#H50 Review – 8.14 Na Keiki A Kalaihaohia (The Children of Kalaihaohia)

Hey gang!  Welcome to another great H50 weekend and another great episode of our favorite show.  Ok, so maybe this one wasn’t as stellar as last week’s gem, but it was interesting, it was a lot of fun, and it managed to begin the setup for what will be the story arcs leading toward the end of the season.  Oh God… I hate the sound of that.  Oh well, no need to dwell on that for now.

There’s one thing that I’ve always loved about this show.  Yeah, I know, there’s a lot I love about this show and the way the episodes open is right up there at the top of my list.  I’ve said this before; no one does a cold opening like H50 but what makes it even more enjoyable is what usually follows right after.  Take this episode for instance.

For a moment, it looked like we were going to be starting another Halloween type episode or maybe I tuned into the wrong network and got “Night of the Living Dead” instead of H50.  There’s nothing like the grasping, filthy hand of the un-dead rising from the grave to get everyone totally creeped out right off the bat 😊.

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A grave robbery, a shooting and a live burial in a minute and a half, off to the wave and then, ahhhhhhh, there is it!  My weekly fix of beautiful Hawaiian vistas, of sun and surf, watching people all over the beach and the waves, simply enjoying paradise and I can feel the stresses of the week just melting away as I sit back ready to enjoy what I know will be the best hour of TV I’ll watch all week.  I’ll never get tired of it.

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After last weeks emotionally draining episode, this one was much more laid back, even if there was a hell of a lot going on in 42 minutes.  I was a bit concerned when I first read the synopsis for this one because it showed it to be the kind of episode I really don’t care for.  I’m not a fan of episodes that are split into two separate stories and this one was going to revolve around four, none of which were connected to each other.  These usually involve our team being split up in various locations with very little interaction.  Not my cup of tea.

But this episode was extremely well crafted by writer Eric Guggenheim (from a Peter Lenkov story) and director Peter Weller.  This 4-lane highway worked for me because, this time, our team was not split up into the separate stories.  The entire team worked the main “blood diamond” story while the other stories revolved around Adam and his new sub-task force, Pua’s search for stolen power tools and Tani’s brother Koa.

COTW (A):  Let’s talk about this first because, even though it was the “main” story of the episode, it wasn’t the most exciting COTW we’ve ever had.  It starts with the missing dead body of Travis Hinkley and our team running through all the possibilities of why someone would dig him up.  And who else to turn to then our resident expert on all things “macabre”.  We’ve been seeing a lot of Jerry lately being the new “keeper of the magic table” but it was fun to see him back in his office, surrounded by his files once again.  God, I love Jerry.  “Turning of the bones”, ghost marriages (Tinder for the dead! Oh Danny! 😊), zombie powder… Jerry is simply priceless.

Of course, this is H50, so we have to have our red herring in the blue room scene.  This week it’s someone called a “santero” by the name of Mr. Ravello and, of course, even though this guy is 100% creepy and I personally think he should be sent away for eternity for killing innocent animals, he’s not our killer.

The guys figure that out soon enough when the body of Hinkley is found in the stolen van with the guy’s guts (thank you Peter Weller for that extremely fast cut away!) all hanging out.  This guy was a mule.  Finding out he had spent time in West Africa and it wasn’t hard to figure out he was smuggling blood diamonds.

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I must admit, I may be the only person on Earth who has never watched American Idol, so I had no idea who Phillip Phillips was.  Considering he’s a singer and not an actor, he wasn’t half bad as Neil Voss, our diamond smuggler.  Pissed off that Hinkley died before he could deliver the diamonds, Voss digs up his body, only to find the diamonds are not there.  Off he goes to find the mortician who removed the diamonds when he processed the body for burial then to the mortician’s home, where he terrorized the man’s wife into opening the house safe and giving him the diamonds.

I found it interesting that, for once, our bad guy didn’t go the “in for a penny, in for a pound” route.  Meaning, he’d already killed the security guard at the cemetery in the most horrible way possible, why not just eliminate the mortician and his wife and be done with it?  But he left them both alive.  Not usually what we see on this show, so it was nice that for once, we didn’t have a blood bath.

Unless you count Voss’s thinking that carrying diamonds internally was still a good idea.  After he’s shot during an incredibly foolish attempt to draw his weapon on the entire team we see the literal depiction of true “blood” diamonds.

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COTW (B):  “The most important case you’ve ever worked”.  I know there are some people who have grown tired of Steve and Danny arguments.  I am not one of them and this one was an all time classic.  It’s more than obvious that the pressures of pulling the restaurant together are beginning to pile up on the guys and this robbery was a preverbal straw.  I saw no animosity in their argument, just frustration.  Almost all of it, Steve’s.

Danny seemed remarkably calm considering the value of what was taken while Steve was beside himself.  And, I’m sorry to say, I think his reaction was pretty much based in guilt and anger at himself.

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The discussion of who had the keys is irrelevant.  Danny says he didn’t have them because they are on the ring with the fob for the Camaro, which Steve always has.  Steve said he didn’t have them because he was wearing pants without pockets.  When does Steve ever wear pants without pockets?? 😊. Whatever!

It seems pretty obvious that Danny had the keys because he left the restaurant before Steve did.  So, unless he had someone pick him up or his house is within walking distance of Chinatown (which we know it isn’t), Danny drove himself home in the Camaro.  But, he didn’t lock up because Steve was staying late to keep working.

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When Steve was done working, he should have locked up.  Once he realized he didn’t have the keys, he could have called Danny, and had the delight of forcing him to drive all the way back to the restaurant with the keys.  But, obviously, Steve didn’t do that.

Probably exhausted and distracted by the stresses of the day plus working all night in the restaurant, he just left.  It’s not an inconceivable scenario.  We’ve all done it on occasion.  Who hasn’t left the house and forgotten to do something, even lock the door?  Unfortunately, this happened to be a night when someone decided to test the door, and finding it unlocked, simply walked in and made off with all their tools.

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Yeah, Steve is pissed. He’s pissed at himself because he hates it when he makes a mistake.  But like Danny said, people make mistakes all the time.  Danny’s mistake was forgetting to leave the keys behind when he went home.  But, not only did Steve not realize he was leaving the door unlocked, he was also the one who decided that not having insurance was a “calculated risk” which means, they’re not going to get reimbursed for what was taken.  So now he’s doubly angry at himself.  He’s lashing out at Danny out of pure frustration with himself and, of course, Danny being Danny, he lashes back.  It’s just what they do.

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Pua:   Having Pua work the stolen tools case was brilliant.  I loved how they referenced the stolen Christmas Tree from several years ago (5.09 Ke Koho Mamao Aku – Longshot) and Pua’s persistent determination to find who stole it.  (Interesting how Danny took the blame when that was all on Steve! 😊).

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Pua has turned into one hell of a fine cop. Well, in reality he really always was.  He learned at Duke’s elbow, so you know he’s been taught by the best.  I loved the scene between Pua and Kamekona.  Seems the one thing Duke didn’t teach Pua is how to grease the palm of Five-0’s best CI for information.  Shrimp buys information, brah!

And, who didn’t love the way Pua stared down that pawn shop owner?  He may not have Steve’s thousand-yard stare, but he’s was damned effective when it needed to be.

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I suppose finding out the stolen tools were sold at a great price to a family, living in tents, trying to rebuild their home themselves after a wild fire destroyed everything, was a bit of a “redemption” for Pua.  He had relentlessly tracked who cut down the Christmas tree way back when and showed up at Danny’s door on Christmas Eve ready to take the tree away.  But, Pua is no long a gung-ho rookie cop.  He’s a seasoned officer now and when he saw the hardship of that family, his heart completely melted.  Pua is a real softie!

But, he didn’t really need to lie to the guys.  He could have told them exactly where their tools were.  There is no way they would have ever gone to take them back.  Our guys, both of them, are total softies too and would have been fine knowing their tools were being put to such good use.

Steve and Danny:  The absolute best part of this episode for me, as is always the case, was all the Steve and Danny time.  I remember saying, when people were getting all upset over our first peek of the argument, not to worry.  Yeah, it’s a real barn raiser but our guys will be just fine.  They’ll be their old selves before you know it.

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Not only were the guys just fine, they spent this entire episode together.  From the restaurant, to the crime scene.  To Jerry’s office and the rendition room.  They were everywhere together.  Shoulder to shoulder, like real partners are supposed to be.  None of that teaming up with other people stuff in this episode.  It had such a great feel, like back in Season 1, when these two were always attached at the hip.  This is the way it should always be.  Always!

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The last scene between them was wonderful.  Finally, they are both seeing what all of us already knew.  The restaurant is really too much for just the two of them to handle.  They’re not retired yet, after all.  It’s taking too much time and costing much more money.  Danny is right.  They need help.

Of course, we already know that Danny’s uncle Vito is on his way to Hawaii.  Remember, he’s bringing the best Jersey water for the best pizza dough.  Makes sense that he’d be the perfect person to set our guys on a better path to opening.  I’m willing to bet the reason Vito knows which water is best for pizza is because he’s already either worked in or operated a pizza joint himself.  I just hope he’s able to set our guys on the right track and isn’t the person who finally convinces them this venture is doomed.  I really want Danny’s restaurant dream of the future to happen.

Adam:  I’m not sure how I feel about this story line just yet.  I really don’t like the idea that part of maybe every episode is going to be taken up by this “sub-Five-0” task force.  There are only so many minutes in an episode and I’m leery of this taking up time I’d rather see spent on our COTWs and the stories of our core team.

But, I’m also intrigued to see where they’re going to go with this and how it will play out.  I adore Ian Anthony Dale and I’m thrilled he’s been given an expanded role.  And I loved the introduction of Christine Ko, as Jessie.  She looks like one tough cookie that I’m not quite sure we can completely trust.  At least not yet.  It should be interesting to see where this goes.

A place it could go?  When Adam met with Michelle Shioma at the prison, she tried to bribe him into helping her find her kids by telling him she had some big secret, one that could “change his life”.  Now we meet Jessie Nomura.  She’s an orphan with no familial connections.  She finally accepts Adam’s offer because she knew and worked with Michael, Adam’s brother.  Is it possible Michael knew something about Jesse that Adam doesn’t?  Is it possible that Nomura and Noshimuri sounding so similar isn’t a coincidence?

Noelani:  I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I adore Noelani.  She has been such a great addition.  Of course, there will always be a place in my heart for Max.  How could there not be?  But, Noelani has filled his shoes brilliantly.  Not only is she superb as the ME, she’s become the go to medic for just about everyone connected to our team.  It’s not the first time she’s stepped up to help an injured member of Five-0 (or others by extension) but this is the first time she’s actually saved one of their lives. I’m not sure why she’d have just the right medication on hand to reverse an overdose in the morgue though. I mean, once a person has arrived there, it’s sort of beside the point.  But I’m sure as hell glad she did have it.  The alternative would have been utterly devastating.

Tani and Koa:  Second only to all the Steve and Danny time, Tani and Koa were the best part of this episode.   She was so happy, dropping him off for his first day of work with the construction company. It was really sweet of Adam to pull strings and get Koa the job.  But I’m a bit confused as to how that came about.  I mean, Adam doesn’t work construction anymore.  Is it simply that he made friends with the construction guys enough to ask for a favor for a friend?  That part just seemed to come out of nowhere.  But it served its purpose.  Koa is finally employed.

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Yes, Tani was thrilled Koa looked to be starting down a productive path.  Even Koa looked excited to be starting a new job.  He was happy and upbeat and looked enthusiastic to get started.  They were so cute together too.  Riding up on her moped, Koa joking with her about the construction guys checking her out and the adorable way Koa recited all the things he figured Tani would say in her “mom” speech.  It was all so wonderfully upbeat.

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My heart just sank when Adam later found Koa passed out in the porta-toilet on the site.  Thank God for Noelani because Adam, his heart firmly in the right place by trying to protect Koa from the cops, really should have gotten him to a proper ER.

The scene between Tani and Koa was simply heartbreaking.  Meaghan was superb in this scene.  She had me blubbering like a fool. I was expecting rage and tears.  And she gave me that, but she gave everything else in between too.  She came barreling into the room in a panic, terrified that Koa could have died.  She’s shocked to learn he’s been using for a year.  This surprised me. I mean, did she really think he was just a lazy lay-about.  How could she not at least suspect he was using?  It’s even possible he could have even been dealing a bit.  Remember that PlayStation in the season premiere.  Where did he get the money for that?

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Anyway, she immediately goes in to authority mode, telling him he’s going to rehab before finally, predictably breaking down over what could have happened.  That she would break down was no surprise, but it’s how Meaghan played it that was awesome.  There is always something even more heart wrenching when a strong person, usually a male character, completely breaks down.  I got that same gut punch here.  We’re used to Tani being tough as nails, her strength leaps off the screen.  She completely fell apart, almost inconsolable over the thought of losing the only family she has left, the brother she loves unconditionally and the idea of betraying the trust her father placed in her to take care of him.  It was a magnificent performance.  I’m sniffling right now just remembering it.

Use humor to combat stress:  A great thing about this show is the way they always are able to use humor in conjunction with the action and the explosions.  This episode was chock-full of some of the best one-liners we’ve had in one episode.

  • Danny’s use of “fake news” and “alternative facts” during the argument at the restaurant. Capped off with him calling Steve “Lieutenant Cargo Pants”!  😊 I admit, I miss the cargo pants?  And Steve’s comment about “revisionist history” was so dead on accurate when it comes to this show and it’s fandom I was crying with laughter! 😊
  • I expect great lines in any dialog between our guys but listening to Danny at the cemetery was a real treat. Not only was it hysterical as Danny read the tombstone epitaph of Travis Hinkley in response to Steve’s question of “what do we know about the prior occupant of this grave?”  his delivery was perfect. Based on Junior’s laughter and that smile on Steve’s face, I think it’s safe to say they enjoyed it as well.
  • It seems the guys still haven’t been able to cure Junior of the “Sirs”. He’s still calling Steve “sir” (which I actually really like by the way) and now it seems he’s calling Lou “Cap”.  He’s so respectful, he calls Noelani “Dr. Cunha”.  I just love Junior!

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  • Speaking of Junior, it was really cute that he was trying to “use humor to combat job stress” per Steve’s suggestion. His “Alien” joke was priceless even if the delivery was a little flat.  I’m looking forward to seeing him working on his technique! 😊 I’m sure Danny can give him lessons!
  • Noelani was also really funny during that scene. It was only one line but her delivery was spot on.  “Gentlemen.  Evidence is degrading here.  Can we continue?” 😊

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  • It was so great to see Jerry back in his office. I loved the back and forth between Jerry and Danny as Jerry went through all his suggestions of possible reasons for digging up a dead body.  “Tinder for the dead” ROFLMAO.  The best part was Steve trying to keep them both focused.  Alex killed that scene showing he’s just as accomplished with the comedy as he is with the drama.  Not that we didn’t already know that.

I’m sure there were even more great lines I’m not remembering right now.  Let me know is the comments if I missed one you particularly liked.

Well that’s it for this week my friends.  No new episode next week so I’ll see you in two weeks.  There is a re-run of 7.07 (Ka makuahine a me ke keikikane – The Mother and Son) which was the 150th Episode scheduled for Saturday night.  I won’t be watching for reasons I don’t need to explain to anyone who knows me.

Have a great two weeks everyone!  Aloha.  Malama pono

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.


21 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 8.14 Na Keiki A Kalaihaohia (The Children of Kalaihaohia)

  1. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,as usual,Linda! You nailed it! Not much I can add except that the guys will have a hard time getting Junior to stop calling Steve “sir”. I mean,he is a military man, as is Steve,and the sir thing is part of the training. Great episode,anyway!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice review, Linda…especially since, as you said, there was so much IN this episode. I pretty much agree with all the points you brought up. Not my fav ep but some good “gems” in there…get it? Gems. lol Whatever, right? Danny and Steve with Jerry–so darn funny. Noelani coming to the rescue again–perfect. *She’s probably checking her job description, though. Tani’s emotional scene with her brother-heart-breaking and realistic. As far as her not realizing what he was doing this past year. Trust me, you don’t want to believe it. And it’s harder when it’s someone so close to you, you love ’em, and you are hopeful that they are making better choices. You can’t always see what is happening right in front of you.
    And yes, I think the argument between Danny and Steve was based solely on frustration. Good lord, the two of them are under-taking a major project here, one that is definitely a financial risk and they’re trying to make it happen while both still working full-time, stressful and dangerous jobs. I think that’s a lot to take on…truthfully, I don’t know how they’re managing it in the first place. There are only so many hours in the day and they are doing the work themselves (have you seen any other workers? No.). It only makes sense that they’re running behind, both in time and budget, and need help before they lose their pocket-book and/or their minds. Maybe Danny’s Uncle can manage to save them and take a lot of the stress from their shoulders. As fun as the idea of their restaurant is, it seems unrealistic to think they can do this all by themselves. Remember, even with Danny’s passion and Steve’s commitment, they are still novices at this!
    On a related note, thank you for all those awesome screen shots of Danny and Steve TOGETHER! I don’t care if they’re in the car, walking on the sidewalk, standing in a graveyard, or having a bit of rumble in the restaurant…keep them together, for crying out loud. Partners, right? Yes.
    I do get worried that, yet again, the H50 canvas is getting quite crowded with characters. They’re all great but they can’t all have central or long-arcing story lines all the time. I’m with you in regards to Adam and now, Jesse…what does this mean in terms of screen time? I can like all of these characters a lot and they can add some good stuff but, if I’m going to be truthful, it’s Steve and Danny’s characters staying at the center that make the show for me. I don’t want Alex and Scott to have to carry the show to the point of exhaustion or anything…I just don’t want the show to dilute what makes it special. There’s a reason for major, minor, and recurring characters…especially when we only have a certain number of episodes per season and those episodes are comprised of a limited number of minutes. It invites more of those split-story episodes of which both of us are not fans. I don’t want H50 to try and be all things to all people–I want it to focus on what they do best. Make sense?
    Thanks for another great review, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hear what you’re saying about Tani and her not knowing about Koa using … but… when she pulled Koa out of that house right before the police were going to raid it…. I know she didn’t think they were going to raid the place because they were in there playing PlayStation. What did she think… they were busting the place for drugs and Koa was just in there as a spectator? I understand her not wanting to believe it though.


  3. jlopie1 says:

    Great review for a fun episode, Linda! Nothing much to add. The restaurant argument as well as the banter at the cemetery and in Jerry’s office were the best we’ve had in a long, long time! You say this was a story by PLenkov? Well, he should know his boys the best – and I think they were characterized perfectly and acted out comfortably by Scott and Alex who were completely in the zone together this week. It’s episodes like this that make the Danny-less episodes harder to watch. I miss this dynamic! This is how a show in it’s 8th season gives a successful master class on how to continue to get the job done and even increase it’s popularity.

    I like your point that this episode proceeded to set up several storylines for the rest of the season. Pretty sure Tani and Koa’s story isn’t over yet! I think the show is doing a good job introducing drug use as Koa’s situation – especially opioids – and all the problems users and their families must go through. It’s not going to be as simple as Tani thought it could be. I hope, in the end, Koa gets the help and gets well, for Tani’s sake!

    Great intro of Jessie! She looks to be a tough cookie, and someone who will give Adam a run for his money. Another good story arc to keep us marching towards the season finale.

    Pua is a gem! Enough about that!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Did you notice how little Chi was in this episode. Looks like they gave him some time off after that emotional gut-wrenching he put in last week. Lou was only in three scenes. He drove up with the team in the take down of Voss. He was around the magic table with the team when they identified Voss. But the first scene we see him in, I don’t even thing Chi was really in.

      Lou is around the magic table with Tani and Junior. You never see them all at the same time. You see Tani with Lou’s arm in the frame. Or you see Junior with Lou’s arm in the frame. Or you see just Lou. I think he filmed his portion of the scene alone, at the same time he filmed the other “magic table” scene and it’s his stand in’s arm we see in that first scene. No harm.. no foul. Everyone deserves a break every once in awhile.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Brooklyngirl says:

    Well, this certainly was one very bumpy ride. It reminded me of a tennis match, I had no idea of where to look. Theft, robbery, grave snatching, drug overdose, the morgue, the shrimp truck, Magic Island, the blue room, Jerry’s office!! This one won’t make it to my favorite episodes list and while it took me a while I did settle in for the ride. But, I do have a peeve and it’s the word putz. It’s such a derogatory word and just bothers me no end and Danny has called Steve it twice (not a lot I realize, but…) OK, enough said and got it off my chest.

    It was an interesting concept, but with so much else thrown in, it was, shall I say, lost in translation. It had some fun dialog and moments but, for me, Pua was the break out star of the episode. Whatever I previously thought of him this episode changed my mind. His dogged determination was no match for his big heart. I just wish that he would’ve told Steve and Danny the truth, because their hearts and compassion are even bigger.

    See you in 2 weeks! Thanks, as always, for the review and screencaps!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Susan Schoppe says:

    That was a great review, but for me yours always are! I absolutely loved this episode. It may have had a lot going on but I could follow this one easier than others that have had a lot going on. It seem to fit well. I loved the restaurant scene with Steve and Danny and Pua, was awesome. I to wish he would have told Steve and Danny about the tools because as you said they would have let them keep them. I’m so happy Adam is back I love that guy and I think Jessy is going to be great. I really look forward to all the new openings that they have set up for everyone for future stories. I am loving this season more than I thought. Have a good two weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Can’t add too much to your fine review. I cracked up at the girl holding the umbrella over Kamekona. Her head nods were too funny.
    I didn’t understand why Steve would question Adam about all the resources going into his investigation, after he practically begged Adam to take the job. Seemed contradictory.
    I don’t like Jesse. Can’t really say why — just a feeling.
    I hope Junior never stops with the “sirs.” I love the respect and adoration he shows Steve.
    Have a great week everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t really have a good feeling about Jesse. I don’t trust her. She’s going to have to work hard to earn that trust. I think Adam should be very aware that she was right when she said to him “you don’t know me”. No he doesn’t. I hope he proceeds with extreme caution!


  7. I also loved the episode, Steve and Danny were great together as usual. I loved Steve’s comment about using a shock collar for Danny when Danny suggested he get one for Junior to get him to stop saying “sir”. Steve said maybe he’d get two for the price of one and use it on Danny when he makes comments like that in the future. Those two together can make the whole show for me. I hope they can make it with their restaurant. Tani was fantastic in this episode. She really loves her brother. I am enjoying this story and can’t wait to see where it goes. I do love Tani. I love Junior too. He’s great with Steve and Danny. Thanks for a great review, Linda. I’m a little late because I was working all weekend. But I never miss a review,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for that. And no worries on being late. I was worried I wouldn’t even get the review posted today. My weekend has been nuts. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode so much and the review! Thanks for always reading! ♥♥


  8. Carole says:

    Not much to add. It was nice to see the boys together (and not in some frantic, life threatening situation for once) for most of the show……..I do think they need some help with the restaurant though – don’t know when they sleep, they are looking a bit tired. Doesn’t seem like we’ll get a valentine episode, but it would be nice to see them get some quality downtime while the kids mind the shop. Nice to see Pua enjoying success in his job – he’s come a long way. We certainly have a lot of ongoing storyline to keep track of……and now a bunch of missed weeks? I agree with you Linda …..if we have to get a rerun -did it have to be that one ………

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a set up episode for her return in a few weeks. Shows always do that. When an old character is going to make an appearance, they always re-run the last episode they were in to refresh everyone’s memory that they exist. Of course, there is no way anyone doesn’t remember she exists, no matter people feel about her.


  9. Sorry I am late. But had a lot going on. And in that of in the Pua really is a teddy bear and if Steve and Danny were in that situation. Really they would had left those workers keep the tools too and Pua did not lie really. Felt bad for those poor workers
    Tani really needs to stop playing nice to her brother and really it will be out of her hands to help him from the cops. As he will end up either in prison or in a box or both. Really feel bad for her.
    And that really felt that Adam’s new informant would walk out of him when she heard he killed his brother Michael. But glad she trusted him.
    Restaurant thing really if they brought in a third partner that has experience. That would be really be good.
    But really not a good episode but that’s just me. 6/10!


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