#H50 Review – 8.03 – Kau pahi, ko’u kua. Kua pu, ko’u po’o – Your Knife, My Back, My Gun, Your Head

Personal note:  Due to a death in the family, I didn’t have time for a full review this week.  I’ve tried to hit the highlights as best I could here today.  Please feel free to add any and all comments to the blog as you’d like.  This week, this review will be more yours than mine.  Please have fun with it.  I’ll check in and respond as I can. Aloha.


As always, this being H50, you know I’m going to pretty much love every episode.  This week, the case of the week, for me, wasn’t really all that interesting.  Perhaps it’s because my mind wasn’t as completely engaged as it usually is and with everything going on with the family, I haven’t had the time to even re-watch the episode yet.  But, I was talking to a friend earlier and she put the COTW in perspective for me.  This is how she described it and I have to say, hearing it from her point of view, I realize how much I actually missed and can’t wait to have to the time to go back and re-watch the episode properly.

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“Re-watching for the plot I found the story more compelling.  For much of the episode everything pointed to an attempted gang takeover.  There really aren’t that many motives for crimes when you boil it down.  Money, power, passion, revenge, insanity are the ones I can think of.  Eight seasons of any show is going to have hit on most of them.  The fact it’s usually the father is probably accurate.  They see themselves as the protectors.  The ones whose duty it was to keep the family safe.  In this instance, I think a huge additional guilt factor came into play.  This guy may not have been able to keep his son from getting killed but he allowed himself to be coerced into keeping quiet about it.  That would eat at your soul.  I think that’s probably what really drove him while, at the same time, made him fearless in going into what should have been certain death situations.  If he hadn’t survived at least he wouldn’t have to live with himself any longer.  In my opinion there was no way he wasn’t going to pull that trigger and shoot the son.  He’d already murdered the father and all his “soldiers”.  He may have been wishing Five-0 would take the shot and end his pain.”

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For me though, what made this episode enjoyable was the presence of MI6 agent Harry Langford (Chris Vance).  Or should I say, ex-MI6 agent Langford?  It seems Harry decided to put his government pension and his substantial gambling winnings to good use and retire to enjoy his “golden years”.


I think I made the exact same face Steve did at the term “golden years” applying to someone who’s only 45 years old.  If that’s the case, I should have been allowed to retire twelve years ago!  So, I can totally understand Harry’s desire to travel the world.  I was also really happy to see that Harry has a new lady, happy to see him moving on with a new love.  Just like Steve did, it’s time to move on from heartache & enjoy life again.


As seems to be the recurring theme as of late, retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for some people.  I was a bit confused as to why Harry showed up on Five-0’s doorstep looking to help out on their current case when he was in Hawaii having fun and enjoying the company of his beautiful new lady love.  But, I suppose when you’re used to saving the world on a daily basis, high priced hotels, private jets and beautiful locales can get a bit boring.  Mind you, I am so totally ready to be incredibly bored… but I digress.

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There were three things that really made this episode for me.  The comradery between Steve, Danny and Harry, which was priceless from beginning to end, the seamless integration of Tani onto the team (remember this was supposed to be episode two not episode three), and all the Steve/Danny moments throughout the episode.

Beginning with the watery hug Harry gave Danny all the way up to the guys watching Harry and Veronique’s romantic shrimp dinner at Kamekona’s, these three were a joy to watch for the entire hour.  Harry integrated into the team so well, he was bad ass in the back of the weapons van, outnumbered something like three-to-one and his 007 personality throughout the episode was as much a breath of fresh air as it was the first time we met him.  I sure hope Harry decides to spend time in Hawaii again someday.

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Tani’s participation in this episode was really great. At first it seemed a bit odd to point out how great that shiny new badge looked on her but then I had to remember, again, that this was supposed to be Episode 2.  I really liked her teamed up with Lou at the piano teacher/killer’s house.  She handled herself like a seasoned pro and I really don’t think she needed Lou to tell her that this time when she shot someone she needed to make sure they “didn’t get up”.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman1

I loved… LOVED… all the Steve and Danny time in this episode.  I loved how, even though they had Harry with them, Steve and Danny were teamed up and working like a well-oiled machine in this episode.  Just like the old days and, in my view, how it should always be.

The ongoing restaurant project was on full view here too.  Watching Steve’s face as he tried to figure out which of three pretty much identical reds to pick for the booths in the restaurant was hysterical as was the moment Danny told him he’d already ordered the garnet anyway.  I can’t tell you how many times over the years my husband has said to me, “Why did you even ask me if you already decided on what you wanted”?  To which I always reply, “I at least want to give you the illusion that you have a choice, dear!” 😊

I couldn’t help but smile watching Steve working the wood counter with that sander in the first scene.  It reminded me of the pictures I saw of Alex helping his friend Egan renovate his gym a few years ago and the fact that Alex is a pro at renovations at his own home.  And with Kamekona there watching him work, it reminded me of the Season 1 episode when Steve was fixing his house after the General Pak incident.  I couldn’t help but wonder if Kame got him a “special deal” on the wood again and if he was sitting on Steve’s phone.

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But, of course, the best moment in the entire episode for me was when Kame showed the guys the T-shirts he had made for them.  Ok…. so, it’s an Italian Restaurant and not a “Bar & Grill” Kame but, oh my God…. it says “McDanno’s”.  I think the earth may have given a shudder from the vibration of millions of McDanno fangirls squeeeeing all around the world!

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman2

I don’t know what TPTB were going for by having Kame make up those shirts.  You guys know me long enough to know I am a McDanno shipper at heart and while I’d love it if Steve and Danny were a real couple on the show, I know that probably won’t ever happen.  I’m hoping what the writers were saying is that the deep friendship and brotherhood between Steve and Danny is going strong and even with the stresses of trying to get the restaurant off the ground, these guys are a solid team and will always remain so.


People have seen the connection between these two since the very beginning.  Harry can see how their “constant bickering clearly comes from a place of love”.  He can understand the two of them starting a restaurant together, having it be a plan for retirement so they can do it together because they “can’t bear to be apart”.

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman3

Oh yes…. the McDanno was strong in this episode.  I could just kiss every one of the writers for using “our” shipper name to say it.


As far as the restaurant itself goes, I’m beginning to feel the more scenes there are with people constantly telling Danny & Steve not to open a restaurant or about all the problems associated with it, etc. and even though they messed up their first joint dinner for Harry and Veronique, the more I think theirs will end up being a success!  We’ve seen Danny prepare wonderful meals for the Ohana.  We’ve seen Steve prepare wonderful means for both Lynn and Alicia.  These guys just need to work around their individual egos and let each other do what they each do best and the restaurant will be a great success, just like their partnership has always been.

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Well, that’s it for this episode my friends.  I’m sorry this review isn’t as detailed as usual but I did the best I could with limited time. I’m not even sure how coherent it is since I wrote most of it late into the night when I couldn’t sleep.  I know there is a ton more to discuss with regard to Harry and Tani and especially between Steve and Danny.  So, please, feel free to fill the comments with everything I missed.

I also had very little time for screen grabs since I haven’t re-watched the episode yet.  I managed to grab a couple but for the most part, pictures used above are.  Those used here are mostly courtesy of CBS.  I’ve given credit to those who’s work I borrowed.  If you recognize something that is your or belongs to someone else, please let me know in the comments and I’ll update the blog to give proper credit.

Aloha.  Malama Pono




13 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 8.03 – Kau pahi, ko’u kua. Kua pu, ko’u po’o – Your Knife, My Back, My Gun, Your Head

  1. Nancy13 says:

    Sorry to hear you had a death in the family, Am sending you good thoughts and wishes and a hug. Thank you for all the screenshots and reviews. I always enjoy reading your blog. May God bless you and your family.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rhondagemini says:

    Your review was great, considering the circumstances in your family(sorry about the death). I agree with you that Harry worked quite well with the team in solving the crime! I was struck by how sympathetic he was to the grief and guilt-stricken father,since he had lost someone close to him in a similar fashion-he understood how the man felt, but also knew that what the man was thinking of doing was not the answer,but the guy had so much hatred built up in him that it was either kill the son of the man who killed his son,or hope H50 would kill him,which they were not about to do! Steve & Danny still have differences of opinion about the restaurant,but I think eventually,they will come together on it and it will be a great success!

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  3. Linda, I am sorry for your loss. While I loved seeing Harry again, this will never be a favorite episode and I know why. I certainly understand why CBS swapped this one out with the one that did air last week – too many guns, too much gun fire. Maybe it still was too close to what happened in LV for me. I did appreciate the ‘twist’ in the COTW. I’m starting to get worried about this restaurant thing… wasn’t a fan of the idea when I first heard about it becoming a real thing in the story. Maybe it’s the way some McDanno ‘shippers’ are reacting to it. I absolutely hated the caricature on the t-shirt and the whole idea of it. The only good part of the scene at all was watching Steve work with those tools and knowing that in RL Alex knows how to use them too. Harry’s presence was still a mystery even after watching the eppy 3x. His ‘love’ interest was there for what purpose? This episode had no heart and no soul at all. I know they are in their 8th season and most of us would like to see it go even further, but not with eppies like this one. All IMO, of course.


  4. Linda, so very sorry and I hope you and your family are taking time to be together and heal as best you can. Considering what you’ve been dealing with, I think you still managed to do a great job with your H50 review.

    I liked the episode a lot…for a couple of reasons. One, because it wasn’t a traditional “split-story” episode. Sure, we had the restaurant thing going on but it’s not a whole separate story. Granted, the plot of the main story was not that unfamiliar but, as you said, there are only so many true motives to crime. So it’s really not about revisiting something, it’s about how you do it. Because that’s really why we have a H50 reboot anyway. Been done but now doing it in a new and different way–yay! They just have to be careful and not be overly repetitive.

    The second thing that I really enjoyed about the episode was all the fantastic dialogue! There were so many great lines that I loved hearing, along with expressions/direction that were so perfect for each character. Including Harry. The three of them are a good mix so I’m totally good with his character popping up every so often.

    Just a note on the main story line — yes, I thought there was a LOT of gun play. It was overwhelming. So I agree with Janno that it’s a good thing they switched it out in light of LV. Difficult. I also saw no other ending that made sense other than the father going through with shooting the guy. I mean, he’s already killed a lot of people so why would he stop now? When Steve urged him to stop and they’d “talk” about it, my honest reaction was, why? What did he have to lose at that point? So not really surprised.

    The restaurant. LOL Okay, I am a little torn, I guess. I think it’s hysterical watching Steve and Danny try to get this thing off the ground. Will they succeed? No idea! HA! But it’s fun either way. I think your take on them eventually doing it in spite of all the difficulties is certainly feasible and interesting. But I also wonder if, eventually, they come to realize that it is a LOT of work and maybe they’re in over their heads. I wonder if they’d be better off owning the restaurant together and letting Kame actually run it for them while they sit back and enjoy the ride. I don’t know–like I said, entertaining either way.

    I know the shirt is making a lot of fans happy. And the reactions and expressions on Steve and Danny’s faces–priceless! I’m not a shipper of the romantic McDanno relationship because I’ve always felt that their deep friendship and affection has nothing to do with a sexual attraction. But I get it. Their connection is so special, so strong, that it lends itself to different levels of intimacy. And then you toss in the chemistry between Alex and Scott and how well they understand their characters…like I said, I get it. LOL I guess I would prefer that it remain as it is so all fans can get whatever they want out of it. I won’t be missing H50 no matter what, though.

    One last word…Tani’s shoes. Really?


  5. So sorry Linda. Thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones. Let us know if you need anything my friend.
    Really glad to see Harry. And really glad that he helped out the guys. Hope he can come on back. As hope season 8 is not the last season keeping fingers crossed.
    Plus keep on loving Jerry. He is in technically the brains on the team.
    As really his is a bonus.
    Also that glad Danny is the one who thought of this. Rather than Steve stole away his credit. As they will get along over on the business. And make much more money than they do as cops.
    Plus Tani may never replace Kono and Chin. But she holds her own.
    Less Lou here. Love Lou!


  6. Well, thank you for the review, Linda. I thought it was great under the circumstances. Sorry for your loss. There’s not much more I can say. You said everything in your review. My favorite moment was the McDanno shirt. I loved it. But I agree that as much as I love McDanno and I love reading the fan fiction, I don’t think they should go that route on the show. It is not a love story. It is a crime show. And I don’t think it would fit. But I love the way they hint at it in the show. And Harry really does fit when he is with them. He brings out the humor between them perfectly. I would be very happy to see him again. It was a great episode. It has got me waiting for the next episode. And I really like Tani. I think she is great. Thank you for taking the time to write this great review, Linda.


  7. Wendy says:

    I’m glad you were able to write this review, given the circumstances. So sorry for your loss. You may not have written as much as usual, but the quality is still there.
    I liked the episode, but its not a favourite. The first scene in the restaurant was so funny I loved it, and that t-shirt was priceless. Loved Harry, would like to see more of him. COTW was blah, but I thought Tani fit in very well.


  8. Carol says:

    My thoughts are with you – went through this last year, so I really do know how it is. Thank you for taking time to write…….it is much appreciated. I haven’t re-watched yet either. I like Harry a lot and hope to see him again soon. Hearing his chatter made me chuckle. I’ve lived in the US for many years and forgotten many of these little gems……until I hear them again. Loved that they used “McDanno” guess TPTB really do pay attention and boy are they giving us treats this season. The bar & grill bit doesn’t fit…..,,but I would totally go for “McDanno’s” Can’t say I paid too much attention to COTW. It’s hard to come up with original plots, so i’ll give them a pass. I’m there for the characters. I think Tani proved herself out there with Lou and “rook” isn’t such a bad nickname…….cute coming from Lou.. Hope to see Eddie soon too. Until next time take care Linda.


  9. Emily says:

    I can’t watch the episodes as they show on TV, but I will surely watch them as soon as they pop on Netflix, which will probably be like next year! Anyways, I LOVE THIS SHOW, and I’m so happy I found your site and signed up for your newsletter because reading your reviews each week really keeps me up to date with everything! You write great reviews and they always make me smile. I’m so excited to watch Season 8 when I can! Thank you so much! 🙂 Also, I am sorry about your family loss, I hope that things start looking up for you again soon. Have a nice day, and aloha ❤


  10. Susan Schoppe says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss and what you must be going through. It’s a wonderful review, you did great. My prayers are with you and your family, God bless you all!


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