#H50 Review – Season 8 Premiere – 8.01 A’ole e ‘oleo mai ana ke ahi ua ana ia (Fire Will Never Say That He Has Had Enough)

Well, hello there, my wonderful H50 friends!  I hope you all had a fantastic summer, full of fun, family and friends!  As happens every year, I’m really sad to see summer end. I’m not ready for sweaters and coats.  I am very attached to my flip flops, thank you very much!  But, Fall means the return of my beloved Hawaii Five-0 so, if that means I must relinquish my flip flops for now, I’ll live vicariously through those I see in paradise on my TV.

As we all know, our show was involved in a rather vocal controversy as filming began for this season but I’m not going to go into a long discussion about the controversy or the actors here today.  What’s done is done.  There are a couple of blogs posted from that time on this site and, if you want to go back and look for them, please feel free to do so.

I will say this.  Whether we like it or not, change is part of life.  Loved ones leave us all the time. The beloved characters of Chin and Kono will never be forgotten and hopefully, we might get to see them again someday.  But, as with real life, when people we love leave us, others can come along and, with time, become loved ones as well.

And I can see that Tani Rey will have no problem fitting in with the Five-0 Ohana.  I loved the onscreen chemistry between Meaghan Rath and the guys, especially between her and Scott.  I can see Tani and Danny becoming fast friends.  Other than the fact that she is young and fresh from the Academy (well, tossed from the Academy) I think those who are mocking the character as just being “Kono2” are way off base.

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Tani is not Kono and she is not replacing Kono.  There is only one Kono, she’s awesome, and no one can replace her.  Tani is her own person, with her own personality and skill set.  She is a wonderful addition to the team and not a replacement for anyone.  Tani is brassy and confident.  She’s tough as nails and isn’t afraid of anything.  She’s as bad ass as Kono is and she’s got a sense of humor that plays very well off all the guys.

Ask Steve if the Camaro can go any faster… score Steve points.

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Shoot the suspect in the knee to stop a fight Steve says he’s got control of…. score Danny points (“Can we keep her?”).

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman4

Haul off and punch said suspect for being a jerk…. score Lou points (I’m starting to like you!”).

“That’s funny” “What’s funny?” “Unpredictable, stubborn and crazy… she’s the female you”.  I love it! Of all the times that term has been thrown at new characters, this is the first time I think it might actually be kind of true!

Yeah, I think she’s going to fit in famously and I’m really looking forward to learning more about her, her life up to this point and what’s going on with her brother.  I’m looking forward to the new avenues this character will open for great stories.

I liked the way writers incorporated Tani into the episode especially how Steve and then Danny told her about Chin and Kono.  I have to agree with those who wish the show could have given Chin and Kono great send offs like Max got.  That would have been wonderful.  But, the situations were completely different.  TPTB knew Masi was leaving, they knew exactly when he was leaving and they knew for certain that he wasn’t coming back.  They were able to write an episode to give Max a grand, sentimental sendoff.  It wasn’t the same for Chin and Kono.

Now I have no idea if this is true because I have no more inside information than the next gal but my gut feeling is TPTB knew, at the end of Season 7 filming in early Spring, that Grace was not coming back and were, if not 100%, at least pretty damn sure Daniel wasn’t coming back either.  But, I also think they held out some small hope that between the end of S7 filming and the beginning of S8 filming in July, they could come to an agreement with, if not both, at least one of them. So, they wrote open ended exits for them both, leaving those doors wide open in case negotiations worked out before filming started again.  And if they didn’t, those doors would still be open for possible appearances in the future.  Grand sentimental sendoffs, obviously, would have made no sense.

Having Steve tell Tani about Chin and later, having Danny do the same about Kono, introduced Tani to the legacy of two of the founding pillars of Five-0 and explained their departures to viewers in a way that showed Steve and Danny are proud of what their friends are doing yet you could feel how much they are missed.  I’m willing to bet this isn’t the last time we hear about Chin and Kono.  We may not have gotten the pleasure of seeing grand sentimental sendoffs but no one is going to forget them and how important they both were or stop hoping that someday we’ll get to see them again.

I thought the crime of the week was pretty good even if it was populated with familiar names and faces.  We’ve seen Jason Duclair several times now and while I think he’s a great villain I’m not all that upset that he perished in the fire of his own making.  Karma is, after all, a very cruel bitch.  Our other villain, Aaron Wright, brother of hacker Ian Wright who was killed by WoFat over 3 years ago, is the latest in a long line of vengeful family members Five-0 has had to deal with.

It took a second viewing for me to get a good grip on what was going on with these two.  Let me see if I get it right:  Drug lord hires hacker to break arsonist out of jail so arsonist can find another arsonist who burned drug lord’s stash.  After arsonist #2 identifies arsonist #1, drug lord kills arsonist #1, by fire via shot out kneecaps.  Arsonist #2, certain Five-0 will track him down through the drug lord, goes after said drug lord and his sons and kills them, by fire of course, then sets his sights on the hacker who broke him out in the first place.  Did I get that all right?!?  Probably not.  I probably missed some of the minutia of that whole interaction but I think I got the gist of it.

I have to admit, Duclair’s escape from Halawa was ridiculously easy.  I mean, I get that Wright hacked the prison system and unlocked Duclair’s cell while at the same time, locking the guards in their observation room.  But there were no other guards on duty?  Duclair walked right out into the light of what?  A regular Oahu street?  The recreation yard? It reminded me of when WoFat walked out of Halawa and into Jenna Kaye’s car without so much as breaking a sweat.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the Wright character either.  He left me kind of cold.  Not really all that menacing, to tell you the truth.  But he was a means to an end… the end being getting Duclair out of Halawa.  Actually, the best thing about Wright was his choice of alias when booking his flight into Oahu. Mick St. John!!!  I think every Alex fan girl out there literally screamed at her TV in that moment. I know I did!  Oh, how I miss that beautiful vampire and oh…. to be a fly on the wall to see Alex’s reaction the first time he read his script!

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But, you know what?  I hope it was in everyone’s script except Alex’s. I hope they sprung it on him, with cameras rolling and that it was caught on film.  What a gag reel moment that would be! I also thought it was really funny when Steve smelled the smoke of the fire Duclair started before they actually saw it.  It was such a “Mick” moment watching Alex “sniff” out the scent! LOL

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For me, the best part of this episode was watching the team and watching it reform.  Like I said before, I really enjoyed the way Tani fit in, I loved how she wouldn’t back down and insisted on going with them to hunt down Duclair.  I really enjoyed the give and take between Steve, Danny and Lou over whether to give Tani a gun (but, ummmm guys… you gave her a gun but no vest??) and I especially loved the scenes within the hunting cabin.  I honestly have to tell you, I was enjoying the interplay between Steve, Danny, Lou and Tani so much, I didn’t miss Chin and Kono at all.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this new team a lot.

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The best moments of Duclair were in the cabin as well, as he described, in excruciating detail, what smoke does to human lungs in a fire, while we watched Steve attempting to make it through the fire for help.  Listening to Duclair describe how the smoke and microscopic particles get into the lungs and slowly choke off a person’s ability to breath was chilling. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was sitting there thinking, “get the hell out of there Steve.  The last thing you need is screwed up lungs too!”.

And yeah, I have to admit, the helicopter lifting the cabin out of the fire was a bit over the top.  But I know I’ve seen choppers lift large things into the air in real life.  Military choppers hauling tanks off battle fields and stuff like that.  So I guess I can stretch my imagination and allow for a chopper to lift an old cabin, that probably weighs a lot less than a fully armored tank.

Besides, Tani was right.  If Steve (and how the hell did he get himself out of that fire and into a chopper??? Details….  details…..) had tried to lift all three of them into the chopper together, the back draft would have blown them around, gotten them all tangled together.  So, was lifting the cabin far fetched?  Probably.  But, you what… I could not care less.

This is Hawaii Five-0.  More specifically, this is a Hawaii Five-0 season premiere.  It’s going to be cinematic and far fetched.  Hawaii Five-0 lands airplanes on Kalakaua Avenue.  It lands choppers on the 50-yard line.  It picks up armored vehicles with giant claws and it lifts hunting cabins with choppers.  It’s what makes Hawaii Five-0 fun and entertaining.  I pity those who are so close minded and unable to simply enjoy the silliness of life and escapist entertainment.

I’ve always chalked up my acceptance of things like these to my love of James Bond movies.  He’s always coming up with ridiculous ways of getting out of situations and I’ve loved those movies since I was a kid.

I remember him driving a motorcycle off a cliff, leaping off the bike and “flying” through the air in order to climb into the cockpit of a small plane that had gone into a dive, reaching the rapidly plummeting plane, climbing in, leveling off and flying away! Absolutely ridiculous and I loved every minute of it.


Give me over the top escapism over staid and boring any day!

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Ok… time to talk about my most favorite moments in this premiere and, of course, you all know me, it’s going to be Steve and Danny and the restaurant.  These scenes, both at the beginning of the episode and at the end, were simply too perfect for mere words.

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When I first saw the promo pictures, my first thought was that Steve had found this perfect place for the restaurant and would be trying to convince Danny they should start laying the foundation sooner rather than later.  I thought Danny would do what Danny normally does and accuse Steve of stepping over bounds and being a control freak.

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So, I am totally thrilled this was completely Danny’s idea and even more happy that he came right out and told Steve how he really was feeling.  That he wanted them to be partners in this venture.  That he thought it would be fun for the two of them to do it together.  Steve, immediately touched by Danny’s words, at first doesn’t know how to react and accuses Danny of only doing it because he thinks Steve’s going to get “the big C” from the radiation.  Steve’s assuming that Danny thinks Steve doesn’t have a lot of time so they better get started sooner rather than later.

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Danny, taken back by those words, does what he normally does.  Reverts to the snark, but Steve knows he doesn’t mean it, just like he always knows.  They may not be saying everything they want to say but the understanding is there.  Danny can’t bear the thought of Steve not being a part of his life and Steve is truly touched that Danny wants him to be part of his dream.

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It was kind of like that in the cabin as well.  Surrounded by fire, Lou thought they were all going to succumb to the smoke at any moment.  He tried to tell Danny…. tried to tell him how much their friendship has meant, the old “it’s been an honor to serve with you” kind of thing.  Danny knew what he was going to say… Lou understood Danny knew it… no need to say it.

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That’s another reason why I loved the last scene between Danny and Tani.  Not only did he tell her about Kono, he also told her about Steve.  Yeah… the snark was there.  Steve will do lunatic things… he’ll drive you crazy.  But the snark was bathed in love and admiration for the man who always shows up just when others need him.  Who comes into the lives of people at just the right time.  Who is a good and true friend who will have your back no matter what.

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Danny and Steve may not know too much about running a restaurant. May not know all the things needed to make a success out of it.  But they have faith in each other and that’s always a great place to start.

I absolutely loved the interaction between Steve and Danny in this episode.  It was a a breath of fresh air to see these two on the same page for pretty much the entire episode.  And, even when they were bantering back and forth, even when Danny thought Steve going out into the fire was a stupid idea, it never got angry and never got nasty.  There wasn’t a single moment of either one even raising his voice.  It was the bromance I have loved from the very beginning.  I hope this is a good indication of how they’re going to be all season.

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Lastly, I want to say how much I enjoyed the new opening credits to the show, especially seeing Dennis Chun, Kimee Balmilero, and Taylor Wily in the opening.  They didn’t have a lot to do in this premiere because there was so much going on, but they all made contributions to moving the story along.  I also loved seeing Nahale again and how he and Kame went to serve food to the fire fighters fighting the blaze.

I particularly enjoyed Jerry.  It seems he has been chosen to be the resident keeper of the Magic Table. It’s a wise choice.  He’s Five-0 but he is not street material and, please God, let’s not ever try to give him a gun.  Working the Magic Table is the perfect way to utilize his skills.

I’m looking forward to the weeks to come when Beulah Koale and Ian Anthony Dale come on board and our team and our credits will be complete.  But one new cast member, not in the premiere, was already in the credits.  Did you see him??? Check out Chi’s pictures and you’ll see our new pup Eddie made it into the credits already!  So awesome!!

Courtesy of @alohaspaceman5

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Well, that’s it for the Season 8 premiere of Hawaii Five-0.  I have to say, I loved it.  I know…. no real surprise there.  Everyone pulled it together really well, TPTB hit a home run adding Meaghan to the team and I think the addition of Beulah’s Junior a couple of episodes from now will really help the new team gel.  This was a great start along a new and unknown road.  But surprises can be fun and this is Hawaii Five-0, so it’s always fun!

Until next week my friends!  Aloha. Malama Pono

All screen caps are mine.  Done courtesy of CBS All Access unless otherwise noted (thanks @alohaspaceman ♥)


29 thoughts on “#H50 Review – Season 8 Premiere – 8.01 A’ole e ‘oleo mai ana ke ahi ua ana ia (Fire Will Never Say That He Has Had Enough)

  1. LORI SILVANO says:

    This is by far my favorite review you’ve done so far.. nailed it and wholeheartedly agree 100% with everything you said….i will add that I also thought was weird they didn’t give Tani a vest… and that our super seal must have magic healing powers since his liver scar is gone.. transplant ? What transplant?? Lmao..but I too am looking forward to S8 very much so.. and I do believe Grace will come back at some point.. not sure about..Daniel though but I think Grace needed a break and had nothing to do with the money..just my opinion…mahalo 😍

    Liked by 2 people

    • Welcome Lori. So happy you decided to join us here and comment!

      Yeah… I noticed that the scar was gone too but I chalked it up to the fact it was such a flash quick view and perhaps they didn’t feel they needed to spend the time applying the scar for so quick a shot. So foolish of them… they HAVE to know by now, eagle eyed fans with a pause button would notice immediately! LOL


  2. I agree on all points. I thought Tani was great. She really is a female version of Steve. And the scene at the end between her and Danny was priceless. Steve may be the boss, but I think she’ll be doing a lot of what she wants to do. She didn’t really listen to him too great last night in the premeire. I have heard that Danny will be kind of a mentor to her. We saw a little of that last night with him explaining to her about Steve. I totally loved the ending with Steve and Danny deciding to have a go at the restaurant. You’re right. It was bromance at its best. There will be a lot of work to get the place ready. We’re off to a great start for the season. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I also heard Danny will be a kind of mentor for her. I really like that idea a lot. No, she didn’t listen to what Steve had to say last night but, remember, she’s not a cop and not Five-0 at that point. Technically she’s a civilian tagging along with the team. The reason why Danny and Lou were reluctant to give her a gun. I don’t think she’s going to miraculously become 100% obedient once she gets a badge but I do think, like so many we’ve seen before, once she sees there is method (and success) in Steve’s madness, she’ll be right on board like everyone else.

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  3. rhondagemini says:

    Great review,Linda! This episode was awesome and a wonderful way to start of the season! You were spot on with every thing you said and I really loved Steve & Danny’s interaction and like you, hope to see more of it as the season goes along. One thing I will say about Tani is that she seemed to be a bit hard on herself when Steve & Danny first approached her to ask for her help. Steve obviously looked past all of that, especially the part about her being kicked out of the academy. I’m glad she changed her mind and did help them,although I would love to know if it was something they said or how they handled themselves that made her reconsider. Jerry is perfect operating the magic table,but I do have one question-how did Eric know how to use it? I don’t recall him using it before. I agree with you about the opening credits-loved seeing Dennis,Taylor and the doc getting their smiling faces there! Duclair gives a whole new meaning to the phrase human torch and it was only appropriate that he perish in a fire of his own making! All in all, this was a great episode and I can’t wait to see how this season continues to unfold!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I get the feeling, being an army brat all her life, getting thrown out of the Academy was very hard on Tani. Steve mentioned that her father had died that same week but, they also never mention anything about her mother. The rebellious bad boy glimpse we got of her brother makes me think this family suffered some really hard times. She’s probably developed a hard shell because of it and she’s probably not harder on anyone more than she is herself. I’m looking forward to learning all about her.

      Eric seems to know a lot about computers. He’s cracked lap tops and broken down cell phones numerous times. I’m sure the Magic Table isn’t beyond he’s field of knowledge either. LOL


  4. Rita says:

    I thought I would not be able to watch as the site I used for the last few seasons would not work. But have found better.
    Great review Linda. Before the season began I made up my mind to not keep thinking Chin and Kono would be there so it did not affect my enjoyment. I did not miss them. I read one of Peter Lenkov’s interviews that they knew Grace and DDK could be leaving and I think TPTB tried to keep them. I’ll only say that I do think DDK’s remarks were not helpful.
    I like Tani and is her own person. She is not a replacement for Kono and is capable of making her own way onto the team. She fitted in well.
    Loved the scenes between Steve and Danny in the restaurant. I thought it would be Steve pushing Danny but it was him who was a little reluctant at first. I like Danny’s softer approach as he does not want to lose Steve.
    I enjoyed the COTW. Glad to see Duclair meeting his end or has he?
    I too liked the opening credits and also spotted Eddie. Cannot wait for him and Steve to meet. A man and his dog.
    About Grace Park. I do have a feeling she may return. I do agree DDK may not.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like the way you said you made up your mind before the season began to not keep thinking about Chin and Kono. I think that’s a very good way of looking at things. Instead of watching an episode and thinking “Chin would have done this” or “Kono would have done that”, just sit back and enjoy the show for what it is now and go with it. I think that’s a very healthy way to look at things!


  5. Wendy says:

    Great review as always, you said everything I was thinking. Tani will work out well, and look forward to a great friendship between her.and Danny. Love every moment of the Steve/Danny interaction, just what I needed to see. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m hoping that with Chin and Kono gone, the writers will go out of their way to highlight the fantastic relationships of this team. Steve and Danny being the most important one. These two have been the back bone of the show from the Pilot and while they may have hit some bumpy spots along the way, they continue to be solid and tight. I hope we see as much of them together as we did in Season 1 when, as Alex put it they “did all the heavy lifting”.


  6. I hope Daniel and Grace do make appearances. As really think that they should had got a better send off. But IMHO they kind of got a raw deal. Maski got a great send off. Really not fair for CBS.
    Anyway this new gal may not replace Grace but she is her own person.
    Nice to see those three like Duke added to the full term cast. As really love those three, in particular Duke.
    And really this restaurant thing is going to be IMHO the main thing. As really loved it that Steve gave Danny credit for once. And not take credit as that is one of the many things I do not like about Steve.
    Really the over the top thing about the helicopter and house was indeed that. But will let it slide.


  7. Welcome back Linda! I absolutely agree with you about this eppy! I loved it more than I expected to, love Tani, loved seeing our hero save the day, no matter how he did it! S-8 is off to a terrific start!! I too hope we will get to see Alex’s reaction to hearing ‘Mick St, John’ in the gag reel! I also had decided before the new season began to look forward and not back, as to DDK & Grace’s departure. Loved the new opening credits, can’t wait to meet Eddie! Mahalo.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Kacee says:

    Nailed it!! I was so thrilled with the premier. Like you, I cherished those Steve/Danny restaurant scenes…I adore them ❤️. Also like you, I didn’t miss Chin & Kono and I honestly feel the cast changes are proving to add new life & enthusiasm. Hearing Danny’s words about Steve at the end brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of Wehe’ana (7.23) and the realizations Danny came to about his partner & friend when describing his team to Makino. It feels like their friendship continues to deepen. I thought Meaghan Rath was fantastic as Tani & I saw a lot of enthusiasm about the character from my teenage kids & their friends. Thank you for a very well thought out review…excited to see all of the new characters & storylines season 8 will bring us!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for reading and posting a comment. Welcome! I’m hoping we’re right and there will be a ton of Steve and Danny moments …. full episodes for that matter…. this season. I will never get enough of these two and if the premiere is any indication and they’ll stop dancing around each other and actually articulate their feelings to each other, I’ll be more than thrilled!


  9. Brooklyngirl says:

    Welcome back!! Great review Linda, you covered all the points perfectly!

    Let me start by saying Chin and Kono who?

    I really, really enjoyed this episode. I love Tani! Is she headstrong, smart and obstinate, yes. Is she another broken toy for Steve to fix? Absolutely. She fits right in. I loved the interaction of them all, they played off each so perfectly, especially Meaghan. It’s like she’s been there forever! Can we keep her? Please??

    Grace and Daniel were made offers and turned them down. End of story. Their mentions were perfect. Personally I feel Grace will be back, Daniel I’m not so sure of. Many other shows have survived quite nicely when change occurred – same here. This isn’t the end (as so many naysayers keep saying) but the start of something bigger and better!!

    In true H50 fashion the special effects were great, yep, even down to the helicopter rescue! Stay low and wet (can I tell you the images those words conjured up coming out of Alex’s mouth ☺️ 😍😍!!) Randy is fantastic as Duclair (and I doubt he’s dead) and I loved the use of Mick St. John’s name (finally a nod to Alex’s past work!!) even though Joey/Aaron really wasn’t a very convincing bad boy.

    I’m looking forward to this season. The restaurant arc will be fun to watch. (Btw, here in NYC an Italian restaurant in Chinatown and vice-a-versa is common, the neighborhoods encroach on each other. I think it’s the best of both worlds!). The bromance is back but it was more than that, the friendship is back! Oh, the feels, the fun, the quips by them all!! The long, summer drought is over! Bring it on. I can’t wait to meet Junior and Eddie and have Adam back in the fold!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m taking all those naysayers with a huge bag of salt. I’m willing to bet 90% of them made up their minds about the show months and sometimes even years ago. Many of those saying the show is dead are the same ones who have been complaining about it from the start, saying it was crap and would never survive.

      Well, ya know what? They were wrong then and they’re gonna be wrong now. For those who have nothing better to do than watch something they hate so they can have something to complain about with others who have nothing better to do…. hey…. go for it. Hate watching is still watching!


  10. Linda, another great review as always! I don’t think the show lost any ground at all with the transition this season…and, perhaps, gained some new footing with the changes. All long-running successful shows need a little shot of something at a certain point just to keep things fresh and prevent stories from becoming boring and predictable. Yes, we know the show well but isn’t it nice to still wonder what they’re going to do next and revel in the way the characters continue to develop? And, while I don’t think anyone was wanting a major cast shake-up, we can definitely choose to look at the positives…and the creative possibilities! I feel like, for most of the fans, as long as we have Steve and Danny at the center, we are anchored in H50.
    I’m all about the action and adventure and enjoy it immensely but it’s gotta be balanced with all the great character stuff. I do understand that this was the premiere and it needed to start out with a bang and it certainly did. But the house being lifted by the helicopter was just a tad too much for me. I kept thinking that it’s this old hunting lodge and probably not that stable in the first place…then I imagined it simply splintering into pieces as pressure was placed on it. Along with Danny, Lou, and Tani! Yes, I can suspend belief and escape into that crazy world for fun. But I also want to believe what’s happening to our characters could actually happen, even the wild and crazy stuff. I don’t want it to go too far over that edge of belief, you know? That’s the reason I don’t watch Scorpion (no offense to any fan of that show)… because I saw such outlandish things happening on a regular basis and it was just over the top for me. I could no longer think of the characters as “real.” Yeah, I know, our H50 characters aren’t real either. lol But, for that one hour, they are real to a lot of us.
    Beautiful scene with Danny talking to Tani. Scott did such an awesome job with it. I did think that when he complimented her on her place and she laughed it off, he was going to say, “Hey, you should’ve seen MY first place here. This is way better!”
    New dynamics, new stories, and new opening credits nicely edited! But same great bromance along with a solid, talented cast. I’m excited for more and can’t wait!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you 100% about cast changes. If TPTB would have asked any of us last year what we were looking for in Season 8, none of us would have said.. “shake up the cast”. But, like you said, since there’s not a thing we can do about it, we might as well choose to look at the positives.

      I can understand how you feel about the house lift. Not everyone has to agree on everything. It was over the top. That bothers you… it doesn’t bother me… so be it. That’s what makes it fun. That we can both enjoy the episode even if we disagree on that point. I do admit, the thought of the house breaking apart in mid-air also briefly crossed my mind but since I was pretty certain they weren’t gonna allow Danny, Lou and Tani to plummet to their deaths, I was able to sit back and just enjoy it. LOL BTW… I happen to love Scorpion! ROFL

      And I LOVE your idea of Danny telling Tani about the dump he lived in when he first moved to Hawaii. I so wish they would have done that. It would have been very funny! LOL


  11. Carol says:

    Hi Linda – S-8 is finally here…….the wait was worth it. So much to love about it I don’t know where to start. Love Tani! Growing up an army brat is an interesting back story. She’s tough, no nonsense and I totally see how her and Danny connect. He’ll see her as another little sister. Bromance, banter, friendship, teamwork all showcased beautifully. I don’t remember the last time there was so much great dialog in one episode – seemed like everyone got at least one good line in and Danny’s scene with Tani as he explained their Ohana was perfect! The house flying through the air was a bit cheesy, but apparently there are helicopters that can do that stuff – amazing! Honestly I didn’t pay that much attention to the details of COTW because I was too busy watching how the team dynamics were playing out…..things shifted a bit (Lou got the big gun & Jerry the smart table) but it all worked really well…..don’t hate me for saying this, but I didn’t miss Chin & Kono. It felt like they were off doing other stuff……no big deal. Pity some on social media are still churning, but if they don’t watch, that’s their lost. I’m really looking forward to meeting Junior, how they use Adam and how they’ll explain Scott’s RL boo-boo. That brace will be around for several episodes. Also with news that Grace was visiting the set recently I have high hope that she will be back at some point. Oh then there’s Eddie – already totally in love with him and he hasn’t even been on yet. Hope at some point we get a pic of him and Dot with their daddies. Overall they have tons of new fresh material to play with…….it’s going to be great!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I honestly didn’t miss Chin and Kono either. And I like the idea of Danny looking to Tani as a little sister. He’s so far from his own sisters I can see him seeing her that way. Danny always had a special bond with Kono, from when she was a rookie. I like that it looks like it will be the same with Tani.

      I’m curious to know how Scott’s injury will be written in too. Since whatever happened was on one of Scott’s off weeks in LA, it’s probable whatever happened to Danny will happen off screen. It will be interesting to see how they work the logistics of that brace.


  12. JulieB716 says:

    Loved your review, Linda. I agree with everything you pointed out. I laughed out loud at the cabin being pulled up by the helicopter. Made me think of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy’s house spun in the tornado and landed on the Wicked Witch of the East!

    The use of Duclair for the COTW was smart IMHO. He truly is/was a creepy, evil antagonist. I liked the pairing of him with Aaron Wright, even though Aaron wasn’t that convincing as a bad boy to me. Nevertheless, I thought it was clever.

    And I loved Tani. I kept an open mind about her character and did my best not to miss Kono and Chin. I thought she was awesome and she played off the boys so well. Danny’s “Can we keep her?” had me LOL.

    I thought the ending really pulled all the pieces of the characters together nicely and layed the groundwork for Season 8. As much as I liked Kono and Chin, as you mentioned, life changes and characters change, but it doesn’t mean the end. I’m looking at new possibilities for storylines. I was never a huge fan of Lou, although I love Chi, but I will tell you I loved Lou in this episode. (And he’s growing on me).

    And Steve and Danny? My heart be still. I love their relationship and the depth and richness of it as it has developed over time. Such affection between the two. I’m not sure if this is just a reflection of the genuine friendship between Alex and Scott, but regardless, the writers have it right. And I look forward to more of this bromance this season.

    Great review as always, Linda!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. jlopie1 says:

    Great review, Linda! Welcome back! I don’t think there’s anything left to add. Just want to say it was a fun, entertaining episode. I think the dynamic Meaghan Rath brings to the show as Tani Rey will be awesome. I already love how she’s her own woman – smart, independent, willing to take risks and no nonsense! She’s a lot like Kono, but then she would have to be in order to take on the job she will be expected to do!

    Obviously, I loved the bromance moments best. I’m not convinced Danny wasn’t thinking about Steve’s radiation poisoning when he proposed going into partnership with the restaurant. Danny thinks constantly about everyone’s future, and he wants Steve to have something to plan for and look forward to – maybe something he’s committed to outside of work. He knows they won’t be able to save the world forever, and he wants Steve to be part of whatever he does next with his life. Also loved Danny’s little speech to Tani about Steve. That was from the heart.

    Helicopters can, indeed, carry houses around, although they are usually skycranes, built specifically for hauling extremely heavy loads. Still it’s not an impossible
    feat, just kind of improbable. That’s all I have to say about that, other than it was a spectacular stunt I enjoyed watching (and way more believable than that James Bond plane jump you love, Linda! LOL!)

    I said good bye to Chin and Kono a while back now, so I wasn’t upset or sad that they weren’t in the episode. Honestly, how would their presence have changed the vibe of the show? It would have been a completely different plot, since we’d not have any of the Tani scenes. I’m over feeling sorry for myself, and I never felt sorry for the actors. They chose to leave on their own accord, and for whatever personal reasons they had. I have a feeling we’ll see Grace Park back at some point down the road.

    I also think we just might see DuClair again! He’s such a good bad guy!

    Thanks, Linda for your dedication to this blog and this fandom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m a little perplexed over those who insist the show doesn’t have the same vibe without Chin and Kono. First off… it’s been ONE episode for crying out loud. I never judge a season by it’s premiere because premiere’s are always over the top in one way or another. The vibe of a season is an amalgam of 23-25 episodes spread over an entire season… not one episode.

      Besides, if Chin and Kono had been there, what would have been different, apart from the Tani scenes, of course. It would have been Kono in the cabln with Lou and Danny instead of Tani. Chin? Maybe he’d have been in the cabin too. Or he’d have been back at HQ manning the magic table while Jerry was still consigned to his basement. There still would have been Wright and Duclair. There still would have been a fire. There still would have been a cabin in the forest and a chopper flying off with it dangling beneath.

      I don’t see how having Chin and Kono there would have improved on the episode one bit. Like you, I said my farewells to the characters back in July. Continual hand wringing over it now is a waste of time and energy. If the show has been ruined beyond tolerance for people because those characters are gone, they need to seriously change the channel and watch something else.

      It’s easy. They even have a remote control for the TV and everything. No need to even move from the sofa.

      Liked by 2 people

  14. dq says:

    For those that are upset with Chin and Konos departure. The end story lines were not totally final. Chins task force could be dissolved and he could return to Hawaii. It is after all his true home. And Kono could feel that she has done all that she could do for the sex traffic situation and return to Adam. Still can’t figure out how their marriage situation is going to be explained. Skype? Either way, this show is enough of a soap opera. And anyone that has ever watched even one soap knows that no one is ever really dead. Even if they are actually buried.


  15. Magda says:

    I have to say, this episode really blew my mind! With Daniel and Grace not there I did not have too high expectations, and like you said, they will be missed!!! But, Tani seems pretty alright! I’m really looking forward to seeing how her story plays out, and more importantly, how the writers decides to write her! To ME very few women are written good on tv, and Kono was one of very few, so I REALLY hope they manage to write Tani good!
    And I agree on the Steve/Danno situation. It was great seeing them interact so well again! I REALLY hope we get muuuuuch more of that, but also Danno and Lou! Like with Chin, they started writing a really good relationship between Chon and Danny, but then kind of abandoned it, and then they started on Lou and Danny, but just kind of forgot about that too, until the prom episode, and now THIS! I REALLY hope we get too see more of those two, ’cause they, with that small little scene you mentioned, in the house, really got to me! It felt so real, and I want so much more of that!
    But all in all, I was very pleased with this premiere! They nailed it, and hopefully it all continues to be this great, even if it doesn’t have THAT much action in all of it (obviously) 🙂
    AAAAND! Great review! I’ve missed reading these during the whole summer! Glad it’s finally back! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree with you about the Lou and Danny friendship. That to me, more than any of the love interest couples on the show, is the heart and soul of this show. The friendship and solid connections between the team. Chin and Steve, Chin and Kono, Danny and Chin, Danny and Lou, Danny and Kono, Lou and Steve, Chin and Steve and of course, Steve and Danny. It looks like Danny and Tani will continue that tradition and I’m going to assume with him being an ex-SEAL, Junior and Steve will be the same.

      I honestly couldn’t care less who’s sleeping with who. That has always been an enjoyable and sometimes infuriating side note. It’s the TEAM and the relationships between them that has always driving this show and always will. And, although I’ve enjoyed most of them, if we never see a love interest again, that would be perfectly fine with me.


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