#H50 – Season 8 was a blast …. Time to look forward to Season 9!!

Well, here we are my friends.  Stuck in the middle of hiatus hell.   How’s the hiatus treating you so far?  Yeah…..me too!  H50 withdrawal is not a pretty sight!  So, I’m doing what I always do.  At the start of each hiatus, I go back to the very beginning and re-watch all the episodes in preparation for the new season ahead.  I started this little tradition in the Summer of 2011 while waiting for Season 2 to begin.  Happily, as the years have passed, this yearly re-watch takes longer and longer each summer, but who’s complaining, right? 😊😊

With filming set to start sometime in early July, it seemed like a good time to open the floodgates and get into what we’d all love to see or not see coming our way in the new season.

A year ago, at this time, we were all happily looking forward to the beginning of Season 8 filming.  We were excited for the new season, to seeing our beloved Ohana back on our screens for more wonderful H50 adventures.  We were thrilled when, in an Instagram posted at the end of Season 7, Daniel Dae Kim, reassuringly confirmed that both Alex and Scott were coming back for Season 8, while conveniently not mentioning the fact that he and Grace Park were not.  Of course, none of us realized what he was saying, or more specifically, not saying, with that post.  We spent the hiatus in happy, unsuspecting anticipation.

So, it was a total kick in the teeth when, just days before filming was set to begin on Season 8, word came that both DDK and Grace were out.  It’s safe to say those of us who closely follow the show, watched the beginning of filming with much speculation and a bit of concern over what was going to happen with our beloved show and the state the on-screen Five-0 Ohana would be in.

But, the powers-that-be hit a home run with the addition to the cast of Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale, along with the promotion of Taylor Wily, Dennis Chun, Ian Anthony Dale and Kimee Balmilero to series regulars.  These changes more than made up for the departure of DDK and Grace.  As it turned out, all our worries were uncalled for.  Not only did our show survive, it absolutely flourished.

And, from the looks of things so far, we won’t have to worry about another cast shake up this year.  While, as of this writing, we’ve gotten no official word from CBS that the entire cast is returning for Season 9, there’s been enough unofficial word from people  who should know the facts, that we can assume all the actors are on board for the new season.  Of course, without official word we can’t be 100% sure but all indications are leaning toward everyone returning for the new season.

With that in mind, let’s have a bit of speculative fun.  Here’s some of my thoughts on what I’d like to see happen in Season 9…. the 50th Anniversary year of Hawaii Five-0.  These are not in any specific order.  Just some random musings:

One Story Line:  If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you already know my feelings on multiple story line episodes.  You know how much I love episodes which revolve around only one story and includes the entire team working to solve it.  I know the odds of this happening more than once or twice a season, if we’re lucky, are slim but it’s still fun to think about.

If we can’t have a significant number of episodes with only one story, I hope the writers try to limit the multiple stories per episode to only two.  And, it would be wonderful if those two stories are somehow connected, that they dove-tail into each other and, therefore, end up giving us one story after all, but I know that’s probably asking a bit too much.  I’m not one of those who complains that multiple stories are too hard to follow.  I have no difficulty in following them what-so-ever.  It’s not a matter of confusion for me, just a matter of time.  With only 42 or so minutes per episode, it just doesn’t leave a lot of time to devote to three stories and they all end up feeling shortchanged.  That brings me to…….

Adam:  As of this writing, Adam is still a main character so, obviously, they need to find something for him to do.  While I adore Ian Anthony Dale, Adam’s story was boring last season.  It only got a bit interesting when Adam’s sister Noriko showed up.  But, one episode later, she washed up on that beach and Adam hightailed it out of Hawaii.  So, it inevitably seems this story will continue.

Not only will it continue, it was the Season 8 cliffhanger.  Not a very exciting cliff hanger but there is it.  It’s true that Adam wasn’t the most effective task force leader in the world but even he wouldn’t be stupid enough to kill someone, leave the gun and gloves he used in a kitchen drawer and then have a member of Five-0 come over to the house to water the plants.

Seems kind of obvious that Adam is being set-up but wouldn’t it be a real kick in the pants if he wasn’t?  What if he planted the gun and gloves himself in an attempt to make it look like he’s being set up and he really did kill Noriko?  That would be one hell of a twist even if it’s one I hope doesn’t happen because I have always liked Adam and, from the very beginning, have felt he is a really good guy.

My hope is that, wherever this story is going, it’s not going to be completely separate from the Five-0 team.  This works into my “please not more than one or, at the most, two stories per episode” wish.  Because when Adam is off on his own, it’s a guarantee that at least one story every episode is going to be completely separate from the team and that it’s probably the third story of that episode.

And what about Kono?  Is Adam going to come back to Hawaii alone, again?  Is the story going to be that Adam and Kono are still together but have decided it’s better to be apart because they both want to be in different places?  How is that together?  I guess, maybe, the writers are trying to keep the door open in case they get the chance to bring Kono back, even if only for one episode at some point in the future but for a couple who fought so hard to be together, who endured so much for their love, to now decide it’s ok to be apart just doesn’t make sense, especially now that it’s stretching into two years!

Tani and Junior:   Everyone knows I was not a huge fan of the original Five-O and had no intention of ever watching the reboot.  But, having loved LOST and DDK’s role in that show, I followed him over to CBS to check out the new Five-0 because of him.  I was worried that the loss of Chin (along with Abby and little Sara) would really diminish the show for me.  I was wrong.  I can honestly say, because of Junior Reigns, I do not miss Chin one iota.  As for Kono, the only time I miss her is when Adam is on screen because it still doesn’t feel right that he’s in Hawaii and Kono is not.

But other than that, nope…. I don’t miss them at all.  Tani and Junior are simply fantastic.  They have both breathed new life into our show, a “breath of fresh air” that most of us never even knew we needed.  And it’s not just my opinion, or even the opinion of just the fans, but of the other actors as well.  Every single actor on the show, when asked about the new additions, have expressed their joy at having them on set and the enthusiasm and vitality of youth they both bring to work every day.

And it plays extremely well on screen.  With Tani and Junior as “the kids”, it affords the opportunity for the elder statesmen on the team to mentor, teach and guide them as they grow into the job.  Of course, this is more for Tani’s benefit than it is for Junior’s.  As a Navy SEAL, Junior can hardly be considered a newbie even if Steve did insist he go to the Police Academy before getting his Five-0 badge.  Personally, I’ve always felt that was more a way to make sure Junior’s “battlefield” experiences could easily translate to the streets.  Junior has proved time and time again, Steve didn’t have to worry about that.

As for Tani…. she is smart and tough with a heart of gold.  She doesn’t take crap from anyone and her rapier wit is always on point.  She pairs fabulously with every member of the team and has spent individual time with them all.  Her interactions with Steve, Danny and especially Lou are priceless.  And then there is the wonderful friendship that has grown between she and Junior, which is totally adorable.  She is an extremely capable officer and she’s as kick ass as Kono ever was.  On a personal note, her relationship with her brother Koa is as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming.

It’s been a pleasure getting to know Tani and Junior and I can’t wait to learn even more.  We still don’t know the “long story” behind why Junior left the Navy at such an early age or what transpired in Afghanistan that had his ex-girlfriend saying she’d heard he was a hero.  As for Tani, we’ve met her brother, Koa, but we don’t know about the rest of her family or why she not only cheated on her final Academy exam but felt the need to punch out her training officer.  Yep… there’s still so much to mine from these two characters and their back stories.

One thing I am going to miss is Junior living with Steve.  I don’t know if we’ll get to see Steve helping Junior look for an apartment or if, the first time we see Junior outside the office, he’ll just be at his new place.  But I liked the idea of Junior being at Casa McG.  I’m going to miss seeing him around the house whenever anyone drops by.

Lou:  I’m not sure what I’m hoping for Lou.  I do wish we got to see Renee more.  I adore the relationship between Renee and Lou.  Their love is the kind they write about in story books.  The Lou centric episode last season with the suicidal man and the flashbacks to the most traumatic case of Lou’s Chicago career was incredible.  Chi is an amazing actor and any episode which gives him the opportunity to stretch his acting wings is sure to be a winner.

Just, please, for the love of God, no more Chicago stories revolving around Clay Maxwell.  Hopefully, once Lou found those tapes of Clay’s jailhouse confessions to the death row inmate, that meant they have everything they need to keep Clay behind bars for a million years and we can be done with that story forever.

Kamekona, Noelani and Duke:  The elevation of Dennis Chun, Taylor Wily and Kimee Balmilero to the main cast was a wonderful surprise for Season 8.  All have been beloved members of the Ohana for a long time.  Taylor Wily, for instance, as far back as the Pilot and Dennis Chun, early in Season 1.  It was wonderful to see all these great actors on our screens more often in Season 8 and it was about time they all got their names and faces in the opening credits.

The two episodes which were centered around Kamekona and Duke were fantastic highlights of the season.  It would have been nice if Noelani could have gotten a full episode devoted to her as well, but maybe we’ll get to see something for her in Season 9.

Duke’s story is one we are sure to see more of.  In the Season 8 finale, Lou commented that there was a hearing going on about Duke’s fate within HPD after he took the law into his own hands in order to try to save his granddaughter.  We’ve often seen the members of Five-0 in the courtroom giving support to one of their own.  You just know if the team hadn’t been dealing with a Russian submarine off Waikiki Beach, they’d have been there for Duke as well.  He is more than a colleague to them all, that’s for damn sure.

I hope HPD doesn’t come down too hard on Duke. I can’t bear the thought of him not being right there, by Five-0’s side on the streets.  Yeah, he broke the law but who on HPD would say they wouldn’t do the same under similar circumstances?  The belief in the concept of Ohana is something they all have in common.

There must be consequences, of course.  I don’t expect them to just let Duke walk away from what he did.   A formal reprimand for sure.  Maybe a suspension?  But, I sure hope they don’t kick him off the force.  He’d lose everything he’s spent his entire life working for.  That would be too much to bear.

Eddie:  And, of course, we can’t discuss the cast without including probably the best new addition to any TV show in years….. EDDIE!!!!  Eddie has done something I never thought anyone could ever do in the H50 fandom.  Everyone…. everyone…. loves him.  No fan wars over this guy.  What a refreshing development that is!!

From the moment we first saw Eddie it was impossible not to love him.  In his first few minutes on screen he went from happy enthusiasm to wake his friend/DEA handler for breakfast, to on-the-job pinpoint focus during the DEA raid, to fierce, angry determination to take down the guy who killed his friend, to heartbreaking pain when he, himself, gets shot.  Is it any wonder Steve’s heart went out to him the moment he laid eyes on him?  We’d already fallen in love before Steve even walked into that shipping container.

It’s no secret that Eddie is the most popular new member of the Five-0 team.  My wish for Season 9 would be to see even more of him.  I’d love it if Steve brought Eddie to the office with him every day.  Let’s face it, Five-0 never knows when a new case is going to drop into their laps or when Eddie might be needed on a case.  It seems silly for Steve to have to drive all the way home to pick up Eddie when he’s needed.  It would be much more efficient if Eddie was at the office every day, just like every other member of the team goes to work every day.  And it would also mean Eddie wouldn’t be stuck at home alone when both Steve and Junior are at work.

I know, it’s probably not feasible to have Eddie (the actor) on set as often as would be necessary to have Eddie in all the HQ scenes, but it’s fun to think about seeing him lying under the magic table while the team is in the field and Jerry is working the table.  Or to see Eddie running to the doors to greet Steve and the team when they come back from the field.

The Restaurant:  I really like this story and I’m so happy it’s going to continue into Season 9.  Well, let me clarify that a bit.  I’ve liked the idea of the restaurant from the moment Danny proposed it in Season 7 and I enjoyed it for the most part in Season 8.  Although I will admit the ongoing problems, the ineffectual attempts to get the place up and running and the constant negative comments made to Steve and Danny from pretty much everyone who heard about it did go on a bit too long.

I’m totally thrilled that Kamekona has come on board to help the guys get the place together.  Not only is it another way to get Kame on screen more (which is always a great thing in my book) it makes perfect sense.  Kame is an entrepreneur extraordinaire and the perfect person to put the guys on the right path to making their dream a reality.  I can’t tell you how much I want the “dream” Danny had when he was shot to come true.

But, what will the name be?  I, like many others, was thrilled when Kame had those T-shirts made for “McDanno’s Bar and Grill” and, of course, had to buy one of my own for my H50 T-shirt collection.  But, as much of a McDanno shipper as I am, I’m not sure that’s the right name for the restaurant.  Kinda sounds too much like McDonald’s or something to me.

But, if I had to choose between that and “Kamekona’s Italian Restaurant”, I’d go with “McDanno’s” for sure.  “Kamekona’s” just doesn’t flow right.  As I said in my 8.25 Season Finale review:

“I hope the writers don’t try to go there because there really isn’t any way the restaurant should bear Kame’s name.  Danny may hem and haw, rant and protest, but he ultimately understands the sentiment behind Steve’s request.  “…..because then, if we’re not together, we’ll still… you know… we’re still gonna…. we’ll be together still”.  Such a touching and heartfelt sentiment I can’t believe Danny would ever consider not honoring that request.  It’s a testament to their friendship.”  The restaurant really should be “Steve’s”.

Episode #200:  I’m so excited that our show is hitting this landmark in Season 9.  I keep thinking back to the 100th episode and how fantastic it was, and I just know Peter Lenkov and all the writers are putting their heads together and coming up with something that will be absolutely fantastic to celebrate this milestone.  I have no clue what it could be, but I do have one fervent wish.  I hope, whatever it is, at the end of the episode, the entire Ohana assembles to celebrate the grand opening of Danny and Steve’s restaurant.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate #200 then with a champagne toast at “Steve’s”!

Steve:   What do I want to see for Steve in Season 9?  Let’s see.  I wouldn’t mind if we got a bit more SEAL action.  It was such fun to see Steve and Junior in the 8.24 SEAL episode.  It was action packed and full of emotion and simply wonderful.  I know we can’t have that all the time, but it would be great if we could get another flashback to Steve as a SEAL.  As a matter of fact, any action-packed episode is awesome in my book.  With the fantastic stunt team H50 has, there’s no reason why we can’t have all kinds of action going on.  We do have two SEALs on the team now.  It would be wonderful to see them go all out more often.

I’d also like to see Lynn again.  We already know she and Steve are still together, but it would be so wonderful to see them together again.  Hey, I know, she should come to the grand opening of “Steve’s” in Episode #200, right? 😉  I know there’s a real-life issue of availability with Sarah Carter who’s happily at home with her new baby so it’s very possible we won’t be able to get her back.

If that’s the case and we can’t have Sarah/Lynn, I’d love it if Steve would run into an old girlfriend from his school days.  Junior’s only been home for less than a year and he’s already run into Layla, his ex-girlfriend and helped save his other high school friend Cammy.  Steve’s been home going on nine years and he’s never run into anyone from his school days.  So, I’d love for him to re-connect with someone from high school and see if it can develop into something more.  Ohhhhh and please let her be Hawaiian!  I don’t need to see her every episode, or even all that often.  Just let them meet again, let him mention her every so often, maybe see her a couple of times so we know it’s on.  Do I think there is even the remotest possibility this could happen?  Well… no.

What I don’t need is anymore health issues for Steve.  Yeah, I know, medical issues shouldn’t just be forgotten and written to mysteriously and magically disappear, but I really don’t need to see a sick Steve.  I know it’s not realistic but just like I don’t care that Steve is drinking beer after his liver transplant, I wouldn’t care if I never heard of radiation poisoning ever again.

Danny:  As far as relationships go, the same can be said for Danny as well as Steve.  Danny and Melissa have been going together now for going on five years.  It would be really great if we could see her again too or at least have Danny mention her every once in a while.  “Hey, you heading home, Danno?”  “Yeah, I’m picking up Melissa for dinner and a movie.”  See?  How hard is that?

But what I’d most like for Danny is a full time return to the seeing him as the fantastic detective we all know he is.  We’ve lost sight of the guy who had 87 homicide cases under his belt before he even came to Oahu.  I realize there are now six full time members of Five-0 (including Jerry) and the writers need to give lines to everyone, but I’d love to get back to Danny being the one who has the answers more often than not.  He’s too good to be relegated to standing next to Steve at the magic table and nodding at everyone else’s great ideas.

And I’m not talking about the five “Scott-less” episodes a season.  I fully understand those, and they’re not an issue with me.  I don’t even care when they don’t insert a line of dialog to explain why Danny isn’t there.  But what I do care about are the 20 episodes when Danny is there and the quality of that time.  I understand the logistics of Scott’s filming schedule, and that his screen time may be limited in certain episodes, but to me, that’s exactly when they should make the most of his presence.  Give him something awesome to do.  Let him be the one to take down the bad guy or come up with the solution that solves the entire case.  If it’s an episode where they only have him for 15 minutes out of 42, make those 15 minutes incredible!

McDanno:  Whether it’s carguments in the Camaro, beers on the beach behind Casa McG, throwing ideas around the Magic Table or working on the restaurant, these two are, have always been, and need to continue to be the cornerstone of this show.  The pillars that hold everything else up.  I loved the relationship between them in Season 8.  I know a lot of people complain that all they did was fight over the restaurant, but I don’t think that’s true.  I think they behaved exactly like any two close-knit guys would behave when faced with frustration, disagreements, and the massive stress of trying to start a new venture.  The only really heated fight they had was when their tools were stolen and even then, it was more frustration than real anger.

Long gone is the bitter, hateful sniping of a couple of seasons ago.  They have returned to the bantering of the earlier years and, for me at least, it’s something I’ll never grow tired of.  Seeing into Danny’s dreams, seeing that pretty much every thought he had as he was dying had Steve in it from operating a successful restaurant to growing old together was beautiful.  Their friendship, brotherhood and resolve to stick together is solid.

I hope more than anything we can keep this going into Season 9.  Regardless of how much time either character or actor is in an episode, when they are together, this is how they should always be.  This is the relationship that drew millions of viewers to the show from the very beginning and it’s still the relationship that keeps them coming back for more.  These two are simply perfection.

Guest stars:  H50 has, from the very beginning, always had fantastic guest stars, so fantastic in fact, many have becoming recurring characters. There are several I’d love to see again in Season 9.

The first one to top my list is Harry Langford.  I love that we got to see Harry twice in Season 8. His chemistry with absolutely everyone on screen is phenomenal but, of course, it’s his relationship with Steve and Danny that is 14 carat gold.  He not only is their equal with regard to their talent in crime solving but he also just… well, he gets them.  He and Steve are kindred spirits, with similar backgrounds and life experiences and as for Danny, Harry makes no secret of his fondness for him.  The three of them make a fantastic team and if we didn’t already have six members of Five-0, I’d think Harry could make a wonderful addition to the team.  As it is, I’ll be thrilled if we get him back for a least an episode or two in Season 9.

I miss Sang Min.  We haven’t seen him since close to the end of Season 7 and that’s too long in my book.  He’s our longest serving “bad guy” and while I know Will Yun Lee is busy with other projects these days, it would be wonderful if we could get him back, even if only for one episode.  Hey… there’s that #200 again…….

Someone else I miss terribly is Gracie.  I know she’s not really in this category, not really a “guest star” but we haven’t seen her is what seems like years.  The last time we saw her was in 7.20, a short scene at the end of the episode when Rachel told her and Charlie she and Stan were divorcing.  Danny’s mentioned her a couple of times since then, but we haven’t seen her.  I know Tailor Grubbs has moved away from Hawaii to LA so quick little scenes are much more difficult logistically but maybe they could write an entire episode that features Gracie to make the trip to Oahu worthwhile and we’d get the pleasure of seeing her again.

Others I’d like to see again:  Alicia Brown.  No I don’t want her to be part of Five-0 and .. no.. I don’t want her to be a love interest for Steve.  But she is good at what she does and it’s not unthinkable that Five-0 would be in need of her services once in a while.  Besides, weren’t those the terms of her probation anyway?

Odell Martin.  I’d love to see Odell in the court room again.  Now that Steve doesn’t have hair anymore 😉, we can’t count on Odell dropping by HQ to give Steve a quick cut so the fact that he’s now a practicing lawyer should come in handy.  Maybe a story where he’s not helping Five-0, but defending someone Five-0 thinks is guilty.  Having them on opposite sides of a case would be fun.

Gerald Hirsch.  Just because he’s so much damn fun!

Koa Rey.  I love the dynamic between Tani and Koa and I hate the idea that we won’t see him again.  I don’t want to see him go back to using or getting into trouble but maybe a case where he’s an asset to Five-0, an overdose victim he’d been trying help, for instance.  That could be an interesting episode.

Joe White.  8.24 was fantastic and watching Steve and Joe, along with Junior, fight their way out of that deadly situation was awesome.  There is still so much respect and affection between Steve and Joe, despite their difficulties.  There’s also still a lot of secrets only Joe knows, secrets Steve needs and has the right to know.  Steve’s entire life’s course was set in motion because of those secrets and he has the right to know about everything that happened.  There’s no one better than Joe to fill him in on everything, except perhaps for…..

Doris.  I do not like Doris.  I will never forgive her for what she did to John, Steve and Mary.  Her entire life is based on fabrications, secrets and lies.  I see no redeeming quality in her what-so-ever.  I have no doubt she loves her children but only as much as is convenient at any given moment.  She’s full of remorse for what she’s done, again, when it’s convenient and she needs something but then she falls back into her own world of cloak and dagger secrets.  It’s the only life she knows.

I don’t like Doris, but I love Christine Lahti and her scenes with Alex positively sizzle.  I really don’t want to see Doris lie to Steve again, or tell him, with perpetual tears in her eyes, how much she loves him or wanted to protect him.  But I would love to see Christine and Alex on screen together again.  A quick one and done would suffice.  Again, this might be a good story for #200.  Just like Steve finally got closure with WoFat in #100, perhaps it’s time for the same with Doris.  Oh… I’m not saying they need to kill her off, but Steve finally knowing everything, absolutely everything that transpired to make him who he is, and to hear it from Doris.. that would make one hell of a milestone episode.

You know the one I do NOT want to see:  This is probably another wish if mine that won’t happen.  I know, for some unfathomable reason, TPTB love Catherine and no amount of pleading from fans is going to stop them from keeping her in the show.  However, when Catherine left, again, she and Steve parted as friends.  Still good friends, willing to be there for each other when needed.  This I’m ok with.  They’ve known each other forever and were good friends from the very beginning.  Catherine’s choices make her totally undesirable and unacceptable as a wife but not as a friend.  If TPTB feel the need to bring her back for her obligatory one episode per season, having her call Five-0 for help, having Five-0 recruit her for a single international type case, or even if they just teleconference her onto the big screen for critical intel… I’m ok with that.  As much as I wish to never lay eyes on her again, like Doris, a one and done would be acceptable.

Finally, more creative control for Alex:  Eddie was his idea.  He got to direct an episode.  The fantastic story in 8.24 was his.  TPTB even allowed Alex to decide to cut Steve’s hair.  It’s plainly clear that Alex has wonderful ideas and, of course, he knows this show and his character as well as Peter and the writers do, maybe even better.  Alex’s story for 8.24 was incredible and I have no doubt he has many more wonderful ideas for stories that would give the show a new and different perspective that can only make it better.  I really hope we get to see much more of what Alex has offer behind the scenes as well as on our screens.

Well, that’s it.  HA!  That’s it?  This went on forever!  Well, it’s probably my only post from finale to premiere so what the hell?  Let’s hear your thoughts.  What do you want to see in Season 9?  What don’t you want to see in Season 9?  Do you agree with my ideas?  No… fantastic!  Let’s hear it all in the comments below.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer so far.  Filming for Season 9 should start in about a month so even if hiatus hell will last to the end of September, at least we should be getting some behind-the-scenes pictures relatively soon.  That’s always something to look forward to.

Hope you’re all well!  Aloha.  Malama Pono

No pictures with this one, folks!  Damn thing is long enough already! 😊😊



35 thoughts on “#H50 – Season 8 was a blast …. Time to look forward to Season 9!!

  1. Dan Gibson says:

    Incredible job, Linda … you summed up everything for us. YOU are our ROCK ! Me? I’m “suffering” from a little 5-0 withdrawal — but it would be much worse if there had been a real cliff-hanger at the end. I’m not exactly on the edge of my seat, waiting for Adam’s story to play out … after all — worst case scenario — what is the punishment for taking out one of Hawaii’s most vicious criminals ?? … EASY, I’m being facetious … 🙂

    Rather, I am hurting a bit over the end of the six-year run of THE AMERICANS… what a killer series. But this column is all about 5-0 … I’m sure that the 200th episode will be a huge one, and I am hoping for the return of the guest cast members, such as Frank Bama, Harry, and my hero Joe White. In the meantime, I will go back and enjoy my favorite episodes to date, including The Pilot, the Season 2 opener, the Pearl Harbor story (which I still contend was Emmy-worthy), and the 100th episode.

    My simple wish for Season 9 …. is that we get at least ONE Book-em-Danno (It’s been wayyyyyy too long …… !) Mahalo to ALLLLLL !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Dan! I totally forgot about Frank Bama. I’d love to see him again myself, but more than just dropping into HQ for half a minute. But, then again, that short visit did give is the opportunity to hear Steve play the guitar. What a fantastic treat that was!!

      I actually agree with you about cliffhangers. It’s torture when a finale has a “will he or won’t he die” or “will she or won’t she be back” ending. Even though Adam’s story isn’t the most fascinating in the world, at least I’m not losing sleep over who may die before September rolls around!


  2. Yes, I agree with everything you said. My favorite episode is when the whole team is working together on one case. And you see all of them about the same amount of time. And of course I love when Steve and Danny are together a lot. The summers are hard for me because the weather here in Minnesota is beautiful but I miss my show. But then again, I hate to wish my summer away for the freezing cold temperatures that winter brings but I love seeing my show on Friday nights. I can’t wait to see them all back this fall. By that time, I will be more than ready to see them again. Well, I hope you all enjoy your summer and see you back here in the fall.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha…. I know exactly how you feel. While Philadelphia winter weather isn’t quite as brutal as Minnesota, I long for the hot, sunny weather of summer. Then Hawaii Five-0 came along. The only thing that could ever have me wishing my summers away!


  3. Carole says:

    Who said the line “Great minds think alike……” i’ve been thinking up my own wish list and that thought came to me because so much of what you wrote here is exactly what I was thinking. My list went like this:(yes I had it all written dow)
    More Steve & Danny- mandatory in every epi
    More BAMF Danny
    Steve let his hair grown a teenie bit please
    More Harry (3 definately not a crowd in this case)
    Steve be healthy
    Danny be REALLY involved in the episodes he’s in
    Lots of Eddie
    Steve & Nehale – develope story
    Grace gets her DL (driving lessons gotta go there please)
    Make 200th the restaurant opening –
    Danny work with Tani ( ‘cos they click in RL)
    More Lou one liners
    Don’t want’s:
    restaurant named kamakona
    Adam off working alone
    Anything about Cath
    So that’s what I have so far……….
    And I did get caught up though watching on my tablet wasn’t the best. I’m looking forward to the DVD or reruns for those last few…..


    • That’s a fantastic list. I forgot about Nahele. Yes… I would love to see more of him as well. Uncle Steve giving Gracie driving lessons would be incredible! Danny would be out of his mind. ROFL


      • Carole says:

        Oops- forgot Junior’s back story, Steve playing guitar for Danny & a fan fiction reminded me about that box Leonard gave Steve……so many possibilities with that!


        • It’s funny I’ve never understood the obsession some people seem to have with that box. We already know what’s in it. The gun Gino Leone used in a murder that the Feds believed but couldn’t prove Leonard destroyed. It’s not hard to imagine what happened to it. After Leonard died, Steve sent it to the DA in New York. End of story and wonderful fodder for countless Fan Fiction stories! LOL


  4. rhondagemini says:

    Great recap of the season and everything you want for season 9 is what I want as well, especially Doris finally giving Steve the answers he wants and deserves. Maybe that could be the storyline for ep #200-who knows? Definitely want to see more of Eddie-that dog is so adorable! Will be interested to see how Adam’s situation plays out and for once, we know that no one’s life is in jeopardy! Looking forward to season 9 already!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Eddie will be back for sure. More of McGrover as they do not argue a lot as McDanno does.
    And for once please, let Danny drive his own car. As Danny does not ask for anything in return. As really he puts up with Steve who is not a normal so called cop. But then again he would rather have his friendship than arguing over a car.
    Missed Lou a lot as he was faded to make room for Junior and Tani. As really thought missing Kono and Chin would be bad. But those two have more than made up for it. Tani has done more than Kono in her seven seasons. Junior is like a mini Steve.
    Lou is the second in command of Five 0 IMHO and acts like a father hen.
    Adam do not know what to do with him. As hope he is being set up. Or he could be the big bad.
    Over on Duke, Cammi, and Kameonka however you spell the two’s names. Really glad Duke got promoted. And hope he does not get fired. He and Lou are my favorites after Chin left.
    It was great but the restaurant episode really kind of ruined it for me. Just my two cents! God bless and happy summer.


  6. What you said. I have noticed Scott wasn’t emtionally (sp) involoved when he was his scenes toward the end of the season. What I want is when he isn’t there have just one scene flime in CA and insert it into the episode. I want Danny to be there when Steve runs after somoneone and Danny stops the person. Remember the woman he hit with the sail boat sail pole. Where was he in that last fight scene. Any way, at least I still have H50 and AR, fox canceled Lucifer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree Robin. Like I said… I fully understand the difficulties Scott’s schedule probably poses for the writers but when Danny IS there, I wish they’d give him awesome stuff to do. I know it can’t be like it was in the beginning when Alex and Scott, as Alex put it, did “all the heavy lifting”. Well, Alex still seems to do a ton of heavy lifting but, while they’ll give Scott a BAMF Danny scene on occasion, it’s not nearly enough. Danny is a fantastic detective and he’s Five-0’s second in command, no matter how much some people like to deny that.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. AlexOloughlinlover says:

    Your blog is amazing as always and I look forward to seeing Alex on my tv screen for season 9 he has always been my favorite from the very beginning.What about bringing Mcgarrett’s sister back for season 9 and I love Joe White.More McDanno would be nice. Doris and Catherine I hate to say it but they have both lied to Steve time and time again. I miss Kono and Chin they were part of the core 4 Junior and Tani are starting to grow on me Mcgarrett can be a father figure to both of them because he has such a big beautiful heart for his Ohana. More SuperSeal action with Steve and Junior they both share the same Navy Seal background so more flashbacks would be great and hey Steve looks hot in camo. I wished Mcgarrett would bring back those white pants back that he wore in season 3 they fit in all the right places.Oh and did I say that Alex is so amazing I love his directing and story by credit I hope there is more of that too. Alex fan now and forever.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Helma Gerth says:

    Hi Linda, almost all the thoughts I had you have put on paper already.
    Would also like to see Gracie, Charlie, Nahele & Mary too, even if it is in a few occasions.
    Hoping for another great season, and some more stories & directing from Alex 😉
    Personally I am not crazy about the restaurant, but since it’s become a great part of this show I realize that this part will continue throughout the new season !!! So be it.
    Looking forward to another great season from my most favourite show !!! Will be re watching previous seasons to “survive” hiatus 😉😉😉
    Mahalo and aloha from a dutch fan 🤗⛱🌞

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Brooklyngirl says:

    What do I want from s9? Everything. Except Catherine, even if they’re friends, she wore out her her welcome years ago. Lying does that. And Doris, why can’t we can go on pretending Mommy Dearest is still dead. Like Catherine she lies and has never given Steve the answers he deserves. And Alicia who is way to unstable and has a penchant for getting Steve really hurt (stabbed, drowned). Time to ditch the 3 of them for good. Forever.

    I would love to see a multi-story arc with Lynn especially since her background of working with troubled youths would mesh wonderfully with what the team does. I’m happy they’re “taking it slow” but am really hoping that Sarah would be amenable to a trip to HI (w/baby and hubs) so we can learn what she really does. Besides she and Alex are fantastic together!

    I agree with everything you wrote and what the others have said as well. Especially the more creative control for Alex, writing and directing (it’s a good way for him to keep/stay heathy). I’m not big into the Adam story but would love it if Kono would come back (wishful thinking maybe) to help close out the storyline and be done with it. Poor Adam just can’t seem to catch a break. I would love for James Caan to make a reappearance as well as Sean Combs (so we can see little Kevin (who’s not so little anymore) again! McDanno, learning more about the kids, 1 – occasionally 2 -storylines per week, I can keep going but won’t.

    I keep wondering what they’re going to do for the 200th. The 100th was fantastic, and while the 150th was no better than any other ordinary, weekly episode, I’m hoping they’ll pull out all the stops for the 200th!

    If season 9 turns out be the last season I would love the ending to be the opening of “Steve’s” with all the Ohana present and fade to black. A very fitting end to a very excellent show.

    I’m suffering from H50 withdrawal and it’s not pretty! Filming will start again in a few week and hopefully the drought will be over!! Just hope I can last that long!

    Thanks for this and hope everyone is enjoying their summer (even though it’s not officially begun yet!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I agree with you with regard to Catherine and Doris. But it seems, especially where Catherine is concerned, TPTB just can’t let it go. It’s only because of their unwillingness to just cut and run as far as possible that I say I could live with a one and done. And if I’m forced to have to see her again, I can live with it being a “just friends” scenario. But, like you, if I never see her again, it would be too soon for me.

      Now Alicia. I kind of like her. I agree, she came off as pretty unstable when we first met her but I’ve always felt it was somewhat justified. I don’t know how stable I would be if I thought my child was dead and worse, that it was my fault. And, yeah, she was stupidly head strong to head out and try to tackle things alone but when I think about it, it’s not as if Steve hasn’t done the exact same thing numerous times. How many times has Danny had to go pull Steve’s butt out of trouble? I know this is one we’ve never agreed on but that’s ok. The debate has always been fun. ♥

      Liked by 2 people

      • Brooklyngirl says:

        I know you like Alicia! I feel the difference between, as you say, Danny saving Steve’s butt, and Alicia is that when Steve does something it’s 99.9% for the good of someone else that backfires because of who he’s helping and their stupidity. Saving Alicia, helping Jenna, helping Catherine. Whereas Alicia just reacts without thinking. Overly stupid and very, very dangerous. You’re a supposed trained professional, taught to think w/your head not heart. Nuf, said. Let the debate continue. 😉😉

        Liked by 2 people

  10. Everything you said stated this season perfectly. At first, I was hesitant about the restaurant because I didn’t see how they could run a restaurant and have fulltime jobs. I initially wanted them to decide that they preferred working together building things and deciding to flip houses or buildings on the side. After I realized the restaurant was going to be an ongoing thing I thought it would be perfect if Kamekona helped them. I also wanted them to use Adam’s business expertise on the restaurant to incorporate him into the show instead of the mob angled storyline.

    I love McDanno moments. There is never a dull moment between the two and the bickering is much less ugly than the previous seasons. I enjoy those two. I would like to see a little less McDanno comedy relief and a few more serious moments, but I’ll take what I can get. I was reading a post by Shemar Moore from SWAT. He was congratulating his cousin for something and made a point of talking about all they’ve been through together. He said we fight and laugh all the time and told him he loved him. That pretty much sums up McDanno. McGrover is nice and it gives us the serious side of the team. I suppose if there was no McDanno we’d probably be listening to Steve and Grover argue. What people don’t seem to get is that before McDanno we had The Odd Couple, Grumpy Old Men, Starsky and Hutch, and Lethal Weapon. Arguing is a typical thing for two opinionated people that disagree and want to be heard. It’s not new to real life, movies, or television.

    I love McLynn and their easygoing relationship. I love that she is in a different line of work and provides a calm environment opposite of what he does during the day. I like Sarah Carter, but I do realize that she might be too busy with her little one so we might not see her. I know that relationships are touchy with fandom so I can live with next season being much like this past season. You can’t tell me that there is not an old high school friend, maybe divorced or widowed that he once had a crush on available. They must have more local talent in Hawaii that they could use. I like Melissa/Amber, but I know Lily Simmons is young and in demand. It would be nice to see Danny in a relationship with someone like that Gabby (I think she was an archeologist). Right now, Grover and Renee are the best relationship on the show. I like how they balance each other out. When she needs to be strong and tough she can be. I loved the Valentine’s episode when Grover landed in the doghouse as well as the one when he came home defeated about Clay (please let anything involving him be over). At least everyone seems to agree with McEddie. I love that dog. He’s perfect on the show and I want to see more of him.

    I was a little disappointed in how much I didn’t miss Kono and Chin in the first episode or any other. I love the “kids” and I like that they add a freshness to the show. I like the mentoring aspect and the I do laugh when the tenured staff mentions things that the newbies are too young to know about or remember. I guess after reading one of the last posts, I don’t have to see Alicia, Catherine, and maybe even Doris again. Catherine has come back so much it’s not even exciting for those that like Catherine and not McRoll. The novelty has worn off. I was happy that Joe was coming back, but after the way it ended and with how little time he was in the episode I don’t really need to see him anymore. I don’t think they will ever fully explore everything that’s gone on in the past and I believe in moving forward so it would be okay with me to never see any of the old recurring cast. I’ll end here because I know this is way too long. I have to say I do love how positive your posts are, Linda!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for the wonderful post Denee. That has always been the purpose of this blog. Not to pretend everything is perfect because, obviously, no show is perfect. To discuss what we think could be better, of course, but to concentrate on what is good because, even if there are things that we don’t care for, there is a TON of good with this show. My purpose from the beginning was always to shine more focus on all that is good.

      Yeah… it was kind of inevitable that Kamekona would end up being part of the restaurant venture because it was always a sure bet the guys would not be able to do it alone. I’m glad he’s involved because, damn is that man great at business. But, please, I hope they don’t name it Kamekona’s.

      You are also sooooo right that the trope of “grumpy” partners is not anything new. It’s goes back to the beginning of time with regard to TV and movies. There was a huge hit way back in the 1940’s on radio called “The Bickerson’s”. People took to calling the show’s married couple the “battling Bickerson’s” because they spent nearly all their time together in a relentless verbal war. The example you gave of “The Odd Couple”, “Lethal Weapon”, etc. are more wonderful examples.

      I guess those who constantly complain have never experienced either being a part of such a relationship or witnessing one in their lives. I guess they also have never liked the “buddy” movie or TV shows like those you mentioned. Because if they liked those movies/TV shows but don’t like it here, I can only conclude it’s their hatred for 1/2 of the couple that fuels their complaints about the relationship.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. So many great thoughts and suggestions here! Loved reading them all.

    We always agree on the multiple story line issue, Linda!. Same reasons—and I don’t get confused either. I simply don’t like getting involved in a story and then have it yanked away from me constantly to focus on a completely different story line. It’s like picking up a book, reading a few pages and then putting it down to read a few pages of another book. They might both be good books but don’t take me away from the one I like the best. Multiple story lines decrease precious airtime time for each one, which ends up diluting all of them in the long run. I want better than 2-3 thinly spread stories. Maybe the more we keep saying it, the more likely we will be heard. lol

    Steve: I want our fearless leader to experience a spontaneous cure for that darn radiation poisoning. Or find out that the diagnosis wasn’t entirely correct. Just do something to put him back in good health. I don’t know why they felt the need to do something so dire to him when the man already lost his liver! Radiation poisoning was so drastic and just not fair. Oh, and Eddie coming to the office with him sounds like a great idea!

    Danny: We may not have Scott for every episode but his character doesn’t EVER need to take a back seat in the ones that he IS in. Again, we totally agree. He is Steve’s partner and I don’t want to see him trailing behind everyone else (literally and figuratively). And I’d be happy if I never heard the word “curmudgeon” used to describe him ever again. Wait until he and Steve are old men sitting on the beach chairs and it might be okay but not now. Can certainly use more BAMF Danny–that’s why the too short but awesome fight scene in 8.23 was so well received!

    Tani and Junior: They now have a year under their belt as part of the H50 team. But they’re still the new kids with a lot to learn, both professionally and about their teammates. I’d like to see them find out more about how H50 was created and what Steve and Danny have gone through over the last 8 years. They’ve got to wonder about this close bond that these two guys have and how it was forged. Need Tani/Danny story.

    Lou: I think Lou is fine as he is. But it’d be nice to see Renee for sure—the two of them are something else.

    Adam: I’m just not crazy about what they did with his character this past season. It didn’t feel like his being back on the island was fully thought out and developed. At this point, I’d prefer him to go back and join Kono, whatever the circumstances. Those break-off scenes with him just didn’t feel right.

    Catherine: No. Just no. Been there, done that so many times it’s ridiculous. I’m fine that they salvaged their friendship so Steve doesn’t have to carry that but, honestly, I have no need to see her when there are so many other interesting characters available.

    Doris: Another solid no. I wish they’d handled that whole situation differently. I’m not sure how exactly but it was such a heavy, emotional story line and I never felt like Doris was that sorry for what she put Steve and Mary through all those years. All of that still feels really unresolved, not helped by the show turning her into super-spy mom who doesn’t have a place in her son’s life.

    Alicia: So-so. I’d be okay with her as a consultant but not involved in any of the action. That’s really what a consultant does anyway.

    Lynn: Totally cool with Lynn.

    Grace: It’d be nice to see her again, especially since it’s been so long. I think your suggestion of an ep that is centered on her makes total sense. Hmm, what about a story where she and Wil have to find a way to help their dads out of a dangerous situation?

    I like Carol’s want and don’t want list. Lol!

    I like Denee’s suggestion about Gabby. While I like Amber, she and Danny have been together quite a while now and I wonder if Amber might really want more (or less?). We all know Danny is a great dad but would he want to get married at this point and have more children with Amber? After all, he said the word “retirement.” Lol But I liked Gabby and maybe she’s ready to come back home. They could realize that they did have something and maybe give it another shot. Who knows?

    Steve and Danny: I want more eps where Steve and Danny are working and/or socializing together. I also love the times they went undercover together (I can think of three eps right now). You can tell that they have fun with those kinds of scenes. Sure, H50 is more high profile now but people new to the islands or ones who haven’t done their homework have no clue so what the heck? Or they can do another crossover with NCIS:LA and pull an undercover act that way.

    In the end, I guess it comes back to really wanting more stories where Steve and Danny (their partnership and their friendship) are at the center of H50–where they belong.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yay! So happy you made it over here to post! GREAT comments, by the way! ♥♥
      We’re pretty much on the same page… .what a surprise! LOL

      I would love it if Gabby came back. I always loved her and Danny together. They just always seemed to click. Of course, I really like Melissa but, like Sarah’s Lynn, the logistics of her being on screen are difficult to work out. I’m pretty sure the same can be said for Gabby. Autumn Reeser is currently filming Salvation (coincidentally with Ian Anthony Dale) in Vancouver and if you look at her IMDb page, she seems to be constantly working. Hard to nail down the actresses who are in demand all the time. It’s another reason why Christine Lahti’s Doris isn’t seen more too. Not that I want to see Doris more! LOL

      I guess the consensus among pretty much everyone, or at least everyone with taste, is that the main thing this show needs in Season 9 is what it’s had all along. Steve and Danny and more Steve and Danny. They were the building blocks at the beginning are now the rock solid foundation of the entire enterprise. BAMF Steve with BAMF Danny by his side. Goofs hanging out on the beach. Carguments in the Camaro. Steve’s relationship with Danny’s kids. Mentoring the Five-0 “kids”. Just BEING Steve and Danny!

      Liked by 1 person

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