#H50 – “See You In September” – Season 8 Just Around the Corner!

Hello all my friends!  I hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer.  As Labor Day weekend is upon us, it’s time to get the kids back to school and start to think about putting away the deck chairs and the pool floats.  I love fall, with cooler nights and the ever-changing colors of the leaves even if I’m sad the days of laying out in the sun and picking tomatoes in the garden are pretty much over for another year.

But, September also brings the start of new seasons of all our favorite TV shows.  The return of the CBS Friday Night Crime Block of MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods, is scheduled for Friday, September 29th and I know you, like I, can’t wait to see the newest season of our crime fighting team and Ohana back in action in Hawaii.


Of course, this past summer has been a tumultuous one for H50.  With the departures of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park our Ohana is going to look extremely different when the new season hits the starting line.  There has been much discussion about the how’s and why’s but, truth be told, we will never know what happened behind closed doors and why certain decisions were made.  We will never forget Chin and Kono and what they brought to our team and their Ohana.  They were instrumental in the building of the Task Force and were vital cogs in what made it work so well.  But now, what’s done is done. It’s time to move on.

In life, it’s not uncommon for family members to leave the fold.  Kids grow up, get married and/or move away.  There are relocations for jobs and, unfortunately, there are deaths.  The remaining family members don’t ever forget their departed loved ones, no matter the reasons for the departure.  But sometimes, new people come along and manage, over time, to become part of the family.  These new people will never “replace” those who are gone, but can become just as vital to the working mechanism of the family as those who left once were.  The departed will never be forgotten but that doesn’t mean those new members can’t be embraced and welcomed into the loving family.

As Season 8 of H50 begins, we welcome our newest team members to the Ohana.  Tani Rey and Junior Reigns.  Of course, they will never “replace” Chin and Kono but I’m sure, in time, they will adequately fill their shoes.  I’m looking forward to seeing them grow into Five-0 elite.  I’m looking forward to watching another rookie grow and blossom under the tutelage of Steve McGarrett.  I’m also really looking forward to having another SEAL on the team. I can’t wait to learn their stories and see what new adventures having new characters can bring to the show.



One thing I’m really looking forward to more than anything is the continued relationship between Steve and Danny.  I’m hoping to watch Danny take Tani under his wing to try to “protect” her from being “contaminated” by Steve’s “craziness”.  I’m looking forward to his reaction to having another SEAL on the team, albeit, one who, from what I’ve read so far, is more inclined to follow the rules then blast right through them.  I can’t wait for the addition of “Eddie” the Military/Police dog Steve is going to adopt and Danny’s reaction to that.  His “testosterone filled marshmallow” “half-baked cookie” rescuing yet another broken toy.


But it’s these two men, these brothers, continuing the relationship they began all those years ago in the McGarrett family garage I will always love the most.  Season 7 saw the writers moving away from the bitter sniping between these two and move toward a return of the good-natured banter of old.  I’m looking forward to watching that continue.  The idea of them working toward their retirement dream of opening a restaurant together will be perfect fodder for these two battling Bickersons and I, for one, can’t wait for a front row seat to the fireworks!  I also want to see the loving side of these two guys.  Steve’s still being treated for radiation poisoning, after all, and as much as I love “Danny Danno” with the kids, I think I love “mother hen Danno” just as much.

I’m also very curious to see how the new dynamic of the show is going to work now that there are so many main characters.  Now that Kamekona, Noelani, Duke and Adam have all been promoted, how will they be integrated more into the fabric of the show.  Well, all of them, except for Adam, already have defined roles within the story so I’m assuming those roles will simply be expanded more to give them more screen time.

Kamekona chopper



But it’s Adam I’m the most curious about.  With Kono gone, what’s Adam’s purpose going to be?  Is he still on probation and that’s why he hasn’t left to join Kono on the mainland?  We heard he’s going to “join the team”.  Does that mean with a badge?  How? He’s a convicted felon. Or will it be more on a consulting level, like Jerry?  And what about him and Kono?  How is he coping with her just up and leaving like that?  Have he and Kono broken up?  I sure hope not.  They’ve been through so much I hope someday they finally get their happy ending.  Yeah, there are a lot of questions concerning Adam.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers are going to handle his character.


I’m also really curious to see how they’ll handle the opening credits.  Up to now, they had the main six (seven) characters featured in the opening. Steve, Danny, Chin, Kono, Max (until he left), Jerry and Lou.

Now there is Steve, Danny, Lou, Tani, Junior, Jerry, Kamekona, Noelani, Duke and Adam. That’s TEN. I’m figuring they still do the grouping as before with Steve, Danny, Lou, Jerry, Tani, and Junior getting the main picture spreads with the other 4 grouped together in one. But, what do I know?? LOL

So, are you guys excited for the new season as much as I am?  There’s more I could write here but I want to open this up to you guys.  What are you looking forward to the most?  What are you hoping to see down the line?  Let’s hear all your wishes and desires!  I’m sure Season 8, while quite different, will have all the elements we’ve always loved and will give us another wonderful year of great crimes of the week, car chases, explosions, hand-to-hand combat, laughter, tears and, as always, Ohana.

Aloha. Malama Pono


The Battling Bickersons

For those too young to understand this reference (as a matter of fact, I’m too young, but I remember my parents telling me about it), “The Bickersons was a radio comedy sketch series that began September 8, 1946….The show’s married protagonists, portrayed by Don Ameche and Frances Langford, spent nearly all their time together in relentless verbal war.”  By the way, it was a comedy and ran for several years on both radio and TV.

So the concept of “married” couples bickering and bantering is not a new one and not something the writers of H50 came up with on their own.  It’s a tried and true comedy trope that people have loved for over half a century.  It seems the 8 – 10 million viewers H50 has been drawing each week shows that the vast majority of viewers still enjoy it.


8.01 Press Release:

BTW, as I was typing this, SpoilerTV posted the CBS Press Release and Promotional Photos for the Season 8 premiere!  8.01 – “‘A’ole e ‘ōlelo mai ana ke ahi ua ana ia” is Hawaiian for “Fire Will Never Say that It Has Had Enough”












16 thoughts on “#H50 – “See You In September” – Season 8 Just Around the Corner!

  1. Brooklyngirl says:

    I know, like you, I can’t wait for the new season of my favorite night of TV to begin again! 28 days to go but who’s counting!

    I can’t wait to see Steve, Danny and Lou – the withdrawal is bad! And I’m so looking forward to meeting Tani, Junior and Eddie, as well as welcoming back Jerry, Duke, Adam and Noelani! Kono and Chin will always be a part of the Ohana but I know these new faces will breathe some new freshness (and longevity) into the show.

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    • Yes… Kono and Chin will always be Ohana and I’m truly sad that when our show does cross the finish line, it probably won’t be with our original team members. But, who knows, (hopefully) many years down the line something can be worked out that we’ll get to see them again, if only in the series finale.

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  2. Amy says:

    I would like to see Steve get some miracle cure from the radiation poisoning . It Williams real my heart to see Steve sick all season. Tons more of Steve and Danny bonding being partners brothers etc. Oh and is it too much to ask to one season that is Cath free.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure we’ll see a “miracle cure” but I’m pretty sure we’re not going to be seeing sick/weak McG either. The addition of Junior will probably take a bit of pressure of Steve (well, actually.. off Alex) to do ALL the crazy stunts and give them a reason for Steve to “slow down” a bit. I think that’s when you’ll hear about his “sickness” and more than likely only in the very first episodes. Like his liver, I think Steve will be as BAMF as always. Is it realistic? Hell no! Do I care? Double hell no! This is all make believe, after all! 😀

      Oh, and as to hoping the season is 100% Cath free… could not agree more!

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  3. Wendy says:

    I’m really looking forward to the new season with lots of bickering, carguments, bromance, ohana, car chases, gunfights, whump, new characters, and the list goes on. But above all, lots of Danny/Steve moments.

    Loved the song and video, Linda, thanks for that.

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  4. Definitely ready for S8 to start. Now we can have a countdown that is more about looking forward to the fun instead of waiting and suffering withdrawal. lol H50 has built a wonderful, solid foundation over the past seven seasons. Chin and Kono are, and always will be, part of the story and family.

    But, if I’m going to be truthful, as long as we have that incredible relationship that is Steve and Danno, I’m good. These two characters were re-created and defined beautifully for the H50 re-boot. But we got even luckier–Alex and Scott have such chemistry that it keeps it all REAL.

    Obviously, in terms of what I want to see this season…good, well-written stories that are true to the characters. Some of the best eps in the past were those that delved into the past, explored poignant crimes or mysteries, or unraveled personal issues over a span of time. And, as you mentioned, Linda, there’s a difference between the goofy banter and the brotherly “crap” Steve and Danny give each other and the hurtful, odd sniping that occurred off and on for a while.

    I also want less eps that try to split the “hour” into two primary stories. They can pull it off sometimes but it should be done sparingly. Can’t help it–I want the hour to focus as much on a central story line as possible. I think we need every minute instead of jumping back and forth. And as nice as it is that some characters have been bumped up to regular status, I think it’s important the main focus stays on the H50 team. Other characters should provide the interwoven threads that help create the larger tapestry, as they’ve managed to do for the most part already. Those are my only two concerns. Otherwise, I’m pumped, I’m ready, let’s do this!

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    • I agree. As long as Steve and Danny are… well…. Steve and Danny… I’m cool with everything else. They have been the backbone of this show from the very beginning and as much as some people like to denigrate Danny (and worse, personally attack Scott) that’s not going to change. Even with over a season of bitter sniping between them, they are still solid and millions of people still love them and their relationship. That shows how solid they really are.

      I agree 100% about the split story lines in episodes. My preference, of course, is an episode that completely one story. I can deal with a split story when both halves are still part of the main theme of the episode. My least favorite is when 1/2 the team is off doing something completely different and totally unrelated. It makes the episodes feel disjointed even when they add an Ohana get together at the end to bring everyone together.

      But, I’m afraid we’re probably going to get quite a few episodes like that this season. With 10 main characters and two we’re only just meeting, they’re going to have to give everyone time to justify that “main” status. I think we’re going to see a lot of split episodes this season.


  5. Carole says:

    Loved the vid! Thank you Linda for getting things rolling. September’s almost here – yay! As usual you say all the things I’ve been thinking. I’ve missed my favorite boys so much. I need a dose of Steve&Danny so bad …..it’s been a very long summer. I realise I’m wishing my life away, but can it be the 29th soon! I’m excited to meet the new team members (they seem really good choices) and especially thrilled about Eddie. I can’t help but imagine Eddie & Dot adventures on the set. Add Dusty…….well you get the picture. I wish for another great season with well written mysteries to solve, tons of loving banter and lots of wisdom being pasted on to the newbees, a sprinkling of Hawaiian history/culture, the odd mention of their absent Ohana along the way and most definately waiting to see your blog pop up in my e-mail. Love your dedication.

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    • I think I’m more excited about Eddie than any any other new cast member. Cute guys and cute dogs.. I’m a goner! I curious as to whether they’ll let Eddie play around on the set with Dot and Dusty. I hope they do but Eddie is there to “work”. I wonder if dogs are able to “turn it on” when the camera is pointed at them when they’ve just been running around and playing? Hopefully all the dogs will become fast friends!

      If we have any more episodes revolving around the Hawaiian history/culture as you said, that’s when I think I’ll miss Chin the most. His connection to the island and its history. Also, his connection to the McGarrett family and the way he bridges the connection between Steve and his father. I’ll miss that too.


  6. Susan Schoppe says:

    Absolutely looking forward to all the things you mentioned. I agree with Amy I want this season to be Cathrine free, no mention of her either, with the exciting new changes that would be perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, you know I’m not going to disagree with that. I’m thrilled at the new additions to our team, and especially happy for all the recurring actors who have now been promoted to the main cast. With TEN main characters and SIX (maybe seven) Five-0 team members there’s no room for anyone else. If she is destined to come back, hopefully it will be like in 7.07 and only be a one shot. Better yet, if we MUST have her, a phone call between her and Steve to gather intel and that’s it.

      It’s time to move forward. The reason history tend to repeat itself is because people didn’t listen the first time!


  7. jlopie1 says:

    Hey, Hey! Give me a tall glass of cherry KooLAid, please!

    I’m really glad we’ve had two months to mull over all the changes in our favorite show. The shock has worn off for most of us. I’ve passed through my denial and angry phases, and I’m actually looking forward to moving on to new possibilities! Of course I’ll miss Chin and Kono, that’s a given, and I don’t think there is a fan out there who won’t be missing Grace and Daniel’s characters, but life always moves forward, whether in real life or fictional.

    The little teaser Peter posted last month on Instagram showed me that Danny and Steve will have some issues and sadness to overcome with the loss of their friends and teammates, which only makes sense. Steve’s words to Danny, though, almost seem as if they were being spoken to the fans. “….I believe in us. We’ll be fine.” And sorry, Danny bashers, he’s just not going anywhere this season, so move on, already!

    What I want to see this season? Well, you’ve all said it already! More Steve/Danny scenes, first and foremost. Lots of opportunities to meet and learn about the new team members. Lots of cute doggie scenes! Single COTW episodes with everyone working together on the same case (those are by far the best, even if I think it means less onscreen time for some characters).

    I can honestly say I can do without ANY love interests this season. They cause so very much antagonism in the fandom, just don’t give us any. Any occasional acknowledgement or phone call is fine, but no special Valentine’s episode is perfectly okay with me. This is for ALL the characters. Just, let it go this season. Of course, that includes ex-girlfriends, and even though it’s hard for me to say it, ex-wives, too. (Sorry, Claire. I would LOVE to see you onscreen with Scott again, but sacrifices must be made.😚)

    So, that’s it! I have high expectations for S8! I don’t understand the voices saying they’ll never watch the show again because CBS let Grace and Daniel go. Sure, it’s too bad, but without giving the new characters a chance, you’re really short-changing only yourself.

    🎵See you in September🎶 ❤️

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    • I think you make a very valid point. With Chin and Kono gone and the introduction of two completely new characters PLUS the promotion of four others to main cast, there is going to be so much going on there probably won’t be much time for any love interests which, has always been fine with me.I wouldn’t mind one bit if we just didn’t have any of that distraction this season and we spend our time getting to know our new team members and enjoying new stories.


  8. Just hope that ratings will stay the same. As really will miss Grace and Daniel. As Grace wanted to spend time with family in Canada and Daniel has a blossoming behind the scenes career ahead of him.


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