#H50 Review: 8.19 Aohe mea make i ka hewa; make no i ka mihi ole (No one has ever died for the mistakes he has made; only because he didn’t repent)

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Welcome back my friends!  So, for the second week in a row, we not only had an episode with three separate story lines, but we also were taken down memory lane once again.  I always enjoy when we get flashback episodes, especially ones where we get to see Steve as a kid and get to know more about John McGarrett.  This episode really highlighted the strong, good man John McGarrett was and how much Steve grew to be very much like him.


Leroy Davis:   It wasn’t too hard to figure out, from the first scene of Leroy in the doctor’s office, that this man was about to get some very bad news.  Of course, we find out later that Leroy, a former hit man for the Hawaiian syndicate, is suffering from a fatal brain disease which is going to kill him in less than six months.

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Knowing that his time, not to mention his mental capacity, is limited and filled with regret over the crimes he committed, he decides to confess those crimes to the one man who came so close to catching him back in the day, John McGarrett.  Of course, Leroy knows John is dead, so he does the next best thing.  He seeks out Steve and confesses to the unsolved murder of HPD Detective Jake Ozuki as well as seventeen other people.

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Over the years, we’ve learned so much about John McGarrett and the one constant has always been what a good man he was.  It was no different in this episode and I just loved this story line.  Remembering the single-minded focus John had for decades after Doris “died” and his attempt to unravel who “killed” her, it’s no surprise that a much younger John was no different. Once he zeroed in on Leroy as Detective Ozuki’s killer, he was relentless in his pursuit to put him away.

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I loved all the flashbacks and the actors who played young John and Leroy (Ryan Bittle and Thomas Q. Jones, respectively) were fantastic.  Ryan played John’s anger, determination and dogged resolve perfectly. Thomas, and Frankie Faison, as the elder Leroy, both showed not only the resignation but also the regret Leroy felt with the profession he chose.

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I was a bit taken back that Steve went off with Leroy alone to find the bodies but, then again, it was pretty obvious this old, infirmed man wasn’t going to be a threat to his safety.  At first, I thought it would have made more sense if Danny had gone along and I would have loved every minute of that.  But then when I really think about it, it was better that he didn’t.  The one-on-one between Steve and Leroy, the revelations he was sharing about not only the killings but his relationship with John as well, wouldn’t have been as powerful if someone else had been there as a kind of buffer.

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And it was powerful.  Alex, once again, was wonderful in portraying all kinds of emotions with just his eyes.  He looked like he’d been struck when Leroy said “at least one of you got your man” after Steve told Leroy he’d caught the man who killed John.

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And I still can’t figure out what that look was when Leroy told Steve he was responsible for saving John’s life.  Was it surprise? Was it relief? Was it disbelief?  Alex is so amazing to be able to put so many emotions into one simple look.

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The best part was when Leroy tried to explain the reason why he ended up killing for a living.  It was the only skill he learned in the Army and he put it to use when he couldn’t find work when he returned from Vietnam.  But, this is not a story of redemption.  This is not a story of “I only did what I had to do”.  There will be no absolution.

Steve, rightfully so, angrily points out that his father fought in that same war.  That he, like Leroy (and many other soldiers who returned from that war… I unfortunately remember those days), was called “baby killer” and spat on.  But he didn’t choose a life of crime.  “So, why don’t you save that story for someone else!”

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The most heartbreaking scenes were at the very end.  As Leroy is being taken into custody he explains to Steve that the reason he decided to turn himself in was “for Jack”.  Back in the doctor’s office, Leroy had seen a drawing the doctor’s young son had drawn when he was six.  A little boy named Jack.  It reminds Leroy of Detective Ozuki’s son.

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John had taken Leroy to the cemetery on the anniversary of Ozuki’s death to show how the detective’s family, his wife Linda and son Jack, visited his grave every year to fill him in on their lives.  The heartbreaking thing about these yearly visits is that they are visiting an empty grave.  John never let Leroy forget “every murder has two victims; the deceased and the family left in the wake”.

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And those families are all there, waiting outside Noelani’s ME office after she and her staff were able to identify all 17 of Leroy’s victims.  Yeah, it was a bit schmaltzy to have them all hugging, kissing and presenting Steve with lei’s as if he’d singlehandedly solved all those murders.

But, who cares, really?  It was very moving and bittersweet.   They were all there including HPD Officer Jack Ozuki, a cop just like his dad, to thank Steve for helping to finally bring the closure all those families had been waiting for, for years.  I know I’m not the only one who shed a tear or two watching that scene.

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And for Steve; a moment of profound pride in the work his father had done and in Steve’s own part in bringing about the closure of a case that haunted his father for years.

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Noshimuri Family Values:  You all know I’ve not been enamored with this story line, but this installment kept me on the edge of my seat and left me, not necessarily wishing for the quick end as I was before, and a little bit worried about where it’s going to go next.

Last week I said that it might prove interesting to meet Adam’s half-sister.  “But another Noshimuri?  One who obviously seems to have a personal vendetta against her half-brother.  Who, with Hiro and Michael both dead, sees Adam as the only obstacle left to remove so she can be the head of the Yakuza family?  Now that could prove to be very interesting.”

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Well, she’s definitely interesting and more like Hiro and Michael than she is like Adam.  She is ice cold and ruthless.  But, once again, it’s all about that damn money.  And what the hell?  Adam has known where that money was since Michelle Shioma died!  But now what?  Jessie did pretty much what most expected from the beginning.  She ran, and with the money.  It’s not a huge surprise she ended up with a bullet for her trouble and once again, the money is gone.

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Now what?  What happens now to Adam, not to mention Kono, Chin, Abby and Sarah?  Did Noriko have her goons follow Jessie, kill her and take the money?  If she did, and now has the money, will she leave Adam’s loved ones alone?  And what about all those “certain debts” Hiro left behind, debts which now can not be paid?  This story has finally gotten a bit more interesting.

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Inspections can be a bitch:  Anyone who has ever bought or sold a house can identify with what it’s like when the inspectors come calling.  This third, very small story was cute.  It was a nice bit of silly levity to balance out the very emotional aspects of the other two stories.  And it was innocuous enough and short enough that it didn’t distract from the other stories even if it was story #3.

It was fun to see HNN-TV’s Billy V as Fire Inspector Ed Romero.  Billy is a great guy and a big fan of H50.  He’s hosted SOTB the last few years and has contributed to episodes before.  For instance, he was the play-by-play announcer for the airplane race in which Steve participated in Episode 8.08 “He Kaha Lu’u Ke Ala, Mai Ho’okolo Aku (The Trail Leads to a Diving Place; Do Not Follow After)”.

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In one of the only scenes which Danny was a part of in this episode, Romero informs Steve and Danny about the numerous code violations he found during the inspection of the restaurant.  I actually really liked this scene, because it highlighted something I’ve been saying for some time now.  Many people keep complaining about the restaurant storyline, saying they are tired of Steve and Danny bickering over it all the time.

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But here we have a scene where, yet again, a problem has come up regarding the restaurant.  Not only that, Steve inadvertently puts his foot in his mouth and lets it slip that the electrical contractor who’s working on the restaurant is the same one who put HQ back together after it was shot up.  Of course, that sends Romero off to inspect all of HQ as well.

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This would have been the perfect moment for Danny to lose his mind.  To scream and yell and call Steve all kinds of names and blame him for everything.  Well, in this case, it was Steve who not only hired the electrician but let it slip about the work in HQ.  Had this been a couple of seasons ago, Danny would have gone ballistic and Steve would have felt compelled to fight back.

But it’s not a couple of seasons ago and Danny didn’t lose his mind. Which is what I’ve been saying for some time now.  Other than when the tools were stolen, these two have not really been fighting.  They’ve been having reasonable disagreements, yes but the “constant bickering and fighting” others seem to be seeing is just not there, in my view.

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Anyway, there were a number of cute scenes with Romero.  With Steve and Danny, Danny and Jerry down in Jerry’s office and back up in the bullpen with Jerry and Lou.  But, once Romero went off to count fire extinguishers, he was never seen again.  I wonder if we’ll ever find out just how many violations Romero found in HQ because it was all pretty funny!

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I, of course, was sad that Danny wasn’t in this episode more but I’m pretty sure this is one of Scott’s off weeks.  More than likely they had him film his couple of scenes at the tail end of the filming for 8.18 so he could at least be in this one.  I never like it when Danny’s not in an episode, even if I understand why. At least this time, although limited, he was in this one and it was a fun scene with Steve.  Not ideal, but I can live with it if I have to. Any time we get with Danny is better than no time at all.

Well, that’s it for this week.  I really enjoyed this one and, I’d like to say I’m looking forward to next weeks episode like I always do. But I honestly have to say I’m not looking forward to next weeks installment and the return of Catherine Rollins at all.

I’ll be back here, of course, because I won’t allow my distaste for one character ruin my love for the show as a whole.  I’m encouraged by the fact that next weeks episode is another three-story episode so, hopefully, her time on screen will be more limited than if it was a one-story episode.  I can only hope that’s so!

Regardless, I’ll do my best to be objective and make sure there are several tall cold pitchers of KoolAid available (I might just have to add a liberal amount of alcohol to those pitchers) to help me get through it.   See ya next week!

Aloha.  Malama Pono

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.


13 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 8.19 Aohe mea make i ka hewa; make no i ka mihi ole (No one has ever died for the mistakes he has made; only because he didn’t repent)

  1. Carole says:

    There were quite a few really good things about this episode. Just like last week I love when they tie the story back to past events and they did it in a number of ways – with a young John (great casting) Steve’s memories of riding in his dad’s car, Leroy telling how he almost killed John but let him live to see his child born……. the cemetery scene reminded me of how Steve visits his dad’s grave. It was all very well done.

    I also have to say I’m from the disco era so I really enjoyed the night club scene/music. When Steve came out of the ME’s office he looked a little stunned, but it was very moving and I couldn’t help thinking about how humble Alex is in RL.

    I don’t know where Adam’s story is going. I can’t believe he walked off leaving Jess with the money and car keys……and he knew where the money was?? It all took up a chunk of the episode and now there’s a whole new mess..

    I missed Danny – better than a Dannyless episode, but nowhere near enough. I wish they would add a scene at the end, sort of a recap of the day a “Hey babe, sorry I wasn’t there today….you Ok……” kind of thing. It would make it so much better. And Billy V ……yes he has been a good friend to the show for years, so nice he got a small part.

    Thankfully my tablet isn’t acting up this week and I didn’t have to type this 3 times (also got my “e” back) one of these days I’ll get a new one.Until next week……….

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was a teenager during the 70’s too and it was fun to hear that music again. But those fashions! Thank God we outgrew that! LOL

      The cemetery scene had me thinking about John too, but not how Steve visits his grave but what it must have been like for John after Doris “died”. Each time he must have visited her grave to keep her up to date on life he, unlike Ozuki’s family, didn’t know he was visiting an empty grave. Somehow, knowing that was in John’s future as we watched this, is incredibly sad.

      I agree that a nice scene at the end between Steve and Danny would go a long way in making the lack of Danny time more palatable. Like I said, Scott obviously filmed what he did at the end of filming 8.18. How much harder would it have been to add just another minute…minute and a half for a scene like you describe? And even one more small one. Like when Steve was going to set off with Leroy. “Danny, I’m going to head out and check this out.” “You want back-up, babe?” “No, I think I can handle it, thanks. See ya later”.

      How much time would that take? A half a minute? Surely the Adam stuff could have spared half a minute for Steve and Danny time, which is, well, in my opinion anyway, much more important to the fabric of the show.


  2. I for one am tired of the bickering. And really think that Scott should not had bothered to show up. And still really he and Alex are the core of the show.
    Does Danny bicker and whine yes. He does need to take responsibility over on that and not blame Steve all the time. And needs to put up or shut up
    But also Steve claims credit and that he at times acts like a glory hog. Hence season 6 finale where everybody was giving him credit as it was Danny who saved Steve with his part of the kidney and the whole entire operation.
    Knew the agent was corrupt. And really am glad that Steve or Adam did not knock him down. And really think that he the agent brought it on himself.
    Jessie was a poor informant. But then again Adam was a so called lousy cop
    Think if she was not murdered, Jessie could had committed suicide as her guilty conscience. And betraying Adam.
    Glad Steve got that case solved. Only case his father failed to solve in his being a cop. And really glad the family got closure. It took awhile but still they got closure and thanked Steve over for it.
    Frankie Faison had his character’s conscience in guilt and wanted to really have Steve be the one to solve it for his father.
    In the end, Steve should had gone to his father’s grave and told him the case he never solved and only one as he did it for his father. Would be nice and touching.
    It was all in all a 8/10.


  3. I for one loved the little bit of time we got with Steve and Danny. Like you say, wish there had been more but any time with Steve and Danny is good. And, I do understand why it has to be. But I am kind of sick of the Adam story. It is really taking over the show. His sister is very evil. I’m hoping that it picks up from here. But what I really would like is to see the team working together more. Even if they are working on Adam’s case. They all interact so well together. I’m not looking forward to next week either, But I will still watch. What I have heard is
    that it will bring closure to the relationship. They will agree that they have always been good friends. I would like that. Well, till next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was thoroughly done with the Adam story as well until this week. Mind you, I won’t cry if it ends next week never to return but, I’m more interested to see what’s next then I was before. I agree with you. I hope if we must keep this story, it picks up from here. The murder of Jesse, the money gone and worse, not knowing if it’s Adam’s sister who has it or someone else, makes it absolutely imperative that this now become a Five-0 case, and not just Adam’s case.

      If Noriko has the money, the Yakuza and those other “certain debts” will be coming after Adam. If Noriko doesn’t have the money…. well….. Kono, Chin, Abby and Sarah are Ohana and they have been threatened. There is no way this can’t be a major case for Five-0 now. This is the perfect moment for Adam’s task force to end (and really, there’s only him left on the damn thing anyway) and the full team to work together on this.


  4. I loved this one so much! Alex was awesome!! Will we see the Adam-Kono storyline dealt with by the end of the season? I hope so, this has dragged on too long. Grace isn’t going to return, so let’s wrap it up, writers!
    I’m one of those fans who really does not like the restaurant storyline at all, so maybe I’ve suspended my suspension of disbelief for this segment! A bit of a reality check was needed, IMO. And this part of the script needed more research. McG never would have been able to choose any contractor to fix up their space, it’s a government facility, yards of red tape would have been involved. After each phase of fix-up, inspections are needed. But I think all of this will have a huge impact on this storyline and what I hope is the end of this stupid story! The season started with a fire, will it end with one too?


    • You’re not the only one who doesn’t care for the restaurant story line. I still like it but I will agree it needs to move forward now. These constant problems and delays is getting tiresome. I really want to see it completed and up and running.

      As for the work done in HQ.. you are 100% correct. We’re not just talking about some office in an office building somewhere. We’re talking about the Aliʻiōlani Hale, the home of the Hawaiʻi State Supreme Court and the former seat of government of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi and the Republic of Hawaiʻi. So not only a State building but a National Monument. There is no way anyone could have done work on the building without State approval and frequent and numerous inspections. But this is H50, so a suspension of reality is always something we need to have.

      Since next week, Junior is lost down a cliff in the jungle and Steve and Jerry are traipsing around the jungle with Catherine and Danny isn’t even in the episode, I highly doubt we’re going to hear about any repercussions from the inspection at the restaurant or HQ.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mary. The screencaps are what takes so much time. I usually have my review pretty much done by mid-day Saturday but the re-watching of the episode and the screen caps takes a long time. But I just can’t imagine not having them be part of the review. I mean, with this ridiculously good looking and talented cast, it would be a crime not to showcase them! LOL


  5. Susan Schoppe says:

    As always that was a great recap yours are the best ones. I agree this episode was really good proving that you don’t need lots of car & foot chases to have a good episode. Billy V. rocked his part and I hope we get to see his character in a future episode. I’m a fan of his as well. I agree, it was better that Steve was alone with Leroy it made it more powerful that way and by the end I found myself having sympathy for this man even knowing what horrible things he had done. I also think that Adams storyline is becoming more interesting now that we have seen his sister who is proving to be a new big bad. She reminds me of Michelle Sheanoma (spelled that wrong) and yes, that 20 million had made more disappearance’s than Houdini. I can’t wait to see what’s next on this. I to wish Cathrine would just disappear into spy land and stay there. I’ll be looking forward to next weeks recap. Have a good week. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! I must admit that I wasn’t paying all that much attention to the show because I was on the phone with a friend of mine that I had not heard from in a while,but I did pay enough attention to like the Steve storyline and I know John would have been proud that Steve had a part in solving the only case he could not solve and one that had haunted him for years. It would have been nice if Steve had visited John’s grave to let him know that,but he did so in the car and that was ok. It could be me,but Adam’s half-sister reminds me a lot of Michelle-could they be related somehow? Must admit that I was sorry that Jessie was killed,but it means that H50 & Adam must work together now,since he has no one on his task force but him anyway. Will be interesting to see how all of this plays out! My preference would be that Adam decides to join Kono in the states after the case is solved,provided she is still alive and I do hope H50 can stop Noriko from harming her and the others. Looking forward to next week’s episode!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Brooklyngirl says:

    Hi! Billy V’s short appearance was just that, short. Mercifully short. Nothing against Billy, just the beyond silly story line. I can understand the hiring of an outside electrician for the restaurant, the violations, concerns, fines, etc. but headquarters? A government agency?? Seriously?? So far fetched as to be completely ridiculous (as bad as the balloon “Up” scene in MacGyver).

    Meeting Noriko, it was obvious that she’s definitely just like Michael was, cold, calculating and mean. Poor Adam, he can’t get out of his own way can he? But even with this turn of events, I’m ready for the end of this. Am I sorry to see Jesse dead, nope. Adam is a horrible cop and a bad liar as well (pretending to not know where the money was, he’s not this father’s son for no reason). Leaving her w/the car and money. Dumb. Steve and Co. need to step in, find Noriko, find the money and lets be done with it. Then the writers need to find a viable, believeable, realistic plan for keeping Adam on the show.

    Steve and Leroy moved me to tears. All I can say is that an honorable man was given closure by an even more, noble and honorable man. Steve rocked this, his emotions were spot on. Steve’s stunned look at the accolades melted into a sweet, satisfied, prideful smile. Well done and very bittersweet.

    The jury is still out for next week. But I am looking forward to seeing Harry again in episode 21!!

    Have a great week and thanks!


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