#H50 Review: Welcome to Season 9! 9.01 Ka ʻōwili ʻōka’i (Cocoon) – Season Premiere

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We made it!!!!! We survived hiatus hell and a new season of Hawaii Five-0 has begun!  Who else is beside themselves with excitement besides me??? Yup… that’s what I figured! 😀 And what a fantastic way to start!  I think this might just be my 2nd favorite premiere ever.  Of course, nothing will ever compare to the series premiere in 2010, but this came damn close.  So, let’s get to it.

When I first heard H50 was going to be retelling the original 1968 Pilot story of Hawaii Five-O, I was excited mostly because I absolutely loved their previous effort with S3E15 “Hookman”, and not because I remembered the original episode.  I was eight years old when the original H5O debuted and, as you all know, it was not a show I cared for, throughout its 12-year run.  So, the same way I went back and watched the original “Hookman” back in Season 3, I went to CBS All Access to check out the original “Cocoon”.

I have to say, just like with “Hookman”, I liked the current iteration of this episode so much more than the original.  The original was a two hour/double episode and with the number of commercials in 1968 being significantly less than they are today, that left a lot of time to fill.  So, there’s a lot in the 1968 version which, while great for 1968, just wasn’t needed in 2018.  I think Peter Lenkov did a fantastic job of taking Leonard Freeman’s original story and pruning out what was unnecessary for 2018 while keeping the essence of the story totally and lovingly intact. You can feel the reverence Peter has for the original story in all the ways this version mirrors the original.  The way Steve kneels over the body of the victim at the beach, the reconstruction of the cocoon with its adjacent lab, the burned pieces of paper containing the clues, much verbatim dialog, and on and on.

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I also love how he updated the story and to allow the entire team to be fully involved in the investigation of the murder of CIA Agent Tom Hennessey, an old friend of Steve’s.  Danny, Tani, Junior, Lou and Jerry are front and center in numerous scenes at HQ and around the magic table.  As I noted in a previous blog, the original “Cocoon” was pretty much the “Jack Lord” show.  Danny, Chin and Kono were in the episode, of course, and were part of the investigation but the vast portion of screen time was centered around only McGarrett.

For example, after the body of Hennessey is found at Hanauma Bay, Steve and Danny head off to Hennessey’s apartment to check for clues.  While in the 1968 version, McGarrett alone went to Hennessey’s, here we have our dynamic duo of Steve and Danny doing the honors.

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And even though, like the original, it’s Steve who ultimately takes down the Chinese spy who attacks them, we get one of the best fight scenes we’ve ever had as Steve and Danny take him on together.

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I have to say, it’s a damn good thing there were two of them because that guy was fierce!  It really did take both of them to bring him down.  It was a fun fight to watch.  Between each of them yelling to the other to “shoot him”, the long awaited “Book ’em Danno” (the best throwback to the original series ever!) and Danny’s cheeky reply “I’d like to do that, but he’s clearly dead.” and this scene is pure gold.

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But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here.  We have to talk about the scene before the wave before we go any farther. An almost perfect recreation of that same scene from 1968. Because it was WoFat who was Hennessey’s and Steve’s tormentor back then we, of course, needed to have WoFat here too.  Obviously, we all know that WoFat was killed at the end of the 100th episode back in Season 5, so it was wonderful to see him again in all his despicable evilness, even if it was just a hallucination of Steve’s.

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I’m sad we didn’t get to see more of him since his appearance was so short.  But it was still fantastic to see Mark Dacascos on my screen again.  I love how Peter wrote this hallucination.  How in Steve’s mind, he removed the scars from the left side of WoFat’s face; his brain making an amalgam between WoFat and Kang, the man who is, in reality, his tormentor.  Kang is bald and unscarred, and Steve’s mind made WoFat the same.  It’s also very telling that in Steve’s sensory deprived mind, WoFat had finally done what he’d been trying to do for years and actually kill Steve.  WoFat may be dead, but it seems he isn’t done tormenting Steve.

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I give Alex and his double, Paul a lot of credit for all those scenes.  We might all chuckle a bit at that silly red rubber suit, a leftover from 1968, but being in that tank could not have been a lot of fun for the guys.  It takes hours and dozens of takes to get scenes just right so they both probably spent a hell of a lot of time in that suit and mask in that tank.  And that gutta percha over Alex’s eyes and shoved up his nose? That was more than a little creepy.  Damn, Alex is a good sport for his art!  I am glad they didn’t make Steve scream when the mask was removed the way Hennessey did in the original.  I don’t think my heart would have been able to take it.

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It was so wonderful to see Eddie immediately after the wave.  It was so cute that he was upset because Steve and Junior weren’t letting him dig with them.  I loved Tani teasing the guys about “working for Pablo Escabar” and how she had time on her hands to watch “sweaty men dig”.  Who can blame her?  These particular sweaty guys are unbelievably hot in more ways than one! And I loved her indignation at not being considered for digging duty.  #Offended #WomenCanDigToo.  Have I told you lately how much I love Tani! 🤣🤣

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But, seriously Steve?  Burying money in the back yard?  On a beach which can (as we’ve seen in real life) flood during particularly bad storms?  I understand Steve’s desire not to have to pay a lawyer to draw up a formal partnership agreement but didn’t Kamekona already have a formal agreement in hand when he gave the guys the money? Regardless, Steve does have somewhere else that’s safe to keep that money.  There’s that loose floor board in the dining room where Doris hid her micro-film and her diary for over 20 years without a soul knowing it was there.  I think that might be a teeny bit more secure, hidden under the house that has a full alarm system, than a hole on the beach.  Especially since they’re digging that hole in broad daylight with huge open bags of money in plain sight.  What, Steve doesn’t have neighbors? 🤣🤣

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The best part of this cute scene for me was, for now at least, it looks like Junior is still living at Steve’s.  I know that will probably change in the future but I’m going to enjoy it while I can. I just love these two as housemates.

I am very sad about one thing we learned in this episode though.  Steve and Lynn broke up.  While I totally enjoyed Danny busting Steve’s chops about “living like a monk” since the breakup and Steve locking the car door on him like a pissed off school girl, I’m very sad about the breakup.  I really loved them as a couple.

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But it’s not a surprise, of course.  Peter said a little while back that Lynn was not long term and with Sarah Carter only just beginning to get back to work after the birth of her baby, it wasn’t totally unexpected.  I get a feeling this may have been more a logistical decision than a story driven one.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Sarah, when she first got pregnant, told Peter she didn’t want to go back and forth to Hawaii for only limited work after her baby was born. That may have prompted his “not long term” statement at that time.  I don’t know that for sure, of course, just a feeling.

I got a kick out of Danny picking up on the subtle flirting Greer was doing with Steve in Hennessey’s apartment and him thinking Steve and Greer could pick up where they left off after the case is settled and get down to some “grown folk’s business”.  It was also really cool that Peter wrote in a great throwback line from the original series.  When Steve gives Greer and her partner Miller his patented attitude, Greer informs Miller, “Everybody knows that Steve McGarrett only takes orders from the governor and God. And occasionally, even they have trouble.” The look on Danny’s face when she said it was priceless.  But, it’s actually not the first time we’ve heard those words.  Way back in S1E21 “Ho’opa’i”, Steve also informed Agent Allison Marsh, when she insisted that she speak to his boss; “Lady, I answer to God and to the Governor. Neither of whom are going to help you out right now. So, take a seat!”

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If I wasn’t someone who loves spoilers, I could have liked Greer when we first saw her.  The fact that she and Steve had a thing many years ago, would have made me think that maybe Danny was right, and she and Steve could rekindle whatever it was between them, now that Lynn is out of the picture.  But, no, of course not.

I will never understand why Steve doesn’t find himself a wonderful island woman to be with.  We’ve said this for years.  How can he be home for going on nine years and never run into anyone he ever went to school with?  There is no way in hell the Captain and star quarterback didn’t have all kinds of girls all over him.  Junior was back home less than 8 months and he’d already reconnected with his ex-girlfriend and another good friend.  But Steve?  Nope!

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No, the only people from his past Steve ever encounters are former SEALs and former flames who all seem to work for alphabet agencies.  And what happens?  These people Steve believes he knows, people he cares about and trusts, inevitably turn around and betray him.  It’s so unfair.  Steve never hesitates to be there for his friends.  No matter what, no matter what danger it puts him in, he does whatever he can to help those he cares about.  Well, I say enough!  No more “grown folk’s business” with CIA agents or operatives.  They are not acceptable as love interests or girlfriends. Just like Doris, they are all nothing but trouble and heartache.  Steve deserves so much better!

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The story woven around the murder of Tom Hennessey, like it was in 1968, is an intriguing one.  The “accidental deaths” of five top agents in three months, obviously, is no coincidence.  When Greer plants the seed in Steve’s head that there’s a mole in the CIA, the team knows they can’t trust anyone but themselves to solve not only Hennessey’s murder but of the other four agents as well.

When Jerry pieces together the burnt fragments of Hennessey’s journal, he’s able to identify the name SS Arcturus.  This along with the only full fragment Steve and Danny found with the word “cocoon”, they have their first lead.

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Steve and Danny set out in the dead of night to surveil the ship and Steve decides the best way to get on board to check it out is not to “SEAL his way aboard”, but to pose as a kind of pipe fitter on the ship.  He quickly discovers what the word “cocoon” was referring to.  Some sort of tank, hidden in the hold of the ship.

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Of course they don’t know what that tank signifies at first.  Only when Steve and Danny meet with Jonathan Kray, Chief of Pacific Operations and Counter Intelligence, do they find out what’s been going on.  Kray informs Steve that he has the “enemy running scared”.  After Five-0 took down the Russian spy ring (in the Season 8 finale), the Chinese have been “circling the wagons”.  It’s believed that Hennessey and the others were identified by the mole which Greer told Steve about.  They were then interrogated and murdered for CIA intel.

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Of course, Steve being Steve, he immediately feels like the deaths of these agents is his fault.  I’m so happy that Kray put an end to that line of thinking immediately. Kray tells the guys how the same gutta percha was found in all the other victims and the SS Arcturus was in port at the time of all the deaths.  Kray speculates that the tank Steve found on the ship is some sort of sensory deprivation tank being used to weaken the minds of the agents in order to cull valuable intel from them without resistance.  Once they have given all they can give, they were disposed of.

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The scenes that follow were some of the best HQ moments we’ve ever had.  Kray will leak out that Steve found a bunch of evidence at Hennessey’s and then he’s going to use himself as bait.  Memorize a bunch of bad intel and allow himself to be captured.  He’s voluntarily allowing himself to be subjected to the cocoon in the hope that the bad intel will be the only secrets his sensory deprived brain will reveal. Then they can follow that bad intel, determine who the CIA mole is and find who’s truly responsible for everything that’s happened and to potentially keep other agents safe.

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This is one of those team moments I love so much.  The entire six-member team is around the magic table and everyone pretty much thinks this is not the best idea.  Tani is the most vehement protester but everyone else is dismayed over this decision as well.  I’m losing count over the years of how many times Danny has told Steve that whatever his current plan is, it’s the “stupidest” thing ever! 🤣 But no one knows better than Danny, Steve’s determination to go ahead with a plan he’s sure is his only choice.  But I just loved how the entire team was beside itself with worry for Steve’s well-being.

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So, with the entire team on the scene, Steve sets out toward the Arcturus.  His plan works perfectly, when he is set upon and injected with something that knocks him out. But not before he looks up and recognizes Greer.  After we get some pretty chilling exposition from Kang on how the cocoon works on the mind he places Steve in the tank.

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Outside the entire team is stressing out.  Hours go by with no movement and, of course, no one is more stressed out than Danny.  As the hours tick by, Danny gets more and more agitated.  You know, we always joke about Steve and his “spidey” senses, but it was plain to see Danny was feeling something quite similar.  He just knew Steve was in trouble.  Lou could see it too.  Telling Danny, he understood because “that’s my brother in there too”.

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After over six hours, Steve begins to hallucinate, the scene we saw at the beginning of the episode and Kang has him brought out of the tank.  It looks like it worked.  Steve is answering Kang’s questions, giving him the false intel he memorized.  Greer, getting what she wanted, takes off to a waiting car outside but not before she senses movement from the team.  She calls for backup from Kang’s men and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

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While the original 1968 “Cocoon” was jam packed with intrigue, the team, along with HPD storming the ship was the only truly exciting scene in the episode.  The kind of scene you’d expect from our Five-0 and they do not disappoint.  It is a high-octane fire fight with all hands on deck.  The best part was Junior slicing through the hydraulics holding up some sort of crane so it crashes into the top of the ship and Tani using it to traverse on high to take out the bad guys! It was awesome.

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The other fantastic moment was Jerry.  Jerry has become the king of using moving vehicles as weapons! Even after he’s told to stay put, he used his SUV to plow through the bad guys to give the team a better advantage.  Lou even tells him he owes him “sushi for a month” for his contribution to the fight.

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Meanwhile, Steve, even after spending all that time in the tank, musters the strength to go after everyone left in the lab.  He manages to take out everyone except Kang who proves to be as formidable as the Chinese spy he and Danny fought earlier.  Finally, the two of them fly through the glass wall separating the lab from the cocoon and they both end up in the water.

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Just as in the original, (in this case) Kang gets the upper hand and, wrapping air tubing around Steve’s neck, begins to drown him.  But, this is not the original and our Steve is not alone, he has backup.

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Of course, it is Danny who comes.  Danny, who is always there when Steve needs him.  Danny, who has pulled Steve out of the back of a truck in North Korea, who alerted SEALs he was in trouble in Afghanistan, who pulled him from a drug induced stupor in a basement torture chamber.

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And he is there for Steve yet again.  Danny shoots Kang just as Steve is about to lose his battle and pulls Steve to safety out of the tank.

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The Steve/Danny dynamic was incredible this entire episode.  From the moment they found Hennessey on the beach, Danny was fantastic.  He explained to Tani and Junior who Victor Hess was so Steve didn’t have to do it.  He was awesome in that fight with Steve against the spy in Hennessey’s apartment. I loved his good-natured ribbing with regard to Greer and his almost uncontrollable worry from the moment Steve came up with his crazy plan.  I also loved how he was ready to go after Greer the moment he saw her walk off that ship.  His “Steve trusted her” had the unspoken words of “how dare she hurt him” and “oh God, not again” screaming to be said.  If it wasn’t for Lou reminding him that letting her go was the plan, I think Danny would have bolted after that car to rip her to shreds.  He was perfection start to finish.

But before the episode ended, we got a scene very reminiscent of what happened in that dry cleaners basement almost 4 years ago.  As Steve settles down to sit, Danny worriedly asks him if he’s alright, asks him “What’s my name?”.  Steve’s eyes were glazed and confused and after a few confused moments questions “Danny?”.

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Still worried Danny asks “How long have we known each other?”.  It’s here where Steve’s brain comes back online and he jokingly responds, “fifty years”.  Yes, one version or the other of Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams have known each other from September 1968 to September 2018.  Happy 50th Anniversary Hawaii Five-0.

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I loved the banter between the guys in this scene.  Back to their old selves, pushing and pulling at each other.  Each one not willing to give an inch to the other.  A tankument, filled with humor, playful snarkiness and pure love.  I’m not sure I didn’t hear Steve say to Danny “come on, I love you”….again!  And I’m willing to bet my last dollar that Danny telling Steve he looked ridiculous, was an ad-lib from Scott! 🤣 These two were pure joy this entire episode.

And there you have it.  A perfect season premiere containing everything we love about this show. Peter wrote a fantastic script, taking all the best elements of the original and making it ever better by utilizing every member of the team to their best advantage.  He also set up stories to move forward into the season.

Not only are we left to wonder if Steve’s plan will work and what Greer will do with the false intel she got from Steve, there is also the story of the gun Tani found at Adam’s house. She still hasn’t told Steve about it because she hasn’t verified if it’s the murder weapon or not.  Even though it’s pretty obvious how it will turn out, I’m looking forward to seeing how Steve reacts when he finds out about the gun, how they’ll clear Adam and how Adam fits into Five-0.  🤣

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Peter:  You did Mr. Freeman proud! Cocoon was awesome! What a great job you did getting two hours down to one and the team involvement was perfect. And thank you for all the Steve and Danny time! Always the best part of H50.  Great start to what’s sure to be a great season!

Have a great week my friends.  Aloha. Malama pono.

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted or watermarked.


23 thoughts on “#H50 Review: Welcome to Season 9! 9.01 Ka ʻōwili ʻōka’i (Cocoon) – Season Premiere

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda! This was truly a great way to start the season! I felt for Eddie-he wanted so badly to help dig and he probably could have gotten the hole dug faster that Steve & Junior did! it was awesome seeing Wo Fat again, even if he was just an hallucination(he still looks fantastic for an evil man). That fight in Hennessey;’s apartment was something to behold. I had to chuckle just a little when Steve said Book’em Danno and Danny replied that he would love to,but the man was clearly dead-that was a classic line,for sure! Steve in the “cocoon” was really terrifying for me and I can certainly understand Danny’s worry about it. It was great seeing Lou’s concern as well, calling Steve”my brother”. Their relationship sure has come a long way since they first met. I wasn’t too surprised by the revelation that Greer had something to do with the deaths-she may or may not be the mole,but there was something about her that I did not like and the last thing Steve needs is get involved with someone he can not trust! Speaking of the cocoon, I must say Alex looked hot in that red wet suit-much better than Jack Lord, for sure! Anyway, I am looking forward to what this season has in store,particularly how Adam’s situation will be resolved-don’t think Steve will be none too pleased when Tani tells him about the gun. Season 9 is off to a hot start-keep it coming!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You covered this episode so well, Linda! I usually find more to say but I’m somewhat at a loss because…well, this ep was just so finely balanced with everything we love, right? I hope it’s the beginning of an even more wonderful season and we see more scripts of this caliber. It was truly a beautiful way to honor the past and the present series. I’m happy. *By the way, you always do an awesome job but knowing that your daughter is also planning her wedding speaks volumes to your time management skills! Congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL Thanks Sue! Actually, all I’m doing right now is visiting wedding venues for her since she can’t do it from so far away. Not a lot of actual planning yet, but doing the research, reading reviews and visiting venues just take a hell of a lot of time. Figures….an entire summer with nice pretty much free (except for house and garden work and a few BBQs) weekends and now that H50 is back…… oh well…. I’m to excited for her to let anything else bother me. LOL


  3. Dan Gibson says:

    Good Job, Linda …. You nailed it, per usual ! This opener had all the elements that make me enjoy 5-0. After saving Steve and “joining him at poolside”, Danno’s comment “… you look ridiculous” gave me a much needed LOL MOMENT. Our team worked as a unit throughout the story — it was a pulsating hour. I can’t wait to see the next meeting between Steve and Greer. Our show is off to a flying start !

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Carole says:

    Finally…..having to leave just hours before SOTB sucked, but Scott had to miss it too so I didn’t feel so bad. It’s still been a long two weeks!. Great job on the review Linda. I think you covered everthing. Wonderful combination of the old and new and a great start to the season with lots of action, the whole team helping and best of all wonderful Steve & Danny moments – their banter was some of the best in a long time and yes I agree about Scott ad libs…..he’s so darn good at it! I’m also liking the way Steve acknowledged his younger self would do things differently…..still has crazy ideas, but maybe Danny is getting thru to him a bit, even if he won’t admit it.
    I swear all things CIA are bad news.- add another bad apple to the list! So much bad stuff in Steve’s, the team and their love ones lives have been because of lies, manipulation or betrayal by agents or their puppets…….I want to see our boys.safe, happy and far away from any/everything CIA…..dreaming I know. Looking forward to see what comes next.week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “I’m also liking the way Steve acknowledged his younger self would do things differently…..still has crazy ideas, but maybe Danny is getting thru to him a bit, even if he won’t admit it.”

      You know, I didn’t even notice that line until I watched the episode for the 3rd time. And I agree with you! It was really something to hear Steve admit that “SEALing” his way on to that ship would be what his “younger” self would do while his “older” self had a better idea.

      Of course, not 15 minutes later, he’s up and fighting a room full of bad guys after just being subjected to a “mind scrub” so our SuperSEAL is far from fully over the hill. It was wonderful, though, that it was Danny who came to the rescue when Steve just couldn’t fight Kang off any more. God, I just love the two of them!


  5. AlexOloughlinlover says:

    I loved this episode so much Alex looked so sexy hot in the red leather ha ha lol and I think I fell more in love with Alex. Season 9 is going to be amazing can’t wait to see what else happens this season.

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  6. Mcdanno says:

    Bravo, Linda! I do not have anything more to add, because you covered all the bases! For starters, I love Tani! She really does seem to know them by now😁 I had to look up who Pablo Escobar was, but after I did, I thought the comment was super funny! I agree I wouldn’t have minded sitting and watching them dig😍. The Mcdanno was the obvious best part. The funny bits, ie. Book em danno, lockiing him out of the car, and the new hand signal! Of course, Danny wouldn’t know what the finger shaking meant, since he only knew the “Wall of Silence” hand trick😃. For me, the ending was the best part!!! I loved how Danny came to the rescue yet again. When Steve got out of the tank, his “I don’t know what’s going on” expression, and the glassy, unfocused eyes, we’re so awesome it made up for the bad part😁. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that the ending was a remake of The 100 ending! Halo 4 years later Alex can do the exact same expression beats me, but he also was able to have the same scream in both season 2 and season 7, which is a five-year difference, so I’m just going to chalk it up to he’s incredible. I probably have watch the ending about 5 times now! Unless season 9 has another mind-blowingly amazing episode, this will be my favorite for the season! I wish Danny would have mentioned, “Well, when I was in Quarantine and had my dream, we had known each other for over 50 years😊. Can’t wait for the next one and the next review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow! That would have been a perfect line. I’m sorry Peter didn’t think of it. Another thing I was thinking, when I was watching it again last night.

      I wish the director had instructed Alex to glance at Scott during the scene on the beach when they found Hennessey. When Steve said he knew Hennessey’s brother had drowned when they were kids so Steve knew for a fact that Hennessey never went in the water…. he should have looked at Danny and the memories of Billy Selway should have passed between them. It would have been an awesome McDanno moment!


  7. jlopie1 says:

    Well, Linda, my friend, you’ve done it again – condensed the episode into a coherent and fun review of everything there is to love about this premiere AND the series as a whole!

    There’s nothing else to really add, just that I agree completely with all your points and conclusions, especially:

    1) Tani is amazing. A fabulous addition to the team (and Meaghan, with her “breath of fresh air” is so welcome!)

    2) this Cocoon is a loving remake of Leonard Freeman’s Original! Really well done in all respects.

    3) Alex is AWESOME! This guy just keeps getting better and better…season after season! He’s so willing to put everything he’s got into whatever is asked of him. God, I love the guy!

    4) The whole team worked so well together – a finely oiled machine. Jerry getting into the field now, but still using a moving vehicle as his weapon of choice! (For now, at least!)

    5) Eddie was here, too! Thank you, Alex, for suggesting Five-0 needed a dog, and for Eddie for being the perfect fit! Something has to happen with all that money sitting in the ground…

    6) Has Steve finally run out of past/present CIA acquaintances to turn against him or abandon him for “duty” to themselves…oh, sorry…I meant to say country? 😉

    7) Good bye sweet Lynn! Wish you were hanging around longer, but you were fun!

    8) O.M.G. Danny…Steve…McDanno lives on! Long live McDanno! I have no words for the perfection of their relationship in this episode. I want more of this, all season long. Their partnership/friendship has developed through 8 full seasons into unbreakable trust and a sense of total security that they will always be there for each other. It was as close to perfection in this episode as it can possibly be!

    What a fabulous way to start the new season. It’s like a warm, cozy well-loved blanket to wrap up in on Friday nights!

    AND thanks for continuing to write the KoolAid in this new season. You could easily have said “enough!” Especially with everything you’ll have going on this next year. You’re dedication to the show is greatly appreciated by all the fans who love to read nonsarcastic and well-written articles without a particular agenda to promulgate ad nauseum.

    Liked by 2 people

    • What can I say. As usual, we’re very much on the same page about pretty much everything to do with this show. I’m going to say that my favorite part of the episode, and it was fantastic all the way around, is all the McDanno/Steve and Danny time AND the sentiment and depth of feeling these men have for each other. Their brotherhood has, over all these years, solidified into a rock solid foundation that can not be shaken or broken. It is something beautiful to behold and I’m with you in hoping we get a LOT more of them and their fantastic friendship for the rest of the entire season….. hell…. SERIES!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Brooklyngirl says:

    Loved it!! Loved everything about it!! Love your recap! Loved Steve in that striped blue shirt!! In case you didn’t notice, I loved it!! LOL!!

    This episode was a very wonderful tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the original show. McDanno was back and very prominent throughout – the boys are just so good together. Their friendship and chemistry is just off the charts!! It really reminded of season 1 – it had all the right feels and that sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement to it.

    I agree completely about the additions of Eddie, Tani and Junior! Like both Scott and Alex have said, they are a breath of fresh air and have given the show a new life!

    I’m very sad that Lynn will no longer be a part of the Ohana. I’m not surprised either but still sad that the only relationship that Steve has ever had that didn’t hurt him in any way is over. As for Greer, everything is not always what it seems. Is she the mole or is she undercover to flesh out the mole?? Either way, I guess we’ll find out. But Steve really needs to stay away from the bad mojo ladies of all the alphabet agencies he runs with, but, most especially the CIA, they are not good for our boy! NONE OF THEM.

    Watching Alex act is pure enjoyment on so many levels. That man can say so much without uttering a word. It was a little bittersweet hearing Steve acknowledge that even he realizes he’s gotten older! But our SEAL will always be there! Everytime I think I can’t love or admire him more, he does something to up the level another notch!

    I can go on and on. But I won’t! This was a great season opener and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us!!

    BTW love that this is the Planet Fitness of the blogs! Thanks for another great review!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Glad it is coming back to action packed and no longer a soap opera.
    Love it when Steve and Danny bicker all in good fun like Steve and Grover. As it is toning down his control issues and Danny’s whining
    But also CIA stands for Creeps in Action LOL!
    But still Junior and Tani love their chemistry and the sexual tension. Shipped them from day one.
    As really Danny has saved Steve many times more than the other way around despite being a SEAL.
    Nice to see Mark D back only for a cameo.
    Knew that Greer is going to be the new Wo Fat but even scarier and dangerous.
    So far so good 10/10!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I loved this episode. The Steve and Danny relationship was so awesome in this episode. I loved when the CIA agent told Steve he needs to put his boy on a leash and Steve said “That’s Detective Williams to you and I’ve been trying to do that for eight and a half years”. Steve can give Danny a hard time and tease him but he won’t let anyone else do that. And it was great how the whole team was involved. This was a perfect episode. It had just the right amount of action, mystery and intrigue, action and the comedy was great. This season is off to a great start. I too am sad about Lynne. I really liked her with Steve. But last season Peter said something about Steve and Alecia getting together. I wouldn’t mind that either. I don’t want to see Steve’s girlfriend every week on a regular basis but once in awhile would be okay.
    This season is off to a great start. I love it so far. Episode 9/1 did not disappoint.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a great point you make about Steve giving Danny a hard time but don’t let anyone else do it. Or at least not a smug CIA jerk. Especially when Danny has the guy pegged perfectly! LOL


  11. I’ve been looking forward to your review for the first episode of the season. I must agree with everyone. You pretty much expressed all our feelings. I used to watch the reruns of the original show, so I’ve seen Jack Lord’s Cocoon. I will admit that it is not one of my favorite episodes, so I was pleasantly surprised with the updated version. I was hesitant to watch it.

    The McDanno moments were some of the best I’ve seen in a couple of years. I really enjoyed them. The “kids” are fitting in beautifully. I do have some concerns about our Steve, surprisingly the main one being his choice of burying loads of money in his back yard. The second would be his tendency to be initially attracted to women that will either mislead him, betray his trust, or abandon him. I think it might be subconscious for him to choose someone like Doris that will eventually betray his trust or abandon him, reinforcing his issues. Maybe he also doesn’t have to expect to fully commit to these types of women. He did mention the older Steve doing things differently than his younger self. I hope this extends to other areas of his life. I’ll miss the normality with Lynn. All in all, this season is off to a good start. Last year I was a little more cautious about what season 8 would be like with the newbies, but they really have made this show fresh and exciting. It’s almost like a reboot of a reboot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A reboot of a reboot! You’re right, that’s exactly what it feels like.

      Yeah that money in the backyard is trouble in the making. I would think Steve would have more sense. I wish Danny HAD showed up just to tell him…..again…. what a stupid idea it was! Most of Steve’s ideas work out in the end. I’m not so sure about this one! LOL

      I’m wondering if we’ll ever find out why Steve and Lynn broke up. You make a valid point about that, just maybe, he is drawn subconsciously to women like this mother since abandonment and distrust are all he’s known from women since he was 15. But then there’s Lynn. The only woman who had no baggage, who made him laugh, who gave him a safe place. Did they break up because she wanted more that he wasn’t willing to give…afraid of getting burned again? Did HE want more and she backed off because of his issues? There is a good chance we will never really know what happened. I just hope he doesn’t fall back on the destructive choices he’s made with regard to women in the past. A nice island woman…. I keep saying it….a nice island woman……..


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