#H50 Review: 8.10 I ka wā mamua, I ka wā mahope (In the time in front, the time in back)

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It’s not something that happens very often; a Friday night H50 double header.  It’s only happened two times before.  The last night of Season 5 and the last night of Season 6.  Each time, I decided on one long review to cover both episodes instead of doing two individual reviews.  But those nights were the season finale nights of their respective seasons.  I had the entire summer to get the extra long double review done if I needed to.  And even though I didn’t take the whole summer, I did take my time to get it right.

But this is not summer. This is Christmas time.  Cooking, baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating, house cleaning, Christmas festivals, it just goes on and on.  So, this time, I decided to do two normal single reviews as if the episodes weren’t on the same night.  Hopefully, they will only be a day or so apart.  I’ll do my best.

This episode, like Episode #100 with Steve’s alternate reality, will go down as one of my most favorite episodes ever.  I loved that we got to see Danny’s idea of a future reality.  This is also the second of three end of year episodes where Danny is front and center.  For me, that is always a bonus.  The more we get of Danny Williams, the happier I am.  So, let’s get on with the review.

And let’s start with…..

Quarantine:   This is not a group of people who take “down time” very well and spending six days stuck in that one room would be enough to drive anyone insane.  Playing “go fish”?  It’s like they’ve run through every game they can think of and have resorted to the most mindless childhood card game imaginable because they just can’t think of anything else to do.

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And no one is more bored than caged lion, Steve. I was having a conversation with a couple of friends last week talking about why Jerry cut his hair in the previous episode.  We agreed that joining a dating service seemed like a valid reason.  We were then speculating on what the reason could be for Steve to go into quarantine with hair and end up buzzed in the very next episode.  I said to them… “Who knows?  Maybe he just gets so totally bored out of his mind, he takes it out on his hair!”  I love it when I’m right about something even if I was only joking when I said it! LOL

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There was also a totally adorable moment between Tani and Junior when she asks him if he’s serious about growing out an Afro.  When he says he was only kidding, she tells him he should, that he’d be really cute with one.  They laugh back and forth with each other only to notice Steve and Danny looking at them with the funniest facial expressions ever. “What?” Junior asks, to which Steve and Danny jointly respond “Nothing”.  But the looks on their faces, especially Danny as he looks at Junior, are unmistakably saying, “You do realize she’s flirting with you… right?? Whatcha gonna do about it??” So friggin’ adorable.

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I also totally believe that Danny calling Steve “ghetto Vin Diesel” was 100% a Scott ad-lib.  Of course, I have no way of knowing that for sure but based on the hysterical reactions from the other three it sure looked that way to me.  And what on earth was Steve thinking to go anywhere near Danny’s hair with that razor anyway?!? ROFL

Of course, this happy little scene quickly collapses into one of horror when an unknown assailant, masquerading as a doctor (in full hazmat gear) enters the quarantine and, point blank, shoots Danny in the chest!  If that wasn’t jarring enough, he then puts the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger.

Later, after Lou and Jerry find out who this guy is, and Five-0 raids his motel room, they find a photograph of Danny on a table with the words “He deserved to die” written across the top.  Now I have about a million questions.

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Who was this guy?  He asked Danny if he recognized him and Danny said no.  So, not someone Danny previously arrested.  Or, at least, not someone he arrested who was memorable enough for Danny to remember.

Was he acting alone?  Is this just some random guy with an imagined grudge against Danny or was he sent by someone else?  Who do we know who might have it out for Danny?  Could it be retribution for Marco Reyes perhaps?  Even though it wasn’t the Colombians who arrested Danny and threw him in that Colombian prison, they were more than thrilled to get him there and exact their retribution.  But Danny made it out of there fairly quickly.  He was not meant to ever leave that place alive.

Or could it be an old case that reaches all the way back to Jersey?  It would be reasonable that Danny doesn’t remember the face of every person he put away all those years ago or those also affected by those arrests.  There were those 87 successful homicide investigations he had under his belt before he came to Hawaii.

Or could it be much more personal?   Rick Peterson is still in jail somewhere, isn’t he? Or has he gotten out?  Escaped?  This is a puzzle that looks to be a story arc for the future. It’s exciting but I so hate the idea that someone else might be out there gunning for our Jersey Boy!

Steve, Tani and Junior mobilizing to save Danny was incredible to watch.  Steve was terrified… again!  This is the second time in two weeks he’s come *this close* to losing Danny.  Except, unlike last week when he, for the most part, had to sit around helplessly and wait for help, here he could actually do something to save Danny as he reaches back into his experiences on the battlefield and uses techniques he’s seen utilized by medics in the field.  With Junior at his side, who has also seen his fair share of battlefield trauma and was an invaluable assistant to Steve throughout, they’re able to stabilize Danny but not by much.

A cardiothoracic surgeon arrives a short time later and, communicating through the rooms speaker system, helps talk Dr. Andy… sorry… Steve through a delicate procedure to help relieve the pressure in Danny’s chest which is constricting his heart.  This is one of those episodes where, even though you already know that everything is going to be alright, you still finding yourself holding your breath through entire scenes.

I also really liked how level headed and resourcefulness Tani was.  Unlike last week, there was no minor freak out here.  She had no time for that.  With Steve’s very commanding “figure it out, figure it out. GO figure it out!!!” ringing in her ears she did the first thing she could think of.  Throwing a chair at the unbreakable glass wall was exactly something I could see Steve do in that situation. Initially resort to brute force but then figure out a more logical solution.  Flooding the bathroom as genius!

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The writing of Zoe Robyn and the direction of Peter Weller were stellar in this episode.  The dialog was dead on perfect.  One of my favorite moments was when Lou confronts the guy from the bomb squad.  He tells Lou he doesn’t understand how risky it is to try to talk anyone through defusing the bomb.  Lou totally loses his shit (because we already know what Lou is like when his friends are in danger).

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“Let me tell you about risky.  You see him?  That’s Steve McGarrett.  You leave Steve McGarrett in a room without a plan, and you know what he’s gonna do then?  He’s gonna come up with one of his own.  And it ain’t gonna be risky.  It’s only gonna be the most certifiably insane thing you or I could ever think of.  So, for God’s sake, tell me there’s another option.”  No truer words were ever spoken!

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Unfortunately, the best solution the bomb squad can come up with its setting off another blast to bring down a wall.  When the opening caused by the blast is only a small hole, Lou takes matters into his own hands.  Taking a sledge hammer to the wall to bring it down the rest of the way. Luckily, Lou has experience with demolishing walls after his little excursion to Clay Maxwell’s house in Chicago! 😉

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Peter Weller has turned into one of my favorite directors.  I just love how he puts together a scene.  The camera zooming in on Danny’s chest as Steve “operates”, the close-ups on the faces of the characters, especially Steve’s, to show the raw emotions.  And I particularly loved how he handled Danny’s ……

Hallucinations:  I often wonder what the average H50 viewer thinks when an episode first begins.  We, of course, have seen press releases, behind the scenes and promo photos, sneak peaks. But, they are going into the “cold opening” completely cold.  They have no way of knowing, in those first few minutes, that the hustling and bustling restaurant isn’t really happening.  But I wonder if they were able to notice the subtle touch of Peter Weller throughout.

Steve and Danny’s Restaurant:  Steve is working the room.  Schmoozing the customers and expertly maneuvering the staff.  (Personal note:  Alex/Steve speaking Italian is positively orgasmic).  Danny, meanwhile, is expertly working the kitchen, including a new creation from their master chef (“polenta crostini, a little porcini” which looks absolutely incredible).  Danny feeding Steve the polenta so he can taste the new recipe and Steve’s perfect “Serve ‘em Danno” did all kinds of funny things to my heart, but then, a lot of things in this episode did that.

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Peter Weller’s masterful touch in this scene was incredibly subtle.  The edges of the scene, as if your peripheral vision was slightly out of whack, were slightly blurred.  As the scene progressed, the blurriness became more noticeable, as the edges of clarity slowly moved inward.  It was a wonderful way to show this is not real… this is imagination.  It was extremely well done.

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I liked how Zoe implemented Danny’s idea from the last episode for a waiting room for people who are waiting to be seated at their table.  You can see people milling about just beyond the front desk of the restaurant.  I thought the addition of photographs of the Ohana on the walls was an extremely nice touch. It warmed my heart they included Aunt Deb!  But I was just a little disappointed the name of the restaurant wasn’t spoken or even printed on the front of the menus.  I guess, even in Danny’s comatose dreams, that’s still up in the air.

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I know this is not a view of the actual future.  It’s only a hallucination in Danny’s mind but I can’t help but hope that this is exactly how the restaurant endeavor will play out.  Steve dancing around a happy room full of patrons, Danny commanding a kitchen that would make Grandma Williams proud. They both looked so happy.

But, of course, for now, this is not happening.  I loved how the news report of the TV of the “veteran detective shot and killed inside King’s Medical Center” dovetails us back to what’s going on in quarantine and leap frogs us into our story of the week.  The gun-shot wound bleeding out on Danny’s pristine white shirt as Steve says “that’s you, Buddy” was simply perfect.

Gracie’s wedding day:  I can’t decide what I loved the most about this dream of Danny’s.  Gracie getting married.  She’s marrying Will Grover.  Danny comforts her when she gets cold feet about whether she and Will have what it takes to make a marriage succeed and assuring her they have exactly what it takes.  After all the years that have passed, he is still her Danno and she, still his Monkey.  Danny and Lou talking about wedding costs and how they each raised such fine kids.  The wedding is taking place at Casa McG.  Oh snap… there goes another one of those funny things in my heart.  Nope, can’t decide what I loved most because I loved every moment of it.

HPD’s latest graduate: I don’t know who was responsible for the casting of grown up Grace and grown up Charlie, but they sure as hell hit a home run.  Both were perfect, but grown up Charlie was so realistic it would be easy to pass him off as Scott’s son.

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It was another perfect scene.  Charlie sitting on stage with the rest of his graduation class while Duke gives the commencement speech.  Who better than Duke? I absolutely loved his speech. It was absolutely perfect.

Danny, Steve, Kamekona, Flippa, Junior and Tani are all there to support Charlie on his big day.  It’s a toss up as to who’s prouder, Danny or Steve.  The father or the role model.  Personally, I think, at this point, those terms may be totally interchangeable in how Charlie views Steve and Danny.

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Steve and Danny are retired and “Captain” Tani is now head of Five-0 and married to Junior.  I love how Danny’s mind totally ships ReiRey!  And as cute as they are as flirty Five-0 rookies they are striking as a married couple.  And Danny’s mind has dreams that Charlie will not only follow in his footsteps and be a cop, but he will be Five-0.  My selfish heart wants this show to last long enough to see this dream become a reality too.

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Kodam baby:  My personal feelings about departures aside, I like how they are keeping Kono’s name in the episodes.  Of course, with Adam there all the time now, it would be silly to pretend like the woman doesn’t exist.  It’s very sweet how Danny views Adam as a friend and, since he’s always loved Kono like a sister, it’s nice that his hallucinating mind pictures them together, happy and new parents.  The scene reminded me just a bit of the one after Charlie was born, of Steve and Danny gazing at the newborn in the nursery.  And just like Danny was able to assure Grace she will be a wonderful wife, he does the same here for Adam.  He’s a great uncle to Charlie… he will be an awesome father to his own little girl.  I do wonder if there is any chance we’ll ever see Kono again and if this dream could come true.  Even if it’s not in Hawaii.

Grumpy old men:  This might just be my favorite scene in the entire episode and it seems perfectly appropriate that in Danny’s dying moment (his heart had just stopped beating) his thoughts would go to the most important person in his life.  And there they are, Steve and Danny side by side, far in the future, in their golden years.  They’re still sitting in their favorite chairs on Steve’s beach and they’re still good naturedly sniping at each other.

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The makeup department really outdid themselves on this scene.  Alex and Scott look incredible.  I keep thinking how funny it would have been if they wore that makeup home to give Malia and Kacy a taste of what’s in their future! LOL  And the way they modulated their voices to make them sound older was awesome.  If someone just walked into the room, not knowing the show, and saw these two on the screen, they’d be hard pressed not to believe they weren’t actually old men.

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My favorite part was when Danny tells Steve that his granddaughter Clara, who’s going to be the third generation of Williamses to go to the Police Academy, asked him about his life.  If there was anything he’d change about it.  He told her no, he’d wouldn’t change a thing.  Of course, being typical Danny, he couldn’t resist a rib at Steve by saying “I would have changed my partner”.  As always, Steve knows he doesn’t mean it, but I had to laugh, that all those years later, Steve tells Danny to “blow it out your ass!”

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OMG… These two….in Danny’s mind… All is right in the world.  They’re going to grow old together.  They’re going to see the kids grow up and be successful.  They’re going to retire and run their successful restaurant together.  Five-0 will continue and thrive.  Of course, these are all allusions in Danny’s dying mind, but it sure feels great to think it could all really happen this way.

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The hospital waiting room:  Once again, the entire Ohana has gathered outside an operating room worried about a member of their family. It was a nice touch to have Kamekona tease Steve about his new buzz cut. A bit of humor to alleviate the heavy tension while Danny is in surgery.  It was a needed diversion because it was Eric who finally caused me to shed a few tears.

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The tremble in his voice and the tears in his eyes as he’s speaking to his mother, Danny’s sister Stella, was heartbreaking.  As was his conversation with Adam about what it was like for the family when Danny moved away and how it was Danny who set him straight and how much Danny means to him.  It was a very heartwarming conversation and it definitely brought a tear to the eye. I was also very touched by the supportive hug Steve gave to a weepy Eric when he entered the waiting area.  If I hadn’t been teary by then, that would have done it right there.

Of course, Danny pulls through and everyone gathers around his bed for an Ohana visit.  There is good natured banter about whether Steve washed his hands before the “finger thoracostomy”.  Steve:  “You’re such a baby.  You gonna be a baby about this?  Let me tell you something.  The fact is, if I didn’t put my finger inside of you, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”  Eric:  “Wow… thanks for that image!”. ROFLMAO…. Ohhhhhhh the McDanno slash lover in me loved that exchange soooooo much!

The episode ends with that raid at the motel room of “Joshua Hollister”, the man who shot Danny and the discovery of that photo with the cryptic “He deserved to die” scrawled across the top.  I wonder when we’re going to find out who this guy was and why he tried to kill Danny.  Just like 8.09 dovetailed into 8.10,  it seems this story is also not any where near over. Something to definitely look forward to in 2018!

Let’s talk about Steve:  As always Alex was phenomenal in this episode.  In all the of Danny’s dreams, Steve was perfection.  The bustling restaurant owner, Charlie’s proud “favorite uncle”, as old Steve, still loving Danny, still there, just like always, until death do they part.


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But it was Steve, and the way Alex played him in quarantine that was the most incredible.  Like I said before, Steve was terrified… again… at the prospect of losing Danny.  This time he, literally, had the “hands-on” opportunity to do everything in his power to save him.

It was very touching yet totally unsurprising how Steve refused to leave Danny’s side for one second.   He sent Tani off to figure out a way to contact the outside and try to get them out.  Usually it’s Steve who’s coming up with, as Lou said, the “most certifiably insane” way to get out of a particular situation but not this time. There was no way in hell he was stepping a millimeter away from Danny.

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Alex, as always, was superb.  Watching Steve’s emotions play out was fascinating.  He was stunned when the shot rang out and he saw Danny go down and totally thrown when the shooter then killed himself.  He went frantic as they all struggled to cut their ties and mobilized to help Danny.  His voice shook.  His eyes were glassy with tears he refused to shed, lest them impede his ability to help Danny.  He was steadfast and courageous as he performed emergency surgery.

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But the worst (or best from an acting perspective) was when Danny was finally being wheeled out of isolation and headed toward surgery and Steve was forced to stay behind. The look on Steve’s face was pure torture. It went against every instinct in Steve not to stay glued to Danny’s side.  Alex played it beautifully.

For blog127For blog128

And finally, the look of determination on his face when he picked up that photo of Danny in Hollister’s motel room.  This is not over.  The fear for Danny is palatable as is the determination that no one will hurt Danny again.

For blog172

Finally let’s talk about Danny:  I just want to say something about the Danny that Danny envisions in his future.  This Danny is a happy man.  His daughter has grown up to be a beautiful, intelligent young woman and she’s marrying a good, decent, wonderful young man.  The son of one of his long time best friends.  His son has also grown into a wonderful young man, a man who has chosen to follow in his father’s footsteps.  Danny, always the loving and proud father, envisions nothing but happiness for his children.

For blog109

And, like Steve’s alternate reality in Episode #100, in Danny’s mind he is a happy man because everyone around him is in a happy place.  This is Danny’s true everyday reality.  Behind all the bluster and beneath all the snarky comments, this man loves these people, all of these people, with his full heart. When he’s at his most vulnerable, when he can’t control where his mind goes, when his mouth doesn’t get in the way 😉 this is how he truly feels about each and every one of them.  His uninhibited mind tells the true story of his heart.

As for Steve, well, that’s always been a given.  Even as old men, these two still can’t sit on a beach without the bickering that makes them who they are.  Danny’s mind doesn’t change them into what they have never been.  Decades in the future they will still be Steve and Danny, bickering like “an old married couple” and loving each other just like always.  In Danny’s mind, they are already perfect.  Oh yeah… there goes my heart again.


Well, that’s it for this episode review.  Now off to work on the next one!  Thanks for reading my friends.

Aloha.  Malama pono.

All screen caps are mine unless otherwise noted.


14 thoughts on “#H50 Review: 8.10 I ka wā mamua, I ka wā mahope (In the time in front, the time in back)

  1. Awesome review, Linda. This is in my top five favorite episodes. And the EMT in me is thrilled that they got the medical details right this time. Mostly.

    So I guess the writers forgot that Steve performed a similar procedure in the field on a bad guy. In 1.16, he jabbed a hollow stick into the guy’s chest to relieve a pneumothorax. Oh well.

    My favorite scenes/lines:

    Danny wondering if Steve is going to trim below the waist. Wow, how many of us got a great visual on that!

    Steve yelling at Tani to “figure it out.” At first it jarred me that he spoke so harshly, but then I realized that Steve was terrified of losing Danny, and that fear came out in his voice. So powerful, and a tip of my hat to Alex for that incredible moment.

    Steve, just before putting his finger in the incision, whispering to Danny that they are even now.

    I love the scenes of the team together in a relaxed way — laughing and kidding each other, ie “ghetto Vin Diesel.” We need more of that.

    Finally, I was stunned at how much younger Alex looked in the later scenes when his grey beard was trimmed. His beautiful face was revealed. I hope he does more shaving in the future.

    Thanks for the great review. What a fabulous Friday night that was!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment. I also remember that Steve did a similar procedure back in Season 1 but that guy’s lung collapsed due to blunt trauma not damage from a gunshot AND Steve didn’t give a hoot if that guy survived or not once he got the info he needed. This was DANNY! Big difference. So, I gave them a pass on that one because in my mind, even if Steve remembered he’d done it before, he wouldn’t have just done it to Danny without “backup”.

      I also was jarred by the way Steve forcefully yelled “Go figure it out” to Tani but it made perfect sense. Tani asked a valid question about the unbreakable glass, the bomb and no communications being a pretty big impediment to getting them out of there. “How am I supposed to do that?” Steve’s “go figure it out” not only said “go figure it out” it said “I don’t have time for stupid questions”. He’d never say that out loud, of course, but his tone said it loud and clear.


  2. Well, I’ve been waiting to read your review and there it is! I can only supplement a bit to what you’ve beautifully covered, Linda. Zoe wrote a perfectly wonderful script and Peter Weller is the H50 directing wizard! That opening scene…wow. Didn’t it feel like a dance in itself? Everything was pristine, moving effortlessly, and there was such a feeling of happiness in the air, even with the fuzziness around the edges. I guess, much like a great feeling dream that is not quite real. I can’t imagine a better opening than what we saw. It accomplished everything. If I wrote more about the rest of the show, I think I would just be saying, “Ditto to what Linda said.” lol Everybody rocked in this ep!

    But I do have some questions concerning the guy who shot Danny. Very mysterious indeed. He certainly assumed that Danny was going to die as planned since he killed himself so quickly, not waiting for confirmation. So…is this all about Danny and no one else? Which it seems to be in a way, since that photo was specific about who deserved to die (it wasn’t “the first to die” or something similar). But why kill himself? Was the guy sick or something, already dying and had nothing to lose? Is he Peterson’s brother getting revenge since Peterson’s still in prison (we think)? If so, where’s he been all this time? Like you said, is he connected to any of the other people Danny put away? Did Danny, by doing his job, somehow impact something way bigger than anyone could imagine? Obviously the didn’t care about being exposed to a deadly biohazard. So killing himself seems part of the original plan. Is there a back-up plan? Are there others involved or was this guy acting alone? I don’t know about the Reyes angle only because it was a cartel and it’s been a while. This feels more personal–not to say that someone in Reyes circle couldn’t be motivated by revenge. And wow, just someone declaring that Danny DESERVED to die? That’s a powerful and damning statement. I love that this story is not over! I’m really looking forward to more.

    Okay, so while the episode was really perfect…there is one small scene that I would’ve liked to have seen. Granted, that look on Steve’s face when he couldn’t follow Danny to the hospital was gut-wrenching. And I did actually think Eric’s scene was done well–I’m not a big fan of the character b/c he’s usually too over the top for me but this made him more believable and he pulled it off nicely. What I missed was just a small moment with Steve as Danny woke up or slightly afterwards. H50 tends to do this with their “recovery” scenes. All tense and dramatic, rescue happens and then we get good news…followed IMMEDIATELY by everybody relaxing around the person recovering and that person looking none too worse for wear. Let’s face it, this was a harrowing ordeal for Steve and Danny nearly lost his life. After the doctor told them that it was close but Danny was going to be all right, I would’ve loved for the next scene to be the camera on Steve’s face just watching Danny, waiting for him to wake up…and Danny waking up and saying something about it being creepy that he’s watching him. Maybe Steve would smile, take a few seconds to respond and Danny would say, “You okay, babe?” and Steve would nod and say, “Yeah. Now I am.” Just something simple, under-stated, but it would’ve felt natural to have that moment before the rest of the gang busts in to hang out, everybody giving Danny grief, etc. I feel bad about voicing a complaint, though, because this ep (and the next) were so freaking fantastic. I am a happy H50 camper. So, maybe, just maybe…Steve and Danny could have a moment in the chairs on the beach in the near future and Steve could share a bit then. After all, he’s put Danny through the worry/anxiety wringer multiple times and now Steve might finally be realizing how his partner has been feeling all these years, right?

    *Sigh* I know we’re all excited about the great ratings which simply confirm what we all already know–the show is soaring b/c people love it. But we all know the show will end some day (far, far in the future). Many shows are cancelled without a moment’s notice and never get a chance for a decent ending, leaving loyal viewers angry and sad. No matter what happens with #H50 and how long it lasts, I think we’re so fortunate that they gave us our perfect ending. Like I said, I’m a happy H50 camper.

    As always, thank you for putting in to words so many insightful thoughts and observations!

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    • Wow…great post Susan! The guy who shot Danny was only after Danny. There were only two bullets in that gun and he used them both.One on Danny and one on himself. He never had any other plan. I supposed he killed himself because he really had no other option. He’d just “killed” Danny. If the shot didn’t do it, he’d bleed out quick enough since he’d also booby-trapped the door with the bomb. That bomb also prevented him from leaving. So he was either gonna die from the virus he just exposed himself to, die by the bomb if he tried to leave, or be ripped to shreds by Steve. Gun shot to the head was his easy way out.

      I honestly don’t think this has anything to do with Reyes. I only pointed that because it’s only one of a couple of people/situations I can think of where someone would hold a personal vendetta against Danny. Reyes, Peterson or someone Danny eiter put away or a family member of someone he put away that we’ve never met. I can’t think of anyone else. If anyone can, please refresh my memory because I’m coming up blank.

      I DO agree with you 100% that I’d have loved an additional scene of Danny waking up from surgery with Steve at his bedside. Much like Steve woke up in Afghanistan with Danny by his side. I love the dialog you provided as well. That would have been an awesome scene. Ah well… that’s what Fan Fiction is for, I guess.


  3. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! Unfortunately, I missed most of this episode because of a last minute family commitment,but I saw enough to know that it was special in so many ways! If there was ever an episode that said “We are family,no matter what”,.this is it! I have one question about the shooter:why on earth didn’t they take fingerprints from him? They would have definitely found his identity from those! I think what we saw in Danny’s mind was what he thought of everyone, but never really said! Look forward to your review of the Christmas episode!

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    • Didn’t they take fingerprints??? I need to re-watch because I don’t remember if they mentioned it. But, even if they did, doesn’t a person have to be in “the system” for fingerprint identification. So unless this guy has previously committed a crime or is in a profession where fingerprinting is required for employment, they wouldn’t have been able to identify him that way anyway.


  4. Really give this 10/10. As really love Danny thinking of in that of in the future.
    And in the seeing Grace get married to Will hence Will and Grace remarks LOL
    Plus seeing Charlie graduated from the Police Academy
    Junior and Tani married and the latter the new head of Five 0
    Kameonka a mogul a rich one.
    Steve and Danny as old men
    Danny and Grover talking about their children making them like brothers in law
    Adam and Kono starting a family
    Wonder if there is a bigger conspiracy going on when the man shot and tried to kill Danny and used his friends and officers as bait
    Wonder why as SEALS, Steve and Junior did not take the man who shot at their friend down. As weak writing there.
    But other than that, it was one of the best episodes.

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  5. Thank you for a great review, Linda. I cannot say much more because you said all of it in your review. I have watched the first episode about 5 times already. Junior was great the way he helped Steve with Danny. He did his part to help for sure. This is one of my favorite episodes. But I was a little creeped out in the beginning when they were in the restaurant and Steve told Danny he was the one who was shot and died. It scared me a lot. But the show kept me at the edge of my seat from there on. I hope they find out who it is that was after Danny. I wonder did the guy act alone or was there someone else involved. I can’t wait to find out. I love the direction 50 is going. This season is on a roll again. And the new team members are just great. They all have great chemistry.

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  6. Carole says:

    I don’t have much to add to what was just about as close to perfect a episode as you can get. Whenever I hear Peter Weller is involved I know it will be great. Absolutely agree about Scott’s adlib……..the reactions were priceless! And Steve was as close to frantic as we ever see him…..telling Tani to figure it out because he wasn’t going to leave Danny. Everyone is doing such a great job this season and it feels like they’ve been together for ever.

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  7. Wendy says:

    Wonderful review, Linda. I loved this episode, one of the best ever. You said it all in your review so not much more to say except I’d have loved a scene with Steve waiting for Danny to wake up. Guess I’ll just have to imagine that in my head.

    Looking forward to your review of the Christmas episode.

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  8. jlopie1 says:

    Well, now that I’m finally out of Internet exile and catching up with everything I missed, I just want to say “Great review and 8.10 is right up there tied with 5.07 as the two best episodes of the entire series!”


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