#H50 Review: 8.16 ‘O na hoku a ka lani wale no kai ‘ike i kahi o Pae (Only the stars of heaven know where Pae is)

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Hi everyone and welcome back H50! After a month’s hiatus thanks to the Olympics, we finally got a new episode of our favorite show.  As you know, I’ve been away for the last two and a half weeks visiting my darling daughter in Australia.  It was a fantastic trip and we had a wonderful time.  I wish I never had to leave.  Friday was our first day back.  What a nice welcome home gift.  A spanking new episode of H50!

Hopefully, this review will be decent this week, as I’m not working at full strength.  Mostly because of a combination of jet lag and a burgeoning head cold, complete with fever, courtesy of the lovely young lady in the seat next to me on the plane for 14+ hours, who spent the entire flight coughing, sneezing and snuffling all over me, I’ve been writing this in spurts when I could.  Please feel free, as you always do, to correct my mistakes and add any and all thoughts about this episode in the comments section.  I’ve missed you guys! It will be nice to hear from you all again! ♥

OK…. let’s take a shot at this:

Three separate stories:  I guess this is our new normal.  I suppose it shouldn’t be a big surprise when we have so many characters and stories which need screen time.  I thought they did a pretty good job of juggling them in this episode, but I still would prefer if we must have more than one story, they’d at least narrow this down to two stories and not three or more.

Even though I’d prefer them to limit the multiple stories to two, I have no problem following along if there are more.  I mean, while I love the writing on this show, it’s not “War and Peace”.  It’s really not that hard to follow along, even when the stories are jumping around.  I don’t like multiple stories because they limit the amount of time each story can have, not because I have difficulty following them.  Even congested, tired and feverish, I had no problem keeping it all straight.

COTW:  The best part of this story about the headmaster of a school who goes from missing to murdered was Tani and Junior.  I absolutely love the dynamic between these two.  The chemistry between Meaghan and Beulah is so much fun to watch on screen.

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We’ve been saying for years how it’s really a silly notion when anyone from Five-0 goes undercover since they are such a visible force on the island.  How on earth don’t people know who they are?  So, it made double sense to send in the kids for this assignment.  They are not well known at this point in time and they really were the only choice in this case.  Who else was going to pose as a couple and attempt to wade through the minefield of a PTA fundraiser?  Anyone who has raised kids and attended these types of functions knows how awful they can be.  Add a bunch of rich, gossipy snobs more than willing to stab each other in the back?  Oh yeah… that’s a fun way to spend an afternoon!

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Tani was the verbal star of this part of the episode.  Her one liners were hysterical.  “I have nothing in my closet that would suggest soccer mom!” “You’re in love” “No we’re not, we’re married!”  “Good beer ain’t cheap!” I adore Tani’s personality.  She’s sarcastic, and irreverent and has no problem telling it exactly how it is. “He also has awful halitosis and no respect for personal space.”  She’s just awesome.

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The COTW itself wasn’t the most interesting in the world but it did give us some great moments.  I loved that Eddie was on the scene at the school to help locate the body.  It’s always fantastic anytime they can find a reason to get that “Five-0 Unit” doggie vest on our favorite canine and get him to a crime scene.  Eddie totally rocks!

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The story also gave us a nice little shoot out when the team raids the warehouse in an attempt to rescue Barton’s wife and daughter.  It’s always fun when the entire team tacks up and goes in guns blazing.  And in a throw back to the past and to our previous crackerjack sniper, Kono, Junior takes the kill shot with total precision!

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And, of course, this story gave us this!  Need I say more???


Adam and Jesse:  First off, please, for the love of God, tell me those ants were all CGI!!!! I was itchy for half an hour!  (No screen cap because I really don’t want to be itchy again 😊)

I’m still on the fence about this story line but it got a bit more interesting this week.  I’m still confused about how Adam is running this “task force” without keeping Steve in the loop.  Adam was out of commission in that rusting shipping container for at least a full day, if not more, and no one even thought, “Huh, we haven’t heard from Adam in a while.  Maybe we should give him a call and see what’s up.”

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But, at least, this story had some forward progression.  We now know for sure there is a bigger fish pulling Hideki’s strings and Adam is thinking it has something to do with the mysterious “secret” Michelle Shioma tried to tell him about.

We’ve speculated about this before.  What could this “secret” be?  Now that we know for sure Hideki is working for someone else, perhaps this big fish is the “secret” that would change Adam’s life.  Could this person be another Noshimuri, a half-sibling that Adam doesn’t know about?

We previously speculated that perhaps Jesse was Adam’s unknown sister but she was with them when Hideki received that phone call and I can’t see her being the one to order Hideki around.  But it is very possible there is another Noshimuri who does have the power over Hideki.

Perhaps with Hiro and Michael dead and Adam “out of the business” this other hypothetical Noshimuri is trying to resurrect the crime family and wants Hiro’s money.  Money he/she thinks Adam has.  This hypothetical person may just be thinking he/she has as much right to Hiro’s money as Michael and Adam did and is out to collect, by any means possible.

And poor Adam.  All he’s ever wanted to do is get away from the Noshimuri legacy and no matter how far he goes, what he does, or what price he pays, it always comes back to haunt him.  Ian rocked this episode from the moment he woke up with those horrible ants all over him to his taking Hideki into the jungle to dig up that old gun.

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And Jesse?  I’m still not sure about her either.  Yeah, she really didn’t have a choice when Hideki sent her in to “interrogate” Adam.  He, obviously, was testing his new protégé to see if she was someone who would do whatever was asked of her and she had to play her part to maintain her cover.  But did she have to be so damn good at it???

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Well, at least Steve is now in the complete loop.  I still have no idea why he wasn’t in the loop all along or why it seems he allowed Adam to go rouge with this but now he knows what’s going on and how deep Adam is in.  Hopefully now Five-0 and Adam will be more of an asset to each other and maybe together they can all get to the bottom of this mess.

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“I’ll meet you any time you want, in our Italian Restaurant”:  While Adam’s story had some forward progression, the restaurant took a huge step backwards.  I admit, I wasn’t very happy with that development, but I still really like this story line. Now, that’s not to say I wouldn’t love it all to go back to the Steve/Danny dynamic of early seasons and based more on the crime fighting. Because I would love that.

But it’s been a trend in the last few years that Steve and Danny don’t team up as often as they did back then. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. Between the episodes Scott misses completely and the necessity of giving all the characters a chance to shine, the times that Steve and Danny are in the Camaro together or working a case as partners has gotten thin. Again, I don’t like it but there it is. We did manage to have them riding and working together on this case, which was wonderful to see, but it just doesn’t happen as often as it used to or as much as I’d like.

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The restaurant story line gives me my Steve and Danny fix.  It’s had them together on my screen more this season than they’ve been in recent times. Would I rather have them in the Camaro and on cases more?  Absolutely. But at least they are together in the restaurant or talking about the restaurant and, while not ideal, it gives me my Steve and Danny time at the very least.

And, I honestly don’t understand those who complain that the restaurant is causing them to bicker more.  They have been bickering from the first moment they met in the McGarrett garage eight years ago.  They are bickering no more now than they ever have before.  It just happens to be about restaurant issues now and not “lack of proper procedure”, or “pepperoni on pizza” or any number of other topics that caused good old-fashioned carguments in the past.

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And, they’re no longer bitterly sniping at each other like they were before, especially in Season 6 when it was almost vicious. They’ve only really had one major fight over the restaurant, when the tools were stolen, and I thought Danny was impressively controlled during the entire thing.  It was all patched up and back to normal in no time.  So, no, I don’t see that the restaurant is causing them to bicker more.  The bickering is the same, only the topic has changed.

As to Uncle Vito… he reminds me so much of a favorite uncle of mine I can’t help but like the guy! My Uncle Abe used to head slap all my male cousins whenever they were being particularly dense! He, like Danny always has, feels incredibly familiar to me from growing up in an Italian/Philly/Jersey family.

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I do wish they hadn’t written that “tries to bribe a government official” thing though.  Because it will look like Five-0 pulled strings to get the charges dropped or, more than likely, we’ll just never hear about it again.

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I will agree that I wish the story would move on a bit quicker. As much as I am enjoying it, I would prefer it to advance now. Time to get that place up and running.   I’m hoping that this latest set back will be the last.  There is that old adage that once you hit rock bottom, there is no where to go but up.

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Danny, and for some unfathomable reason Steve, are willing to let Vito continue to try to right this ship.  I’m hoping this is the last major setback for this venture and now it will, probably slowly, begin to move in the right direction.

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Vito’s speech was right on!  It’s something many…many fans have said over and over again throughout this story line. He gave them the cold hard facts, to their faces, no beating around the bush.  The fact that the guys are still gung-ho and still willing to do what it takes to get this project off the ground shows not only faith (perhaps very misplaced) in Vito but more importantly, in themselves.  In their determination to make their dream a reality and in their commitment and faith in each other.  They are nuts, but their hearts are in the right place.

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Steve and Danny are not stupid people.  Naive, yes. Over ambitious, yes. Stubborn, absolutely.  But not stupid. They have committed to doing this together and I admire them for not simply throwing in the towel when they hit rough waters.  When it finally all comes together, the success will be all the sweeter for the obstacles.

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For now, if they can’t get a liquor license right away, they can always open it as a BYOB.  They also really need to find someone, perhaps Vito, I like the idea of Kamekona, to manage the place for them while they continue to work as Five-0.  Everyone is 100% right that there is no way they can run a restaurant full time before they retire.  Having someone manage the place for them, while they maintain full control, is the best option for them until then.

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So, yeah, the writers really need to begin to move this story in a forward direction.  If they are trying to stretch it out to be an end of season, or even a Season 9 story, that’s fine.  Stretch it out with fun scenes of the guys working together (like when they did Charlie’s bedroom remodel), bonding over power tools or just sitting around the place after a hard day’s work with a couple of Longboards and some laughs.

We also don’t need to see a restaurant scene every single week.  Let a couple of episodes go by without seeing it then have it appear in an episode with a major improvement having been accomplished.  In this way, we’d not only see the restaurant slowly coming together, we would see Danny and Steve actually having some fun together in the process.  There have been enough problems and setbacks.  Time to move on to getting this place up and running.

“Who shot Danny” – H50’s version of “Who shot JR”:  Well, at least we won’t have to wait over an entire summer hiatus to find out like we did back then and while Vito didn’t give us any forward progression with the restaurant, he was able to move this part of the story along.

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So, it seems hazmat-suit-guy wanted to kill Danny but didn’t know where he was these days.  But he does seem to know that Vito and Danny are related and calls Vito to his house to do an estimate on a bathroom remodel.  While there they make small talk about cops they know and Vito does a bit of bragging about his nephew who left Jersey to be a cop in paradise, inadvertently leading hazmat-suit-guy right to Danny.  Oops is right!  I’ve got to feel for Vito.  I mean, we’ve all done it.  When someone is engaging you in conversation about their kids, for instance, we can’t help ourselves from bragging a bit about our own.

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But now the guys have a bit of a lead.  They now know hazmat-suit-guy is from Jersey so whatever it was that had him going after Danny has to do with something that happened while Danny was a cop in Jersey.  It’s not much, but it’s more than they had before.

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From what we’ve seen, Episode 8.18, which will be the first episode to air after yet another interminable hiatus (this time, due to March Madness) and Alex’s directorial debut, will be a Danny centric, flashback episode back to Danny’s time as a cop in Jersey.  Vito has set the wheels in motion for the ride to that episode.  I can’t wait to see where this story leads.

Well, that’s it my friends!  I enjoyed this episode a lot.  It was a nice return after the hiatus and it nicely set up things to begin the move forward on several stories.  Adam, who shot Danny and “Steve’s”.  Not too bad, I’d say.

Aloha. Malama Pono

All screencaps are mine unless other wise noted. (All watermarks have been maintained when already part of the cap)


18 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 8.16 ‘O na hoku a ka lani wale no kai ‘ike i kahi o Pae (Only the stars of heaven know where Pae is)

  1. Susan Schoppe says:

    Oh Linda its so nice to have you back. I’m so sorry you are sick, I can’t believe people fly and expose others when they are sick. You did such a good job even feeling so bad, I couldn’t have. As always you really nailed it. I thought I would come unglued when I saw those ants. OMG, I kept thinking I felt things on me too. I’m still not sure about Jessie, I hope she’s a good guy. I agree, Adam should be in closer contact with the team. Your right, Tani & Junior are great together, I’d like to see that move forward. Loved seeing Eddie I want more of him. Also agree more of Steve & Danny together as well. I do like uncle Vito but I would like to see the restaurant almost finished later after not seeing it for a few episodes as well. Also more Lou as I have become quite a fan of his. He sorta grew on me, lol he can make me laugh with just his facial expressions. I sure hope you get to feeling better. Get some rest & look forward to you next review, your awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Susan! I took care of the duplicate! No worries. It happens sometimes.

      I know that I am one of the few people who still like the restaurant story line but I don’t care. I still think it has the potential to be great for the guys once they get past all the obstacles they’ve run into. And it keeps Steve and Danny on my screen together and that’s always a plus in my book


  2. Carole says:

    Welcome home – I love Aus, but the flight is a killer! When we can we meet my son halfway. It’s how we ended up at SOTB #5. Anyway, it’s been a long month.and I was more than ready for a new episode. With S-9 a given I think the restaurant will go to the back burner because Vito is right – it’s a full time job. I hope it works out. I’m eager to find out why Danny was targeted and to see how Alex (as director) tells the story. I think you’re right about the multiple stories – much as I like the newbies and expanded roles it does mean less Steve & Danny time. I’m torn between wanting more of them and also wanting to see them paired with the “kids”. Adam’s story is leaving me a bit blah…..I don’t know who’s side Jessie is on and like you am a bit confused about why he’s seemingly out there running solo. Answers soon I hope.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I wouldn’t bother me in the least if we don’t see another restaurant scene for a good while. Like I said, I’d love it to be shown sporadically with noticeable improvement each time to show that it is moving forward and coming together. Like of like an episode of “Fixer Upper” where every time they come back from commercial something else has been completed. For this story, every few episodes.

      But there aren’t that many episodes left to spread it out. Like you, I’m pretty confident we’re going to get a season 9. If the writers intend this story to end with Season 8 they are either going to have to run a marathon and get it finished and running or they’re going to have to shut it down.

      But if they intend the story to lap over into Season 9 with the eventual opening of the restaurant further down the line…. then they could do the “Fixer Upper” kind of thing. As always, it’s a wait and see. I’m just going to keep enjoying it anyway I can


  3. Kacee says:

    Welcome back & hoping you have a speedy recovery! Great review as always. My thoughts: Loved Tani & Junior in this ep- Meaghan is amazing as Tani with the perfect combination of humor, sass, & badass. I thought the COTW was pretty interesting.

    The Adam storyline just isn’t doing anything for me. I really don’t like it all & have no idea why the writers wouldn’t just have Adam as part of the team somehow if they wanted Ian on the show. The whole storyline feels completely random & like it’s being shoved down our throats (to me).

    My daughter & friends were getting caught up on Friday’s ep today & they both LOVED uncle Vito. Like you, I also like the idea of the restaurant & think the bickering is comfortable & kind of normal betw the boys. I do wish there were some nice scenes of them working together seemlessly while enjoying a couple of beers in the evenings.

    Still wishing there was a Steve arc this season. There’s been a Danny storyline, Adam arc, Tani family stuff, nice Lou ep with some character background, but really nothing for our main man. It’s a little disappointing but we’ll see If anything develops in the back end of the season. Ok- I’m rambling, feel better soon!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yeah, I have to agree on wishing for more Steve centric stories. It’s not like he’s not in every single episode and pretty much every scene and I also understand why they’ve scaled back the over-the-top physical SEAL antics for Alex’s well being but I do miss SuperSEAL and his stories.

      Joe White is supposed to be coming back at the end of this season. Hopefully it will be the start of a new story arc, with a probable cliff hanger, to carry us into Season 9. If that happens, it might mean Season 9 might be returning the show back to the “Steve McGarrett” show a bit more. I don’t think it can ever be like it was at the beginning but a Steve centric episode a few times a year would be wonderful.

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  4. Hope you are doing well my friend. And Five 0 back after two weeks
    Still really the restaurant thing is dragging on and really think it needs to end as it is probably in a sense the beginning of the end over in retirement.
    Love Vitto and he is funny and wants his nephew to have the best and really think that he could also help Danny solve who and why he nearly was killed in quarantine.
    Love Tani and Junior aka Tanior or Jani as I love to call them LOL
    But still COTW was pretty weak. And Adam should really turn his back on Jessie after what she did to him. But then again he is lousy at his job.
    She should had to win his trust back could had killed the bad guy. Does not make sense. Give it a 7/10
    But still hope you are doing well! Peace!

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  5. Welcome home, Linda! I’m sure you enjoyed being down under.

    The funniest line of the season was in this ep, but it happened so fast I think most people missed it: when Vito, Danny and Steve were hugging, Vito said “what’s that?” Danny answered, “my keys.” I laughed so hard!

    It is a delight to watch Junior and Tani together. They are so fun, but can be intense when called needed.

    I’m one of those who is done with the restaurant. The biggest problem for me — does anyone think Steve, our super SEAL, will be content with this when he retires? Not me. He’s too much a man of action. I think he should open a flight school since he loves to fly. Or be a Naval consultant, or go into private security with Mick (because I love Treat Williams!) Just can’t see Steve being happy by topping off patron’s wine glasses every night.

    I totally agree with you about Adam’s story — how could Steve be so in the dark about it? I hope it has a great conclusion because it’s not doing it for me now.

    Like Kacee said, I’m missing Steve stories. I feel like the shows this year are disjointed and missing emotional impact, ie heart. I hope that changes.

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    • “When Vito, Danny and Steve were hugging, Vito said “what’s that?” Danny answered, “my keys.”

      I actually did miss that the first time I watched but when I watched it again to do my screen caps I caught it. I actually had to re-wind and re-watch again to make sure I heard it right. I couldn’t stop laughing either.

      I understand your feelings about the restaurant and I don’t disagree. Steve IS a man of action and for those of us looking in from the outside it’s hard to ever imagine him enjoying a quite life. If he were a real person and not a TV character… do former cops or soldiers retire and open bars? Or spend all their time playing golf? My husband’s uncle was a Philly cop for over 25 years. He’s spending his retirement traveling, playing golf and playing with his grandchildren and loving every minute of it.

      I would think that for every one who continues the active/action lifestyle there is one who wants to put it all behind him, enjoy the memories and not do it anymore.

      I agree with you. I could easily see Steve running a flight school or going into the PI business but I could also see him happily milling around a restaurant enjoying the good life without risking his life anymore. Honestly, I’d be happy with either as long as it’s what makes him happy.

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  6. Wendy says:

    Welcome home, Linda. Sorry, you’re sick though. This was a mediocre episode for me. It had some good moments but otherwise was underwhelming. They need to move Adam’s case into the whole team and push the restaurant to the back burner. Tani and Junior were great and loved the Steve/Danny/Vito hug at the end. Looking forward to finding out why Danny was shot now Vito has given them a lead. Thanks for another great review.

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  7. Brooklyngirl says:

    Welcome Back!! Hope your trip was great and you’re starting to feel better! This was the longest month ever!!

    I’m not getting the Adam storyline. At all. I love Adam but this going rogue is getting annoying. Filling Steve in AFTER things happen is counter-intuitive, like closing the door after the dog escapes. I don’t trust Jessie as far as I can throw her and since she weighs about 15 lbs. I can throw her pretty far! The one thing I do agree with is that all this talk of a possible “long-lost” sister is true and she’s the new baddie in town. She’s the new head of the Yakuza and is all about exacting revenge against her brother and imagined slights that happened to her because of her name (or lack of it my guess is she doesn’t bear the Noshimuri last name)! I’m just hoping they’ll do this story line some justice.

    The COTW was worse then meh. Construction, drugs, cartels, been there, done that. Tani & Junior are adorable together and seeing the whole team & Eddie was great. Too short and very long overdue!! OMG – watching Steve jackhammer that cement and his hands & arms – those veins! VEIN PORN!! Oh my, I do declare, did it just get hot in here 😈😈 Best part of the episode for me (very shallow I admit and I love it 😉).

    I’m on the fence about the restaurant. I like the idea of it but I don’t think it should be mentioned every week. Like Lou said, who’d thought it would cause friction LOL! They don’t need any more friction. I do like Uncle Vito and think he should run it when the time comes! After reading some of the other comments, I agree. Steve is a man of action and needs the adrenaline highs – teaching flying would be perfect for him till the time comes. Then he can settle into the restaurant business. For me the perfect ending for this show would be the opening of the restaurant with all the Ohana there then fade to black (which will hopefully be a few seasons from now). Until then keep it completely behind the scenes.

    One more new episode then another 3 weeks hiatus! OH MY! See you Friday!!

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  8. rhondagemini says:

    Sorry you’ve been sick, but you did a great review under the circumstances. Tani & Junior are great together,but I do hope the writers aren’t planning to take their relationship to the next level-to me, that would ruin the friendship they have. The COTW was interesting-I was shocked,but not surprised,that the man would confess to the murder to protect his wife,when Steve could not prove she had committed the crime. I do love Uncle Vito and I feel for him after what happened with him and hazmat-suit man-it wasn’t good that he lead the man right to Danny,but at the same time, he didn’t know what the man had planned. Hopefully, we will found out who he is and why he wanted to shoot Danny in the next episode or two. As for Adam’s storyline,I am thinking along the same lines you are,Linda-there could be a half-sibling out there who wants his or her share of Adam’s family money! I can understand why Steve wanted to shut down the task force,but Adam is in too deep now to consider that. I do hope that the H50 team will get involved with it sooner rather than later,as they should have been in the loop all along.

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  9. Well, I was so happy seeing 50 after missing it for a whole month. It wasn’t my favorite episode but it wasn’t bad. I loved Junior and Tani together. They were so cute and funny together. There is great chemistry there. And I’m not getting into the Adam storyline either. Maybe it will start to pick up now, I love Uncle Vito. And Steve is being very patient after this last fiasco. I hope the guys can get the restaurant up and running, just like in Danny’s dream. Next weeks episode looks pretty intense. And it seems to involve the whole team. I love when they are all together, Hope you start to feel better, Linda. Thanks for a great review.

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  10. Jane says:

    Fantastic review again Linda, ALWAYS look forward to reading them every week.
    As we’re so far behind in the U.K. although we are catching up slightly with the break recently in the US, I am unable to make any contribution with thoughts on current episode but may I ask a question regarding an older storyline as I can’t recall reading anything about it recently. Do you recall at the end of the episode 7.24 when Chin has been talking to Steve about being approached to run his own task force, Steve received a call from Joe White about a potential conspiracy within the US Govenment regarding domestic terror plot and there was a photo of someone on Capitol steps. Has this been mentioned again please. Sorry if this is off topic but wondered if this was anywhere storyline that didn’t get to go anywhere.
    Btw loving the restaurant storyline that I’ve seen so far.
    Thanks again Linda for your time and effort that you freely give every week for us all to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Jane. Yes, I and many others do recall the end of 7.24 and the possible domestic terror plot. Unfortunately, that very promising story has never been heard from again. I don’t know why. It could have been a really intriguing story.

      Perhaps with the departure of Grace and DDK, the writers felt it was more important to establish the team with these newbies. If that were the case, I can kind of see their point. The domestic terror plot would have the entire team working at peak performance and they found themselves, at the start of Season 8 with 1/2 of their team gone.

      Who knows? Maybe it’s a story they will revisit now that the team is coming together well again.


  11. Glad you’re back and feeling better, Linda. You still managed to excel even under less than desirable circumstances. 🙂
    Again, the 3-story episode doesn’t work for me. Obviously, I will watch but I get frustrated because spreading everything out like that dilutes each story line. Jumping from this to that and, in the end, I feel disappointed that I couldn’t really tell someone what that particular episode focused on, you know? Wish they’d just stick with one or two max…go for quality, not quantity.
    This COTW didn’t do a lot for me except for a vehicle to let Junior and Tani shine together. I honestly just couldn’t get very involved with the actual crime and when they arrested the husband, I was just a bit “meh” about it. Oh well, can’t have it all.
    Feeling wishy-washy about Adam and his assignment (along with this Jessie chick). I mean, wow, there’s Adam kidnapped, beaten up, stuck in the middle of the jungle with ants crawling all over him (yuck) and no one with H50 even knows what’s going on with him. Come on, he could’ve died out there and they’d be searching for a long time. Just doesn’t seem like a very good way to coordinate a special assignment for him. And it’s a little difficult to feel really involved with it as well because it’s so separate from everything else.
    So the restaurant has its pluses and minuses. Anything with Steve and Danny together works for me for sure. lol And you’re right, they will always bicker–that’s their way (as long as it doesn’t go back to that time when it felt mean and wrong). But opening and running a restaurant is a huge commitment which eats away at time and money and consumes people’s lives. That’s what it takes to make them successful. As much as I love that Danny has this retirement dream and Steve has thrown in with him, it comes across as unrealistic when they are still totally H50. And I don’t want them to stop that yet! So yeah, like for them to hand it off to Uncle Vito (and maybe Kame) at some point, we can re-visit it every so often (they can still get into these business discussions”), and, when the time comes, they can decide if that’s what they still really want to do. It’s just too early, as far as I’m concerned. We went from Danny coming up with this dream and then suddenly, they’re trying to make it happen. Whew!
    I prefer stories that make the viewer feel more emotionally connected. I think Kacee said earlier on that she appreciated the ones with deeper emotions and I agree. Love the action, etc., but I could do with 30 seconds less gunfire or car stunts if it meant I could get a scene with Steve and Danny. I think about Danny’s story line with Matty and Reyes, Steve’s dad, mom, and Joe…some of those stand-alone eps like Danny and his first partner, Danny & Steve trapped in the building explosion, Steve finally facing down Wo-Fat. Wow. Those eps narrowed the focus down to a minimum of characters and allow us to get up close and personal…and INVOLVED. Harder to do that when they have so many people in the mix (Yeah, I’ll keep repeating myself cuz I feel that strongly about it) and screen/story time gets too spread out. They have to be careful because that will lead to stories that are more surface than depth. I truly wish we would keep the bulk of stories centered on Steve and Danny, then Lou and Junior and Tani. That’s H50, after all.
    Great reading everybody’s comments no matter what!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wow… Not much to add to that and for me, that’s saying something! ROFL

      I agree that the episodes were are very focused are the best. And, like those you listed, they are almost 100% episodes which have only ONE story going on. We still do have them, but they are few and far between.

      We’re starting to get into the home stretch of the season. Usually the episodes begin to get much more focus as we move closer to the season finale. I’m hoping for some really great episodes to come.


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