#H50 Review: 8.20 He Lokomaika’i Ka Manu O Kaiona (Kind Is The Bird of Kaiona)

YAWN!!!:  Once upon a time, writers sat down to plan out a story for the latest episode of their TV show.  The outline began only with the words, “Catherine Rollins comes back to Hawaii”.

Mindful of the polarizing effects brought on by this character, they tried to think of the best way to minimize the damage.  “How do we make her bad ass so those who love her will be happy, while at the same time, satisfy those who do not like her and wish she wouldn’t come back, while at the same time keep that door open, while not pissing off those who don’t want that door open?”

The best way to tackle this daunting task, they allegedly thought, would be to make the story as noncommittal as they possibly could in an attempt to please everyone.  And that’s exactly what this story did, it made the attempt by giving lip service to every fan and non-fan of this character and it consequently made the story boring as hell.

Honestly, this story was such a total waste of time.  I feel bad for writers Rob Hanning and Sean O’Reilly for getting stuck with this stinker because I usually really like their stories.  But this one was doomed from the start, and it’s a testament to their great abilities as writers that they were able to make it better than I ever expected it could be.  Well, I guess that comes from having extremely low expectations to begin with.

Other than the fact that we had to have our obligatory (and incomprehensible) once a year Catherine appearance, what was her purpose in this story?  It could have been anyone.  Any old SEAL friend of Steve’s or a random CIA agent, or even Doris, for that matter, who showed up with intel then tagged along to work the case.  There was absolutely no reason for her to be there.

Catherine is a highly qualified operative.  She wouldn’t have been recruited by the CIA in the first place if she wasn’t.  She had a long, successful Naval career.  She was Five-0.  There is no question that she is extremely good at what she does.  And, she’s working in a field that is predominantly filled with men.  She’d have to be tough as nails to work in those situations.  So, her barking orders like a military general, slamming other agents against walls and putting them in choke holds isn’t really all that unrealistic.  Was it overkill in the attempt to make her look totally bad ass to appease her fans?  Probably.  Is she obviously great at her job?  Definitely!  So why don’t they just let her do her job in AnywhereonEarthistan and stay away from Hawaii?

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I’ll give kudos to Hanning and O’Reilly for sparing us the “Steve opens the door with a look of shock and surprise on his face as he comes face to face with Catherine” scene.  Been there… done that, twice, thank you very much.  Having her just be in HQ giving exposition was good enough.  More kudos to the writers for having Lou say the exact thing we were all thinking.  “What is she doing here?”.  I’ve watched the episode twice now and I still don’t know.  I adored the way Lou was giving her the side eye and an accusatory smirk the entire time.  He knows how she hurt his boy!  He wasn’t falling for her crap about “catching up”.  I was so happy Steve wasn’t falling for it either.

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She looked so smug when she saw that the artifact she found was Hawaiian.  It was almost like she was looking for a reason to go back to Hawaii and here, her “high value target” conveniently laid a reason right at her feet.  She had an agenda in going back there and there was more to it than just finding dirty bombs.

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The look on her face when she saw that artifact and when she mentioned catching up, spoke of more than going to Haleiwa Joe’s for a drink and conversation about old times.  Steve knew it too.

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And what was that totally awkward, nauseatingly coy conversation in the jungle?  First off, there was only one reason Catherine brought up Tani.  Because it would have looked extremely obvious if she asked about the only topic she really had on her mind right off the bat.  So we have to have a few moments of insincere Tani flattery to ease her way into talking about Lynn.  And, please…. Tani is nothing like Catherine.  Just another fan service paragraph written into the script so McRolls can hyperventilate “he likes her….. he really likes her”..

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“So, how’s…. Lynn??”.  She knows exactly who Lynn is and don’t tell me she wasn’t hoping he’d say they weren’t together anymore. I cheered for joy when Steve said he and Lynn are still a couple, even if it is still casual.  Who could blame him (or Lynn for that matter, considering she knows what happened) for taking their time?  Being repeatedly burned will do that to a person.  Then after telling him her line of work makes it hard to see people, she makes sure he knows she’s “dating” someone.  Yeah, ok.  “You’re still with Lynn so I better make it look like I’m in demand too.”  Please….

Up to this point, I was at least being minutely entertained by this story.  Laughing at her over the top bad ass behavior, Lou and Steve’s antics in HQ “talking” behind her back and that ridiculous high-five convo in the jungle had my eyes rolling so much it was making me dizzy.  They were both so desperate to appear cool and nonchalant they succeeded in doing nothing but look ridiculously adolescent.  As I saw someone on Twitter say last night, they tried too hard to make it look casual and all it did was look forced and fake.

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The best part was the two of them, finally admitting, that being together as a couple was a mistake they never should have made.  That sleeping together ruined their friendship by attempting to make it something it was never intended to be.  That now they were happy they could go back to just being really good friends, like they were before they messed it up.  This was the best part for me because I never want to see these two in a relationship again.

But, I have to say I don’t buy that bilge anymore than either of them does.  Sleeping together didn’t ruin their friendship.  They were sleeping together long before Steve ever returned to Hawaii.  All of Season 1 and 2 and particularly in Season 3, their friendship worked, their relationship worked. They were cute together and they were both happy in their lives together.  To say now that it all was a mistake is a cop-out.  No, I don’t want them together anymore but that has more to do with what happened after Afghanistan and in the last three years, not because I think they were a mistake all along.  If things hadn’t changed, if they’d gone on the way they were in Season 3, I would have had no problem with them being together forever.

That’s why the next scene made my blood boil.  Again, proving that she had an agenda long before they ever set out, she chose the most inopportune moment to corner Steve about his almost proposal.  This was obviously something she’s had on her mind for over a year.  “Were you really going to propose, or did you just buy that ring in the event that you decided to propose?”  What the hell is that supposed to mean?  Oh sure, guys just go out and drop thousands of dollars on a diamond engagement ring for no other reason but to keep it on hand just in case they might need it someday!

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Again, more fan service dialog.  This is the asinine crap Catherine lovers delight in spewing.  It’s all Steve’s fault because he waited too long.  I call total bullshit.  When was the first, last or anytime in between where she gave any indication that she wasn’t perfectly fine with their relationship just the way it was?  When did she ever give any indication that she wanted or expected more?  He waited too long? She seemed perfectly content with things just the way they were.

For years neither one was willing to put a label on their relationship.  They both went out of their way not to categorize it as a “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship.  They had “a thing” and both were perfectly content to keep it that way.  Correct me if I’m wrong but neither one felt the need to say “I love you” to the other until they were thousands of miles apart.  How dare she suggest them not being together is only his doing.

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She’s the one who left and stayed away for over a year.  She’s the one who told him not to wait for her and he waited anyway.  He didn’t move on and he was happy and excited when she finally did come back, promising him she’d stay.  And in those weeks that she was there, all the while telling him she was back to stay and finally making it look like she was ready for true commitment, he went out and bought that ring, determined to propose.

And what did she do?   She left again. She told him she was there to stay.  She gave every indication by her seemingly loving behavior that she was ready to stay.  He, unfortunately,  believed her charade, and was excited to ask her to marry him.

It doesn’t matter that she didn’t know he was going to propose because, seriously, how many guys, trying to make a perfect proposal, tell their intended what they are about to do?  “Oh.. just so you know, just in case you’re thinking about bolting again, I’ve got a ring and I’m going to propose to you as soon as I find the perfect setting and time.  Try to act surprised when it happens, ok.”  How dare she accept zero responsibility for her part in it all.

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After yet another absurd scene, this time in order to get them something to drink, because, of course, Steve McGarrett, trained Navy SEAL, needed her to scale a coconut tree (oh my, what would we ever do without her?!?!? 🙄 ) the story mercifully fizzled out.

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They find the bunker, kill one terrorist in a shoot out where the CIA Operative couldn’t hit the side of a barn, until… of course… she shoots a bad guy at point blank range to save Steve 🙄 🙄, while the other terrorist gets away, only to stumble while running and blowing himself up with one of the dirty bombs he was carrying.

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They find a cell phone left behind in the bunker and conveniently, it has all the intel Catherine needs to bring down her high value target.  All wrapped up in a neat little bow.  A boring story that did nothing but provide an opportunity for unnecessary, inane fan service conversation between Steve and Catherine.  When Lou asks Steve back in HQ after it’s over “so..was it nice to “catch up?”, the look on Steve’s face was priceless.  As always, Alex and his pages of dialog with only a look. “Yeah, it was nice” but don’t worry my friend.  I’m not falling for that again.

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So, now they’re friends.  Now they can commiserate over who they are dating and tease each other about their abilities and joke about who buys dinner.  Isn’t that sweet? 🙄  Yeah, ok, whatever.  It’s fine.  Two adults who decide to remain friends after a break up.  I can deal with that, especially if I only have to deal with it once a year.

Indiana Jerry:  Jerry was the only thing that made this story fun.  I loved the “Raiders” references.  Steve calling Jerry “Dr. Jones” was perfect as was the homage to all the movies with Jerry having to deal with spiders in the bunker.  I’m still itchy!  Even the music while Jerry was in that bunker was perfect. Pure “Raiders”!

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I found it hysterical that part of Catherine’s logic about bringing the OP to Five-0 was because “no one knows this island” meaning Oahu, like Steve.  Then it turns out the place they need to explore is the island of Kahoʻolawe, where Steve has never even been.  Leave it to Jerry to con his way into going along just so he can try to find the burial site of King Kamehameha.  It was really great to have Jerry tagging along though.  His comic relief is always a joy to have around and having him there cut down the Steve and Catherine alone time, which was a huge bonus.

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I can’t help but feel bad for Jerry when the artifacts he finds in the bunker all turn out to be fake, but I’m happy the writers didn’t actually have them find the burial site.  I don’t know much about it, but I do know it’s been centuries that people have been searching for King Kamehameha grave.  It just wouldn’t have seemed right to have it all of a sudden just stumbled upon for a TV story.

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The stars of the show:  The absolute best part of this episode was Junior and Eddie.  What a fantastic find TPTB pulled off when they hired Beulah to play Junior.  He is remarkable.  His timing is perfect whether the material is exposition, action, or in this case, slightly comedic and dramatic.

I loved every scene Junior was in.  The scene at Casa McG between Tani and Junior and, of course, Eddie was really funny.  Junior trying to act all cool munching on a Snickerpoodle, much to Eddie’s chagrin, and making himself sick.

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It was also really sweet of Tani to try to give Junior some moral support over whether he’s going to go to his father’s birthday lunch. These two have developed such a sweet friendship.  I don’t even care if it goes any further, because right now, they are great just the way they are.

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It’s so cool how Junior and Eddie have taken to each other as much as Eddie has taken to Steve.  I like how, when Steve is away, Junior takes on the responsibility for Eddie and includes him in his day and his workouts.  The scenery in the Kuliʻouʻou Valley where they went running is simply breathtaking and Junior is making sure to keep himself busy running rather than face the idea of attending his father’s birthday.

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Unfortunately, it only takes a bit of distraction for an accident to happen and Junior finds himself at the bottom of a deep ravine, badly injured and with no way to climb out.  It was so touching to see how badly Eddie wanted to climb down that hole to Junior’s side, so much so that Junior had to resort to throwing rocks in Eddie’s direction to dissuade him so he wouldn’t fall in and get hurt too.  Being the great dog he is, Eddie immediately takes off to find help.

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You’ll notice, Eddie doesn’t run back to Casa McG.  He knows no one is there.  I have no idea how far the Valley is from HQ but Eddie was smart enough to know that’s where he needs to go.  Tani is instantly worried about Junior when Eddie shows up at HQ and sets out to look for him.

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And I was so happy that I got my “Lassie” reference, courtesy of Tani even if it wasn’t exactly how I’d hoped.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman

Beulah was awesome as Junior kills time by playing video games on his phone (he’s playing Poopie Penguin, the game Toast invented.  A nice shout out to our dearly departed friend.  And thank you to @SurfBelle2 and @alohaspaceman for the find) and taking selfies in an attempt to keep his spirits up until, hopefully, help arrives.  It’s when he’s going through his phone looking at pictures of his SEAL buddies and selfies he’s taken with Tani that he pulls up a picture of a beautiful young woman.

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This part of the story was simply brilliant and extremely touching.  We finally got more depth into Junior’s story.  The beautiful young woman, Junior’s best friend, his sister who was killed (we don’t find out how) leaving Junior lost and heartbroken.  Listening to a voice mail he’s long saved, how she calls him “Juns” just like Tani does, the love in her voice was wrenching as was the voice mail from his mother, obviously distraught over whatever just happened that cost her daughter her life.

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He’s also heartbroken when the one person he’s always looked up to and wanted to emulate and make proud, his father, turned his back on Junior’s dream to join the military and serve his country.  It’s not hard to understand a grieving father not wanting to risk losing another child but it’s also not hard to understand Junior being crushed when his hero didn’t support his dream.

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Listening to Junior recording a voice message to his father, possibly thinking this was his last chance to tell his father all the things he needed to say, absolutely broke my heart.  Having the battery run out on the phone before he could finish was heart wrenching.  Possibly his last chance to ever speak to his father denied by a dead battery.  Beulah was incredible throughout the entire episode.

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My only complaint about this story is that there wasn’t enough of it.  It would have been so much better if they would have cut out some of the boring Catherine story and devoted it to this one.  It would have been nice to see Junior’s sister in a flashback, or see the scene of his father flinching at the idea of Junior in the military.  After all, Junior is a member of Five-0, a permanent member of the team and someone we should know more about.  He, unlike Catherine, is here to stay.

Adam:  This third story of the episode didn’t amount to much until the end.  Adam is understandably heartbroken and blaming himself over Jesse’s murder and has come to the conclusion we all came to weeks ago and wants out of the task force.  Steve tries to reason with him, telling him it was Jesse’s poor choices that caused her death and not anything Adam did, but he’s done.  He wants out.  Thank God, that task force story is over.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who was thinking that.

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But then something unexpected happened.  Adam goes back to the old Yakuza “banker” and asks him to provide Adam with an alibi.  What the hell are you up to Adam, that you need an alibi?

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As the entire team gathers at Kamekona’s shrimp truck to celebrate the conclusion of Catherine’s OP and Junior’s rescue, we find out the possible reason.  A body has washed up on a beach, Duke informs Steve by phone, and not only that, but it’s none other than Noriko, Adam’s half-sister.

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Oh Adam… what have you done?  Was it revenge for Jesse?  Or for FBI Agent Douglas Fischer, his wife and their beautiful six-year-old daughter?  For stealing the money?  For threatening Kono, Chin, Abby and Sarah?  Are we 100% sure Adam actually did anything at all? Is it a red herring?

I’ve always said that I believe that Adam has always been a good guy.  Is it possible that after all these years of trying to be a good guy, of trying to not be what everyone expects of a Noshimuri, he’s decided to embrace it?  Trying to be the good guy hasn’t actually worked out too well for him.  Maybe he’s ready to see what being a bad guy can do for him.  Maybe he just wanted to send a message to whoever else is out there, Yakuza or other crime organizations.  Do not threaten my family!  I have no idea where this is going but finally…. finally this story has gotten interesting.

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So, there you have it.  There is so much more I could have touched on in this episode, but I figured I should just stop before this became a novel.  Please, as always, feel free to agree, disagree, vent and add anything you feel I missed or you want to discuss in the comments below.

This episode was pretty forgettable for obvious reasons, but it is Five-0 and, as always, no matter how much I might dislike something, there is always something else in the episode to love.  Indiana Jerry, Adam’s cliffhanger, Lou’s faces, Eddie and, of course, Junior still made this episode an enjoyable one.  I don’t know if I’ll ever watch it again, but if I do, I’ll thank the heavens for the fast-forward button on the remote.

Have a great week my friends.  Harry Lankford returns to Hawaii next week.  Happily, a returning character that actually adds something to the episodes he’s in!  That one should be a great one!

Aloha. Malama pono

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted (original watermarks kept in place)


47 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 8.20 He Lokomaika’i Ka Manu O Kaiona (Kind Is The Bird of Kaiona)

  1. The first thing I do on a Saturday morning living in the UK is settle down with a bowl of porridge and coffee and catch up on H50. This particular Saturday I did overtime at work because I really had no interest in watching Michelle Borth/Catherine. Why does she keep coming back? I sometimes think she has a hold over CBS after what happened a few seasons ago. Saying that her part in the story with Steve trying to find if there was still something there was boring. Steve has moved on and lets leave it at that.
    I’m glad Jerry went along. Loved the Indiana Jerry and felt sorry for him when he was told the artefacts were fake.
    The best part of the episode for me was Junior and Eddie. Glad we have more on Juniors background. Talking to his father struck me especially this weekend as it is 8 years since my Dad passed away and miss him very much.
    Eddie I just love him. He acts more human than some humans
    I’ll watch it again when it airs in the UK but not after that.
    Looking forward to next week Harrys back.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment Rita. I too have no interest in watching Catherine on this show any longer. But I’m not going to comment on Michelle because my review and my dislike for this episode has nothing to do with her as an actress. She, like every other actor, works with what she is given. It’s the story and how it was written, how it made Catherine and Steve look and act that is the issue for me.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I agree with you 100% that Junior and Eddie were the highlight of this episode and, for me, probably the only part of this episode I’d be willing to re-watch.


  2. jlopie1 says:

    There isn’t enough KoolAid in the world to get me to rewatch this one. You did a great job reviewing it, though, Linda…and kudos for having the wherewithal to watch it again. You are a dedicated reviewer!

    Although I enjoyed learning some of Junior’s backstory, watching Lassie…er…Eddie come to his rescue, seeing Indiana Jerry freak out over spiders, Lou’s scornful facial expressions, the ONLY…and I do mean ONLY…truly intriguing minute of this episode for me was Adam’s story. That had me waking up in time to go to bed! LOL! I sort of hoped we’d get to see Adam’s half sister for a little longer, but she killed his recruit and threatened his wife and family. She had to go. And I do believe Adam took care of her himself. We’ll have to wait and see what becomes of Adam – at least we were left with an interesting mystery. It sure beats the comic relief portion of this episode – the Steve and Cath in the jungle skit. That was just…stupid, asinine, trivializing and boring as sin. You catch my drift. I refuse to waste any more brain cells on the topic.
    (note: I made a point in saying “for me” because it’s just my opinion. Go ahead and call me a “hater,” “moron,” “misogynist,” “hypocrite” or any other derogatory term thrown around like candy in this fandom these days, I don’t care anymore. Take it or leave it, this is how I feel about anything involving the character, Catherine.)

    Looking forward to Harry’s return next week. Steve, Danny and Harry make a fun and entertaining team.

    BTW, absolutely love your screen grabs of Lou’s many faces!

    Liked by 1 person

    • cp927 says:

      Well said.

      I had to laugh when you brought up the “misogynist” name calling. Seriously, they really need to stop with that shit. One particular McRoll uses that every other tweet. It’s ridiculous.

      There are many reasons I don’t like Catherine, but misogyny isn’t one of them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Those who have no depth depend on the one trick pony rule. Like screaming “fake news” every time there’s a negative story. If there is something that’s not liked, and a woman is involved…ANY woman… it’s misogyny! It’s so lame!

        Liked by 1 person

    • ROFL I was forced to watch it again, I needed to make the screen caps. I seriously considered posting without caps this week but Lou’s faces were just too priceless, so I had to include them. Once I got started, I just did it all. LOL

      Yeah… I was kinda looking forward to Noriko being our new big bad and was really excited it was going to be a woman. I’m with you.. I believe Adam took care of her too but there IS always the possibility of a red herring. This IS H50 after all.

      Oh and I’m sure you, I and anyone else who shares our opinion of this episode and the character of Catherine will be called all those names and more by those who believe our opinions are worthless and are not worthy of any attention at all, while they troll or TLs and read our comments. What’s that one word again????? LOL


  3. cp927 says:

    You nailed it with your thoughts on Catherine. This is exactly why I don’t like the character. It baffles me that there are actually people who defend all she’s done to Steve.

    I preferred this episode to her last annual appearance in 707, but it was so forced and pointless that it made it even more annoying that she was back again. Can we hope that TPTB will finally realize this now?!

    I absolutely love Junior (Tani too, but Junior is just so lovely). Beulah’s been a diamond addition in my book.

    I won’t say any more because your review is pretty much on point with my thoughts. Great write up Linda.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. I too hope TPTB will finally let this character go. They had the perfect opportunity when she rode off into the Afghani set. A brave, bad ass, accomplished woman going off to do the right thing and save a small boy. They even gave her the obligatory video montage to signal a character has left for good. Why they keep dragging her back I will never understand because it accomplishes absolutely nothing.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Haley says:

    I agree with your review. To me Catherine came to Hawaii to try to get Steve back when that did not work she tried to make him jealous when that did not work she tried to blame him for her leaving. And what was with the attitude? Glad McRoll as a couple are over since as long as Alex signs of course we are entering the final 2 seasons of the show is it too much to ask that we get a break from her? There is nothing left to write and her character causes so much nastiness by her fans kinda over it to be honest

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, to be fair, we ARE only saddled with her once a year so if she MUST be part of the show, it’s not horrendous. I agree, I wish they would just let it go but I don’t think they will. TPTB are very fond of bringing back characters from previous seasons and she has joined the ranks of several familiar faces who come back from time to time. If that’s what we have to deal with from her too, I can deal with that. A plot devise once a year.

      I do agree about the attitude. She came off as condescending, selfish and manipulative. Just because the writers chose to not have Steve recognize that, it doesn’t mean we didn’t.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Haley says:

        Oh I think he recognized it I think his smile to Lou was do not worry I am on to her games but he is too polite and professional and in fact I do not think he wants to waste the energy to call her out on it

        Liked by 3 people

      • Lasonya says:

        What gets me is why didn’t the writers make Steve defend himself, she was the one that left and lied on several occasions, I mean come on now they really felt the need to make all of this look like Steve’s fault, they couldn’t for once make her own up to her mistakes instead of trying to make it look like he waited too long, please don’t pee on my head and tell me it’s raining, damn.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Because Steve is noble and stoic and (this is my opinion only) still subconsciously feels that there’s something about him that makes people want to leave. He KNOWS that’s not true, but I believe he still subconsciously FEELS it.

          Besides, having him call her out on it, like some jilted teenage girl, is just not him.

          Liked by 2 people

          • Brooklyngirl says:

            His actions spoke louder than words but his response to her when she asked if he really meant to propose had just the right amount of anger and annoyance in it to make you know that he was completely over the whole scenario.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Thank you! I agree with this. I’ve said this on other boards. On the outside Steve is tough and he is an emotionally strong person as this is the way he was raised. However, as a teenager he lost his mother, father, his home, and was sent away to military school. No matter how strong he is this is something that happened when he was still a kid and it’s still there. He has trust and abandonment issues. Unfortunately the people that he’s chose to reveal some of these issues to have done the exact same thing to him. Although I’m sure he knows he’s not the reason people leave it’s something that was instilled in him as a teenager and it’s hard for him to let that go. He’s flawed, but he is a good man. He just needs someone that he feels secure with and I don’t think that can ever be Catherine now, but I attribute this to the writing of the storylines and characters. That is if they stay true to what is written

            Liked by 1 person

            • I agree. They need to stay true to the story they’ve woven over the years with regard to Steve but most of all with Catherine. What? Now she’s looking at her life, a life she obviously enjoys and a job she is obviously very good at and thinking what? I want more? What does she want? Both? She wants to have the adventure of her CIA life, being all bad ass with the big boys and then go home to Steve, waiting for her, whenever she decides she has the time to go home. That has Doris written ALL OVER IT. Like I said before. Doris is his mother. You can’t choose your parents. But you CAN choose to not voluntarily have you life be that way. Why would he?

              Liked by 1 person

              • Also, people will forgive, but they never forget. I feel that he’s reached that point with his mother and probably Catherine. I still think his proposing to Catherine had a little to do with his abandonment issues and thinking that if he asked her to marry him it might ensure she’d stay. At this point I think he’s moved on.


  5. rhondagemini says:

    Great review again,Linda! Have to agree with you about the Catherine/Steve stuff-it got on my nerves after a while. Why did she want to know if he was serious about proposing? Lou cracked me up at Hqtrs when he was asking Steve,behind her back,why she was there and then later, asking if it was nice to catch up. You know, I don’t totally blame Steve for their breakup-Catherine was the one who left. I just hope we don’t see her again. As for Junior,I loved that storyline! Knowing now that his father didn’t want him going into the military because of the loss of his sister was very heartwrenching! Kudos to Eddie-him making it all the way back to H50 hqtrs to find help was so Lassie-like! Loved it! Only thing was, he should have been able to lead Tani right to the hole where Junior was instead of her spending two hours looking for him. Poor Adam-I so hope that he didn’t kill his sister,but can’t really blame him if he did and if he did,it had to be to protect his family and to avenge Jessie’s death,which he felt partly responsible for! Can’t wait to see how this plays out!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL Lassie! That’s what I meant when I said I was happy to get the Lassie reference but it wasn’t exactly as I’d hoped. Like you, I hoped Eddie would lead someone, it turned out to be Tani, right to where Junior was. But it was still pretty awesome that Eddie was so smart to know to go to HQ instead of back to Casa McG. So, he wasn’t able to be the perfect Lassie, but he was pretty damn close! ♥♥

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Dan Gibson says:

    I watched the episode for a second time, and I must say …. you pretty much nailed it all in your review. Junior & Eddie were great, the Jerry angle was amusing, and the advancements in — well ‘whatever’ Adam IS doing were watchable …. but the Cath return was extremely LAME. The show starts off telling us that after a little more than a year away, she is now spouting out orders at anyone who hints at questioning her, while taking on male skeptics with ninja-like reaction. The lengthy lead-in to the hour proposed a high-risk trip to the islands — only to find that it was just one big false alarm. The interplay between she and Steve was difficult to watch, it was sooo forced.

    As I posted yesterday on the website, the first time viewing I just looked at her and marveled at her beauty, paying no attention to her dialogue. This second run-thru was a major disappointment. Now I am left only with my PRURIENT interest in Michelle Borth. Oh Well … looking toward better story lines — I am glad we finally got a little background on Junior, now I want to see more of him entering the Navy, the Seal adventures, and what brought him to 5-0.

    Only DAYS before he pairs with Steve to rescue JOE WHITE ! Bring it ON !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Dan. It’s nice to get a man’s point of view. There are those in the fandom who love to spew that the only reason we don’t like Catherine is because we all want to jump in bed with Steve (Alex). It’s such a ludicrous accusation to lump every female fan of the show who doesn’t like Catherine into that basket.

      It’s nice to hear from someone who loves Michelle because you can’t be accused of disliking Catherine because you have a hatred for Michelle.

      It’s great to see someone be able to love the actress and still not like the character. It’s too bad her “true fans” can’t seem to understand that most of use are able to separate the actor from the character. It’s too bad, when it comes to their dislike for Catherine critics, they can’t do the same.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Carole says:

    Well it wasn’t a bad episode .There were definately some good bits. The prize for best facial expressions goes to Lou – I love and appreciate him there for “our boy” when Danny isn’t around. Sure I would love to see Danny get in the face of Steve’s ex, but it won’t happen because you’re right – it’s all about appeasing everyone and having Danny in these episodes would just give certain viewers ammunition. Let Lou be the bad boy! They totally chickened out on hitting that final nail in the lid – all they had to do was write one line for Steve when Lou asked him about the day – just one darn line and be done, but no, the door still stays ajar for those who want to grasp at straws. Cath – very Doris-like in the opening and yes she was fishing – proud of Steve for not taking the bait. Glad there was no lovey dove greetings/farewells……because yeah, how many times already. Having Jerry along as third wheel was fun and kept it all very business like. I hope one day he really finds something and gets validation for his ideas.Meanwhile we got some Eddy and now know some of Junior’s back story. Hearing that voice mail from his sister was hearbreaking….she sounded sassy..I think Tani reminds him of her. And then there was Adam…..did he or didn’t he?? Now the story gets interesting. You know that’s where Steve’s mind went as soon as he took that call. Will Adam be back next season? Can they keep a long distance thing going with Kono? Seems like they were hoping GP would be back at some point when they promoted the character to regular, but now that seems unlikely.so i don’t see how. I do think having such a big cast is challenging – great for the actors, but dissappointing for fans when their favorite is seen less……wow this is getting long and rambling and off topic, sorry. Looking forward to seeing Harry next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be perfectly honest, I’m glad Danny wasn’t in this episode. The writers probably would have felt obligated to give him another stupid line like the “best version of himself” bull they had him spew back at the beginning of Season 6. Better to let Lou be the bad guy as you said. I do wonder if all those Danny haters who think that McGrover is soooooo much better will change their tune now that Lou has shown he’s not buying Catherine’s crap. Will Lou and his faces now be Grovannoying?

      Now that you mention it, Junior’s sister DID sound really sassy and you may also be right that he’s drawn toward Tani for the same reason. I really like that train of thought! ♥

      I love Ian Anthony Dale and am thrilled he’s a regular on the show, but you make a valid point. This task force story was, quite frankly, painful. It finally managed to get interesting at the end of this episode. But now what? I think you’re right. I don’t see Kono coming back, so does that mean Adam goes to her and stays, therefore not being in Season 9? Or does he come back again, without her and we’re supposed to believe they are living apart for TWO years? Do they break up?

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Susan Schoppe says:

    Omg you nailed it down exactly! I always keep the shows on DVR & I erased it. It was to painful to ever to rewatch. Cathrine was so jealous of Steve moving on she made a fool of herself and Steve knew exactly why she was there, not bc of any case. I hope it’s finally clear to all that they won’t be getting back together!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh.. she was there because of a case but it was a case that conveniently played into her need to get to Hawaii. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s wanted to do it for months but didn’t want it to look like….well… look like exactly what it was. So she had to wait for the perfect opportunity so it would… look like exactly what it was. This case was that opportunity.

      She knew exactly what she was doing and it’s something she’s probably wanted to do from the moment she got on that plane at the end of 7.07. It galls her that he moved on without her. It galls her that he didn’t grovel at her feet and beg her to stay when she left Hawaii. I honestly thought at the end of that episode that all those tears was her genuinely upset that she had to leave. This episode changed my mind. Those tears were not because she had to leave… they were because he didn’t beg her to stay. It’s been gnawing at her ever since. This was just the first time she’d as a “legitimate” reason to go back.


  9. Kacee says:

    I was dreading this episode until I read AOL’s synopsis of where the whole McG/Cath thing was going. His take away, as you know, was closure/friendship. Any “lingering” feelings were obviously on her part only- she tried her best to get into his head with questions about Lynn & a very awkward question about the engagement but she was met with indifference from him. When he told her they probably shouldn’t have slept together, she agreed then added “but it was good” while she walked into a trap. It appears memories of sleeping with him had the trained CIA agent a bit distracted! Lol. He seemed truly over her- he was polite but didn’t buy into her games. As you said, nothing in this ep was Catherine specific…any old friend/acquaintance could have strolled to Oahu in this context. The people who claim to “only watch the show for MB” can get back to their lives until she shows up again for her token appearance next season (🙏🏻). I enjoyed the episode for the most part, just not all the unnecessary drama surrounding it. Alex was amazing as always, I missed Danny & what would certainly have been some serious eye rolling from him & a little protectiveness (but Chi filled that role beautifully). I also enjoyed Junior’s story and how he & Tani interact- her smile is infectious! Nice that Jerry had the spotlight for a bit too. Oh- can’t forget Eddie…he was perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. Any lingering feeling is all on her part. I think she’s happy in the life she’s chosen (and I mean it when I say she is REALLY good at it) but it seems she just can’t seem to reconcile the fact that he’s happy too. He waited for her the first time, even though she told him not too. I truly believe she expected him to do it again. It bugs the hell out of her that he didn’t.

      So, she’s happy in the life she’s chosen. She’s damn good at it. But she still can’t help but think, “what if”? Tough cookies sister. You had the chance and you blew it


  10. There is not much more that I can add. Everyone has pretty much said what I was feeling about the episode. Of course, I missed Danny but Lou did his part. No reason to give the fans a reason to bash Danny. Junior and Tani were great. And Eddie too. Well, I am looking forward to next week.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Julieb716 says:

    Thank you so much for your truly outstanding, right on and hilarious review, Linda. I laughed through most of it almost as much as I barfed through the episode. Cath, ugh… I just can’t stand her! And is it my imagination or did Alex/Steve act like he couldn’t stand being near her either? I swear Alex was itching almost as badly as Jorge/Jerry was about the spiders. I couldn’t stand the character of Lori either, but I will say Lauren German was exemplary on Chicago Fire as Shay. Maybe Michelle will find a role where I can find something to like. But Catherine isn’t it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We all see different things when we watch episodes. I didn’t see the “can’t stand to be near her” thing from Steve or Alex. I won’t comment on Alex because, as I said before, my dislike for the episode and for the character of Catherine has nothing to do with Michelle as a person or as an actress.

      As for Steve, I don’t think he had any problem being around her. I think he was just taking it in stride. He knew what she was up to, he wasn’t falling for it, and he was doing his job with another well trained operative just like he would with anyone else. The fact that they have history is just that… history. She may not have let it go, but he sure has.


  12. This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes, but I didn’t hate it. (always like seeing Steve in the jungle.) I knew he had a handle on things the second Cath asked about Lynn — Steve got that little smirk on his face like he was waiting for it. He was cool and polite and even sweet, but he let her know his life has moved forward just fine without her.
    As you said, I love how Lou was so disapproving of Catherine’s presence. He saw how badly she hurt him, and he didn’t hide his feelings. Good for Lou!
    I loved Junior’s poignant story. Beulah is a gem! And Jerry Indiana Jones was fantastic.
    I hope Adam DID kill Norika — they’ve written him into a whiny sad sack. Time for him to show some balls!
    Thanks for your review, Linda. It’s always one of the highlight of my weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve always said that Adam was a good guy and that, in the past, he really sucked at trying to be a bad guy. Maybe it would be cool to, as you say, give him some balls and let him be a bad guy. But, I just love Ian and really want him in the show. IF they make Adam a bad guy, does that me we lose Ian. I would hate for that to happen because Ian is awesome.


  13. It is called agree to disagree. And in that of in the giving it a 7/10.
    Glad that Steve and Catherine are just friends but the door is a bit open over on the reason that they could still be back together. Catching up over while your lives are on the line. Really as that let me down
    But Adam is really getting to go from strong to weak in picking up story lines as also that of having his own half sister and his so called “informant” ending up dying.
    Me thinks he is about to signal his own death warrant.
    As Jerry is a loving and caring person. Wished that all people could be like him. I am a kid and a nerd at heart. And him doing Indiana Jones. Really hate that he found out the artifacts were fake.
    No Danny and missed Scott again!


  14. I find the review really interesting because I always find you to be a lot more positive than me so I kind of expected the same here only to discover that weirdly (considering I don’t like MB, actively avoid her episodes, don’t watch Scott-less episodes and don’t like Catherine) that I was okay with the few clips I decided to watch. But my expectations are consistently low on all fronts so unless they do something AMAZING (like 8×9, 8×10 and 8×11 this season) then I’m just glad when they don’t completely f*ck something up and I agree with Alex on a lot of things about mcrollins and I can see him acting his own headcanons and that makes it easier for me to watch.

    I hope you don’t mind the copy/paste but I think a few of my comments on tumblr about this episode are kind of pertinent to the discussion in the thread here, though I’ve changed a few bits around :)….

    Things went wrong for Steve and Catherine as a couple when they tried too hard to make a relationship work that wasn’t there. Season 3 and season 4 where they tried to cross into full on ‘relationship’ territory was a clusterf*ck. The stupidity of Catherine lying to Steve for his mom didn’t help. But season 4, urgh. Her asking his permission to do something she wanted to do? I hated all of that. And really, working with Billy, that was Catherine being happy because she’s not made for settling down in one place and being a cop. It’s why there was nothing for her to do or ENJOY about being with Five-0. Sticking in one place too long wasn’t good for her. She’s made for the military or the CIA and she’s clearly enjoying it.

    Their jobs, their interests, their LIVES have gone separate ways and that’s fine and natural and good on them for both knowing that what makes them happy are different things. They never used to see so much of each other and when they did for those few years it put the spotlight on them that showed up the cracks. Hell, it showed by the middle of season 4 that they’d basically run out of things to do together or to say to each other and even if things hadn’t gone south in Afghanistan, it wouldn’t have lasted anyway. That time apart for season 5 put them back into what they were before in the years leading up to season 3 but gave a kind of false intimacy.

    Interesting when Catherine asked again about the proposal and Steve’s reaction was so DONE with the whole idea. His over the top ‘yeses’ to me were him feeling more embarrassed than anything about the fact he was going to do it. He knew it was stupid and he kind of just wants to brush that ‘incident’ aside.

    Seeing Catherine back in this kind of setting – there to get the job done and then bugger off again. This was fine. It’s not great because it’s kind of pointless, and I have no desire for her to come back and when she does they’ll have to shoehorn her in again like they did here, but so long as it’s like this then it’s fine. It’s not great, it’s not bad.

    Also, the only thing really missing for me, beyond an actual conversation about how RADIATION BAD. Was that Steve never mentioned the restaurant. Like… the one time this season I was missing a mention of that thing was for him to tell Catherine about it and for her to compute that into her head of another thing that shows why they have grown apart so much because of just how SETTLED Steve is in Hawaii and doing things that aren’t so much about serving his country or community but about serving spaghetti with Danny. I think it would have been a better mention of Danny in the episode and I think Catherine could have had a great response to that concept because one thing she does know and always has, is how much Steve and Danny need and rely on each other.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wow… feel free to copy and paste anytime. Great comment! I agree about the “radiation bad” thing. I think it would have been prudent for Lou to at least mention to Steve “Ummm.. Steve. You do know uranium is radioactive, right?” Because it was kinda dumb for Steve to headed out to look for something he should pretty much stay away from. And since Danny wasn’t there to rant some sense into his head (not that he would have listened anyway), I wish Lou had said something. The way it was, there wasn’t a moment for it, but they could have shaved a minute off the ridiculousness to squeeze it in.

      As for the restaurant…. I wasn’t expecting a mention and while I agree it would have consolidated for Catherine just how settled Steve is without her, without a leading question like “so what have you been up to lately?”, it would have jarring to just throw a restaurant line in there.

      Thanks again for the great comment and feel free to copy and paste any time.


  15. Brooklyngirl says:

    OMG you hit the nail on the head. This was one of the worst episodes ever. Forced, flat, farcical, awful, stupid, pathetic, the list is never ending. I felt sorry for Alex who, being the great actor he is, was able to pull off this drivel. As for her, Lou said it best, why is she here?? Again?? And Again??

    Dan mentioned her beauty. Hollywood’s double standard of women needing to always look young, regardless, while men can go grey and age, because they look distinguished, is archaic. Michelle was pretty but because of this double standard that’s no longer the case, which is a shame.

    Junior’s story certainly needs more fleshing out. I do love his relationship with Tani. His sweetness balances her bite!! And what can be said about Eddie? I wish he was around a lot more often!!

    I think Adam killed Noriko. Like his Ohana before him, I’m not sure that her murder will ever be solved but makes me wonder if Adam is heading down the wrong path and back into the Yakuza. Or did someone else (but who??) do it? Guess we’ll find out!

    Thanks for this Linda! Yay! Harry’s back next week! Can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was good, with Jr and Tani and Eddie and Jerry. At one point they weren’t even looking at one another. Steve looking one way, C looking the other way and Jerry looking another way. Oh to hear Danny ranting back at the office, when he found out about where Steve was and who he was with. Couldn’t they do little scenes like that and insert them in as needed when Scott is out? I just see the attraction of C. Lauren is on Lucifer now. While Laurena and Tom, (Lucifer), don’t seem to have a romantic hear that everyone keep saying they do, they are good at being friends and shows on the show how they like working together. I just don’t see that with Steve and C.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. This is my first time posting. I like your reviews. Much like Wendie Burbridge you are fair and enjoy the show for what it is. Your reviews aren’t catty and don’t have an ugly, bitter tone to them. I appreciate this since there are so many different types of fandom and opinions. I agree with everything you said and I was pleased with the episode. I was initially hesitant, but it turned out much better than I thought. It wasn’t the most interesting episode of the season, but it was okay.

    I love Catherine for the independent, traveling, career woman in a male-dominated field, but I’m no McRoll fan. I asked on another board if this made me a hater and how this hater thing worked. I’ve always questioned McRoll from the beginning with the way it was initially written and how it’s been currently written. I’m an old-fashioned girl and there were some crossed boundaries. However, I choose to believe Catherine was okay with this because it allowed her to be free. Since they were friends first it somewhat explains Steve’s blurring of the girlfriend/buddy relationship.

    With the new additions to the cast I was hoping to move forward and to not have to revisit this every season, but if it’s once a year and they stay friends having only a working relationship I can deal with it. I would love to see them utilize Cath on McGyver or Magnum PI if it’s picked up. I realize this is a job and we all have bills to pay so I would never want MB not to have an opportunity to work. I would just like to see the show leave a lot of the past behind..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome! I’m glad you decided to stick around and post a comment. And I agree with you about Wendie! I am proud to call her my friend and her blog/reviews totally ROCK. I’ve learned so much about Hawaiian history and folklore from her! I love learning new things!

      Many years ago, incidents occurred on social media between Michelle and some fans. I was not involved but I watched from the sidelines as it went from strained, to heated, to downright ugly. There was plenty of blame for the ugliness on both sides and many formed an opinion of Michelle based on those interactions. Again, I am not one of them.

      The term “hater” isn’t unique to the H50 fandom but it’s thrown around at people in an attempt to discredit any opinion that’s not in line with another opinion. If you don’t like Catherine, you obviously hate Michelle. Even if you like Catherine, but don’t like McRoll as a couple…. well… that’s because you hate Michelle. It’s all so utterly ridiculous.

      Are there those out there who don’t like Catherine because they don’t like Michelle. Sure. But to lump every person who’s not a McRoll supporter into that basket shows a limited depth of understanding, in my view.

      People fling the word hater around because they don’t have the ability to conduct a rational debate. A says this. B says that. A gets angry but has no intelligent way to respond. A simply flings “hater” at B. Again…. ridiculous.

      No, you are not a hater because you like Catherine but don’t care for them as a couple. I think Catherine is awesome at her job. She’s tough, resourceful, intelligent. She’s perfect for the life she has chosen. But, you see.. I’m a hater because I don’t want she and Steve as a couple anymore. And…. once again…. ridiculous.

      I’m not really an old-fashioned girl (LOL just old! LOL) so the “friends with benefits” thing never bothered me. I would have been perfectly content if their relationship had stayed that way forever. I thought they were an adorable couple all the way through Season 3. If it had stayed THAT way I would have been fine with it too.

      But it didn’t. For whatever reason, TPTB decided to take the character in a different direction. The decisions Catherine made after Afghanistan, and her actions in executing those decisions, the hurt she caused, is what turned me against her.

      Turned me against Catherine… period. And I totally agree with you. New faces, new back stories, new adventures… hopefully a brand new season. Let’s keep moving forward and leave old, used up and boring stories behind.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. I enjoy reading Hawaii’s cultural facts from Wendie. It’s an added touch for those that enjoy history.

    LOL! You’re only as old as you feel. I’ll be 45 this summer and feel like I’m going on 65. If only I were retirement age! My mom was seriously old-fashioned and I guess it was instilled in me in some ways. I always thought the friends with benefits thing was okay, except it seemed to be much more beneficial for Steve. I could not believe she would help him knowing she could get court-martialed and dishonorably discharged. I mean I would have at least insisted on fine dining in a restaurant, before I gave up the goodies. Okay, in all honesty I probably wouldn’t have done anything that would cost me my job, but I’ll let Catherine slide. The friends turning to friends with benefits helps me to accept the boundary crossing. Steve asked favors because that’s what buddies do to help each other out. Of course I think the buddy thing was also why he never really took her out and was so comfortable with her treating his team to a free meal. I like that he puts forth more effort with Lynn.

    At the end of season 5 when they said Catherine was returning I read a couple of posts and learned that something happened the prior season. It gave me a lot to google over the summer before season 6. I barely did any social media back then, but getting older and being bored has changed that. I just got a twitter account a couple of years ago.

    Unfortunately, nothing vanishes from the internet. I was able to get a lot of insight on what happened and there is enough blame to go around for everyone involved. You’re right it was extremely ugly. What I’ve mentioned on other boards is that it is never going to go away for those involved. I suppose we’ll have this problem until the show has its series finale.

    Basically my thoughts are when you call a man and tell him you’ve found your place in life and that he should move on with his life it’s over. You don’t come back a year later with luggage as if you expected him to be waiting for you. I felt badly for Steve, but I felt even worse in 7.07 when they were on the plane. She was so close to him he revealed that he didn’t like being played and he didn’t trust his own mother. He doesn’t like being lied to and I know she had to know how hurt he was about his mother. Once again a person that he chose to trust with his feelings lied to him and left him. She didn’t even say she was sorry, because she wasn’t.


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