#H50 Season 10 Blessing – July 18, 2019


Well, hello there my friends!  Long time no see…. How are you surviving H50 Hiatus Hell??? Yeah, me too.  But today is the day we all look forward to every year.  The day when we can see the bright Hawaiian sun shining at the end of the dark hiatus tunnel.  The day the cast and crew of our favorite show gather together for the first official day of filming for the new season.  And as always, as has been the tradition since the very first season on the show, they all gathered for the traditional Hawaiian Blessing.  And what a sweet and lovely Blessing it was.


As usual, not everyone in the cast was able to attend the ceremony.  Those who are probably not needed for filming just yet and may still be off island, were obviously not there but all those who are on island, whether filming or not, were there.  Alex, Beulah, Kimee, Shawn, Dennis (and his lovely lady Laura), Al Harrington and, of course, Eddie were all there.


One of my favorite moments was right before the ceremony started, you can hear someone asking “Where’s Eddie?” So adorable how they wouldn’t start until Eddie took his place with the cast and was properly lei-ed!  The “awwwwww” from everyone was absolutely adorable!



Mahalo to Hawaii News Now who live streamed the blessing on their FaceBook page. I’m posting the link to the FB Live video here although I’m not sure how long it will be up on their page.  Enjoy it while you can!


For those who are unable to watch, I tried to grab as many screen shots as I could.  Please excuse those shots that are out of focus.  Whoever was holding the cellphone was moving it around kind of fast so sometimes the screen didn’t focus before the camera was moved again.


Of course, there are those who are much more adept at screen grabbing than I am so a huge mahalo to the following friends on Twitter for all their fantastic shots:

@ernsand2          @alohaspaceman         @AlexOGermanFC        @hideshawaii        @SurfBelle2

If I missed anyone and you recognize your picture, please do not hesitate to tell me in the comments so I can correct the omission.

So, we’re off and running on Season 10 of Hawaii Five-0.  I know, without a doubt, this is going to be another fantastic season full of all the things we’ve loved about this show for the last decade!  Wow….. a decade!  I sure love the sound of that!


3 thoughts on “#H50 Season 10 Blessing – July 18, 2019

  1. Brooklyngirl says:

    YAY!!!!! Hiatus Hell is almost over!! Thanks for sharing Linda!! Who cares, blurry, furry, in-focus, we can sing Hail Hail The Gang’s (almost) all here!! So happy so see all those beautiful faces again. And Eddie!!! Squeeeee!!! Speaking of beautiful faces, love Alex to death but it’s time for the hiatus beard to go bye, bye, bye, because his beautiful face is way to covered! But I’m hoping he’ll leave his hair alone, looks like some of those gorgeous curls have made a return!!

    Bring on Season 10 (wow, season 10!)!! I’m so ready for their return!!


  2. Dan Gibson says:

    Outstanding ! Season 10 now just a few weeks away…. to get here is terrific, and it’ll be great to see the new stories … I say it now with added spirit, since I first put this to print in Season 1 …. Alex IS Steve McGarrett — WE GOT THE GUY !


  3. ZiaDiane says:

    Hi Linda,
    Thank you for reminding us of the blessing and posting pictures of it.

    If Eddie was not there I think there would be a big uprising, so I am glad someone in the cast remembered.

    Can’t wait for the season 10 and of course for many more seasons.

    Have a great rest of your summer everyone. Talk to you in September.


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