#H50 Review: 9.13 Ke iho mai nei ko luna (Those Above are Descending)

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful week.  Welcome to this week’s KoolAid review!

I’m going to do something I don’t usually do, and jump right in with what was, in my opinion, the best part of this entire episode.  The opening scene of domesticity with Danny, Grace and Steve.  In what was a very enjoyable episode overall, this was the icing on the cake by far.

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No one in their right mind would think that Danny would be acting any differently then we see him here; in full Jewish Grandmother hen mode with a recovering Grace.  Who could blame him? No matter how old she is now, Grace is still his baby girl, his “monkey”, and he came ohhhh so very close to losing her forever.  If he’s going a bit over the top in taking care of her, so be it.  As a parent, I totally understand where he’s coming from.  I pity the children of anyone who doesn’t.

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But I have to tell you, thinking back on an experience of my own when I was about Gracie’s age, I can soooooo relate to her in that scene too.  When I was 20 years old, I got a pretty advanced case of mono and was housebound for almost the entire summer.  For the first couple of weeks, I was really sick.  I needed someone there to take care of me and make sure I got up and moved around and, most important, that I ate something, because I didn’t do too much of anything except sleep.  My mom was wonderful.

After three weeks or so, as I started to get better, I really didn’t need someone there 24/7.  I wasn’t sleeping as much, and I could get up and make food for myself.  But by this point, my mother was in full “Daddy Danno” mode and there was no stopping her.  It was excruciating.

We had a family vacation planned at the Jersey Shore in early August and by that time, other than still being housebound, I was totally able to take care of myself. Remember, I was 20 years old, not a child!  I begged my father to please take my mother and go down the shore.  It was only five days and the shore was only a couple of hours away if I needed them.

Of course, my mother wouldn’t hear of it.  She’s wasn’t leaving her “sick child” alone. It was another month before I was allowed to get the hell out of there.  I literally thought I was going to lose my mind!  God, I wish I’d have had an “Uncle Steve” to rescue me!

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I loved how Steve did come to Gracie’s rescue, but I also liked how he made sure she understood why Danny was acting the way he was.  The panic and helplessness he felt while waiting around the hospital not knowing if she’d pull through, making him go overboard now that he has the chance to take care of her.  The fact that Grace totally gets that and loves her Danno for it was very touching.

It’s also very touching that Grace is so comfortable with her bickering “dads” throughout this entire scene.  Steve and Danny may not be a “couple” in that sense but it’s clear to everyone with a millimeter of a brain that both these men look on Grace with fatherly adoration and Grace is totally ok with that.  I hope this isn’t the last time we get to see Grace as she goes off to college but if it is, it was a fantastic scene for us to look back on someday!

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All in all an absolutely adorable scene full of love.  And adding more butter to those pancakes is finding out that Steve’s line was as total Alex ad-lib!  How perfect is that???

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alex's ad-lib

I do wish the writers would stop angling nonsense about the love lives of our heroes, though.  As long as I live, I will never understand this.  I don’t understand it when it comes to Catherine and I don’t understand it when it comes to Rachel.  I just don’t get what TPTB get out of it except to keep everyone on edge.  Is it some sort of mind game to keep everyone engaged in the show?  (FYI.. don’t need it… been fully engaged over here for nine years, thank you!)

Is it to keep those who love the ships waiting for reconciliation?  Keep those who dislike the ships agitated and waiting for, hopefully, final breakups?  While TPTB sit back and watch the havoc they cause?  If that’s the intention, it’s working.  Personally, as I’ve said before, and quoting my mother once again, I wish they’d just shit or get off the pot because this is more than just a lot annoying.

I suppose, if I wanted to really squint, I could look on that scene as Steve just trying to understand this new dynamic between Danny and Rachel.  Danny’s response to Steve’s question about what’s going on says a lot.  “Nothing’s going on.  I mean, we don’t want to kill each other for the first time in a long time”.  Personally, I find it a bit of a stretch to go from not wanting to kill someone to full reconciliation but maybe that’s just me.

113896_0066b_fullPhoto Credit:  CBS

So perhaps Danny’s “free-styling relationship jazz” is a mature way of them both sitting back and just letting things happen at their own pace.  That could just as easily lead to a mutual decision to remain loving friends and co-parents as it could lead to anything else.  I’m hoping to God they both realize the third time is not the charm and leave things just as they are.  I’m also hoping to God that Steve sees it and decides to follow their example.

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The rest of the episode was given over to the crime of the week.  I enjoyed this story but maybe not for the reasons writers Rob Hanning and Sean O’Reilly may have envisioned.  I was less interested in the particulars of the victim and the crime than I was in the interactions and adventures of the team as they worked the case.

I loved the set design of the Neptune One SeaLab.  It’s was fun to see a case that was totally different than any other we’ve seen before.  We’ve seen bodies pulled from the sea and we’ve seen evidence and dead bodies wash up on shore a zillion times.  We’ve even had dead bodies tethered to the ocean floor, but we’ve never had a murder and the investigation take place  hundreds of feet below the surface.  That was pretty cool.

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I also really loved that Steve gave Junior the lead on the investigation.  It makes sense that with two fully trained SEALs on the team, one would stay on dry land as a backup in case of emergency and it was cool that Steve felt it was time to give Junior a command of his own.  It also makes sense that it would be Tani and Adam who rounded out the dive team. We all know how Danny feels about the water and I can’t see Lou getting himself wetsuited for this op.  I thought the Junior/Tani/Adam team did an awesome job.  I loved the little bit of levity added to the mission brief too!  🤣🤣

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What made this story interesting for me was how great Junior was in leading the team and what happened after the killer escaped in the submersible the team had used.  She not only took the sub, she sabotaged the lab so it would lose oxygen and threw all the oxygen tanks on the lab overboard.

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Did you see the way Junior, without the slightest hesitation, leaped into the water after that sub?  What did he think he was going to do? Pull it back by himself with brute force?

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With the submersible gone, the team can’t communicate with the surface and they are rapidly running out of breathable air.  Junior had schooled the others in what physically happens to the body after long exposure in deep water and they soon learn for themselves as they begin to feel the effects.

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Junior knows his stuff.  He knew there must be an emergency communication buoy on board and with only minutes of oxygen left, Junior finds it and records an SOS “hail Mary”.  He then takes to the water again, this time to make sure the buoy reaches the surface.

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Just like when he jumped in after the sub, it was such a “Steve” thing to do, such a SEAL thing to do.  Tani volunteers to do it but Junior is in command here.  He’s not going to let Tani do anything he feels he should be the one to do.

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Unfortunately, he uses up all his strength and air trying to deploy the buoy to the surface.  Thank God Tani jumped in to save him after he becomes disoriented.  Of course, this saps them both of all their remaining reserves and they both begin to lapse into unconsciousness.

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Naturally, Steve staying behind, was exactly what was needed to save the day.  It’s always so fantastic to see our SuperSEAL in action.  That dive was really something else.  I loved how worried Danny was for Steve’s safety doing such a dangerous dive and how relieved he was when Steve resurfaced.

I have to say that I was really impressed with the amount of time we got with Steve and Danny.  At Danny’s house, at HQ and out on the boat.  Since they were not front and center in the investigation on the Neptune One, I thought we’d get precious little of them overall in the episode.  I’m so glad I was wrong.  It was really great that Alex and Scott got to have a bit of a breather with this episode while we still got a great amount of them together on screen.  It was really very well done!

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I’m also glad the scene was written so that Steve didn’t just pop out of the water as if it was no big deal.  He was totally exhausted with labored breathing.  He has a hard time even forcing out a few words. He resorts to hand signals as he tries to catch his breath.  Alex played it perfectly, as usual.  It was totally realistic.

And, speaking of realistic, there was much vitriol on Twitter and especially on Facebook about Steve’s deep water dive.  I, myself, tweeted and asked, during the episode, how Steve would be able to make that dive and not get the bends on the way up.

And, you know what?  There’s this wonderful thing called social media and the internet in general, where information is readily available to answer such questions.  I’m the first to admit I don’t know every damn thing in the world and learning something new is always exciting.

First off, there were tweets from writer Rob Hanning himself explaining the science of Steve’s deep water dive:

courtesy of @alohaspaceman and @robhanningPhoto Credit: Compilation courtesy of @alohaspaceman from tweets of @RobHanning

And his gratitude to “super-researcher Taylor Amsler” for doing the equations Steve used to calculate how long the two oxygen tanks would last for the people on the Neptune One.

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courtesy of @robhanning1

Then there are the great fans of the show who go out of their way to do the research when they see something they want to better understand and share it with the rest of us.

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I know this show has taken some pretty large liberties in the past.  Sometimes it’s like watching a James Bond movie and suspension of belief helps a great deal.  But I love it when the writers and the research staff really do their homework and teach us that not everything we think as unbelievable or unrealistic is.

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It really is too bad more people don’t avail themselves of the wonderful bounty of information that’s available on line.  A two second Google search isn’t all that hard to do, really.


Maybe if more people would give it a try they wouldn’t find the need to go on social media and complain about the ridiculousness of something that is not ridiculous at all.

*** An alien from another planet, landing on Earth asks what the internet is.  The helpful human explains, “The internet is a vast resource, available at the fingertips of everyone, holding all the knowledge of the world.  We use it to argue with people we don’t know and watch videos of cats.” ***

One of the reasons it was so cool that Junior got to be the leader on this mission was the excruciating way his day had started.  We’ve heard about Junior’s dad before, and the contentious relationship between them.  Hearing about it and actually seeing it is another story.  This was downright unpleasant.

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We already know that Junior’s dad, Natano, didn’t want Junior to join the Navy.  We know it’s been a bone of contention between them but that first scene hints at more underlying difficulties between them.  Natano seems to fall quite easily into criticizing Junior for everything.

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Oh, he starts with using the wrong wood to fix the deck but his “never sticking around” and “always finding an excuse to leave” speaks to much more than just Junior’s decision to join the Navy.  It’s obviously an argument they’ve had many times before as Junior doesn’t even try to engage.  He doesn’t need to make up an excuse to leave this time.  “You’re enough” speaks volumes.

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It makes me think of what we already know about Junior’s past.  We know his sister died and we heard the heartbreaking voicemail Junior still has on his phone from when his mother called to tell him his sister had been killed.  I need to go back and re-watch that episode.  Was Junior deployed when that happened, which is why it was a voicemail?  I don’t remember.  If he was deployed, does that mean Junior didn’t make it back for the funeral either?

Then there is that rather horrendous scar that runs down the right side of Natano’s face.  What caused that?  Is that yet another tragic accident that happened while Junior was away.

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Does Natano feel Junior should have been there for his family instead of with a Navy he never wanted him to join?  Does Natano feel, perhaps, if Junior had been there, his sister wouldn’t have died or that whatever happened to cause that scar on his face could have been avoided?  There is more to this story, that’s for sure.  I wonder if it’s part of the “long story” we still haven’t heard as to why Junior left the SEALs so young.

I enjoyed the scene at the end of the episode when Junior goes back to his parents house to find his dad working on the deck himself.  I liked how there was no dialog here, just his dad handing Junior a hammer so they could work together on the deck.

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Does Natano read about Five-0’s work in the paper, or perhaps, see the good work they do on the news?  Does he recognize that what Junior does is important and necessary?  I hope we get to find out more about him but for now, at least, he seems to be minutely moving toward trying to repair their relationship.

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I really liked that this was a one story line episode.  Other than the fantastic opening scene with Grace and the two with Junior and his dad, it enabled the writers to fully explore the main story and have room for some great McDanno moments on the boat and wonderfully amusing moments like Tani’s exasperation at Anime vs Cartoon arguments in the “hyper-barbaric” chamber! 🤣🤣  You know me, whenever we get a one story line episode, I’m in heaven!

courtesy of @alohaspaceman1Photo Credit:  @alohaspaceman

Tani dear?  I can think of any number of people who would jump at the chance to help you out there.  Over two weeks in isolation with Steve, Danny and Junior.  And now another sixteen hours alone with Junior and Adam.  Damn girl! 😍😍😍  Oh, and by the way….. cartoons!

Well, that’s it for this week my friends.  Hope you all have a fantastic week to come.  No new KoolAid next week since it’s a re-run, damn it all!

As always, all screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.  Aloha.  Malama Pono


27 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 9.13 Ke iho mai nei ko luna (Those Above are Descending)

  1. Brooklyngirl says:

    Wonderful review Linda! I also love 1 storyline episodes, they’re enjoyable since you get to focus on the cast acting the storyline instead of keeping score while trying to keep up with everything else happening!

    What can I say about Steve/Gracie/Danny? Just adorable 😍! It makes me wonder just how much matzoh ball soup Danny’s made for Steve over the course of 9 seasons after Steve’s various accidents?! Hope we get to see more of Grace. She certainly has grown since we last saw her as a petulant teen!

    Wish I could say I wanted to see more of Junior’s dad but the 5 minutes of screen time with him made me want to give him a major attitude adjustment. Talk about petulant.

    I really liked the case of the week, not so much for the guest actors, they were pretty humdrum, but to see the “new kids” working together like a well oiled machine. Junior in charge was a sight to behold! It was a bittersweet moment watching Steve come to the rescue. He’ll always be my superSEAL ready to go to any lengths for his Ohana, but seeing him after the rescue and Danny reeling him back to the boat, I practically cried. Steve got old 😢. I can easily see Steve handing over the heavy lifting (so to speak) to Junior who has the same spirit that Steve does. But I’m glad they portrayed Steve this way (even though it hurt 😔) and not as invincible. I know I needed one for the road too since the whole scene left me breathless! They certainly left the very best for last.

    With the exception of one major stinkaroo of an episode, this season has been pretty much perfection! Can’t wait to see what else the writers have in store for us!

    Great screen caps and love all the research facts! Till the next blog! Have a great week and stay safe with the nutty weather!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think I kinda want to know more about Junior’s dad and why he is the way he is. It’s obvious that Junior loves him greatly and is truly hurt by how he’s treated by his dad. There is a foundation there of a great relationship that, for some reason, has hit the skids. I just don’t think its ONLY because Junior joined the Navy. I really want to know more, especially since it would give Beulah some great material to work with and that’s always a great thing. I adore his acting style.

      I agree about Steve. Like I said, I love the fact that they didn’t write the scene as Steve just bounding out of the water like it was no big deal. It was a HUGE deal and I’m glad they showed it that way. I don’t think I’d categorize it as Steve being “old” although I will agree he’s not the young man he once was. Remember when we swan UNDER THE USS MISSOURI in Season 1?? Those days are not completely over but those stunts take a lot more out of him then they once did. Hopefully he won’t be too reluctant to let Junior take the more physical lead on things in the future.

      And, breathless is the perfect description. I’m willing to bet I wasn’t the only one who tried to hold their breath the entire way down and the entire way back up along with Steve and failed miserably! LOL


  2. Great review. As always. But a so so episode. Danny is great as papa bear. Tough but fair and loving. Steve the honorary uncle. Went from being ignorant around kids to being a softie big character development through the years.
    But getting back to this week’s case. Really even a Navy Seal could not at all planned to go deep sea diving in a heartbeat. It has to be well planned in advance.
    But that is TV for you. Scientists being killers unless they are trained killers in another life tisk tisk.
    Steve should had gone down there, not Adam, Tani. Junior would be OK though. Both men are Seals! 7/10!


  3. Mary Tomshack says:

    I agree. I loved the first scene in the episode. It was great. Danno is most definitely a helicopter parent and who can blame him. It was great how Steve was sympathetic to Grace but at the same time he defended Danno. We all know what Danno went through with Grace’s accident. I also liked seeing Junior take the lead on this case. Being a Navy Seal, he knew what to do and what to expect. It was a very edge of the seat episode. And Steve and Danny were great in the boat scene. I loved that they were together so much through the whole episode. Danny was really worried about Steve. Being a Navy Seal, Steve can hold his breath for a long time under water. I loved the scene where he came back up and Danny pulled him in. The relief Danno felt could be seen. All in all, a great episode. Everybody was awesome in their part. And, I love Tani. She knows how to handle all these handsome guys. Thank you for the great review. I don’t think we get a new episode next week because there were no previews. Well, there have been some pretty cool pictures on facebook of them filming. That will just have to keep me going until our next new episode. Have a great week everybody.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Courtney says:

    I agree about the love life thing? First is Danny still with Melissa? Also Steve has no mentioned not missed or talked about Catherine. It is like that episode never happened just like all her yearly previous episodes it has no effect on Steve or the show. So like you I ask what is the point and can we maybe move on from these pointless yearly episodes?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I could not agree more. “Until next time” we won’t speak, we won’t interact, we won’t know anything about anything each other are doing, we won’t mention that we even exist to each other but…… we are meant to be and no one understand us like we do. Give me a break!


      • Courtney says:

        It is so stupid. I just think these yearly episodes are to keep her five fans quiet and not harassing PL. How come Steve never talks about her or misses her. We got a Danny/Rachel update never one about Cath. Also does she know about his liver transplant radiation poisoning ? If she does what a witch never asking how he is if she doesn’t how do the possibility belong together since she knows nothing about him?

        Liked by 1 person

        • Those are very good questions. If she knows and has never inquired about his health and worse, took him on that island last season with the nuclear materials, than she is beneath contempt. But, as much as I don’t like her, I honestly don’t think she’d have done that. She’s not evil. She’s not Greer.

          No, my gut tells me she doesn’t know simply because I can’t see Steve telling her about any of it. You know how he is. He wouldn’t want to worry her. It’s his job to worry about everyone else. He never feels like he deserves it back.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Courtney says:

            I don’t why they decided he never needs comfort. No one comforted him after Joe died if you think about it. I just wish they would show it every know and then that these people care about Steve as a person not just a boss.


  5. Zia Diane says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for posting the explanation of the dive and why Steve did not explode when he came to the surface after the dive. I did think that was a little impossible, but, there was an explanation and I understand now. I thought a trained seal would know how to do hold his breath more than the average person. But that was a long way down. Now I know.

    As for the relationships, I think it would be great for Catherine/Steve and Danny/Rachel to come to a conclusion, soon and for the characters to move on to others. Did I miss something or have they not explained Melissa not being in the picture anymore? Usually there is a one sentence explanation, but we did not get anything that I remembered hearing.

    I loved the episode and of course the best part was the beginning with Grace. I love they both play father to Grace. I hope this is not the last was see of Teilor, I know she has been in Los Angeles, but there are planes, most of the scenes are pretty quick so it should not take too much time. She probably goes back and forth as Hawaii is her home, just like Scott going back and forth to LA.

    I want to know more about Junior’s father as well. There has to be more for the cold treatment of his father. Was he and his daughter in an accident and thats the scar excuse? I hope we get explanations.

    Thanks for the review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome Zia. Like I said, I too tweeted the question during the episode on how on earth could Steve make that dive without getting the bends. I too was happy to learn that it is not as impossible as I first thought. I love it when a show can not only entertain me, but teach me something I didn’t know before!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda! I loved the opening scenes between Danny, Steve & Grace-I understand Grace’s frustrations about Danny watching over her so much, but under the circumstances, I see his position as well. It is so sweet the way Danny & Steve adore her and she adores them! As for the COTW, I must say it was exciting and fun,but not without danger-like Tani, Junior & Adam being slowly deprived of oxygen in the Neptune One. Don’t know about you, but for some reason, the idea of a series taking place in that setting seems interesting to me. Anyway, it was great seeing Junior in command and I loved how he,Adam & Tani worked so well together.Aside from Steve,only Junior would have thought of the communcation buoy and how to make it work-after all, they are trained SEALS. Speaking of Junior,I have to agree that there is more to the estranged relationship he has with his father and I look forward to finding out what is at the root of it,but I was glad to see his father reach out to him at the end,even though it was just to hand him a hammer to help him with the deck. It was a small step,but a step towards reconciliation,I hope. Looking forward to the next new episode!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Carole says:

    The opening was perfect – Danno, Gracie and uncle Steve! There’s something so comfortable and homey about it. It just feels right…….! I like the change of pace with the kids working the case – Steve is learning to delegate and since small spaces & Danny don’t mix it made perfect sense. Having the crime under water at the lab was a chance to reuse the set from season opener. …kudos to crew for dressing it up to look completely different. The story had its twists and turns too……and of course.”dad” had to step in and save the day. Yeah it stretched the imagination a bit. Steve obviously isn’t training and conditioned for this stuff these days. I’m glad they didn’t have him hopping out of the water like he’d just gone for a dip…..he looked wiped out. I was waiting to hear “crap i’m too old for this …….” Maybe Danny should have made him soup 🙂 The only thing that was a bit annoying. …..you guessed it, the relationship stuff. To be honest I didn’t quite catch Danny’s response, but I think he said nothing was planned. I hope so. Like you i’m tired of it and I don’t understand TPTB when they must know how fans feel about it.

    Liked by 3 people

    • ROFL… I would have LOVED a Lethal Weapon moment from Steve as well. “I’m getting to old for this shit!” ROFL But poor Steve could barely catch his breath enough to answer just a couple questions from Danny. Seeing our SuperSEAL in that condition was a bit unnerving to say the least!

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Debra Mathis says:

    As usual you said it all so well and backed up your assertions with real facts to hopefully stop the social media complaint mongers
    who think they are expert in everything. I really appreciate you and your attention to detail . I just wait for you to post and retweet the facts. Sometimes I just shake my head at the negativity that pours from supposed fans of the show. Some border on craziness especially stacking public polls with negative votes on an episode that scored so highly in the ratings. Carry on you are my hero.

    Liked by 2 people

    • That is very sweet for you to say Debra but I’m going to repeat what I said above. I’m the first to say I don’t know every damn thing and I get plenty wrong. But I try the best I can to find out the facts (and pay attention and listen to those who KNOW the facts). I LOVE learning new things and it’s fun when a show that I look to as pure entertainment is able to also teach me something new.

      As for the trolls who flood online poles with negativity, they have their own problems to deal with. Numbers do not lie and the ratings for this episode were very good and that’s all the network will look at.


  9. Hi, not much to add. I was glad to know that what Steve did was within the realm of possibility. 130 meters is just about the length of one and a half football fields, so that was quite a feat.
    On the shallow side, I was glad to see a little bit of skin, LOL. Other than the scene with Greer, we haven’t seen our SEAL shirtless this season. What’s with that?? 🙂
    Hope everyone has a good two weeks as we wait for the next episode!

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Lori Silvano says:

    Hi Linda. I just want to tell you that I so appreciate and look forward to this every week almost as much as the new episode..almost😉💕..You have a crazy schedule as most of us do, esp with your daughter’s upcoming wedding and yet you still have time to write your review every week and be a big part of our 5-Ohana. I think you’re an awesome person and if you ever find yourself in NYC/Jersey please let me know..would love to meet you in person and have lunch or dinner my friend.

    Now on with 9×14. I really enjoyed this episode as well..and I was trying to put my finger on why..and when I read your review it hit me…it was definitely a different scenerio with the crime scene being at the bottom of the ocean…I loved seeing Junior in the Lead with Tani and Adam working together like a well oiled machine. They just gel so well together and the more they grow, I honestly dont miss Chin and Kono at all..I do however miss Jerry and am glad that he is back in 9×15, hope they write in a reason he was missing, maybe on the big island taking care of his mom for some reason…

    The opening scene was adorable with Danny in full Jewish grandma mode…and the interaction between Grace and Uncle Steve just gives me warm gooey feels…this show does something Ive never seen before with any other show..it draws you in and makes you feel like you are really Ohana, like this cast is really like this in real life and that is why it is portrayed so perfectly on the show..its very special and almost impossible to achieve at this level, but they do it year after year beautifully and it just gets better. The ad libbed line Steve said about “You never butter my pancakes” was so natural and perfect. I also really hope we see Grace again, unlike Samantha who once she went to Chicago for college, but I think we will. We have watched her grow up into such a lovely young lady from the adorable 8 year old in S1, kinda making me feel a little old myself lol.

    I’m happy we finally got to see Juniors dad. I’m also curious as to where the scar came from…I wonder if maybe Dad was in the car with his sister at the time of the accident and he survived…maybe the guilt completely changed him?? Another scenerio..his dad was also in military, maybe something bad happened to him there and that is why he didnt want Junior to enlist..so many possibilities..and I’m really curious to delve more into the Junior backstory.

    Loved that Steve and Danno had a lot of together time in this ep and of course our Super Seal came to the rescue in the end..that was a pretty intense scene and Alex, as always, played it to perfection. I also loved when he came back up, we get to see how Steve was affected by the free dive, gasping for air, a little weak, at 42 he is far from being old and still in amazing shape, but as nature dictates, as we get older we may still be able to do the same things, but we recover a little differently, maybe takes a little more out of us and we need more time to recover fully. I also liked when Danny told him if he could hold his breathe that long, he cant complain about him bringing take out food into the car…I’m not really sure what he meant by this…was it the smell of the food or umm the smell of the effects of the food one has after they consume it lol??🤣🤣

    I agree TPTB are keeping us all in limbo on our boys relationships, the will they or wont they is really getting annoying at this point, I 100% agree. What I got from this episode was that Danny and Rachel are in a good place..co-parenting their daughter and taking care of her after a near fatal accident. The accident enabled them to release all the hurt and anger and they are in a good place right now. That does not translate into getting back together tho. I feel the same way you do, that TPTB want to keep both sides happy and confused till the end..so we all watch…which way will it go..nobody knows, but honestly it’s enough already. I get that is the format for TV shows and Movies and people watch waiting for that moment…but this show doesnt need that, it’s not based on their romantic relationships, so IMHO it just doesnt need the suspense of the will they/wont they scenerio. It doesnt matter, the show wont lose its popularity.

    I love Tani and I agree, who doesnt want to be her?? Hanging out and getting stuck with all these hot men lol? I loved how she said “help me” it was so cute. And yes “CARTOONS” alllll the way!!! Till next time..Mahalo 👍💕🤙

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Lori Silvano says:

    Im pretty sure that scar figures into the mystery of their strained relationship somehow..we dont know Junior doesnt know he was in the car at the time of his sisters accident do we? 🤷‍♀️Guess time will tell..soon enough..


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