#H50 Review – 8.02 – Na la ‘ilio (Dog Days)


Hi everyone!  Sorry this review is so late.  I had some family obligations I had to deal with this weekend and I didn’t get the chance to finish this up as quickly as I would have liked.

Please note:   This episode is shown as 8.02 even though it was filmed and originally intended to be presented as 8.03.  While it was not official stated by CBS, it is believed the episodes were switched due to the horrendous events which took place in Las Vegas last weekend.  I commend CBS for making this change in an effort to be sensitive to all those involved.  Whether this was the reason for the switch or not, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families and to everyone who was touched by this horrible act of brutality.

We are fans of Hawaii Five-0 so needless to say, we look forward to every new episode with great anticipation.  But there are some episodes, where the anticipation is even higher than usual and you just know you’re going to love it the moment you read the first spoilers. This is one of those episodes.  We all knew we’d be meeting soon-to-be new team member Junior Reigns and, of course, Eddie.  So yeah, anticipation was high for this one.

But let’s start off with the crime of the week.  It was a decent story if not a particularly exciting one.  But that really doesn’t matter because it wasn’t the crime of the week we were all tuning in to see anyway.  The case was kind of predictable.  DEA agent Paul Lazio gets a tip about a huge drug shipment at the docks and, lo and behold, as soon as he and the other agents arrive, they are ambushed.  It’s obviously a set up since the gunmen were not thugs the agents came upon unawares but were perched in strategic positions to take the agents down.  Set up = inside man.

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Enter DEA Agent Chris Reid, the first one to jump in and offer to help in any way he can.  Yeah, ok.  Not too long after that, we meet restaurant manager Roger Niles.  Yup… this guy is going to be in on it too.  Why, because he’s being played by a “name”, Casper Van Dien.  I’ve always figured that it’s pretty certain they don’t fly a specific actor from the mainland to play a character that plays no significant part in the story.

At first, I thought it was just a going to be another cute “restaurant” scene like others we’ve seen in the past.  Retired cops telling Danny all the reasons why a restaurant is a bad idea, etc.  And for the first few minutes that’s exactly what it was.  Steve getting decidedly more uncomfortable with every word coming out of Niles’s mouth. Partnerships are like bad marriages.  Stress induced heart attacks.  But it was the knowledge that a restaurant survives on its wine list that seemed to hit Steve’s “oh crap… I never thought of that” nerve.  It was also what clued us in that the wine was going to play a major part in this crime.

It was obvious that Niles had Manny killed because he was the only person who knew Steve and Lou were on their way to see him.  And as for Agent Reid?  As soon as the words “he was going to shoot, I had no choice” came out of his mouth, it was like, “Ok, that seals it.  he’s the mole for sure”.  Even though I already knew it, that was 100% confirmation.  I immediately remembered, all the way back to Season 1, when Detective Kaleo killed Emilio Ochoa to cover up that he was the HPD mole who had Meka murdered. He said the exact same thing.

But, it doesn’t matter that the case was predictable.  This episode was great in spite of that.  It had fantastic team work, it had gun fights, car chases, action, humor and most of all, it had a ton of heart.

I particularly enjoyed how all the characters were used in this episode.  Almost the entire “main” cast was utilized.  Our main team, of course, but also Duke (at several crime scenes and later in Steve’s office), Noelani (at another crime scene and at the morgue), we met Junior, and even Adam got a mention. The only main character we didn’t see was Kamekona.  I especially like the way they are using Jerry this season.  I said it last week that I really like that Jerry has taken over as the Keeper of the Magic Table and he was fantastic in this episode as well.

I’m also really enjoying the budding relationship forming between Danny and Tani.  I loved how Danny was having a minor freak out when Tani leaned out of the speeding Camaro to take out the bad guys in the fleeing truck.  I’m really liking the idea of the rookie having a mentor.  Kono had Chin and it looks like Tani will have Danny.  Since it seems she possesses a similar reckless personality as Steve, this should be a lot of fun to watch develop.

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One of the best scenes in the episode was the discussion between Steve and Danny in the Camaro.  I suppose you could call this a traditional cargument because (and I’m flashing back to Season 1 again) Danny had no problem “getting all Jersey” with Steve and it never deteriorated into anything nasty.  I always love it when I can tell the writer of the episode understands my part of the world and Danny’s relatives going “down the shore”, eating “disco fries” and “tomato pie” was music to my ears.  And for those who think the dialog was off base, I am here to tell you that Danny is 100% correct about Jersey water (and Philadelphia water, my neck of the woods, for that matter).  I know people who have moved away from here who operate pizza joints who say the same thing.  The dough is simply not the same as it is here.

But it was their discussion about Chin and Kono that choked me up.  Kono is doing a great job with her task force but every time they catch one bad guy, another pops up to take his place.  She’s even called on Chin’s San Francisco task force to help out on the west coast.  They already knew Chin wasn’t ever coming back. Now it seems that Chin and Kono are, if not in the same place, still working together.  The look on Danny’s face when he realized this was so sad, he really got choked up.  Of course, they are both tremendously missed.  The guys just looked so forlorn I wanted to reach through my screen and give them both a hug.

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Later, we find out that Steve got a visit from Adam who told him that Kono’s case has intensified and it looks like she’s not coming back any time soon.  Adam is flying out to be with her.  Of course, we already know Adam is coming back eventually but the realization that Kono is probably not coming back may be what causes Steve to reconsider his decision to help Junior.

Ahhhhh yes, Junior.  One of the things we were looking forward to in this episode was meeting Junior Reigns (played by Beulah Koale) and I have to say, I’m going to really like this guy.  Junior is nothing else if he is not persistent.  This episode just kept flashing me back to Season 1 and remembering when Steve wanted Danny as his partner, no wasn’t an answer he was ever going to accept.  It seems Junior may be cut from the same cloth and while he’s, obviously, not in the same degree of authority as Steve, he knows he wants to work for Steve and he’s not taking no for an answer easily.

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One of the things military men look very highly on is initiative and Junior sure has a lot of that.  Yeah, Steve and Lou could see right through the car washing deal but, hey, it worked, right?  It got Junior in the front door at Five-0.  The look on his face as he walked in was like a kid in a candy store.  I’m sure, as a SEAL, the high-tech gear wasn’t unfamiliar to him but still, he was mighty impressed.

I like how the writers are going to bring Junior on slowly.  It makes sense considering how quickly Tani was added to the team to not just add someone else brand-new right off the bat.  I also like that Steve wants Junior to go to the Academy. I saw a few people on Twitter after the show asking why Steve is making graduation from the Academy a condition when he didn’t do it for Kono, Tani, Catherine or, obviously, himself.

I think it makes perfect sense.  Kono was one week away from graduation when she was recruited for Five-0.  Tani cheated on her final exam, which also means she was very close to graduation when she was kicked out.  So, both Kono and Tani had competed full Academy training when they joined Five-0.  Steve, of course, was hired by the Governor based on his military career and training. As for Catherine, Steve knew her for years, knew her credentials, and had seen her skills and her training first hand.

Steve really has no clue who Junior is. He only set eyes on the man a day ago.  Oh, I’m sure he pulled his jacket before he made his offer and it’s obvious both he and Duke talked to his Master Chief, David Lang and got his recommendation.  But, Steve still hasn’t seen Junior in action.  Having him get some formal training and, getting it from Duke, is the best way to access his capabilities.  It’s a very smart move.  I’m looking forward to finding out Junior’s “long story” about why he left the Navy so young.  One more broken toy for Steve to mend.

But, of course, this episode really belonged to one person and one person only.  The fact that the person has four legs makes it even more special.  The star of this show was 100% Eddie!

From the first moment we see him, awake in his bed but waiting for the alarm to go off before happily jumping on his handler and best friend Paul’s bed for some early morning cuddles, I was in love.  Eddie was without a doubt the heart and soul of this episode from beginning to end.

Other than the bittersweet moments of remembering Chin and Kono, Eddie was the emotional impetus for this episode.  Right off the bat you can see Eddie is good at his job.  He saved Paul from getting shot twice before the fatal shot occurred.  At first Eddie licks Paul’s face, trying to comfort him but once he realizes what’s happened, he’s off, after the man who killed his friend.  I know we all agree with Danny when he said “shoot a dog, you’re going to hell, period” and we all cried out in alarm when Eddie went down.  We’ve all seen plenty of people shot on this show but watching that pool of blood spreading under Eddie literally stopped my heart.

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But it was the emotional connection Steve made with Eddie that was the most heartwarming.  Steve, the admitted “cat person”, went to look for the “missing dog” immediately and from the moment he found Eddie in that shipping container bleeding out, there was no way our “testosterone filled marshmallow” wasn’t going to save and protect him.  Finding out that Eddie is not only a DEA/Police dog but also a combat veteran of Afghanistan only added to the connection.  His face literally lit up with relief when he found out that Eddie not only made it through surgery but was awake and hungry.

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Eddie proved invaluable throughout the story.  When Eddie attacked the man who shot Paul he did a fine job of biting the man’s arm so that when they swabbed his mouth they were able to find the DNA evidence to track down the shooter.  Eddie was also well enough to assist the team in the final take down at the warehouse of Niles and Agent Reid.

Nothing was more satisfying than Eddie, tracking down Reid, slowly advancing on him, snarling and growling.  Reid, bastard that he was, was going to shoot Eddie again. He pulled the trigger but, thank God, the gun was out of ammo.  As Eddie advanced, you could almost read his mind and Eddie was pissed!!!  “He was your friend! He trusted you! I trusted you… you son of a bitch”!  I know we all cheered when they wheeled Reid out, bloody and mauled. Way to go Eddie!

There were some really cute moments with Eddie as well.  I liked the DEA tradition of everyone petting the drug dog before the raid for luck.  It was funny to me how Danny was already beginning to look at Eddie as an extension of Steve. “Try not to get shot again, buddy” is exactly what Danny would say Steve in that situation.  Steve’s kiss to the top of Eddie’s head made my heart simply swoon.

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Then there was Lou.  You could tell Lou is not a dog person way before this scene.  Way back when Steve asked Jerry to check in on Eddie’s surgery, the look on Jerry’s face was a small, fond smile.  As if to say, “oh that’s sweet, Steve’s worried about the dog”.  Lou’s face, however, was pure “you’re kidding, right? You’re worried about a dog??”

Lou firmly tells Eddie he is not a dog person, but he will try to have his back if Eddie has his.  Of course, Eddie does just that, attacking and disarming one of the bad guys just as he’s about to shoot Lou.

The scene of Lou and Eddie after the raid was simply priceless.  “Is that my boy? Is that my nice boy, Eddie? Do you know you’re a nice boy, Eddie? “Oh.. don’t be silly, Uncle Lou, I don’t even know I’m a doggie!” Yes, but when you saw that bad guy, you said “I gotta go save my Uncle Lou” and that’s why your Uncle Lou is gonna get you a big juicy steak for your din-din”.  Tani giving Lou some good natured grief “Look who’s a dog person now!” and Lou’s return “No… I’m a “this” dog person” was, like I said before…. priceless.

But these happy moments were soon over.  Watching the team attending Paul’s funeral and Eddie, sitting there, right in the front, watching as his best friend is buried was heart breaking.  I swear, this dog is incredible.  Like when he attacked Reid, you could almost read his mind as he watched the coffin being lowered.  Steve, never took his eyes off Eddie, almost as though he understood exactly what he was feeling.  Well, he probably did.

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When Steve later found Eddie, whimpering and laying on Paul’s grave that was it.  The funeral had me tearing up but this… I was a sobbing mess.  I don’t think my heart could have taken any more.  Steve sitting down next to Eddie, comforting him, telling him everything’s going to be alright.  It made me think of all those times we’ve seen Steve go to his father’s grave, just to be close.  Steve and Eddie have made a connection over loss.

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And just like with Danny and with Tani, with all of them, Steve arrived in Eddie’s life just when he’s needed.  I’m so happy the box of broken toys at Five-0 has room for even one more.

Well, as you can tell this episode made me an emotional wreck.  I can guarantee you the dogs (and other pets) of every H50 fan got a lot of extra cuddles and love after this episode was over.  I can’t wait to see Eddie again and again and hopefully in many happy scenes as we can get.

Have a wonderful week my friends!  Aloha. Malama Pono.

All screen caps were done by me.



18 thoughts on “#H50 Review – 8.02 – Na la ‘ilio (Dog Days)

  1. I give it 8/10. As really think do not understand how Tani did not at all go into the police academy as well as now that Junior will have to. That does not make any sense!?
    Just really got a raw deal over Chin and Kono not getting appropriate send offs like that of in the way of Max.
    But really Eddie is probably the only dog Steve loves as always thought of Danny as the dog person and Steve the cat person Mr Pickles.
    Really action packed and did not know the DEA agent would be corrupt.
    Jerry love him but do not give him a gun. Does not seem to be the gun type. He is the brains over at Five 0. Where he needs to be.
    Love that McDanno is no longer mean spirited or bickering. But prefer McGrover as both treat each other like equals if you stop and think about it!
    All in good fun and really both actors love to tease one another. Sure Steve is a SEAL but Lou could give him a run for the money.


    • Kono went to the Police Academy and was a week away from graduation during the Pilot. She graduated a week later, but missed the ceremony because she was on a case with Five-0. Tani went to the academy but was kicked out because she broke a training officer’s nose and cheated on a written exam. But she was far enough along that McGarrett and Danny were impressed with her progress and hired her anyway.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. rhondagemini says:

    Great review as always,Linda! I totally agree with you-Eddie was the star of this episode,hands down! I think he had everyone eating out of his paws,so to speak. Love how Steve bonded with him the moment he found him and I think Eddie knew he’d found a new friend in return. Although it was bloody to see, I had to cheer when Eddie mauled Reid-he deserved it! I think Junior will fit in nicely with the team when the time comes-he’s willing to do anything to impress Steve,even washing his truck! Getting back to Eddie, Steve knew exactly where he was when he & Danny couldn’t find him in the house and he understood why Eddie needed to be at his handler’s grave,because there have been times when Steve needed to visit his father’s grave. Eddie will be a great part of the team and,like you, I hope to see him in more happy scenes,too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is so true Rhonda. The moment I saw that Eddie had gone back to Paul’s grave that’s the first thing I thought of. Of all the places Eddie could have gone, Steve knew immediately where he was because, he himself, has sought solace the exact same way. The entire scene was heart warming and heart breaking all at the same time!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Carole says:

    After watching last week in a hotel room (b-day weekend) I was glad to be back in my comfy chair for this one…..didn’t know they switched 802 & 803, but welcome surprise. Like you I love Eddie! Sorry guys, he stole every scene.. not to say there wasn’t plenty of good stuff to go around. Softy that we all know he is, it was a given Steve would be drawn to Eddie who exhibits so much of what he holds dear. A lot of people say dogs pick their people and as we were introduced to Junior I couldn’t help thinking he was acting a bit like that too……he’s chosen Steve and is going to find a way to work for him. …..loved his determination. There’s so many story angles I don’t know how they’ll fit them all in or what I want to hear about first….Tani’s back story, Junior, the boy’s project……..so many possibilities. It also seems like we’re going to be following Chin & Kono even if it is from afar. I don’t think sending Junior to police academy is odd at all…..after all didn’t Danny spend much of season 1 lecturing Steve about police procedure. Steve is not dumb – he listened and learned and while he would be loathed to admit it to Danny- he did have a lot to learn……that’s why Junior is headed back to school. Other stuff I loved…..Danny got to drive his car, Lou being goofy, Tani seems right at home…….our show, even with all the change is going to be just fine. Thanks for another great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a very good point…. Steve, with all his military training and know how still didn’t know anything about standard police procedure. He had Danny to show him the way when he needed it. Steve never had to worry about his team, Danny, Chin, Kono, because they were ALL cops. Junior is very much like Steve was at the beginning BUT, being so young, doesn’t have ALL the experience and training that Steve had when he started Five-0. Yes… the Academy is a perfect solution and having Duke supervising will assure Junior learns from the best.


  4. Wendy says:

    Another great review, Linda. I loved this episode even though it didn’t have the usual twists and turns. I figured out it was the agent as soon as I saw him, the same with the restaurant guy. I’m glad Steve’s making Junior go to the academy, he needs to learn police procedure, after all, Danny had to teach Steve how to be a cop, lol. I think Junior will fit in well with the team, just like Tani has. As for Eddie, I loved him. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of him. The cargument was perfect, and even the bromance scene in Steve’s kitchen was so well done. It showed just how well Danny knows Steve. The writers did a great job of weaving the Kono, Chin departure into the episode. Glad they’re not just ignoring it and carrying on as if nothing happened.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You and Carole both remembered how Danny needed to instruct Steve on “proper police procedure” at the beginning. Yes, the Academy makes perfect sense!

      As for Danny, I loved him throughout this entire episode. I’m loving how they are writing him so far this season and I sure hope they keep it up. He’s “detecting” on the fly like he used to do years ago. I love how he was leading the investigation at the docks with Tani. He was the first to point out it was probably an ambush and he was the one who figured out the storage container with the busted lock was a decoy. He was wonderful with Tani. He was touching as he reminisced about Chin and Kono and he was wonderful at the end with Steve when they were in the kitchen together. I absolutely loved how obviously “at home” Danny is there, grab an apple, hop on the counter, knows which cereal bowl is Steve’s favorite.

      I’ve missed the scenes of Steve and Danny just hanging out talking. I sure hope this is an indication we’re going to have more of these types of scenes. We REALLY need to get them back out on the beach in “their chairs”. ♥

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  5. Helma says:

    Great review Linda !!
    All things being mentionend.
    I liked the interaction between Steve and Eddie so much, real friends for life.
    Steve was there on the right time knowing what Eddie needed the most.
    Hope to see a lot of this adorable dog 😊
    I also liked to see all the other characters in different scenes. And it’s a good choice to mention Kono & Chin once in a while because they are a big part of the history of this show.
    Well done writers !
    Thanks for this complete review, a pleasure to read 🤗
    This is going to be one of my favourite episodes !!!
    Aloha and Mahalo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I am very happy with the way they have handled Chin and Kono’s absences so far. I’m trying to remind myself that this episode was SUPPOSED to be 8.03 so they are still mentioning them three episodes in. I’m curious to see how it was handled in what was supposed to be episode #2 when their absences were even more fresh. I’m was assuming Tani would have taken over Kono’s office, but now I’m thinking she probably took over Chin’s office. Chin’s relocation is a permanent choice. He’s the leader of his own task force. Going by what we’re seeing in this episode, up until Steve spoke with Adam, the guys still thought Kono was coming back so she’d need her office. I’m going to assume Junior will inherit her office, unless they FINALLY, after 3 years, give Lou a visible office and let Junior be the floater. Yeah… I hope they do that.

      I also find it interesting that while they have mentioned Chin and included him in the “I miss them” remarks, it’s only Kono they are actually TALKING about. Makes me think that when these episodes were written, TPTB still had hope that Grace/Kono could come back, even if only for a little. They don’t TALK about Chin, he’s only a mention and only in connection with Kono. I find that very telling.


  6. Kacee says:

    Great review Linda! Once again you pull together so many of my random thoughts & feelings about an episode & articulate them beautifully! Eddie is perfect for Steve & as a character in his own right…just shows how well Alex has grown to know Steve and what (who?) is good for him! The emotion that Eddie pulls from Steve (and how Alex plays it) is pure gold. What I love about Junior, and how Beulah plays him, is the blatent admiration he has for McG! You can tell that McGarrett is a living legend in his eyes. The scene with Steve & Danny at the end warmed by ❤️, that comfortable togetherness that they have is so beautiful. I missed seeing it. I’m loving S8 & looking forward to all of it…again, there’s a fantastic energy & earth about this season already!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you about this season so far. I’m enjoying the new dynamic so far. Of course, it’s very early but so far, Meaghan’s Tani is fitting in nicely and I liked Beulah’s Junior introduction very much. Looking forward to learning both their stories!


  7. Brooklyngirl says:

    Oh my goodness! This show, especially Alex, has brought me to tears on quite a few occasions but Friday’s episode was a 2-tablecloth affair! Tissues just didn’t cut it. 😉

    I AM SO IN LOVE WITH EDDIE and STEVE! That big testosterone filled marshmallow was a big mush when it came to that dog! Eddie is amazing, he’s so well trained that it was like watching a(nother) human! I love the interaction between Danny and Tani, she needs a safety harness for the Camaro so she won’t fall out when she’s doing her “thing”! I love the moxie, tenacity and sheer nerve of Junior! He’s a young Steve! He’ll fit right in when he finishes up at the Academy. I’m loving that all of them, Lou, Jerry and Duke are all being seen and used. Kono and Chin will always be a part of it and and I hope they keep mentioning them from time to time because they will always be Ohana.

    Your review hit the nail in the head and I agree with you 100%. Oh coming from Brooklyn, and I’m not throwing shade, oh alright maybe just a little, but our water is certainly the best! 😉😉. I agree w/Danny (and Uncle Vito) the water is the most important aspect of a delicious pizza!!

    And in case you didn’t catch on, I’m really loving this season – it has a season 1 feel to it and just gives me all kinds of good vibes!! Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ROFL.. I’m noticing that all my friends who I know are from New York, Philly and Jersey are all agreeing 100% with Danny and his Uncle Vito about the water making great pizza dough. I bet those who live in Chicago will say the same.

      I feel bad for all those who throw shade at the writers for that scene because, obviously, they have lived their entire lives eating substandard pizza and they don’t even know what they are missing!

      Liked by 1 person

        • I hear ya. When I first moved into my new house, I was so distraught because there was no pizza places that delivered here except for Domino’s. Our first night in the house, surrounded with boxes and no food to be had, we discovered a small Italian restaurant/pizza place about 3 blocks from here. OMG… THE BEST PIZZA EVER. They don’t deliver but it’s so worth having to go pick it up. We’re still close enough to Philly to have great water.

          Liked by 1 person

  8. Eddie really did steal the show for me. I loved his expressions. He was so adorable that how could you not fall in love with him. This was a great episode. I didn’t know about the Jersey water but I loved the conversation Danny and Steve were having in the car about it. And I loved how at the end they were at Steve’s house and Danny was sitting on the counter eating an apple. When Steve went to the cemetary and found Eddie it was priceless. I loved how he was telling Eddie that everything will be alright. Oh, and Tani is great. She will learn a lot from Danny. This is going to be a great season.

    Liked by 1 person

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