#H50 Review: 10.03 – E uhi ana ka wa i hala i na mea i hala (Passing time obscures the past)

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Hi everyone!  Well, preparations are in full force here this week.  My daughter and future son-in-law arrive in 6 days and we’re in full “getting ready” mode for their arrival, a family get-together the next day, a week of wedding prep (since they couldn’t do anything from Australia) and the wedding weekend itself.  This is the last episode I’ll be able to watch live until November 1st. So much for my streak.  These will be the first live episodes I’ve ever missed, from the Pilot on.  Oh well… at least I have a very valid excuse! 😃

So this will be the last review for a little while and it won’t be a full review.  Just a quick synopsis.  I hope you don’t mind.

– There it is again! Producer: Alex O’Loughlin! I guess we can stop wondering for good now.  Alex is a producer… period! I remember way back before the Pilot when interviewers would ask Alex and Scott if they thought the show could last as long as the original and they said something like “maybe we’ll be producers by then”.  Nice to see it came true for Alex, at least.  I couldn’t be happier for him.

– I got a real kick out of “1983” air travel.  Damn, but I’m jealous of those who were able to fly back in those days.  Just check out all that leg room.  And I had to chuckle when that guy took out a cigarette.  I was sure the flight attendant was going to make sure he put that thing away, not offer him a light.  I can long for that leg room but I’m sure glad they did away with the smoking.

– AND….. we’re back to a two story episode where there is no correlation between the two stories.  I really don’t like these types of episodes, as you know, but I’ll take comfort in the fact that, at least, Steve checked in on the other case and it wasn’t a three story episode.

– The COTW was a typical convoluted story of murder, theft, betrayal and red herrings.  There was a lot of magic table exposition in this one with Adam taking the Jerry role this week.  Considering this story was heavily conspiracy laden, it makes me wonder if the idea for the story was hatched before the writers knew Jorge was preparing to leave the show.  I mean, stories for the beginning of a new season are hashed out toward the end of a previous season and it seems odd to me that a story that seems so suited to Jerry would come along so soon after he’s gone.

– I loved that underwater fight Tani was involved in.  It’s great to see two women having it out and Tani was totally bad ass.  It was great that Junior leaped in to try to help her but I’m glad that Tani had it totally under control by the time Junior joined her in the water.



Junior: “I didn’t know they taught underwater fighting in mermaid school.”

Tani: “You should see what I can do when I have my tail.”

Damn, but I love these two so much!

71693747_10156607153910737_4221733134326038Photo Credits:  CBS Express

– Although I don’t like the two separate story framework, I did like the team up of Steve and Quinn.  There is a very easy rapport between them but then again, Steve pretty much has a great rapport with everyone he considers worthy to be a teammate.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman2Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter

– I wasn’t surprised Steve asked her to join Five-0, obviously, since we were already told it was going to happen, but I was surprised it happened so soon.  Not that I object.  Quinn is a good fit for the team and is already well liked by them all.



71168164_10156607155260737_3907785902755151Photo Credits:  CBS Express

EGoFIH9WkAAnvPOPhoto Credit: @HawaiiFive0CBS on Instagram

Welcome to the Ohana Quinn!

Tweet from Katrina

– And, of course, it didn’t take Steve more than half a second to call the Governor after Quinn is obviously set up with all that cash at her place.  Steve wasted no time in protecting her like he would anyone else on the team.  She is already Ohana.  I saw a number of people on Twitter on Friday night bring up how it seems to be a prerequisite that in order to join Five-0 you need to have been arrested at least once! 🤣 Well, that’s not 100% true but pretty damn close! 🤣

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman1

Courtesy of @alohaspacemanPhoto Credits:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter

– Last week the whole team was sure that it was Cullen who put the bomb in the Champ Box.  I was skeptical.  I said at the time that I was “curious to see if it really was Cullen or the mysterious bad guy we’ve been told is eventually coming. We were told this new bad guy as some connection to past events.  Unless there are things about Cullen we don’t know yet, which is entirely possible, I don’t think he’s the new bad guy.”  Well, considering the way this episode ended, I guess I was kind of right. 😉🤣 Cullen is not the new big bad but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t involved in planting that bomb.

71327035_10156607154455737_7303905758763024Photo Credit:  CBS Express

– This episode was a bit more laid back then the previous two with a lot of leg work within the episode, time spent around the magic table doing exposition and with Steve and Quinn driving around and surveilling Cullen’s activities.  But when there was action it was really great action.  There was that underwater fight bad ass Tani had and then there was the extremely jarring explosion at the end.  There was no way I was expecting that.  I’m not really surprised they killed off Cullen since I never felt he was going to be our new big bad.  It seems pretty obvious he pissed off someone.  He told Steve there was a lot more going on then he suspected and I suspect Cullen was working for our new big bad.  Maybe he’s pissed that Cullen failed to blow up Casa McG.  Three episodes in and we’ve already ended two of them with cliffhangers.  I’m loving how this season is going so far and I’m really looking forward to seeing where this mystery is going.

Well, that’s it for this week gang.  I didn’t have time to re-watch the episode so everything written above is from memory of watching Friday night while trying to keep up with live tweeting.  If I’ve made any glaring mistakes, please let me know in the comments.  Also, since I didn’t have time for a re-watch, there are no screen caps.  All photos are courtesy of others.

Like I said above, this is the last episode I’ll be able to watch live until November 1st.  I’ll try to post something in the next couple of weeks, just to give you guys a place to discuss the episode if you choose and for me to hear what you thought of them. Probably before I even get to see them! 🤣  I’m not sure what I’ll post, but I’ll try to post something.  See you then!

Aloha.  Malama Pono 



8 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 10.03 – E uhi ana ka wa i hala i na mea i hala (Passing time obscures the past)

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Another great review, Linda! Seems we are left with more questions than answers,though, as it appears that Cullen is not responsible for the bomb found in Steve’s home. I do agree with you that he may have been working for the real bad guy and that guy was angry that he didn’t get the job done on Casa McG! I tell you, Tani can kick butt anywhere-she is awesome! So glad Quinn is now an official part of the H50 task force-she & Steve work well together and as you said, he had her back after she was set up by whoever put the money in her apartment. I think the bad guys need to understand that when they set up one of the H50 Ohana,Steve is there to make sure it doesn’t stick! The way this mystery is unfolding, we may not get a resolution until the season finale-I hope I’m wrong though. On a personal note, my best wishes to your daughter and future son-in-law for a lifetime of happiness! Will see you back here in November!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carole says:

    Dannyless episodes have to be Ireally good to keep my full attention. I enjoyed this episode very much. – lots going on and questions galore to build on the season. Quinn is smart and gives as good as she gets – even hubs thought she was on par with Danny. Of course no one will quite meet that high standard with me, but i’m looking forward to see some Quinn/Danny, Actually i’m eager to see her with everyone. They can mix it up all they want as long as I get a little bit of Steve&Danny. Tani was awesome this week and Lou had good one liners. Having two unrelated
    cases didn’t bother me too much. I agree with you about this being a Jerry story, but I thought they handled that well – no mention of Jerry would have been weird. I do wish they’d have said where Danny was. Why didn’t Steve call him instead of the tow truck? Well OK obviously he needed a tow truck, but still, they could have had him check via text…….just saying
    Finally – thanks for taking time to do this review. Enjoy the wedding and family time

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    • I agree. Quinn is going to make a great addition to the team. From the looks of the promo for next week, Tani and Quinn may be working together which would be so awesome. I’ve always loved when they team up the women the few times over the years when we’ve had two on the team at the same time. I loved when Lori and Kono worked together and, back in the days when Catherine was on the team, I was always hoping for a full episode with her and Kono teaming up. I’m looking forward to Quinn and Tani time very much.

      I know as a McDanno shipper I’m in the minority but it never really bothers me when they don’t mention Danny when he’s not there. I mean, when I think about it…working in an office with a bunch of people, everyone knows when someone is on vacation or out sick for the day. There’s no need to mention that person when everyone already knows where they are. I kind of feel the same way about it when Danny isn’t there We’re on the outside, looking in on their day and within their day, they know he’s not there. There’s no need for them to mention to each other what they already know. I’m happy when it happens but I don’t get upset when it doesn’t. I do understand those who would feel better if they can hear it and I respect their feelings but for me.. only for me.. it’s not that big a deal.


  3. I love Quinn already. But do not compare her to Catherine please. She is like a Steve more than Tani.
    But still wonder if off camera he got Quinn out of jail and if the Governor had anything to do with it?
    Me thinks the Rob Morrow character is not dead but may be hiding in a trap to make Steve think he was in blowing himself up or so we think
    Tani was a bad*ss in fighting in the water and Junior coming to her rescue
    Shipped both of them in a heartbeat!
    9/10 Episode so far a great season 10 starting off.


  4. Brooklyngirl says:

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. I totally love Quinn! She’s a great addition to the show and there’s no comparison to her and Catherine. She wraps rings around her personality and talent wise.

    Loved Steve and Quinn together and am thrilled she accepted his offer to become a team member. And if Cullen survived that blast, he’s made of rubber or used a magic trick to make it look like he entered the house. While he may not be the new big bad, it wouldn’t surprise me if he may have something to do with all the bad things taking place with Steve and Co. Poor Lou loses since Cullen won’t be around to help him and Renee downsize! Tani certainly showed off her badass skills, to bad we didn’t get to see what her tail could do.

    I’m thrilled that Alex is now a producer for the show! Was a long time in coming but couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

    All in all a nice low key episode after 2 weeks of frenetic energy.

    Congratulations and best wishes to all of you on your daughters upcoming wedding! Enjoy the family time!!


  5. Mary Tomshack says:

    Of course, I missed Danny in this episode and am thrilled he will be back next week. I’m happy that he gets to be with his family and when he is happy, I am happy. It’s what probably keeps him coming back. Hope we get some Steve/Danny moments next week. I love Quinn. I think she is way better than Catherine. And Tani was great in the fight scene. I thought Adam did a great job in the Jerry role. It was a great episode except it was lacking in Danno. Thank you for the great review. Considering all you have coming up, you did a great job. Good luck to you and your family in the upcoming weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks babe! The way I see it… there is no comparison between Quinn and Catherine. Yup.. they are both military, both can speak another language and both have brown hair. Comparing the two is stupid. By that rational, Steve is the same as both of them too… Hey even Junior falls into that category! Does that make them all interchangeable? Of course not.

      Catherine and Quinn are two different people with very different personalities. People who insist on complaining that TPTB have created a Cath 2.0 are just having a very hard time digesting their sour grapes.

      As I’ve said before, I have to idea if Catherine is coming back at all, if she’s coming back for her obligatory one episode a season or if it’s destined she return by the time the series crosses the finish line. To be honest, at this point, I could not care less.

      She ceased to be important to the show six years ago. If TPTB decide to dust her off and inject her into the story again at some point that’s their prerogative. It will not cause me to turn against the show I love, nor will it make me call the writers, producers or EP horrid names just because it’s not written the way I like it. I’ll leave that to the holier than thou crowd.

      Liked by 1 person

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