#H50 Review:  10.10 – O ‘oe, a ‘owau, nalo ia mea (You and Me, it is Hidden)


Happy H50 weekend!  Is everyone up to their eyebrows in holiday preparations?  I know I am even though my hubby has told me to scale back this year because of all the work that went into the wedding. But he knows me too well.  Scaling back simply means instead of doing a million things, I’ll only do 999,990 things! 🤣 So, bear with me if this review is a bit all over the place since I’m writing it in between a few hundred thousand other things! 🤣

I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would.  First off, Danny wasn’t in it, which always means an episode has one strike against it before it even starts.  Add to that, I knew this was going to be another one of those episodes with two story lines, each not at all connected to the other.  You all already know how I feel about those, so strike two.  And, from interviews and spoilers, I already knew I wasn’t going to like the Adam story at all.  Strike three.  Thank goodness this isn’t baseball, because despite all that, I managed to like this episode more than I thought I would.  Let’s start with some of the fun stuff first.

Lou and the Kids:  I really love the way Lou has taken to Tani and Junior.  He’s a friend, he’s a mentor and I wonder if, in Lou’s eyes, it’s maybe a wee bit more.

First off, Lou missed a golden opportunity to make a few bucks off all that stuff in his garage.  Hasn’t the man ever heard of a garage sale?  That’s what my husband and I did when we moved a few years ago.  Thirty-two years in the same house means a ton of collected junk that you don’t remember you even had! It’s hysterical that Lou sold his house, has moved into a new shiny apartment but that garage is still filled to the brim.  My garage was spotless and practically empty before we had our first showing.


I do wonder when they all got around to finally cleaning out the place since they all got called to crime scenes before they ever even got started.  Regardless, Lou still took the kids out to the promised dinner as a thank you for their help.



The kids.  Listening to Lou reminisce about Samantha and Will and how much he misses having them around, does anyone else get the feeling that Lou has begun to look on Tani and Junior as, I don’t know, kind of like surrogates (in the best possible way, of course) for his own kids?  He’s taken to mentoring them both, the way a father would teach his own kids the ropes.  I’m probably way off base but it was still very sweet of them both to reassure Lou that, no matter what, he’ll always be needed.



Steve and Quinn:  I have no idea what TPTB have in store for these two but for now, I am loving their interactions.  They have a fantastic vibe between them, and I honestly can’t get enough of them together.  Of course, as a die-hard McDanno, Danny will always be my favorite partner for Steve and I still want to see them together as much as is humanly possible.  But, unfortunately, that’s not always possible with the way things are and if I have to live through episodes without Danny, then I’m perfectly happy to embrace Quinn.  Not that she should ever be considered any kind of a replacement because A) no one could ever replace Danny and B) she is very much her own person.  Fantastic in her own right.


She’s smart, she’s tough, she’s incredibly capable and she’s funny.  I like the easy comradery she’s developed with the entire team, but especially with Steve.  I like that, in a relatively short time, she’s comfortable enough to joke around with him.  That malasada scene was hysterical.

I do wonder about the references to Steve’s age and his cholesterol though.  Was it just something thrown in to justify the funny malasada scene or is this something we’re going to hear more about?  It’s funny to think all the way back to the second episode of the series when Steve wouldn’t eat a malasada Danny brought to his house “without bypass surgery”.  If the writers really want to connect back to the old days, they’ll have Danny say something to that effect with regard to Steve’s current cholesterol levels soon.

Courtesy of @alohaspacemanPhoto Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and InstaGram

COTW:  I know the crime of the week is supposed to be the “A” story of an episode, but this one was relegated to the “B” side fairly quickly.  Not that it was a bad story, just that it kind of took a back seat to the other story of the episode.

It was a typically convoluted H50 story even if the outcome wasn’t a complete surprise.  The fact that all three victims were the same age, all came into large sums of cash at the same time and were all killed on the same day, in incidents which were designed to look like accidents, it was pretty obvious they’d all been paid off to keep some sort of secret.

So, some rich bitch killed a rich dude because he made stupid investments that caused her to lose money.  Ten years later, one of the witnesses the rich bitch paid off for silence finally grows a conscience and wants to confess about the murder and the cover up.  He’d spent the last ten years giving money to the Innocence Project in an effort to get the innocent man convicted of the murder freed and when he found out the man’s last shot at freedom was gone, he couldn’t live with the secret any longer.

That’s very noble….. I guess.  He’d given a lot of money to try to get the guy freed, but it was money he was never supposed to have in the first place.  Sure, he tried to help the guy, but he still managed to live a pretty good life on that blood money for ten years while allowing an innocent man to lose ten years of his life for something he didn’t do.  It’s all fine and well that he tried to get the guy freed, but wouldn’t it have been better to not allow an innocent man to be locked up in the first place?

I confess I got a bit choked up when Steve and Quinn were able to tell the guy he was a free man and would be able to finally see his daughter again.  Quinn said she’s in the 6th grade, which would make her about eleven.  That means the poor guy hasn’t seen her since she was an infant.  The happiness pouring off that poor man was palpable.

Adam:  I know this was supposed to be the “B” side of this episode, but that’s not the way it turned out.  I’m going to be up front right off the bat.  I do not like this story at all except for one thing.  Ian Anthony Dale totally rocked the material.  It’s the one thing that made the story fun to watch.  He was magnificent in every single scene, beginning to end.  And while I do not like this story at all, I am looking forward to seeing what Ian does with it.  He’s an awesome actor and I have the feeling this story is going to give him a lot of opportunities to show us all just how good he is.  But the story itself… nope!  At least not the way it’s being laid out right now.


Why?  Ok.. anyone who has known me for a long time or has been reading this blog from the beginning are probably tired of hearing me say this, but I feel the need to say it yet again.  From the moment we first met Adam Noshimuri, he has never been a bad guy.  When we were first introduced to him in Season 2, his father said he kept him away from the business and a few years later, when we met his brother Michael, Adam told Kono that Hiro always intended Michael to take over the family business.  When we first met him, Adam was working in New York, far away from Yakuza connections.


When Hiro was killed, and with Michael still in prison, Adam attempted to be the leader but was so inept at it, he inadvertently allowed his legal muscle to lead him by the nose.  It was the Yakuza lawyer who had a CIA agent murdered and who convinced Adam he had to kidnap and murder WoFat in retaliation for Hiro’s death.  The lawyer himself considered Adam such a weak leader he tried to kill him himself, right on the tarmac before Kono put a bullet in him.  It only took a tearful plea from Kono to get Adam to lower his gun.  It was abundantly clear that the last thing he wanted to do was shoot Steve.  In that same episode, he duct taped Kono to prevent her from following him when he went after WoFat.  A real Yakuza leader would have just put a bullet in her head and been done with it.  But not Adam.


Adam has never had the skills to be an effective bad guy but that just doesn’t fit with the story they want to tell now.  We’ll just forget that when he did finally become the official head of the family business, the first thing he did was begin to legitimize it.  We’ll all just conveniently forget that he’s never been a true Yakuza boss.

I could go on and on about the ways Adam has proven that he’s not a bad guy.  That’s why it’s always infuriated me every time someone would say something like “Adam has changed”.  Adam has never needed to change.  He’s always been a good guy.

I’ve seen people on Twitter say things like “Adam just can’t catch a break” and I suppose that’s true but, honestly, most of his problems are self-inflicted.  He has a good heart and he’s intelligent but being intelligent and having basic common sense don’t always go hand in hand.  Adam has no common sense at all.


He acts on his emotions and his best laid plans are usually reckless and not thought out very well.  He makes stupid mistakes.  Like his watch, for instance.  He went through the trouble of removing the license plate from his very recognizable car, but neglects to take off a personal item, full of fingerprints and DNA?  And what did he think was going to happen to the guy he took to Masuda after they worked the guy over for information?  That he was going to be allowed to just go home and sleep it off?  Jeez!


And it’s all so unnecessary.  Yeah, the kidnappers told Masuda no cops but come on.  How many times have we heard that one that Five-0 has ignored?  Adam has risked everything he’s spent years working toward.  He has the love and the respect of Steve and the entire Ohana.  He has earned the respect of HPD.  Det. Beldon went to Duke with the information about Adam instead of just moving forward to bring him in.  The first thing Duke did was try to phone Adam.  Only people who respect and trust you give you the opportunity to explain yourself first.  And Duke didn’t issue a warrant for Adam’s arrest either.  He went to Steve, knowing he would also give Adam a chance to explain himself before moving forward officially.


In many ways, Adam is like Steve.  Steve has gone rogue plenty of times, most recently when he went off to look for Doris.  Steve’s been known to be reckless and head strong and leap into things without concern for himself but when Steve does it, it’s for the greater good.  He may do stupid shit every now and then, but he doesn’t break the law.  How is Adam going to get through this?

And I really want him to get through it because I’ve always liked Adam and I like him as part of the Ohana and I really don’t want to see that go away.  But he’s jeopardized the trust of those he should know will always have his back.  Steve has a huge heart and God knows he’s forgiven a lot of crap he’s gotten from a lot of people, but I can’t see how he can overlook this.  Adam kidnapped a man and is directly responsible for his execution  even if he, himself, didn’t pull the trigger.  He was involved in a shoot-out between the Filipinos and the Yakuza which left several people dead.  He was involved, not as a member of law enforcement but as part of Masuda’s men. I can’t see any of this sitting well with Steve.

So, no, I do not like this story one bit.  As I said above, not the way it’s being laid out right now.  Even though all these things happened, and I don’t expect Steve to brush them aside lightly, I’m hoping it will all be used to inject Adam into the Yakuza world as a spy for Five-0.  I’m hoping we’ll eventually hear Steve say something like “You want to make this right? You need to do this for Five-0”.  I’m hoping Steve will use this mess that Adam has created to go after the Yakuza.


Because I think Adam was right and Kenji planned the entire thing to grab control from Masuda. He’s really bad news and Five-0 will need to bring him down. Of course, if that is the path the writers are planning to follow, we won’t know about it until much later.  I’m really hoping from this point on, Adam’s story is a long con and when it’s finally completed, he’ll still be a trusted member of the Five-0 Ohana. But whatever happens, even if the story itself is not to my liking, I’m still looking forward to watching Ian totally hit it out of the park.

That’s it for this week my friends.  Please let me know what you think about all the events in this episode.  Am I totally off base?  I look forward to hearing all your views!

Aloha.  Malama Pono

Sorry, no time for screencaps this week.  All photos courtesy of CBS and @alohaspaceman



16 thoughts on “#H50 Review:  10.10 – O ‘oe, a ‘owau, nalo ia mea (You and Me, it is Hidden)

  1. jlopie1 says:

    I think you liked this episode more than me, Linda. I didn’t hate it. I loved Lou and the kids. I liked Quinn, her cholesterol-filled malasadas and Steve’s indignation over having to give up steak! (find a new doctor, Steve! You don’t have to give anything up, just eat in moderation! You live on an island! Throw some fresh caught fish on the grill a couple times a week!) the COTW was indeed convoluted, but the lady who committed the murder had some great body language and the poor victim sitting in Halawa for 10 years was believable! I enjoyed the storyline.

    Adam – on the other hand – jeez, brah! I’m so mad at you right now! There are no words. Well, actually there are, and you used them already, Linda. You were preaching to the choir…but you know that.

    Thanks for squeezing this in between those 100,000 things on you list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL Well, you know me.. there are very few episodes I can’t find something to like in. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the COTW, because I did, it’s just that Adam’s story took more of my attention but only because of Ian’s performance throughout. I really pray his story isn’t going to lead where it looks like it will.


  2. Love Lou and the kids. How they helped him deal with empty nesters. Really Lou is a father figure while Steve is the big brother there. Love it in return for helping him out, to treat them to a steak dinner. My kind of man. He is my favorite now of the characters
    Adam really decide, Crime or Five 0. Glad Steve is given Adam the chance to redeem himself at least. Or Duke out of loyalty to Steve, goes to Steve instead. Before Duke can arrest Adam but love Duke and Steve has been loyal to Duke and got him his job back when some thugs kidnapped his granddaughter.
    As the story has been dragging on and time to end it like Steve and his mother.
    No Danny nor Eddie. 8/10!


  3. C O Starnes says:

    Wow Linda! Only 999,990 things to do? You’ve definitely cut back!! LOL! I’m still above the 1 million things left to do.
    About your weekly review…ditto. We certainly think along the same wave. To bad you’re not in ATL, we could have some great viewing parties:) Both COTW were average for the show. Once again, my daughter got mad because I figured it out before the end. But regardless, I just always enjoy watching the dynamic between the characters. I agree Steve likes to give his friends the benefit of explaining things first. However, I have to say he definitely had what Danno kindly refers to as ”constipated face” when he hung up with Adam. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!!
    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL Ohhhhhh yes… that was definitely “constipated face”. Steve is not happy with Adam at all. That face to face is going to be very uncomfortable for them both next week. And I agree, the dynamic between all these characters is fantastic and it makes every episode, regardless of what the stories are, very enjoyable.


  4. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    What you said. I wish would stop that whisper talk, it is hard to hear. I knew it was going to go side ways. I think Adam being there, wasn’t it the plan, they knew that the “white sheep” is more dangerous than the “black sheep”. That is what Adam and the woman are, they are supposed to wash the blood off the money. The old guys are not going let the young guy get away with it. The aunties will tell. Yeah, since when is Steve’s diet bad, unless he picked Danny’s bad habbits from the live. LOL!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Carole says:

    I’m on the same page with strike one – Dannyless episodes have been way too often lately. I don’t mind two stories, but not liking this Adam thing either….what was he thinking! I’ve never been totally sold on him being in 50 and I’m not surprised at Steve’s reaction – he brought him on board and it’s making him look bad too. Steve does not need this! On the bright side Lou is cute – Tani & Junior are his new “kids” loved how they played along. The malasada scene was funny, but it should have Steve & Danny. I REALLY wish they’d stop giving “Danny dialog” to other characters instead of keeping it for when Scott is there……..apologies for mini rant, but it gets to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rant away. I really don’t like it when Danny is not there and I like it even less when he IS there and he’s not utilized the way I think he should be. But, there isn’t anything I can do about it and as much as I don’t like it, I’ve made my peace with it. It is what it is and since the only other alternative seems to be no Danny at all, I’ll live with it the way it is. But like you… I don’t like it.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda! Have to admit that I wasn’t too crazy about Adam’s story, either, and I know Steve will definitely have something to say to Adam about it. I only hope that Adam will come clean with Steve. Like you say, Adam is not a bad guy,but he does things without really considering the consequences. He has really risked a lot this time,and Steve may not give him a pass on it. The three murders and their connection to the murder of 10 years earlier was very interesting. I loved seeing Lou be a like a father to Tani & Junior. I’m glad Lou kept the bicycle-Samantha might have been angry with him if he had sold it. As for Steve & Quinn, she is acting so much like Danny I can’t believe it. I mean, Danny would have eaten the malasadas in front of him just like she did! Looking forward to the next episode to see how Adam gets out of the situation he got himself into. I know he did it to save Tamiko,and by the way, their relationship sure has gotten serious. Is he really ready for this after what happened with Kono? Guess we will have to wait and see!


    • Going by what we saw in the last few minutes of this episode and what’s in the promo for next week, I don’t see how Adam can’t come clean about it with Steve unless he intends to stand there and bold face lie to his face. But his watch was at the scene. What’s he gonna do? Say he lost it or it was stolen and it just happened to be there??? Now whether Steve gives him a pass on it.. that’s another issue. I also don’t see that happening unless Steve can turn the situation into an advantage for Five-0. That also depends on if Adam is destined to remain with Five-0, which I really hope he is.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Abby says:

    I totally agree with carole ” I REALLY wish they’d stop giving “Danny dialog” to other characters instead of keeping it for when Scott is there” regardless I still enjoy any five0 episode. Ian was fantastic in this ep but I have always struggled with him being brought onto the team. He is a fellen he spent 2 years in prison for killing the guys who were trying to kill him. No way could he be in law enforcement. I do hope you’re right Linda and Steve will have Adam infiltrate with a long con.


  8. Dan Gibson says:

    I agree with Abby, I still haven’t gotten used to seeing Adam as part of the 5-0 Team. However, he did kick some major butt (while making some costly decisions) on Friday nite.

    I enjoyed the episode, but rather than echo what has been said here already … I’ll just note how much I enjoyed two characters: the guy who was in prison, then given freedom to see his daughter. Also I really liked the Dad of Adam’s girlfriend. What a man of loyalty, duty, and love he turned out to be. It’s too bad we’ll not see him again.


    • I agree Dan. I liked Masuda as well. I liked him from the moment we found out, in the first episode he was in, that he was willing to overlook the fact that his daughter was in love with a CIA (was he CIA? FBI? Whatever) agent and was not only going to allow the marriage but set them up financially and send them away to safety. He may have been a Yakuza boss but like you said, he had some really good traits about him. I’m going to miss seeing him.

      And the innocent man in prison totally broke my heart both with his tears of anguish over missing his little girls entire life and with his tears of happiness when he heard he was free.


  9. Mary Tomshack says:

    Well, as is expected, I missed Danny. But, wow, what a cliffhanger. I can’t help but wonder what Danny’s take will be on it all next week. He’s such a by the book cop, but he has a close relationship with Adam. It will be interesting to see. It’s too bad that Adam keeps getting drawn in by the Yakuza. Steve will have a hard time ignoring this one, but given Adam’s reasons, it is understandable. It must have been hard on Duke to turn him in. But they’ve all done to protect a loved one, even Duke when his granddaughter was kidnapped. Steve talked him into fighting to stay on. Yes, I loved the guy in prison also. His story was a very heartwarming ending. Thank you for the great review. Danny is back next week. All is right with the world.


    • You’re right. There have even been deaths. Danny killed Reyes because killed Matt. Chin killed Delano because he killed Malia. Steve looked the other way both times. But this is different. This is not Columbia. This is not a shooting that could be passed off as happening during a massive shoot out. (We never learned how they explained away Delano’s death so Chin would not be implicated but I’ve always assumed it was explained that Delano was shot during all the back and forth of the gun battle and just died from those wounds). HPD knows Adam was at that card game. Right now, those thugs aren’t talking but eventually, the Filipinos are going to find out the guy who was dragged away was murdered which means they’re going to want retribution. Eventually, Five-0, along with HPD will be drawn into it and it’s very likely that Detective will put two and two together.

      Hmmmmm let’s see…. Adam was at that card game. He fought with their muscle. One of the Filipinos was dragged away by Adam and now he’s dead. Not just dead. Killed execution style. There is no way this isn’t going to come back and bite Adam in the ass and Steve and Five-0 right along with him unless Steve can come up with some way to turn this mess Adam as created into some sort of advantage.


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