#H50 – We’re getting there… What’s on your mind for the new Season 10?

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Happy September everyone! We’re finally on this side of Labor Day which means the season premiere of Hawaii Five-0 is not too far off.  Still not soon enough, I know, but we’re getting there.  More and more really cool stuff has been coming out about what may or may not be coming in Season 10.  Now it’s our turn.  What are your hopes and wishes or your “OMG…. please God no” for the new season.  I’ll go first.

I’m looking forward to Alex’s Episode:  I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this episode.  Written and directed by Alex O’Loughin.  We now know that Alex’s episode, “Ka ‘i’o” will be shown as Episode 10.07 and will be the 225th over all episode of the series.

We know the Navy SEALs who run Trident Adventures and who appeared in Episode 8.24 (when Steve and Junior saved Joe White) will be in this episode so it’s a good bet that the episode will have a military/governmental story line.  We also know that Doris is back for this episode.  Alex has said many times that he thinks story line between Steve and Doris needs to be completed.  I’m thrilled he’s decided to use his own pen to make that happen.  I can’t wait to see how he’s written the next chapter in their story.

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I’m not really looking forward to the conclusion of that Season 9 cliffhanger:  I mean, it’s pretty obvious that Steve isn’t the one who got shot and it’s pretty common knowledge that it was Jerry.  We also know, courtesy of various online articles and spoilers that we’re going to be losing one of our beloved team.  We also know that it won’t be a death (thank God) so it’s easy to extrapolate that it’s Jerry who will be leaving.  I’m not looking forward to Jerry not being there anymore.  I have loved Jorge Garcia since LOST and I’ve loved Jerry from the first moment we met him.  I’m going to miss his sense of humor and his stable presence behind the magic table.  I’m really going to miss him.

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Welcome to #HawaiiFriday:  I’m looking forward to more cross references between H50 and Magnum PI now that both shows are back-to-back on Friday nights. I’ve enjoyed the appearances of Noelani, Kamekona, and Duke on Magnum and I’m sure there will be more with them.  I’m really hoping for a full fledged cross over between the two shows.  It may be the only way we ever get a full two-hour episode (not two separate one hour episodes back-to-back), even if we have to share it with Magnum.

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I’m loving everything I’ve seen so far about Katrina Law’s new character of Quinn Liu:   First of all, I like that she’s a new, full time character and not a recurring character.  Being full time, main cast, affords the writers as much time as they need to develop her character, lay out her back story, work her into the fabric of the team and establish interpersonal relationships without having to worry about when or if she’ll be available for a story they want to tell.

Will she become a love interest for Steve?  Who the hell knows? I’ve been in this fandom for 10 years now and if I had a dollar for every time the “love interest” term has been floated I’d have enough money to attend Sunset on the Beach every year.  Everyone knows my feelings with regard to Steve’s past love life so there’s no need to go into that again now.

But, I do like the idea that if… if… if…. something  may or may not grow, it will be over some stretch of time. If it’s something that works well between Alex and Katrina, it will grow organically and won’t need to be over-done or pushed too quickly. The fact that she’s not a recurring character adds a new spin the others who’ve carried the burden of the “love interest” label didn’t have.  Of course, I have no clue whether they will end up being a couple eventually but the fact that she’s already main cast makes it more credible. The writers can bring them along at their own pace without having to deal with the shifting availability of a recurring actor. It will add a level of consistency to the story they haven’t had since Steve was in a stable relationship back in Season 3.

Then there’s:  

Tani and Junior – They are totally adorable and I hope we get to see their relationship move forward.  I also really hope we get to see Junior and his dad start to make it back to the warm relationship they were just beginning to find again.

Adam and Tamiko – Not sure about this one.  I’d love to see Adam find happiness but I’m very nervous about him getting so close to anything even remotely touched by the Yakuza.

Danny and Rachel –  No….. just…… no.  Two people who have been able to put their animosity behind them and become friends and loving co-parents to their kids….. wonderful. Anything more… just…. no.

McDanno… always McDanno:  Every year…. every single year… my biggest wish is for there to be as much Steve and Danny time as there possibly can be.  I know that my McDanno ship will never happen and that’s 100% ok.  I just want to see my two favorite characters together, fighting crime, hanging out together and with the kids, drinking beers on the beach, busting each other’s balls, and just being there for each other as only they can be.  It was this partnership, this brotherhood, which hooked me onto this show that very first night and it will always be the cornerstone of what holds it all together.

Ok everyone… let’s here it.  What do you want to see, what do you want to not see, in what promises to be another fantastic season of Hawaii Five-0?

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31 thoughts on “#H50 – We’re getting there… What’s on your mind for the new Season 10?

  1. Zia Diane y says:

    I am sorry to see Jerry go, if that is what is to happen. He was not there much in the 2nd half of the season so I think you are right there. As for Katrina, I’m glad there is another woman on the team. I look forward to finding out about her background story. As for a love interest, I’m tired of every woman who comes on to this show has to be a possible love interest for Steve. I hope the character finds love, but I would rather have the team be the team and Steve having a love outside of the team. I do like Tani and Junior however, they are cute. As for Rachel, I think they are heading the way of them getting back together and I don’t think that is a good thing, too much has happened to get them back to together. But I am not a writer on the show and they will do what they do regardless of my opinion. It won’t make me stop watching. Adam will have some sort of Yakuza involvement, which I also see them going toward especially how they left the story open.

    As I said before I look forward to seeing Christina Lahti back and hopefully, Alex will give us all a conclusion to the story and answers to all our questions about her. Looking forward to the opener.

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    • I have to agree that I’m not a huge fan of relationships between members of the team. I think Tani and Junior work for me because it was something that just grew naturally. They obviously had an instant bond but that bond was friendship. A friendship that has developed and matured into something more. But it’s been TWO years. It’s not something that was quickly manufactured for drama. It’s been allowed to grow slowly and naturally so it just feels… I guess the word is… real.

      If (and that’s still a huge IF) Steve and Quinn develop in the same way, it may work for me the same way. Only time will tell.


    • Carole says:

      Great comments. I’m eager to see Quinn and hoping for lots of quality McDanno. I’ve seen several people say Danny deserves a promotion. I love your idea of Steve meeting an island girl. I just want the season to start!!!!
      I hope your family wedding plans are going smoothly. Having a daughter is a bit different to us – with sons we pretty much pitched in $$$$ and showed up.

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      • YES!!! Danny deserves a promotion for damn sure. Chin got his promotion at the end of Season 1. Danny’s been the same rank since before he ever joined Five-0. He’s second in command of Five-0 and yet he’s out ranked by Lou. It’s about damn time he got a promotion.

        Wedding plans are going well. I’m pretty stressed out, of course, considering I’m doing pretty much 90% of it by myself with my daughter on the other side of the planet. But so far so good. I’m really looking forward to the big day. I know it’s going to be wonderful. But I have to admit, I’ll be very relieved when it’s over. LOL


  2. Dan Gibson says:

    My main thought ? Just BRING IT ! Can’t wait for Season 10 — a landmark achievement for any television series these days. As I have said for 9 years, WE GOT THE GUY … McGarrett RULES !

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  3. jlopie1 says:

    My Season 9 DVD is arriving today! Whoo Hoo! As if I wasn’t already pumped for S10! HA! So you know what I’ll be doing this afternoon (Special Features, here I come!)

    We are looking forward to the same things, Linda, especially the addition of Katrina Law as Quinn. Can’t wait for Danny’s deja vu moment in the premiere!

    I’m excited for, but nervous about, Doris’ return in Alex’s episode – ep. 10.07. I love the chemistry between Christine and Alex, but worry what wrapping up that storyline might mean for us.

    ReyRei can’t be any cuter and I pray the writers will let this romance bloom organically and not throw any manufactured wrenches into this relationship! Please let one couple on this show (besides Grover, who was married for years before being introduced in the show) have a sweet, loving relationship!

    Danny needs a love in his life, but even though I was a huge Danchel fan for a lot of years, I’m not so sure anymore that this is the best way to go. The chemistry between Claire and Scott onscreen makes one think there is no one on earth better for Danny than Rachel, but that’s just the gut talking and not a realistic scenario. If it happens, I hope there is some way the writers can make me believe it will work out and Danny and Rachel will walk hand and hand into the H50 sunset…and STAY together happily. At the moment, I don’t see how they can do it, though.

    Steve back in the dating game would be fun to see, and I’m wondering if this will be a recurring theme this season. He was proud of Mary last season for putting herself out there, and hopefully he decides to have some fun, too, and who knows? Maybe find the love of his life! But if he doesn’t, that’s okay, too. I’m not interested in Harlequin romances anymore.

    Of course, tons of McDanno time is needed in order to make S10 a success. Trying to juggle Alex and Scott’s filming schedule obviously makes it a struggle for the writers, but I’m a big proponent of quality over quantity. Give us a few episodes of old fashioned McDanno and I will be in heaven!

    The one thing I will also be very sad about is the loss of Jerry. I’m sure he isn’t dying in the opener, but is leaving the team under his own volition. Maybe to get some official training (Quantico?) i’m Sure we’re going to find out Jerry’s fate quickly in the premiere, and I hope that he leaves with the door wide open for return visits.

    No matter what we want as fans, whatever the writers give us, it will be an exciting season, that’s for sure!

    So now I’m going to go sit on my steps and wait for me DVD to arrive. I’ll be a little busy this afternoon! There might be some squeeing going on.🤤

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    • My DVDs arrive today too so, of course, I’m stuck in the office all day. Oh well…. the Phillies are playing like crap these days … I should be able to commandeer the TV from hubby tonight! LOL

      As someone who’s known you for years, I know how hard you’ve rooted for Danchel over the years. I wish it was something that makes sense but I agree with you that I just can’t see how they can bring them back together realistically. Not with all that’s passed between them and the things Rachel has done over the years. And no… Danny hasn’t been a saint either so to all of a sudden have them conveniently decide none of that matters anymore makes zero sense. But then again… they can write anything they want and justify it any way they want. Doesn’t change anything we’ve seen with out own eyes over the years.

      I love the idea of Steve stepping out a bit this season. I totally forgot how he told Mary he was proud of her for putting herself out there and how he told her that was more than he was doing. Yeah.. it’s about time he had some fun. But I also agree with you. I outgrew pre-pubecent bodice-rippers when I was 14 too.

      As for quality vs quantity… I could not agree more. Of course, if it were up to me, we’d have Steve and Danny be like they were in Season One. Joined at the hip. But that’s just not feasible now. I agree with everyone who has ever said that just because they can’t be together all the time, that doesn’t mean the writers shouldn’t make the time they ARE together count. And I’d so adore an episode or two of them off on their own being the Steve and Danny we’ve always loved.

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  4. Susan Schoppe says:

    You’re right on target with absolutely everything. I will also miss Jerry like crazy, he was the quirky one, I just loved that about him. The only thing I think differently on is I don’t believe there will ever be anything with the new member of the team (Katrina) between her & Steve. I do think they will give him a love interest just not her. Got my S9 DVDs today. As always I love reading your page. ❤️

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    • It’s all just speculation and a bit of extrapolation from what Peter said in that TVGuide spoiler but like I said above. If I had a dollar for every time someone was going to maybe be a love interest I’d be rich. It’s all just a wait and see. I have no problem with Steve finding a new love. I’ve always said he should have a local girlfriend, maybe an old school friend from before he was sent away. That’s been an ongoing wish of mine for years.


  5. I wasn’t sure I wanted to post anything. I’m trying to get back to where I was with this show before I discovered twitter and fandom social media. It’s so difficult because I love looking at the bts pics and videos. Then there is the other side of twitter and that is the very vocal and disappointed fandom.

    There are a few things I would like to see with this show, but I understand that they try to keep it light, fun and exciting with a few serious stories every year. I really don’t want to see any office romance other than the two kids, eventually. I would prefer to see Quinn brought on as her own person and not specifically to eventually be used as a love interest, but if that’s the way they go why not put her with Danny. Why not try something different for a change and go for something opposite of what we’d think the guys would be attracted too. I think that once a character is brought on specifically as a love interest they only become as important as the love story. Other than that, it seems as though there is no need for them. I feel that is what they did with Catherine and she could have been great just as another team member. It seems like they tried to do this the past few seasons, but no one accepts her just in a professional capacity. I think that is a real shame. She had a lot of potential.

    I’m okay with Jerry leaving on his own accord and not through death. I think I’m more worried about Doris’s story. I’ve watched this show long enough to know what to probably expect and that saddens me. I suppose this could benefit Steve it allows him to move forward in his life and break away from the past. He has the possibility of having a bright future and he has created his own ohana. I’m not sure if they are going this route, but it would be nice to see a nervous slightly unsure Steve trying to date. He seems to have missed out on a lot of that and I think he could use the practice regardless of how his romantic life ends.

    The one major thing that I have noticed with this show and the fandom. If we are watching it only for a romantic ship and big payoff in the series finale we’re probably going to be as disappointed as some of the Game of Thrones fans or as I was after watching the series finale of Seinfeld. It’s the EP’s job to try and gain viewership and interest through social media interest, but in the end the ratings of determine what stories work for the show. He has never promised any of us any particular ending just a good time watching the team. Although I sometimes get annoyed, I must admit he is good at his job and an excellent salesman. He’s doing the best he can in light of everything that is involved in producing his shows. I can only imagine when he sold the idea it was based on less seasons. I’m convinced this show has gone on at least 3-5 years longer than PL ever expected in the beginning. In that time things change, viewers interest change, and actors decide they want to move on to other opportunities. Although some are angry, I’m sure PL originally wanted to end the show the way some of the upset fans expected, however it might not be possible or he might surprise them with their wish.

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    • Thanks for the great comment. I agree a character should be brought in as his or her own person and not just to be a love interest. I think that’s what Peter meant when he said “see how people connect, then write to that”. That could mean “see how Steve and Quinn connect” OR it could mean “see how people (meaning the fans) connect with Steve and Quinn”. What happens or doesn’t happen between them is totally up in the air.

      Personally, I’m going into it like I did with start of Season 8. Tani and Junior were brought in and I never immediately thought “Oh.. these two have to hook up”. That grew over time and, as of now…. 2 years later… they STILL haven’t officially hooked up. If a relationship grows between any two characters in that way, it’s much more realistic. That may happen with Steve and Quinn…. it may not. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I’m just going to sit back and enjoy whatever comes my way.

      I also agree with you that I do not watch this show for any ship. I have never made any secret that I ship McDanno but I have NEVER expected it to appear on my screen (that’s what I have FanFiction for). I watch for the crime, the action, car chases, explosions, BAMF McGarrett and yes… relationships…. Ohana relationships and the ongoing brotherhood between Steve and Danny.

      That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a love story when it’s thrown into the mix. Tani and Junior are adorable and the love between Lou and Renee leaps off the screen. But, as Lynnette said above “I’m not interested in Harlequin romances.” If Steve ends up with anyone, fine… if he doesn’t, that’s fine too.

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  6. jlopie1 says:

    Denee, I love your comment! I think you speak for the majority of the viewers. Certain other fandom factions are just more vocal in their desires/demands for their particular ships, and when you’re on social media, you get bombarded with those fan wars to the point where it seems that’s all anyone talks about! I don’t watch the show for a particular ship, but I do know there are “fans” who only watch the episodes their ship is addressed, loudly saying on social media that the rest of the show is junk.

    Great analysis of Peter’s role as EP! I agree that Peter is a great salesman and does what he does primarily to keep viewers watching. He’s done such a great job the show has reached the milestone of 10 seasons! I hope he keeps working hard for many more years! I don’t necessarily like all his tactics, especially His feeding both sides of the fandom whatever they want to hear and then not really delivering to either one, but he never lies, he just never tells the complete story!

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    • ROFL.. .reminds me of the Jack Nicholson/Diane Keaton movie “Something’s Gotta Give” when the character Jack plays says to her… “I’ve always told you some version of the truth”. LOL

      I totally agree with you ladies. Peter is a master manipulator and I mean that as a compliment. Because I can’t believe anyone can reach the level of success he’s achieved in the business without knowing the ebbs and flows and the trends and shifts and knowing how to navigate through it all to make it work in your favor. He’s brilliant at it. I also haven’t always agreed with everything he’s done but I have certainly enjoyed many years of the entertainment he’s provided.

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    • Carole says:

      All valid points. I truly love this show and sometimes it’s heartbreaking to see all the snark and nastiness over on Twitter – and yes it comes mainly from a small group representing a certain part of the fandom.. I wish PL would quit stirring them up and focus on the H50/Magnum combo. – there’s awesome potential to make a two-hour Friday night block that rocks!

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  7. Brooklyngirl says:

    I am so looking forward to the new season even though I’m not happy about the new time slot and sharing with Magnum (not a fan) but this deprivation isn’t pretty. So. Bring. It. On.  

    I’m also not happy about Jerry’s potential departure and hope that the door will be left open for a return when he’s ready. 

    I’d love nothing more than for Steve to be out there dating and finding his soulmate (*abC*) but am sick to death of every female being shoved down our throats – and his – as a potential LI. Guess time will tell. From what I’ve seen and read about Katrina at least she’s an actor of the same caliber as Alex so, who knows, maybe sparks will fly with great acting. 

    It would be great for Danny to find someone as well. As much as I love his and Claire’s chemistry, Rachel is just to untrustworthy to make it work. 

    Some McDanno and Ohana moments would definitely be appreciated. 
    Here’s hoping that we all get some of our wishes to come true! 

    Hurry up September 27th! 

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  8. Linda, I agree with everything you stated. I really did not want to ship anybody, but Tani and Junior are just so darn cute! They’re young with the possibility of a bright future. I love Lou and Renee, I think they are very well-written which is an indication that Peter and the writers know exactly what they are doing.

    I will admit if the McDanno ship happened it would be extremely progressive and bold of CBS. However, I know that is not going to happen and like you I’m glad there is FanFiction. I would hope that all of the fandom could find some kind of joy with FanFiction.

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    • ROFL…. I don’t think CBS would ever be brave enough to let McDanno become reality even though gay couples on TV is not the taboo it once was years ago. I’m 100% ok with that mainly because, while I DO ship them, I also understand that these are technically not original characters but characters that literally go back 50 years. No, Alex’s and Scott’s Steve and Danny are not anything like the originals but I can’t see CBS allowing them to be THAT different. But, that’s ok. I love them as best friends and brothers and I really hope we get to see a lot more of that relationship this year. If we must be limited by their personal schedules in the amount of time we get to see them together, my dream is that the writers used those limited opportunities to their full advantage.


  9. JLOPIE and Carole, I agree with what you both said in regards to stirring the pot with the fandom. Sometimes it really annoys and frustrates me. However, I’m not so sure this show would have made it to season 10 without the strong opinionated fandom that continues to maintain interest in the show. Although I realize in the end the most important thing that factors in regardless of all of our opinions are the silent opinions of the Nielsen households. I think the only thing that bothers me are the fans that are so invested in a ship they overlook the subtlety of PL’s interview comments or the ambiguously worded and edited scenes we watch. They get so disappointed and angry. I sometimes feel bad for them, because they seem so invested.

    As I said earlier I cannot fault Peter Lenkov for doing his job and being good at it. Much like Linda I have to compliment him on his ability to juggle all that is involved. I have to respect that he knows what he is doing. As a matter of fact none of us has any idea how he will decide to end it, but I hope it is with an ohana moment and of course McDanno. Hopefully something similar like the end of season 7 when they had the hurt feelings apology and walked away together as friends

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    • Carole says:

      True H50 fans are the best and have no doubt helped keep the energy flowing.! Just look at sweet Linda who has spent countless hours on this blog – I look forward to it almost as much as the show. And if you’ve been lucky enough to attend SOTB …it’s an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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    • Oh I totally agree with you about the fan base helping may H50 the success it’s been. And as much as I hate the bitterness and snark of some in this fandom, it too has kept the fandom engaged and active, even if in a less than desirable way. But, Peter seems to enjoy the back and forth of the “ship” wars because he doesn’t ever do anything to even try to quell them. But, then, should he?

      I’ve seen many people say things like “if it’s going to happen, just say so, so we know not to waste our time watching if what we want isn’t going to happen.” If that’s not the stupidest things to say ever, I don’t know what is. He’s supposed to lay out his entire story board for the series, a series he has no idea when will end, so a handful of fans don’t have to “waste their time” if it’s something they’re not going to like? Oh yeah… he’s really going to do that. And IF they like what he says and deign to watch his show, what about the other side who are now pissed off. Will then now turn off the TV? So what does he do? He placates and evades and, to use your word, ambiguously gives out information in the hope that everyone will just sit back and let whatever’s going to happen… happen.

      And, I’m sorry… if a person is only tuning in for one episode a season because their particular favorite is on that episode, they have no basis to judge that the rest of the shows are crap or not. That makes you a fan of that particular actor… period. That’s perfectly fine. We all have our favorites. But then present yourself as such, and not as some sanctimonious authority on what makes good TV.

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. I’ve really enjoyed them a lot.


  10. Thank you Linda. Hope all is well with you. And that you had a great summer. Back to work with Five 0. BTW not to gloat but I shipped Junior and Tani very early. And really love the show just as much as you all do. Hope for a great Five 0 tenth season. Wonder if Danny and Rachel are trying to get a reconciling there? And what would Steve say!
    But still will miss Jerry but hope the door opens up for his visit. As heard he has other projects and has gotten married as who could blame him for wanting to spend time with his new bride?
    Happy 10th season!


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