#H50 Review – 8.04 E uhi wale no ‘a’ole e nalo, he imu puhi (No Matter How Much One Covers a Streaming Imu, The Smoke Will Rise)

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After all these years and all the reviews I’ve written, I really need to find a better way of saying “I loved this episode” but what the hell….. I loved this episode.  I don’t even want to waste time with trying to compose a witty opening paragraph to ease into the review. So, let’s just get to it:

Junior:  H50 is a master at the cold opening.  Always something to get your heart pumping and set the stage for the crime of the week to come.  We did, eventually, get our usual type of opening but first, we get a wonderful opening scene of Steve watching Junior at the shooting range.


The more I see of Junior the more I’m looking forward to really learning about him.  I got a kick out of Coach telling Steve that Junior reminds him of Steve.  But he said something else too.  He said he can see Junior “has a streak in him”.  I don’t know what he meant by that.  A streak of what?  Determination? Anger? Competitiveness?  I have no idea.  But whatever it is, I’m sure it ties into the “long story” as to why he left the Navy so young.

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I love how Steve, just like he always does, has taken Junior to heart, wants to see this guy make it in civilian life and wants to do all he can to help him. It was very heartwarming to hear Steve tell him how he understands how hard it is to adjust after so long on their “sea legs”.  How the “process” can be tricky. I’m really going to like watching these two interact as time goes by.

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Hearing Junior say he didn’t have a cell phone, immediately makes you think “what else doesn’t this guy have?”  A place to live, it turns out.  I’m looking forward to seeing Steve and Junior bond at Casa McG and learn all we can of his “long story”.

Toast:  If memory serves, the last time a CBS promo said something like “one of their own won’t survive”, it was for the Season 4 Premiere.  It turned out it wasn’t a human team member at all when they blew up the original Camaro.  The promo for this episode showed Flippa’s shrimp truck exploding so I hoped they were pulling another intentionally misleading promo.  Unfortunately, and I am heartbroken over it, it wasn’t misleading at all.

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Toast.  Dear, sweet lollipop loving Toast with his sweaty glandular condition and his affection for pakalolo.  Toast, who was finally able turn his life around and use his spectacular computer ability to design a computer game that made him a millionaire.  I know I’m not the only one who was instantly worried when the “Previously on Hawaii Five-0” took us all the way back to Season 1 and our first meeting with Toast.  I am totally heartbroken to lose Toast even if we haven’t seen him in quite a while.  I really loved that guy.  So much so, he was a major part of the only multi-chapter Fan Fiction I’ve ever written.  The Ohana gathering to honor his memory along with the little video tribute to him at the end of the episode was very touching and a lovely way to say goodbye to this much-loved character.

The Long Con:  From the moment Steve and Lou went to see Aaron Wright I’m saying to myself…. ”don’t trust this guy”.  Agreeing to help Five-0 for a better prison deal, better digs, isn’t new.  Sang Min has asked for the same in the past.  But this guy?  This guy just makes all the alarm bells go off.  “Don’t trust him…. Don’t trust him”.

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But Aaron was still in prison, with no access to phones or internet, when the CI list was hacked and when Toast was killed.  It never occurred to me that he hacked the list way back in the premiere as insurance for later.  Maybe I should have seen that coming but I have to admit, I didn’t.  But it was an inspired move.  We all know that when it comes to people he cares about, Steve will do just about anything to protect them.

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The delight on Steve’s face when his phone rang and he saw it was Toast, quickly morphed into one of shock and alarm when the screams and gun shots became clear.  The devastation on his face as he stood over Toast’s dead body was heartbreaking.  It was amazing watching Steve and the team circle the wagons and try to get all the CI’s on the list to safety, determined not to let another one suffer Toast’s fate.  Alex simply killed every single moment of these scenes.

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Tani: I really loved Tani in this episode.  I loved her snark and her backbone in dealing with Wright but I also couldn’t help but feel bad for her too.  Aaron used his skills to hack right into Tani’s vulnerabilities.  Her self-doubt as to whether she’s right for Five-0 and the distraction her brother Koa is in her life.

But Steve knows Tani is right for this job.  He wouldn’t have picked her if she wasn’t.  Wright’s escape wasn’t Tani’s fault and Steve does what a great leader always does. Shoulder’s much of blame because he didn’t see it coming either.  “We all make mistakes.  Learn from it. Move on”.

I absolutely loved seeing Steve taking care of both the newbies throughout this episode.  As a matter of fact, let’s talk about……

Steve:  If there are still people out there who continue to say that H50 is an ensemble cast where every character, current or past, are 100% equal, this episode is a prime example to show that’s simply not true.  Every single actor in this episode brought it, no doubt about that.  But Alex, quite simply had an outstanding episode.

Alex was everywhere.  Except for the scenes where Kamekona was being held in that basement, Alex was in every scene.  And it’s pretty much like that in every episode.  To quote a friend of mine, “People don’t realize it because all his scenes are Steve and Danny, or Steve and Lou, or Steve and pretty much anyone else.  They don’t realize that it means he’s constantly filming and shifting locations while the others are popping in and out.”

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In this episode, he’s at the gun range with Junior and buying restaurant equipment with Lou.  He’s partnered with Lou throughout but he alone finds Flippa’s truck engulfed and rescues Nahele.  He finds time to meet with Junior at Kamekona’s truck and later to go to Tani’s house to make sure she’s ok.  Not to mention all the COTW scenes around town and in HQ.  I could go on and on.  And like I said, it’s like that in every episode.  There is no way in hell anyone can fail to see why Alex is #1 on the call sheet!

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Kamekona:  I think having the story line center around Kame was totally brilliant.  Toast wasn’t our first Season 1 CI, Kame was.  I know I’ve said it before, but Kame was supposed to be a one shot.  A pilot character only.  But something clicked with him.  Perhaps it was Taylor with the rest of the cast or Kame with the audience or, more likely, both.  But Kame has become beloved with not only the island Ohana but with the viewers as well.

After Joey Kang went to prison based on info Kame had provided to HPD, he figured out Kamekona stole $500,000 from him.  Kang wants his money back, and now! And he’s willing to kill Kame to do it.  It was horrendous watching Kame take that beat down.  My heart just ached for him.  I mean, seriously, it was like watching someone beating up a loveable teddy bear.  Also, if anyone doubted the reasoning behind making Kamekona and Taylor Wily main cast, this episode should put those doubts to rest.  Taylor was phenomenal in this episode.

The raw emotion he displayed while confessing to Kang that he never believed he’d ever live this long or that he’d be able to elevate himself from the woeful situation of his childhood and early adult life to live as well has he does was beautiful.  Kame really believed he was about to die and came damn close to it too.  But he wouldn’t tell Kang where the money went, only that it was gone.

Having it turn out that Kame gave that money, anonymously, to build a community center was absolutely perfect.  Giving that money to help kids, kids just like he and his brother who, without a safe place of refuge, could turn to crime the way he did, only proves just how big a heart the big man has.  Taylor was incredible throughout all these scenes.

Danny:  One down, four to go.  This was the first Danny-less episode of the season.  Of course, I never like it when Danny isn’t there but this episode, in particular, was one where I really missed him.  Danny is the one who first met Toast, pre-dating the Pilot, when Danny first moved to Hawaii.  It was Danny who brought Toast into his first case with Five-0.  It was apparent Danny and Toast were, if not friends, at least more than just cop and CI.  Danny put in a good word for him with a judge when Toast was pulled into ATM heists because of his skill set.  Danny knew the best way to get around him was a large bag of lollipops.  Toast affectionately called him “Jersey”.  So, yeah, I really wish Danny had been in this episode.

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But, even when Danny isn’t in town, the writer Rob Hanning still managed to make sure he was part of the episode.  He remembered that Toast was originally Danny’s CI and had Steve get in touch with him to let him know what happened.  Danny’s shocked reply and declaration that he was on the “next flight home” was such a really nice touch, as was Steve’s warm response “Home? You’ve come a long way, my friend”.  Oh, my heart!

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But seriously, as I saw someone on Twitter say after the episode, there is no way Steve has that generic avatar on his phone and not a picture of Danny.  I’m rooting for Mr. November from the 1998 Newark Police Academy Calendar.

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On a lighter note, I was so happy we still got a “restaurant” scene even if Danny wasn’t there.  Well, he was there, if you consider Lou’s phone call.  This scene was so much fun.  Alex and Chi play off each other so very well.  The scene was made by all of Lou’s facial expressions and witty comebacks.  There really isn’t anyone better at it than Chi.  I really do love these two together.

Last but not least.. Jerry:  Jerry was his usual awesome self at HQ.  I’m really adoring how they are using him this year.  He’s taken over the Magic Table and really doing a fantastic job of it.  I know, way back when we first met Jerry, it was written that he was not at all technologically savvy.  Hell, he didn’t even like telephones back then.  But, like Kamekona before him, what was supposed to be a one off turned into so much more and Jerry had to evolve.  I know, in the real world, this makes zero sense but if we haven’t figured out this isn’t the real world by now, we are in serious trouble.

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But even as Jerry has evolved into the tech wizard of the team, he hasn’t lost his love of the conspiracy nor his childlike awe in the presence of, what he sees as, greatness.  Watching Jerry watch Harley Taylor (aka Mogera) expertly hack the hacker without his eyes was mesmerizing.  I’m actually hoping Mogera becomes our newest hacker CI.  His abilities, without eyesight, were incredible.

I’ve been a fan of Jorge’s since the very first episode of LOST but it wasn’t until the “Elvis” episode a couple of years ago that I knew what a wonderful singing voice he has.  He knocked it out of the part in that episode and he did it again here.  I’m looking forward to the day when we can get Jerry and Flippa together on a song for a special occasion.  These two talents together would be awesome.

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Eddie:  I know, Eddie really wasn’t a part of this episode, solving crime wise, but he was there with Steve when he went to make sure Tani was ok.  Steve points out that Eddie likes her but she counters “not as much as he likes you”.  “Yeah, we’re growing on each other.”  “So, you’re keeping him?” “Kind of the other way around, at this stage”.

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Isn’t that always the way it is?  They wrap themselves around your life and they wrap themselves around your heart.  Once an animal chooses you, you are his and there really isn’t much you can do about it.  Oh, you can try… you can try to believe you have a choice in the matter but, to be perfectly honest with yourself, your choice disappeared the moment you locked eyes and your heart was completely lost.  Oh yeah…. Eddie is here to stay!

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Ohana:  This, of course, was the entire theme of this episode.  As it is so often with H50, the theme of Ohana always runs incredibly deep.  What these people mean to each other, what the newbies will learn about being part of the Ohana, the way Steve will do just about anything to protect those he feels are his family, even the confidential informants they’ve all grown to rely on and have come to consider Ohana as well.  It’s been the heart of the show from the very first moment.  I’m so thrilled that, with all the changes we’ve seen in this new season, this theme is still 100% constant.

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That’s it folks.  I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.  No new episode next week due to a Halloween special but we’ll return on Friday November 3rd with our annual Halloween episode.  These are usually over the top, creepy, sometimes a bit campy and a hell of a lot of fun.  Until then. Have a wonderful couple of weeks, my friends.

Aloha.  Malama Pono

All screencaps are mine unless otherwise noted.

Note:  My apologies for the lateness of this review.  Hubs and I were out and about pretty much all weekend taking advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy a relaxing anniversary weekend. It’s so beautiful outside we just couldn’t bear to waste it.


29 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 8.04 E uhi wale no ‘a’ole e nalo, he imu puhi (No Matter How Much One Covers a Streaming Imu, The Smoke Will Rise)

  1. Love the Ohana thing. As really they are family.
    Want more McGrover as Grover is a true and sincere friend. Missed Danny though.
    But really Kaemonka after missing up his life And it was not surprising he donated money to a youth gym.
    As well as really he graduated from the school of Hard Knocks.
    BTW, RIP Toast as thought Kaemonka was going to die. And thought he just got promoted, he can’t die.
    But glad Toast turned his life around. Too bad he died.
    Tani is not at fault, Steve was for letting out Aaron Wright. Tani I hope gets revenge and kills that creep.
    I give it 7/10!

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    • The most emotional scene for me in this episode was when Kame showed up at the community center he was responsible for. The look on his face of pure happiness that he was able, even if it was by not very honest means, to build a place for the kids to feel safe was beautiful.

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  2. Carole says:

    I knew you would love this episode as much as me. When Scott’s not there, they have to bring it – no fillers allowed. TPTB know that. I agree that Danny really should have been in this one, but the writers are getting better at working around his absence. I thought the use of phones throughout the story was very clever….seeing Steve’s face as he answered Toast’s call immediately reminded me of his dad, then he reached out to Danny with texts (hope they use that again) and then we had Tani distracted by her phone (what twenty something isn’t) while Junior doesn’t even have one…..I’m totally getting pulled into the newbies stories – especially Junior. If he’s from Hawaii, where are his family? Did something happen like with Chin? Why did he seek out Steve? Of course Steve is looking out for everyone. You’re right Linda – he was all over the place in this one. I knew as soon as Kame said he’d spent the money he’d used it for a worthy cause. Taylor did a great job and has more than earned his promotion to serial regular. I guess to work with the plot, of all the CIs it had to be Toast, but sad all the same…….I can’t help wondering if they’ll weave something back in later on. After all he made a fortune on that vid game once his life was turned around and opening a restaurant is a big investment. Would he have remembered the boys? OK i’m over thinking again……just means the writers are doing a fantastic job. I wish we were getting our Halloween episode next week 😦

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    • Great pickup about the phones. I didn’t even realize it was a big theme in this one. Nice catch.

      Junior fascinates me. You’re right, if he’s from Hawaii, where’s his family? Also, what’s that “streak” Coach said he can see in him? Why is it a “long story” as to why he left the Navy so young? You can tell in Beulah’s wonderful facial expressions that Junior is hiding something, but what? I’ll be really surprised if it has anything to do with his actual service because I can’t believe Steve hasn’t pulled his file by now and would know if his discharge was anything besides honorable. I’m betting it’s something extremely personal but, of course, only time will tell. I really can’t wait to learn more.

      Toast…. I am heartbroken but not really surprised once the shock wore off. Looking at that list of CI’s, they fall into 3 categories. 1) those we have never seen and don’t know anything about. 2) those we see fairly frequently and know fairly well. And 3) those we know very well and actually love to see.

      In order for the death to have a significant impact on Steve and on the audience as well, it couldn’t be one of the first group. Why would we care about a CI we’ve never even heard of? Since the big story was going to revolve around Kamekona, who is part of the 3rd group it really couldn’t be another almost regular from that group. Sang Min springs to mind. That leaves group #2. I don’t think Bones or Hirsch would have the same emotional impact as Toast and besides, we may need them again. It boiled down to Toast, someone we know and like a lot but not someone we really see anymore but still someone who’s death would level a significant blow.


  3. Susan Schoppe says:

    OMG, you absolutely NAILED EVERY point in this review. I totally agree with and see all of the observations you made. The one that is so true and correct on is Steve. He is filming constantly while the others pop in, that’s like playing a game of tennis while your opponent switches out with other players. Try doing that, it has always escaped me that people just don’t get that. Thank you for pointing that out. I also loved this episode, each one always seems to be better than the one before. I think this season is going to be the best yet because of so many new storyline possibilities and fresh faces. Awesome review!

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    • Full disclosure, as I said in the review, I was quoting someone else who made the observation that Steve was just everywhere in this episode. But, of course, I agree with that 1000%. Alex is absolutely phenomenal in his ability to just do everything and do everything well. I still maintain that he deserves his #1 billing and his #1 paycheck no matter how many people like to bleat that this is an ensemble cast.

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  4. Wendy says:

    I love your review and I loved this episode too, Linda. I was so sad that Toast died, but the beginning kind of gave that away. The panicked look on Steve’s face when he heard the gunshots made me think of when his dad was killed. Alex is such a great actor. Thought I’d miss Scott, but the way they worked his character into the episode made it seem like he was there. Every actor in this episode brought their A game, it was that good. Still not sure that Aaron is a believable bad guy, but he was better in this episode that the first one. I’m sure we’ll see him again at some point.

    I thought the same thing as Carole, would Toast leave Danny something because he got him off for the ATM charges?

    Wish the Halloween episode was next week, but I’ll just have to be patient and wait until the week after. Is that the first episode where Scott has his arm in the brace?

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    • Yeah…. 8.05 will be the first episode with Scott/Danny in the arm brace. It’s a pretty safe bet they’re going to have to write it into the show. I’m also pretty sure the injury will be something that happens off screen, just like his torn ACL in Season 1.

      I like the idea of Toast leaving Danny something in his will. It might be a nice way for the writers to make sure Danny has the money he needs for the restaurant. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but I do like the idea of it.

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  5. Beautiful review, Linda. I love that Steve is once again fixing broken toys. Junior and Tani (and Eddie) should keep him busy with that. He shines in that capacity.

    The scenes from S1 reminded me how much I liked Alex’s hair a tiny bit longer and the silver showing through. I wish they would let it go natural now.

    So hate that Toast is gone. I will miss him so much. Who will ever forget Poopy Penguin!

    I loved the scene with Steve and Lou buying the oven. As they are talking about Danny not liking risks, Lou says to Steve “why have you as a partner?” And Steve agreeingly says “Right!” That was hilarious.

    Gotta say I don’t like Joey Lawrence or his character, Aaron Wright. For that matter I’m not a huge fan of Andrew Lawrence/Eric either. They annoy me and I don’t think their acting is believable. Just my opinion. I know others adore Eric. I hope Aaron doesn’t have too many more appearances.

    I’ve noticed that both Junior and Tani call Steve “Commander.” I know it’s to show respect and I like it, but I’m looking forward to some warming up there too.

    Thank you for the great review!

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    • Welcome to the blog. I’m happy you chose to visit and comment.

      I’m still reserving judgement on Aaron Wright as a new recurring bad guy. He was ok, not terrible, just ok. I happen to be one of those people who really like Eric though. Growing up in Philadelphia and spending many, many summers at the Jersey shore, he is so much like many of the guys I grew up with. He’s familiar to me so doesn’t bother me at all. I really like the guy. But I can see how he might not be a favorite for others. It’s a fair bet we will be seeing Aaron again though. He didn’t go through all that trouble to get free just to curl up and hide somewhere. He’ll be back, that’s for sure.


  6. rhondagemini says:

    Great review, Linda! I agree with you about Aaron-I knew letting him out of prison to help with the case was going to be a big mistake and boy, was it ever! It could have cost Kame his life! I hated seeing Kame get beat up so much,in fact, I wanted to take a steel chair to that guy and more than once, if you get my meaning! Tani was hard on herself for letting those guys help Aaron escape, but she didn’t need to be because as Steve told her, even if she hadn’t been distracted by her brother’s texts, she couldn’t have fought off three guys by herself! Like you said, Steve was all over the place in this episode and I loved the way the writers had Danny in the episode, even though he wasn’t actually there! It was so nice when Kame went to the community gym and you could see that he was proud that his”anonymous” donation was paying off in a big way,even if it wasn’t exactly done in an honest way! Kudos to Taylor for a great performance and also to Jorge for his great singing-he’s really good! Looking forward to the Halloween episode!

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  7. jlopie1 says:

    The moment I saw the “previously on H50” clip of Toast, my stomach dropped and my heart broke! Oh, man! That was brutal!

    Say, when you find a new way to say “I loved this episode,” let me know, because, yeah, I loved it, too, It had a little bit of everything – from light-hearted comedy (Steve & Grover oven shopping…priceless!) to shock and sadness (what can I say…they killed TOAST!!!) to fear and suspense (Nahele locked in the burning shrimp truck and OMG, Kamekona!) the emotional highs and lows gave me a severe case of whiplash, but I loved every minute of it.

    Alex was so impressive in such a subtle way. Like you say, Linda, Steve was all over the place – in every scene; managing his newbies; interviewing all the leads; saving his Ohana! It was awesome, but Alex did it so seamlessly that it wasn’t until afterwards that viewers started to appreciate what they’d experienced.

    Yeah, Taylor Wily has created a tremendous presence with Kamekona, and in this episode, Taylor showed us how much he deserves to be main cast. There were tears in my eyes during his beating and then again when we saw what Kamekona had spent the $500,000 on.

    Well, it was bound to happen. Tani is so young and tough, but she can’t know it all! She just doesn’t have the experience to not make costly mistakes. Kono learned the hard way early in her career that you just don’t trust suspects because they are nice! Tani will learn, too, and be a better team member because of it. And Junior – he reminds Coach of McGarrett. Oh, how I wish Danny had been there to roll his eyes at that one! Junior’s got a mysterious past that I am really itching to know about! I’m also anxious to see him in action!

    Of course, I hate it ….HATE it!…when Danny is missing from any episode, and this one really needed him. As you said, Linda, Toast was really Danny’s boy. It seems kind of wrong that Danny wasn’t around. Not that it would have made any difference to how it turned out, but we would have gotten all the angst Scott is more than capable of bringing to the table. But the text message from him to Steve made his presence felt, as well as the opening dialog between Grover and Steve about Danny and the oven. Chi is soooo good at these kinds of scenes!

    Eddie! We got a little Eddie to finish off the night! I’m so glad he picked Steve as his new human. I can’t wait for more of him!

    Loved the episode. Loved your review, Linda! See you in two weeks!

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    • I am looking forward to the next episode for many reasons but the biggest reason is because Danny will be back. I hope to God the first place Danny heads when he gets home (and WE get to see it) is Casa McG. I can picture it now. Danny walks in like he always does, and before he can take more than a step or two in the door he’s attacked (all in good love) by Eddie. Fending off Eddie’s enthusiastic greeting with his only good arm, Danny heads into the kitchen “What the hell, Stephen? I thought you were finding this dog a new home..” only to find Junior standing at the sink instead of Steve. “What the hell… Did I walk into the wrong house or something???” ROFLMAO…. Ohhhhhh I hope this happens! LOL

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  8. Linda, your reviews are always so thorough, so comprehensive…I love reading them, especially when I’m sitting here nodding in agreement. lol I don’t know of another expression that can substitute for “I love this episode!” so why bother? We’ll all just keep using it, okay?
    Not much to add (I always say that!). Really hate losing Toast b/c he was so darn likeable. I always miss when Scott is not in the episode and it definitely felt wrong for Danny not to be there when this all went down. Although the text message helped. And I got to thinking that, just like real life, we are not always there when we lose people in our lives. I think Danny will feel badly about that. But I’ll always remember how Danny and Steve bonded with Toast over Poopy Penguins.
    I’d have to agree with Beachfeet011…I’m not crazy about the Joey Lawrence character for the same reason; don’t feel that either Lawrence brother is that skilled as an actor. And, of course, that’s just my opinion as well. But I’d rather have a bad guy with more gravitas, more depth and played by someone with more acting chops, especially if we’re going to have this person around for a lengthy arc. Guess Mark Dacascos spoiled me there!
    Your screen caps of Chi and Steve…omygosh, his expressions are hysterical, just like his delivery of those lines. That bit was so fun to watch. And Chi plays off both Alex and Scott so well nowadays…it seems that his character has come along and found a place that is more comfortable now. Jr. is interesting to watch, lots of backstory for us to discover, and, between him and Tani, we’ve got a fresh new mix that feels really good.
    Another great episode…H50 is on a fantastic roll I’m lovin’ it.

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    • I could not agree more about Chi. I thank the heavens they decided to add him to the cast and the Ohana. He is a pure joy to watch no matter what the scene is about. And I also agree about Mark Dacascos. There will never be another big bad to compare to WoFat. I thought Gabriel came the closest but even he fell short. All the other have just paled in comparison. I’ll take Wright for now. Like his brother Ian, he’s an OK baddie. Not great but I can live with it for now. I tend to think we’re probably not going to get another BIG bad like WoFat or Gabriel and will have to just content ourselves with a ever changing roster of lesser bad guys. Maybe, after 8 years, that’s not totally unexpected.


  9. Brooklyngirl says:

    I loved this episode and I loved your review! I’m so sad that they killed off Toast. Who’s Steve going to play Poopy Penguin with? I loved that Danny was “on the next plane home”! Home!! He considers Hawaii home!! Awwwww….

    For me the entire episode was based on this “You do what you need to do to protect your family. I’m going to do whatever I have to do to protect mine.” Alex was subtly phenomenal in this episode. From joking with Lou about the “Cadillac of ovens”, to Toast, to Junior, to Nahele, to Tani he was just amazing. His face, his voice, his actions. If anyone ever had any doubts about who the leader of this show is, Alex proved that, in 43 short minutes, he rules! No bout a doubt it! ;-)!

    Kamekona was also excellent. That big guy’s heart is even bigger than he is!!

    Junior’s back story intrigues me as well. I think his streak is definitely a combo of anger, competitiveness, and determination. I’m looking forward to finding out more about that streak! Poor Tani was distracted by her brother (another story to flesh out!). It’s not only the 20-somethings who are obsessed with their phones but her distraction proved harmful. That was the only part of the epi that I screamed at the TV, “what are you kidding, leaving the newbie w/a hardened criminal, seriously?” I’m 100% w/Beachfeet & Susan – Joey Lawrence stinks. Hope his sl is a quick one and he’s gone real soon. He’s as annoying as his brother but in a dismissive, nasty, snarky way. Having Jerry sing another song was great, he needs to put out an album of H50 songs!

    4 episodes in, I’m loving this season. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!!

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    • I really can’t wait to find out about Junior. There are lots of clues we’ve gotten so far but they don’t all mesh quite yet. The latest one in this episode was when Steve found Junior in the shelter and reminded him that he’s part of “the teams” so there are resources available to him. Junior says “I know” but he hasn’t taken advantage of those resources. Why? Maybe because he doesn’t feel he deserves it, maybe?

      Like I said before, I don’t think he did anything wrong. I still think Steve has pulled his file and would have known if Junior had done anything wrong. I’m beginning to think something happened, maybe something similar to what happened with Steve and Freddie. That a fellow SEAL was lost in action and Junior blames himself for that loss. Perhaps the “streak” Coach sees in him is a touch of PTSD over that loss. Maybe that’s why he processed out of the Navy so young and why he doesn’t want to rely on the resources available to him as a SEAL.

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      • Brooklyngirl says:

        Your theory that Junior has a similar story like Steve/Freddie is a good one. Let’s hope the writers keep up their good work and keep us guessing ill we find out the truth.

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  10. Sorry for being so late in posting this. I was having trouble posting. My computer was acting up. But it’s okay now. Although, I think it’s time for a new one soon. Well, I did miss Danny but I still loved the episode. You are right about Alex. He was fixing all his broken toys this episode and he is so good at it. He had words of encouragement for everyone. I am sorry about Toast. But Steve even had some kind words for Danny. “You’ve come a long way, my friend” when Danny said he was coming home was a good way to compliment him. Danny has come a long way in calling Hawaii his home. And I really love Tani. You’re right about Junior. Something more is up with him. This is going to be a great season. Can’t wait for the next episode. ‘

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  11. Angèle says:

    I liked this episode, I like the new recruits, Tani is incredible and Junior certainly reserves some nice surprises.
    At this point my only delusion is the death of Toast, of all CI, I would have “preferred” to lose Sang Min for the simple reason that IMHO this character has been ruined over the years, and for me only nothing more to offer
    Sang Min was a villain with good/great potential, whose way to redemption should have been different and above all more interesting … but PL preferred to make it “ridiculous” (practically the idiot of the island) and that’s a real shame.
    Unlike Sang Min, Toast benefited from a good evolution and could still offer us good moments with the team.
    Unfortunately “les jeux sont fait”, so let’s continue to enjoy the show, the new team and our boys

    Liked by 1 person

    • jlopie1 says:

      You have a really good point about Sang Min. He was a pretty badass dude in the first couple episodes we saw him, but then, he started to be used as comedy relief and he lost his villainous side. The last few episodes he was in were slightly cringe-worthy. We have seen him more often than we did Toast, so I guess the writing room thoughts were along the lines of Sang Min is a more beloved character and we might need him again, while Toast was expendable now that he’s made his fortune. I would definitely like to see the serious side of San Min again, since it’s really hard to believe he’s become such a happy-go-lucky guy! No matter that I really will miss Toast – or at least the idea that Toast was always in the background – I understand why he was the CI to die.

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