#H50 Review: 8.17 Holapu Ke Ahi, Koe Iho Ka Lehu (The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left)

Hey gang!  Welcome back.  What did you think about this latest installment of H50?  I thought it was a pretty good episode, of course, but I do have a couple of issues with it, or more specifically, with the story the episode was based around.

First off, let me say, after what has become a pretty normal occurrence of episodes with multiple story lines all going on at the same time, I really loved how this episode centered around pretty much only one story.  Yes, there was the crime of the week in addition to Adam and Jesse’s continuing undercover operation with Hideki, so yeah, technically there were two stories.

But writers Liz Alper and Ally Seibert were able to craft an interesting episode which combined both story lines into one cohesive unit.  The direction of Maja Vrvilo also flawlessly moved us from one story into the next and back again so effortlessly it was easy to forget there were two stories going on.  This is the kind of “multiple story” episode I like.  When both stories interweave to form one really good one, instead of separate stories which have our team broken up into “sub” teams and not all working together.

And I loved how everyone worked together on this one.  The scene of the entire team, including Adam, tacked up and heading into the AgroCorp offices was awesome!  Thank you to Lisa (@alohaspaceman) for this fantastic GIF!!

The issue I have is the same issue I’ve been having most of the season.  While I love Ian Anthony Dale and he is rocking this story line every moment he’s on screen, I still can’t seem to get behind it 100%.  I really want to, but I just keep teetering on that fence, because here we go again.  Honestly, is Adam being considered an “independent contractor” by Steve?  Because, once again, he and Jesse go off all “lone wolf” without Steve having any knowledge of what they are doing.

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I just don’t get this.  I worked as an independent contractor for a few months after my daughter was born.  Granted, that was many, many years ago but I do remember that, even though I wasn’t supervised as I would have been as an employee, I still had to report to the company that hired me at regular (and frequent) intervals and keep them up to date with what I was doing.  It seems Adam only does this when something goes wrong.

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I understand the need for Jesse to do what Hideki ordered.  She needed to preserve her cover.  I also understand Adam going with her as backup.  But, why the hell didn’t they loop Steve and Five-0 in on it?  Not for their help, but simply so Steve knew what was going on instead of being in the dark, as has been par for the course with this story so far.

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Steve did know about the theft, of course, but only after it happened, and Adam only saw fit to go see him because two of the tanks went missing.  I guess it’s safe to assume, if that hadn’t happened, Adam wouldn’t have seen the need to fill Steve in at all.  This still bothers me.

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The lackadaisical way he reacted to the newspaper article leads me to believe Steve was aware of what happened the night before and was letting HPD have jurisdiction over the investigation.  It wasn’t until Adam filled him in on the two missing tanks that Steve became alarmed and our crime of the week was spawned.

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The way the crime of the week morphed from the idea that a terrorist might have acquired the missing tanks in order to make a dirty bomb into a story of four grieving men with a vendetta against a chemical company was really well done.  I was glad the writers didn’t go with the terrorist angle this time.  I mean, we’ve had plenty of those types of stories and we probably will get even more.  The story of the four, basically good men, driven by grief and desperation was much more personal and hit closer to home.  We’ve all been touched with cancer in one way or the other.  It’s not hard to imagine the desperation of these men even when we don’t approve of their methods.

I was very interested in seeing the character development in these men.  Randall, Manning, Akani and Mitchel all believed Agrocore was responsible for the cancer that struck down their loved ones.  They were ready and, with those tanks, able to exact their revenge by releasing the chlorine to poison everyone in the Agrocore building.

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But when one of the tanks accidentally opens while Randall is moving it inside a van, the others trap him inside with the poisonous gas to protect themselves.  They knowingly and deliberately sacrificed another human being to protect themselves.

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Just as Agrocore poisoned innocent people in the name of preserving their profits, Manning, Akani and Mitchel stood by and did nothing to help their friend in his moment of need.  Watching their anguished, tear stained faces as they listened to their friend suffer, you can see, in that moment, even in their misery, they have essentially became what they never wanted to be; what they despised.  They just left him there to die.

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It really hits home with Akani and Mitchel when the time comes to put their plan into action.  They finally realize the gravity of what they are about to do and the reality of what they did to Randall really hits home.  Agrocore may indeed be responsible for what happened to their loved ones, but not every single innocent person who works for them.  Having watched what the chlorine did to Randall, they just can’t go through with it.

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And, even though Manning says he’ll just do it alone, it seems he may also have had a change of heart.  Either that, or it wasn’t a job only one man could handle.  Either way, he doesn’t release the gas but goes to the office of the Agrocore lawyer who had been threatening them with ruin and shoots him.  He just couldn’t let it go and exacted his revenge, but, at least he didn’t poison hundreds of innocent people.

The scene when Steve catches up with him outside the office was really powerful.  Not only watching Manning’s pure anguish but Steve’s deep concern that he was going to have to shoot him to stop him.

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Steve was literally begging him to put the gun down.  You could hear the tone in his voice, see the look on his face, he didn’t have to say the words.  “Please Doug… I don’t want to have to shoot you.  Please, don’t make me have to shoot you. ”  The relief Steve felt when Manning put down his gun was palpable.  It was really all done very well.

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Of course, there is still the fact that none of this would have happened if Adam and Jesse hadn’t stolen the tanks in the first place.  Well, that’s really not 100% true.  Hideki’s man, arrested at the meth lab, said they received ten chlorine tanks a week so the delivery of the tanks is an ongoing thing.  It’s a safe bet that if Hideki hadn’t tasked Jesse with getting the chlorine, he would have ordered someone else.  No matter who received the assignment, Kazuya Nemoto, would probably still have skimmed off two tanks to sell on the side.  So, it’s not entirely Adam’s fault.

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As a matter of fact, if you really  think about it, if Hideki had ordered anyone else besides Jesse to steal the tanks, Nemoto would have still sold two of them to those same men and no one would have been the wiser until hundreds of Agrocore employees were dead.  So in a round about way, Adam actually helped save all those lives.

But Adam is still filled with guilt over his part in what happened, and he goes to Jesse’s house to find out where the hell she’s been all day.  He’s questioning exactly who’s side she’s on.  Because Jesse stopped a recording of a conversation she was having with Nemoto, the man who sold the missing tanks, for eight minutes, Adam begins to question where exactly her loyalty lies.

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I needed to go back and watch that last scene again.  This damn cold I’m still fighting decided to deliver a sneeze at just the wrong moment and I didn’t hear who Jesse said she was with.  Many people on Twitter at the time said it was Hideki she was sleeping with.  But a re-watch confirmed it wasn’t him, but Nemoto. Still……ew!

Is it possible to still be on the fence this far into a story line?  I love Ian.  I’m still intrigued to find out about the big secret Michelle Shioma had that could change Adam’s life.  And I feel bad for Adam because, seriously, the guy just can’t catch a break.  But I still can’t seem to get fully behind the story.

I will say this though.  I’ve always believed Adam is a good guy and part of that belief has always been that when Hiro died, and Adam was forced to take over the business, he sucked at it.  I always said Adam just doesn’t have it in him to be a bad guy.  Well, it seems he might not have it in him to go after the bad guys either.  But, who knows?  Maybe this will all work out in the end.

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Nuclear Drill:  I LOVED the nuclear attack drill scene!  OMG.. I could not stop laughing.  First off, Steve walks in, full of purpose, with Eddie by his side to make sure this drill is taken seriously.  Other than Jerry, everyone else strolls in, all nonchalant (as most of us do when there is a drill at work).  Tani and Junior settling down on the floor, while Lou flops down in the interrogation chair.  Steve impatiently checks his watch as Danny finally, Starbucks in hand, strolls into the room.

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I loved Danny speech about the aftermath of a “fiery apocalypse”.  I could not agree with him more.  I’ve always said if there was a nuclear bomb headed my way, I’d prefer the damn thing to hit me right on the head than to be around for the aftermath.  I mean, seriously, what the hell would the six of them do if they were the only ones to survive?

“What are we supposed to do… repopulate?”

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God, I just love Tani!!!!

The look on Danny’s face when Lou, then Tani and Junior all agreed with him was priceless.  I can’t figure out if he was happy they were agreeing with him or happy just because they were not agreeing with Steve.  Even Eddie agreed (even though Steve didn’t ask his opinion! 😊) Either way, it was really funny.

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Speaking of Eddie, other than Danny, he was the star of this scene.  I loved how, when Danny began his rant, Eddie just flopped down on the floor to settle in for the duration.  Seems Eddie has been present for enough Danny rants to know to just get comfortable and wait it out until it’s over! LOL  And the way he “voted” to just take the nuke with the others was absolutely priceless.  Eddie is just awesome!

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The best part was there was no animosity between Danny and Steve over their “disagreement” or the fact that the consensus of the room was firmly on Danny’s side.  Danny’s “love you” and the first bump (which they managed without even looking) was flawless.  Another huge thank you to Lisa (@alohaspaceman) for another awesome GIF.

Only one restaurant scene:  Which wasn’t even a scene at the restaurant but simply a discussion.  And that’s what it was.  Not a fight.  Not an argument.  Not even a bicker.  A discussion.  A normal conversation.  I saw no anger and no animosity.  Just two guys approaching a situation from different angles trying to come to a mutual condenses over a common interest.  It was perfect because it’s what partners in this type of venture should be talking about and how they should be taking about it.  It was short and over quickly.  I could do with more restaurant scenes being like this one, until we get to a point where there is real physical progress in the place.

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Odell:  I love the fact that, when the men wanted to hire a lawyer to try to go after Agrocore, they chose Odell.  Liz and Ally could have simply written a generic lawyer to fill the bill but using Odell was inspired.  He added just the right note of the “every man” just trying to fight the system.  The fact that he’s now using his law degree to try to help the little guy is perfect.

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The scene between Odell, Lou and Tani in the library was perfect.  I loved how he called Tani “Hawaii Five-0 Next Gen!”.  Also perfect.  And, as usually, Tani was perfect.

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From the look on the face of the woman at the table, you just knew she was going to blow a gasket sooner rather than later with the way the three of them weren’t bothering to keep their voices down in the library.

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“Hey! You and your friends wanna zip it?  This is a library.” ………….

“Yeah babe and this is a badge. Do you wanna see the gun?”…………

“McGarrett must have recruited you personally.”   Yup!  Perfect! 😊😊

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It was also inevitable that Odell would have something to say about Steve’s hair.  “Next time you feel the urge to pick up a pair of clippers…. don’t! I mean…. this  is…this is a travesty”  ROFLMAO

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Lou:  I always really enjoy Lou and this episode was no exception.   As always, every scene he’s in just shines.  But what I really enjoyed about this one in particular is the way Lou was teamed up with all of the newbies at one time or another.  He spent time with Adam, Tani and Junior in this episode.  I like that he is turning out to be a real mentor to the newbies, especially Tani.  They work so incredibly well together, and they are able to bounce their sense of humor off each other incredibly well.  The more I see of these two together the more I like it.

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Danny:  The absolute best thing about this episode is the amount of time Danny was in it.  Oh, how I wish we could get this much of Danny in every episode.  We’ve already discussed how great the “nuclear drill” scene was but there was Danny just about everywhere else in this episode too.

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I loved how, during a large part of the episode, Danny was in charge of the case because Steve was, all of a sudden, simply not there.  We’ve, unfortunately, gotten used to this happening with Danny, but it’s not something that ever happens with Steve.


Of course, it’s completely understandable that Alex’s screen time was cut back on this episode.  Since he was slated to direct the episode that follows this one, he was probably out scouting locations or doing other preparatory things to get ready for his directorial debut.

It was written, after Adam informed Steve about the missing chlorine tanks, Steve went to brief the Governor.  Well, that must have been one hell of a meeting.  When he finally got back to HQ later, he told Danny the meeting was “Horrible.  As bad as you’d expect”.  I wonder whether “as bad as you’d expect” was code for the Governor really making Steve explain his thinking with regard to putting Adam in charge of a task force and how that lead to the crisis they were in at that moment?  Whatever was discussed in that meeting, it sure as hell took a long time.

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But, what I enjoyed more than anything was, once Steve was missing from my screen, Danny took over.  It doesn’t happen all that often, because Steve is always in command (as he should be) but I do love it when Danny gets the chance to take control.  It’s always great to see Danny be the great detective he is and show that, as Steve’s second in command, he is more than capable of leading the team in Steve’s absence.

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It was also great to see Steve and Danny, for the limited amount of time they were both in the episode at the same time, working closely together.  Danny catching up Steve on the case in Danny’s office, just the two of them around the Magic Table with Jerry and in the Camaro, it was great to see these two partnered together as it always should be.

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I also really enjoyed the exchange between Danny and Junior with regard to Danny’s worry that the team had been exposed to the chlorine that had almost killed Randall.  I thought Danny’s caution was very warranted.  Danny has had more than enough experience with these types of things dating back to his Sarin poisoning all the way back in Season 1.  In just the last couple of years, he’s seen Steve exposed to radiation and now suffering from the after effects.  He, along with Steve, Tani and Junior have been exposed to a deadly virus and spent over a week in quarantine (which also led to him being shot).  It’s perfectly understandable that he would be overly cautious when faced with yet another potential exposure to a deadly agent.

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The look on Junior’s face was simply priceless.  I think Junior is still trying to figure out Danny but I also think he’s much closer to understanding him than people give him credit for.  He had a smile on his face when Danny “dismissed” him to accompany Adam to the hospital with Randall.

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It’s just a shame that, toward the end of the case, they pulled the old “Danny disappearing act” again.  Right after that great scene where the entire team, including Adam, advance on the Agrocore building, Steve sends Danny and Junior to cover the roof of the building, teams up Lou and Tani again, and has Adam follow him.  That’s the last time we see Danny for the rest of the episode.

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Steve and Adam soon realize they are at the wrong building and take off, in the Camaro, to where the threat really is.  The only other member of the team we see again after it’s all over is Lou.  So, I guess it wasn’t just Danny who disappeared, but Tani and Junior as well.  But as much as I love Lou, I would have preferred if it had been Danny with Steve and Odell in that last scene in HQ.  Because Odell’s comment about Steve’s hair could only have been better if Danny and his head of hair had been there to give him grief too.

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All in all, this was a fantastic episode.  It was face paced, powerful, had great character development for everyone from Adam and Jesse to the three perps, it had comedy and tears and lots of Danny.  😊  Not much to not like with this one!

What is not to like is the fact that we have yet another hiatus ahead of us.  I love sports but I’m all sports-ed out.  After a month of Olympics behind us and 3 weeks of NCAA March Madness ahead of us, it’s safe to say, I’m tired of sports.  I just want my H50.  Well, the good news is, once this hiatus is over, we’ll probably go straight through from 8.18 to the finale without a break.  Wait… did I say that was good news?

Have a great week my friends!  See ya at the end of the month!

Aloha.  Malama Pono

All screencaps are mine.  Mahalo again to Lisa (@alohaspaceman) for the awesome GIFs


22 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 8.17 Holapu Ke Ahi, Koe Iho Ka Lehu (The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left)

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! You nailed it again,as usual! The one thing I would add is that I loved Lou calling Tani “Annie Oakley”in the library scene,saying they needed to leave before she used her gun! I will also say that Adam’s story is starting to get a little bit crazy for me. I think the reason Adam is acting the way he is is because he doesn’t have Kono there to get advice from or just talk to. I’m with you on the COTW-Cancer affects all of us in one way or another,but I would not go as far as the four men did,but then again,they felt that someone needed to be made accountable for what happened to their loved ones. Will be glad when this next hiatus is over so we can watch H50 uninterrupted!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think everything is just coming down on him. Everything from the moment he and Kono went on the run, all the time they were apart before they found each other. Only to finally be married, only to be ripped apart again for almost 2 years. Finally, they are together but Adam can’t find a place to fit in because of his past. Then Kono leaves and he’s without her yet again. Eventually everyone finally picks up that last straw and just loses it. Adam seems to be there at the moment. Like I said, the guy just can’t seem to catch a break.

      But Kono isn’t dead and even if Grace is off the show, Kono is alive and well and on the mainland. Last time I looked they had telephones in Hawaii, as a matter of fact, in everyone’s back pocket. If he needs Kono to offer some support and be there for him to at least talk to, he could always call her. We don’t need Grace in the show for that to happen, or at least to hear that it happened.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, it wasn’t one of my favorite episodes but it wasn’t bad either. I think what I mainly don’t like is Adam going solo. I agree that Steve should be kept in the loop. But there was also alot to like about this one.

    I loved the drill in the beginning. When Danny strolled in with his cup of coffee, it was hilarious. Danny is always ranting at Steve that he doesn’t take things seriously. Well, now Steve knows how it feels. And it was great that the whole team, except Jerry, agreed with Danny. Even Eddie the dog. His reactions are great. And Tani was very funny when she said “No” to all of them reproducing.

    I also loved how Lou is a great mentor to the newbies. His sense of humor and his compassion shine through. He was funny when he called Tani “Annie Oakley” and his advice to Adam showed how compassionate and wise he can be. I also loved Danny and Junior. Danny was looking out for all of them when he was asking about the effects of the poison on their systems. And Junior was putting his mind at ease.

    I love how Danny handled it all when he asked the Hazmat lady the same question. He sent Junior off with Adam to the hospital. As I said, there was a lot to like about the episode. It is going to be a long wait for the next episode. I will be anxiously waiting. Thanks for the great review, Linda.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It seems a lot of people don’t like how Adam seems to be 100% solo on this. There is also the fact (and I’ve heard this said numerous times as well) that Steve made Junior, a trained Navy SEAL go to the police academy before he’d consider him for Five-0 and yet he handed Adam his own task force without blinking an eye. Ok, he’s the Commander and he has the right to do that if he wants but Adam at least should be checking in at regular intervals and not just when things go wrong.


  3. Susan Schoppe says:

    OMG, Linda you have the best reviews ever! Right on the target and straight on. I totally agree on the thing with Steve never being in the loop before Adam and Jessie put a plan into action. I loved seein Odel he is wonderful, I’d love seeing him more. I would also like to see more of Steve & Danny together like in the beginning but Lou fits in good with either of them as well. I guess it just take awhile for me to get used to others being with our main guys, lol. I do think Tani and Junior are great additions and I can’t wait to see more background stories on Junior. And yes, you took the words right out of my mouth on Steve’s drill. I love how Eddie seems to always takes Danny’s side in a difference of opinion between Steve & Danny, like in the episode with the intervention with Steve’s health. I just love that dog. I too am sports out but not a fan of any anyway. Hope your all back,to feeling good again and like I said NO ONE does better reviews than you. I always look forward to them. Can’t wait till the 30th.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Susan. These reviews are a labor of love for a show that I truly love. It makes me so happy that others enjoy the show as much as I do. I’ve been ridiculed and called every name in the book because of my love and enthusiasm for this show but you know what? I don’t give a rat’s ass.

      It makes me so happy to see people come here for the enjoyment of a great show and even if we don’t always agree 100%, everyone here can express their feelings without ever having to worry that they will be made to feel like they are not appreciated. No one here will ever call anyone a horrible name because of what they like or don’t like. I’m so happy you enjoy it here and I’m thrilled you decided to join our little family here.


      • Susan Schoppe says:

        I totally agree, if you have a different opinion sometimes they are so awful. That’s so wrong, everyone is different. Wouldn’t be sad if we weren’t? I’ve been on the receiving end of a scolding for seeing things differently as well. All the while being respectful, however I’ve come to not care what the mean people think either. And I do feel like a little family here. Thanks for having me 😘

        Liked by 1 person

  4. jlopie1 says:

    Thanks for coming home from Oz, getting a fresh box of tissues out for your snuffles, and sharing your thoughts (and lovely screencaps!) on this episode!

    I’m not going to be shy- I loved all the wondrous Danny time this week! And I’m giving the girl power all the credit! Liz, Ally and Maja did a fantastic job with the writing and directing. They have a flare for creating interesting stories and coming up with perfect lines for the troops.

    Shoot me in the heel if you want, but I have to be honest and admit I didn’t mind Steve being MIA for a large chunk of this one. It made sense to me, and it showed that Steve has complete trust in Danny’s abilities to lead the team, which is very nice to see. I certainly don’t expect this reversal of the usual to happen often, and I completely understand the need for Alex to be doing other things this episode, but I would be untruthful if I didn’t say I enjoyed Danny running the team. I agree with you, Linda, that Danny has a right to be gun shy from his past experiences with dangerous chemical exposures. You mentioned the Sarin case in S1 as well as the most recent exposure on the boat leading to his quarantine and eventual shooting, but there was also the S2 NCIS:LA crossover case with the deadly Ebola, as well as Joe White driving the toxic bees into the Alawai canal! That’s a lot of reasons for Danny to worry about the team being exposed.

    It also was the perfect way for us to learn why it was that the other three accomplices of Randall weren’t outright exposed to the chlorine gas – because Danny had to ask if the team might have been exposed, we were informed that the gas is heavier than air and thus would stay on the ground.

    Favorite part for me was the disaster drill, hands down. It was all pure Danny making perfect sense, frustrated Steve, adorable Eddie and the kids looking at it as if “Dad’s gone crazy on us.” Really well written and played (of course Jerry would come prepared with a 6-person survival kit.)

    Adam is as much a hunk as ever, but I’m not fond of Jessie, and this story can wrap up any time it wants now. The only question I still want answered is what’s the secret about Adam that Shioma said would change his life forever?

    Seeing Odell again was a delight! May he continue to drop in on a case or two every season.

    Obviously, there had to be a lot of poetic license again with this episode. In real life, there’s no way one man and woman could quickly move 10 150lb tanks of highly dangerous chlorine gas. They should have gotten caught right off the bat. Also, Randall should never have been found alive. He should have been quite dead long before Danny and the team arrived. But I don’t really care. It’s fiction, and it’s entertaining!

    Hiatus time again! Whoopee….can’t wait to figure out what to do with Friday night for the next few weeks, cause it sure won’t be watching basketball! Thanks, Linda!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s no surprise that all the Danny time in this episode would be right up your alley Lynnette. I could not agree more. It made this episode from start to finish. You’re also right about Ally and Liz. They have fast become one of my most favorite pairs of writers. All their episodes are so well crafted and they have a finger right on the pulse of what makes these characters click, especially Steve and Danny. That makes them aces in my book.

      I totally forgot about the Ebola and the toxic bees. So that only adds to Danny’s anxiety over the chlorine and makes it even more understandable. I know there will be those who will see it as a weakness in Danny, who will crucify him as being weak and whiny. But I didn’t see it as him just worried about himself. Of course he was, but it was the entire team he was concerned for as well. Lou and Junior were the closest to that van not Danny. I saw it as concern for his team and found it 100% appropriate.

      As to everything else you said…. MORE than 100% agree!!!!


  5. Linda, another outstanding review and I think you hit on everything so well! From that hysterical opening drill that everyone loved to the different take on the COTW and everything else inside and out. Agree that it was a welcome change not to have the story driven by a terrorist plot. There were so many wonderful lines and scenes in this ep that I thoroughly enjoyed. I guess the only things that kept it from being super stellar is that darn Adam/Jessie angle that doesn’t make a lot of sense yet takes up a lot of screen time. I, too, think Ian is such a good actor but I don’t like how this thing is going. It feels forced and awkward, like a tacked on story line. Plus I recently saw an article that Christine Ko signed up for a gig on a CW show. It mentions that she recently “wrapped up” a heavy recurring role on H50. So I’m fine with that. lol I always want more Steve and Danny time anyway…and I think we need to see more opportunities for the new team members to learn about them and Lou and vice-versa, via more personal stories and/or scenes. They’ve had to rebuild their team and have done so very well but I’m ready for more personal interaction b/c that’s how a team becomes even stronger, through caring about each other. Well, in my opinion, anyway. Thanks for all the awesome pics and sharing! Now if we can just hang on until the next ep…ugh!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree. We still don’t know Junior’s story at all. Why he left the Navy so young, why he got a less than warm welcome when he went to visit his parents, why his ex-girlfriend said she heard he was a hero in Afghanistan. There is so much ther and I really hope we learn it all.

      He’s a SEAL and, obviously, so is Steve. Other than saying “booyah” to each other every once in awhile, I’d love to see them really bond over old “battle” stories. It’s safe to say all that “classified” stuff might not be so if they are talking to each other. I’d love to hear some of those stories as well.

      I won’t be sorry to see the Adam/Jesse story come to an end. Like Lynnette said above, the only thing I’m really interested in is whatever Michelle Shioma’s secret is. And once that story is finally over, it will free up valuable time they can use on more “team” building. As you say, their strength has always been in their Ohana.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. People who call you (or anyone) names and belittle you because of your passions are pathetic. It’s sad that it happens. Don’t let it get you down.

    I can’t add too much to your great review — I agree with it all. Just adding one thing —Would just like to thank Odell for calling Steve’s haircut a travesty. Although he’s a gorgeous man with any cut, I wish he would grow back that thick beautiful stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks babe! Don’t worry. I don’t let those remarks get me down. I simply consider the source and move on. They mean absolutely nothing in the scheme of things and they don’t affect my enjoyment of this show one minuscule iota!

      I gonna partially agree with you on Steve’s/Alex’s hair. I 100% agree, I wish he’d grow it back a bit but I think “travesty” is a bit harsh. “Unfortunate” feels better to me. But yeah, he’s so gorgeous he’s able to pull it off like no one else could! ♥♥

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  7. Brooklyngirl says:

    In honor of International Woman’s Day that happened last week, I have to send kudos to the trifecta of ladies who handled this episode. No offense guys, but when the ladies helm the ship, the stories are crisp, fast paced, well-written, flow smoothly and are just plain old excellent!

    Well, we’re all in agreeance on Adam’s storyline – it has to end. I love Ian, but this lone wolf, going rogue is old, tired and hazardous to both Adam and 5-0. And, wait for it, shocker (not), Jessie is sleeping with the enemy. I don’t like Jessie and I really want a fast resolution this seemingly haphazard story line.

    The opening scene was just adorable. Since Tani has already said no to helping procreate, I’ll gladly step up and procreate with Steve and create lots of little McG’s 😈 Long live shallowness!! I just adore Eddie – wish he was around more!!

    The case of the week was handled well. I can understand the deep pain and upset of dealing with cancer and its affects on everyone. Watching Steve handle Manning was amazing. Steve is such an empathetic character.

    I even enjoyed the conversation about the restaurant! I really want to know where they’re going to put that pornographic statue Uncle Vito bought! LOL!

    Odell, Eddie, zippy one-liners, the team together, there was so little to not love about this episode. I say yay to girl power!!

    Another hiatus and then we’ll be heading to towards the finale. Here’s to hearing very soon about RENEWAL!! Thanks for another great review and screencaps!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so right! The “trifecta of ladies” at the helm of this episode truly rock and I wouldn’t object one bit if they wrote several more episodes every season. All the writing is done for this season so let’s hope Ally and Liz are already thinking up fantastic stories for next year!


  8. Carole says:

    Thanks for all your time and effort – this is just about the only place I come these days…..some of the stuff out there is way over the line. I guess I should say “thank you” to everyone here for being a great group. Anyway, seeing quite a bit of Danny this week was really nice and and the humorous one liners…….they are all really good at that. Like you i’m having a hard time with Adam’s storyline. Maybe it will tie into something else…..but it is taking time away from other things I want to see and it’s making me a bit antsy + now another break grrrrr!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, at least we know it’s a good bet that the story line is coming to an end very soon and that, once this latest hiatus is over, we’ll probably have all eight remaining episodes week after week with no breaks.


  9. Love NFL and can do without basketball as really now three more weeks to live without Five 0. Can tolerate the Winter Games. Really this is getting old
    But seriously this was one of the funniest episodes and it had humor.
    Give it 9/10 as glad that Danny did not take Steve seriously. Steve can be way too serious and Danny at least got people to go with him, even Eddie LOL.
    Adam should drop Jesse. After what she is doing to him. Nearly killing him. As well as really sleeping with the enemy. What is she thinking. Unless she is sleeping over due to being undercover and not wanting Adam to know about it. Really Adam love him but sucks at his job
    Love Tani and Junior. They are doing and making up for Kono and Chin missing. But miss the latter
    Love seeing Odell and his new business of barber and lawyering. Funny guy
    Restaurant thing really needs to simmer down a bit. Sure it takes a lot of work. But still it is kind of ruining the season.
    But love the episode.


  10. Wendy says:

    Love the in-depth review, as always, Linda. I thought this episode was really good as I loved all the Danny time as well as the Steve/Danny time. Everyone else has said everything I was going to say so I won’t repeat it all. A three-week break again? Guess I’ll just have to re-watch a few episodes to get my Friday night fix.


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