#H50 Review: 9.18 Ai no I ka ‘ape he mane ‘o no ko ka nuku’ (He who eats ‘ape is bound to have his mouth itch)

Monday, December 6, 2010 – Hawaii Five-0 Season 1, Episode 11 “Palekaiko” (Paradise)

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Danny:  Ahhhhh, mother-in-laws.

Steve:  I take it you didn’t have a good relationship with yours.

Danny:  No, not really.  She lives in Manchester.  She came to visit once.  It was the longest and worst 48 hours of my life.

Steve:  Your mother-in-law came all the way from England and stayed for two days?

Danny:  No, no, no…..I checked her into the Holiday Inn after two days.  It was me or her, babe.


“Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles” – “Hey Bulldog” – The Beatles


I absolutely loved all the Steve, Danny and Amanda time.  Dame Joan Collins was absolutely perfect as Amanda. It was so easy to think back to Danny’s words from over eight years ago and see exactly why he felt the need to ship her off to the Holiday Inn because, if this is Amanda more than a decade after the breakup, who hasn’t seen or had contact with Danny in all those years, I don’t even want to think about what she was like in the thick of things.

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Starting off with Steve and Danny all decked out in their best to be Amanda’s bodyguards for the day was awesome.  Anytime we get to see these guys looking so handsome is a blessing.  Damn but our guys sure clean up well.  Not that we didn’t already know that but it’s always fantastic to be reminded every so often.

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It was obvious that Steve was enjoying the hell out of the protection detail.  Well, maybe not all the shopping, but he got a real kick out of Amanda.  I loved how, because he’d promised Danny that he’d just be there, looking handsome, and not say anything, Steve looked to Danny for permission to speak when Amanda was talking to him at the hotel.

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As a matter of fact, it was a battle between who had the best facial expressions in all the scenes between these three, Steve or Danny.  I swear, half the dialog they had was facial.  It was hysterical and they were both brilliant.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman2Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and Instagram

Steve was even enjoying the barbs and snipes Amanda was taking at Danny at the beginning. Every time he looked over at him, Danny had this “see… you didn’t believe me” look on his face and Danny seemed to be just rolling with it himself.  It’s not like he wasn’t used to it or expecting it.  But it rapidly wore thin.  No matter what Danny said, Amanda either disagreed with him or totally ignored him.  She was dismissive, cold, rude and downright bitchy.

Courtesy of @alohaspacemanPhoto Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and Instagram

Personally, I don’t understand why Danny even tried.  There’s was no reason why he needed to agree to provide protection.  She’s not his mother-in-law anymore and even if she were, the way she treats him is enough reason to say no.  If he felt an obligation because she’s the grandmother to his children, he could have used his influence as Five-0 to contract a reputable security company to handle it.  It would have fulfilled what he felt was his obligation to keep her safe without putting himself in the line of fire.


But, try he did.  Over and over again.  Knowing she’d reject any idea he had about places to eat, he makes reservations at three of the best and most expensive restaurants on the island so she can choose.  But, of course, she won’t even deign to hear what they are and turns to Steve for a recommendation.  When he takes her to Kamekona’s and she raves about his culinary choice while point blank admitting that if Danny had suggested it, she’s have hated it on principle, Danny reaches his limit.  I give the guy a ton of credit.  I would have thrown in the towel and told her exactly what she could do with it, a hell of a lot sooner than that.

114317_0157b_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

But I am bit torn over Steve’s handling of all of this.  Yeah, he was enjoying himself at the beginning, getting a real kick out of Amanda and her not-so-subtle flirting and compliments.  It was good to hear Steve, when Danny said Amanda had always made him feel that he wasn’t good enough, say he feels that Danny was more than good enough.  And I liked how Steve defended Danny to Amanda at Kamekona’s.  But, considering the amount of abuse Danny was receiving, there really should have been more of a counterbalance coming from Steve.


I know being polite to persons of age and gender has been drilled into Steve practically since infancy, but as Danny was subjected to more and more as the episode went on, it became uncomfortable watching Steve say nothing to her.  Even when Steve finally begins to defend Danny at Kamekona’s, Amanda cuts him off after only a couple of sentences.  I wish he hadn’t allowed her to do that and would have pushed a bit harder in his defense of his friend.  Why the writers didn’t see this as necessary escapes me.

There also seemed to be an entire scene missing.  I refuse to believe that Steve allowed Amanda to borrow his phone and pretend to be him in order to meet Danny at that bar.  The only way Steve would have been a part of that would be if he and Amanda had a heart-to-heart after Danny walked off.  If Steve was able to finish what he wanted to say in Danny’s defense, before she cut him off.  If Steve would have laid it out for her in black and white, the type of man Danny is, as a friend, as a cop, and, most importantly, as a father.  For him to get up in her face a bit and have her look at him and, finally…. simply say.. “I know”.  The scene could have ended right there, with an astonished look on Steve’s face at her revelation.  The scene at the bar could have picked up right there.  I would have loved to see it played out that way.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman1Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman on Twitter and Instagram

The Amanda Savage security detail gave Alex and Scott an opportunity to have a light hearted and slow-paced episode which I am totally fine with.  These guys handle comedy extremely well and it’s a lot of fun to watch them having fun with a story. And it’s obvious that Dame Joan was having a total blast!

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Even if it does mean a 2-story episode where our team is completely cut off from each story.  The rest of the team, back at HQ, never mention the fact that Steve and Danny are not there, ask where they are or even joke around that they’re on “mother-in-law” duty.  And Steve and Danny give no indication they know about any case the rest of the team is working on.  Not the kind of episode that ranks up there as a favorite for me, as you know but, I’m giving this one a pass simply because I enjoyed the “mother-in-law” duty so much.

This week’ crime of the week was pretty good.  In usual H50 form, it was convoluted, had lots of twists and turns and gave everyone a chance to shine.  The best performance of this story was from the father of the murder victim, Brad Chen.  I don’t know who the actor is, and he only had one short scene, but the way he both fell apart and held it together when learning his son was murdered was unbelievable. As a parent, my stomach literally flipped at his devastated reaction. He was incredible.

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This story line, like the Amanda story, had some wonderfully amusing moments.  Remember when Steve sent Tani and Junior out for “street” duty last season to gain experience?  Part of me thinks they should also go to “undercover 101”, or at least maybe Junior should.  It may not be the smartest thing to do, on your very first day at a new gym, to chat up every dude in the place looking for “juice”.  It reminded me of when they went undercover at that private school last season and spent the entire time at the garden party asking every single couple they met the exact same question about the missing headmaster.

H50_S9_HeWhoEatsApe_SG_D0011_FULLPhoto Credit:  CBS

It’s not hard to see why the guys at the gym began to think that, maybe, Junior was gay! Worse was being ambushed by three hulk types in the parking garage.  He might be our “junior” SEAL but there’s nothing junior about how he gave those knuckleheads a proper “beat down”.  Junior totally rocks!

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And Tani?  Well, she might just have a future as an aerobics instructor considering she had no blessed idea what the hell she was doing but her “Booty Boost” class was a clear winner.  She not only had all the moves but the women in the class were obviously enjoying it quite a lot.  Considering the amount of heavy lifting Junior had to do undercover, Tani’s assignment was a hoot!

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Even with all the lighthearted elements there still managed to be drama.  When Tani chases down the unethical doctor selling “blood for youth” and he plunges a syringe of the deadly steroid compound into her neck, it was scary.  Of course, we know she’s gonna be alright, but it was still a little heart thumping to watch her convulse and go unconscious.  Watching Junior and Adam frantically trying to save her added to the frantic vibe of the scene.

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Yeah, it was pretty convenient that Adam not only knew exactly where the supply closet was but was able to rapidly lay his hands on a portable defibrillator and know how to use it but also find adrenalin and know exactly how to inject it and exactly how much.  But, what the hell…. that’s what I love about this show.  It’s not a medical drama, or a documentary.  It’s fiction for fun.  Pure and simple.

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This episode was a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing until the last 5 minutes. It’s almost as if the writers think “ok… we gave them a good 37 minutes of fun…. time to piss off the majority of the fandom now just in case all the fun doesn’t give them enough to talk about.”

I will say it was nice to hear Amanda tell Danny the truth about why she’s hated him all these years.  She was both disappointed and jealous when Rachel married Danny.  Disappointed because she had come from nothing and wanted Rachel to “marry up” and being married to a Jersey cop was definitely not anywhere near a step up in her book!  But she was also jealous because she had spent her whole adult life trying to find a man as good as her own father.  Danny may have been a man of limited means, but he’s a good man, a man who tells his children he loves them every day, just like her father used to tell her and her siblings.  For all those years, she unfairly took her disappointment and her jealously out on him.

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It was refreshing to know that telling the truth isn’t a totally unknown concept for the women in that family. But just like with Rachel, Amanda doesn’t come clean; she doesn’t tell the truth, until she feels she has no choice.  Rachel has been talking about Danny a lot lately and Amanda is worried she and Danny are moving toward a reconciliation.  Oh Amanda…. you’re not the only one, babe.  But because of this worry, now she feels the need to let Danny in on why she acts like she does.  God forbid, these women ever do the right thing without their backs being up against some kind of wall.

At first, I jumped right into angry.  How dare she?  How dare she ask Danny to “do right by” Rachel?  Is she serious?  When in the name of all that is holy has Danny ever not done right by Rachel?  Ever!!!

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But then I stopped and thought about it for a second.  Rachel is not big on inconvenient truths.  And, as is always the case, there are two sides to every story and it’s not inconceivable to believe that Amanda has only ever heard Rachel’s point of view.

It is more than probable that Amanda has only every heard Rachel’s side of things.  When Danny didn’t show up at the airport to return to Jersey with Rachel and Grace, Amanda probably never heard that Danny didn’t just not show up but stayed behind to help save Steve from a murder charge, for example.  When Rachel was stopped from taking Gracie to Las Vegas, I’m sure all Amanda heard was how horrible Danny was for standing in the way of Rachel and Stan’s happiness. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Danny was blamed for the breakdown of their marriage too because if he hadn’t stood in the way of them taking Gracie to Vegas, then they wouldn’t have had to have long separations which hurt their marriage.

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I’m sure Amanda has heard all of Rachel’s “reasons” for what she’s done over the years.  I’m sure Rachel had a very plausible reason for why she kept Charlie away from Danny for three years, reasons Amanda was more than willing to accept without question since she didn’t like Danny anyway. I wouldn’t put it past Rachel one bit to portray Danny as the villain in every one of their encounters.  Of course, Amanda would then feel that it was Danny who’s hurt Rachel over and over and everything Rachel did was to protect herself.  It is very possible that Amanda doesn’t know the full extent of how Rachel has emotionally abused Danny over the years and how she’s used both their kids as pawns.  Her telling Danny to “do right by her” only makes sense if she’s under the impression that all the heartache that’s come before is Danny’s fault. Which we all know is 100% untrue!

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But now, fortunes seem to have turned.  Now, it seems, Rachel is talking a lot about Danny to her mother and by the way Amanda has gone into protective mommy mode, it sounds like Rachel’s tune has significantly changed.  Danny is no longer the villain but someone Rachel is talking about quite fondly, or perhaps even something more.  My point is, all of Amanda’s perceptions of Danny filter through Rachel.  Considering how trustworthy Rachel can be and taking into account how flighty she can be with her emotions (she wants Danny; she wants Stan; has an affair with Danny; goes back to Stan; breaks up with Stan; now is sniffing around Danny), it’s understandable that Amanda’s reactions are completely off the mark.

So, I’m trying (emphasis on trying) to look at this from an angle that doesn’t look totally obvious.  What looks obvious is this unrelenting obsession TPTB seem to have to make our heroes look like imbecilic doormats.  Whether it’s Rachel or Catherine, it’s become so incredibly boring to rinse and repeat the undeniable illogic of their stories.

But, I’m hoping that what Danny hears when Amanda says “do right by her”, is that Rachel is getting the wrong idea here.  But Amanda also has the wrong idea here.  She asks him if he cares about Rachel.  Of course he does!  He always will.  They have history and she is the mother of his children. They are getting along great now and things are working between them as they co-parent their kids and cultivate a warm friendship.

But Amanda doesn’t stop there.  She also tells him not to “toy with her affections” and how she “doesn’t want to see her hurt again”.  Now why would she add that if Rachel hasn’t been feeding her ideas that things are moving in that direction and reiterating that she feels it’s been Danny hurting Rachel, not the other way around?  Again, Amanda is only reacting to what Rachel is telling her.

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Things are good and the best way to keep them good is not to venture into a relationship that has already failed twice.  Danny can do right by Rachel by making sure she isn’t, once again, hanging her happiness on him and trying to rekindle a romance that does not exist any longer.  It’s not fair to Rachel, it’s not fair to Danny and it’s not fair to the kids.  And, hasn’t the well being of his kids always been Danny’s first priority?

I’m hoping against hope that’s the way this will play out and not the way it looks to be headed. Otherwise…

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Well, that’s it this week my friends.  I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week.  Aloha. Malama Pono.

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Screencaps are mine unless otherwise noted.


12 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 9.18 Ai no I ka ‘ape he mane ‘o no ko ka nuku’ (He who eats ‘ape is bound to have his mouth itch)

  1. Brooklyngirl says:

    It was a cute episode. I have 3 categories for the 5-0 episodes. Definitely rewatch (again and again), Maybe (if it’s on as a repeat I wouldn’t change the channel) or NEVER (needs no description). This is a Maybe.

    Watching the other 3/4 of the team do their thing was fun. Tani doing the aerobics stint, very enjoyable and Junior beating up the 3 muscle heads, priceless. Adam knowing what to do, well it is creative license at its best I suppose. They always say you take things with a grain of salt, but Frank Bama knows his stuff. We definitely needed to find that long lost shaker of salt, cause it was sorely missing.

    I’m not quite sure why a novelist would need a security detail, but seeing our guys all dressed up (they sure do clean up well) was quite the treat! Talk about typecasting, having Joan Collins (who’s simply gorgeous) in that role was very typical for her. I’m sure she didn’t even have to practice being that bitchy, just comes naturally to her.

    I think Steve was put in between a rock and a hard place. He didn’t want to incur the anger of Danny by saying to much or by being rude to Amanda. Knowing when to say something is worth a whole lot more. Silence is definitely golden. I agree there was a huge puzzle piece missing regarding the end scene and the flip comment about her sleeping with Steve. I was dismayed at how it ended. We all know there are 3 sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth and the constant will they/won’t they writing is frustrating and annoying. I want to believe they won’t go there, but like the other half of the partnership, I sadly feel it will go there. Nothing we can do but grin and bear it and hope and pray we’re wrong.

    Thanks for another great review! Have a good week!

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    • Yes, I totally agree. What will be…will be and we have absolutely no control over it at all. We can express our opinions and hope and pray TPTB don’t go down those paths with either of our guys but who knows what they will decide to do. Yeah, it does look like they are laying the groundwork for both our guys to end up imbecilic doormats. I really hate that thought but I won’t abandon the show I’ve loved for nine years because of it. I’m going to keep “enjoying the ride” no matter where it takes me. If Danchel and McRoll truly end up being where this show is headed in the grande finale… well, I’ve said it before. It won’t be the first time I’ve invested years of my viewing time and energy into a show that totally fucked up it’s ending. There is still hope that won’t happen.

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  2. Zia Diane says:

    Thanks for your review again. I agree with what you said.
    I believe with Rachel being Amanda’s daughter, she is going to be more concerned for her. That’s what a parent does. Did she not get the whole story of how Rachel told Danny that Charlie was not his, then when she had no choice she told him that he was after all the years he had missed seeing his son. How on earth how do you keep the fact that, one day Stan is the father and then the next day Danny is the father who needs to give bone marrow to save him, without Amanda not knowing something fishy is going on and it’s not Danny, its her daughter. Is she supposed to be a blind idiot? The writers sometimes forget that we have been watching this show from the beginning and know each and every scene that has been done. Yes, its not reality, it’s a TV show, and we watch it for entertainment, but a little more continuity with the story lines would be appreciated. Like where the hell is Melissa? Obviously not in the picture, but not even a word after apparently being in Danny’s life for several years. At least they mentioned Steve and Lynn breaking it off.

    I’m afraid we are headed for a reconciliation between Danny and Rachel, which I don’t think that many other people would have put up with all the lies Rachel has told and then take her back. I don’t see Danny after all these years being the type of person to forget all about that. She has to be in Danny’s life because they share children together, but come on. Why do we have to make Danny a sucker? Where was all the feelings he had when Grace was fighting for her life, with yet another lie that Rachel took her sweet time letting him know that Grace had a car, and yet if the accident did not happen, how much longer would he not have know this. Making Steve OK with Rachel and Danny being together, not that its his business who Danny is involved with, but being delighted its happening is a little much since he knows the whole story and the two are supposed to be like brothers. Keeping major secrets/lies from your spouse, or the one you are supposed to be in love with, is not OK. Forgiving and forgetting are 2 different things entirely.

    I think we all thought the same thing when Amanda said to Danny, “do right by her”. I wanted to scream at the TV. Who did not want Danny to say, talk to your daughter about doing things right.

    I did like the episode, not one of my all time favorites, but a good one. I enjoyed the Steve/Danny moments. I know the writers can’t please everyone, but at least have the people be who they have been portraying these past 9 years.

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  3. Mary Tomshack says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I don’t like the direction this is going with Danny and Rachel. What the hell happened with Melissa? I felt like she really loved Danny. All of a sudden we don’t hear a word about her. It seems that Danny is seeing Rachel again. Well, it will be whatever it’s gonna be and we can’t change it but we don’t have to like it. And as I said, I do like the actress. And Danny may want to be with his kid’s mother. I sure hope it would last. It would be horrible if the kids had to go through another breakup between their parents. Think of poor Charlie. That kid has already been through so much. Thinking that Stan was his father only to find out later that it was really Danny. Wow. He has a right to be mixed up. Well, about the episode. I thought it was okay. I loved the Danny and Steve parts. I was glad when Steve stuck up for Danny and told Amanda he was the best man he knew. And when he told Danny that he was good enough. I thought it was great. Steve looked after Danny when he left and you could see he was upset for him. I imagine he had something to say to Ms. Savage after Danny left. We might not have seen it onscreen but I’m sure that it happened. I think that may be why Ms. Savage came back to talk to Danny. I’m glad she did but I didn’t like some of what she said. Well, now to the other case. I got a little confused as there were so many players. But, I watched it again, and that cleared it up for me. As usual, I thought Junior and Tani were great. Those two never disappoint. Junior knows how to kick ass, for sure. And Tani was great when she was teaching a class. Is there nothing that girl can’t do. Well, I’ll be back next week. Thanks for the great review.

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  4. You got it all, Linda! I think there were many who felt the same about the ep…quite entertaining for the most part until the last 5 minutes. Joan Collins was perfect in the role of ex-mother in law and played it to the hilt. But I’m glad you went ahead and said it–why oh why did Danny feel that he still had to please her and help her in this situation? And yes, we know Danny is the nicest guy ever and naturally tends to help but, good grief, why would he put himself through this torture when he could’ve done any of the other options you shared? It would’ve been so much better if they’d simply handled that ending as you suggested–would’ve taken the serious sting out of her barbs and explained her behavior much more. And Steve’s lukewarm and incomplete defense of his best friend at the last moment…meh. Although I loved how carefree Steve was hanging with Danny and Amanda, including how tipsy he was getting. lol It’s just that darn ending. Ugh. I truly, truly want Amanda’s comments to serve as a red flag to Danny–that he sees being amicable and on good (even friendly) terms with Rachel one way and she is seeing it as something totally different. I want Amanda’s words to serve as a trigger for him to first talk to Steve (isn’t that what best friends are for?) and then go set the record straight with Rachel. As in, “No, I’m sorry, Rach, but I like how things are now. I didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression. The kids are happy, I’m happy…and I’d never, ever want to risk that. We had our shot. Heck,we had several shots.” I swear, if TPTB put them back together, it’s going to be so disappointing and frustrating for a lot of fans. *BTW, how many of us have had convos with family or friends where they keep getting back together with an ex over and over (and it’s obviously not working) and you just shake your head and ask why, why? I want better for Danny.
    Don’t have anything to offer on the 2nd story of the ep–I wasn’t too involved with it but it was okay.
    Thanks for sharing those screen capture of Steve and Danny’s facial expressions! They both say so much without even saying a word, right? 🙂

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  5. Robin Jane Bridges says:

    What you said. We all know Steve had a talk with Mandy. then Texted Danny. I love Tani, she didn’t know what she was doing, so faked it. I think the lady left, because she knew something was up and didn’t want any part of it. No Danny and Rachael reunion. Maybe R is about to set Danny up to take a fall. Hmmmm…

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  6. Carole says:

    I was really only paying attention to the Steve & Danny parts……of course Joan Collins was perfect as the bitchy ex MIL – explains a lot about how Rachel turned out! It certainly seems like TPTB are intent on pushing the envelope with core fans these days – they have to know this storyline would be just as unpopular as the Steve & .Cath.mess. I like your take on things – and judging by the grin on Danny’s face during that “mommy talk” I’m hoping the doing right will be telling Rachel it’s friends only. I’d be interested to see if there are cut scenes because this episode screamed for someone to tell mommy off and set her straight on a few things…..I know Steve promised to behave, but the “take no prisoners commander” could have come in handy! Better still AOL could turned it on with the writers and get them to stop messing with us!!

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  7. Carol, yes, that GRIN! It made you think…if Danny was seriously considering a reconciliation, would that really be his response? If getting back together, I would think that his reaction would be much more serious and thoughtful. And I’d prefer to think that he was just incredibly amused that Amanda was even interested after all this time and all the grief she’s given him over the years.

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  8. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda! I loved seeing Steve & Danny in suits & ties-they looked so cool! Amanda was something else-I mean, she took a real liking to Steve, and that made Danny so uncomfortable. I was glad she & Danny had that heart-to-heart talk,although it made me wonder if she knows that Rachel lied to Danny about Charlie and about Grace’s car. If she did, then how would she feel about her daughter,who she seems to think is perfect? As for the COTW, I was wishing that someone would stick that needle in that bad doctor’s shoulder,just to give him a taste of his own bad medicine,but Lou gave him enough of an idea with a shot in the leg. I was a bit scared that Tani wasn’t going to make it, but luckily Adam & Junior were there and Adam found what they needed. Junior did give those juiced-up boys a beatdown-that was awesome and Tani knew how to shake her booty!

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  9. Amaly Costa Arruda Arruda says:

    Excellent review Linda, you are the only sensible person who analyzes the episodes with common sense and objectivity, your point of view is exactly like mine !!! I love to read what you write !!! Congratulations!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Linda, although I seldom comment anymore due to laziness, I enjoy reading your reviews. I didn’t mind the two stories this week.

    I really liked the COTW and thought they did a good job coming up with the story. I enjoyed Junior and Tani as always. The scene at the end with Tani gave us the unexpected adrenaline rush the audience loves. Of course, we knew she would survive! I have to say for a man that could barely do anything a few seasons ago, Adam has become quite accomplished. I find his tactical and medical skills to be incredible. They really use a lot of creative licensing on this show, but it makes it fun.

    I was happy to see Joan Collins. I’ll always remember her as Alexis Carrington. Amanda was full of zest. I think that was less acting and more Dame Joan Collins. She’s wonderful! The storyline was okay. I found it believable that Danny agreed to be her bodyguard. She was a horrible troll during his marriage to Rachel, but she is the grandmother to his children. I would have liked Steve to be a little more supportive, but since men in general don’t tend to share their feelings, I’m going to assume he never realized just how much Amanda’s treatment has affected Danny. I will also assume he either nodded off from all the champagne or was in the bathroom when Amanda swiped his phone.

    Finally, Rachel explained!!! She grew up with a mother that has always strived for something more and doesn’t know how to be content with what she has. Apparently, if we are to go by what she’s said, even Rachel’s father didn’t measure up to the kind of man she has searched for her entire life. I expected them to do something along the lines of Amanda pretending not to like Danny because if she showed any kind of favoritism towards him, she was afraid Rachel would lose interest, given her flightiness. Instead we have a mother jealous of her daughter because of a man. The type of man Amanda has always searched for and never found. I choose to believe that Amanda’s comment to Danny was more along the lines of her knowing about Rachel being flighty and having to have a man in her life. She would like Danny to be very clear with Rachel as to what his feelings and intensions are, so as not to give her any false hope or ideas.

    Sadly, Amanda has finally voiced the truth, but once seeds of doubt and inadequacy have been planted it’s very hard to tune them out. It is stuck in Danny’s head that he is not good enough for Rachel. Even without Amanda sowing seeds of doubt in Rachel. It’s in Rachel’s nature to never be completely content and strive for something more. Danny provided physical security, stability, and was present, but not the financial stability she was accustomed to. Stan provided financial stability but was an absentee partner and father because it was more important to provide materially for his family. I think the only thing Rachel wants is to not be alone. I see her ending up like Amanda, but bitter from learning life’s lessons too late.

    I can just see them doing a reunion movie a few years after the series wraps. Since the show last aired, Danny has become Rachel’s third, but not last husband and she’s had at least two more. I imagine if Rachel and Amanda are anything like my Aunt and grandmother, they’ll have 10-11 husbands between them.

    In all honesty, with a show that’s been on as long as this one, I suppose you have a lot of different writer’s and they’re just trying to do something to maintain decent live ratings. At this point it seems like they try to throw something up and see what sticks. I’m sure they have characters they like and feel more comfortable writing for, so each episode is the luck of the draw for long-time viewers. Also, since they haven’t announced if there will be another season with all the actors returning. I suppose they need to come up with something plausible, but they could simply have Danny return to NJ to help his aging or ailing parents.

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  11. A little late. But I have always had a love-hate relationship with Steve. And really he should had been a little supportive to Danny in Amanda. I would had told Amanda right off not to treat Danny like trash.
    Stan may have had the cash but Danny had the support and protecting of Rachel. Knowing that he was like a brother to Steve. But really in a sense, Amanda felt that she was harsh on Danny. And really Danny should had told his ex-M.I.L where to go and take her books and everything else and shove it up her you know what.
    But at least that she acknowledged it hurt Danny. And hopefully they will be on better terms.
    Case of the Week, really Grover working with the kids. Very funny. Never mess with a Navy Seal to the three thugs.
    Tani not so bad herself. 7/10


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