely away from me with shopping, decorating, cooking and a really fun Christmas Faire in our little town.  Sorry this review is so late.

Once again, this was a two-story episode but this week, both stories were really good.  No beating around the bush this week… let’s just get to it:

Adam:  I know I just said I thought this story was really good so let me clarify.  As of now, and I say that because I sincerely hope there is more to it than is apparent right now, the only thing that’s making this story worthwhile for me is the acting attached to it.  It’s no secret that Alex and Ian are fantastic actors.  The old saying that “an actor can elevate the material” certainly applies here.

Steve tried so hard to hold onto the faith he’s always had in Adam.  He was totally prepared to give him the chance to explain and clear up the question of how his watch ended up at a crime scene.  It was palpable how his emotions moved from one emotion to the next. His loyalty to Adam quickly gave way to an almost despair that Adam wasn’t giving him answers then to shock when Adam took off his badge and placed it, along with his gun, on Steve’s desk.   But when Adam turned and walked out of his office, Steve’s anger exploded.  And he has every right to be angry because he’s 100% correct.  He has been on Adam’s side from the very beginning.  From the moment he and Kono became a couple, Steve has always been in Adam’s corner.  Alex played this scene absolutely perfectly…. as always.

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And as fantastic as Alex was, Ian was just as great.  Actually, Ian had very few lines, since most of Adam’s “dialog” was purely emotional reactions.  You could literally feel all his emotions as much as Steve’s.  The horror of seeing his watch in Steve’s hand.  The panic that there wasn’t any way he was going to be able to talk his way out of it.  The horrendous realization that he only had one option.  It was heartbreaking.

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Courtesy of Kurt Jones @jonesydop on IGPhoto credit:  Kurt Jones (@jonesydop) on Instagram

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman1Photo credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and Instagram

But it wasn’t just Alex and Ian.  Dennis Chun was awesome in this scene too.  The look on Duke’s face from last week when he first brought that watch to Steve carried over into this episode as well.  Just like Alex and Ian, Dennis was able to make you literally feel what Duke was feeling.  Adam is Ohana to Duke too and he showed that by taking that watch to Steve and not just issuing an order for Adam’s arrest. He wanted to give him the chance to explain too.  The look on Duke’s face the entire time alternated between disappointment, disbelief and, like Steve, anger.  When Adam walked out of Steve’s office, Steve had to literally hold Duke back to stop him from going after him.  The three of them killed this scene.

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Then there was Danny.  It was a cool role reversal between Steve and Danny with regard to Adam.  You would expect Steve to try to defend Adam and for Danny, who once said “once a criminal always a criminal” (or something to that effect) to be against him.  But Danny kept trying to understand what reasons there could be for Adam’s behavior.

I understand that because Danny was skeptical back then but over the years he not only came to trust Adam, he brought him into his Ohana.  Danny’s the one who pulled Adam out of his booze induced funk after his marriage broke up. It was Danny who brought him his Five-0 badge.  Charlie considers him an uncle, just like Steve and Lou.  Adam went to Danny’s house on Christmas Eve to make sure the chimney was clear for Santa.

It’s bad enough Danny needs to accept what Adam has done, but he also needs to come to terms with putting aside that original skepticism.  It’s like having to throw an “I told you so” at yourself.  It’s really too bad we didn’t get to see Danny confront Adam.  Hopefully we’ll get to see that in an episode to come.


ELtnn19XYAAPM3NPhoto credits:  CBS

If all the actors keep bringing their A+ game, I might just be able to muddle through the silliness of this story because it just does not make sense. Adam’s throwing away everything he’s worked years for and all the friends he has for Tamiko.  I mean, I understand he loves her.  I’ll give them that.  They’ve known each other and been friends their entire lives.  If Hiro and Masuda could have had their way, these Yakuza children would have been wed ages ago.  It’s more of a foundation for a relationship than we ever got between him and Kono.  The first time we saw that Adam and Kono even knew each other existed they were in the shower.  At least with Tamiko we have some preexisting history and we’ve seen them together as friends before they ended up in the shower.


I guess the problem is it’s all happening way too fast.  I can buy Adam and Tamiko as a couple, but I can’t buy Adam walking away from his Ohana this radically.  All of a sudden, just because Masuda told him he couldn’t fight his heritage, he’s running toward a life he was never a part of in the first place?  And what about Tamiko?  She said she detested the life her father led and didn’t want anything to do with it.  Now, she’s ok with her fine, upstanding, lover leaving Five-0 to join the Yakuza life she hates?  Huh?

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And Adam did have another option.  He could have just come clean to Steve and Duke.  He could have gone to Steve in the first place, when Tamiko was first taken and the “no cops or she dies” bull be damned.  It’s not like they haven’t ignored that warning a zillion times before.  No… I do not like this story one bit and all I can do is pray there is more to it that we’ll see as it progresses.  This absolutely does not make one bit of sense.

Daiyu Mei:  When we first heard there was going to be a WoFat connection mentioned in this episode it never occurred to me it could be a wife.  At first I thought maybe just someone who’d taken over WoFat’s “businesses”.  Then I saw the “old lady” beginning to peel off her disguise and thought maybe a daughter.  The sneak peek showed whoever she was, she’s not young enough to be his child.  Then I thought maybe a sister.  A wife never crossed my mind.


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Of course, this is the second time in a very short period of time where we have a wife out for revenge, or whatever it is Daiyu Mei wants.  But this is very different than before.  It was quite obvious that Hassan’s wife didn’t think out her revenge very well, doing it right in HQ where there was no way she could get away with it.  This lady is chillingly thorough.  It’s obvious she’s been planning this for a very long time.

It seems logical that she probably has surveillance on Steve but it’s obvious he’s not the only one.  How did she know Junior would be at that particular gas station at that particular time if she wasn’t monitoring his movements?  She probably has eyes on them all.

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She’s as meticulous and methodical as WoFat was.  And she’s just as ruthless.  She didn’t think twice about the innocent people on that tourist chopper.  She didn’t hesitate to mow down the weapons buyers just so she’d have a conduit to deliver her message to Steve.  She coordinated everything just for that one purpose.  She’s been wanted by Interpol for years, but she chose this time to come out of the shadows and dropped bread crumb after bread crumb to lead Steve and Five-0 exactly where she wanted them to go.




116042_0396bPhoto credits:  CBS

Before Cullen’s house went boom with him inside, he told Steve there was much more going on than Steve was aware of.  Was Daiyu Mei behind the bomb left in the McG garage? Was she behind everything Cullen and his associates were up to?  It’s been years since we’ve had a full fledged, ongoing bad guy.  Not since Gabriel Weincroft and WoFat himself.  It seems that Daiyu Mei has been the new Big Bad for quite a while.  As much as I don’t like the idea that Steve could be in danger again because of WoFat, or in this case WoFat’s wife, I am looking forward to seeing Eugenia Yuan bring this character to life.

Courtesy of @alohaspacemanPhoto credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and Instagram

McDanno!! I’m prejudiced, of course, but this was my absolutely favorite part of this episode.  There was so much Steve and Danny time, it almost had a feeling like the early years of the show.  I adored watching Steve and Danny work the case together the entire episode.  Watching them bounce ideas off each other was such fun and when they both checked out the house in the “no fly zone” together, it had such an early seasons feel it made my heart sour.

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This is what hooked me on the show from the Pilot episode.  This partnership is and always will be the best on TV. It’s been fun this season to watch these two together.  I know it looks like there will be even more episodes without Danny in them this year and, of course, I don’t like that one bit, but it also seems the writers are taking pains to give us as much Steve and Danny time as they can whenever they are both in an episode.  Of course, it’s not enough.  It will never be enough because it can’t ever be what it was in the early years.  But they are doing a good job of giving us as much McDanno as they can this season and I am loving it!

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The McDanno banter in this one was pretty much perfect, and it looked to me like Alex and Scott were really enjoying it as well.  Their delivery was spot on.  I love how Steve told Danny that he knew he’d “concocted a fake mold issue to stay” at his house but I especially loved how Danny not only didn’t deny it but said he’d only done it because he thought Steve needed him.  Even though it was done in a lighthearted way, the emotional connection was right there.  Danny was worried about Steve.  Steve knew, understood why Danny was there and really appreciated it.  It was perfect.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman3Photo credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and Instagram

And that bonsai? I have a vision in my mind.  Danny wasn’t just worried about Steve when he made up the mold story.  He was worried about him from the moment he left to find Doris.  Remember back in S8 when Danny told Steve he was losing sleep because he was afraid Steve wasn’t taking care of himself.  That time, he hired a stress coach in a misguided attempt to help him.  But he realized the problem wasn’t Steve’s, it was his because he was making himself sick with worry.

Now, once again, worried about Steve going off to God knows where, he got himself a bonsai to help with stress relief.  The fact that he still has it and still tends to it shows that, just like making up phantom mold infestations, he’s still worried about everything Steve’s been through.  The appearance of Daiyu Mei on their landscape doesn’t bode too well for Danny’s stress levels going down any time soon.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman2Photo credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and Instagram

But I’m not going to think about that right now.  Right now, I just want to think about the sewage backup at Danny’s house and the fact that it’s going to take six to eight weeks for it to be repaired and cleaned up.  Six to eight weeks of Danny living at Steve’s house.  I can’t wait to hear the arguments and the banter and the hilarity that’s going to come from that arrangement.  It’s the best early Christmas present the writers could have given.

Well, that’s it for this week my friends. This was a really great episode to end 2019 with.  We have what looks to be a couple of really great story arcs on the horizon (as least I hope Adam’s is going to be great) and six to eight weeks of McDanno to really look forward too.  I can’t wait to see where it’s all going to lead.

Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Whatever holiday you celebrate, be it Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever… have a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY one!  See you in 2020.

Once again, I’m sorry this review was so late.  Not a lot of screen grabs this week but those that are here are mine except where otherwise noted.

Aloha.  Malama Pono




12 thoughts on “#H50 Review:  10.11 Kā i ka ‘ino, no ka ‘ino (To Return Evil for Evil)

  1. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    What you said. I hope there is something going on with Adam. I would hate that this was all set up to bring him back. He left for a woman and he came for a woman. I wonder if something is going on with Danny. Something feels off.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rhondagemini says:

    Great review as usual,Linda! I have to agree with you that,aside from the great acting,the Adam story makes no sense at all. The only thing I can figure out is that Adam wants to prove that Masuda was murdered by his second in command for the purpose of taking over the Yakuza and in order to do so, he must stay close to him. Of course,Tamiko knows nothing of this and if Adam were to tell her, that would be the end of their relationship because she would not believe him. I can’t believe that Adam doesn’t trust Steve enough to tell him the truth and accept the consequences,whatever they may be. As for Wo Fat’s wife, I was shocked about her,as well. Never knew the man was married,but I have a hard time believing they married for love-seems more like a business decision to me. Anyway, what I don’t understand is how they didn’t discover her connection to Wo Fat when they checked her out-I mean, didn’t they do a personal information check or something? It will be interesting when she & Steve finally do meet. Like you said, we have much to look forward to in 2020, not the least of which is the H50/Magnum PI crossover on Jan. 3rd. I doubt seriously that we will have any new developments with Adam and Daiyu Mei during the crossover,but I am looking forward to it. It will probably be the episode after that before we know anything more about Adam’s situation and what Daiyu Mei has planned for Steve! Can’t wait for 2020-the rest of season 10 should be great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sure you’re right and we won’t see any progression of these two stories in the crossover. Even if we see Adam at all, I’m sure it will be only be a short glimpse but I doubt we’ll even get that. I still can’t but hope there is more to that story and it will turn out that Adam is what I’ve always believed him to be… a really good guy. I just can’t wrap my head around him going over to the dark side so easily.


  3. Mary Tomshack says:

    I am really looking forward to Wo-Fat’s wife being the next evil one they are going to fight. And she does seem really evil. I also loved the Steve and Danny parts. I am so glad that Danny is staying at Steve’s house. Can’t wait for more scenes of that. I love those two together. Danny is defending Adam. I knew he would. Adam won’t even take his calls. He really is turning his back on them. I can’t see how he can get out of this but I’m sure he will. He seems to have given up. Well, time will tell. I guess we have to wait for 2020 to see what is happening next. Thank you for the great review. I wish everyone to have a Merry Christmas

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Carole says:

    Well, where to start – introducing the new baddie. She looks as evil and cold as Wo Fat. Great job of casting the role and eager to see what new trouble she brings. The other story sucks! I can’t muster much enthusiasm for it. Very disappointed Adam was so quick to dump his ohana for GF he’s only recently reconnected with. Such radical decisions aren’t sitting well with me. Steve went over and above bringing him into 50..,…,now he’s someone else letting him down. I’m as angry as Steve. Of course Danny is being the true friend he is, being supportive by trying to give Adam the benefit of the doubt. We saw him do this when Steve was hurting from the crap with Cath……doing his best to not make Steve feel any worse. The bright spot in this was news that Danny is moving in for a while Woo hoo! I think we got more McDanno this week than we have in a long time. This is what I love about the show and what I want to see…….Merry Christmas Linda
    (Also looking forward to the crossover)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree…that’s the reason why it’s not sitting well with me either. I was all too fast. I have to go watch the episode again but I’m sure I heard them say, at that gathering at Tamiko’s house, that Masuda had died the day before. So Adam went from being a proud, upstanding member of Five-0 to Yakuza Oyabun wannabe in two days, maybe three? Nope… don’t see it which is why I keep thinking there has to be more going on here than they’re letting us in onl


  5. Wo Fat Wife threw me for a loss too. Just hope and prayer that she will give Five 0 a run for the money but hope it ends at the same time and not drag on
    Really Adam rethink your priorities straight. Need to decide as Five 0 is trying to help you and Steve is trying to have you redeemed but you are making him run out of options. Love I.A.D. but the character does not know where to go legit or rogue?
    Danny really made up the story about his house not being flooded or what have you? And instead lied as he knew that Steve was in need. Really love Danny when he is not there.
    Wish that Steve would take down Wo-Fat’s whole entire empire so that he would not have to be looking over his shoulder. And he could and should. Just hate he has to look over his and the team’s shoulders but that is just him. He lost his parents and really needs his Ohana big time.
    Not just want McDanno scenes but McGrover scenes!


  6. Brooklyngirl says:

    Better late than never as the old saying goes …

    First, Adam makes a terrible bad guy. I’m just wondering if it’s a way to give Ian some down time with baby #2 soon to make an appearance. This way they can work out a reconciliation between him and Steve. Because I can’t believe Adam would throw away the life and family he always wanted.

    Second, I’m not a fan of Tomiko and – I hope I’m wrong but – I wouldn’t put it past her if she was behind this whole debacle somehow. There was a look that crossed her face as she watched Adam enter the meeting before the door closed.

    Third, I’m soooo tired of Steve always being in the crosshairs of yet another baddie with an agenda to fulfill. I know it’s tv and they want to keep it exciting and it’s not real but damn, this life that Steve leads would certainly have killed a lesser man years ago. Sigh … it’s old and tiring. His father, Joe, Catherine, his mother, and now Adam hurting and betraying him.

    Fourth, I do like the McDanno relationship this season. It’s fun and easy and the friendship is back. Danny better learn how to use that washing machine to keep 3 bachelors in clean towels!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours and thanks for all the hard work on this great blog. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all here!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah… I feel like I’ve said it a million times but I agree. Adam has always sucked at being a bad guy. Your comment about Tamiko is interesting. I suppose that would be the ultimate con if it turns out that she orchestrated everything to end up with power herself, making Kenji a figure head who’s only doing her bidding. I never thought of that. Of course, that would mean she’s been working on this ever since her finance was killed. What a betrayal that would be for Adam. It does feel a bit far fetched but hey, that’s what makes speculation fun, right?? LOL

      I also agree that I really don’t want to see us go down the Steve is taken and tortured road again. Been there, done that, twice.. Not only is Steve not as young as he once was, there is also way more emotional turmoil he’s had to endure since the last time he tangled with WoFat. I’m all for Daiyu Mei being the new Big Bad, all for her being conniving and manipulative, all for her causing Five-0 all kinds of trouble, but I just hope to God they keep any physical torture down to zero. Steve’s been through enough.

      What they can do to make me very happy is bring to the front and entertain as much as they possibly can any and all McDanno interactions. I can’t get over how excited I am over the prospect of Danny living in Steve house for 2 months! Of course, I’m not kidding myself that we’re going to see domestic bliss in every episode of the first 2 months of 2020. First of all, if things go the way they’ve been, Danny won’t even be in 4 out of those 8 episodes so it won’t be wall to wall McDanno. That’s ok though. If the writers keep giving us the great McDanno scenes they’ve given us all season when the two of them ARE together, I can be content.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I have to disagree just a bit — I like keeping Steve in the crosshairs. That’s one way we get to see Alex emote. He is the master of showing angst. Yes he is brave and a hero, but when he’s vulnerable, Alex shines. And this show is all about Steve — his SEAL past, his present, the good he has done, and the enemies he has made. Keeping him in danger is part of it.
    To me Danny is a bridge between Steve and whatever or whomever is threatening him. He’s always trying to smooth it over, protect him, or create an explanation that to make it less of a jolt to Steve. Even if he does it argumentatively (not Danny! LOL) his goal is to buffer the impact to his buddy. By giving Adam the benefit of the doubt, he’s trying to lessen the shock that may be coming for Steve. Just my observation. i’m so glad the bromance seems to be back on track.
    As for Adam, I like Ian very much, but I dislike this storyline so much. I’ve never felt like Adam should be on the team. He’s better as a periphery character, a go-to when his expertise is needed.
    Finally, I didn’t like the way we found out that there was a Wo Fat connection. I wanted to see Steve’s expression when HE was told about it. Instead, we see him tell the others. Missed opportunity for a great Alex expression.
    I hope everyone has a great holiday, no matter your faith or beliefs! Hug your loved ones!


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