#H50 Review: 10.04 – Ukuli’i ka pua, onaona i ka mau’u (Tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses around it)

Hi everyone!  Wedding week is finally here!!!! I was at the airport last night at 8pm picking up the kids from Australia.  I am so excited they are finally here and I have them all to myself (well.. my husband too! 🤣) for an entire week before Wedding Weekend. I’ve missed them both so much!

So, obviously, since I was at the airport, I haven’t seen the episode yet.  It’s the first time I’ve ever missed a first run episode in 9+ years.  One streak down. But I didn’t want to break another streak by missing a week here too.  I wanted to post something so if you guys want to discuss the episode, you’d have the place.

So, have at it.  I may not get a chance to actually watch the episode for several days but I’ll obviously have my phone with me wherever I go so I’ll be able to see your comments as time allows.

This is actually going to be kind of fun.  I’m the first to admit that brevity is not my strong suit and I try to cover a lot in my reviews.  I get a lot of wonderful comments that start with something like “well, you’ve pretty much covered everything I wanted to say…..”  🤣This time you get to say it all and I’ll be on the receiving end.  I’m rather looking forward to that.  I’m leaving it up to you guys to “write the review”, as it were.  Let’s see if anyone can talk as much as I can! 🤣🤣🤣

Aloha.  Malama Pono

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15 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 10.04 – Ukuli’i ka pua, onaona i ka mau’u (Tiny is the flower, yet it scents the grasses around it)

  1. rhondagemini says:

    I rather liked this episode! Have to admit that I laughed at Danny’s matchmaking efforts, which ended with Eddie’s getting bitten by a much bigger dog and having to be tended to by a very beautiful lady vet. He obviously liked her very much, so much so in fact that he convinced Steve(if you can call barking at him convincing)to ask her out. Before that, however, the team had a very strange murder to solve, one that started out as a kidnapping, only the”kidnapped” girl turned out to be a North Korean spy. She killed her”kidnappers” and fled back to her apartment. Tani & Quinn went to see her there and she revealed herself to them by trying to take them down. Even Tani was no match for her lightening quick moves! After she had tricked someone at a restaurant into letting her use his computer, she downloaded and transmitted a file from it. This is where our favorite hacker, Aaron Wright, comes in. Lou & Adam visit him in prison and ask for his help in tracking down the file. He agrees,although with a condition:transfer to a minimum security prison. Lou and Adam turn down his condition and start to leave when he decides that he should help them, which he does. He is able to stop the file transmission from being completed, just as Tani, Junior & Quinn catch up with the girl and her prisoner, who has escaped from her. The girl wounds him, but Tani shoots her in the back and kills her. Afterwards, the team gathers at an outdoor restaurant and cheers the fact that Steve has a date with the Vet. Great episode for sure. Felt bad for Eddie getting hurt and all, but he helped Steve get his date with the lady vet,though. We will have to see what happens with that. Hope you like my review, Linda!

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  2. grannyv3 says:

    I liked the action, but I don’t really like Danny interfering with Steve’s personal life.
    Why are the writers making Steve act like an inexperienced teenager?
    Just because he’s been out of the dating scene for a while, he shouldn’t be made to be totally inept. Actually, he could get dates if he wanted just with his smile alone!
    I really liked the plot twist with the kidnapping. Whoever did the stunt work was fabulous!


    • I’m actually enjoying Steve be “not perfect” as something for a change! It’s refreshing to see him be a normal human being, a little bumbling and a little out of his element. It’s cute.

      Remember, other than his relatively short relationship with Lynn, he was with (or emotionally attached) to Catherine for many years. We never saw the start of this relationship but, what we DO know, is that he had no intention of even asking her out until he was pushed into it by Joe White. It’s the only small piece of evidence that, just perhaps, he never was the “smooth dog” we thought he was when he was given that nickname. Maybe.. just maybe… the nickname was given to him ironically. Maybe… just maybe… his SEAL buddies thought it hysterical that a guy with Steve’s obvious assets in looks and body, still was shy, tongue tied and a bit bumbling around women.


  3. jlopie1 says:

    Good synopsis, Rhonda!

    This was a pretty fun episode! I’m tickled we’re seeing so much of Eddie this season! That dog is a scene stealer, for sure!

    Let me just say that I don’t feel Danny did anything particularly wrong, here, and I see no reason why Steve and Eddie would be banished from the dog park! Maybe the ball rolled a little too close to the Mastiff, but I think Eddie was doing nothing more than defending himself and his ball, and Danny didn’t anticipate what would happen next. Mastiffs are notoriously one-track-minded and stronger than an ox – I’m actually surprised Steve got the dogs separated before more damaged occurred. I’ve been in the middle of a Mastiff/heeler dog fight (not once but twice) and it’s a scary thing!

    Needless to say, it all worked out for the best. Eddie had no lasting injuries, and Steve finally manned up and asked the beautiful vet for a date. (In what was probably the cutest scene ever on this show!)

    My favorite line, though, has to be Steve talking to Eddie and admitting that Danny was right. Danny knows his boy inside out, and he’s determined (in fact it seems to be his mission this season) to make sure Steve gets a chance to live a relatively normal life. His wish is to find a stable, secure relationship without any baggage for his best friend, and he’s not afraid to push the envelope to get Steve moving on the right track. His tactics might not always be flawless or work out as expected, but he gets an A for effort (at least from me). This is the bromance I adore and need more of. (Quality makes me happy most of the time, but a little more quantity wouldn’t hurt my feelings, either!😉)

    Quani or QT – whatever becomes the shipping name for Tani and Quinn – this dynamic is a HUGE win for the show! Onscreen or in BTS pics, Katrina and Meaghan are a match made in heaven and I completely enjoy every bit of it!

    It was a good COTW. Never expected a North Korean spy, then the added twist that the defector she was sent to bring back to NK was her ex-partner! Well, done, writers!

    I’m not an Aaron Wright fan, but Adam and Lou handled him quite well. Joey Lawrence plays the part perfectly. My only wish is that we only see him once (maybe twice) a season, and he NEVER becomes the comic relief for the show. In other words, no Sang Min 2.0!

    Okay, I’ll quit here. Linda, I don’t think there is anyone in the fandom who can write as much as you about a single episode! Have a wonderful wedding week – I know you have been waiting and preparing for this for over a year. Now’s the time to enjoy it!

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    • Thanks for the great comment Lynnette and I agree with you 100%. I’m sure there are those out there who are having a coronary over what a “horrible person Danny is for hurting Eddie”! Give me a friggin’ break!!

      Danny didn’t do a think wrong. He threw a ball for a dog IN A DOG PARK. If anyone is to blame, it is the woman with the mastiff. We are all dog owners. We all know what does and does not trigger our dogs. The minute the ball got so close to her dog, knowing another dog is coming to retrieve it, she should have taken a better hold on her dog OR if he’s that strong, moved him away from the ball. Knowing Eddie the way we do, we KNOW it wasn’t Eddie who went after that dog. It was the mastiff who didn’t like having another dog so close to him. Regardless, how was Danny supposed to know that throwing a ball for a dog, IN A DOG PARK was going to be a problem.

      As I said on Twitter right after the clip of that scene was posted by CBS…. Danny could run into a burning orphanage on Christmas Eve, save every living thing in there down to the pet hamsters and that crowd would still find something to bitch about. Consider the source and leave them to their bitter vitriol. They all deserve each other!


  4. Mary Tomshack says:

    Well, it was the kind of episode that you love and I did too. Only one case and the whole team was involved. The only side,story was Danny’s matchmaking skills. He is so cute when he is annoying Steve. But Steve admitted that Danny was right. This was my favorite episode this season. It had everything. One good story you can sink your teeth into, lots of action, and a lot of good McDanno scenes. The McDanno scenes were my favorite. I love Quinn. She is a good match for the team. Her and Tani were great together. I also didn’t get to watch it until this morning. I saw it on CBS All Access. But it was worth the wait. Good luck with the wedding.

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  5. Brooklyngirl says:

    I enjoyed the episode except for the fight scene. For me it was ridiculous, overkill and a real suspension of disbelief. She got what she deserved. It did bring out an interesting side to Quinn which I hope tptb explore fully.

    I love Quani or QT; both ladies have a lot to offer. It was an extra special treat since yesterday 2 female astronauts made ”herstory” and so did H50. I hope it’s the first of many working together episodes for our ladies.

    Not an Ian Wright fan but he was ok in this episode. I’m perfectly fine with this being his only appearance. Adam and Lou handled him perfectly.

    There is nothing better than Steve and Danny being together and bantering back and forth. And we even had a Eddie as an extra special treat. Too bad Danny didn’t hear Steve say he was right. I hope we get to see the date of the 3 vets – I think Eddie should go since he made it happen. Someone commented that it wasn’t like Steve to be so unsure and bumbling but I happen to love this quality about him. Makes him even more endearing and vulnerable because he is “human”.

    A good episode with one COTW, Steve, Danny, girl power and Eddie. Can’t ask for more.

    Enjoy every second of the wedding week. You’ve worked and planned very hard For it. I wish there was a way to slow down time for you to savor every second. Congrats again to all of you!

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  6. Have a great and safe wedding week. In the Land Down Under Good Day Mate
    But everybody needs to have a life
    Too bad Eddie got banned from the park. Usually Danny is the butt of Steve’s jokes and antics. Glad it was the other way around
    Pretty vet but sadly date will not last lone but Steve and Catherine will finally come together in the series finale IMHO
    Tani and Quinn did not seem no match for North Korea spy but really girl power
    Will get along with these two
    But please no more Aaron Wright sorry Joey L fans
    And please more Lou. Miss him and Steve together. More McGrover time
    7/10 And so far season 10 is shaping up to be the best!


  7. LA says:

    Hello! Never posted here before and it’s not a review of the episode so feel free to delete but I’m so glad I found this blog. Unfortunately I found two other blogs first and all they seem to do is slag Danny off and be negative in general about the show so I don’t know why they are watching or reviewing it but yours is like a breath of fresh air after reading their childish rantings.
    Really looking forward to future reviews.
    Hope you have a nice time with your family.

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    • jlopie1 says:

      Since Linda is off doing very important wedding things, Let me be the first to say “Welcome!” Many fans have found their way to this blog because they were turned off by other blogs that criticize and ridicule the character of Danny and the actor portraying him. We don’t all agree with everything that is written for Danny, but very few fans ever come here to rip an episode or a character to shreds!

      Like you say, it’s a breath of fresh air! That’s why I’m here…so enjoy!

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    • Thank you Lynnette for being here when I couldn’t be to give LA a heartfelt welcome. So let me echo that welcome! I’m very happy you found us here, LA. Please feel free to post anything you feel you want to say about the show and the characters.

      As Lynnette said, we don’t all agree about everything on the show, but we all strive to be open minded and courteous to each other. Like with everything in life, there are things some people like that others do not like and vice versa. As long as there is nothing mean spirited, all view points are welcome here.

      Again, I am thrilled you found us and I look forward to hearing your views in the weeks and months to come! ♥♥


    • Carole says:

      Welcome LA! Linda does a great job. Its a bit ironic you’re here the first week she’s missed in years 🙂 I’ve been coming here for quite a while. Like you I tried other blogs and was very disheartened by the snark and negative content – I don’t know why they watch either. If you go to the top there’s a search button for past reviews…….it’s good reading!

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