#H50 – Season 10 news – Welcome to #AlohaFriday #MagnumPI


As I’m sure many of you have already heard, today, May 15, 2019, CBS had it’s day at the Upfronts.  For those of you who aren’t aware, the Upfronts are a yearly “gathering at the start of important advertising sales periods, held by television network executives and attended by major advertisers and the media”.  This is when the networks lay out their broadcast lineups for the new TV season.  In other words, for shows whose status hasn’t already been announced, it’s do-or-die time.

Happily, we already knew over a week ago that Hawaii Five-0 was renewed for its 10th season.  To be perfectly honest, as I sat my desk in my office working, I didn’t even think about following what was going on at the Upfronts today.  Why bother?  I already knew H50 was coming back and I felt pretty secure that the Friday night lineup which as been CBS’s most dominate night for years, would remain intact.

Just goes to show, you should never assume a damn thing.  It’s not bad news, however.  H50 is indeed still remaining on Friday nights  however, our time slot is changing.  H50 will now be seen at 8pm EST, one hour earlier than in previous years.  H50’s old 9pm time slot will be taken over by Peter Lenkov’s newest reboot, Magnum PI.  Blue Bloods remains in their original 10pm home.

The odd man out here is Peter’s other reboot, MacGyver.  While we’d already gotten word that MacGyver has been renewed for it’s 4th season, it will not have it’s season premiere until mid-season.  I’m not sure what that means for MacGyver but I hope it’s just a delayed season and not a shortened one.  I really like that show.  As a matter of fact, I like it more than Magnum.

Regardless, it looks like Friday nights will be our own little 2 hour mini-vacation to Hawaii each week.  The new hashtag of #AlohaFriday has already sprung up on Twitter.  And while I know they are not a favorite among some, I personally like crossovers so having all our Hawaii based crime fighters back to back on Friday could mean, if  not actually crossovers, maybe at least more cross-mentions between the shows.  That has to be a lot of fun.

With only one episode left for this season coming Friday night, the long summer hiatus will be upon us.  Well, not horribly long since early July, when the new season blessing will take place and when we should start to get behind-the-scenes-pictures again, is only a couple of months away.  Friday nights should be fun this fall.  Be there!  Aloha!


7 thoughts on “#H50 – Season 10 news – Welcome to #AlohaFriday #MagnumPI

  1. Zia Diane says:

    Hi Linda,
    WOW! I did not see that coming. I watch all the shows mentioned. I don’t mind H50 going to 8pm, and I’m sure its easier for the crossover. I like most crossovers. I just hope that they do not split the season like they did when before Macgyver came along they had the reality shows, (that I do not like) on that time slot. I would think that they learned from that and would not do that as the crime/drama shows do well on Fridays in all 3 three hours. But that was just a thought process that I am trying to keep out of my head.

    We still do not know about Scott and if he has signed. Or Alex for that matter, although I can see H50 going forward, even though I would hate it, without Scott, I don’t see it going on without Alex.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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    • There are multiple reports that the entire cast is returning for the new season. Personally, while I am thrilled with these reports, I’m going to go into it a bit cautiously. First, like with the official announcement of renewal, I feel this needs to come, well… officially, from CBS. On the other hand, the press release regarding the Season 10 pickup did list the entire cast in the announcement. So, technically, they did say they would all be back.

      But there is that queasy feeling from being burned once before by assumptions of a full cast return and then getting kicked in the teeth a week before filming was to start.

      But I’m an eternal optimist. I’m gonna take it with the teeniest grain of salt but still go with the official CBS press release which listed the entire cast and hope for the best.


    • Lori Silvano says:

      I’m nervous about the 8pm slot…I think it should be the other way around personally..Magnum first then H50…H50 just seems to be more of a 9pm show…and people arent home at 8bon Friday nights..worries me a lot.


  2. rhondagemini says:

    Although I will miss MacGyver in the fall, I look forward to its return in January or sooner(if a new show bites the dust sooner than expected) I look forward to seeing H50 and Magnum,back to back this fall-should be a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see how this season ends tomorrow night!

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