#H50 – Season 10 Sunset on the Beach – 2019


We are on our way!!!! Only one more week to the season premiere of Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0 and what better way to kick off the new season than with another wonderfully successful Sunset on the Beach?  Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t be there again this year.  With my daughter’s wedding only a month away, a trip to Hawaii just wasn’t in my budget… damn it all.  But fortunately for us all, there were a ton of people, many of them H50 friends, who were able to get to Queen’s Beach this year.  And it is through their generosity that we all get to share in this wonderful event.

I’ve pretty much spent most of Friday on Twitter and InstaGram trying to gather as many goodies as I could.  While there a ton of pictures here, I can assure you I have a lot more saved on my laptop.  Of course, I can’t post everything I found.  This would be as long as a Harry Potter novel.  But I do what to give all the thanks I can to everyone who shared their photos and videos for those of us who couldn’t be there. I especially loved the little sneak clips of the episode. Looks like it’s going to be another premiere winner. Can’t wait to see it all!

I saved as many pictures as I could find and diligently recorded who took/posted each shot.  Hopefully I haven’t messed any of them up because we own these people a huge debt of gratitude for their generosity.

Early mornings on the beach:

Photo Credit: @ninjaloha50 on Twitter

Peter Lenkov, Dennis Chun and others arrive with swag and coco puffs:

Photo Credit: @ninjaloha50 on Twitter

EE330yGUYAEDtp0 Photo Credit:  @dmparm on Instagram

70779771_1882258081876581_362475508702642176_nPhoto Credit:  @H50hana on Facebook

Here they come………….

 Photo Credits: Courtesy of Getty Images

Dennis Chun on TwitterPhoto Credit:  Dennis Chun on Facebook


EE6aFM0X4AEMWDD Photo Credits: Courtesy of Getty Images

Cutest Baby on the Beach:  Katrina’s baby daughter was an adorable knockout on the red carpet! It was so sweet seeing her husband with his little date!

EE6s3xaUwAEo6Xc                                              Photo Credit:  @celspi on Twitter  sunset-beach-hawaii-five-magnum-pi-2019-waikiki-fokopoint-8262 Photo Credit:  @fokopoint on Twitter

Photo Credit:  @hideshawaii on Twitter

The hot ladies of Five-0:  Both Katrina and Meaghan looked absolutely stunning.  I loved their dresses. At first I thought Meaghan’s was a bit too plain then she turned to the side!  Wow!  Absolutely beautiful.  These two are going to bring some serious woman-power to the Five-0 team.  I can’t wait to see them rock my screen.  They’re already rocking Twitter and InstaGram!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Getty Images

hiromi_cha_nce on IG1   Photo Credit:  hiromi_cha_nce on Instagram

EE6bV0eX4AA4PgEPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Getty Images

coachmandy808 on IGPhoto Credit: coachmandy808 on InstaGram

Eddie and The Lads… more cuties on the red carpet:  Yes, again this year SOTB was a shared event between H50 and Magnum PI. But since this is not a Magnum blog I didn’t really address their participation in the event. But, I can’t resist cute doggies….

hawaiiirl on IG1 Photo Credit:  hawaiiirl on InstaGram

Photo Credit:  h50eddie on InStaGram

Photo Credit:  @PLenkov on InstaGram

marichinchan on IGPhoto Credit:  marichinchan on InstaGram

Everyone looks like they had a ball:  Photo credits for the following photos:  @alwaysdawsey on Twitter, amiami_amy on InstaGram, hiromi_cha_nce on InstaGram, jillkuramoto on InstaGram, melissacoko on InstaGram, Mark Salondaka on Twitter, @H50hana on Facebook and @fokopoint on Twitter

And, of course, Alex!  It’s always all about Alex:

sunset-beach-hawaii-five-magnum-pi-2019-waikiki-fokopoint-8376sunset-beach-hawaii-five-magnum-pi-2019-waikiki-fokopoint-8395-1Photo Credit:  @fokopoint on Twitter

EE5jFwfVAAAzj8nPhoto Credit:  @ninjaloha50 on Twitter

web1_20190919-WEB-Hawaii-Five-0-Sunset-on-the-BeachPhoto Credit:  @StarAdvertizer

EE5tYVnWwAApHJyEE79syCXoAI9oRNPhoto Credits:  CBS

EE6ad3QXYAA5iM0Photo Credit:  Getty Images

Photo Credit:  amiami_amy on IG

hiromi_cha_nce on IGPhoto Credit:  hiromi_cha_nce on IG

Poohko Hawaii on IGPhoto Credit:  Poohko Hawaii on InstaGram

The evening concludes with the full cast on stage, a concert by Train and, of course, the screening of the Season 10 premiere!  Looks like everyone had a fantastic time!

Photo Credit:  nsane1 on InstaGram

Like I said up above, there is a ton of stuff available on line if you want to see even more of the fun.  Check out the #H50 timeline on Twitter (pay special attention to the accounts of @alohaspaceman and @SurfBelle2) for fantastic pictures and a lot of videos from the red carpet.  For some reason I couldn’t get the links to the videos to post here but they’re there on the #H50 timeline so don’t forget to go check it out.

Also, there’s a nice article and even more videos available on the Star Advertiser site.  Here is the line for that:

The stars come out at Sunset

There’s also a ton of pictures and videos on the H50hana page on Facebook taken from the red carpet and the beach by my wonderful Ohana friends.  I wouldn’t miss out on checking out our page at   https://www.facebook.com/H50hana/

Well… another Sunset on the Beach over and done.  Just a week to go and we’ll be on our way to another fantastic season of our favorite show.  I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Have a great week my friends!  Aloha.  Malama Pono


3 thoughts on “#H50 – Season 10 Sunset on the Beach – 2019

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos, Linda! Loved the one of Eddie & the lads-they looked like they got along well,but I’m sure their trainers had a lot to do with that! Looking forward to the start of the season next Friday! It’s gonna be a great one!


  2. Mary Tomshack says:

    Thank you for all of the great pictures. There were sure some great ones of Alex. And the ladies looked great too. I loved the photos of Katrina’s baby. She is a little doll. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I can’t wait till Friday. It can’t come soon enough.


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