#H50 Review – 10.01 – Ua ‘eha ka ‘ili i ka maka o ka ihe (The skin is injured by the edge of the spear) – Season 10 Premiere

Courtesy of Katrina LawPhoto Credit:  Katrina Law on Instagram

Well friends….we made it!!!  We survived another year of hiatus hell and managed to make it to the season premiere of Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0. Ten years!  What a fantastic accomplishment.

As always, the anticipation for the beginning of the new season was very high and the premiere did not disappoint.  It had all the things you’d expect from a season premiere.  It wrapped up the Season 9 cliffhanger, albeit too quickly (more on that in a moment), it had gun fights, car chases, fist fights, warm Ohana moments, a couple of great Steve and Danny …guments… and the obligatory “over-the-top” scene that’s become customary for premiere episodes.  It was a great way to begin what is sure to be another fantastic season.

Producer:  Alex O’Loughlin!!!!   How awesome is that! Alex is finally a producer and I couldn’t be happier about it.  No one knows Steve McGarrett the way Alex does, and he has some very definite ideas on how he wants certain stories to be told.  Episode 10.07, which is the one written and directed by Alex, will more than likely be proof of that.  Alex has voiced his opinion on other aspects of Steve’s character over the years.  It’s wonderful to know that maybe, as a producer, his wishes will carry more weight.  After all these years, it’s wonderful that Alex gets much more creative control.

Producer - Alex OLoughlin

Hello – Goodbye:  It feels like we started a bit of a tradition in the last few years of not only welcoming new faces but having to say goodbye to old friends.  I’ve got to tell you, right off the bat, I’m loving Katrina Law as Quinn Liu.  I can’t wait to find out all there is to know about her.  What I do know so far is she’s bold, courageous, extremely confident in her abilities and tough as nails.  Many of the qualities our other beloved military vets on the team possess.


115373_0693b-1-434x570Photo Credits:  CBS

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I love how the hard, military shell she carries shields the compassionate heart she obviously has.  I saw many people on Twitter Friday night remarking on how much this trait reminds them of a Season One Steve McGarrett, and it’s very true.  Another Steve McGarrett trait, a certain disregard for rules, which might not ingratiate her with her superiors but will probably have Steve thinking of her as a kindred spirit.

70439793_101Photo Credit:  CBS

Peter Lenkov told us that our first meeting with Quinn was going to bring back great memories and he was sure right.  Having Steve, Danny and Quinn draw weapons on each other, demand identification and a 1-2-3 countdown to disarm was a wonderful call back to the Pilot and the first meeting between Steve and Danny.  Danny may have thought the deja-vu was “horrible”, but I loved it.  Not as much as when they pulled the same thing in Episode 2.18 Lekio (Radio) between Steve and James Caan’s Tony Archer but pretty close.

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I’m really looking forward to learning more about Quinn and all the new stories and relationships having a brand new, full time character can bring to the mix. From what I’ve seen so far, I think she’s going to fit in marvelously.

Ahhhhhh Jerry! It’s always so hard to say goodbye so let’s not.  Let’s just say “see you later, brah”.  The conclusion of the Season 9 cliffhanger was extremely anticlimactic and it’s pretty obvious now that the cliffhanger was manufactured for the sole purpose of giving Jerry an excuse to leave.  We never see who took Azra Hassan down after she fired the shot that hit Jerry, although we do briefly see Danny kneeling beside her (body?) as Steve tends to a wounded Jerry.  We also have no clue what happened to her son Khalid. They were only a means to an end.  Jerry’s end with Five-0.

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I’m obviously extremely happy the powers that be didn’t decide to kill Jerry off and that Jorge Garcia will continue to be listed in the cast as a “recurring” character.  There is the hope that we could get to see Jerry again from time to time.  I know many of us thought that Jerry would be leaving to continue his training, like maybe going to Quantico or something.  I admit I thought it was kind of dumb when he said he’s going to be writing a book which sounds loaded with the conspiracy theories he so adores.

But on second thought, I decided it actually makes a lot of sense.  If Jerry was off to Quantico or in some other official Government training, he wouldn’t be readily available for Five-0 to call on him if needed.  Of course, they may never actually call him, depending on Jorge’s availability, but keeping Jerry on the island writing a book instead of somewhere far away on the mainland, makes calling him in a lot more feasible.

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I’m really glad they gave Jerry a proper send off with an Ohana gathering at Kamekona’s shrimp truck.  Jerry is such a lovable teddy bear and having his last scene on the show be a huge, warm and loving group hug was simply perfect.  I’m also really happy they didn’t do any kind of montage of clips.  No montage also helps me feel like we could really see Jerry again.

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Steve’s dating again:  And about friggin’ time!!! Steve and Lynn broke up a year ago.  The idea that the wonderfulness that is Steve McGarrett has been alone all this time is just too heartbreaking to bear.  I’m thrilled he’s stepping out again.  It’s adorable that he’s a bit nervous after all this time but I have zero doubt that he’ll get his sea legs again very quickly.  We already know that he has a second date with Brooke coming up (which we probably won’t see, of course) and thanks to an Instagram story from Peter Lenkov, we know he’s going to be asking out another lady soon.  This should be a lot of fun.

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Of course, Steve’s date gave us our first scene of the year with our beloved…….

McDanno:  These two were awesome in this episode.  Danny bugging Steve on his date was really funny even if I can totally understand Steve getting exasperated with Danny’s constant interruptions.  It kind of reminded me of when my daughter was a teenager and I would text her while she was out with her friends and finally have to resort to an actual phone call when she wouldn’t answer me.  “Just answer the first text and I won’t have to bother you ten more times!” 🤣 🤣 🤣

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I really liked how the entire team worked one single case in this episode and what I liked the best was that when Steve broke everyone up into two’s he kept Danny by his side.  As a matter of fact, Danny was by Steve side pretty much the whole episode, except for the short time Steve went off with Quinn.  The back and forth between the guys was totally on point.  Whether it was Danny telling Quinn he had to follow Steve even when he didn’t know where they were going to the back and forth between them over the text Steve was sending to their perp.  These two were just perfect. God, I love them so much!

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One thing I really liked was when Danny pointed out to Steve that he didn’t make that leap between buildings as cleanly as he would have “10 years ago”.   Why did I like it?  Because it isn’t 10 years ago and it’s dumb to always pretend it is.  Steve isn’t as young as he used to be so it’s very realistic to just say so.  With the wonderful stunt teams on this show it would be so easy for “Steve” to be the indestructible SuperSEAL today that he was in the early years, but this way is much more realistic.  Now, that doesn’t mean I never want to see Steve be SuperSEAL but it’s more realistic for him to be a SuperSEAL at 40 rather than keep pretending he’s still 30.

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I also wouldn’t be surprised if dialog like that isn’t the start of a not so subtle movement toward the younger team members getting much more of the “rough and tumble” action that pretty much only Steve has done for quite a while.  We already know Alex has been scaling back the physical stuff in recent years.  It’s about time they let Steve reflect what Alex is doing.

Relationships:  So, Steve is dating.  Adam and Tamiko have been growing closer.  And Tani and Junior are out on a real date!  The look on Junior’s face when he saw Tani all dressed up was adorable.  It’s nice to see how she’s still able to elicit “stunned silence” from him just like she did when she opened the door to him the night they went to that wedding last season.  They are so cute together.  It’s really a shame that pesky little murder had to go and interrupt their date.  It should be fun seeing if these relationships blossom into anything more.  I’m just thrilled we didn’t have to hear anything about Rachel this time.

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Obligatory “over-the-top” scene:  It’s a premiere… there has to be that one scene that makes you laugh and shake your head.  Planes landing on Kalakaua Avenue.  Giant claws.  Cabins lifted out of fires with a chopper.  Monster truck crushing every car in its path!  Hawaii Five-0 how I love you and your “can we top last year’s premiere??” attitude!

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Start with a cliffhanger resolution…. End with another cliffhanger:  Who would have ever thought we’d be seeing the Champ box again??  Other than Steve, Danny and Jerry, who else even knows the Champ box exists let alone where it is in the McGarrett garage?  A very intriguing choice to have whoever that is, plant a bomb in that box.  Is there some sort of significance in the bomber choosing to use it?

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On the other hand, it might not mean anything at all, at least not to the person planting that bomb.  It could be that he/she just went into the garage and looked for something harmless to put the bomb in.  It could have been anything lying around the garage. Everyone’s garage has some sort of toolbox laying around.  The fact that Steve’s toolbox is the Champ box, could be more for our enjoyment than anything else.  A fun shout-out to the Pilot to make all of us who’ve been watching from the beginning give an excited yelp! “OMG… it’s the Champ box!!!”

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All in all, this episode is a really strong start to what looks to be a very interesting season. Yeah, there’s some changes but change is sometimes a really good thing.  Just look how wonderful the addition of Tani and Junior has been.  I am so excited to see where it’s all going to lead.

Have a great week!  Aloha.  Malama Pono

Screencaps are mine unless otherwise noted.

Courtesy of Katrina LawPhoto Credit:  Katrina Law on Instagram


16 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 10.01 – Ua ‘eha ka ‘ili i ka maka o ka ihe (The skin is injured by the edge of the spear) – Season 10 Premiere

  1. Dan Gibson says:

    Work got in the way on Friday nite, but I rebounded by watching the opener early Saturday morning. The debut of Season 10 had all the elements that I like in 5-0. Quinn is gonna be terrific in the crew. PLUS she’s pretty as well as tough. She looked great, as did Brook, AND TANI (like her outfit in the closing scene !)

    Steve’s long range leap from one building to the other was spectacular — and I think even more impressive than the Monster Truck stroll down main street. It was a hoot when Danno chastised Steve about his ability to pull off that jump. Some of you know that i’m no fan of “Magnum”, for I don’t think Jay H. is a good fit in the lead.

    You fans of the show may remember in the early weeks of the reboot, “Magnum” chased a bad guy along residential rooftops. When he finally caught up to him, it was only because the villain had fallen to the ground and hurt himself. Yet our new hero could only look down at the guy, for HE was gasping for air, and going thru the dry heaves up above … LOLLLL. The moral of my story? WE GOT THE GUY, and McGarrett RULES. He’s still easily the most dynamic player in prime time TV drama.

    (wow … I went off on a tangent there, huh ? Apologies to all …. ))

    At any rate, so glad to see our season off and running ! It was a lonnng summer …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Did you all notice A.O.L. is listed in the producer credits? Someone pointed it out on another board. Great as it is long overdue
    BTW 9/10 and really Katrina Law will rock. Loved it when she told Steve to speed up, something he is not used to as everybody urges him to slow down. However, both I think will have a strictly platonic relationship.
    Speaking of which want to see Catherine. As hope he and Catherine get engaged/married, or have a baby. Would be cute LOL
    Also the date with him will only be temporary. Nice enough young woman however. but you know how dates and relationships are except for Lou and his wife’s relationship.
    Will miss Jerry but think that he will end up coming on back. Jorge Garcia has just recently gotten married. And his wife is based in another state. Plus he has other projects coming but hope to see him again.
    Still great season premiere 10 years later!


  3. Brooklyngirl says:

    Hi! And Welcome Back!! To echo others it certainly was a very llooooonng hiatus. But the deprivation was worth it!

    Alex writing, directing and producing is truly awesome. It’s been a long time in coming and so very well deserved. I can’t wait to see his take on Steve’s life!

    I was fortunate to see the premier at SOTB and big screen or small, it didn’t disappoint! I was very hesitant about the “new girl” but after seeing her in action (and on the red carpet being friendly, natural and having a blast) I can say that I really like Katrina/Quinn. And she can act! No smirks, snarls or plastic, fake movements! Score!! It’s been a while.

    I thought the date was adorable. I love that he’s out there again. It was sweet seeing Steve fumbling and confessing that he was rusty! But did anyone else notice that after the 500th interruption from Danno that Steve came back, large and in charge, no fumbling, and extremely sexy?? I certainly did!! 😍

    The entire episode was enjoyable from start to finish. Seeing the entire team working together was great. Loved the McDanno moments, and hearing the “kids” saying that “Mom and Dad are arguing again.” Such great vibes from this episode! I really hope they continue with a single episode storylines, multiple ones get way to confusing.

    The Champ Box. Seriously, Steve really needs to change the locks on his house and get a state-of-the-art security system! Hmm, wonder if this culprit is the “big bad” that PL referred to as returning with a grudge against Steve??

    Lastly, Jerry. Oh I’m going to miss him! I wish Jorge well with his future endeavors! Like Steve, I’m going to hold Jerry to his promise to “hang” and help out when needed!!

    Episode 1 is in the books! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us for the rest of the season!! Bring it on!!

    Thanks Linda, happy you’re back! See you next week!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ROFL You are absolutely right! Steve needs to seriously upgrade the security system at Casa McG. How many times is it now that someone has broken in? I’ve lost count! LOL I also agree about Katrina. I’d never seen her in anything before I heard she was going to be on the show, so I went out and sought out some of her work. She’s amazing in everything I saw. A really fine actress, for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved the episode, with the exception of the 15 second resolution to the cliff hanger. I felt disappointed and baited, but the rest of the show made up for it.

    I wish there had been a mention of Steve’s new truck. Sure is pretty!

    I think Quinn has lots of potential, but I’m wondering who will be taking Jerry’s place as the magic table guru/fact checker. I can’t see any of the current team members wanting to sit out the action at HQ.

    Steve and Danny were great together. There were some fun one-liners. Hope it continues. But, not really digging Danny’s hair, and although I’m glad Steve’s isn’t buzzed like it was S8, I wish they wouldn’t dye it. Salt and pepper hair is so sexy, let that silver show (except on his chin, which just ages him.)

    I got the biggest rush when I saw the Champ box! Who could be planting that bomb?? So excited to find out.

    Yay for the new season! Thanks for your reviews, LInda, I always look forward to them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There are seven members of the team. I’m thinking there will be a round-robin of who goes out into the field and who stays behind to work the table depending on the types of cases and which actors are front and center for a particular episode. Only time will tell.


  5. rhondagemini says:

    Loved the Season 10 premiere-awesome! Quinn is going to be a great addition to the team, as she is one tough cookie! Will miss seeing Jerry on a regular basis, but as long as he shows up from time to time, that’s ok with me! The banter between Steve & Danny was priceless and when Quinn was tending to her wound and refusing to seek medical treatment,Danny was right to ask if she was sure she wasn’t related to Steve-cause he probably would have done the same thing! I just loved Junior’s reaction to seeing Tani just before their opera date and understandably so, because she was absolutely stunning! The COTW was a bit puzzling to me,until it was discovered that Lou’s real estate friend(new recurring cast member Rob Morrow)was involved because of his desire for revenge for the deaths of his wife and children. Speaking of Lou, sounds like he & Renee are empty-nesters with both of their children in college now,so they want to downsize a bit. Should be interesting to see how that turns out. Loved the Ohana hug at the end, especially when Jerry got Quinn to join in. The season is off to a great start and I can’t wait for next week!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Zia Diane says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for continuing the blog even though I know this is a busy year for you.

    i loved that I everyone had a little bit of a story in this one. i am kind of thinking that the champ box involvement may lead to the Doris episode. It was part of John’s investigation into Doris’ death, maybe this is leading to questions being answered about her.

    So glad to see a new episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Carole says:

    Remember how they wrapped S-5 not knowing if they were renewed and CBS waited to the very last minute to announce renewal. Now here we are @ S-10 …not sure where the times gone but it’s amazing and i’m so grateful! AOL finally getting producer status is so well deserved. It gives me faith that McG’s character will stay true and we’ll get quality McDanno time.(several wonderful moments already) Tani’s “mom & dad fighting again…” cracked me up. I think we’ll be seeing Jerry now and then. Loved how they inticed Quinn over for the group hug…..reminded me of when they offered Grover a spot on the team. She’s going to fit in and I look forward to learning about her story. Next up Eddie……

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    I loved the McDanno parts, loved the Monster truck. Someone needs to warn Adam that he may fall into a the “honey trap” and end back with the “family”. Next week boom!


  9. Mary Tomshack says:

    I’m finally getting around to commenting. We were busy this weekend moving my son to the Twin Cities for his new job. I loved the season opener but I’m sad about Jerry. I’m going to miss his quirkiness. Let’s hope he does return from time to time. And I don’t mind the new girl. I think she will fit well with the team. And I loved the McDanno in this episode. I never get tired of their banter. Poor Danno. He is on radio silence. Steve blocked him. Can’t say I blame him after the way Danny kept bugging him on his date. I’m excited for next week already. Thanks for a great review.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thank you, Linda, for your positive review. I can always count on you to mostly see and take the show for the passing fun it was always meant to be. I loved this episode. I loved all the interactions between the team members. I loved Katrina Law and look forward to seeing her use some of her real-life martial arts skills. I only worry that in time those that originally liked her will begin to complain if she is spending a large quantity of time with Steve instead of Danny when he’s in the episode. The McDanno interaction was very good this episode and quite frankly is the way it should normally be done. They don’t need to be in every scene together just a few significant and carefully edited scenes. I would also like to see different team members paired with each other and how their personalities play off of each other in a scene.

    I have a feeling at some point we’ll hear something down the line about Mrs. Hassan and her son. H50 has a habit of bringing things up after you least expect it or have given up on ever knowing. I’m glad they didn’t kill Jerry and I’m glad that he might make an appearance or two during the season. I don’t miss him mainly because I know Jorge just got married and he’s going to be enjoying more time with his lovely bride. I’ve always loved Rob Morrow, so I’m really hoping he doesn’t turn out to be as villainous as he came across at the end of the show. It looks like the show is getting off to a good start of course I realize at 10 seasons and 20-plus episodes a lot of them aren’t going to be an A or maybe even a B rating, but at least they will be a little Friday night fun.


  11. Karen T says:

    I was lucky enough to catch the premier at SOTB again this year. Although, I didn’t always hear the dialog, the episode had all the things I love about 50. The Danny and Steve banter, the fight scenes, the dates, the Ohana, and Quinn is fantastic. Yes, the monster truck was over the top, but it’s television. Thanks for taking your time to write a fantastic review, Linda. I look forward to reading more from you this season.


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